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2024 2 ROUND NFL MOCK DRAFT - 4/18/24 With Trades & Player Comparisons

  We only have 8 days until day one of the draft begins. Its still silly/liars season with rumor's everywhere. This draft has a higher quality of players than 2023 as a whole , but a few of the players that I had already watched & liked did go back to school so its not as great as it could have been. Thankfully a smaller list of players are leaving school prematurely these days ,  because the transfer portal and NIL money have thankfully cut down on the number of people who entered the draft too early.  Basically between the extra Covid year and the transfer portal there are a LOT of older prospects in this draft.  That means we get a better evaluation on a lot players , because there are more guys getting good game experience in college. Then again you also have to weigh the tape of a 5th or even 6th year senior versus the potential 3rd year players and compensate for their potential accordingly. Also , most of the talent that should end up in the top 5 , and even probably the top 10 is on the offensive side of the ball. I would be surprised if more than one defender comes off the board in the top 10 , and I also wouldn't be surprised if the top 10 is all offense because at least one , and possibly 2 QB's could be pushed up that high. I have watched all of these players actually play many times  , but that is not the same as breaking down the film on them  I usually end up with at least 3 games scouted on somewhere between 450 to 500 players before draft week , and I'm over 400 now. The college transfer portal & NIL money has drastically changed the face of college football. These days unless you are guaranteed to be a top 100 pick you might want to take the NIL money , stay in school , and try to improve your draft stock. Not to mention actually graduating college. The  team visits are winding down, and that's a important piece to the puzzle for a lot of players. Plus the combine medical re-checks can have some very important information if it leaks out. Yet draft boards are being debated , refined , and in some cases finalized across the league as I type this. This is NOT a rankings list of my top players, but instead just one of the ways this draft could go. In addition to it looking like a better draft overall than 2023 there are some positions that have stuck out so far. WR and the O-Line are the best positions in the draft , and there are good players that fit every team , and at every position in those 2 position groups. It wouldn't shock me if half of the entire first round is made up of WR's and O-Lineman. As a bonus , Quarterback , and CB look potentially deep in the first 2 days too. Also while there isn't a off the ball LB I would take in the 1rst round ,  there are a lot of them I would draft between the 2nd & 5th rounds. Edge rusher has 3 guys that should come off the board on day one , but due to the importance of the position anther 1 or 2 could go as well. It's also the best draft for centers in a long time.  So if your team needs a young guy at the pivot this could be your year. RB has no first round guy , but a decent amount of depth , and between the late 2nd and 5th rounds as many as 15 could be drafted.  Plus , and this very important , unlike last years predominantly undersized WR class there is a lot of bigger wideouts available in the 2024 draft.  All signs point to the Bears taking Caleb Williams , but there is still the chance that he's trying to force his way to his home town of Washington. With Fields traded , and the Bears to take a new QB on a rookie contract , they can be contender very soon.  I believe it likely that QB's are the top 3 picks with as many as 4 going in the top 5 , and possibly even 6 being selected in the first round. So a lot of trades will probably happen this year. While I waited until the beginning of free agency was over for full team writeups this year I still need to write my prospect profiles. That's done for close to 100 players now, and that includes all the players in this mock draft. I added a fully written up 2nd round this week , and I will add a 3rd round right before the draft.  I have added trades & player comparisons. The player comparisons are based on what I believe the player can be if he reaches his ceiling. So don't be surprised if I have a lower ranked player with a higher comp than a guy who is higher in the rankings , because it just means I think the lower ranked player is less likely to reach his ceiling. Although I will change player comps if a better on occurs to me before next weeks final mock. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently & respectfully or I just won't post your comment. So here it is. Enjoy.

# Is for a player for with reported character or maturity concerns.

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns.

1.BEARS - (car) - CALEB WILLIAMS - QB - USC - 6"1" , 214


The Bears are in the catbird seat again this year. To have back to back number one overall picks usually means your team was terrible the previous season , but the Bears gained a lot of draft capitol , including the # 1 overall pick this year by trading out of the top spot in 2023 with Carolina.  Plus they got a #1 WR in DJ Moore. Since the Panthers were terrible last year , and ended up the clear worst team in the league , the #1 pick they traded to the Bears is even more valuable this year in a deeper QB class. Could the Bears trade out of the top 5 again and get even more picks and players? Yes, but it would be completely stupid to do so, and Bears GM Ryan Pace isn't stupid. While last years team made clear & steady progress Justin Fields got hurt again , and his 4th quarter struggles are well known now. He did take some steps forward as a passer, but I expect he will keep getting hurt when he runs a lot , and he isn't yet a good enough passer to be a good starter without that steady diet of explosive runs. Also , I just think that Caleb Williams , Drake Maye , and Jayden Daniels are all clearly better passers than he is. I would even rather have MCcarthy & Penix as well. The first 4 are all mobile , and can give you some scrambling & running ability , but only Daniels is the electric running threat that Fields is. To me it originally came down to Williams or Maye because of their bigger builds. Both are less likely to get hurt. Plus scrambling so they can find a open receiver is what both of them prefer , but Daniels did take a huge step forward in 2023. The Bears already had plenty of cap space before the huge cap increase for all teams this year, and then they cut veterans Eddie Jackson & Cody Whitehair after they were coming off down seasons. The trade and contract extension for edge rusher Montez Sweat worked out well for them , but they could have used some of that money for a fellow edge rusher to join with Sweat. The Bears don't have any key free agents since they tagged & resigned Jaylon Johnson , but with the young building blocks they already have in place , the cap room , and draft capitol ( #1 , #9, and # 75 picks) they could move into the playoffs very easily in 2024. In fact until the Vikings lost Cousins I expected the NFC North to be one of the best overall division's in football in 2024. So the Vikings need to make a move now before they fall behind. Current big needs for the Bears are in the interior of both the O-Line & D-Line, edge rusher, CB , safety , and maybe a extra WR. If the bears do take a QB at #1 they might get one of the 3 top tier WR's at # 9 to pair with Moore & Kennan Allen, or take the best O-Lineman available. I think its too early to move on from either of their young OTs , but they could take the best OT and move RT Darnell Wright inside to RG where his rookie year struggles with speed rushers could be alleviated. I'm not sure any of the edge rushers , or CB's in this class are worth the # 9 pick , although they did re-sign top CB Jaylon Johnson. Although since they traded their 2nd rounder for Sweat a trade back to gain a 2nd rounder in a deep draft might make some sense. They did sign veteran ball hawking safety Kevin Byard , but he has lost a step. Signing dual threat RB D'andre Swift was a surprise signing to me because they already have 2 good young RB'S in Khalil Herbert & Roschon Johnson. Pass catching TE Gerald Everett was brought in as well.  They are taking one of the QB's , and all rumor's say they are locked in on Caleb , but that could just be a negotiating tactic to generate a higher trade value. They traded Fields , but at this point apparently a 6th that can become a 4th based on playing time is the best they could get. Whoever the QB is in 2024 I expect them to look back fondly on the day that the Bears stole future HOFer Keenan Allen from the Chargers for a 4th round pick. GRAND THEFT WR ! Anyway I expect they will go with Williams, even though his recent delusions of grandeur have made me want to move him down to the #3 QB in this draft. I can't do it though. Even with me giving Maye the slight edge over him because of these new character questions , the tape Williams put out in 2022 trumps anything either of them did in college. Plus both of them are clearly ahead of Daniels on my board based on the film , but I am dropping Williams to my #2 QB. All this arrogant stuff Williams has been pulling has made me distrust him , but his upside is phenomenal , and as long as he can reign in his ego his floor is higher than that of Maye or Daniels.  Williams has become the first player to ever refuse medical testing at the combine , which makes me wonder what he is hiding. Rumors of his posse of yes men around him , and arrogant attitude don't help either. Then there is the crazy rumor that his father is saying he is so good he should get a percentage of the NFL team that drafts him? That is straight nuts , and I wouldn't have done that for Tom Brady when he was playing , and I wouldn't even do it for the unicorn Patrick Mahomes now. Maybe its a smoke screen because he is from DC , and is trying to force his way to the Commanders , ala John Elway & Eli Manning. Even if it is I don't like selfish snow flakes who think they are bigger than the game , or outside the rules. Jeff George & Jay Schroeder were very talented QB's , but also selfish jerks that their teammates disliked. They divided locker rooms , and the stuff that Williams is reportedly pulling is even worse. Anyway, Williams is very talented , and his 2021 & 2022 tape was excellent. This year he took steps backward , and his number of stupid throws really increased. He is a great improvisor & playmaker , but he needs to learn to get rid of the ball on time & in the pocket, because he isn't going to have anywhere near 4 seconds to throw in the NFL. You usually have to get the ball out in about 2.5 seconds in the Pros. Sometimes those time consuming plays are designed , other times he scrambles unnecessarily trying to push for a bigger play, and sometimes he moves outside because his lack of height causes him to move around so he can see his targets. While Caleb is great at improvisation , and off platform throws , he should run more often when scrambling. Although he isn't quite as a athletic a runner as Maye or Mccarthy , and no where near the runner Daniels is. Caleb's ability to make great accurate big armed throws is rare , but too often he forces things down the field when he should just check down or run. Especially this season as compared to 2022. His awareness & ability to see the field is also rare , but he is NOT in Patrick Mahomes league in those categories  , as I have heard others claim. Plus Mahomes is a team first guy who has a real leaders attitude. Which the self aggrandizing , out of touch with reality , myopic , my brand first Williams does not. Basically he acts like the football version of Lebron James without being the completely unique player that James is.  I am convinced the Bears are going to take him unless he forces them to pass on him , but its really hard for me too see this arrogant kid walking into a NFL locker room full of grown men , and that kind of attitude working out. Plus joining a team with two #1 WR's already on the roster , and additionally Kmet , Everett & Swift is a QB's wet dream! Also, if for some reason the Bears  should end up with one of the top 3 WR's in this draft at pick #9 the dude should donate half his salary to charity in thanks. Its just that somehow I get the feeling he believes everything good that happens to him is his just due. 



Now With Daniel Snyder gone the new owner took a year to assess last seasons team , and found it wanting. New OC Eric Bieniemy got too pass happy , and Sam Howell's solid start to the season imploded. Once the tide turned Washington traded away both starting edge rushers , and it was really all down hill from there culminating in 9 straight losses to end the season. HC Ron Rivera got fired , and they are rebuilding now. On the bright side they have the #2 overall pick, an extra 2nd & 3rd rounders , and tons of cap room. I expected new head coach Dan Campbell to bring some players from Dallas with him , and he got 2 on day one. Edge rusher Dorrance Armstrong has been good in a part time role with 16 sacks over the last 2 seasons , and its reasonable to believe he can live up to his 3 year 45 million dollar deal by producing double digit sacks playing starter level snaps. Armstrong needs to set a better edge against the run though. I think new center Tyler Biadasz is overrated , and not worth his 10 million a year because he lacks quickness & athleticism , but he is a tough battler who tries hard. Then rotational veteran DE Dante Fowler left the cowboys to join Quinn with a 3rd team. New guard Nick Allegretti played OK for the Chiefs when Joe Thuney got hurt , and that includes 2 playoff games & The Superbowl so I like them taking a chance on him at a reasonable price. Austin Ekeler got hurt , and looked slower behind a bad O-Line last season , after 2 elite seasons in a row. He's 29 now , and didn't cost a lot , so maybe in a lesser role as a pass catching & change of pace back he could shine again in Washington. Veteran TE Zach Ertz gives them a more reliable pass catching TE than Logan Tomas. Marcus Mariota was paid enough to be the primary backup. They are taking a QB at #2 though. Expect a attacking defense that forces more turnovers in 2024.  I believe 2023 1rst round route jumping CB Emmanuel Forbes could do a lot better in this new scheme if he adds a little more muscle. Plus its not a coincidence that Trevon Diggs & Daron Bland each led the league in picks , and defensive TD's during Quinn's reign as Dallas DC. DB's are Quinn's specialty , but he asks a lot of them now. If Caleb Williams does get his way , and ends up with Washington he will see a familiar face in new OC Kilff Kingsbury who coached him at USC last season. For Now I am expecting they take Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels at #2. Reliable , but just OK blindside protector Charles Leno , good CB Kendall Fuller , and solid slot WR Curtis Samuel were all let go. The Commanders had the cap room to bring back all 3 if they wanted to. Washington traded away Sam Howell for very little so they HAVE to draft a QB here , because signing former 1rst round bust Marcus Mariota doesn't expire any hope. In a draft with so many QB'S with a lot of starts , Daniels is one of the most experienced with 5 years as a starter. The first 3 were at Arizona ST,  and the last 2 were with LSU. Daniels is a lean dynamic runner at QB, but he really improved as a passer in 2023. Jayden also had the best O-Line , and definitely had the best WR duo of all the consensus top 3 Quarterbacks. He needs to add at least 20 pounds of muscle , but he absolutely earned the Heisman Trophy last year , and I have never seen so many big plays from a college QB in one season.  It still bothers me that he didn't even get weighed & measured at the combine , but his Pro Day on March 27th was fully attended. He weighed in at 209 and was almost 6"4" , but how much of that 209 is water weight? With his height he should be able to easily carry 225 pounds of muscle in time, but it might take a whole year or 2 to add it the right way , because he has a narrow build. He tends to run more early if his 1rst or 2nd read isn't open compared to the other top 5 QB's in this draft, but he is also the most explosive & elusive running QB in college since Lamar Jackson was at Louisville. Although watching him run is even more scary because he is so upright while doing it , and took a ton of big hits showing that he is tough as nails. Usually high level running QB's are great at improvisation & off schedule throws , but Daniels falls far behind both Williams & Maye in this category ,  although he looks good on designed rollouts. Despite looking so thin on tape & taking so many more hard shots than any other QB in the draft , and again he kept getting up ,  its just hard to see that lasting in the NFL. He's almost as reckless as Josh Allen running the ball , and nowhere near his size. Plus huge QB's like Cam Newton & Andrew Luck had their careers shortened by taking so many NFL hits. 2023 was the first season where he got to be in the same system 2 years in a row, and its logical to believe his big jump in production was partially due to that consistency. He also has the weakest arm of the top 6 QB's in the draft , but has good accuracy and touch from the pocket , and the ball usually comes out quickly on pre-snap schemed plays. Also good timing throwing guys open if its his first read, but not quite enough oomph on his passes for consistent deep in or out routes. Also progression speed is just OK leading to some sacks on those longer plays. I think he is definitely smart enough to speed up his reads with time in the same NFL offense , and his leadership skills & other intangibles look great too.  He is the 9th overall player on my board because I doubt he can start right away unless he goes to a similar offensive scheme, but I believe he's going top 5 one way or another. Lamar Jackson is the closest comp I could come up with , although there really isn't one that fits just right , and Daniels is a little farther along as a passer than Jackson was coming out of college.  I added the weaker part not only because of Jayden's skinny build , as Jackson is so buff even his face looks rocked up , but Daniels also lacks Jackson's arm strength. With Kliff Kingsbury the new OC in Washington Daniels is a good fit , but I would still take Drake Maye instead.



Bill Belichick is gone, and while he is still a defensive genius his offenses in the post Brady era left something to be desired. In my opinion the fact that he didn't get a head coaching job this off season says less about him , and more about todays majority of pussified snow flake players who can't handle hard coaching & the accountability any real man should be able to deal with. Also the Apple+ documentary that seemed to just focus on anything negative with regards to Belichick , and paint a false narrative that many great former players disagree with , didn't help. With Brady gone there was no one to set the example of team first attitude & responsibility.  Also there were no more players staying for less money like Brady, and no more veteran players chasing a ring late in their careers willing to suck it up for less dollars. In fact after Brady was gone Belichick ended up having to overpay for lesser players , and the roster was significantly diminished , especially on offense. In Addition I get cutting high draft picks early when you have so many , and when you are dynasty like the Patriots were. It keeps some of the younger guys in line , and improves their work ethic . Yet you can't pull that stuff when your roster is poor , you  don't have as many high picks , and your team isn't winning. So when you demote and later cut a good young CB like Jack Jones when your team is flailing its just foolish. The Raiders snapped him right up , and he was playing , and playing pretty well for the Silver & Black pretty quick. I think new HC Jerod Mayo has a chance to bridge the gap between old school Belichick , and new school kids enough to field a much more competitive roster. The fact that he was known for his brains more than his athletic ability for the majority of his career makes me think he will be successful in the long term. Plus with the # 3 overall pick they have chance to either take a good QB , or trade back and acquire picks to build up a roster that lacks many building block players. They could trade back in the top 12 with the Giants or Vikings looking to come up for a QB , and get the picks needed to help rebuild the roster , and still get a great OT or maybe a WR with that pick. They signed veteran stopgap QB Jacoby Brisset , and could go for a QB next year if they aren't happy with the results. Or maybe take a QB they like who falls to the 2nd round , or Spencer Rattler in the 3rd. Former QB Mac Jones is now the backup for the Jaguars at the cost of a 6th round pick , but young Bailey Zappe is still around. In this case it's Drake Maye available , and I believe he would fit Alex Van Pelts offense better than Daniels anyway. Their main free agents were guard Michael Onwenu , OT Trent Brown , TE Hunter Henry , WR Kendrick Bourne. All of them but Brown re-signed with the Pats. Young talented safety Kyle Duggar initially had the transition tag placed on him , but the new Pats front office was smart enough to eventually get him signed for the long term. Athletic LB Sione Takitaki was brought in as well ,  but for the low price they paid they may just see him as more of a core special teamer than as as a starting LB. Situational pass rusher Josh Uche was also brought back. Former Steelers OT Chukwuma Okorafor lost his starting job last season , and maybe the Pats still see him as a starter , but I think he would fit better as a swing tackle. The recently re-signed Bourne was the Pats most reliable WR last season , but he profiles as a #3. They also signed KJ Osborn away from the Vikings , but he is also a #3 WR , and that was one of the problems in New England last season. This team needs a QB , a true #1 WR , and at least one starting OT on offense. I think they might trade back , gather picks , and rebuild the entire roster before taking a QB this high. This time lets just say they stand pat and take Maye , because I could never pass on him. Maye is a 2 year starter and team captain that has the size & tools every team wants. He has a big arm that can make every throw you could ask for, and a quick release. Drake also has good speed as both a scrambler & runner , and I like his decisiveness and his decisions on when he chooses to run. Great deep ball thrower too. His O-Line was subpar to the point that Williams & especially Daniels clearly had a lot more time to throw. Plus until Tez Walker was cleared to play in week 6 Maye lacked a receiver that should be selected until the 3rd day of the draft , but Walker also tailed off later in the season. So some of his risky gunslinger throws can be understood , and his highlight reel special throws are spectacular. However, there are still too many times he takes risks throwing the ball up for grabs , or try's to force it in, when he should just throw it away. His processing speed is above average when he has time to throw , and he goes deeper in his read progressions than most Air Raid QB's do. His decision making is good without pressure, but he needs to improve against the blitz.  Also has good timing to throw receivers open , or hit them in stride while running. Lets not forget that he's willing to work the middle of the field , and you se him manipulating safeties with his eyes & pump fakes at times. I think its his much bigger frame , and results with a poor supporting cast that could have had him drafted ahead of Williams and/or Daniels.  There are also some drops and poor adjustments by his receivers on tape where you just feel for him. However , maybe if he had the time to regularly get comfortable in the pocket that consistency would improve. Being a QB is like being a pitcher because you have to be able to repeat your delivery , but its much harder to do with people trying to knock the crap out of you. So when Maye's on the move his mechanics can get messed up , and he will make some bad throws.  In most years he would be a slam dunk QB one , and that includes last season , although I still believe Bryce Young will be a good NFL starter in the long run. Not to mention that CJ Stroud had the greatest rookie year of any QB in history. In your normal Pro style pocket QB offense it might take him awhile to be more effective , because he comes from an Air Raid system in college , but if you want all the RPO's & moving pockets a lot of teams prefer today he might be closer to starting right out of the gate. Maye has a high upside and a solid floor , and I believe he will be a good long term NFL starter if he gets the right coaching.  Not to mention going to a team with decent blocking & weapons. I would be comfortable taking him at the top of the draft , and think he should go at least #2 overall , but with all the rumors floating around right now its hard to tell. 



The cards had one of the least talented rosters for the 2023 season , but new coach Jonathan Gannon got them playing hard , and they squeezed out 4 wins despite Kyler Murray only playing 7 games. They have a lot of cap space , two 1rst - the #4 & 27 overall picks , two 2nd's , three 3rd's , and 9 total picks left after trades. They have a lot of needs , but WR , EDGE rusher , DT , CB , and interior O-Line lead the way.  Although if injured LT DJ Humphries doesn't resign they could even take a OT this high, but they did take a OT at #6 overall last season. WR Marquise Brown was their big free agent , and they had the money to keep him if the wanted to , but Brown is already gone to Chiefs. So far in my opinion they have just overpaid middling free agents in DT Justin Jones and CB Sean Murphy-Bunting. So they better draft well. Unless a shocker happens the top 3 QB'S in the draft will be gone , but if someone is willing to pay a lot to come up to #4 like the Giants , Vikings , Denver , or Vegas they could move back some. I would stay at #4 and take WR Marvin Harrison JR unless the deal was ridiculous, but the top 3 WR's in this draft are elite prospects. Plus NFL teams could have them ranked in different orders. Maybe the Cards like Nabers or Odunze more , and if they move back to just #6 with the Giants they could still get their #1 ranked WR. I'm willing to bet that the Chargers are going to move out of #5 if even a decent package of picks comes their way , but the Cards are ahead of them if they choose to move back. I would use pick #27 on the highest rated player still available at their other big needs. Building through the draft is smart , but there were some big relatively young free agents I am sure their fans wish they had signed. GM Monti Ossenfort has already said that the Cards are open to trading down ,but how far? I wouldn't trade out of the top 8 , assuming that 4 QB'S go in that range. That way you get either one of the big 3 WR's , or OT Joe Alt. This time I say they stay at #4and take the best player available. Marvin JR. is a rare prospect. He runs routes like his HOFame father , but is about 4 inches taller than pops , and has a much larger frame. To see a guy this tall move like a much smaller man is incredible. All the subtle nuances , short area quickness , smoothness , and shiftiness you could want. His ability to get off the line of scrimmage , separate , and secure the catch makes him a once every few years prospect. To be not only #1 WR in a draft that also features Nabers and Odunze is very impressive , but he is also the highest rated player on my overall board , and would have been a top 5 pick if he were available for the 2023 draft. Dominated when they covered him one on one , and while he is still good against zone because of his brains and route running ability , any QB who sees him singled up should just throw it up to him. You could play him at the X , Y , or in the slot and expect him to get open quickly. He's not a burner , but has good enough top speed. Gives good effort as a blocker too , but I wish he would show more of that physicality as runner after the catch. Has a lot of different releases off the line of scrimmage , and uses his hands well, but I would like him to be a little better hand fighter at the catch point. JR. is a natural hands catcher , but he did have a few occasional focus drops this season. There is no such things as a perfect prospect , but Harrison has the highest floor of any WR since Megatron was in the draft. Harrison did go through the medical testing at the combine , but didn't workout there or at the Ohio ST. Pro Day. While I don't like that he didn't workout , if there is any guy who can just stand on his tape alone Harrison JR. is that guy.  

***TRADE*** The MINNESOTA VIKINGS TRADE their 1rst (#11) and the 1rst (#23) they got from the TEXANS to the CHARGERS for their 1rst (#5) rounder ***TRADE***

5.VIKINGS-(lac) - JJ MCCARTHY - QB - MICHIGAN - 6"4" , 219


Kirk Cousins got paid AGAIN , but it wasn't by the Vikings. They reportedly wanted him on a cheaper 2 year deal with less guaranteed cash , and were expected to draft a QB pretty high even if he resigned. Cousins went to a team that potentially has receiving weapons on par with the Vikings, a good O-Line, and a much better RB & running game. I do think the Vikes pivoted well though signing injury prone , but still very talented former #3 overall pick bust Sam Darnold to a one year 10 million dollar deal that makes a ton a sense. He still might finally figure it out , and he just came from Frisco with Kyle Shanahan , and Vikings head coach Kevin O'connell is from the Shanahan/Mcvay coaching tree. So Darnold should be able to slide right into the offense , and his contract doesn't hinder them if they want to draft a QB in the first. Now that they acquired a 2nd first rounder from the Texans I am pretty confident they are going trade up for one.  The Texans basically swapped Pro Bowl edge rushers in free agency with the Vikings as Danielle Hunter is coming to Houston & Jonathan Greenard is heading to Minnesota. Hunter is the longer , twitchier , more explosive & consistent  , and has the higher upside as a pass rusher of the 2. Yet he does not set a good consistent edge in the run game , and he's the greedy type who is always looking to squeeze more money out of you , even when he already has a good contract. Greenard finally fully busted out in 2023 , and he sets a better edge , but I think he got too much money for a guy with his career production. Minnesota also brought in another later breakout edge rusher Andrew Van Ginkel from the Dolphins on a 2 year 20 million dollar deal. LB Blake Cashman came from the Texans as well , but he is risky to me , because he was regularly hurt for the first 3 years of his career. He is a big athletic LB who was finally healthy in 2023 , and them proceeded to have a pretty kick ass season. 3 years 26 million is a huge bargain if he is healthy again , but his track record of injuries is worrisome. Although he did play his high school & college ball in Minnesota so that bodes well. They also got another talented injury prone player when they signed RB Aaron Jones away from the Packers , and he is a big play dual threat upgrade over Mattison , and its only for one year and 7 million. So , for the most part I like what they are doing with the money they would have given Cousins. QB , Interior O-Line , CB , and  interior D-Line are what they need most now. There is a crazy rumor about them trading Superstar WR Justin Jefferson , but I can't see that being a remote possibility unless Jefferson actually wants out , or its a trade for a QB. Even then trading a player like Jefferson is gut wrenching for a fan base. Some may say they traded away Diggs , but Diggs wanted out , and he isn't quite as good or young as Jefferson when that went down. Plus Diggs is surly & temperamental . Jefferson just seems joyous on the field , in the locker room , and in the community. So I think they should get a extension done at some point , and getting him a new young QB might help get him to sign for the long term. I want to make it clear that I wouldn't make this trade for Mccarthy , and even taking him at #11 without a trade up is a big risk in my book , but the NFL seems to love him. Maybe if I had a personal interview I would agree , because everyone raves about his intangibles , leadership , and personality. Although I do love that he isn't on social media. Mccarthy is a 2 year starter on a college playoff team in a west coast offense, and that carries weight. While he has been better under pressure this season for the most part , watching him throw 3 picks against a small school like Bowling Green in week 3 is another reason why I just don't see him as a first rounder. Not that he sees much pressure with his steady O-line & run first offense rarely leaving him in obvious passing situations. Play action certainly helps to get WR's open , and that goes double when you run the ball as well as Michigan does. Mccarthy's has a big arm , is a good athlete & runner, and has the frame to carry a solid pounds to hold up in the NFL. Accuracy is inconsistent , but he does make some special throws , and rarely makes stupid ones. His ability to throw on the run , and his deep ball standout most. Also , I am not convinced that Mccarthy can currently read the whole field, because he doesn't throw well to his left. Although many young QB's only read the half the field early in their careers while learning more in a NFL offense. Plus he isn't afraid to throw over the middle , and he is athletic enough to make key plays both while scrambling & when he takes off running himself. Played more in structure this season compared to last , but he can improvise a big play at times.  So west coast offense teams should be interested in him. Plus while I see the potential overall they just didn't trust him to make key plays with his arm for most of the season , because when they finally played a good defense in Penn ST. JJ was 7 of 8 for 60 yards as a passer. It's telling when they don't trust you to pass against a good defense , and even more telling that they only attempted a pass once in the entire second half in a big game. However , Mccarthy did redeem himself some against a Bama defense that is full of future NFL talent in the playoff game. In that game he got a chance to shine , and he produced by spreading the ball around without turning it over. In the actual National Championship he was efficient , and made a few key plays , but it was mostly back to game manager status.  Now I want to see him in a offense that lets him make more plays , and while he had a good O-LINE in both years as the starter at Michigan he might go to a team like the Raiders or Denver, whose O-Lines lack consistency. At the combine he showed off his big arm , weighed at 219 pounds , and ran a 6.82 three cone time that you would expect from a wide receiver.  So yes Mccarthy is very toolsy , athletic , and he isn't afraid to chuck it into middle of the defense. Also , if his first read isn't open his read progressions currently go significantly slower from there. However , he has very little tape showing him passing well against a defense remotely resembling one that he will see in the NFL. I had to watch 10 of his games this season , compared to Jayden Daniels to get a read on him , because he passes so little. He weighed in at 219 at the combine , but he looks a lot smaller on film so you have to wonder how much of that is water weight to mitigate teams fears about him playing early. Combining his tools , traits, intangibles , Pro style offense experience , and reports of great interviews could see him land in the top 5 of this draft. With Atlanta signing Cousins Minnesota would be ideal for him in my opinion, but there is no way I would take him that high. If he is successful in the long term I expect it will take him at least 2 or 3 years before he could be even close to being a reliable NFL starter who is anything more than a game manager. 

6.GIANTS - MALIK NABERS - WR - LSU - 6 feet , 200


Considering the fact that Daniel Jones keeps getting hurt , is hurt again , has only had one decent season , and they can get out of his contract after 2024 the Giants should be in the QB market. They could trade up into the top 3 for one , maybe reach for a Mccarthy , Penix or Nix at #6 , or sign a veteran . They didn't have the weapons , O-Line , or cap space to entice Kirk Cousins. I would have gone after Russell Wilson if I ran the Giants , but even if they did he went to the Steelers. Trading up to #3 with the Patriots would make the most sense for both teams , but I have them just moving up one pick here with the Chargers. They could move up to #4 to make sure they get the 4th QB off the board , but I'm going to give the Cardinals enough credit to say they are smart enough not to trade away from a sure thing like Marvin Harrison JR. Anyway their big off season move was trading a second for lanky edge rusher Brian Burns , and signing him to a 5 year 150 million dollar deal with 76 million guaranteed. They also signed RB Devin Singletary after losing Saquon Barkley to the division rival Eagles. Anyway , this team is also devoid of any proven offensive play makers , because Darren Waller got hurt again. Waller may even retire.  So if they stay at #6 a WR would also make a ton of sense. A offensive tackle makes sense , because highly touted by all of us , Evan Neal has been bad at RT. So if they drafted a OT they could kick him inside to guard. If the stay put they should take the best WR available. I really think they need a bigger guy , because the giants already have a gaggle of smaller receivers , but I have Nabers clearly ranked higher. Nabers was my # 2 WR coming into the season after a breakout 2022 , and he was much better in 2023. His snaps are split almost evenly between inside & outside alignment's so you could line him up anywhere to stress the defense. Explodes out of his breaks creating instant separation , and speeds through cuts like a good Pro running back. Shifty feet , blazing speed , and even a jump cut makes him very dangerous in the open field. He gets open because of explosiveness & agility, because he isn't as polished of a route runner as Harrison or Odunze right now. Malik's ability to take short passes and run for the first down is rare. Not to mention his ability to separate down the field , and he's threat to take it to the house on any play. Nabers could use some work on hand fighting & releases too , but I like the way he goes after the ball at the catch point , even though he doesn't have natural hands yet. It bothers me that he didn't even get weighed & measured at the combine , but his Pro Day on March 27th was fully attended , and he ran in the mid 4.3's. Compared to Harrison & Odunze Nabers is just a little raw right now , but his speed and run after the catch ability give him a higher upside down the road , and he would be the easy #1 WR is most drafts. I am sure some teams have him as their #1 guy , but for me he is my #2 WR , and more importantly the #2 overall player in the draft. 

7.TENNESSEE - JOE ALT - OT - NOTRE DAME - 6"8" , 321


Of all the coaching firings Mike Vrabel was a shocker to me. That roster sucked before the season , the Titans had a lot of injuries , and they had a really bad O-Line too. Vrabel didn't deserve that , but coaches are often scapegoats , although I was just as shocked that another team didn't snap him up right away. The team got old & injured , and they should have let a young 48 year old winner like Vrabel rebuild , and I think some of the teams who hired new unproven head coaches over Vrabel will regret it. New QB Will Levis showed some promise behind that bad O-Line , and with a average receiving core. They do have a lot of cap space though. With 2023 third round RB Tajae Spears , and incoming Tony Pollard at RB its now pretty obvious that the new Titans will be a zone heavy speedy slashing running game. Which is the opposite of thumping you with departed future HOFer Derrick Henry.  So its kind of weird that they let a young athletic zone suited center Aaron Brewer go to the Dolphins on a low cost 3 year 21 million dollar deal, and brought in the big beefy Lloyd Cushenberry on a 4 year 50 million dollar deal. Don't get me wrong Cushenberry is a better well rounded player , and Brewers anchor in pass pro was subpar , but they could have kept Brewer and moved Cushenberry to guard. The only O-Lineman on their roster I believed in going forward was rookie guard Peter Skoronski , and I still think they should give him a shot at OT. Although to be fair Daniel Brunskill did show some promise. Hiring young head coach Brian Callahan isn't a bad call , but the reason I like it most is that his dad Bill Callahan comes to coach with him. In my opinion poppa Callahan has been the best O-Line coach in football for over a decade , and every guy he coaches who listens will get better. They let a better LB in Azeez Al-Shaair go to the rival Texans ,and signed a worse player in former 1rst round bust Kenneth Murray away from the Chargers , but I guess he was at least cheaper. CB Chidobe Awuzie is a slight upgrade at CB over Sean Murphy-Bunting , who signed with Arizona , but he is also about 4 million more per season. The trade for L'Jarius Sneed is a good one , because it only cost them a 3rd. He's too grabby , but he's also a dog who won't back down from anyone. I wouldn't have made him one of the highest paid CB's in the league , but desperate times call for desperate measures. Finally a signing I really like came across the net when they signed WR Calvin Ridley. With D-Hop & Ridley they are now dangerous, and it will really cut down on D-Hop double teams. Plus D-Hop is in his 30's. If Treylon Burks can stay healthy , and Chig Okonkwo can stretch the seam like he did in 2022 Will Levis has a legit chance to succeed. They brought in veteran backup QB Mason Rudolph too. Now just keep building that O-Line , and let Callahan SR. work his magic. CB and interior D-Line are big needs on defense as well. With Alt gone they may just take their 2nd highest rated OT.  2 of the 3 stud WR's are still available here , but another WR seems like overkill , although they might be able to trade back with a team that wants one. Young Callahan's former club the Bengal's might be willing to make that trade , but I am not sure if the Titans want to move back that far. TE Brock Bowers is worth the pick , but I just think QB Will Levis needs to be protected first & foremost if they stay at this slot. In this case the clear cut #1 OT in the draft falls to them and they have to snap him up. Alt is another legacy player in this draft , because his dad John Alt was a former long term OT for the Chiefs , who even made a few Pro Bowls. Alt started out at TE as a true freshman , and then started the last 7 games at Left tackle. He never looked back after that because he started every game on the blindside for the rest of his career , and kept getting bigger & better. He's a technician who works to keep maintaining his blocks. I have been watching him closely  since he Mollywopped Myles Murphy in 2021. Alt is a absolute goer in the run game because he works to get a good position , maintains contact , and keeps driving his feet to the whistle. Good combo blocker , and I love how assignment sound he is stalk blocking at the 2nd level. His one weakness as a run blockier is just that sometimes guys get under him off the snap because he is so tall, but he generally does readjust & re-anchor before driving his feet soon after.  He doesn't quite have the ceiling of a few of these other 1rst round OT's , even though he does have a good ceiling, but he does have the clear highest floor of all of them. Plus there is no doubt that he can stay outside at OTA , and he never had a bad game all season. Alt plays very under control for the most part , and has a high level of awareness for stunts , twists , and passing off defenders. With his consistent pass sets , balance , and feet he looks like a true franchise left tackle to me. He's really tall at almost 6"9" , and before this season he had a lot more trouble anchoring against the bull rush , but this year he played a little lower with a wider base . By keeping his hands more inside more often to really improve in that area , and getting more consistent extension & lock out with his arms Alt has made himself a legit franchise LT for me. He does have the occasional problem of getting over extended and off balance on contact , so he could be more vulnerable to push/pulls in the NFL , but he rarely ends up on the ground. Alt has high level hand use both in placement & timing. Every year when you are watching guys in the summer you make a list of things they should improve on , and I am disappointed a lot , but Alt improved in every area. He may get out of the top 5 because of all the QB's being drafted there , but he is my clear cut OT one , and the #3 overall player on my board.  

***TRADE*** The BENGALS TRADE their 1rst (#18) and their 2nd (#49) in this draft and their 2024 3rd rounder to the FALCONS for their 1rst (#8) rounder ***TRADE***

8.BENGALS-(atl)- ROME ODUNZE - WR - WASHINGTON - 6"3" , 212


The big questions with the Bengals is will Joe Burrow actually be healthy to start a season for once , and then be healthy throughout. I would really like to see that. I think Burrow's health questions are the reason why Jake Browning hasn't been traded so far this offseason , because Browning looked good in the 7 games he was the primary QB for the Bengals. A 4-3 record as a QB in a tough division like the AFC North is a accomplishment. I thought Browning might get traded for a 2nd , but Burrow is still recovering , although he is expected to be healthy by May for OTA's. They kept Tee Higgins by throwing the franchise tag on him , but I honestly think they should trade him if they can get a 2024 first rounder for him , or if they trade up for one of the big 3 WR'S in this draft. He's a good player , but Chase is better , and they can't afford big contracts for both. The Bengal's brought back a familiar face in safety Von Bell after a year away in Carolina. Then they signed brainy former back up safety Geno Stone , who ended playing a lot last season , and led the AFC with 7 picks from the division rival Ravens. TE Tanner Hudson who became a weapon while Browning was at QB was re-singed. Mike Gesicki is another pass catching TE they brought in , but lets hope he never does the griddy again when he scores. TE Drew Sample , who can actually block some , was brought back too. RB Zach Moss was healthy for a lot of last year , and played well when he got a shot to start when Jonathan Taylor missed the start of the season. After trading Joe Mixon to the Texans Moss & 2023 rookie Chase Brown should be the primary ball carriers. DT Sheldon Rankins is a solid free agent signing , but he seems overpaid ( 2 years 26 million ) to me. Rankins can penetrate , but he is injury prone , and didn't hold his ground very well against the run last season. The signing of giant Trent Brown to play RT opposite Orlando Brown JR. gives Joe Burrow 2 enormous bookends to keep him safe, So I am having them trade up for a WR. Odunze if he was still has the size Chase lacks , and they should be losing Higgins this year or the next. I think Burrow & Chase might prefer fellow LSU alum Malik Nabers , and I certainly have a higher grade on him , but he's gone this time.  Odunze is a super productive team captain. He has a a big prototype #1 WR build , and the route running prowess to go along with it. Great adjustments and body control when the ball's in the air. Strong hands , and he's an ACE on contested catches too. He knows how to use his size to shield & out physical defenders , but I wish he would use that strength to get more yards after the catch. Also has good top end speed , but just average quickness early in routes. He generally gets off the line OK , but he could use his hands better to beat DB's away from him quicker.  Solid blocker , but usually just content to shield or sustain when a guy his size should be burying smaller DB's regularly. A WR with the , size ,skill , speed , and production of Odunze would usually stand alone at the top of the draft at his position. However  , even though he is a blue chip ( #7 overall )player on my board , he is my #3 WR in this draft ,  but he should definitely go in the top 10 of this draft anyway. It's just that Rome lacks the explosive burst & speed of Nabers. While Harrison is just a little more quick & polished in most areas. I expect he goes between picks 8-10 , although it could be in a trade up , and he will be a bargain for any team at that point. 



The dream come true of having one of the big 3 WR's fall to them with their 2nd first round pick didn't happen this time. They could reach for LSU's Brian Thomas , or a lesser reach for a defensive player. I am giving them a edge rusher. Turner is twitchy & explosive with the highest ceiling of the 3 ( also Latu & Verse)  edge rushers that I have a 1rst round grade on , but he still has a solid floor. I would love to see him cut loose off the edge in a more attacking defense , but he had both read & react and coverage responsibilities at Bama that held him back as a pass rusher. Dallas had a elite combine , and is so much younger (just turned 21) than Latu & Verse , so its reasonable to believe he is still getting better , but Latu is far more advanced than either of them as a pass rusher right now. He has gotten a lot bigger in college , and improved setting the edge this year , but he still needs to get stronger & play with more physicality. Has good length , and improved use of his hands in both placement & fighting with them this season , but still a needs more refinement there. He's still a bit raw in many areas, but he has the tools , and the motor to be a stud in the long term with more playing time.  Turner could easily be the first defensive player off the board .

10.JETS  - BROCK BOWERS- ** -TE -GEORGIA - 6"3" , 243


The Jets season was like a Shakespearian tragedy last year. First they get one of the only 2 QB's in the league I would have called elite ( Mahomes is obviously the other ) before last season. Rodgers got them to bring a lot of his buddies with him too, although I think every single one of them was overpaid , and none of them did much on the field. Then this team , that looked like a pre-season Superbowl contender , loses Rodgers to a torn Achilles on the first drive of the year. Zach Wilson failed to improve enough to win , despite the mentorship of his hero Rodgers , and was benched. First for journeyman Trevor Siemian , and then for the worst NFL QB I have ever seen in Rodgers buddy Tim Boyle. The locker room imploded , finger pointing ensued, and the whole season was a profound disappointment. Since Rodgers is now 40 , and coming off a torn Achilles , its fair to question if he can return to anything close to his once elite form.  On the bright side he is now talking about playing another 2-4 seasons , and he has that kind of inner fire /chip on the shoulder that Brady had. Another potential down side was that independent Presidential candidate RFK was reportedly considering Rodgers as a VP choice. If it were any other current NFL player I would call B.S. , but this is Aaron Rodgers. Highly intelligent , politically aware , and vocal about it. For Rodgers it actually makes some sense , but could he actually do both at the same time?  Something tells me Rodgers thinks he could , but luckily for the Jets RFK picked someone else.  Anyway , back to the Jets . If Rodgers is healthy and even 85% percent of what he was pre-Achilles they are a Superbowl contender. The main problems for this team are obvious. Fix the O-Line & get your QB more weapons , because this defense is ready to go. One of the bright spots of the 2023 Jets was the return to health & form of Linebacker CJ Mosely, and they gave him a 2 year extension. The Jets have had little cap space , and they have been purging the roster of some older past their prime players this off season. So far in free agency they have lost 2 good young players in edge rusher Bryce Huff & safety Jordan Whitehead , but Huff could really hurt. 2023 first rounder Will Mcdonald is going to need to step it up this season to help fill that void. Then they traded a 3rd for Hassan Reddick , and they are supposedly going to extend his contract. That's sad because they could have just extended the younger Bryce Huff , and saved that 3rd rounder. On defense they have signed one player I like as CB Isaiah Oliver should fit right into this defense since he came from the 49ers. Although a pair of interior D-Lineman in former 1rst round bust Javon Kinlaw who played for HC Robert Selah in frisco , and a backup NT Leki Fotu , are not exactly inspiring stuff. On offense they have already started to fix some of their O-Line problems. The Jets signed away one of the Ravens starting guards in big John Simpson. Then they traded with the  Ravens for their starting RT Morgan Moses , who is coming off a good season for a trifling swap of 4ths and a 6th. Veteran QB Tyron Taylor fits as well , because he can keep them in games if Rodgers goes down. The signing of big former Chargers wideout Mike Williams is risky , because he is so injury prone, but if he's healthy he could be a great #2 WR for the Jets. In the draft they don't have a 2nd because of the Rodgers trade , but they have 7 total picks . Including the #10 overall , a 3rd and two 4ths. They should use at least 3 of those picks ,  on offensive lineman & pass catchers to help Rodgers. At # 10 I doubt any of the top 3 WR's will be there so that leaves TE Brock Bowers , and a potential blindside protecting OT as the top choices. Rodgers buddy , and former great LT when both were with the Packers David Bakhtiari was cut by the Packer after 3 years of injuries. It would make sense if he signed with the Jets , and if he was actually healthy again while keeping Aaron Rodgers upright. It would also be a dagger in the ass of the Packers front office , and I think they would deserve it for the crappy way they treated Rodgers. However, since his health is a clear question mark they should absolutely draft a OT in the first 4 rounds, and the rookie could play guard this year if Bakhtiari is healthy. Olu Fashanu , Taliese Fuaga , Troy Fautanu , and JC Latham could all fit that bill.  Although Fashanu is the only only who actually played the blindside last season , and ironically the only one of the 3 who I doubt has the strength to run block inside at guard. Fuaga is gone this time. They might even be able to trade back a little to gain some more much needed picks , and get one of those 3 guys. Or maybe even Bowers who would be a steal #10 , and a even bigger steal later.  Since they signed often injured , but still future HOFame OT Tyron Smith to play the blindside I am tempted to give them one of the 2 who can play guard until Smith gets hurt. To be fair Smith is still a top 10 OT when healthy , even though he is well past his prime , but last years 13 regular season games played were his most since 2019.  Maybe they role the dice , and still bring in Bakhtiari on a incentive laden deal based on playing time in the hope that either he or Tyron would be healthy at left tackle each week. Its not the weirdest idea I have ever thought of. Its just that signing expensive older players like Tyron & Mike Williams to deals, and expecting them to play key roles to help the 40 year old coming off a big injury Rodgers ,  seems super risky. Maybe they think they have done enough with the O-Line by adding 3 new veteran starters , and take the TE. I'm going Bowers because they need a reliable ( the often injured williams doesn't count )receiving threat besides Garrett Wilson, and he is my highest ranked available player anyway. Bowers has been the best receiving TE in college football since he was a true freshman , and even though there have been a lot of other good TE's & WR's at Georgia during his tenure , Bowers became the focus of the passing game.  He just kept steadily improving all 3 years,  and he absolutely should be a top 10 pick in any draft.  In 2023 he suffered a high ankle sprain in week 7 , and had to have surgery. Was supposed to be out 4 to 6 weeks , but he made it back in 3 weeks so he could play against Bama in the SEC Championship game. They move him all over the formation like a #1 WR , but he will also lineup inline , and in the back field. Great hands , a wide catch radius, and he will win most decently thrown contested catches. Bowers is a dominant physical runner after the catch with a nice stiff arm. Literally moves like a very large running back with the ball in his hands , and runs through would be tacklers like he caught them banging his girlfriend. However, he is so intent on running that he can be a little careless at times tucking the ball away securely before he goes up the field. I can't ever remember a TE being such a big weapon in the screen game in college before Bowers. He still needs polish on his route running , but he has legit quickness &  long speed , and he is one of the rare TE's that can actually run a good whip route. His high ankle sprain had prevented him from running for most of the pre-draft process , but he looks like a low 4.5 guy to me on tape , and that was finally confirmed ( reportedly ran a 4.53) at his late private PRO DAY on April 10th.  He's a solid enough in line run blocker because of his effort , but much better on the move outside against smaller defenders ,  and down the field picking off 2nd & 3rd level players. Also plays the fullback lead blocker role well enough , and is a threat to run the ball himself as a RB. Below average height for a TE , but well built. Has enough weight to hold his own when he is inline against smaller quicker ends , but I would prefer him in combo blocks, and not a guy who can man up & move bigger defenders off the ball.  He isn't just a TE, but instead more of a match up nightmare that can be targeted like a #1 WR. 

11.CHARGERS-(min)- TALIESE FUAGA - OT - OREGON ST. - 6"6" , 324


The Chargers had the worst cap situation in the league being almost 21 million over when free agency started , and that's after cutting LB Erik Kendricks who had a good season in 2023. They gave a new deal to Khalil Mack who is coming off a 17 sack season , but is also 33 years and was in the last year of his deal. Other obvious possible cap casualties or trade candidates were WR Mike Williams & DE Joey Bosa , because even though both are good players when healthy , neither are healthy often enough to justify their current contracts. Williams was finally let go , which saves them 20 million , but they restructured and kept Bosa. Center Corey Linsley also falls into the category of once great player who is now injury prone , and has a hard to justify big salary , but he retired.  Former 1rst round LB Kenneth Murray has never lived up to his draft status , and I'm not sure if they even made a big effort to bring him back , but I could have seen him playing better in Harbaugh's defense. Anyway , Murray signed with the Titans. Former standout RB Austin Ekeler had a down injury plagued season , but with better blocking he could still be useful , although its sad that he didn't get much money from Washington after years of being underpaid. Bringing back safety Alohi Gilman at a reasonable price after his breakout season was a good idea. I like the Will Dissly signing as well. While Dissly isn't a big separator he can block & catch , and his main question has always been health. TE Hayden Hurst was also signed , and is a similar player on the field to Dissly.  Power RB Gus Edwards fits what Harbaugh wants to do , so I see why they signed him, but injury questions are also his Achilles heel, They brought run stuffing LB , and former charger LB Denzel Perryman after 3 years away , but he is a liability in coverage. They should have kept WR Keenan Allen , but nope.  I expect QB Justin Herbert to look back in horror on the day that the Bears stole future HOFer Keenan Allen from the Chargers for a 4th round pick. GRAND THEFT WR ! To ask the guy who was leading the league in receptions through week 14 to take a pay cut , especially when he was already underpaid compared to last seasons production, is ludicrous . If you watched the games later in the season , when the bolts were out of contention & they shut down everybody with even a hang nail, you know how bad this team looked without Keenan Allen. As of now last year #3 WR Josh Palmer is their number one guy , and raw 2023 first rounder Quentin Johnston is their #2. Since Johnston couldn't even crack the top 3 when everyone was healthy that should worry the Bolts , but at least he has a very high upside. On the bright side Harbaugh's commitment to the 2 TE power running game does make for a lot of open guys off of play action , but right now their receivers resemble the Patriots of last season , and that is miserable. There is no telling what Harbaugh will do now that he has the ability to get whatever type of players he wants, because he didn't have that control back in his 49ers days , but I expect the Harbaugh led Chargers to make a quick turnaround & be a contender soon. Just not this season , but the defense will be better. These first 2 years where Harbaugh will have such a strong familiarity with the college players entering the NFL should give him a leg up on other coaches who hold a lot of sway in draft rooms.  This roster needs a LOT of new players , and they need to be cheap so that means the draft. They have all of their own draft picks plus a extra 7th rounder. If they stay at #5 a OT, WR , or possibly TE Brock Bowers make the most sense. As much as I love Bowers , and Harbaugh runs a lot of 12 ( 2 TE sets) personnel I wouldn't take Bowers there. In fact if they can get a QB needy team in the top twelve to trade with them they could get the picks they need to fill out the roster , and still get a good Right Tackle or WR. Or maybe a team wants to trade up for one of the top 3 WR's. Either would be ideal. However , they may move back even farther. The Patriots are ahead of them , and they may move back as well , but if they don't the Chargers are in prime position to get a big haul from the Vikings. This time I had the pats staying put , and the Chargers moving pretty far back. However this also definitely takes them out of the running for Joe Alt & probably Brock Bowers too. So they should either take their highest ranking OT or a corner, I am giving them a right tackle to pair with Rashawn Slater. I love this guy. Fuaga is a people mover in the run game, and has the tools to stay outside , even though his length is just OK for a OT. Has some really fun nasty blocks on tape too. He's controlled with short choppy steps in pass pro , and his timing , hand placement , and punch make him a steady protector. Plays with good knee bend, and even though he doesn't always latch as a run blocker he is fighting through the whistle to maintain his blocks. He could struggle with some elite speed rushers in teh NFL , but most OT's do , but good luck trying to bull rush his stout anchor. Isn't as rocked up as the other 1rst round OT's with some belly hanging out , but with a year in a NFL weight program that could go away. Some teams have arm lenth thresholds for OT's that he won't meet , and will see him as a guard, but I don't. Maybe he can't flip over to left tackle, but as a right tackle he is the 2nd best OT in this draft for me , and a plug & play starter. He lacks the higher upside of some others at the position , but he has the 2nd highest floor in the draft at OT in my opinion. He fits the power running game that Harbaughs entire offensive scheme is based on , although I wouldn't be surprised if the more athletic Fautanu  , or the massive Latham was the second tackle off  the board. 

***TRADE*** The SEATTLE SEAHAWKS TRADE their 1rst (#16) and the 3rd  (#81) they got from the SAINTS and their 6th (#192) to the BRONCOS for their 1rst (#12) rounder ***TRADE***

12.SEATTLE-(den)- TROY FAUTANU - G/T - WASHINGTON - 6"4" , 317


The Seahawks went a little backward last year , and with the amount of talent they had on defense alone it was surprising. So Pete Carroll was finally let go. Geno Smith wasn't quite as good in 2023 either , but with both starting OT'S out , and at the same time no less I get it. Plus I think he missed former QB coach Dave Canales who was the Bucs OC last season . I don't think its a coincidence that Canales presided over the turnaround years of 2 once highly touted , but previously disappointing QB's. NEW OC Ryan Grubb comes from Washington university , so it wouldn't shock me if they drafted Michael Penix. Seattle had plenty of cap space when free agency opened, but they restructured/extended WR Tyler Lockett anyway.  The best thing they did was re-sign Leonard Williams to a 3 year deal. They finally cut once great , but now almost always injured safety Jamal Adams , although those 2 first rounders they traded for him were a colossal waste. Free safety Quandre Diggs took a step back last season , and was let go too. Rarely targeted pass catching TE Noah Fant was re-singed to a contract averaging over 10 million a year , which makes little sense to me , but maybe at that price they will throw it to him more. Then again maybe they paid Fant so much because TE's Will Dissly & Colby Parkinson signed with someone else. They also traded for Washington's 2023 starting QB Sam Howell who started out hot , but then struggled. They got him cheap though , and I think its a smart move & upgrade over Drew Lock. I also love the singing of young Tyrell Dodson , who was especially great in coverage last season , and he is needed because both of last years starting LB's (Bobby Wagner & Jordyn Brooks ) signed elsewhere. They also brought in former fins LB Jerome baker. I was afraid they might overdraft a off the ball LB after losing Wagner & Brooks. There is no LB that should be taken in the 1rst round , but the hawks have reached ( like Jordyn Brooks ) in the 1rst round plenty of times in the 14 years John Schneider has been running the show , but hopefully that was Pete Carrols influence. They lost road grading guard Damien Lewis to Carolina & free agency as well making it a pretty big need. Although they did sign past his prime guard Laken Tomlinson , who's best years were in this division with Frisco, but he has been on the down slope with the Jets last season, So I am giving them a guy who can play tackle if one of their starting OT's is hurt again , but start out at left guard. The trade up is to get ahead of both the Raiders & Saints who both need a OT badly. Fautanu has a violent all out play style that I love, and dude is built like a bull, but his technique needs some work.  Plays with good knee bend ,  uncoils with power , strikes , and just keeps driving his feet to bury a guy. However , he is too aggressive at times because he is all forward all the time , and doesn't always latch or sustain well. In the run game Troy needs to maintain balance ,  keeps his hands inside , and avoid getting too far over his feet. Otherwise he will get Olay-ed or shucked in the NFL. I love the way he pulls - quick , hard , and looking to hit someone hard on contact.  In pass pro the quicker he makes contact the better. Has a nice anchor , and his balance in his initial sets is fine, but he's a lunger. Its like he can't wait to hit someone , and so his strikes are out of control. He usually starts with his hands too low , then too often throws them high and/or wide, and often waits too long to throw them if he has to reset. Although I love his angry punch when it lands right , and he has a strong anchor.  He actually played LT the last 2 seasons. I absolutely think he has the length , feet , and  quickness to stay there if he can adjust his hand placement & timing. It's just that to me he may make some Pro Bowls at tackle, but I think he could be a regular ALL PRO at guard. That's his floor to me - a great guard , but if his hand technique gets polished up he could be a great OT in time. Since he played right up the road at Washington the Hawks should know him well. A guy this nasty , with such a high ceiling & floor , and with the athleticism he showed at the combine shouldn't get out of the top 15 of this draft. 



The raiders really came together , and played both harder & better under new coach Antonio Pierce. I'm really glad owner Mark Davis saw the light this time , and gave the full time job to Pierce , because he screwed the pooch in this same scenario a couple of years ago when he hired Josh Mcdaniels over Rich Basaccia. Rookie 4th round QB Aidan O'connell even had a couple of good games , but not enough to secure the permanent job. They already signed journeyman gamer Gardner Minshew to compete , and I think they may draft a QB too, but only if one the like falls to them at the right time. Basically I am saying I doubt they trade up for one ,  and I previously thought they might for Jayden Daniels , partly because Pierce was on the coaching staff while Daniels was still at Arizona. The Raiders now have 2 young QB's with starting experience , and rebuilding the roster would make more sense in the first round with pick #13 by taking a building block player such as a CB or right tackle. That doesn't mean they won't take Penix , or even Nix here, but it does seem like overkill for a coach who wants to compete right now. They might even get the top corner on their board , or the 2nd or 3rd OT in their stack. The Raiders had a lot of cap space before making cuts , but after getting rid of Jimmy Garoppolo & Hunter Renfrow they already signed a good young DT in Christian Wilkins to a big 110 million dollar deal.  Then they re-signed promising young center Andre James to a solid deal after a breakout season. In addition to needing the CB & RT the Raiders also need a guard , a new starting RB to replace the departed Josh Jacobs,  and maybe another DT to round out their rotation. Last years draft was big on tools , but lacking production. First round toolsy ,but clueless about football edge rusher Tyree Wilson needs to get better. You would think that watching the relentless Maxx Crosby on a regular basis would inspire the kid to rapid improvement , but 2023 was a lost season for him. 2nd round TE Michael Mayer started making his mark whenever O'connell was brave enough to throw it to him, but I expected more from him as a blocker based off his college tape. 3rd round DT Byron Young joins him as a young guy who didn't do much in Vegas as a rookie, but he was hurt. 3rd round speedy WR Tre Tucker actually made some big plays , and his deep routes helped out pulling safeties,  and opened up the field for others more in the final third of the season. Blazing fast 4th round corner Jakorian Bennett actually played a lot early , but not very well.   So basically I think the Raiders have a chance at a wildcard spot if a few things go right , especially with the Broncos & Chargers going through rebuilds , but unless  Mahomes gets hurt the Chiefs seem a lock for the division  title. They also brought in underrated dual TE Harrison Bryant from the Browns so we might see more 2 TE sets this season. I am going with my top corner here. Mitchell is a small school guy who excels in off coverage , and I really wished he had transferred to a power 5 school before the 2023 season. Jumped a lot of routes in 2022 , and then QB's avoided him more in 2023 , but they threw at him enough to learn the error of their ways. Very physical hand use with good size &  great speed . Mitchell has a smooth pedal , and a quick burst to ball once he sees it. However ,  I think his route jumping ways could make him more vulnerable to double moves in the NFL. I love the way he comes up against the run , and also a rare good form tackler for this day & age. Had a great week at the Senior Bowl , sticking to his man , and showing good mirror ability which alleviated concerns about his level of competition.  Had some press snaps , and looked good , but I wanted to see him in a lot more press snaps. Also a ACE special teams gunner. Destroyed the combine , and now my #1 CB in a good corner draft. 



The Saints have a bad cap situation... again. Every year I think they are going to take all of their cap hits , and they never do , because they refuse to fully rebuild. So they have been cutting & restructuring a lot of veterans. They did re-sign 2 defensive leaders in LB Demario Davis & safety Tyrann Mathieu.  On the bright side they finally let overrated O-Lineman Andrus Peat go. He's always been subpar in the NFL to me, and it doesn't matter if you can play tackle or guard if you are bad at both positions. Guard James Hurst took a pay cut to stay , and he is slightly better than Peat anyway. Stud RT Ryan Ramczyk restructured his deal too , and it was a pay cut that gives him some guaranteed money he didn't have , but apparently his knee isn't responding a swell as hoped. Michael Thomas is gone, and they seem to be attempting to replacing him with Cedrick Wilson who did very little in Miami. Signing injury probe edge player Chase Young for 13 million guaranteed would make more sense to me if he was healthy, but he is having neck surgery, and could miss part of training camp. The Saints knew this , but still his history of stingers worries me. Young LB Willie Gay has the talent to be a solid starter , and its just a one year 5 million deal. Maybe playing next to Davis will inspire him to consistency. Safety Marcus Maye was let go as well. The saints have a lot of needs. OT , guard, D-Line both inside & out , and CB. Angry 2022 first round OT Trevor Penning hasn't lived up to his draft status yet, and I am not sure if he will ever has the feet & balance to be a left tackle. Ramczyk has been hampered with a knee injury the last few years that have caused him to miss 5 games last season alone. I think he could play the left side, but that knee combined with the struggles of Penning make OT the absolute most important need. If they are lucky they will get a LT that works out , keep Ramczyk at RT , and kick Penning into guard. Olu has the kind of feet , balance , quick hands , and movement skills in pass pro to sometimes make it look easy. His hands are the main problem , but his overall technique is just lacking , and I mean everywhere. Fashanu usually starts with his hands too low, has a tendency to give up too much depth before throwing his hands , throws them too wide , and he needs more strength & consistent shock from them. On those rare occasions he throws his hands tight inside & on time its pretty , but he tends to catch rushers around the hips instead of punching them , and then try's to slide his hands up after contact. His anchor still needs work , but it was improved this season. As a run blocker he clearly starts out high , and the lack of strength shows up there more because he is losing the leverage battle. Has the quickness & lateral agility for reach blocks, but tends to be too high on contact & again starts with his hands too low , and they are too wide too often. Although he does try to sustain , and he keeps his legs moving , but his hands are still outside most of the time. He even straight hugs dudes sometimes when he gets stood up off the snap. So if he can start with better knee bend , stay lower,  widen his base , keep his freaking hands inside , play meaner , and extend his arms he can be a franchise left tackle. That's a lot to improve on though. Its just that I had these same concerns before the season , and unlike Joe Alt who improved in every area I questioned , Fashanu only slightly improved in a few areas. Maybe I was naïve to think he would do the obvious , and he did win most of the time in pass protection, but Fashanu has went from being a probable top 10 pick to a boom or bust prospect in my eyes. If you just went off the tape instead of potential & athleticism he probably shouldn't go in the first round anymore. He got away with a lot in college because he's so quick, and he didn't give up any sacks in the 7 games I watched over the last 2 years. Olu rarely gives up the inside,  and he can ride speed rushers outside in college , but in the NFL it will be much harder. He will face more speed , a wider variety of moves , better hand fighting , a lot more strong bull rushes , and way better counters. So in the NFL he could struggle a lot early , and I expect him to be overpowered a lot unless his technique improves. As a former O-Lineman & O-Line coach his tape is maddening , but I know there are going to be a lot of NFL O-Line coaches who think they can fix him. Maybe they can , but this is basic stuff he sucks at , and he should be better at it by now. Its up to him. If he is coachable he will make it , but if not he will just end up another finesse OT who doesn't live up to his draft position.

15.COLTS - JC LATHAM - T/G- ALABAMA - 6"6" , 342


The Colts seemed to have learned from their mistakes from the Andrew Luck era, and didn't rush back 2023 first round tooled up QB Anthony Richardson from injury. He's a big dude, but so was Luck , and he retired way too young. They threw the franchise tag on possession WR Michael Pittman. They had plenty of cap room when free agency started , but I'm not sure they are using it as wisely as they could have. Gardner Minshew filled in capably for Richardson , but him leaving to Vegas is no big loss. Signing way past his prime QB Joe Flacco to be the primary backup kind of surprised me though. While Flacco had a mini career resurgence for The Browns last year, and I logically assumed he would stay in Cleveland , I wouldn't want him to be my primary backup at this stage of his career. Off the ball LB Zaire Franklin was given a generous 3 year contract averaging over 10 million a year for a guy I think to be on the decline , but maybe they know something I don't. Long term steady slot corner Kenny Moore deserved to be resigned, but he's 30 now , and 3 years 30 million seems a bit much. However, I do like the resigning of DT Grover Stewart , and bringing in former Dolphin DT Raekwon Davis. Combining those 2 with stud Deforest Buckner should give them a heck of a rotation on the interior of the defense , and the length of Buckner & Davis should really clog passing lanes. Brock Bowers would be the ideal pick , but he is already gone on this mock. So in addition to a stud pass catching TE , the colts big needs are CB, safety , and edge rusher. Guard & WR are lesser needs as well. Since Anthony Richardson is the potential new franchise player they may want to shore up the one weakness on the O-Line , and upgrade at right guard. Latham is a big strong long armed OT Prospect with some Jekyl & Hyde pass pro tape in 2022, but it really improved in 2023. Struggled with inside moves a lot more in 2022 , but improved  some this year with tighter pass sets , and improved with his left hand blocking the inside. Jumpy with a a LOT of false start penalties  , and can get grabby as well , but again improved there this season. Although he does do some obvious pulling of the jersey away from the body. Real functional power with his hand punch,  and can torque his body to toss aside defenders. Plays lower than most guys his size , has good posture , and has a strong anchor when his feet are set. Although he can occasionally get off balance when sliding laterally. Has a finishers mentality that I love, latching on & driving defenders off the ball, but also can get overaggressive ducking his head & lunging as both a run & pass blocker. Latham is hit & miss down the field , but when he lands he can send a linebacker sprawling. As far as dominant man handling blocks inline he is right up there with Fuaga in making defenders look bad. I expected him to struggle with speed more on the outside this season , but again he was improved , and even when initially beaten one hand punch from him can knock a guy off course. His awareness to stunts & twist still needs work too. Before this season I expected him to end up at guard like Leonard Davis did because he is such a massive bully in the run game, and he could still be a kickass guard , but I am more confident that he can be a NFL OT now.  I had heard they were going to flip him to the left side in the offseason , but they kept him at RT , and I believe that's where he belongs. Basically there is no logical reason to move a guy who is making such progress right where he's at. He was listed at 360 with Alabama , and while he has a lot more of a put together build than T'vondre Sweat , I was worried he might also come in too heavy for the combine. Instead he showed up at a slimmed down 342 , and looked in good shape. However , I really wished Latham had worked out in Indy. He ended up as OT #4 for me , and I gave him a first round grade , but some teams could have him as high as OT #2. JC has a high floor as a guard ,  and a high ceiling at both positions. He just has to keep his weight in check , and keep developing his technique & awareness.  


16.DENVER-(sea) - BO NIX - QB - OREGON - 6"2" , 214


The Broncs had a Bad cap situation when free agency started because they stupidly ate Russell Wilson's contract. Sean Payton is a great coach , but he wants a robot point guard like Drew Brees was at the end of his career. Russel Wilson is more of a improvisor at his best , but Payton wants a Drew Bree's clone. However , benching , blaming , and bad mouthing Wilson made him impossible to trade. Wilson completed almost two thirds of his passes last season , and had a excellent 26/8 TD to interception stat line in 2023. Payton is making him the scapegoat for all his teams woes just like Jerry Jones did to Amari Cooper a couple of years ago. Well Cooper has had back to back seasons of at least 72 catches and at least 1160 yards receiving with subpar QB play. Payton's plan will probably work out in the long run , but they are eating a huge ( 85 million in dead money) contract , and getting back none of the massive amount of picks they used to acquire him. Their bad cap situation already cost them a good safety in Justin Simmons , and its not a coincidence that their defense really improved after Simmons got healthy. Then they traded injury prone former 1rst round WR Jerry Jeudy for 5th & 6th rounders which clears more cap space. The signing of potential #3 WR Josh Reynolds would make more sense if they weren't in salary cap hell rebuilding mode. To make it clear I believe the Broncos should trade back, gather more picks , and then maybe take a QB later if one falls to a spot where the value is better , but it takes 2 teams to make a trade. I just don't think Payton agrees. He could take the big armed & more down the field throwing Michael Penix who I prefer , or the king of short quick hitting passes in this draft in Nix. In a draft with so many experienced QB's Nix is the 3rd of the 5th year starters. I hated his Auburn tape where it looked like he couldn't read defenses , and was just chucking it up for grabs, but his 2022 tape at Oregon looked like he flipped a 180 in that regard. He didn't just repeat his performance in 2023 , but looked even better, and was significantly more  productive. So he could be a 1rst rounder for some teams.  Looked really accurate & competent this season , but its so many short quick hitting passes that I have him as a late 2nd rounder. He looks smart in this safer type of offense , and its obvious that he knows the Oregon scheme very well , but I am not sure if he fits many of them in the NFL.  Nix has a good arm , and he's athletic enough to play in any offense , but he just looks more like a west coast guy to me right now. After his first read every progression gets slower . He can even scramble to buy time & throw on the run some , but his mechanics falter under pressure. QB's tend to go a round early , but the only team I can see selecting him in top 2/3 of the first round is the Broncos. Sean Payton wants controlled safe game management. That's Nix to me. Although some defensive head coaches may have him ranked higher as well. If the Broncos take him at #12 I think its a overdraft , but if they trade back into the 20's , or even better get him in the 2nd round it would make more sense to me. They do trade back here , but not as far I would like. at least they still get a extra 3rd & 6th while still getting their QB. 

17.JAGUARS - BRIAN  THOMAS JR. - WR - LSU - 6"3" , 210


The Jags underperformed last year , and while injuries were part of it , their defense worries me more. New DC Ryan Neilsen puts a emphasis on forcing turnovers , and that should help. I especially like the way his Falcons defense caused so many fumbles. The Jags were lacking cap space when free agency started , but singed veteran center Mitch Morse almost immediately after he was cut by the Bills. He is not the player he once was , but he is a upgrade over the disappointment Luke Fortner has been over the last 2 years. Plus his contract isn't big enough to prevent them from drafting a center at some point , and I like a lot of centers in this draft. I expected WR Calvin Ridley to leave in free agency , because they couldn't afford him & they didn't use him right anyway. He is a skilled route running possession receiver who you occasionally throw deep to , but they just kept sending him deep to pull safeties far too much. I'll bet they didn't expect him to sign with the division rival Titans though. They replaced him with a young large bodied deep threat , and skilled blocker Gabe Davis from Buffalo , who might even work out in that role. At the very least Davis is cheaper. Their best move was throwing the franchise tag on edge rusher Josh Allen , but since they signed him to a long term deal now that's even better. I like the signing of veteran CB Ronald Darby because he came cheaply , and he replaces corner Darious Williams who they lost to the rams , but they won't miss the poor tackling habits of Williams. Which brings me to incoming safety Darnell Savage , who's tackling habits worry me too , but he's young enough to hopefully change that. Incoming speedy return man/WR Devin Duvernay is very similar to free agent Jamal Agnew who is still available. The jags best signing is veteran DT Arik Armstead. Jacksonville's big needs are most of the O-Line, corner , a potential # 1 WR , and edge rusher. I would go O-Line because protecting young franchise QB Trevor Lawrence being healthy is your only chance of winning a Superbowl , but a WR might help almost as much. Thomas had one of the great breakout seasons in all of college football this year , and he led everybody with 17 TD catches, despite not being the #1 WR on his team. He has the tools to be a #1 WR , and his deep ball acumen to the end zone would help any QB. Still needs some help as a route runner , as he's spends most of his time running down the field pulling safeties even when he not getting the ball , but that opens up the field for everyone else.  He spends most of his time outside, has the size of a prototypical X receiver , and the majority of his shorter passes are when he's in the slot. I kept expecting him to be used on slants , and was disappointed by the lack. Thomas is a tier below the elite trio of WR's at the top of the draft in most areas , but he trumps them all as a blocker , although he is in that 2nd tier by himself on my board. His long arms help him to beat press , but he still needs a wider variety of releases off the line. Brian has the wide catch radius you want , but his hands are just OK at this point , and he had a lot more drops per target than I was expecting. He's a long strider with great top end speed once he gets there, and he has some burst , but I expected a player with his size & speed to be more of a YAC guy. If I wasn't taking a WR in the top 10 , but really wanted a guy with similar potential to Harrison or Odunze I would take Thomas JR. He's not as polished as either of them , but he has a similar tool box , except he is definitely faster. Its just that WR's with this size , speed , and production are rare so he could go right after the top 10. To me he is my #4 WR  with a solid first round grade , and the #19 overall player in this draft. He could easily replace Ridley on the outside.

18.ATLANTA-(cin) - LAIATU LATU - ** - OLB/DE - UCLA - 6"5" , 260


After Desmond Ridder was benched for the 2nd time it became clear that the Falcons will have a new QB next year , and thank GOD for that. The falcons FINALLY have a good QB , but it cost them some hefty cash , but would you expect anything else from Kurt Cousins? 100 million guarantee on a 4 year deal worth 180 million total. Cousins is coming off his best season statistically before a Achilles injury cut his campaign short. He will be 36 and coming off a big injury , but he is a pocket passer so there is a reasonable amount of hope that he will return to form. Cousins comes to a team with potentially as good receiving ( London , Pitts, and Bijan)  weapons , or at least they could fulfill that promise with a good QB like Cousins. A good O-Line, and a much better RB's & running game should help too. In addition they signed deep threat Darnell Mooney away from the Bears , and while I think they over paid ( 3 years 39 million , and 26 million guaranteed) based on his past production , it's possible that he even surpasses his deal with Cousins under center. Explosive , but injury prone slot guy Rondale Moore was brought in as well in a swap for QB Desmond Ridder. So I doubt they take a WR at # 8 , even though the 2 best players on the board are WR's. Instead I have them trading out this time. They need D-Line help , both inside & out , and corner help too.  I just don't see any prospect at that position worth #8 overall. So they can trade back to a WR hungry team , or make a slight reach for a edge rusher or corner. Since new head coach Raheem Morris is a defensive guy , and they seem worse off on the edge than at CB , I would go there if I had them staying at pick 8. Instead I will have the salary cap strapped Falcons trading back with the Bengals. I am giving them a edge rusher though , and he is a plug & play starter. A few years ago Latu's career almost ended with a neck injury , but then he transferred to UCLA , and was cleared to play. He is the most advanced pass rusher to come into the league in years. He has back to back years of high level production as a pass rusher , and he's bendier & more athletic than I believe many give him credit for. He makes a fair amount of plays as a run defender too , but sometimes his angles & urgency to get up the field cause him to be out of position setting the edge , but he can stack & shed well enough when he stays home. Has karate kid hands, is craftier than a fox , a full toolbox of moves , and transitions between them like a 10 year vet. If his medicals ( neck) are clean he could be the first edge rusher taken , but his age ( turns 24 this season ) , and neck make that less likely. His best tape is as a 3-4 OLB , and while he is competent enough in coverage in college  , I think he would be better served in a defense where he can just concentrate wreaking havoc in the backfield. By their second contracts Dallas Turner should be the better player , but in the first 5 years I will take Latu's production over any D-Lineman in the draft. He's my bet for for defensive rookie of the year , my highest rated defensive player in this draft , and the #8 overall player. Playing across from Josh Allen will only make both of them better , and GOD help the poor QB's in their way.

19.RAMS - BYRON MURPHY - DT - TEXAS - 6"1" , 297


Last year was supposed to be the season where the Rams took all their cap hits from their previous ALL-IN years , and be bad. Not only did they get a Superbowl victory from those years , but Sean Mcvay & company found a way to be competitive with the least talented defense I can remember in 2023 anyway. This off season the Rams have a first round pick for the first time since Jared Goff was drafted #1 overall in 2016. They also have their 2nd , two 3rds , and 11 picks total. Last season with Cooper Kupp either injured , or playing hurt , he didn't look like his old dominant self for much of last season. Luckily 5th round draft steal Puka Nicua broke his streak of being injured like he was in college, and had maybe the greatest rookie season of any WR in history , but he still needs to clean up the drops. Then journeyman WR Demarcus Robinson broke out late in the year with 4 TD's in the last 5 regular season games to look like a capable # 3 WR. They re-signed Robinson before free agency even started , and 5 million was cheap for what he did last season. The Rams already did the smartest thing they could do before free agency started by resigning stud guard Kevin Dotson , who was coming off a career year , and he thrived in the rams scheme. So now the Rams finally have real salary cap space ( 52 million ), and have paid the price for their previous ALL IN ways. So they also have real draft pick capitol. Basically if Stafford is healthy they could make another run at a Super Bowl in 2024.  This roster looks good on offense except for maybe the O-Line , but it was improved last year already with the additions of Dotson , and 2nd rounder Steve Avila. On defense they need some help in most places , but a LOT of help is needed in the secondary. Their 2023 defense played a lot of 2 deep zone trying to prevent the big pass , and hope offenses make their own mistakes , but former DC Raheem Morris is now the head coach of the Falcons. New DC Chris Shula has never been in charge at the Pro level so its a mystery what he might do other than it should be a base 3-4 scheme. So basically as long as Stafford & Mcvay are sticking around for a few years this team is still in a championship window. 3 time defensive player of the year & future HOFer Aaron Donald retired , and he was still one of the best players in the league. So props to him for going out on top , but he will be missed. Not only by the Rams ,  but by all of us who just love football.  Although signing Jimmy Garopolo to be Stafford's backup is a perfect fit , because he has already taken a team to the Superbowl in this offense , and he can keep them competitive for a few games if Stafford is out for a stretch. Yet Jimmy G will be suspended for the first 2 games for violating the PED rules.  On offense left tackle is the biggest need , but on defense they could just take the best player available. The potential free agents they might have wanted to bring back are CB Ahkello Witherspoon , or one of their centers in Brian Allen & Coleman Shelton. Allen got hurt and hasn't lived up tis contract so he was cut for cap space. Shelton played well in the running game , but was a liability as a pass blocker , but he signed with the Bears. They probably will just move 2023 second rounder Steve Avila to center full time. If the right OT falls to #19 they might go there , but they need someone who can capably take some of Aaron Donald's snaps. So I believe either Byron Murphy or Jer'zahn Newton is the pick now. I have Newton higher on my board,  but his injury has prevented him from working out and showing off his skills , so I am going with Murphy here. Murphy is a short , stocky , rocked up,  explosive DT who is very strong for his size. I was late to the party on him,  but he realty stuck out when I was watching T'vondre Sweat film. He looks so tiny next to Sweat I thought he was even more undersized than he is. So I made a note to watch him later because I was expecting a guy more like former Eagle Mike Patterson. While Patterson was a good player I have always thought he was over drafted at the bottom of the first round, and was more of a steady role player instead of the potential franchise DT Murphy could end up being. Murphy's height gives him natural leverage, but some times he plays so low it looked he had one knee on the ground. He has just average length for the inside, but he held up pretty well against double teams in college, although I think it won't go as well for him in the NFL in that regard. Plus even though he can stack a guy early against the run he doesn't always shed quickly , and a lack of a consistent counter can cause him to stall out if he doesn't win early. Yet he can stand up a O-Lineman off the snap , and hold his ground one on one against most interior players. He even played a lot of nose tackle at Texas, but I wouldn't throw him in there in the NFL unless it was a passing down , or a shaded nose gap shoot.  Great motor too , and he can move and chase all along the line of scrimmage.  Both Murphy & T'vondre Sweat benefitted so much playing next to each other , because they each got to see a less double teams than they should have, and also less focus from offensive game plans with 2 studs inside. Ideally Murphy will primarily be a 3 technique in The NFL. Byron has a twitchy get off , quick violent hands and nifty feet to penetrate &  beat blockers right off the snap , and you rarely see a O-Lineman get a clean grip on him early. He is a penetrator, and he is at his best & counters better when coming forward, but he could play some 3-4 end too.  Murphy is a high floor productive 3 year player who earned more playing time every year, and he got better every season. However there was a heavy deep rotation at Texas , so he will be playing a lot more snaps in the NFL , so he could be worn down quicker. I ended up giving him a solid 1rst round grade. He is my #2 interior D-Lineman , and the #17 overall player on my board. 



The Steelers remain in contention year after year , even when they don't have a good roster for one reason - MIKE TOMLIN. He is clearly not only one of the best coaches in the league now , but I believe one of the greatest coaches EVER.  To keep at 500 or above for 17 seasons , even with subpar QB play is legendary. Bill Belichick had 7 losing seasons , Andy Reid 3 , Tom Landry 8, and Don Shula 2.  So whenever I hear whispers of the Steelers thinking about moving on from Tomlin it just reminds me of something I read in a book about 30 years ago , and this truism stands true throughout time. " The wizards first rule is people are stupid' . People often believe things because they are afraid they are true, want it to be true ,  or are looking to place blame on someone else. Or they actually lack intelligence , and believe they should go along with whatever other people the dummy's think are really intelligent are saying.  Now that doesn't make Tomlin perfect , and I am sure he would tell you the same thing. Do I wish he was a little more offensively adventurous at times? Yes I do. New OC Arthur Smith won't help with that much either , but it should improve their efficiency at running the ball. However, its easier to take more chances when you have a good QB. Well now they have Russell Wilson , who can make big plays , and doesn't turn the ball over much.  Sounds like a recipe for a Superbowl contender under a defensive head coach like Tomlin. Plus they are getting Russ on the cheap thanks to the Broncos mistake, although Russell did get a little full of himself in the one year he played under Paul Hackett , so he isn't blameless. It's just Sean Payton putting all the blame on Wilson after a season of having average at best average offensive weapons ,  while everyone learns a different offense , in the 2nd season in a row without a first round draft pick , on a team with salary cap problems , in a season where the team had a lot of injuries is ludicrous. Butt hurt veteran backups Mason Rudolph & Mitch Trubisky signed elsewhere , but that's no big loss. 2022 first rounder Pickett throwing a hissy fit once Wilson signed was a surprise. Pickett hadn't played well enough to even beat out long time backup QB Rudolph  , and they were media reports he refused to dress as a backup for their week 17 game. Also he had a workout scheduled with Steelers receivers that he blew off when they signed Wilson. Don't get me wrong I would have gotten rid of him too, but they got almost nothing for him. Then again the day after trading Pickett they traded for Justin Fields , and they got him for almost nothing too. So in my opinion the Steelers have not only gotten a huge up grade at starting QB , but even a small upgrade at backup QB too , and you could use Fields to do some Taysom Hill type  stuff if you wished to. I don't like trading away #1 WR in 27 year old Deonte Johnson , who can flat out separate. I was surprised when I saw how little they got for him too. When all it cost you for him is a CB ( Donte Jackson ) that Carolina were going to cut , and a swap of late round picks you lost the deal. This is one of the few areas that I don't like about Tomlin. He is actually right to not want players who don't want to be there , but saying so in the media lowers their trade value , because other teams know you need to get rid of the player now.  Jackson is fast enough to run with anyone though , and he is a upgrade over what they had at one of there CB spots last season. So maybe I am being to hard on the Steelers here. Plus the Steelers excel at drafting WR's outside the first round. I still think Pittsburgh needs to draft another corner.  I like the signing of new safety Deshon Elliott , but they need stud safety Minkah Fitzpatrick to be healthy as well. Bringing in new LB Patrick Queen from rival Baltimore is a upgrade , but it does bare mentioning that Queen was a bust until the Ravens brought in Roquan Smith to play next to him , and the Ravens didn't pick up Queen's 5th year option.  All purpose ace return man Cordarelle Patterson could be even more valuable with the new kick off rules. In addition to WR the Steelers also need a center , a RT , and another interior D-Lineman. The interior O-Line is most important though.  Jackson is only a one year starter at center for Oregon, but it was a year with great tape. He's a big powerful brawling dude who's head is always on a swivel in pass pro, you see him pointing out the MIKE backer pre-snap. He has good awareness always looking to help out when uncovered , and he keeps an eye out for blitzers. I can't remember the last time I saw a college center who is this good in pass protection. Jackson has s wide based anchor like a pillar of iron , and his punch looks nasty.  In the run game he has initial knockback power in his hands, but is usually too high off the snap , and he doesn't always latch on after that first pop. Despite that he can give you some push off the ball, but he is especially adept at turning his man out of the hole. He doesn't look that quick, and I was surprised by how well such a big guy played on the move. He was even effective on a lot of his reach blocks.  He sustains better laterally than straight up , but that may just be because he has average arm length for a center. Even though he has a few starts at guard in his past its this years center tape where he broke out in a huge way , and I would leave him at the pivot. On combo blocks he usually ends up being the guy coming off to the 2nd level because his initial pop jolts the guy over , and he has some great decletes down the field, but his timing & quickness getting to the right spot are still a work in progress. Hands aren't always inside , and that's partly because he strikes guys on initial contact instead of regularly fitting & latching. He's not a dirty player by any means but he bullies defenders by displacing them from a gap and keeps  getting after them through the echo of the whistle. Powers-Jonson was also the best O-Lineman at the Senior Bowl. He didn't run at the combine because of a hamstring injury, but did some drills and looked good. Jackson is a mean tone setter that would make any O-line better , and everyone should want him on their team. He is also my clear #1 center, and this is a good center class. Plus he's a solid first rounder, and the #18 overall player on my board. JPJ is a perfect fit for Pittsburgh , and I will always have them drafting him in any mock where he is still available. 

21.MIAMI - AMARIUS MIMS ** -  OT - GEORGIA - 6"8" , 340


The Fins are one of the teams that were ALL-IN last season, but even after the big salary cap increase per team they were still close to 25 million over the cap when free agency opened. So they cut former ALL PRO CB Xavien Howard , and former pro Bowl edge rusher Emmanuel Ogbah , although both were coming off down seasons. Although that creates a lot of dead cap space , and that bill will come due eventually. Tua is playing on his 5th year option right now, and giving him a extension would create some space , but he has only been healthy for one year. Key free agents were stud center Connor Williams , but he is coming off a torn ACL in December , and breakout edge rusher Andrew Van Ginkel who already signed with the Vikings. They signed athletic smaller center Aaron Brewer , but his anchor in pass pro is a worry. Often injured LT Terron Armstead was considering retirement , but he is coming back on a restructured deal. They lost stud DT Christin Wilkins to a big money deal with the Raiders. Then they overpaid LB Jordyn Brooks. The 9 million they gave Shaq Barrett is risky because of his injury history. The one signing I do like is CB Kendall Fuller.  So right now their main needs are OT , DT , guard, edge rusher, and off the ball LB . They did sign a pass catching TE in Jonnu Smith to go with Durham Smythe , who is more of a blocker. They had to re-sign Raheem Mostert after the huge season he just had  , and they got him cheap because last season was the first time Mostert was healthy enough to get over 225 touches. So TE is a lesser need unless something ridiculous like Brock Bowers falling to them happens. This team has a lot of needs , cap problems , and doesn't have 3rd or 4th round pick. So I think they should trade back if they can , but if the right O-Lineman is available they might not. I just think it will be much harder for Miami to be a Supebowl contender in 2024. The potential left tackles here Amarius Mims ,or Tyler Guyton. I am giving them Mims because his tape is better , and he has at least practiced at left tackle. This humongous Right tackle only had 2 starts on his resume entering the 2023 season , but they were both playoff games ,and he played well as the Dawgs won another National Championship in 2022. He especially kicked ass against Ohio ST. Amarius hurt his ankle in week 4 this season , had surgery , and missed 6 weeks. Came back and looked good for a few games , but hurt his ankle again in the SEC Championship Game this year. He is the most put together 340 man I have ever seen. I  remember going to Oxnard 8 or 9 years ago with my little brother ( he's a Dallas fan ) to watch Cowboys training camp. The most shocking sight was seeing Tyron Smith in a cut off tee , because he looked ripped. Smith actually looked more like a 6"5" 315 pound TE instead of a O-Lineman. Mims has a similar look , although he is more lean & isn't as strong as Smith was in his prime , but he still has good power. However ,  a guy who looks like a 6"8" 340 pound TE is more like somebody you would expect to see wrestling The Rock on TV. Also has 36 + inch arms , and ran the forty in 5.07 at that size. Ridiculous!  The talent is undeniable , and the tape has some impressive reps , but he has so few starts that I'm not comfortable giving him a first round grade , and I wish he had gone back to school to show that he can stay healthy. Right now he is better as a pass blocker, because he utilizes his length better there. He actually plays lower in pass pro than most tall OT's , and uses his hands well enough to keep rushers at bay , but he lacks a consistent fluid kick step & hard punch . Yet he is so long & wide that it's hard to get around him , and with improved consistency & technique he could be awesome.  I wish Mims had more than flashes of aggression. Unlike a lot of other Mauler type O-Lineman in this draft he seems content to get a push , or wall off instead of burying his man all the time , but he is still clearly winning the overwhelming majority of his snaps. He moves much quicker coming forward , and does generally win the initial leverage battle , but I kept expecting tons of pancakes. Although he does pull well to the outside. So while he is a solid enough run blocker , he doesn't look confident or committed to doing damage down the field. A guy with the size & athleticism of Mims should be a Hunter/Killer at the second level. Mims is a mammoth physical specimen with some good tape , but only 8 total starts , and all of them were at right tackle. If he had been healthy all year I think he would have been the 2nd OT off the board , and probably would have gone in the top 10. I still wish Mims had went back to school , got more experience , and played the blindside for a year. Right now he just needs playing time to polish & increase his awareness , and college would be a better place to learn than the NFL. I doubt he gets out of the top 20 because of his tools & traits , and the desperate need for better O-Lineman in the NFL. If he isn't injury prone long term I expect him to a good long term player , but on the job training in the NFL can be painful at first , and that's both for Mims & the guys he's protecting if he doesn't take to the left side early. 



In my opinion The Eagles had the deepest most talented roster in the league last season , but a lot of their older players declined some , got hurt , or both. Combine that with Jalen Hurts taking a small step back with former OC Shane Steichen now coaching the Colts, Hurts having a officially unreported nagging knee injury , and some weird internal problems ended with the eagles imploding late in the season.  Now they have lost future HOFamers Jason Kelce & Fletcher Cox to retirement , but were able to bring back mainstay edge rusher Brandon Graham for a 15th season. Then they used their newly acquired cap space to get a huge upgrade by signing Saquon Barkley to be the primary RB. At center they already drafted 2 centers in Landon Dickerson & Cam Jurgens , and they ended up as the starting guards last season , but Jurgens actually has a similar athletic profile to Kelce's. Dickerson just got a big contract extension too. Don't forget the extension for ace kicker Jake Elliott, which locks him up for 4 years , and gives them more cap room this season. They extended Devonta Smith early too, and that's smart because once Chase & Lamb sign WR salaries will be going straight up on the whole.The Birds also signed breakout edge rusher Bryce Huff away from the Jets. Then just to top it off they brought back junkyard dog king of crap talking safety/ slot corner Chauncey Gardner-Johnson , after a injury wrecked season in Detroit. They also signed former 1rst rounder Devante Parker who doesn't separate much , but he can win contested catches , and at this stage of his career he might be able to challenge for the 3rd WR at best. Athletic LB Devin White comes in from Tampa Bay , but in all areas except blitzing the former #5 overall pick has been a bust so far.  I really like getting young former Steelers starter Kenny Pickett for almost nothing to backup Jalen Hurts , but why would he want out of Pittsburgh to come to Philly? Hurst is younger than him , is firmly entranced as the starter , and has a big long term contract. Russell Wilson is 36 , and on a one year deal for the veteran minimum. Just seems stupid & petulant to demand a trade after Wilson signed , and go a team where his future opportunities are limited. Kids these days , but its great for Eagles fans. Then Howie traded Hassan Reddick to the Jets for a 3rd rounder, and they are supposedly going to extend his contract. That's sad for the Jets because they could have just extended the younger Bryce Huff , and saved that 3rd rounder , but the Jets don't have the eagles General Manager. So basically GM Howie Roseman is killing it again. Dude just rolls with the punches , then takes lemons and makes lemonade year after year. The secondary is where they still need the most immediate help right now, and I mean both corner & safety. Getting a heir apparent to another future HOFer in RT Lane Johnson could be addressed as well. Another lesser immediate need, but still potentially important need is a better 3rd WR , because if Brown or Smith get hurt the healthy one will be seeing constant double teams. The Eagles have a extra 2nd rounder as well , and there is no GM more skillfully aggressive at trading on draft day than Howey. So if a good player falls don't be surprised if Roseman goes and gets him , as he did last year with Jalen Carter. After last years late season collapse I think its good that the Eagles are getting younger. They should be one of the favorites in the NFC in my book. Arnold is a 2 year starter from the Alabama DB factory that has put so many well coached guys into the NFL. Prior to the 2023 season teammate Koolaid Mckinstry looked like the much better prospect to me , but this year Arnold had a little better campaign, even though he isn't quite as technically polished. He's a physical press corner that can play inside or out , but I prefer him outside , and the sooner he gets his hands on the WR the better. I think he's a little better in zone than he is at man , because he has the occasional really bad rep in off man where he gets turned around. He's feisty at the catch point , gets his hands on the ball plenty , and he mans up in run support. Can get caught peeking , and slow down some , but he has the burst to get to the ball as soon as he sees it. I was surprised he ran just a solid 4.5 flat forty at the combine because he looks faster on tape.  Down the field Arnold doesn't always get his head around, or time his jumps & swipes at the ball , and he can panic & get grabby. While he still needs some technical work , and work on his football IQ I love his gritty competitive demeanor & all out playing style. I ended up making him my #2 CB, but its by a thin margin, and he ended up with a solid first round grade as the #15 on my board.

23.CHARGERS-(min,clev)-JER'ZHAN NEWTON -DT- ILLINOIS- 6"2" , 304


The Chargers have so many needs , but Harbaugh probably prefers to build up both front lines first. They already got their RT at pick #11 , but they don't currently have any interior D-Lineman that scares anyone unless they plan on Bosa or Tuipulotu playing some snaps at the 5 technique. Luckily my #1 DT in the draft is still available. Jerzahn Newton has fast hands , and so many ways to beat blockers. The only reason he is available here is a injury that prevented him from working out at the combine. Since all indications are that he will be fully healthy by training camp I see this a huge steal. Newton was my #1 DT coming into the season, and even though stopping him was the main focus of offensive game plans he still had a great season, and ended up my #1 guy again. Newton even won the Big 10 defensive player of the year award while playing a ton of snaps. He underwent surgery for a Jones fracture on a toe after the season , and wasn't yet ready for a full workout at the combine. I may be in the minority with so much love being thrown at Byron Murphy being the consensus #1 three technique , but I like Newton more , although I have a 1rst round grade on both guys . He has so many different ways of beating blocks , and there were so many times blockers got away with holding him in college , that its hard for me to see a way where he isn't a regular Pro Bowl guy. He moves all over up & down the line of scrimmage , chases hard, shows up nifty feet , and has a great motor. When he fires out low he can penetrate quickly , but there are too many times he stands up to hand fight right off the snap , and even though he usually is able to slap aside a O-Lineman it keeps him from moving forward. Plus when he loses early it allows the blocker to get underneath him , and start pushing him back against the run them making him shed too late. He looks a bit undersized on tape , and even though he measured in at 6"2" 304 at the combine I would guess that he played at around 290 during the season. He is a A+ hand fighter with a definite thought out plan as a pass rusher , multiple plus pass rush moves , and the best counters of any interior defender in the draft. That skill hand fighting helps alleviate his lack of arm length. I would like to see him bull rush more , and strike defenders early instead of looking to repeatedly defeat them with craftiness. In a defense that allowed him to just come forward more I think he would be even more disruptive in the backfield than he already is, and that's saying something. He can hold his ground early one on one when he is low, and even split some double teams , but in a read react scheme he would be wasted. Johnny is my #1 three tech , #2 five technique , #1 of all interior defensive players, and # 4 overall defensive player in the draft at #14 on my final board. He was just so productive the last 2 seasons that it really bothers me that some people seem to be sleeping on him. Yet I still think he will go after Murphy , and he could fall to the bottom of the first round because of his inability to workout in the pre-draft process. For the record I think he would have kicked ass at the combine.  



The Cowboys didn't play up to their talent in the post season again , and of course Jerry Jones still claims they are ALL IN. That's a bald faced lie, because if that were true they would have signed some free agents on day one , or at least day 2 of free agency. If you have ever played in a salary cap fantasy football league then you know what a stars & scrubs roster is.  Dallas isn't quite that far gone , but they do have a lot of expensive star players on big contracts , and now "Jerrah"  might actually be crazy enough to make all 3 of Dak , Lamb , and Parsons the highest paid players in the league at their positions over the next year or 2. Neither Dak or Parsons have the production to justify those deals , although Parsons has the upside to be close. In real football that stars & scrubs philosophy can only work if you make good draft picks with cheap salaries every off season, and this year not one of the Cowboys eight 2023 draft picks played even a slightly significant role for the team. Undrafted free agent TJ Bass probably did the most for them while filling in for injured starters for the majority of 4 games , but none of their picks in the first 3 rounds played much or well.  1rst round Nose Tackle Mazi Smith was terrible. Smith still hasn't learned to get off the ball on time , couldn't even clog up the lanes to stop the run as the 2 down player they drafted him to be at minimum , and inexplicably lost about 20-25 pounds allowing him to get pushed around regularly. 2nd round TE Luke Schoonmaker wasn't the blocker they hoped for either , and he also dropped a lot of the few passes thrown his way. At least 3rd round LB Demarvion Overshown has a good reason for not contributing. He had a great camp then tore his ACL, and missed the whole season. 4th round DE/DT Viliami Fehoko couldn't crack the game day roster. Then he hurt his knee before going on IR , then was designated to return , but never did play. That's a shit show of a draft. Now maybe some of their 2023 rookies take a step forward in 2024 ,  and become actual contributors this season. Logically at least 2 or 3 should , but so far their 2023 draft is legendarily bad. The last time I saw a draft this bad was also Dallas. It was in 2009 when they kept trading back ,and passing on good players. None of that 2009 class became starters , and only Edge Victor Butler & backup TE John Phillips ever saw any decent rotational snaps with the first team. Also , if Dallas was ALL In they would have kept Tyron Smith who just had his best season in about 5 years, but at this point I wouldn't give him a contract that wasn't based on playing time anyway. It looks like the Jets , who actually signed him to a incentive laden deal , didn't either. So maybe Tyrons just tired of Jones , or losing in the playoffs. Now they have restructured Zack Martin's contract to free up salary cap space , even though he held them up for a pay raise in camp last year , when he is clearly on the decline. Martin is a HOFamer , and still a good player , but he wasn't even the best guard on the team last season because Tyler Smith was better. If Dak tries to become one the highest paid QB's after his repeated playoff failures , including 2 picks in the embarrassing ass kicking that Green Bay gave then IN DALLAS he's a jackass. Jordan Love clearly outplayed him in that game. To me Dak has proven that he is not the team first guy he claims to be. Kirk Cousins was having a better season than Dak when he got hurt , has had a a very similar career path , and if Dak gets paid more than him Jerry Jones has lost it. Neither QB has done much in the post season , but Dak has had better teams than Cousins in their respective playoff games. In 3 of the 5 regular season losses Dallas had in 2023  Prescott was clearly out played by the opposing QB , including journeyman Joshua Dobbs in a game where my little brother  ( Cowboys fan) lost his voice from screaming at the TV. I write this lengthy detailed cowboys preview for him every year.  Since I watch all of their games with him , and we have even went to watch their spring training for a couple of days in Oxnard , I am very aware of their team. Stats don't mean squat if you can't do it when it counts most Dak. He and Tony Romo both just failed too often in the biggest games. Meanwhile Danny White is a forgotten man who doesn't have their regular season stats , but at least he got them to the NFC Championship - 3 STRAIGHT TIMES! However , without re-doing Dak's deal they won't be able to sign almost anyone, unless they want to restructure a bunch of other deals , and Dak holding out for top dollar proves he doesn't put winning first. Even if Dak re-signs in a few weeks ALL IN would be laughable because the overwhelming majority of the good free agents would be gone. They have to nail this draft , and have 2 or 3 guys from last year step into big productive roles , to be anything remotely resembling a Superbowl contender in 2024. I think it more likely that Dallas have missed their window , but Jerry Jones is too old to admit it , and re-load/re-build. My brother would rather re-load/re-build than give into Dak's silly demands , and look for a new QB next season, or even hope that Trey Lance has finally figured it out. Dak is reportedly asking for 60 million a year. Ridiculous! Only QB's like Brady & Mahomes deserve that kind of cash , because they can drag a roster with holes in it to a Lombari Trophy. Dak has definitely has had the leagues most talented roster twice , and couldn't even get to the NFC Championship. Of course neither Brady or Mahomes tries to squeeze every last dollar from their teams  , because they are real team first leaders , and winning is more important to them than cash. Guys like Cousins and Dak might somehow win it all someday , but if they do it will be a lot harder because their priorities are skewed. Just Like " JERRAH". It is more important to Jones that he wins his way , and that he gets the credit , than winning is.  Dallas has already lost RB Tony Pollard to the Titans, and center Tyler Biadasz & rotational edge rusher Dorrance Armstrong to the Commanders. Pollard doesn't fit the power running style McCarthy wants anyway, and Biadasz's inability to either get a consistent push , or get up the field made that worse.  What did Dallas do in retaliation to these FA losses when free agency opened? They resigned their young cheap long snapper. Since I haven't seen any reason that they can count on Mazi Smith , despite his physical gifts , they need a real veteran NT to occupy blockers. Not old out of shape Jonathan Hankins either , because just being better than Mazi was last year means very little if you have eyes , and he signed with Seattle anyway. DJ reader was still out there early, and if his quad is healthy he is a massive upgrade , but the Lions were smart enough to snatch him up. Teair Tart might have been had cheaply too, but since his football character questions have been widely reported , who knows? He signed with Miami anyway. Future HOFame LB Bobby Wagner is still really good , and could have filled their QB of the defense linebacker need , but he also went to Washington. Former rotational DT Neville Gallimore signed with the Dolphins as well.  At least on day 3 of free agency they finally brought in savvy veteran LB Eric Kendricks , who is coming off a good season for the Chargers , but he may lack the size they need in the middle. Long term king sized LB Leighton Vander Esch got injured again last season , and was finally let go as well. Thank God he is retiring anyway , because I can't believe he played this long with repeated neck injuries. There is still a few older serviceable OT's , and interior O-Lineman available in free agency , but until they get some cap space its irrelevant. Maybe former Cowboy guard Connor Williams could come back later, and play center this time like he did for Miami, but his injury is the question there. That's all their big needs, and even if they draft one of each they need to cover their asses with some vets. In the draft they need a center for sure , and there are 3 of them possibly worth pick 24 in Jackson Powers-Johnson , Graham Barton, and Zack Frazier. I doubt JPJ makes it to them though , but he would be ideal for Mccarthy's offense. The only OT's possibly worth pick # 24 who might fall to them are 2 physical specimens that are unproven for a 1rst rounder, but both have the mean streak I love. 1. Amarius Mims - Unproven due to injury ( 8 total starts at Georgia and all at RT ) . Truly massive filled out frame with GODZILLA strength , and a ridiculous upside. Some dominant tape at times. I don't know if he can play on the left side , but he has at  least practiced there. If he was healthy all year I actually believe he would be OT #2 , and go in the top 10 of this draft. 2. Tyler Guyton - Super athletic & talented with a big upside , but unproven due to inexperience & bad technique. Guyton's tape isn't as good as Mims, especially in the run game , but you could see him starting to figure out how to use his tools better at The Senior Bowl. Only 14 starts , and all at RT. Guyton is less experienced on offense because he didn't play O-line in high school , and his technique is still raw & inconsistent. Although he definitely has the feet , twitch , and length to flip to the left side. If neither player is there , or they don't want one of these 2 guys they should just take the best interior O-Lineman available , and kick Tyler Smith back out to LT. Too be fair the OT class is great at the top, but it isn't that safe after the top 4 to me , at least in players I think can start outside in year one. Of those 6 that I think will stick at tackle , only 3 played the left side last season, and some teams like half of them at guard. Personally I think 7 or 8 OT's might go in the first round anyway , and as many as 11 eleven total offensive lineman could be off the board on day one, but I think there are just 8 worth a top 32 pick. Basically unless they ink a contract with a sure fire good veteran starter before the draft this team better take one of the 8 I think might be worth the 24th pick or Jerry Jones will look senile. They need a RB too , and there are still a lot talented veteran RB's that can be had relatively cheaply. I would sign one & draft one now , but one of them needs to be a thumper who breaks tackles. Maybe even Zeke Elliott if he can be supportive of their young rookie RB taken in this draft. They did re-sign Rico Dowdle who was solid as their number 2 RB last season, but he has always had injury problems in the NFL , and I doubt Dallas sees him as more than a backup.  This teams needs size & power on the interior of both lines , and a RB that can wear down defenses. Unless they bring back Stephon Gilmore they will need another CB too. They did re-sign veteran CB Jourdan Lewis , but its not like he was in high demand , and he only ended up the #3 corner last season because Diggs got hurt.  In addition I'm glad they finally let the ghost of Michel Gallup move on as well , because no one was going to trade for his contract after how he looked last season , although he woke up some in their playoff game. So WR is also a lesser need , but at least Jalen Tolbert made strides last season , and young Jalen Brooks also earned some playing time. In addition speedy return man Kavontae Turpin earned some more snaps with the offense as well. Guyton or Barton are the logical picks in this situation , but I am giving them the high upside athletic OT , because right tackle Terrence Steele looked bad last year too. Although Steele was coming off injury and maybe he will return to form after more time being healthy. Guyton is a raw toolsy athletic OT , but you can tell that he is just getting by on raw talent , and flashes of aggression right now instead of technique. He is a former TE/H-Back who started out at TCU , but he transferred to Oklahoma to play tackle the last 2 years. He only has 14 starts , and all but one of them was at RT , but that was the QB's blindside for the Sooners because of lefty QB Dillon Gabriel. First off he is almost always too high off the snap , even in the run game , and you see him having to adjust & re-anchor before he can get a push. That's a common problem for taller OT's ( He's 6"8" ) , but he can work on his knee bend. Joe Alt & JC Latham really improved in this area between 2022 & 2023. Of course if the Sooner OT's weren't always in a 2 point stance , even when the interior guys are in a 3 point stance , maybe Guyton could get a lower start to win the leverage battle more. If he plays that high against a Cam Jordan bull rush he will be in the QB'S lap real quick , and Jordan is just one of many great bull rushers in the NFL. Tyler's hands are all over the place , and his arms are usually too wide , but he has a mean punch when it lands. It's almost like he's doing fly's , but instead of his hands meeting high in the middle over his chest to finish the rep they just clap the outside of the defenders shoulder pads. Tyler blatantly holds a LOT , and I kept expecting more flags. Not just grabbing outside , but literally grabbing behind the shoulder & latching on. Even grabbing a guys arm and pulling him down occasionally. That's ironic because one of my complaints about him is that he does a lot of pushing & shoving like a 1rst grade kid who doesn't know how to fight yet  , and doesn't latch on inside. Plus he gets caught leaning too far forward , and is vulnerable to push/pulls getting shucked like a ear of corn. In addition he is often wearing white gloves and grabbing behind the shoulder pads of a guy wearing a solid darker colored uniform , but the referees fail to see it.  So I gotta ask " Where are all the flags ref? ". Basically in pass pro he needs to learn how to keep his hands inside , latch on & extend using his length, or just keep punching to sustain blocks.  He does have a surprisingly solid anchor against college guys on contact most of the time, and that's even when moving laterally. Guyton definitely has the feet & quickness to survive outside , but lacks consistent pass sets right now. He does a good job protecting the inside , but can be a tick too slow on stunts , twists , and blitzes outside. So awareness is also a problem .  I expected a guy this athletic to be an ace down the field in the run game , but he looks confused & almost tentative about who he's supposed to be hitting too often , and just doesn't even touch a defender at the 2nd level way more than he should. Even when he does block a guy on the second level he usually just gives him a shove , and that's it. On the bright side he looked improved in all areas at the Senior Bowl. He was probably working with a personal coach in the nearly 3 months time between the Sooners last game and his week in Mobile. He has the right tools , traits , athleticism , and his temperament looked more consistently hot in Mobile. This kind of tools & traits is rare enough that its hard for me too see him getting out of the top 32.  I believe he just needs to play more & be coachable to be a good NFL starter. I'm just not sure that will work out well if he is starting as a rookie. 



I can't believe I'm saying this , but during the last third of the season , and especially during the playoff game against Dallas,  Jordan Love looked like a young Aaron Rodgers. Although Frisco's defense brought him back down to earth some. Up until the latter part of the season he had been a erratic inconsistent young QB in my eyes , and I was wondering if the packers might draft a QB in the 1rst round this season. Instead he was making perfect bucket throws off platform right over the outstretched hands of the Dallas turnover causing attacking defense. Making the right reads , and even when Dallas had a good defensive call in against the Packs offensive call he was just beating them time after time. The final score of that game was 48-32 , but trust me it wasn't that close. They beat the crap out of a very talented team , and made league TD pass leader & MVP runner up Dak Prescott look straight bad. Also , just on the outside chance that you didn't know the Packers are the youngest team in the league , and that should scare the rest of the NFL. 2024 will be the last season that Love has a cheap contract , and while the Packers are only were about 11 million under the cap if they were willing to go ALL IN during free agency , and drafted well they could be the best team in the NFC. Personally I doubt they will do so , but you never know. Once great LT David Bakhtiari was released because his knee hasn't responded well since he hurt it.  He has had multiple surgeries on it over the last 3 years, has only played in 13 games over that time , and had a 40 million cap hit they can cut in half by dumping him. On the bright side former 7th rounder Rasheed Walker actually played OK on the blindside last year , but I still think they might take a OT in the first round. On the downside it would suck for the Packs front office ( not to mention be ironically hilarious ) if Bakhtiari signed with the Jets , and was actually healthy again while keeping Aaron Rodgers upright. Longtime explosive RB Aaron Jones was let go as well. The Packers needed safety help at both spots, off the ball LB help , interior O-Line help ,  and for one of their young WR's to become the definitive #1 guy. In addition to Bakhtiari/Jones cuts they already cut a good LB in Dvondre Campbell , but it does create about 10.5 million in cap space. It's ironic that Campbell was cut because they had him playing hurt , and covering WR's while injured against the 49ers in the divisional playoff loss , but their blaming him for not getting it done in that messed up scenario is silly? Plus a possible left tackle & maybe a corner to replace the , traded before their late season run kicked in , Rasul Douglas as well. After cutting those once key players they have the cash to fill some of those holes in free agency. Combine that with a good draft this year, some players already on the roster taking a step forward , and good health makes it doable. I had read that they wanted to bring back injury prone free agent safety Darnell Savage  , but I wouldn't have payed a lot for a guy who plays so inconsistently & passively as a tackler instead of like a SAVAGE to be my last line of defense. Although I would bring the other safety Rudy Ford back if he isn't too expensive , because he is solid in the box. Slot corner & returner Keisean Nixon , was brought back as well. They used some of their cap savings to sign a much better safety in Xavier Mckinney. Plus they replaced Aaron Jones with the younger less injury prone Josh Jacobs with basically a one year deal that has 3 options on it if Jacobs plays well , but I could still see them drafting another RB to pair with him. I'm giving them a corner. Koolaid is one of the rare DB's to start at as a true freshman for Nick Saban , and history has taught us that those guys generally have good NFL careers. Plus he improved all 3 years at Bama. He is so smart & polished in press coverage , but the foot injury discovered at the combine won't alleviate questions about his long speed , although he did run in the mid to late 4.4's at his Pro Day. Has good size and plus length to press & disrupt receivers. He is smooth and in phase, and he has a good short area burst to the ball , but he too often gets grabby when the receiver is coming out of the break.  Koolaid doesn't make quite as many plays on the ball for a guy who is often so close to the ball at the catch point. Most of time he looks confident & aggressive enough in coverage  , but there are others where he just seems too chill. This laid back attitude shows up way more in run support where he seems to be a pile inspector at times , but is more aggressive coming up on screens , and tackling receivers. Also a good punt returner. He is my 4th CB , has a low first round grade , and is the 22nd player on my overall board.  

26.TAMPA BAY - GRAHAM BARTON - OL - DUKE - 6"5" , 313


The Bucs had a resurgence last season ,and it was mostly due to the emergence of Baker Mayfield. However QB guru Dave Canales is now gone to Carolina to be the head coach. However, Mayfield's emergence actually started in 2022 with the Rams under new OC Liam Cohen, so there is hope he will maintain the level of play he had in 2023. Speaking of Baker he got a new 3 year deal at a bargain price if he plays as well as he did last season. Franchise icon and future HOFer Mike Evans was resigned too. Another ALL-TIME Buc LB Lavonte Davis was also resigned for his 13th season. Tampa has very little cap space after resigning Mayfield , Evans , and David so they weren't expected to be very active in free agency , and they haven't been. DT Greg Gaines was also re-signed on a one year deal. They started out well by bringing safety Jordan Whitehead back. Often injured edge rusher Shaq Barrett was let go, and CB Carlton Davis was traded to the Lions for a 3rd. Tampa needs interior O-Line very badly. Their center , and maybe even one of their guards should be replaced this season. Edge rusher & corner are also big needs , but I'm going with a interior O-Lineman. Barton is a 3 year starter at LT who plays a intense angry brand of footfall, but he is too often out of control as a OT , and ends up on the ground a lot. The only time a O-lineman should end up on the ground (unless he gets rolled up from behind )  is if he just pancaked a guy , although Barton does have a above average amount of pancakes. He gets after guys in the run game exploding off the ball with decent leverage as a run blocker ,   but his hands occasionally get off target , he grabs a little too far outside , and he even seems to be angrily stumbling around at times. Dan Campbell would love him because sometimes it looks like he would be biting knee caps if he wasn't wearing a helmet. Love his grip strength , and when he locks on he can balance sink & anchor in pass pro against edge players, but he will need to get stronger & lower to play inside. He keeps driving his legs through the whistle as a run blocker , but he can take it too far at times. Graham starts out well on combo blocks , but he can get high coming off the switch , and take some poor angles down the field. He's a lot like a little lesser version of Troy Fautanu - All forward All the time in the run game. Except Barton is a little less controlled, not quite as strong or athletic , and he lacks the length to stay outside at OT. Although as a guard or center with less area to cover I think his aggressive brand of football could be harnessed to be a plus starter. Has just barely good enough feet & athleticism in pass pro for a tackle , and he does have a tendency to lunge forward off balance at times , but I think he will be good inside as a pass blocker with a little more time in the weight room . I love guys with a finishers mentality , and Barton has it in spades. I ended up giving Barton a low first round grade with a projected move inside, and I think he will be a long term above average starter in the NFL in that role , but his ability to play all 5 positions in a pinch could see him going even higher.  

27.ARIZONA-(hou)- JARED VERSE - DE/OLB - FLORIDA ST. - 6"4" , 254


The cards really need a potential #1 corner or edge rusher , and I have a higher grade on the edge rusher available. Verse spent his first 3 years in college at little old Albany before transferring to FSU before the 2022 season. He broke out that year and I expected him to enter that draft , but he Surprised me by going back to school because I thought he would have been a 1rst rounder in 2023. He might have even gone in the top 10. My guess is he wanted to get bigger , maybe win a National Championship , and improve his draft status. One out of 3 ain't bad I guess. He added the weight we all wanted , but at first it seemed to slow him , and rob him of some of his burst. Jared is explosive with some twitch, but isn't very bendy. As the season went along he adjusted to it and seemed like a bigger stronger version of 2023 self. His speed to power translates with knockback shock in hands on contact , and he can set the edge or shove blockers in the QB's lap. He sets a strong initial edge in the run game by playing low and fighting , but bigger bully OT's have too much weight for him , and will wear him down later in games. Verse ended up my #3 edge rusher , but he has a good upside & floor. Has a decent array of pass rush moves, but he could add more to take advantage of those heavy hands. Out off all of his best traits I love the motor & bull rush most of all. I have a low first round grade on him , but part of that is because he will be 24 as a rookie , and he may be close to his full potential. I doubt he will end up a star , but if you need a good above average starter that will play his heart out for you look no further. 



The Bills may have missed their window , but they are still trying to get that ring , although there will be some key players from the last few seasons  missing this year. On the bright side the offense did improve after Joe Brady took over as OC , and they started running the ball more. It's just that they have huge cap problems, and started releasing & restructuring long term players. Jordan Poyer has been a mainstay of their defense for 7 years , and he and Micah Hyde previously teamed to give the Bills 2 safeties that can play high or low to disguise coverages. While both are on the decline I was still sad to see the pair broken up. Tre'davious White I understand , because he has missed more games than he has played over the past 3 years , and 12 in the last season alone. He was once a great player though. All 3 have been to the Pro Bowl before. They resigned Taylor Rapp at safety , but he has never had the coverage chops of Hyde or Poyer.  Mitch Morse was just a average center at this point , and this is a good center class in the draft , so this cut to save money makes sense to me. They also got Von Miller to take a pay cut , but he can earn it all back with incentives if he plays well & stays healthy. Making Taron Johnson the leagues highest paid slot corner coming off a career year was also necessary. Then you have the mercurial Stefon Diggs who seemed unhappy last year because his numbers were considerably down in the 2nd half of the season. Diggs has a big salary , but they ran the ball a lot more late in the season , and winning should trump his numbers. Its just I'm not sure Diggs agrees . Plus Diggs did have a lot of drops in 2023. LB Tyrel Dodson shined after the Matt Milano injury , especially in coverage , and I think they should have resigned him. He went Seattle though. Josh Allen's contract had to be restructured if they can actually be ALL-IN his season. The Bills need WR help even if Diggs is on the team next season, because Gabe Davis was free agent. Since Davis never showed any consistency I doubted they would bring him back even if they can afford him , but he signed with the jags. Although they will definitely miss his blocking , physicality , and occasional explosive big plays. Leonard Floyd is also a departing free agent , and while he was a disappointment , he played a lot of snaps off the edge, Its a lesser need though. They signed Mitch Trubisky to be the backup QB , and don't have any other key free agents. The Bills wisely resigned long term LT Dion Dawkins. Backup G David Edwards , and Rotational D-lineman AJ Epenesa & NT Daquan Jones were brought back as well. They signed former Chargers backup center Will Clapp, who started 11 games in 2023 because of injuries to Corey Linsley , but he has proven to be more of a solid backup at this point. Center and WR are still their biggest needs in my opinion , and I don't know why they signed Curtis Samuel to a 3 year 30 million dollar deal , because they already have Khalil Shakur who does the exact same thing.  Big blocking 30 year old WR Mack Hollins was also brought in , and he can at least do some of the stuff Gabe Davis did, but his top receiving numbers then they traded away Stefon Diggs!  Plus the Bills are eating more than 30 million in dead money this season , are giving up a 6th this year , and a 5th next year. All they got back was a  2nd in 2025. Talk about teams going in different directions. The Bills seem to be going through a mini re-build , and The Texans are going for it all. Although it is a great WR class. So its possible that they take 2 over the entirety of the draft with their 11 total picks , but 7 of those picks are from the 5th round or later. Their are 3 centers in this draft with a chance to go in the first round, but only Graham Barton or Zach Frazier have a good chance to make it to pick 28 , but if Jackson Powers Johnson is there for some reason they should run to the podium. I just think they have to do WR now. AD transferred away from Georgia , and into Texas before last season, and it makes sense because the Longhorns throw the ball a lot more to their WR'S.  Mitchell has the potential to be a prototypical number one X WR , but the effort & results aren't consistently there on tape , although he did have a massive11 TD's on just 55 catches. You see the ability to sink & separate well for a taller guy , but again its not consistent. He's got long legs so he doesn't look like he's running as fast as he is , but that 4.34 forty at the combine shows up on tape sometimes. I don't know if he is just lazy or has a bad gas tank , but to me he doesn't look like he trying as hard as he can all the time.  He has the size , body control & hops to corral off target throws. which he does use to win sometimes ,  but he doesn't seem to have that intense my ball mentality that you see on badass contested catch guys. He should be a better more consistent blocker too , but again it doesn't seem to be a priority for him. You see him beating press off the line off scrimmage more with shiftiness & technique , but doesn't often play with the strength his size suggest , although he doesn't drop easy passes. Maybe he just plays hard when he wants to , or & down based on what he sees as tougher competition. Caught 2 bombs against Bama in 2023 , but also only had 3 catches in the game, and I believe he would be targeted more if he was balls out on every play. Lack of effort & grit is just selfishness in my book so lets just hope he just needs better cardio. On tape he currently reminds me lot of former big finesse NFL WR Sidney Rice , but if he can be so much more if he buffs up and commits . If Mitchell ratchets up his motor & intensity he could be a Andre Johnson type in time. So I split the difference with my final comp because I trust my eyes, and my eyes say he is a underachiever. That means he may never be consistent , but he will have some big games , and probably even some big seasons if he thinks he will get paid for it. I hope I'm wrong and he fulfills his potential by replacing Stefon Diggs as Josh Allen's new number one guy.  

29.DETROIT - COOPER DEJEAN - ** - CB/S - IOWA - 6 ft. , 203


The Lions have made a remarkable turnaround under HC Dan Campbell & GM Brad Holmes , and both were rewarded with contract extensions through 2027 after making the NFC Championship game . Smart move on Campbell , although some of Holmes draft choices do worry me , or at least the order they have come in. If you place 2nd rounder Brian Branch in the spot of RB Jamar Gibbs at #18 in last years draft . Then put Gibbs at pick #18 in place of Jack Campbell , and Campbell in the place of Branch at pick #45 I would get it better. Although I guess it might not matter because they ended up with all 3 anyway. Not to mention the dominant receiving display TE Sam Laporta put on as a rookie at the top of the 2nd round at pick #34. This year they no longer have extra draft picks from the Stafford/Goff trade , and in fact only have 7 total with no 4th and a extra 6th. So they need to make their picks count more than the last 3 years.  They do have a good amount of salary space , but they might to save a lot of it because a potential extension for QB Jared Goff that needs to happen soon if they are going to resign him , but his struggles in out door stadiums might make negotiating tricky.  Personally ,  Goff's struggles with weather are why I have Frisco & Philly above the Lions in 2024. A definite extension for WR Amon Ra St. Brown should be in the works if they are smart.  So lets break down their free agency activity. Graham Glasgow filled in capably at both & center guard last year in his 2nd stint with the Lions , especially in the run game , and they resigned him to a 3 year deal. Whether he is a starter again or a veteran swingman might not be determined until we see how the draft shakes out. They also traded a 3rd rounder with the Bucs for CB Carlton Davis. Adding Nose Tackle DJ Reader to play next to big Alim McNeill, who can also play the nose gives them a lot of beef in the middle of their D-LINE. So the 49ers better get some better O-Lineman if they want to be able run on Detroit in the 2025 playoffs , because right now they only have one good blocker in Trent Williams , and then a bunch average replaceable  guys. We all know Williams is special , but he will also be 36 this season , and never forget that father time is undefeated. Then to top it of they matched the offer sheet the niners signed with blocking TE Brock Wright. So you know they have their sites set on beating Frisco if they meet in the post season again. Maybe I won't have the Lions behind the Eagles or niners anymore by the time season starts. The loss of guard Jonah Jackson in free agency , and the continued injuries of stud center Frank Ragnow , are why I could see the Lions taking a interior O-Lineman in the first round if there is one available who is worthy of this pick. Although signing veteran FA  Kevin Zeitler helps fill that void. He is still a solid player , but not a ALL PRO anymore , and at his age (34) this signing shouldn't prevent Detroit from taking a O-Lineman with this pick. I am going to give them a corner instead because Cameron Sutton was one their starters , and he was cut after a warrant was issued for his arrest , but don't be surprised if they reach for a O-Lineman or edge rusher. Dejean is a big smart physical corner who can be the QB of a teams secondary.  He played a lot of slot in 2022 , but played outside CB this season. His results were still good , but I like his slot/safety 2022 tape more. Cooper is a big , smart , fast , physical corner with a smooth pedal. No matter where you play him he can get his hands on the ball, and take it to the housel like the punt returner he is.  Also a ACE gunner on special teams. He is mostly a zone guy right now, but I think he will be fine in press with a little time, because of his natural aggression & football IQ.  Love the way he brings it as a tackler, and that's why some people see him as a safety. The other reason some probably see him as a safety is he's a bit stiff right now.  If Cooper was a full time safety he would be my #1 guy there , but as a corner he is my #3. Dejean had a broken leg , and couldn't run at the combine or I think he might have gone higher.  Then he ran a 4.42 forty at his late Pro Day so maybe he will move up on some teams boards. Coopers potential versatility to be moved all over are what could make him even more valuable. I actually think he is a steal at this draft slot. Dejean has the gritty attitude that Dan Campbell will love. 

30.RAVENS - TROY FRANKLIN - WR - OREGON - 6"2" , 176


The Ravens lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. They started free agency with a bad cap situation being 7 million over when it started. The resigned key free agent DT Justin Madubuike coming off a career year , and brought back veteran #3 WR Nelson Agholor too. Their big new addition is a future HOFer who is the best power RB in the league over the last decade in Derrick Henry , and I can't think of a better fit than Henry. Plus even though he has lost a step he is still a bruiser who led the NFL in carries in 2023 , and has done so in 4 of the last 5 seasons. The Jets signed away one of their starting guards in big John Simpson. Then the Ravens traded their starting RT Morgan Moses , who is coming off a good season ,  for a trifling swap of 4ths and a 6th to join Simpson on the Jets. On the bright side they still have Patrick Mekari to fill that spot , and could compete with gigantic ( 6"8" , 380) 2023 fourth rounder Daniel Faalele. In addition they reworked the contract of talented , but often injured LT Ronnie Stanley to get cap relief , but he still gets a lot of money if he is actually healthy all season. 34 year old once great ,  but still solid guard Kevin Zeitler is a FA also. So I expect the Ravens to get the best tackle or guard available in the 1rst round. Brainy back up safety Geno Stone , who ended playing a lot last season & led the AFC with 7 picks , then signed with the division rival Bengals. Young quality LB Patrick Queen signed with the even bigger divisional rival Steelers. Starting CB Ronald Darby,  and deep threat WR/ return man Devin Duvernay both signed with the Jaguars. Still they keep losing players who played a lot of quality snaps last season. Now the Ravens had a deep roster in 2023 , except for RB , and a lot of that depth is gone. So basically Baltimore has to draft well , but they generally are one of the best drafting teams in the league over the last 30 years. They have 9 draft picks with a extra 4th & 7th rounder , and I am confident that Eric Decosta & Ozzie Newsome will have this team in Superbowl contention again in 2024. So in addition to a guard & OT  a CB , WR , off the ball LB , edge rusher , and quality depth everywhere are all needed. Another bright spot is other veterans know the Ravens are contenders , and might come there on a discount chasing a ring. You don't generally see a team who went to the AFC Championship the previous season rebuilding their O-Line, but the Ravens appear to be doing so. The Chiefs did it  few years back by trading for one OT , drafting a center , and signing a guard to a big free agent contract. The Ravens don't have the cap room to do it in free agency. Right now the Ravens have the enormous ( 6"6" , 370 ) Ben Cleveland at one guard spot , and maybe if he got under 350 he might work out long term , because a natural knee bender he is NOT. Then you have a couple of 2023 late round picks. 7th rounder Andrew Vorhees who basically redshirted , and is returning from injury. Also 6th rounder Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu who didn't play a snap last year either. So drafting a guy who might be able to play guard makes a ton of sense. I don't have one left with a first round grade here , but I do have a 2nd round center who can maybe play guard.  Don't be surprised if they trade up ahead of Dallas , because the Cowboys are the first of 4 straight teams that really need O-line help. WR & CB are pretty big needs too , and my highest ranked corner left ( Nate Wiggins ) doesn't tackle well enough for the AFC North. So I'm giving them a deep threat WR who can replace what they thought Odell Beckham JR. was going to do. Franklin is a highly productive deep threat who can run down the field routes that pull safeties even when he's not getting the ball. He's long & lean ,  and while he doesn't run a full route tree yet he eats up the DB's cushion really fast , and has the homerun speed to separate from the defender when the balls in the air. Plus he runs his current routes well , and can make the guy covering him look lost at times. Good hands & timing to extend and snatch the ball with some acrobatic catches, but he occasionally drops the easy ones. He is competitive on contested catches , but doesn't win enough of them.  Surprisingly competitive as a blocker for a lean/light guy as well , so it makes sense that he could be  good at it if he added 10-15 more pounds of muscle. Still needs to get stronger because you see him get pushed around by some physical corners at times , and that will get worse in the NFL, but he has some crafty releases off the line of scrimmage. He's a big play waiting to happen ,and as long as he adds 10-15 more pounds of muscle he can be a good Z who takes some slot snaps now & then in the BFL. Maybe he isn't a #1 WR , but paired with a big armed QB who can hit the deep ball he could be the kind of player who keeps Defensive Coordinators up all night , even if he only gets 5 or 6 targets a game. 

31.S.F. 49ers - NATE WIGGINS ** -  CB - CLEMSON - 6"1' , 173


The niners have a Bad cap situation being almost 8 million over right before free agency started. Plus longtime stalwart DT Arik Armstead refused to take a pay cut and was let go , but they cleared enough space to make some moves. They signed a pair of talented edge rushers who have never quite lived up their draft status in Leonard Floyd & Yetur Gross-Matos. They also lost decent CB Isaiah Oliver & talented but injury prone pass rushing DT Javon Kinlaw to the Jets. Then they brought in a couple of rotational DT's in Maliek Collins & Jordan Elliott. After missing out on LB Eric Kendricks the niners signed LB DeVondre Campbell , and I like the signing because their defense depends on athletic LB's who can cover kind of deep over the middle , and Dre Greenlaw might miss the whole season after tearing his Achilles in the Superbowl. What this team REALLY needs more than anything is better O-Lineman , especially interior blockers. Their highest rated player at guard , center , DT , or CB should be the pick. The niners have surpassed the Ravens as the king of the compensatory picks  So they have 10 draft picks to move around , and get what they need to help them battle for NFC supremacy. My highest rated player available at the aforementioned positions a corner. Wiggins has blazing speed , but its not just straight line track star stuff , because he has legit makeup speed on the field. He has solid length , but is very lean , and he isn't the bravest guy in run support or as a tackler. So he won't be for everyone, but he can still be a star as man coverage guy , and have a good career even if he doesn't buff & toughen up.  Deion Sanders did it for most of his career, and while I personally think of Deion as a selfish pussy who made "business decisions" when tackling , even I will admit he was a elite man coverage guy. Hopefully Wiggins hits the weight , and goes more the way of the vastly superior in my opinion , Rod Woodson. Right now he gets after the ball in the air, but he will get manhandled & lose at the catch point against bigger & more physical receivers. Although he does have the frame to easily add another 10-15 pounds of muscle. Nate has a smooth pedal , quick feet for transitions , and the balance to mirror his man well. He looks to have the football IQ for man or zone when the balls in front of him, but lacks the timing & recognition to get his head around when the balls coming in with his back to it. Wiggins has the kind of upside to be a real #1 corner if he commits in the weight room , and become more aggressive on the field. I gave him my last low first round grade at #25 overall. 


The Chiefs are once again the champs. Congrats to them and ALL their fans! For Mahomes to lead this team to a Lombardi trophy with those substandard WR's & OT's speaks to his elite unicorn greatness. He even did it in the Superbowl without a great guard in Joe Thuney. Truly one of a kind , and the only guy I can imagine surpassing Tom Brady one day. In fact as I write this in my opinion Tom Brady , Joe Montana, and Mahomes are the only logical names to even be in the conversation for greatest QB of all time. The difference is that the other 2 are retired , and Mahomes is still at the top of his game ,has 3 rings , and is under 30!  Andy Reid needs to acknowledged for his supreme coaching job as well , and if he coaches another 5-10 years he may go down as the G.O.A.T. Lets not forget DC Steve Spagnola who is one of the greatest defensive minds ever , and I would put him in the same breath as Bill Belichick as far as defensive coaching goes. Chris Jones and his ability to make QB'S uncomfortable from a wide variety of spots also needs his due as well , and I'm sure Chiefs fans feel a huge weight being lifted off their shoulders at the news of his new contract extension. The batted passes & pressures he had in the Superbowl were crucial to winning the game. Last but not least the awesomeness of Travis Kelce. I have never seen a TE face so many double & triple teams , and still make his mark as a receiver. A 250 TE that can run a great whip route? In-freakin-sane! His blocking is underrated too. As for dating Taylor Swift. Nice pull brother. The scariest part is that this team was missing so many things , and yet they still won it all. Compared to other players at their positions Mahomes & Kelce are underpaid , and if either were to make a big deal out of it the Chiefs would have to give them what they want , but neither has. Kind of Bradyish if you ask me , especially for Mahomes who is so far above any other current QB that its laughable. If they do become the first team to win 3 in a row they could go down as one of the great NFL dynasty's in history. With Chris Jones in the fold again only CB L'jarius Sneed is a key free agent, and they put the franchise tag on him. While Sneed is the grabbiest DB currently in the league he is effective because refs won't call a penalty all the time. They traded him for a 3rd & swap of 7ths to the Titans, and now KC actually has some cap space. On the bright side Sneed wasn't even the #1 CB on the Chiefs with Trent Mcduffie there. Young LB Willie Gay is the only free agent on this team that another team might want to make a push to sign , but with Nick Bolton & Leo Chenal & even Dru Tranquil KC just doesn't need him. OT , WR , CB are their biggest needs right now , and I expect all  those spots to be addressed in the draft at some point. Safety could be a sneaky lesser need.  WR should even be addressed in free agency AND the draft , as they signed speedster Marquise Brown , and he has the talent to be a #1 WR with Mahomes throwing the ball.  I expect their 1rst round pick to be a WR , OT , or CB. With the exception of OT there is more chance to get a player who can start this year in the 2nd or 3rd round so I expect if the right OT falls that would be the choice. Maybe they could trade up for a OT , or even a WR, if they want a particular guy. Pearsall can play inside or out , although I think many just see him as a slot guy , but it looked about a 60/40 split to me on the games I watched. Ricky is a 5th year player , and a 3 year starter who has steadily improved over those last 3 seasons. He was the most impressive wideout at the Senior Bowl, had the greatest catch of all in college this season , and also looked great at the combine. While he's not super shifty he is a smart route runner who regularly gets open on a variety of routes , especially against zone. He has a decent amount of releases off the line , but you do see press corners delaying him more than they should  , and at 190 pounds he could still struggle there some against press.  Great hands , and he waits until the balls coming to avoid tipping off the DB if the balls on target , but his QB wasn't very accurate. Won a good amount of contested catches , and not afraid to go over the middle to secure the catch , but I would love to see him with a accurate on time QB. I didn't see him as a burner so I was impressed with 4.41 forty at the combine , but he is quick enough in the short area. His week in Mobile really jumped up his draft stock , but its hard to get a good read on him , because of his QB's in college , and unfamiliarity with the All Star dame QB's. I think he is a ascending player who van at least be a solid # 2 WR , but the potential to be a #1 receiver in the right scheme & with the right QB. Mahomes is the right QB for anyone ,and with him throwing him the ball Pearsall could be a excellent compliment to Kelce & Rice. Well maybe not Rice right away because he sure looks a guy who might get suspended after his street racing accident. 


33.CAROLINA - ZACH FRAZIER - ** - C - W. VIRGINIA - 6"3" , 313


First off I like the hire of new head coach Dave Canales because in the last 2 years he has helped turnaround the careers of previously highly drafted busts turned journeyman QB's Geno Smith & Baker Mayfield. Surely he can get Bryce Young back on track after only one disappointing rookie season. The Panthers aren't winning anything this season , and anything more than doubling last seasons 2 wins to 4 would be impressive with the roster they are likely to field. So trading edge rusher Brian Burns for 2nd & 5th round draft picks doesn't bother me too much , because they probably won't be in playoff contention for 2 or more years , but you would think they should have gotten at least a 1rst rounder for him. He's a twitchy talented 25 year old edge rusher who has been productive every season , and you can't get a single first rounder for him? Anyway my main focus would be protecting Bryce Young , and giving him the weapons he needs to succeed. As that would be the opposite of last season where he had just had one good receiver in a past his prime Adam Thielen & one good O-Lineman in Taylor Moton. Although there is still plenty of hope for the the young & talented WR Jonathan Mingo , and OT Icky Ekwonu. They started out doing half of that by providing Bryce two 27 year old beefy guards in Robert Hunt & Damien Lewis that are known for moving the line of scrimmage in the run game & anchoring in the pocket in pass protection. Now they need a much better center , and some more pass catchers to give Young a chance to fulfill his promise. So they made a trade for a potential #1 WR in 27 year old Deonte Johnson , and he can flat out separate. It made me laugh when I saw how little they paid for him too , because when all it cost you for him is a CB ( Donte Jackson ) that you were going to cut , and a swap of late round picks you are winning . Signing big DT A'shawn Robinson gives them 2 nose tackles so I thought they might be trading Derrick Brown too , but they wisely re-signed him to a extension. Or maybe they just want to play more base 3-4 looks , and one would be at the 5 technique. The Panthers also brought in high IQ off the ball LB Josey Jewell to QB the middle of the defense. So far they are using their cap space pretty wisely. It sucks that the 2024 #1 pick they traded to the Bears last year to get Bryce Young ended up being #1 overall , but with pick #33 at the top of the 2nd their is a decent chance either Graham Barton or Zack Frazier could fill their center void. If not it should definitely be another WR ,but with their new 2nd (#39) they have a great chance of getting a good WR , and I doubt Barton or Frazier will be there then. Since they traded CB Donte Jackson f& Burns corner and edge rusher are also large needs. Bringing in Jadeveon Clowney on the edge could help take some of the sting out of losing Burns in the short term. The cash strapped Panthers also resigned veteran CB Troy Hill , and he did start 3 games for them in 2023 so who knows. I would go with either a center or WR here , as both would help Bryce. At this moment the Panthers plan at center is probably Austin Corbett , but he is returning from a ACL tear so I'm not sure he can be depended on. At least Frazier fills a need , and he has the nasty physical temperament that fits everybody wants. Frazier is a tough guy former wrestling champ who understand leverage , and he has played center at a high level in the BIG 12 for a long time. He is a 4 starter overall  , with 9 starts as a freshman at guard, but the last 3 years at center show where he belongs in the long term. I thought he might have lost his chance to go in the 1rst round when he broke his leg late in the season , because he wasn't healthy enough to play at the Senior Bowl , but he was already well enough to do some of the drills at the combine. A good showing in Mobile could have really helped Frazier move up into the 1rst round because the Big 12 isn't exactly a hot bed of interior D-Lineman , but you can see how well he played against Murphy & Sweat for most of the 2022 Texas game. Went out like a man when his leg broke as he gutted it out trying to crawl off the field so he wouldn't have to slow down the offense. Like most good shorter ( although 32 and quarter inches is really average for a center )  armed O-Lineman Frazier wins by playing low & keeping his hands inside off the snap, although you see most of his losses when his hands get outside , and it happens more than it should. That lack of length becomes a problem when he doesn't latch on early in the run game with his huge hands , because he loses his leverage, and it hampers his ability to sustain blocks later in the play. Not to mention that smart longer armed D-Lineman can get into his chest & shed his blocks. Zach is strong & well balanced, and has a maulers mentality looking to control defenders against their will in both the run & passing games. He succeeds more by turning guys and getting some push rather than driving D-Lineman far down the field.  Knows how to explode his hips on contact with shock coming out threw his hands into the defender , and he can twist & torque defenders off balance onto the ground. Just solid awareness on stunts,  twists , and blitzes.  Its the second guy coming around , or a delayed blitzes he's a tick slow on. Unless some guy long arms him Frazier has a good anchor in pass protection as well , and he's always looking to help out when uncovered. He gets grabby when beaten in both the running & passing games , especially when it happens early. Although his arms are short he uses them well often enough in pass protection by keeping them inside , mixing up one or both hands , and timing his punches well. When he doesn't keep his hands inside , or gets them knocked away he can lose early then turn and grab. Th turning bothers me more because you should always keep your but pointed at the QB. Also could be better on combo blocks , and coming off to the second level.  Plus its the quicker guys that can shoot the A-Gap that gives him more trouble than the strong brawlers. He has the good floor of a solid starting NFL center, but he lacks the higher ceiling of the other 2 centers I think could go in the first round. I love how this guy plays , ended up giving him a solid 2nd round grade , and he is the 42nd player on my board. 



Mcconkey is a smart versatile player with great quickness & long speed. As a former high school QB he has advanced awareness & understanding of coverages , and how to set up DB's plays ahead.  Also has a plus understanding of how to find the hole against zone  , and he sells it well even when he isn't high in the progression of getting the ball , or on play action. He eats up the cushion fast , and has good explosion out of his breaks. He lacks the size & strength to beat better press guys , but he's super shifty to escape enough on the outside when the DB is up on the line , and he blocks with the heart of a bigger guy. In the slot he not only can light it up on option routes, but can also be a vertical slot. Has good hands on your basic short to immediate route tree, but his catch radius is limited. Also not the guy who will win a bunch of jump balls, or track it well down the field right now. He is great in the open field both as a receiver & punt returner  , and has some gunner experience covering kicks. He has had a lot of nagging injuries over the last 2 years , and that is a worry considering his lack of size , but if he played 70% of the snaps on offense, and was your primary return guy that is still very valuable . He isn't a #1  WR , and I doubt he will ever be. Yet he could be a good number 2 , or great number 3 who returns kicks. I have a high 2nd round grade on him , but he could come off the board at the end of the first to a team like the Chiefs , but I doubt it.  Either way I would want him on my team if I had a WR need in the top 40.



The cards still need a potential #1 CB. I know Rakeshaw is lighter than average , and has a sketchy injury history , but I love him. Just not in the first round. He tackles with the will & skill of a much bigger man , and since the other 3 teams in the NFC West love to run the ball tackling is a necessity , although he could be more under control coming forward. He's not just undersized, but also has a small frame that can't carry much more muscle without losing speed & quickness. Yet he's strong for his size. Ennis played in a variety of zone coverages in college , and looked good in all of them because he has the high football IQ to recognize route combinations. However he has very little man coverage tape to grade , and it didn't seem a strength from what I saw , but maybe with more time there he could improve in man because he is physical.  He also ran a 4.51 at the combine so a lot of off man coverage is probably never going  to work , but in press man I believe he could hold up well enough in the NFL because he is so physical with his hands. Maybe too physical  at times , and he will get even more penalties in the NFL , but I want competitive guys on the island at CB.  He's smart to read the QB, and recognize coverages. Had a torn ACL in 2021 that only team doctors will know if it can be a future problem. He played both inside & out in college. Plus he has the feet & short area quickness , feet , and mirror ability for the slot.  When the balls in front of him he times he breaks on the ball quickly  , but can be a bit late grabbing for it, and didn't have as many passes defensed or picks as his talent warrants. He can lose track of the ball down the field when its behind him, and grabby then too. The Cardinals played a lot of cover 2 & cover 4 last season so I think Rakeshaw is a fit.



Since Washington traded away both of their former starting edge rushers at the trade deadline , and have only the recently signed Dorance Armstrong as a potential plus starter on the current roster. Chop has a elite first step off the ball,  and his explosiveness & athleticism are rare for the edge , but he has more pressure than production. In fact its the closest to former Penn ST. alum Micah Parsons in this draft , and we all know Dan Quinn had Parsons in Dallas. However , Robinson is nowhere hear Parsons in power & versatility of rush moves. He's a surprisingly solid bull rusher in college for a smaller guy, but unless he gets bigger I don't think it will work against as many guys in the NFL , and his frame won't allow him to get much bigger. He is part of the reason Michigan only passed the ball 8 times when they played , because he was kicking ass in the backfield early. He's bendy , can run the arc outside , and plays low enough to dip under the OT. Has quick hands too , but he needs to apply them to a wider variety of moves because he only has 3  that work now. He has shorter than average arms too , just like Parsons , and more technical hand use would also help him counter better. Dan Quinn will help him get better standing & blitzing up the gut like Parsons , because was just OK at in college . He can obviously outquick guards & centers if he goes at it with more force & gets skinny, but he could also get manhandled & buried if they catch him early. He's plays low off the ball & strong for his size setting the edge , but he doesn't shed run blocks , even against some TE's. That could get worse in the NFL too. Plus a guy with his skill set should be filling up the box score with a lot more sacks , TFL's , and tackles in college than Chop did. Robinson played less snaps than his counterpart Adisa Isaac in each of the last 2 seasons , and was far less productive making actual plays this season. He missed 2 games with a concussion this year too , and these days players keep retiring early after a few concussions. To me he's a raw twitchy undersized guy , and there is a chance he just ends up a situational pass rusher. Plus he won't be able to just run by many NFL tackles. So I couldn't give him a first round grade , and I looked around online and know that I am lower on him than most , but I do see why other's are high on him. So he needs to be coachable to live up to his talent. Although if he does add more rush moves to his arsenal , develops a better plan as a pass rusher , and goes to a team that allows him to get after the QB as much as possible he could be a full time starter in time. Especially if he spends more time on the weakside in the NFL. 



Colson has been starting for 2 and a half seasons , and on a playoff team that's 36 starts , which is more than many 3 years starters get in college. He's a big physical rocked up LB with throw back size , and he has old school toughness playing through injuries , which is getting rarer by the day. Junior can stack blocks well, although he doesn't shed quite as capably. He's a good athlete , but lacks sideline to sideline speed , but that could be alleviated if his football IQ keeps growing. Right now he is often just a tick to late to read & react to the ball in the run game , and he's a tad stiff moving laterally initially , but he gets up to speed quickly. Yet all these things were improved compared to 2022 tape. He needs better angles getting through the trash. He will take the cheese on occasion, but not often fooled by play action. He fills with a will coming forward , whether it taking on blocks , or hammering ball carriers. Yet he doesn't always hit the right gap. Good hitter & strong tackler , but just a solid athlete. In good position in zone coverage , but he didn't make many plays on the actual ball.  Has the size to cover some TE's , but I wouldn't want him in man coverage much. Just OK as a blitzer. It always bothers me when guys don't run at the combine , and the fact that he didn't makes me believe he's just a 4.7 guy. That's doable if he keeps improving his diagnostic ability. If he keeps building up his read & recognition skills he can be a good starting MLB , but the weakside might workout better earlier. 

***TRADE*** The NY GIANTS TRADE the 2nd  (#47) rounder they got from the SEAHAWKS and their 3rd  rounder (#70)  to the TITANS for their 2nd (#38) rounder ***TRADE***

38.GIANTS-(ten)- MICHAEL PENIX- ** -QB - WASHINGTON - 6"2" , 216


Penix is that rare left handed QB , and a almost as rare 6th year senior. Has a bad injury history with shoulder injuries and 2 ACL tears in his past. Spent 4 years at Indiana , and the last 2 leading Washington , but he was only healthy all year for those last 2. So he is about as experienced as a guy can get heading to the NFL. Has a cannon arm , and it can occasionally get him into trouble when he tries to unnecessarily force it into tight windows , especially against zone. Then again nobody in this draft full of big armed QB's throws a perfect spiral like Penix does , but his delivery is a little lower than it should be.  Good deep ball accuracy , and its usually when he uses touch , and puts more air under it because he is normally throwing bullets. His ball placement on short & intermediate throws is just OK , but he has a trio of good WR'S who can adjust & snatch balls away from their frames , although he doesn't throw that well over the middle.  To take the next step he has to get rid of the ball earlier , as he had a great O-Line in college , and definitely will NOT have that kind of time in the NFL. Way too often Penix waits for a guy to get open instead of throwing him open , and the ball should already be almost on the receiver when he comes out of his break. Production is off the charts as a passer ,  and while Jalen Mcmillan only played in 5 games in 2023 regular season, when Penix had all 3 WR's healthy it was like watching the greatest show on turf reborn.  Still has some pocket mobility , but not much of a threat as a runner now . Although he looked improved both in the pocket  and running in both playoff games. I admit to being completely surprised when he reportedly ran the forty in the 4.5's at his Pro Day, because you rarely see him take off running on tape , and with that speed he should do it at least 2 or 3 times a game. To be fair with his injury history I can understand why he would avoid plays with a higher probability of getting hurt , and he did have a couple of key runs in the playoff game against Texas. Yet he does show good pocket awareness & mobility , but if you make him move off his spot in the pocket his accuracy suffers. Clearly good at reading the defense pre-snap , both changing plays & protections . So you know he has it mentally to be a NFL QB. You can go all the way back to the 3 games he started as a true freshman at Indiana in 2018 , and watch his steady improvement culminating in a 2023 season where he finally had a fully healthy off season & was the Heisman trophy runner up. 2nd round grade for me , but QB's often go a round early. His ideal spot would be to go to the Seahawks in the 2nd round, because not only does his former Washington OC Ryan Grubb have that job for Seattle , but he could also sit a year until he speeds up his timing. Penix going to that familiar offense could also help Geno , and the rest of the offense learn the scheme this season. Then maybe take over the job in year 2. The Seahawks picked up Geno's cheap option for this season , and traded for Sam Howell so the first round seems very unlikely. Also they don't have a 2nd round pick this year. If Seattle did draft him this kind of low pressure comfortable environment is where I believe Penix could flourish. If I ran the Broncos or Raiders I would at least be considering him in the first round if the team traded back. I'm giving him to the Giants because I just don't have faith in Daniel Jones to be healthy , this team needs a young QB with upside , and Brian Daboll is good at molding QB's.



Since the Panthers traded Brian Burns to the Giants , and are trying to replace him with 31 year old Jadaveon Clowney. While Clowney has never lived up to his draft status he is still a good player , but at his age the wheels can fall of any minute for a edge rusher. Not to mention that DJ Wonnum on the other side is just a average guy after 4 years in the league. It would be wise to get a younger replacement with a high ceiling , and this guy can also play some 5 technique for them. Darius is a back to back team captain who broke out in a big way after kicking outside to DE. He is a power player who looks like the DT/5 technique he used to be, but played better this season as a oversized edge rusher for today's game. In 2022  he was mostly just bull rush , push/pull, and the occasional too high arm over. This season he learned how to use his hands better to swipe away blockers mitts before they can get ahold of him. I admit I wasn't expecting a lot from his tape outside after I saw his weight , but he gets off the ball pretty quickly ,  is rocked up , and actually closes pretty well. Robinson makes contact with force & knockback power with that bull rush. Has long arms and good extension to separate if he wants to disengage, but usually he just keeps shoving the would be blocker backwards until their is a clear lane to the QB. He needs to counter quicker , but his biggest weakness is that he gets too high off the ball sometimes. That can take away some of his power, and also makes it easier to get into his chest. He's not a bendy run the arc guy , and while he is pretty good on the moves he does do , he needs a more varied array of rush moves. He can over power college OT's when he's low , and unless the TE is George Kittle I don't expect them to have much of a chance to slow him down. He kicked a lot of ass at the senior Bowl, and was generating first round buzz after his week in mobile. While his running times weren't that good in Indy ( 1.73 ten yard split and a 4.95 forty) for a edge rusher, and I'm not saying he's a twitchy get off guy , he does looks more explosive & quick on tape than those times . In today's game you just don't see many 4-3 ends close to 290 pounds , and if you do they don't move like this guy. I really wish he would get those long arms in passing lanes when he is stalled out. Has a great motor, but doesn't always find the ball, and can caught up in the fight making his awareness dip even more . He plays the run pretty well, but if he stayed lower his stack & shed would improve, and he might be able to 2 gap better if he ends up with a 3-4 team. Plus he needs to use those nasty hands better to disengage when guys are holding him. Although I think its more likely he ends up a strongside 4-3 end that kicks inside on some passing downs. Since he can play inside & out , and can play in a odd or even front , he should be in the top 50 on every teams board. It's less likely he goes in the first round after the combine , but I would consider him if I was picking for Detroit or Frisco. You can see him getting better and improving off the edge as the season went along. He has good production this year, he finished strong , and then the lit up The Senior Bowl. That looks like a player on the rise to me. 



If the season started before the draft Braeden Daniels would probably be the Washington left tackle , and that shouldn't make any QB comfortable. Let alone a rookie learning a new offense. So I am giving them a new blindside protector.  Paul is a experienced player with 44 starts at left tackle in 5 years of college so he should have better technique. He has good overall athleticism for a bigun , and was a team captain the last 2 years. Paul has a big wide frame with really long arms ( 36 and a half)  , and he even out lengthed Tyree Wilson on 2022 tape. If only he used that length better on a more consistent basis.  It's good to have a strong grip & to consistently latch on , but Paul almost always grabs outside the shoulder pads. Paul has the nasty finishers temperament you want , and he blocks to the whistle in the run game , but his high start prevents him from living up to it more consistently. Sometimes he goes too far past the whistle too. Basically his technical faults keep him from finishing with more consistency.  He has that same physicality as a pass blocker because Paul wants to stay at it , and he will fire his hands a little better , but he does tend let that grip go earlier there. Also has more of a skipping hop than a smooth kick step that will get him put on his ass by NFL bull rushers when they catch him in the air or over balanced . However if he is beat with speed , whether to the outside or on a inside counter , he will panic & hug. Part of that is that speed obviously worries him , and he tends to retreat too far before engaging. His feet & change of direction are just OK for a OT , but he's just so wide & long that he's hard to get around . If he actually used his length better he could be a plus pass protector in the NFL. Patrick is often too high off the snap, and that's both running & pass blocking. In the run game. Paul occasionally ducks his head , and gets too far forward , but at least he rarely ends up on the ground. Love the way he gets after it on down blocks. Even though he starts out too high inline he's so big sometimes his mass knocks them back a little anyway , but then he will readjust & start pushing. Pulls alright for a big guy , but rarely seems to hit someone at the end of it. As a pass blocker his mass helps his anchor , even though he's high , but he can get pushed back a little on contact. Both of these area's will have worse results in the NFL unless he's lower , but tall guys often struggle with pad level. Has good awareness for stunts , twist , and blitzes passing off rushers well. He goes hunting at the 2nd level , and when he makes contact its nice, but often takes poor angles , and is just chasing a defender when the ball carrier shows up. He already looked to be playing lower at The Senior Bowl, so he probably was working with a personal coach in the 3 months between the seasons end , and his week in Mobile.  I liked that Paul used the short set at times to catch the defender off balance there, because its a effective , but underused technique in my opinion .Yet those outside the shoulder pad grabs & jersey pulls were still front & center. He actually was actually lower & less grabby this season compared with 2022 , but he still deserved a lot more holding calls. I love watching guys improve over time , because you know that they are coachable  , and it shows Paul should keep getting better. If Paul can learn to consistently play lower with his hands inside & extend with more consistency , he can go from a guy who has a finishers mentality to a actual regular finisher. I like him more than most because he is aggressive , and I put him just outside my top 50 , but I think he will go higher because of need & a high upside. I would trust him to hold up OK on the blindside in pass protection as a rookie more than some other guys I have ranked higher for the long run , but I'm not sure how well he will do as a run blocker right out of the gate. 

41.PACKERS-(jets)- TYLER NUBIN - S - MINNESOTA - 6"1" , 200


The secondary still has needs even after taking a corner in the first round. Unless you see Cooper Dejean as a safety Nubin is clearly the best safety in this draft to me, and he actually played safety last season. Tyler is a 4 year starter , and he got his hands on the ball a lot ( 12 picks and 21 passes defensed) in the last 3 years. He is a true QB of the secondary , getting people lined up , has high level route recognition , and he rarely fall for traps. That my ball mentality , eyes for jumping in at the right time, and hands at the catch point are what every team wants. Tyler has CB feet , the football IQ to be moving in the right direction before others , and covers a lot of ground. He can play high or low , but he is at his best as the free safety who is the last line of defense. While Nubin's not a regular slot guy I think he could play there some against power slots , but he isn't loose or fast enough to cover a shifty slot guy down down the field. Has good arm length , and isn't grabby in coverage , but he lacks makeup speed if a man gets behind him. He layed some nasty hits on ball carriers, but also plays a bit dirty here & there. So he could end up with some fines & suspensions if he doesn't stop hitting with his helmet , and also could start some brawls on the field if he lays a cheap shot in the NFL. He's solid against the run , but I think he takes that last line of the defense seriously. There are times he should be coming forward earlier , or taking a more direct route to the ball instead of worrying about giving up the big play. He's a good safe tackler who is rarely out of control against the run , but still meets ball carriers with force. Overall he has a good balance between jumping routes , and playing it safe deep. I think he could succeed most in a zone heavy scheme in the NFL , but he's also the type of potential single high safety blitzing teams will love too. That's hard to find. Also has a history of playing special teams. I have a late first round grade on him , but its unlikely he goes there , and this is a steal for the Packers.

42.HOUSTON-(min)- BRADEN FISKE - DT - FLORIDA ST.- 6"4" , 292


The Texans are not only coming off a great turnaround in DeMeco Ryan's first season as head coach , but the young talent on this team makes it look like they can be a contender for a long time. Most of us , and that definitely includes me , were too low on CJ Stroud as he looked like a veteran 10 year franchise QB as a rookie. In fact I think it was the greatest rookie QB season in NFL history. Throw in offensive building blocks in great LT Laremy Tunsil , young WR Nico Collins , a just re-signed TE Dalton Schulz , and Tank Dell if he can stay healthy. On defense young building blocks like edge Will Anderson , CB Derek Stingley JR. , safety Jalen Pitre , and maybe even LB Christian Harris make the future look bright. NT Foley Fatukasi was brought in from the jags right before free agency started to help clog up the middle some , but he did play for DC Matt Burke with the Jets earlier in his career , although he is a run down player only. They signed good young LB Azeez Al-Shaair LB away from the Titans too. Versatile veteran D-Lineman Denico Autry is a solid rotational guy that they also took from the Titans , but he is in his 30's. The Texans basically swapped Pro Bowl edge rushers in free agency with the Vikings as Danielle Hunter is coming to Houston & Jonathan Greenard is heading to Minnesota. Hunter is the longer , twitchier , more explosive & consistent rusher on the field  , and has the higher upside as a pass rusher of the two guys. Yet he does not set a good consistent edge in the run game , and he's the greedy type who is always looking to squeeze more money out of you , even when he already has a good contract. Greenard finally busted out in 2023 , and he sets a better edge , but he got too much money for a guy with his career production. The Texans also traded for RB Joe Mixon , and it only cost them a 7th , but I was surprised they signed to him a new kind of pricey ( 3 years , 27 million with 13 million guaranteed) contract at this stage of his career. Former injury prone #4 overall pick CB Jeffrey Okudah was brought in on a cheap prove it deal too. If Okudah & Stingley can be healthy , and live up to the prospects they were coming out of college together that would be something to see. They trade away their first rounder to the Vikings for a 2nd (# 42) and a 6th (#188) this year and a 2nd in 2025. Then WOW! They traded for Stefon Diggs only giving up a 6th this year , and a second & 5th in 2025. Talk about teams going in different directions. The Bills seem to be going through a mini re-build , and The Texans are going for it all. Demeco Ryans defense depends upon getting pressure with the front four , and they rarely blitz. I'm not a fan of Tytus Howard at RT , but I don't see a right tackle prospect worth this pick who fits their system. Right now newcomers Denico Autry & Mario Edwards JR are their only interior D-Lineman that can rush the passer with any skill , and both are in their 30's. So I'm giving them a interior pass rusher. After 3 years as a starter at W. Michigan Fiske transferred to Florida St. , and kept kicking ass, so he is a older prospect. He had to flip teams because of players either injured or opting out of the actual Senior Bowl game after spending all week of practice with the other squad, but played very well in the game after a standout week of practice in Mobile. Explosive and versatile with inside & out ability , and can play multiple positions in both odd and even front. Between the Senior Bowl & the combine he is one of the biggest risers in this years Pre-Draft process , and he is ripped with good stamina. He's very athletic , fires off the ball quickly , and is skilled with both hands & feet to beat blockers. Will chase down everything he can. He fights through the whistle versus the run or pass , but he isn't super stout at the point of attack. Fiske can hold his ground one on one versus your average O-Lineman , but will get pushed back by big mauler types. Not a guy who can win against a double team unless he splits it early at the snap. Braden has short arms , but he knows how to use them well to slap away the hands of blockers , and keeps them inside pretty well fight for leverage. Yet a skilled long armed blocker can the drop on him because of it. As a 6th year senior he may only be a one contract guy , so that will probably keep him out of the first round , but a man with his motor & versatility is very valuable. 

43.ATLANTA - TJ TAMPA - CB - IOWA ST. - 6"1" , 189


AJ Terrell is a free agent after the season , and he has great length , which both Dee Alford & Clark Phillips lack. TJ is physical with those long arms and big hands to re-route in press coverage , but doesn't play press a lot. Better in bump & run , but I want him to have safety help over the type , but he lacks long speed. Has good feet , but a high pedal , and he's a bit stiff with his change of direction. Plays inside & out but I like him more outside because he can't stay with the shifty quick guys if he misses his jam. Far more experienced in zone than man , and his body type and skill set are perfect for cover 3. He's a former WR with great ball skills , and he challenges at the catch point with those long arms & big hands. Plays the run like  a man. Comes forward and fights through blocks, and will hit you , but lacks the shiftiness to be a reliable open field tackler. Plus he ducks his head and dives at times. His combine was Ok , but he looks a lot bigger than 189 on tape , and he only ran a 4.59. I still like him in the 2nd round to a zone team , and Raheem Morris is zone guy so Tampa should fit right in with his Tampa 2. Sorry , but I just got done watching Ted Lasso so I can't resist a good pun right now.



Cooper has the length , burst , and speed of a good edge rusher in a off the ball LB's body. He's lacking in the football IQ to play the middle even though he has the size , and he plays outside more anyway. Runs like a deer to the ball once he sees it , can change direction like a safety , and has sideline to sideline range. He's willing to take on blocks , but can get high making it harder to stack & shed. When he extends those long arms , and times them right he can keep blockers off him then cut right to the ball carrier. Explosive blitzer , especially outside with a clear runway he can get there as fast as some corners , but he needs at least a few moves in case someone gets in his way. I would line him at edge rusher in the NFL on some obvious passing downs if he just has 2 solid moves. Right now he's just basically sprinting towards the QB. Cooper tackles with force coming forward , but can be indecisive in space. He can get to aggressive by either taking the cheese , or coming in too hot and overrunning plays. He has solid instincts in zone , but with his athleticism he should be great at it. even lines up in the slot sometimes. He could be good in man too , especially against TE's , but it all comes back to him building up his read & reaction skills. There is so much talent here , and even though he made plenty of splash plays on tape it should be much more. if he can get to the point where his reads are just right & on time he's a Pro Bowler, but if he ever gets to the point where he is seeing it early he's an ALL PRO LB. Even if he just ends up being used a nickle LB , and blitzer in the regular defense as a rookie Cooper could make a impact. Not to mention a guy with his speed & physicality would kick ass on special teams. 

45.SAINTS-(den)- KEON COLEMAN - WR - FLA. ST. - 6"3" , 213


Coleman transferred in this year from Michigan ST. , and I'm sure he thought he would get more targets than he did. He is a big down the field threat who's long strides can take a but to reach top speed. He's not a burner, and doesn't separate as well as he could , but he also wins a lot of contested catches. Has great big hands to snatch the ball, body control to adjust , a wide catch radius , and the hops & timing to go get it. Even impressively pulled off some nice one handers , and has great focus & tracking abilities. Never saw Keon drop a ball he should have caught , and he caught a bunch he shouldn't have. Shows more explosion & quickness out of the slot compared to when he's running deep outside. Rare for a guy this size to return punts  , but he does. Actually has some elusiveness in the open field when the ball is actually on time & hits him in stride, and he moves decently laterally for a big man on some out breaking routes. Breaks a lot of tackles ,  and even hurdles guys occasionally. I wish they threw him more slants because he can murder them the same way he does back shoulders.  You see him taking short passes , and making something out of nothing plenty , but they telegraphed way too many screens to him. Doesn't always use his long arms & strength as well as he could to get off the line. Blocks like a stud though. As primarily a power slot and red zone target he could easily have double digit TD's with a accurate QB in the NFL. He could possibly even do a passable Michael Thomas impersonation for the Saints. 

46.COLTS - JADEN HICKS - S -  WASHINGTON ST. - 6"2"  , 211


Hicks is a 2 year starter who looks like the poster boy for box safeties. He's big , rocked up , fast , and has above average speed for a safety.   He's better at covering TE's than slot receivers, because he's a little stiff , but he's still alright inside against power WR's. When the balls in front of him his reads are good, especially in zone. Moves around a lot , but I like him closer to the line of scrimmage. He will hit you , and can be a forceful tackler , but his form can be hit & miss.  Plays some LB , and hits like one , but doesn't take on blocks like one. Hicks can be too aggressive as a tackler. Brakes on the ball quickly , and sees the field well in coverage , but doesn't always see the blockers hunting him. Lightning blitzer too. Jaden has the tools & traits NFL teams want , and he should be a 2nd rounder. 

47.TITANS-(nyg,sea)-JA'TAVION SANDERS - TE - TEXAS - 6"4" , 245


Before this season I thought Sanders had a chance to goin the late first round , but his receiving numbers were down this season. Plus he ran slower than I expected at the combine, and that's after I assumed he slimmed down to 245 in the hopes of running a faster time , because he looks about 10 pounds bigger on tape. Definitely looks faster in pads too , as he can run vertical rotes beating LB's & safeties consistently. The ability to be a true inline TE is there, and good hand placement initially ,  but his effort & hips snap is inconsistent. Lines up inline , in the slot, and  even in the backfield some. Has some good down the field blocks too , but again doesn't always look like his hearts in it.  He separates pretty well , but is not a nuanced or polished route runner inline . Great big hands to with no drops on any of the 6 games I watched over the last 2 years , and that includes contested catches , and going up to get it. Good physical runner after the catch , and I wish they threw him more screens , used him more at the goal line , and handed him the ball 2 or 3 times a game. He actually covers kicks so that should push him up some. As a pass catching TE he could really blossom early with a team that made a more concentrated effort to get him the ball. The Colts have a lot of TE's getting snaps, but none have stood out above the others as a receiver. Sanders could be that guy. 



Dorlus is a tweener, and although I like him more inside as a 3 technique he played the edge a lot this year. A 5th year senior and 3 year starter with good backfield production all 3 years. He played a lot of snaps at a variety of spots too. His length and quickness are best used inside as a pass rusher , and he has power coming forward , but he doesn't have the bulk or pad level to hold his ground in the run game. Although he can penetrate well. Has much less chance against double teams inside , and doesn't always see it coming either. Has good technical heavy hand use , and a wide array of pass rush moves.  So ideally he can play run downs outside , and kick inside in passing situations. He's a lot like a more polished version of Marshawn Kneeland , except he's bigger , and not quite as athletic. Also Kneeland a better player standing , and Dorlus excels more out of a 3 point stance. Plus Dorlus is more versatile , played against better competition , and was more productive.  Brandon has a pretty good long arm bull rush , and if doesn't win early he stalls out sometimes, but when he does he is great at getting his hands up into passing lanes to alter or bat down throws. He has a tendency to want to get upfield even when he shouldn't , and overrun some plays too. He needs to go to a team with a DC who knows how to use him right , and stay low to be a NFL playmaker. 2nd round grade.

49.ATLANTA-(cin)- JORDAN MORGAN - ** - G/T - ARIZONA - 6"5" , 311


Long term LT Jake Matthews is entering his 11th season , and while he is still a great technician in pass protection it might be time to get him a heir apparent. Plus Morgan would be a upgrade at swing tackle. As a pass blocker Morgan has quick feet , good athleticism, and a nice wide base. His best trait is being able to keep up with speed rushers on the outside. Then again Morgan has terrible hand placement , timing , and is terribly grabby. Although his pass sets are solid with , and he is low in his kick slide it tends to go downhill from there. Jordan holds his arms out wide , and then catches the defender around the shoulder pads on the majority of the pass pro reps I watched. To make it even worse he has short arms  ( under 33 inches ) for a OT  , and you need your hands even more inside when you lack arm length. Plus you already see long armed defenders getting into his chest. In addition to his too passive catching of pass rushers he sometimes waits a little too long to get his hands on guys when they try to go around him on the outside. When you give up that much depth without slowing a guy down it makes your job so much harder when you finally do make contact because they either have a head of steam to beat you around the corner , or it gives them knock back power on contact if they come straight at you. Plus it opens you up to a quicker inside counter. Morgan generally doesn't give up the inside, but if a guy counters inside Morgan's grabbing is painfully obvious. He even executed clotheslines , facemask grabs , and outright hugs more than any highly regarded player I have seen since Tyler Smith at Tulsa. Except Smith is a mauler , and Morgan is not. It should be noted that Tyler Smith led the league in penalties his rookie year. Jordan does a better job in pass pro with power rushers who try to go through him where his short shorter build for a OT helps him stay low to strengthen his anchor , as long as he engages earlier, although he can get off balance on contact if he doesn't otherwise. He would be above average height for a guard , but I'm not sure if he would be powerful or play low enough on the inside in a man/gap scheme. He does have good awareness for twists & stunts in pass pro though. Now this hand stuff is entirely fixable , but you have to believe that the Wildcats O-Line coach has been telling him this for years. He isn't Mims ( 8 starts ) or Guyton ( 14 starts ). Morgan is a 5th year senior with 37 starts at left tackle, and he shouldn't be so bad with hand placement at this point , especially when he has short arms.  He was a holding machine on this years tape.  In the UCLA game he could have had 14 holding calls , and 4 that were really blatant. Against Washington Morgan could have had 10 holding calls , but 6 that were so blatant that you could clearly see him pulling the defenders jersey away from the body. It was the same stuff against USC , although he was a little less grabby against their lesser pass rushers , and looked better overall. It amazed me when the refs weren't calling these blatant grabs , but it will be called a lot more by NFL officials. Some players I need to watch 6 or 7 games in a season to get a good read on a player,  but 3 was too much for Morgan because I had him pegged by one. I preferred the two 2022 games I watched over this years , especially the USC game , because those tapes gave me hope he could improve into a first rounder.  The other 2023 game I broke down just seemed like overkill with the same old same old. Right now I see him as either a 3rd round swing tackle , or a day 3  guard kicking inside for a zone heavy team , because he can get up the field quickly off combo blocks. Plus he is better on the move in the run game. Although he needs to stay lower & more in control to fulfill his potential there. Some other plus things from his film are that he rarely ends up on the ground , and has the lower body fat you would expect from a defensive 3 technique. As a run blocker one on one he is often too high initially ,and just too willing to just passively try to wall off , slightly turn a guy , or give him a little shove instead of trying to bury his man. If you lose your man instead of watching the RB get tackled go hunting until the whistle is blown dude.  The only time I see him try to regularly finish is on some short yardage running plays , or the occasional down block. Also in addition to a torn ACL in 2022 Morgan also has a history of ankle injuries. If I was a NFL O-Line coach with sway I would be willing to take him in the 3rd in the hopes that I could get his hands right , and then he could be a starter , but even then he still would need to be more aggressive to ever be a above average starter. I am not a big fan of finesse guys , or grabby guys , and Morgan is both. I am aware that I am way lower than the consensus on this guy , and I actually hope I'm wrong, but I trust my eyes. I expect he will be over drafted anyway because of need & hope, 

50.EAGLES-(no)- PAYTON WILSON - ** - LB - N.C. ST. - 6"4" , 233


Wilson doesn't just have the best tape of all the off the ball LB's in this draft , but I also gave him a first round grade based off that 2023 tape. Yet he is a 24 year old 6th year senior with the medical history of a M.A.S.H unit , so I can't give him a first round grade based on his future. Has had multiple knee & shoulder surgeries so you are probably just hoping for one good healthy contract out of him. Wilson's football IQ , burst , and long speed are all top notch. First time I saw him he was picking off Sam Howell way down the field in 2019. I was just watching a game for fun , and I didn't know who he was. Plus he was #11 so I thought he was just a huge cornerback. Then I saw him chasing someone down across the field  with that blazing speed , and wrote his name down for future study. I thought he might enter the draft years ago , but here we are today. Now he's coming off his 6th year , is a 3 time captain , and is FINALLY entering the NFL. He's still really fast now , and he makes so many tackles on tape I almost thought there were 2 of him. Lacks the arm length you want from a 6"4" guy so he mostly avoids block instead of taking them on , but he's really good at it slipping them while taking the right angles to the ball. If he goes to a defense where he is protected , and is allowed to just run to the ball he will fill up the stat sheet everywhere. Picks, sacks, passes defensed, TFL's , beating RB's to the corner, and just plain old tackles will come in abundance.  He has the brain to be a Mike backer , and he's always around the ball , but not the play style for the inside. So it's good he's outside. He's so good in coverage he could be a safety , and I mean both zone & man erasing some RB's & TE's. Great blitzer too. He's a good tackler, but he's so tall he comes in high sometimes , and loses it. On a team that is right in the thick of a Superbowl run like the Eagles Wilson could step in , and be the LB they need to take their defense to the next level. 



Roman was a 3 years starter in a run first offense, and he was criminally underused. While he isn't the polished route runner a lot of this WR class is any guy with his quicks & speed can run little option routes out of the slot. It's a 2 way go , and they just didn't use him much. Its borderline criminal that he only had 98 catches over 3 seasons , and he should hope Harbaugh doesn't draft him. This dude had 12 Td's on only 48 catches this season! He's not as shifty or crafty as a lot of slot guys , and ran more deep routes than I expected. Roman has natural hands , and even though he doesn't have a wide catch radius & isn't a contested catch guy , he should get at least 120 targets a year in the NFL. He eats up the cushion fast and can right by a lot of DB's. Didn't play outside much , but I would put him in motion and let him run some deep routes from the Z more, although he is going to be primarily a slot at his size. He's smart enough to find the holes in zone , and I want to get him more short passes and let him run. I would give him a couple of jet sweeps or reverses too. Really bummed that he didn't return many kicks , or cover them. He blocks well for a little guy , and that alone shows his football character. If he can polish up his routes he will be a weapon for any accurate QB. 



Kneeland is a thickly built small school power rusher with good length , but he needs more pass rush moves to make it in the NFL. Normally a guy with his stocky build is better coming out of a 3 point stance , but he tends to just pop up high sometimes then. When he starts out standing , and that's either on the edge, or up the middle like a blitzing LB he is more explosive. Has a good first step and burst off the ball , but doesn't close quick enough to finish some plays. This is a guy you should short set a lot , because he is almost always bull rushing, and he's very good at it. All Marshawn's speed to power shock comes up through his legs , and into his hands to smack the blocker in the chest to knock him back with full extension. If you keep retreating and give him a run way , or even worse you are too high before contact , he can put you on your ass. Even when he isn't bull rushing he's just going off the threat of his bull rush by going through either shoulder or gap with maybe a little rip move or swipe at the hands. Can corner a little outside , but not a bend the arc outside guy. Sometimes he misses the chest strike zone and gets hands up to the face or the throat.  Another guy you shouldn't block with just a TE , unless its George Kittle , because he will just over power them. Pretty alert to get his hands up into passing lanes when he isn't gonna get the QB. Got held a lot on tape , but still kept pushing people back into the QB. Love his motor , even when initially blocked he will keep fighting . Although he doesn't disengage well , or counter right rushing the passer he will keep fighting. He drops in coverage some , but doesn't have the lateral agility to do it well. In the run game he isn't the stud stack & shed guy I was expecting at that weight , but he can hold his ground pretty well if he is single blocked. Even though he holds up fine one one one , and he is always looking for the ball carrier , he doesn't see many blockers coming from the side to double him.  Kneeland even chases some plays down from the backside ,  makes plays on outside screens , or chases plays down the field. He ran a 4.75 at the forty , but he looks faster on the field.  Throws long arms wide to swallow ball carriers as a tackler. He needs more polish, especially adding more pass rush moves. If he can do that , play more under control, and become more aware of blocking schemes Marshawn can be a good starter in the NFL. He played pretty well at The Senior Bowl too. Plus he got a lot of pressure on game film , and I admit he got plenty of attention from offensive game plans this year ,  but I expected more sacks & TFL's considering his level of competition. I just love guys who play this hard , and he has good tools & traits so I gave him a solid 2nd round grade. 


53.EAGLES - KIRAN AMEGADJIE - G/T - YALE  - 6"5" , 328


Kiran looks like he was built in a lab with the wing span of Jurassic Park flying dinosaur , and good athleticism to boot. He's 6 "5' so tall enough , but not so tall that he should struggle playing with leverage long term like he does now. The Problem is he is raw , and way more raw than you would expect from a O-Lineman with 24 college starts because he played at Yale. So when your level of competition is filled with future doctors , lawyers , tech guys , scientist , businessmen , and hedge fund managers you aren't being tested much. The competition in lower levels like division 2 & the HBC is much better in my opinion , and while Kiran kicked a lot of ass against the future one percenters , his lack of technique will be exposed early in a NFL training camp. He will have to adjust to a whole new speed of the game too. So it might take him a year or 2 if you want to play him outside. Maybe a shorter term if you want to start him at guard because he has flashes of good balance & steady aggressive power , and he did start inside as a sophomore. Right now with him playing so high , and his hands all over the place it will come down to how coachable he is , but he does drive these low level guys off the ball most of the time anyway. At Yale he is just shoving lesser players around because he's bigger , stronger , and more athletic than his level of competition. Even then he doesn't sustain on a lot of his run plays , and he will grab or hug a guy who is escaping. Other times he looks like he's wildly chasing his man in a circle on some run plays. Although he also has straight dominant blocks on plenty of others. At least he is consistently trying to bury his man , and searching for somebody to hit when uncovered. It's hard to get a good read on him as a pass blocker because almost all of Yale's plays are RPO's , and his QB runs himself into tacklers sometimes , but you do see him extending his arms more early there. He went to Yale so he has to be smart enough to learn quickly , and bump up his awareness faster than most , because this offense won't easily translate with a lot of teams. Since he will be getting a much higher level of coaching it could come sometime during the middle of his rookie year , but then again Kiran is coming off a torn quad where he only played 4 games his final season so it could take longer for the rust to wear off. I was bummed that he wasn't healthy enough to play at the Senior Bowl , because he was one of the players I really wanted to see against that level of players.  If was a rebuilding team , or one with some older OT's I might take him in the latter half of the 2nd round , or early 3rd. Or the ideal situation is that you are a team with two 2nd rounders , and you take him with one of those second 2nd rounders. Philly ( pick 53)  , Green Bay ( pick 58) , and Houston ( pick 59) all fit that final criteria , and make the most sense. In Philly he could be mentored by future HOFer Lane Johnson , and maybe be his heir apparent at right tackle. The Packers are a young team on the rise, and they are great at developing O-Lineman. Then you have the Texans who are also a young team on the rise , and they have a pretty full roster where he could sit & develop . All these teams can afford to sit him a year in a low pressure environment where he can get real NFL level strength , conditioning , and coaching. Plus all 3 of teams have at least one older O-Lineman , current underperforming starter , or a potential cap casualty next year. If Amegadjie can just learn to bend his knees , keep his hands inside part of the time , and learn to consistently extend his arms on time with his awesome length he could become a good starter in a year or 2. His potential upside is much higher though.  He is a big toolsy talented ball of clay that any O-Line coach worth his salt would begging to mold. Whether he ends up at guard or right tackle  , I would bet on him sometime in the late 2nd to early 3rd round.



The Deshaun Watson signing has been a crap fest. Pre off the field perv allegations I would have called him a top 5 QB in the NFL , but he has played like a bottom ten guy in Cleveland. Whether its the time off , or inner turmoil ,  I don't know. Either way they played better with broken down Joe Flacco last year. Despite tons of injuries HC Kevin Stefanski did a masterful job last season  , and he should not be blamed if Watson sucks again. The Browns have a bad cap situation. Almost 13 million over when free agency started so you can't expect a lot of big deals. They did wisely re-sign edge Zadarius Smith. Then they signed interception waiting to happen Jameis Winston to be the new backup when Flacco went to the Colts. Also they traded for often banged up former 1rst rounder Jerry Jeudy , which only cost them a 5th & 6th. I thought it was a great deal until they signed him to a 3 year 58 million dollar deal with 41 million guaranteed.  Jeudy has never even had a 1,000 yard season , and if you guaranteed me that he would reach his current career high 2022 ( 67 catches, 972 yards, and 6 TD's ) stats every year he still isn't worth that deal.  Rotational DT's Shelby Harris & Maurice Hurst also inked new deals as well, and both were needed , but I still think they need more youth on the D-Line. The question is along the edge or interior. I would just take the best player available at OT , because both starters were hurt last season, although massive 4th rounder Dawand Jones actually played alright filling in for Conklin at RT. Off the ball LB , and RB are needs as well. I like the D'onta Foreman signing , because even though I think Nick Chubb is the best RB in the game , he is also coming off his 2nd major knee injury.  I am going with the potentially best D-Lineman available here. Jenkins is really strong & athletic for his size. He can definitely stop the run one on one, and play the 3 or 5 technique well there. He even does alright against some double teams in college , but even when he stacks right he doesn't shed quick enough. He has some shock in his hands , and knows how to get them inside for control , but lacks consistent knock back power. Jenkins was also in a heavy rotation at Michigan,  but often on the sideline on passing downs, and I need to see more reps & improvement as a pass rusher. His huge father had a much better pass rush array & plan, with a good arm over , but JR's looks rudimentary. JR. flashes the occasional nice spin move. He has a good motor , and can shoot some gaps , but he doesn't use his hands & length well enough getting after the QB. I believe he has the talent to be a good NFL player in a defense that allows him to come forward and attack more, but he didn't make the improvements I was hoping for this season. Maybe a NFL coach in the right scheme can unlock that potential , but I have a late 2nd on him after all the tape was done. 

55.MIAMI - XAVIER WORTHY - WR - TEXAS - 5"11" , 165


Tyreek Hill has already declared that he is retiring after the 2025 season , and Jaylen Waddle's contract is also due that same year. We all know how much HC Mike McDaniel loves speed , and how he is able to scheme these smaller speedster's open. That is exactly the kind of head coach who can take advantage of  Worthy's talents. Worthy is the new NFL combine 40 yard dash champion , or at least since the league went to electronic timing , but that makes him the legit champ. Anyone can claim they ran a 4.15 when its hand timed by a human being. Anyway , congrats. However , his speed was never in question. I thought he would run in the high 4.2's myself , but I also thought De'von Achane would do the same at last years combine, and he didn't. Worthy did it officially under the lights in Indy in front of NFL decision makers , and the whole world. The REAL question with Worthy was size, and he measured in at 5"11' , 165. I had Worthy at #36 in my initial top 64 back in late October , but I moved him back into the late 2nd round after his weigh in because I was hoping he would weigh in between 175-180. I had also broken down the tape of a lot less players at that point. Worthy would be better served at that 175-180 weight and running in the low 4.3's because he struggles against press & and with contested catches right now. Xavier needs to get stronger , because the NFL is almost the polar opposite of the BIG 12 where very few teams play anything resembling a NFL defensive scheme at all for any length of time. If you were a NFL coach wouldn't you press the crap out of him , have corners beat him up at the line of scrimmage , try to strip every ball from him , and tackle him hard with that petite frame? Now at his current size he is still a threat that the defense has to worry about & game plan for. He should be able to run goes , post , and post corners all day if you put him in motion. Maybe a occasional crosser too. That will pull safeties and open up the field for the rest of the offense , and you only have to throw it to him 3 times a game to keep the defense on alert , and if Worthy catches one or 2 of those Bam! Yet he takes plays off right now , and you can't pull safeties if you don't run it out , and then he won't be running a full route tree either. To be fair he runs a lot more routes now than I am projecting in the NFL at his current weight , and he has some nifty feet to get open , but even that tiny CB rom TCU manhandled him in 2022. What I was hoping for was a bigger Worthy who could be your #2 WR playing 70% of the snaps between the slot & Z. Plus you could chuck in a jet sweep , reverse , or reverse action every game. His slight build isn't just a worry when DB's get their hands on him & contested catches, but also potential injury questions , his inability to break many tackles , NFL players hit harder & they're smarter trying to strip the ball , and Xavier's hands are just OK too. If you throw him a slant , option , hitch , or whip route like you see on Texas tape I would be holding my breath every time he ran into the middle of the field to be clobbered by multiple defenders. Yes, you do see him making a move and just running away from people on those routes in college , but I just think its far less likely in the NFL.  Worthy dropped a perfect TD pass against Bama that would have given them the lead, but then made a more difficult catch for a TD on a bomb over the shoulder bucket throw where he tracked the ball well. Basically his hands are just OK. So yes if you have a plan for him , and can limit his touches he can still be a big potential weapon , but even protecting him with a lot deep stuff could get you mixed results. John Ross was the previous record holder , and while he went in the first round at #9 overall he was a huge injury prone bust who had less than 1,000 yards receiving in his 5 year career. Ross also had 23 pounds of muscle on Worthy. I know people will compare Worthy to Tank Dell , but Dell was more polished , more compact , returned kicks , and more quick than fast. Also , as great as Dell was last season he got his little leg snapped in his eleventh NFL game. Maybe Worthy gets bigger over time in a NFL strength and conditioning program becoming a James Jett or Will Fuller type , but right now I fear he may end up a faster Mecole Hardman. Or worse he could be the next John Ross. Worthy has a late 2nd round grade for me, but he could go higher. Possibly even in the late first round , but I just don't see it. 

***TRADE*** The ARIZONA CARDINALS TRADE the 3rd  (#66) rounder and their 4th rounder (#104)  to the COWBOYS for their 2nd (#56) rounder ***TRADE***

56.ARIZONA(dal)-  JAVON BULLARD - CB/S - GEORGIA - 5"11' , 198


With Budda Baker on the last year of his contract , and the Cardinals in the middle of a rebuild , it would be a good idea to draft his successor. Plus Bullard reminds me of Baker , although he might just be a immediate upgrade over Garrett Williams in the slot. He can play all over. Lines up in the slot , at either safety spot , and can be a stud on special teams. Also, he is so high on my board I just have trouble with him getting out of the 2nd round, and since the Cards have both the need & plenty of picks it's a good fit.

***TRADE*** The BALTIMORE RAVENS TRADE their 2nd (#62) and 4th (#130) rounders  to the BUCCANEERS for their 2nd (#57) rounder ***TRADE***

57.RAVENS-(tb)-BLAKE FISHER - OT - N. DAME - 6"6" , 310


The Ravens need a ready replacement in case Ronnie Stanley gets hurt again, and I'm not sold on their current choices on the right side either.  Fisher was a 2 year (26 total ) starter at RT for N. Dame , but I believe he has a chance to play the blind side if he would just get off the ball quicker. Its frustrating to watch , and the main reason why he struggles with speed at times, but it makes no sense that he can't get off the ball because he knows the snap count! A offensive lineman should be itching to explode off the ball like a angry sprinter who gets to hit somebody when the pistol shot is fired. Has a good lean muscled athletic build. I love the way he has good knee bend pre-snap , and starts off the ball with a wide power base , but sometimes ruins it by popping up off the ball. That combined with his slow start means he can get stood up or even pushed back inline off the snap far more than a guy with his talents ever should , but at least he strikes a blow. His hands tend to get a bit outside outside , but not nearly as bad as a lot of other highly ranked guys in this draft. Blake does have good arm length , and he extends them early & well for the most part in pass pro , but he can get caught leaning too far forward at contact. His kick step is quick enough , but his strides are a little long which can make him vulnerable at the collision point sometimes. Didn't struggle much with speed on the outside despite the late start , but that will be a bigger worry in the NFL. He will grab outside and hold if he's beat in any situation , but rarely does it blatantly otherwise. Fisher has high level awareness for stunts , twist , and blitzes. Has a good anchor when he doesn't retreat too far before contact , even against 5 techniques, but he can walked back to the QB when he waits too long to strike. He's good on the move in the run game once he gets going, a skilled combo blocker , and climbs to the second level looking to do damage. Although he does get high there too , and his angles aren't always sound , he did do that damage down the field a lot because he arrives with force. In fact the overwhelming majority of his highlight reel blocks are made down the field. Good initial pop on kick out blocks, but tends to just try to turn them out , and even though his feet are moving he usually gets very little movement off the ball there. Quick puller too , but he needs to a little tighter inside turning up the field. He's active to the whistle , and you rarely see him standing around watching , but when he pulls he often fails to hit someone. Also does end up on the ground more than he should. He's scheme diverse ,  and all 32 teams should like him some. , but I want him in a scheme that gets there lineman moving so his down the field blocking is highlighted. I really believe that If he just learns to get off the ball quicker he could a average starter at right tackle as a rookie , but its also clear to me if he polishes his other techniques as well he could be a plus starter in time. Maybe even on the left side. 



Haynes is another 6th year senior who I think should have entered the draft in 2023. He was one of those guys I had already watched 3 games of early in preparation for the 2023 draft , because I couldn't see a logical reason why he would stay in school. He had already graduated, Uconn isn't a contender for a National Championship. They weren't even a logical contender to win the ACC. I had a solid 2nd round grade on him by then so I just don't get it. I don't see any difference in his tape between 2022 & 2023 , and I especially loved his tape against Michigan in 2022. His team was overmatched, but Haynes was kicking ass in the run game. All of his few losses were in pass protection . With the exception of being late on a couple of twists stunts , and getting turned while allowing a few guys to beat him on a shoulder he won there too. This was against a defense with a lot of future NFL players , and Haynes looked great on the whole. He ended up a 4 year starter , and any guy who starts that many games in a power five conference should be ready to contribute early in the NFL. Haynes starts out with good knee bend pre-snap, and he fires off the ball quickly & low  , but he can be leaning too far forward. It's just that he's so quick off the ball he rarely get shucked early , which surprised me. He has 33 inch arm length , which is solid for a guard , but he carries those hands too low initially , and they are behind the rest of his body. Your hands need to be coordinated with your feet so your initial jab step positioning allows the power from your legs to come out through your hands when you explode your hips on contact. So if he can get his timing with his hands & feet synched right this guy could be a ALL PRO. The funny thing is that so many defenders don't keep their hands inside , and Haynes is usually successful anyway. Even though he sometimes get stood up a bit early he usually has to re-adjust his hands post contact before his legs kick in too start pushing. Christian has the initial quickness & positioning to make the reach blocks so vital for stretch zone plays  , and he can stay attached moving laterally , but his hands can get outside some there too. He picks off so many guys at the second level. He is controlled getting there, almost always makes a good block 3 or 4 yards down the field, and even though a lot of those are stalemates from that point he is clearly doing his job well. Every once in a while he will make a highlight block down the field , or just a get a little shove , but usually he is an ACE there. Now he uses his skills best in a zone scheme , and he especially excels at all those combo blocks coming from the side before going up the field. In pass protection his hands can get outside at times, but he does throw hands with force. My bigger worry is that he occasionally turns sideways when someone is shooting through the shoulder of one of his gaps. Instead he needs to move his hips & shuffle sideways to stay in front of his man, while keeping his frame between him and the defender in front of the the QB. His anchor is usually good when he's positioned right , even though he does lose the initial hand position fight too much. When he was lined up at center at The Senior Bowl in the one on ones he was slower & higher off the ball than he is at guard. Defenders were getting into him immediately and driving him back quickly , but then he would sit down re-adjust his hands sit down & anchor strong. At guard it was better early , but the D-Lineman were getting their hands into the face & throat of O-Lineman too often , and he even got his helmet ripped off once. I wish I could hear if the coaches were getting on the defensive players for it, and how they graded those plays , because Haynes was winning most of them in my book. In the practices his anchor looked real good overall. I stress the Senior Bowl so much because he was facing better competition there than he usually sees in the ACC, and played well doing it. Since he has been a RG his whole college career , and he has good tape there , that's where I would leave him. His tape shows a plus player zone blocking , and just a solid one in man/gap , so primarily zone teams should have higher on their boards. You won't see him just standing around watching , because Haynes is always looking to hit someone with a finishers mentality.  and he is rarely on the ground unless he is on top of someone. So overall I love his ability to run block in a zone scheme , and while I think he is a good pass protector on the whole I think he needs better hand placement & positioning there.  When I finish my tape study and solidify my grade I look around to see what other people on the internet who's opinion I respect think of those same players.  I am higher than the consensus at #44 overall. However, if Haynes goes to a Shanahan taught guy ( except for McVay who's doing a lot of man/gap now) he's a plug N play starter. So I am giving Haynes to Packers where I believe he will be starting over one of their veteran guards soon enough. 



Roger was the starting RT the last 2 years for the left handed Michael Penix making him the blindside protector for the Huskies.  Arms are a little over 33 inches long , but when he throws inside hands it alleviate that some. He gets off the ball well , and he's kind of a athletic OT who fits best in a zone scheme , especially in a Shannahan type stretch zone , but he has a soft build. He needs to get stronger to hold up in the NFL , and he has the frame to add more muscle , and he specifically needs it in his legs . He has decent left tackle feet & quickness , but if he was more rocked up that should improve. His initial pass sets are usually solid , but he too often loses after contact because he is too high. He uses his arms & hands inside much better than most of these guys early with a decently timed punch, but he does have a tendency to jump set too far outside against speed & throw both hands too early. Roger doesn't hold as much most OT's in this draft , but when he does its usually when he is beat early , and then the hands get outside and grabby. Mostly he struggles with anchoring against power , because he upright so much & his legs need to get stronger , but when he short sets it catches them off guard and slows them down. You can literally just look at Fautanu lined up at the other OT spot and see how much more knee bend & leverage he plays with both pre & post snap compared to Rosengarten, but if he got to spend more time in a 3 point stance that could improve. Good awareness on stunts , and twists , but not quite as good with delayed blitzes. Also has a tendency to let guys go too early on screens. Looks to help out when uncovered in pass pro , which happened a lot in the Texas game because they were overloading Fautanu's side for some reason.  Washington seems to pass about 75% of the time while the game is still in doubt so I had to watch extra games to get a read on the run blocking of their OT's. His best run blocks are when he is down blocking inside , and does a solid job getting to the second level on combo blocks , although he is hit & miss down the field. Sometimes he lays a shot on a guy at the second level , and other times gets juked or takes a bad angle and whiffs. Gets stood up too much inline at the line of scrimmage , but he keeps trying to readjust his hands and drive his feet, but does fall off too many blocks. Takes too much depth when pulling too his left , and is also hit & miss there, but he does a better job down the field on screens. He plays aggressive , and keeps fighting to the whistle ,but lacks a true finishers mentality & results. With a lot of time in the squat rack , and increased patience & some technique refinement I could see him being a solid starter down the line. How long that takes depends on how hard he works in the weight room , and how coachable he is because he is not ready for NFL power rushers right now. Multiple Michigan pass rushers took it to him in the Championship game , and it wasn't just bull rushes either. Gave up plenty of pressure to the outside,  got beat multiple times to the inside on spin moves , and a early jump cut when he set to far outside . He will see much worse in the Pros. Looked better at the Senior bowl so you know he's working on it , but still consistently too high almost all the time. While his tape makes him look kind of athletic he was much more so at the combine where his 4.92 forty led all O-Lineman, and I wish he was consistently that quick on film. If he dedicates himself to getting stronger and plays lower he is at least a solid swing tackle , but he could be a solid starter too. I gave him a high 3rd round grade , but my guess is he goes in the second to a team that lost out on the higher ranked OT's earlier. 

60.BUFFALO - MAX MELTON - # - CB - RUTGERS - 5"11" , 187


Melton is a experienced versatile cover corner with 40 starts in the big 10 , and is a two time team captain. He can run with anybody deep , and can leap out if the gym to go get the ball. Plus he has the timing & ball skills to get his hands on the ball a lot with 8 picks and 30 passes defensed over the last 3 years. I watched games from the last 3 years after his outstanding  performance at the combine, and you can see him getting better over time. I love guys who can play inside or out because it allows you to matchup better & disguise coverages. He's physical with long arms to press  , although he can get grabby , but I like him even more in zone. Mans up in run support. coming forward , but not the form tackler he needs to be. Good route recognition in off coverage, and as soon as he sees it he flies to the ball. He has good feet , but a high pedal can slow him out of the break. He's really athletic & tough , but he needs to polish up his techniques. Has also blocked a lot of punts. Has a stupid off the field incident that needs to be vetted , but hopefully it was just immaturity. Otherwise I would have him even higher. 



There are a lot of things I like about Puni , but here are 3 key ones that are far more rare than many people realize. 1- He can play all 5 positions in a pinch , which he showed at The Senior Bowl , and he was winning lined up all across the line of scrimmage. Also showed consistently lower pad level in Mobile than on tape. 2- Instead of riding out his career at lower level Central Missouri he transferred up to a power five team 2 years ago which shows he is willing to both test & prove himself. 3 - After transferring , and his results going down in year one at Kansas,  he took to coaching by showing much improved technique on his 2023 tape. Which is even more impressive because he kicked outside to tackle this season with much better results , but edge rushers aren't as strong. He's a 6th year senior so you have to take his age into the equation , but I really think this guy can start for a NFL team somewhere up front as a rookie. His biggest weakness is that he's too high on tape too often, but he was improved there this season. He's got a wide thick build , and the aggressive attitude I like , but too much of that weight is in his upper body making him top heavy. He's strong with shock in his hands on contact , but too often his hands are wide. That lessens the initial power and leaves his chest open , but when his hands are right he can win quickly and start driving his opponent off the ball in the run game. If he can play with better knee bend , and Z in his legs I think center might be his best position long term , but he needs to hit the squat rack more.  Which is is ironic because even though he has 13 starts at guard, and 26 at tackle ( all but 3 on the left side ) he has never started a college game at center. Not only will it get him in the habit of getting lower early , but it will also help his body be more balanced , and keep him from getting too far forward. It will also help him to sustain blocks longer. Has a good punch in pass protection , and can use his hands independently at times, but still gets his hands outside the target too much. Surprisingly good anchor outside in 2023 for a guy who's pad level is iffy. Mostly it just comes down to him getting lower on a a consistent basis , especially if he's playing inside , because the power of interior players pushed him back too much on his 2022 guard tape. Since he was already doing that in Mobile I have given him a  late 2nd round grade.

62.TAMPA BAY-(balt)- RENARDO GREEN - CB - FLORIDA ST. - 6 ft. , 186


Out of all the corners who could go in the top 75 Green is the grabbiest. He is a former safety who is super physical , and he shines in press man coverage , but he's gonna get you some flags along with it. Don't like it when he's in off coverage its a waste of what he does best. Despite just solid length & size he can jam WR's and redirect them off the line. Shows brains & the patience to jump in at the right time. LSU has 2 WR's that are going to go high in this draft , and Green is one  of just 3 CB's ( Bama's Arnold & Koolaid are the other 2 ) who slowed them down. Has good feet and the ability to cut well out of the break. Will battle anyone at the catch point , but ball skills need work.  Green mans up against the run , even though he isn't always a controlled tackler , and he lacks the sand in his pants to punish ball carriers much. Has great quickness, but just good top end speed. I would want him on my team . He will frustrate some WR's and put them on tilt, but you have to accept the penalties that go along with it. 

63.S.F.49ers - RUKE ORHORHORO - DT/DE - CLEMSON - 6"4" , 294


Ruke is a versatile guy who can play all along the line of scrimmage in a odd or even front , but I think he is best as a 3 or 5 technique , but strong enough against doubles at the 3 right now. He can hold his ground one on one , stack & shed outside and knows how to disengage with active hands. He has a good ripped frame with long arms that he used well to control blockers , and has good initial hand placement. Fires out low off the snap and has the feet of a smaller man to move laterally , but doesn't have good closing speed , and needs to learn how to get skinny in the gaps more. Uses those feet to change direction well and good on stunts & twists.  He stalls too much as a rusher , but he does get his hands up to alter or bat down passes. Despite 5 years in college he's still just 22 , and started out late in high school, so I think he has some good upside if he takes to coaching. 



While Phillips is trill kind of raw with just 16 starts , but he plays a aggressive physical game when allowed to. Kentucky mixes things up a lot , and he might get better quicker if he wasn't constantly switching coverages & techniques. He needs to be allowed to get up in the receivers face , and be physical more often , and play more man than zone. More flags will come though. A physical guy in the slot that can tackle is more important than ever these days., but he seemed to play twice as much outside in some games. Phillips mans up in run support ,and he can blitz well too. Has a low smooth pedal with type writer feet that make believe he could be something special with more experience  & coaching , and every team loves guys who can play inside & out , but he's just a tick late transitioning. He's also tick late in reading routes from off coverage too often , and while will try to break up the pass he gives up too many catches right now because he's tardy. Has the Alpha attitude you want when pressing. All the tools are there except height , and he needs to get better at the catch point too. He just needs to play and pump up that football IQ and timing. 

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