Friday, September 6, 2019


This season is just about to kickoff and while a lot has cleared up recently you never know until they play the games, and especially how much injuries will come into play. After having watched every pre-season game , and now that the rosters have shaken out some I am ready to take a crack at it .


POSITIVE : The reigning MVP at QB, and it's logical think that a guy who will be 24 this year is only going to get better .... WOW. A great amount of receiving talent at the skill positions . Some upgraded and healthier premium players on defense. A offensive genius for a head coach .
NEGATIVE:  Their defense has got to pull it's weight  .They need to run the ball a bit more for balance . Their center and left guard are unproven enough to worry me .
SUMMARY :  A Superbowl contender, but in a potentially tough division .  It's hard to win a lot of games 34 -31 all year and win the Superbowl unless your the Patriots.

2.CHARGERS - 9-7 
POSITIVE :They finished strong last year, won a lot of games they would have lost in 2017 , have a proven QB, and the most  talented overall roster in the division. Tons of talent at WR if they stay healthy. Upgraded O-line if healthy, but Okung is their lines best player ,and his availability is already in doubt . 2 of the best bookend edge rushers in the NFL. Mike Badgley was very consistent in the 2nd half of the season . If Hunter Henry is healthy he is a big upgrade, and Mike Williams broke out last year . With The injury to Derwin James drafting Nasir Adderly in the 2nd round looks even wiser now .  
NEGATIVE:With 2 of their best players currently unavailable due to Melvin Gordon's holdout & Derwin James possibly missing half the season with a foot injury they don't look like the contender I thought would be coming into camp. 
SUMMARY : Replacement players need to step up this year and hold the fort while Gordon & James are out otherwise I think they are at best the 2nd place team in the division . Plus injury prone key players like Keenan Allen, Joey Bosa, and Hunter Henry give me pause . Not to mention that the Chargers always seem beset by injuries .

3.BRONCOS - 8-8
POSITIVE : upgraded veteran QB and potential QB of the future in Drew lock . Move back to a predominant zone blocking scheme fits Royce Freeman to a tee, and Phillip Lindsay was a very pleasant surprise last season. Added a lot of young and talented pass catchers the last 2 seasons . Great pass rush ,and Von Miller is the most unique play maker in the game 
NEGATIVE: While they do have a better QB now it's not enough for me to rank them higher, and their once vaunted secondary is a wildcard for me. Plus they are counting on some injury prone older players in key places .
SUMMARY : It's possible they are a surprise contender, but Flacco needs to recover his 2012 mojo for that to happen.

4.RAIDERS - 6-10
POSITIVE : A potentially good O-line and they upgraded a lot this season between the draft, free agency. Adding Clelin Ferrell, Josh Jacobs, Johnathan Abram , Trayvon Mullen , Maxx Crosby, Foster Moreau , Lamarcus Joyner , Trent Brown , and Tyrell Williams is a ridiculous one year upgrade . .  
NEGATIVE: Notice I didn't include Antonio Brown in those positive additions  . Despite his awesome talent & play making ability his constant selfish distractions would have cost this team about 3 wins this year , even if he put up great personal numbers . Gruden was already making excuses for him, and that's a bad sign . A superstar like Brown could lead younger players down that selfish path just like T.O. did in Dallas , and divide the locker room . Can't believe they gave that whiny myopic diva 2 years guaranteed at big money . He just blew it up though so maybe they can suspend him & escape money free with an important lesson going forward, although at an expensive price of a 3rd & 5th rounder . Despite their impressive draft haul they should have gotten even more talent with that many premium picks. 
SUMMARY : They doomed themselves when they took a ride on the clown train with AB, and I now think this is just another rebuilding year .



POSITIVE : A weak division but the best QB & coach in the game right now, and maybe the best ever on both. A lot of smart versatile players . Their emphasis on prioritizing special teams personnel . No team does more with the next man up philosophy than the Pats . Almost impossible to game plan against because they will change so much from week to week depending on each individual opponent because they have so many players with high football IQ's . WR position is finally getting younger .
NEGATIVE: Iffy pass rush . A lot of age on defense .Didn't even remotely attempt to adequately replace Gronk . Losing stud run blocking center David Andrews right before the season is a blow ,but it's the Patriots so ... next man up ? The O-Line has some late incoming new faces due to injuries and it could take awhile for them to jell .
SUMMARY : As long as Brady & Belichick are there they are always a threat to take home the Lombardi , but not only am I picking them to win it , I am also saying they won't even make it to the Superbowl this year .

2.BILLS - 8-8
POSITIVE :Their coach and a mix of talented young players & vets on both sides of the ball . Great draft make me think they have an outside shot at the playoffs . Weak division . A lot of potential upgrades for their pass catchers . I think Devin Singletary could be the next Lesean McCoy and they got him in the 3rd round . More depth on the O-line than they have had in a decade with upgrades in both free agency and the draft .
NEGATIVE:  .A lot of unproven youth and Josh Allen needs to take a big step forward in accuracy & decision making to make the playoffs . The best of their new offensive lineman is center Mitch Morse, and he has a concussion again ( #4).
SUMMARY : They are on the bubble of playoff contention .

3.JETS - 7-9
POSITIVE :Bad division, really young but promising QB, and a promising defense . Possibly an elite defensive front . When on the field Leveon Bell is still a great workhorse RB .
NEGATIVE: Shaky interior  O-Line , young QB's , and a lack of proven play makers in the receiving game are rarely a good mix. Front office and coaching clash has led to Gase on a power trip. He better get it right .
SUMMARY : While I expect them to better ,and it's possible they are in contention for a wild card spot if a lot goes right there is already tension between coach and Superdiva Bell . Still think they are a team on the rise though

4.DOLPHINS - 2-14
POSITIVE :The  secondary ,Christian Wilkins , and possibly the head coach.The secondary is clearly the best overall unit on this team. 
NEGATIVE: A ton of questions marks almost everywhere . The least talented roster in the league in at least obvious rebuilding mode , and possibly tanking for Tua . Loss of Frank Gores & Cameron Wakes leadership ,and steady play despite their ages .
SUMMARY : A young first time head coach rebuilding from the ground up . Expecting to  hear a lot about culture change all year , but I would be surprised if they didn't end up with the first overall pick , and they are already loaded with future draft picks .


POSITIVE : A exciting young QB . A good draft . Hopkins, Fuller, Stills , and Coutee are the best receiving core in the league if they stay healthy . Potentially a great defense if they can stay healthy . Vastly Improved O-Line , but Watson still needs to get rid of the ball earlier .
NEGATIVE: Injury prone key players . No one of Clowney's caliber across from Watt may cause JJ to see even more double & triple teams .
SUMMARY : They had a really easy schedule last year, and have a tough one this season , but with Luck gone I think they are all in to win it this year.  With no GM to stop him O'Brien over payed for Tunsil & Stills ,and didn't get enough for the inconsistent but ultra talented Clowney . If they win a championship in the next 2 years it was worth it , but if not their coach mortgaged their future for not enough gain . If this team can keep Watkins and Watt healthy they are a contender to go all the way, but they should just be happy if Watt can play 12 games ,and then sneak into the playoffs with both mostly healthy . If so this could be their year .

1.JAGUARS - 10- 6  - WILD CARD
POSITIVE :A upgraded Superbowl MVP winning QB , a great defense , strong running game, upgraded O-line, and a draft where studs Josh Allen & Jawaan Taylor fell into their laps. A unified organizational game plan .
NEGATIVE: Need less me guys and more we guys on defense  .Can Fournette stay healthy ?
SUMMARY : If they don't return to form and make the playoffs this year it better be because Foles got hurt . Otherwise they may blame the coach and it's not his fault . 

3.TITANS - 8-8
POSITIVE :A lot of talent overall . Probably a good O-Line once Taylor Lewan returns from his suspension , but they didn't look so hot in the pre-season. If they commit to running the ball with Derrick Henry like they did in the 2nd half of last season they could be a playoff team . Good draft too .  Of all the protege coaches of Belichick,  Mike Vrabel is my favorite to succeed  .
NEGATIVE: 2 very similar , highly talented, but injury prone QB's in Mariota & Tannehill . If  between the 2 of them they could start 16 games between them they have a chance at the playoffs .
SUMMARY : Mariota needs to show he can stay healthy and master this offense , or they may be drafting a QB high in 2020 . If he does those things and Henry can get 280 plus touches I think the playoffs are a real possibility, but recent history says that won't happen .

3.COLTS - 7 - 9
POSITIVE :Great O-line  . They have had back to back great drafts . A upgraded defense .
NEGATIVE: Luck abandoning a team that was a Superbowl contender right before the season , despite the fact he was coming off his best year, and that they won 10 of their last 11 games in 2018 . WTH?
SUMMARY : Luck has dragged this team kicking and screaming into contention before, but now when they finally had put a great roster around him he quits  ? If I was a Colts fan I would burn his jersey , and demand the money for my season tickets back . If I was Jim Irsay I would take back every cent he owes me . The only reason not to do either is to hope Luck changes his mind soon  . But could you trust him if he did ? Nobody likes a quitter , and you shouldn't trust them either . Plus they are now paying Jacoby Brissett 30 million over 2 years because of Luck's departure .

POSITIVE :Talent almost everywhere coming out the ass . Mayfield now looks to me to be a definite franchise QB ,and inspiring leader  . Baker got the coach he wanted , and the team seems behind them . Myles Garrett is on the cusp of super-stardom . A lot of weapons at the skill positions . Emerging young defense  that added some key vets this off season . NicK Chubb is a straight up savage and I think he will widely be considered a top 5 RB by the time the season is over .
NEGATIVE: Bad track record of ownership makes me think they will find a way to meddle again ,and screw up a franchise that appears to finally be going in the right direction . Left tackle and right guard. Joe Thomas is almost impossible to replace , but they can do a lot better than Greg Robinson at LT .They should call Washington and offer a first + for Trent Williams . Now that's not only a replacement ,it actually does the near impossible and replaces Joe with a player of his caliber. That could put them over the top . Also, new RG Eric Kush was solid as a pass blocker in a limited role last year, but departing RG Kevin Zeitler was great at it, and Zeitler is the superior run blocker too .
SUMMARY : If they can't win at LEAST 9 games with this roster I would be shocked, unless Mayfield gets hurt . Based on talent they are a legitimate threat to win the division , the favorite to win it , and in my eyes a sneaky Superbowl contender. This is a team on the rise ,and they look they are about to open a long term contending window .

POSITIVE : Good offensive & defensive Lines , great coach, and great skill position talent . Proven Superbowl winning veteran QB .I don't know if you ever truly replace the full on field production of Bell & Brown, but I also am sure that both were no longer worth the headache in the locker room . So addition by subtraction in the long run . Devin Bush fills the huge Ryan Shazier sized hole in their defense .
NEGATIVE: Suspect defense and they still have one suspect attention seeking leader in Big Ben . EXAMPLES. 1-Roethlisberger - WHAAAAHHAAAHHH. I am gonna retire but don't draft a QB. I wish I was Brett Favre so I'll pull all the crap he did later in his career, but in a softer wussier way . Time to grow up Ben , but I think quitting your radio show was a good start, although the leeches in Big media will miss your talk radio instigating quotes .On the bright side they got rid of other selfish attention seekers, but they were also very talented . Conner did a good job replacing Bell, but I don't think his upside is as high, and can some combination of their other WR's replace Brown's on the field production ? 
SUMMARY : They are one of the favorite's in the division , but it wouldn't surprise me if any team except the Bengals won the division  .

3.RAVENS - 8 - 8 
POSITIVE :The drafting of Lamar Jackson was smart in many ways .  I believe in Jackson long term, and they got something for Flacco and dumped his bloated salary . Plus if Marshall Yanda is healthy they should have a good O-line . A really good overall coaching staff, and a good draft where they filled needs .Deepest TE core in the NFL . Adding Mark Ingram gives them a hard nosed 3 down bell cow RB . 
NEGATIVE: 2 of their key veteran players are now gone . Future HOFer Terrell Suggs still played at a high level last year despite his age , and losing CJ Mosely in his prime was a long term blow . I understand not matching the record setting contract that he got from the Jets, but they really should have spent more resources in the draft or free agency to replace him . 
SUMMARY : This team could sneak into the playoffs, especially if Jackson takes a step forward as a passer, and cuts down his fumbles  . Probably a rebuilding-reloading year though , but they remind me a lot of last years Seahawks team ,and despite the huge gap in the current QB play between those 2 teams the Hawks made the playoffs in 2018.

4.BENGALS - 5-11
POSITIVE : A good draft .  They still have a lot of talent on the overall roster . Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis had proven they couldn't win at a high level.  Brown wouldn't fire himself , but at least Lewis is finally gone . A new innovative head coach and offensive system may lead to a more exciting brand of football.
NEGATIVE: I thought the O-line should be better after drafting Jonah Williams, but he may miss the whole season due to injury .  Mike Brown would be wise to pull a Jerry Jones and appoint smarter football people to make the decisions . Then he could take credit for them, and might even end up in the HOF. Dalton has repeatedly failed in big games . Future HOFer , and the Bengals best player , AJ Green is already hurt . Sorry AJ,but it's now officially a pattern . It took forever to find a new defensive coordinator , and when you have to settle for your 5th or 6th choice it's fair to worry about how good he will be at it . 
SUMMARY : I think they are about to have a top 5 pick and start over next year by drafting a QB .

POSITIVE :The innovative offense and Head coach and DC. The defense with the best defensive player in the league is stacked with play makers everywhere but middle LB .   A young franchise running back & QB .  Experienced talented WR core .
NEGATIVE: Overall depth and their entire inside LB core is a worry. Gurley's long term knee health is a big worry . Everyone keeps poaching their offensive coaching staff . McVay may be on his own this year .  The Pats seemed to have figured out the Rams explosive offense in the Superbowl, and you can bet every team in the league has watched that tape over & over .Last years premium O-line is replacing 2 proven vets with 2 unproven young guys . A LOT of key older players playing A LOT of snaps , and they lack depth . Goff and Gurley's post season last year make me nervous . 
SUMMARY : Their championship window is now , and they are clear favorite for the division title , and to maybe even go all the way ,but don't sleep on the Seahawks . 

2.SEATTLE - 8 -8 
POSITIVE :Russell Wilson , Pete Carroll, Bobby Wagner ,and a lot of young,highly athletic, scheme specific, talent . O-line has no where to go but up, and they look improved some last season , and again this pre-season . No team in the league gets more out of drafting players in the later rounds and coaching them up . If DK Metcalf can stay healthy he is the perfect down the field deep threat to compliment Lockett out of the slot . Getting Clowney on the cheap was brilliant ,and pairing him with LJ Collier gives them 2 young highly athletic edge rushers .
NEGATIVE: This team has lost some premium players in the last seasons in Sherman, Thomas, Clark, Baldwin. That's 2 HOfers and 2 pro bowlers . Their best offensive player is Russel Wilson . He is a legit elite top 5 QB in this league , and while I commend their commitment to balance & running the ball, they need to let him make plays more often if they want to win.
SUMMARY : The few marquee players they still have ,  Carrol's reputation as a charismatic teacher & leader , a lot of athletic ability , and a weak division give them at least a decent shot at the wildcard .

3.49ers - 8-8
POSITIVE : Back to back solid drafts and potentially 3 or 4 explosive big play WR's . Both Deebo Samuel & Dante Pettis as potential game changers as return men . Solid lines on both sides of the ball, but their D-line has the talent to be elite this season .A lot of depth at RB .
NEGATIVE: Garoppolo is so far unproven and injury prone . Very few proven prime time players , other than Joe Staley. Richard Sherman & DeForest Buckner . Plus Sherman & Staley are both on the downside of their careers.
SUMMARY : A team on the rise that could sneak into the playoffs , but it's time for Garoppolo to stay healthy and for all those young play makers to step up . Other wise they may end up with another top 5 pick, and this time it will probably be used on a QB . 

4.CARDINALS - 5- 11

POSITIVE :They finally got a young potential franchise QB to throw to the awesome Fitz and Johnson, and if Kyler's small body holds up I think he will be special . Plus Patrick Peterson, Chandler Jones, Suggs, and I predict a breakout for Budda Baker . A new young exciting receiving core. This offense was made for Kyler Murray .
NEGATIVE: Really bad O-line ,and they barely addressed it this off season . That's a terrible recipe for a young QB's physical and mental health . Some of their recent high picks need to step up, and they already cut the cord on bust Robert Nkemdiche . Peterson's 6 game suspension & Robert Alford's broken leg leave them very thin at corner in a defense that wants to play man and blitz a lot . When they win games it may be when both teams score over 30 points, because I think they will have one of the worst defenses in the league .
SUMMARY : In my opinion they should be sued for negligence with that O-line and a young QB . This offense is usually 4 wide . That already means less blockers, but even if Kyler gets the ball out really quick he's going to take a lot of hits no matter how quick & elusive he is .So I see them having a top 5 pick again , and hopefully improving their O-Line in the draft & free agency.


POSITIVE :If Travis Frederick stays healthy ,and is the same player I think they will once again have one of the leagues best O-lines. No more Dez running the wrong route or causing a problem with his outburst , and Amari Cooper is his opposite in almost every way, Gallup looks to be coming on as well . Zeke is the best all around back in the league in my opinion, and Tony Pollard may be the perfect compliment to him ,as his play style reminds of former cowboy Felix Jones .I predict they will have one of the best defenses in the league, and they are young so this could be the start of a new era . Finally out of salary cap hell, and spending big money to retain key young players show's foresight, and we all know Jerry is itching for another ring before he dies  . Jason Witten's contributions as a blocker, reliable short area target, and leader were sorely missed . I think he can give them similar production even after a year off . I think Kellen Moore will be an innovative upgrade as the new OC ,as long Garrett leaves him alone.
NEGATIVE: . Jason Garrett's clock mismanagement and ultra conservative game plans.Not getting a deal done with Dak could cause some dysfunction, but in fairness he hasn't shown he is worth 30 million a year yet like his agent says , but sadly most of these new QB deals are bloated so he may actually get it in Dallas or somewhere else . Is giving Zeke a big amount of guaranteed money with 2 years still left on his current deal a good idea? NOPE . Especially since he can't stay out of trouble off the field . You should NEVER reward bad behavior . Even if Zeke miraculously matures overnight it sets multiple bad precedents .Brett Maher hasn't looked very consistent since camp started .
SUMMARY : This team is in a SUPERBOWL window now, but I think it only happens if Dak takes a step forward . If they don't at least make it to the NFC Championship we will see if Jerry actually keeps his word and fires Garrett . Lincoln Riley anyone ?

POSITIVE :One of the most complete deepest roster in the NFL. One of the leagues best Offensive & defensive Lines . A young starting QB that is just 2 years away from almost winning the MVP. Potentially the best receiving TE duo since Gronk/Hernandez .Upgraded both depth & talent at RB and WR . Having Andre Dillard fall into their lap in the draft was a godsend , and I see him replacing over the hill HOFer Jason Peters soon . I think he will take over for Peters by next year at the latest ,and be a stud for a decade . I think JJ Arcega-Whiteside will be taking Jeffery's spot on about the same timetable. The best head coach in the division .
NEGATIVE: The health of Wentz is a legit question mark . Backup QB has taken a hit, but at least they got a wily vet in McCown just in case Carson's injury woes happen again. They didn't upgrade last years poor secondary much, but a lot of their problems were due to injury's . Still a question mark in my mind though .
SUMMARY : I think they are a contender ,but Dallas beat them twice last year so that's the tie-breaker for me in the division.

3.GIANTS - 7- 9

POSITIVE : Improved O-Line and off the ball LB's after years of both being a weakness .   . New regime seems to have them moving in the right direction . 2 Time Superbowl MVP at the games most important position , although I'm not sure how much Eli has left after being constantly knocked around . While I firmly believe that they could have gotten Daniel Jones at pick #17 , his pre-season performance pleasantly surprised the crap out of me . Saquon is already one of the top 5 RB's in the league , and it won't surprise if he clearly blows past everyone else ,and is number one in my mind very soon .
NEGATIVE:  Will Eli still have happy feet when he doesn't need to ? How long before they turn towards next year and give the reigns to Jones ?The main reason they won their last 2 Super Bowls was an elite pass rush , and I'm not even sure if this years team will have an average one . Their injuries at WR , coupled with trading Beckham, and Tate's suspension to start the season don't paint a pretty picture for the passing game .
SUMMARY : This looks more like a transition year to me, but they also made key additions at key positions. So I think they will be semi-competitive ,and with a LOT breaks they could make a run for a wild card , but I seriously doubt it.

4.REDSKINS - 6- 10

POSITIVE : GREAT DRAFT! I believe Haskins is the legit QB of the future ,and they didn't even have to trade up for him . Montez Sweat and Terry McLaurain should also contribute right away. and have both have the chance to be long term high level starters. Not to mention both Bryce Love (4th) Piersbacher (5th) and Kelvin Harmon( in the 6th freaking round!)  could all be starters by year 2 .Great defensive line . Improved secondary . A smart under appreciated head coach who has made the most of a bad situation 2 years running .
NEGATIVE:  A team decimated by injuries the last 2 years (especially along the O-Line), and that makes me wonder is it bad luck or a bad training program ? Trent Williams is the best player on their their offense , and if he really isn't willing to come back and play for them I bet they could get at least a 1rst and a 3rd for him . Off the ball LB core doesn't fill me with confidence . By time Haskins takes over they may be out of playoff contention anyway .
SUMMARY : They are in a tough division , but could sneak into wild card contention if miracles happen, but it would take a ton of things to go right for me to buy them as a playoff team this year .


POSITIVE :An elite QB with a great O-Line and one of the deepest overall rosters in the NFL . I have a sneaky feeling that this is really-really-really the last season for Drew Brees ,and I think he is the type of guy to save the best for last before he strolls off to the HOF . Excellent coaching and play calling . Good mix of veteran and young talent .
NEGATIVE:  WR depth.
SUMMARY : They look like a team that is ALL-IN again to win this years Super Bowl , and I think they can pull it off . 

2.FALCONS - 9 - 7

POSITIVE :Dirk Koetter's back after former OC Steve Sarkisian couldn't get them over the hump . Proven veteran MVP winning QB and a lot of talent at the skill positions . Improved talent on the O-line and a fast attacking defense . 
NEGATIVE: They are undersized and vulnerable against the run and they need to turn the edge rushers loose , and that's if those guys stay healthy.  While they added talent to the O-line the Jets made them look lost in the pre-season with their pass rush .
SUMMARY : They are a contender, but in a tough division and in a stronger conference I think they just miss. However, if they make the  playoffs they have the talent to win it if they stay healthy and the O-Line solidifies  .  

3.PANTHERS - 8-8

POSITIVE :A healthy Newton would be a huge plus , and at the very least he is a lot healthier than last year. They really upgraded their skill level talent over the last 2 years , and this could be a breakout year for both DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel. One of the leagues best LB cores , and running a lot of 3-4 looks can really take advantage of them on or off the ball . The O-Line has been in flux for 2 years but I think this new younger , healthier unit could be a huge plus right away. McCaffrey is now an elite player ,and feeding him is the smartest thing they have done in years .
NEGATIVE: The secondary worries me .  Will Cam ever learn how to throw the ball with touch? You don't always need to fire it in there, especially when they receiver is close to you 
SUMMARY : Another team hard to predict, but I think a lot would have to go right to make them a contender this year, although as long as Newton's healthy they are a threat to make the playoffs . 


POSITIVE :  Ridiculously athletic off the ball linebackers . As good a 1-2 punch at WR and TE as exist in the game. Majorly upgraded head coach and defensive coordinator . Their run defense should be top notch .
NEGATIVE: The entire secondary is a question mark . They over paid their average at best  left tackle . Edge rushers need to prove themselves . Winston needs to show he can stay healthy ,out of trouble , and that he can be the guy we all thought he could be when they took him #1 overall . Or they may be drafting a QB high very soon.
SUMMARY : Last year I thought they were going to be a surprise contender . I was wrong and not much went right for them . In this division almost everything would have to go their way for them to sneak into the playoffs . 


POSITIVE :Matt Nagy brought a motion based tricky offense that helped Trubisky take a step forward last year . If they had a better kicker they might have won it all in 2018 . Strong O-line if healthy. Khalil Mack... NUFF SAID . They have added a lot of WR's and athletic RB's in the last 2 years to help out the young QB . A lot of athletic young talent on one of the leagues best defenses .
NEGATIVE: Trubisky has talent all around him , but it's gonna be a lot harder to fool anyone with all of last years tape to study. Mitch needs to start winning games instead of being a system QB who just doesn't have to lose them, because Minnesota & Green Bay should be better . Unproven rookie kicker Eddy Pineiro needs to solidify the position after last years disastrous kicking problems culminated in Cody Parkey missing the game winner at home against the eagles to knock Chicago out of the playoffs.
SUMMARY : Trubisky or bust I guess . If he can throw people open into tight windows they could go all the way , but I haven't seen him do it consistently yet .That coupled with a tougher division ,and much tougher schedule ,makes me think they fall short again .

POSITIVE :Veteran QB in his 2nd year of the system should make a jump forward . Excellent talent at all the skill positions . A great well rounded defense. A good head coach ,and a good draft that filled needs  . I think rookie first round Center Garrett Bradbury will solidify the pivot for a long time .
NEGATIVE: Cousins needs to show he can win big games now , and at least win a playoff game. Dan Bailey looked so bad since camp started that they traded a 5th round pick for a rookie. Then the rookie went down hill , and Bailey seemed to return to form, so they burned a 5th rounder for nothing . Bailey was once the best kicker in the game, and he's still young, but with kickers who knows ?  Once they lose it they are usually just gone quickly . I think that there is a decent chance their season will rise or fall on his right foot . Dalvin Cook's health is always a question now 
SUMMARY : If the O-line shores up with the new infusion of talent they can win it all, but I think they fall just a tad short again , and in this division with 3 legit contenders they could win 10 games and still miss the playoffs. 

2.PACKERS - 9-7
POSITIVE :One of the great QB's in the league . Don't underestimate the value of what Jimmy Graham brings in the red zone . Strong along the O-line if healthy . Upgraded the whole defense in free agency & the draft , and it already looks improved in the pre- season  
NEGATIVE: A lot of young unproven WR's . A young first time unproven head coach .
SUMMARY : It's a tough division , but with the personnel moves they made in the off season and a healthy O-Line & Rodgers they are a threat to win it all. Still I doubt it because first year first time coaches don't have a championship track record throughout history . George Seifert comes to mind , but he stepped into the perfect situation with an already winning dynastic team. That's not the case here .

4.LIONS - 5 - 11

POSITIVE : A upgraded O-line , D-Line and RB stable over the last 2 years. TJ Hockenson looks to be the next Jason Witten to me, but will they throw him the ball enough, or just take advantage of his dominance as a blocker ? Golladay and Jones are a good 1-2 punch outside .
NEGATIVE: Boring predictable new offense that relies on a defense that isn't proven to hold the line .  I just don't think Matt Patricia was ready to be a head coach last year, and I don't think he will have the job long after another down year in a tough division . Off the ball LB's worry me .
SUMMARY : They look like  a team that's gonna have a top 5 pick next year , and if they do they should fire Patricia and bring in someone with more skins on the wall .