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  IT'S OVAH! Now we tally up the players, their overall value, if needs were filled , and their value where they were picked. In a draft with so many players these grades probably mean less than usual, but there is also the fact that it was a down draft at the top. However, because of the depth & size of the draft class I wouldn't be surprised if this draft is remembered fondly from a historical perspective 20 years from now.  Never thought I would see a draft with 76 players with a 6th round grade , but I did this time around. That means a ton of players with draftable grades being available late, and that is definitely not the norm. I expect we will have the most competitive practice squads ever this year.  I broke down at least 3 games on 403 players , and at least one on 457. Plus I have watched more than 10 games on many of the top guys. Keep in mind that if I am just a watching a game for pleasure , and if a player doesn't stand out he probably won't end up on my watch list.  Plus, as always the only real way to judge a draft class is a minimum of 3 years after the fact, which is why these are called snap grades. A nice solid pick is usually graded as a B, but I sometimes put a plus or minus based on fit. There are always a couple of guys drafted I haven't watched before as well.  In that case I tend to just say my bad, and I leave it ungraded. Specialist don't count for me though, and I wouldn't know how to judge a kicker, punter, or long snapper. They are ranked alphabetically to make it easier for everyone to find their team , but if you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a basic list in order of grade. In a draft with so much depth I wasn't surprised that most of the teams drafted well. I had to pull down my original grades article to fix mistakes, but this one has the same grades & player explanations without all the typos & whatnot. Feel free to leave a comment. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently and respectfully. If you can't, or resort to personal attacks, I just won't post it. So here it is. Enjoy. 

# Is for a player for with reported character or maturity concerns .

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns .

N/A means Not Applicable

ARIZONA CARDINALS - B+ - I like the value of their later picks a lot more than their early ones, but it was a above average draft when consider that Marquis Brown is a part of it.  Putting Brown back in a spread offense with his former Oklahoma running mate Kyler could lead to him being a stud in Zona. I think too much of the draft was about making Murray happy , instead of taking the BPA , and helping the defense at times. I think it was a good draft that will pay pay off long term , but I don't see them as Superbowl contender this year with these players on defense. So unless they add more guys now that the compensatory pick portion of free agency is over I think this draft doesn't do enough to help the 2022 cards. 

TREY MCBRIDE - TE - COLORADO ST.- 6"4" , 246 - B- - He's a solid well rounded inline Y tight end. I'm not sure how well he will do as a move TE in the NFL when guarded by DB's, but he should be fine against most LB's. His blocking is fine, but he needs to find a mean streak there if he wants to become a plus blocker. They picked him where I had him, but since they already resigned Zach Ertz I thought there were many more players of similar value who would have filled a need, 

CAMERON THOMAS - DE/DT - SAN DIEGO ST. 6"4" , 267 - B - Thomas is a tweener, but a productive one who was moved all over the line. Has some strength &  a great inside counter move off the edge, but not a bendy guy who can run the arc outside. Has a 4 move rush arsenal, but he is good at all 4 of them, although his get off is just average outside. He's just not strong enough to set the edge as a 3-4 end right now, but most of his plays against the run are made by knifing through a gap. As a 5 technique or farther inside he gets pushed around, especially by double teams so he needs to add at least 20 pounds of muscle to hang there.

MYJAI SANDERS - DE/OLB - CINCINNATTI - 6"5" , 242 - B- - I had him in the 4th and they took him in the late 3rd. He's a tweener. A  3 year starter who was on a team that has made a lot noise the last 2 seasons. His coaches moved him inside this year a lot, and it makes no sense because he is light in the ass, and needed to gain weight just to stay on the edge. Now his weight is all over the place, and he bombed at the combine. I could see myself taking him here because of 2020 tape, and then hope he gets stronger & more polished. Also plays up & down to his competition. Too many near misses, and more pressure than production. 

KEONTAY INGRAM - RB - USC - 6 feet, 221 - B+ - I had a late 5th on him, and they took him in the 6th. A powerful runner with good vision &  contact balance between the tackles, but little burst to take it outside or bust one. Needs to keep his weight under control. He's willing in pass pro, but needs to remember inside out first. Experienced on screens.

LECITUS SMITH - G/C - VA TECH - 6"3" , 314 - A  - I had him in the late 4th , and they got him in the 6th so good value. A 4 year starter at left guard, with one on the blindside tossed in for good measure. He's a technician with short arms that someone is going to move to center. A nasty punch in pass pro , but his hands tend to get wide at times, and short armed guys have to have them right down the middle to make it work. Quick off the ball, plays low, and has great balance, but falls off more blocks than he should. May be maxed out as a guard, but also might be the heir apparent at center for Zona.


JESSIE LUKETA - DE/OLB - PENN ST. - 6"3" , 253 - A+ - A physical heavy handed assignment sound edge rusher with a good motor, but he needs to shed  blocks quicker. Doesn't have the athleticism or burst you want off the edge, and shouldn't be in coverage much ,so he needs to be a 4-3 end in the Pros. I had him in the 4th, and  they got him in the 7th , but I would bet on a guy with his character & intangibles to play for years as a rotational guy in the NFL, 

MARQUIS HAYES - G - OKLAHOMA - 6"5" , 318 - A+++SUPER DUPER STEAL! I have a 3rd round grade on this long armed bruiser, and think he will become a starter in time, but apparently the league disagrees because he fell to the end of the draft. He generally comes off the ball low in the running game, but the farther he has to move off the snap without contact the higher he gets .  Can move a man off the ball, and when he latches on and stays low its over, but too often off balance and loses wide base. Strong anchor at times in pass pro when he is low ,but he loses it when he gets higher. Mostly it's either a good punch ,  his inside hand placement, or his high level awareness that makes him a good pass blocker. I am apparently higher on him than most in the media, but I have to believe teams will rue the day they passed on him.

ATLANTA FALCONS  - A- -  A great draft to kick the rebuild into high gear. A lot of possible long term building blocks. They took Ridder in the 3rd so they could easily still draft a QB high next year if doesn't progress as quickly as they would like. 

 ** - DRAKE LONDON - WR - USC - 6"4'" , 219  - B - A big WR that excels on contested catches, in the end zone , and as a blocker. Fills a big need. Now Ridder has 2 ( Kyle Pitts is the other ) big receivers who can with wide catch radiuses to haul in his throws. 

ARNOLD EBIKETIE - DE - PENN ST. 6"2",25  - B - Ebikete is a raw but crafty pass rusher with multiple moves , long arms, some bend, a good motor  ,and good hand usage. Needs to get stronger and improve against the run. 

TROY ANDERSEN - LB - MONTANA ST. - 6"4" , 242 - B - Andersen is a great athlete, and the 5th year senior has worn many hats in his time in college. Right now you see a big fast LB who's football IQ is a work in progress, but his elite athleticism may have worked against him in that regard. Has been a QB, RB , a LB , and special teams ace. 

DESMOND RIDDER- QB-CINCINNATTI -6"3", 211 - B+ - At one time I feared they would trade up into the bottom of the first for him, but he's well worth the risk in the 3rd. He is a 4 year starter that you can watch getting better every year on tape. Character, leadership, and intangibles are why I like him most. Good arm , big hands , good frame that he needs to bulk up some more. Ridder has quick reads, and some great mobility & runs on tape. However,  accuracy & decision making are below average, and he has a long throwing motion. He will be at least a good backup, but he could become a starter. 

DEANGELO MALONE - OLB/DE - W. KENTUCKY - 6 "3" , 234 - B - Malone is a small school  twitchy 4 year starter off the edge with a quick burst off the snap , and he has led the team in sacks all 4 years. Great feet, stop & start quickness,  a RB like jump cut , the ability top bend the arc outside, and even the occasional unexpected bull rush thrown in. Just a situational pass rusher until he gets bigger & stronger.

TYLER ALLGEIER  - RB - BYU - 5"11" , 220 - A+ - STEAL! Complete 3 down back. Punishing runner  . He was 3rd RB & 74th overall player, and they got him in the 5th. I see him as their starting RB right out of the gate. 

JUSTIN SCHAFFER - G - GEORGIA - 6"4" ,314 - A+ STEAL!  I had a late 4th on him, and they got this big nasty in the 6th. Physical , but heavy feet, and needs to be a man/gap scheme where he can punish in the phone booth. Wide hands need to be kept inside if he ever wants to be a regular starter.

JOHN FITZPATRICK - TE - GEORGIA - A- - Semi STEAL. This big blocking TE was one of the unsung heroes of the National champions. I had him in the late 5th, and they got him in the late 6th. Perfect compliment to Kyle Pitts. I had him in the late 5th and they got him in the 6th.

BALTIMORE RAVENS - A+ - THE Ravens dominated the draft AGAIN. Getting my #1 & #7 player at #14 & #25 is pure Ravens, and the hits just kept on coming too. If Lamar Jackson can improve his accuracy they could be a Superbowl team, but I'm not sure where his heads at right now. As long as Ozzie & Decosta are running the show I expect they will win at least one ring per decade. They always have a lot of picks , and they just get so much value compared to most other franchises.

KYLE - HAMILTON - S - N. DAME - 6"4" , 220- A+ -The first of many steals for the Ravens. There is a reason why this franchise is so stable, and it starts with their ability judge, acquire, and develop talent from through the draft. My highest graded player at #14 is just amazing. 

TYLER LINDERBAUM - C - IOWA - 6"2" , 296 - A+ - Even after trading back they got my 7th ranked player at pick #25 after dumbo Dallas passed on him. He doesn't fit the man/gap scheme they have predominantly been running recently. So I am guessing their will be some stretch zones thrown in , but this feisty technician can move like few centers you will ever see. 

-**DAVID OJABO - OLB/DE - MICHIGAN - 6"4" , 250 - B+ - Of course the Ravens were the team to take the toolsy pass rusher at a discount. Once he is healthy and improves against the run I expect he will play like the 1rst rounder he would have been before his injury.

TRAVIS JONES - DT - UCONN- 6"4" , 325 - A+ - STEAL! A productive giant 3 down Nose tackle who should have went much higher after dominating in Mobile. He fits this team & division, and was on the field a lot more than Jordan Davis so you at least know he can bull forward as a pass rusher. Looked consistently lower at the Senior Bowl , and it paid off, but I thought he would go a lot higher. 

DANIEL - FAALELE - OT - MINNESOTA- 6"8" , 390 - A enormous man who can be a starting right tackle if he leans out some & gains some flexibility. Biggest dude I have ever seen on a football field who actually looks like he might make it in the NFL, but he is raw & still learning the game. 

** JALYN ARMOUR-DAVIS - CB - ALABAMA - 6"1" , 197 - B He's a Bama corner who's best football may be ahead of him if he can improve his Un-Bama-like low Football IQ. He can press & run , but I think his injuries have robbed him of a chance to polish his game so far. We both had him in the 4th.

CHARLIE KOLAR - TE - IOWA ST. - 6"7" , 252 - B - He's a big TE who doesn't block like one. Has a huge catch radius & good hands, but he is just a chain mover instead of a field stretcher , although he will win contested catches at a lot of key moments. 

JORDAN STOUT - P - PENN ST. - N/A - I don't know punters .N/A

ISAIAH LIKLEY - TE - COASTAL CAROLINA - 6"4" , 245 - This could become the 2nd field stretching move TE they have. He is a willing blocker, but really only productive there at the 2nd level, and he needs to get stronger. Looks faster on tape than he ran at the combine. Good hands and scored a lot. 

DAMARION WILLIAMS - CB - HOUSTON - 5"10" , 182  - B- - I had a 5th on him, and they got him in the late 4th, so it's not a big reach. Dude's versatile & smart , and he plays with a chip on his shoulder, but he needs to stop taking the cheese on double moves. Willing in run support , but he can get run over , and pushed around by bigger players.

TYLER BADIE - RB - MISSOURI - 5"8' , 197- B - He was my 2nd highest 6th round grade, and they got him in the mid 6th. So spot on as usual. He's a shifty , explosive, playmaking change of pace back in the Nyheim Hines mold. Hard to see behind the line , and then he just bursts through the hole getting on top of & blowing by defenders before they can react.

BUFFALO BILLS - C+ -  I expected a better draft from a ALL in team, but then again that's what often happens when you draft for need.  At first I thought maybe Joe Schoen was the mastermind behind the Bills recent good drafts instead of Brandon Beane, because he is running the Giants now , and they seemed to do a better job. On the other hand it's much easier to look good with 2 top 7 picks

KAIIR ELAM - CB - FLORIDA- 6"2" , 196 - C - Corners were getting scarce , and they really wanted one, especially with Andrew Booth's injury probably taking him out of their 1rst round discussion. To me this pick is a lot like the Dallas one behind  it. A good projectable long term 2nd rounder at a position they were locked in on over much better players at a different position. The trade up made it worse though. If the trade ahead of Dallas was to take Tyler Linderbaum, Jermaine Johnson , or Devin Lloyd it would have made sense to me. I think we all thought Dallas was going to take one of those 3 guys , but Dallas wasn't going to take a corner. Of course Dallas didn't take any of the 3 anyway so the whole trade just wasted a rth rounder.

JAMES COOK - RB/WR - GEORGIA - 5"11" , 199 - D+ - Unless they are moving him to WR full time it's a big reach to me. He is elusive with ball in his hands , and a good receiver, but apparently can't block because its hard to find snaps of him doing it. They wanted a pass catching back, and after JD Mckissic spurned them in free agency I expected them to go get one. However,  I thought their were much better choices available, and it was 2 rounds too high to take Cook in my book. 

TERRELL BERNARD - LB - BAYLOR - 6"1" , 224 - C - I like him, but in the 4th round , so again too early. With Leo Chenal & Channing Tindall still on the board it was a shocker for me, but I understand taking a more polished player now than the guys with far higher upside when you are ALL IN this season. Undersized, but smart, feisty, and productive. Can cover enough right now to at least be a nickle LB that can play special teams as a rookie. 

KHALIL SHAKIR - WR - BOISE ST.- 6 feet , 196 - A+ - Steal ! I expect he will be there starting slot at some point this year. Shifty slot WR who can also run some gadgets, and make highlight reel catches. Smart to exploit holes in zone. I appreciate that he wants to make a big play , but he needs to secure the ball before he runs. I had him in he 3rd. If you switched draft spots with Bernard it would have made more sense to me, but the grades average out the same. 

MATT ARAIZA - P - SAN DIEGO ST. - He's a punter so I am not qualified to judge his ability , but I did see him boot one a mile vs Hawaii. N/A

CHRISTIAN BENFORD - CB - VILLANOVA - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. Back to back N/A

LUKE TENUTA - OT - VA. TECH - 6"8" , 319 - He's got good technique except for being too high too often, but he's not a guard convert, and lacks the quick feet & length for outside. So I didn't give him a draftable grade. A guy I watched one game on , and just said nope.

BAYLON SPECTOR - LB - CLEMSON - 6"1" , 233 - B+ - I have a 6th on him so solid value in the 7th. Has the range to make a lot of tackles, and he can cover , but needs to protected to run to the ball because he doesn't shed blocks well. 

CAROLINA PANTHERS - B+ - The Panthers stared out by doing the smart thing by not over drafting a QB, and taking a beast of a OT , which was their second biggest need. Plus Icky was actually well worth the 6th pick , and he is the kind of guy that can set the tone for a entire O-Line with his nasty demeanor. Trading back into the 3rd to get Corral was a master stroke too. Everybody else is toolsy with really high upsides, but all lack football technique & IQ's right now. A lot of teams see day 3 picks as lottery tickets, and if one of those guys hit's along with the OT & QB,  this could become a franchise altering draft. I think the GM is in charge now, and if Matt Rhule keeps his job, he will thank him one day.

IKEM EKWONU - T/G - NC STATE - 6"4" , 310 - A- This is the pick that needed to be made, and I feared they would reach for a QB. In a good O-Line draft with a lot of nasty mean maulers this is the King of them all, and he's a a great athlete. If he ever gets his technique right he's a ALL PRO, but he will probably lead the league in highlight reel blocks. 

- ** - MATT CORRAL - QB - OLE MISS- 6"2' , 212 - A- - He could start this year, and if he has left the partying behind it could workout. Trading back into the 3rd when he fell could be even more important than taking Icky in the first if he is a hit. ROP master who can excel on quick hitters in the short passing game, but I need to see more reads deep in the progression & more down the field throws before I completely buy into him.

BRANDON SMITH - DE/LB - PENN ST. - 6"4" , 241 - C-  -A great size speed athlete with a low football IQ, but he could give out some help early if he moved to the edge full time. Better athlete than football player, and a wild tackler. Doesn't play with the attitude of a LB let alone a big one. Will definitely be a help on special teams.

AMARE BARNO-  OLB/DE  - VA. TECH - 6"5" , 246- B+  -Joel Buchsbaum had a saying that sums up Barno's 2021 tape. " looks like Tarzan , but plays like Jane" . Barno also tested like Tarzan , and his elite athleticism is without question , but he looks tentative to me. The potential is real if he buffs up & takes the run game seriously, but he's All agile & No hostile for me. 

CADE MAYS - ** - G/T - TENNESEE - 6"5" , 311 - B- He's talented , versatile, and has the tools & traits. Also injury prone and needs technique work. Has some edge to him, but not a technician or natural knee bender. Maybe if he can stay healthy he will be able to polish up his technique. 

KALON BARNES - CB - BAYLOR - 5"11' , 183 - A+ STEAL! I can't believe the fastest man in the draft ( 4.23 forty) , who just missed the combine record by a hundredth of a second didn't go until the 7th round. Based on speed & potential alone I had him at the top of the 5th , and thought he might go in the 4th. Sure, he's raw, and they might have to covert him inside, but while he's learning that you can easily teach him how to shut down returners on the special teams coverage units. 

CHICAGO BEARSB+ - Their 1rst priorities should have been protecting Fields & then getting him weapons. I get that it's a rebuild, and you generally just want to get as many of the top players as you can from your board in order. However, I don't want too see Fields hammered the way David Carr , Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Andrew luck were. Only Wilson came out of it living up tis potential. If they don't help Fields his talent will be wasted, and even if the new GM & coach didn't draft Fields they should be smart enough to recognize his potential if they give him a fair shot. I don't think it's a coincidence that a new HC from the defensive side of the ball got 2 defensive payers drafted first. I actually like the value of their first 6 picks a lot, but they never addressed the interior D-Line , and the WR position should have been addressed more too. If they had done those things while getting the same value I would have given them the A. Instead of giving them a B, and that's with them using their last 4 picks on guys I know nothing about. . 

KYLER GORDON - CB - WASHINGTON- 5"11" , 194 - B - He's still raw, but he's explosive to the ball. Displays ball hawking tendencies & a willingness to mix it up at the catch point without being too grabby. Really started to be more disruptive in coverage this season this year , and I think his picks & passes defensed numbers will continue to rise as quickly as his football IQ does.  Good blitzer, and has a history of being a stud on special teams. We both had him in the 2nd.

JAQUAN BRISKER - S - PENN ST. - 6"1" , 206 - B - Brisker is a good box safety who plays the run like a LB , but he lacks the football IQ & coverage abilities of the guys I have ahead of him. Yes he plays in the slot & deep some, but he just looks OK in the slot, although when he's deep & the ball is in front of him he's alright.  He is plenty fast enough to do his job in the box, but I think adding 20 pounds and moving to a weakside LB role might be his best fit. He is better at stacking & shedding blocks than most safeties already, and more size would make his big hits have more authority. 2nd round grade, 58th player on my board, and my 5th safety. We both had him in the 2nd.

VELUS JONES - WR - TENNESEE - 6ft. , 204 - B- - Explosive raw slot receiver that can run gadgets and kill it on special teams. I like him in the late 3rd ,and they took him in the middle 3rd, but I really think they should have taken a more polished guy like Jalen Tolbert to help Fields. 

BRAXTON JONES - OT - S. UTAH - 6"5", 310 - A+ - STEAL! I had him in the late 3rd ,and they got him in the 5th. Good wide frame & long arms. Quick off the ball & light feet. If he can learn to use his hands better, both placement & punch , he will be something because he has a death grip when he latches on. His punch is nasty when it lands right, and he is so athletic, but his technique is all over the place. You see a lot of flashes , but he is almost always too high as run blocker, but he's beating small school guys off the ball so fast it still works. I think he is a future starter, and on this team it might be this year.

DOMINIQUE ROBINSON - MIA (OHIO) - 6"5" , 254 - A+- - STEAL! I had him in the 3rd, and they got him in the 5th. Great, frame, tools, and traits. Twitchy former QB & WR who is still learning everything about playing outside, but he tries hard. He can cover some, but should only be on the field in passing situations right now.

ZACHARY THOMAS - G/T - SAN DIEGO ST. - 6"5"  , 308 - A- - SEMI STEAL! I wasn't overly fond of the Bears day 2 picks, but they are killing it on day 3. I expected Thomas off the board a round ago. He's athletic and plays low. If he can jeep his hands inside & get stronger he can become a starter at guard.

TRESTAN EBNER - B - BAYLOR - 5"11" , 205 - C- It's a 6th round pick, and I had a 7th on him. Plus I don't think he's a RB long term. Doesn't break tackles, and he's always trying trying to run to space when sometimes you have to put your head down and punish the defense getting what you can. He's a good receiver, but below average as a pass blocker, so 3rd down back is out. Fast & shifty , but a fumbler too. He's good at special teams so I would use him there ,and try to see if I could make him into a slot receiver in the meantime. 

DOUG KRAMER - C - ILLINIOIS - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

JA'TYRE CARTER - G - SOUTHERN - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

ELIJAH HICKS - DB - CAL - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A. It's a trend now. I suspect they are trying to confuse the world by taking dudes most of us haven't heard of.

TRENTON GILL - P - N.C. ST. - And now a punter who I have no ability to judge. N/A

CINCINATTI BENGALS - B- - Not a bad draft by any means, but since they have dominated this off season free agency, I was expecting a big splash in the draft that never materialized. Then again like the Bills they spent a lot in free agency , and seemingly drafted to fill holes right now instead of for long term viability. 

DAXTON HILL - S - MICHIGAN- 6 ft. , 191 - B - They really wanted a corner, and he is great out of the slot.  His talent as a deep free safety is just as valuable to me. Finding a safety that can do both, especially one with the speed & explosiveness of Hill, is a rarity. He can play either safety spot, but he doesn't have the sand in his pants to spend a lot of time in the box. He's not a pile inspector, and he will get in there sometimes, but he isn't great at taking on blocks or popping ball carriers either.  I would rather he play back when he's not having to man up on a guy, and then you can get a lot out of how well he see's & closes on the ball, because when he has to turn & run he can take awhile to catch up with the receiver.

CAMERON TAYLOR BRITT - 5"11", 196 - B - They got him where I had him. Britt is a former safety who still has the physicality of one. Has the aggressiveness & feet to stay outside at corner too, but his defense didn't do him any favors.  A guy like this needs to be in your face pushing a receiver around to get the most out of his traits, but he was usually dropping or bailing at the snap. Has ball hawking tendencies , but also bites on too many fakes trying to make the big play, and needs to stay under control & within the scheme more often. Doesn't have ideal length for the Seattle cover 3 , but I think it's still enough for cover 3 or cover 2 schemes where he is in a receivers face at the line. Cam is a alpha , and his tape is both fun & cringy to watch at times , but I like him

ZACHARY CARTER - DE - 6"4" -282 - D - They obviously like him a lot more than me because I had him in the 6th, but he did have some production in the SEC, and that's not a small matter. On the plus side he has a good motor, some strength to stack the edge,  and is versatile . Zach can give you some snaps as a 4-3 strongside end, 3 technique, or 3-4  five technique. That's all I saw , and to me he is a backup you can rotate in now & then. He looks stiff , slow off the ball, and doesn't shed blocks well.

CORDELL VOLSON - G/T - N. DAKOTA ST. - 6"6" , 315 - D+ - I didn't expect this either. Strong & nasty, but slow feet off the ball, although he can spring big plays at the second level once he gets there.  Will have to move inside in the NFL because of those slow feet. Wasn't even on my radar until the East/West shrine bowl, but he played well there. They took him in the 4th and I had a 6th on him.

TYCEN ANDERSON - S - TOLEDO - 6"2" , 209 - A- - A semi steal. He has a huge ceiling. Bengals keep loading up in the secondary. If you want a guy with a lot of Kyle Hamilton's physical traits, but more speed & less football IQ,  this is your guy. Nasty hitter with good feet.   I would try him as cover 3 corner . I had him in the 4th, and they got him in the 5th.

JEFFREY GUNTER - OLB/DE- COASTAL CAROLINA - 6"4' , 258 - B -  A productive small school edge rusher with a good motor ,and the size to maybe be developed, but I had him in the 7th. Since that's where they got him it's all good. However he's stiff,  lacks consistent power , and is kind of all over the place in a bad way. 

CLEVELAND BROWNSB - There is a lot to like about their draft , and that's after trading away their1rst for Watson, and trading away their 2nd to get more picks. Watson isn't part of this grade because I think he will be suspended. 

MARTIN EMERSON - CB - MISS. ST. - 6"2" , 201 - B- - I had a late 3rd on him, and they took him in the early 3rd over a lot of corners I like better, but he is SEC battle tested.  He might be worth this pick in coverage, but not in run support.

ALEX WRIGHT - DE - UAB - 6"5" , 271 - B - They got him where I had him, and he has all the tools & traits to succeed down the line. Just a raw small school guy on the way up , but he could grow into a stud if he applies himself. He has a frame like Garretts so he should be able to see how it should be done daily. 

DAVID BELL - WR - PURDUE - 6"1" , 212 - C - He is a subtle route runner with great hands at the catch point, and can move the chains, but can he separate in the NFL? Needs a confident accurate QB to succeed in the Pros, which Watson was before his legal troubles caused him to miss a year. I had him in the 4th and they took him in the 3rd. Kind of gives me a Jason Avant vibe. Needs to become as physical blocking as he is after the catch.

PERRION WINFREY - DT - OKLAHOMA 6"4" , 290  - A+ Was in a scheme that limited his ability to make plays at Oklahoma, but he shined in Mobile. I liked his motor too, and he was still disruptive sometimes in the backfield despite the scheme, but also could overrun plays bulling forward without awareness. When Winfrey played the 3 technique at the Senior Bowl he absolutely shined.   Really quick off the ball there , and great violent hand use in the one on ones helped his power come out with more regularity. Then he dominated the team portion of practice so much that they had to start double teaming him, and was the MVP of the actual game. As a 3 technique he should be a consistent penetrator who spends a lot of time in the backfield, but if he learns to use his length consistently & find the ball quicker we are talking the type of guy OC's have to game plan against. 

CADE YORK - K - LSU - He's a kicker I have no idea but the guy on the TV said he might be worth a 4th. N/A

JEROME FORD - RB - CINCINATT1 - 5"10", 210 - C - I had him in the 6th, and they took him in the 5th. Good, feet, speed, and hands. Solid power, but runs too high, and it limits his ability to break tackles at times. Lacks patience & vision as a runner.  Needs to want to stick his face in the mix on every pass pro rep if he wants to be more consistent at it. 

MIKE WOODS - WR - OKLAHOMA - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

ISAIAH THOMAS DE/OL - OKLAHOMA - 6"5", 266 -  A+ - STEAL! I have him as a late 4th and they got him in the 7th. Browns D-Line coach Calvin Thibodeaux  is from Oklahoma, and he is bringing his guys with him because this is the 3rd Sooner drafted by them this year.

DAWSON DEATON - C - TEXAS TECH - 6"5" , 306 - B- -  I had him in the 7th where they got him. Has a good frame & some athleticism , but hands & balance throw him out of whack. Has played both center & guard. I could see him developing into a interior backup if he applies himself  on leg day, and takes to coaching. 

DALLAS COWBOYSB- - After taking the best player available in the 1rst round with great results the last 2 years Dallas locked into a position this time, and over drafted a raw guard prospect. They could have taken Linderbaum, Lioyd, or Jermaine Johnson, and found a guard later , in a really deep guard draft. They also had 4 fifth rounders, and teams were taking them to move back 5 spots in the 2nd, and they didn't trade up to get a better receiver.  I hate their second rounder that high, but the rest was good. Looks like Jerry is back to interfering with Will McClay again, and Stephen is taking after daddy. This might end up being a great draft for the long term, but for a team that claims that they are a Superbowl contender this season it makes little sense.  Then again after getting rid of Cooper & Collins I think this draft fits. They are lying about this year, and building for the long term. Although I liked 6 out of 7 of their picks starting with the 3rd round until the end. My guess is it's because the Jones duo didn't believe they knew enough about those players to interfere , and McClay was allowed to make them unencumbered. 

TYLER SMITH - G/T - TULSA- 6"5" , 324 - C - This guy is big,  nasty , and athletic. He is only going to be 21 as a rookie. I believe in his future in the long term, but even moved inside to guard I expect a lot of penalties early, and this was a reach. Wish they had a better O-Line coach like a Munchak or Callahan to help him, but he should stick to Martin & Smith like a kangaroo cub if he wants to fulfill his enormous potential.   

 # SAM WILLLIAMS - DE - MISSISSIPPI - 6"4" , 261 - C- I don't like this guy as much as most people. , and he barely made my top 100. He has all the talent in the world to be a great edge rusher, but he lacks football character, and has some off field questions too. Needs to man up against the run, and flip the switch to full time physical guy if he wants to be worth this pick. 

JALEN TOLBERT - WR - S. ALABAMA - 6"1" , 194- - I love this pick, and this is where I think Will McClay started taking over. If you flip this with their 2nd rounder it makes more sense. Tolbert has a lean lanky frame and a smooth gliding stride. Can play inside & out, and can go up and get it with good timing & a wide catch radius on contested catches.  Destroyed lower level of competition , but when he played Tennessee he balled out too. Good route runner , but can get pushed around some by physical corners. Good long speed & quick enough , but needs to get stronger. Too many drops on tape, and not enough effort as a blocker.

JAKE FERGUSON - TE - WISCONSIN - 6"5" , 250 - B+ - I like the pick, and I even mocked him to them at this pick in my 4th round only mock , but I can't believe Dan Quinn couldn't get them to take Tariq Woolen here. He gets them to take Nashon Wright in the 3rd last year, but can't get them to to take the unicorn in the 4th this year? I kept expecting them to to package 2 of their 5's and get back in the round to take him. 

MATT WALETKO - OT - N. DAKOTA ST. - 6"8" , 312 - B - I like this pick. Great frame with really long arms & decent athleticism , but he needs to hit the weights, because he lacks strength & twitch. He could be their swing tackle by year 2 after a year of strength & conditioning training. 

DARON BLAND - CB - FRESNO ST. - 6"2" , 200 - C+ -  He's got some ball hawk to him , and he's physical so he fits Quinn's system. Takes too long to see it and find the ball. I had him in the 6th, and they took him in the 5th.

DAMONE CLARK - LB - LSU - 6"2" , 240 - B- - I had him in the top of the 6th because of the spinal fusion surgery, and it's the bottom of the 5th , but I had a mid 3rd on him before the injury. . As long as he comes back the same player it's worth this pick , even if they have to eat the redshirt year. A calculated risk, but their team doctors obviously signed off , so probably worth it. 

JOHN RIDGEWAY - DT - ARKANSAS - 6"5"  321-  A+ - STEAL! I had him in the 3rd. I think he is their starting nose tackle this year, and they usually seem to undervalue the position.  Big strong frame , can hold his ground & clog up the middle when he's low. Good awareness for down blocks & finds the ball, but limited range. They took a NT in the 6th last year, but I had a 6th on him so this looks like a upgrade to me. Should improve their run defense. Their best pick of the draft. 

DEVIN HARPER - LB - OKLAHOMA ST. - 6 feet , 234 - D+ - I had him as a undrafted free agent. He a explosive athlete, and might be able to make the some special teams noise, but I don't see him ever becoming a starter in a base defense. 

DENVER BRONCOS - B+ - Considering that they traded away a lot for Wilson this draft was great. Wilson himself makes this draft a B+, and they could win it all this year if they stay healthy. 

NIK BONITTO - DE/OLB - OKLAHOMA - 6"3" , 240 - B+ - I actually had them taking him at this pick for awhile, and he fits their system. Plus I had him ranked 49th on my board, and they got him with the last pick of the 2nd round. Best get off of any pass rusher in the draft, but need to get bigger & stronger or he will only be helping on passing downs right now, 

GREG DULCICH - TE - UCLA- 6"4" , 243 - B - A field stretching move TE that looks faster than 4.7 on tape. He's a weapon as a receiver , gets open, and can make things happen after the catch. Still needs work as a blocker to keep getting inline Y snaps in the Pros.

DAMARRI MATHIS  - ** -  CB - PITTSBURGH - 5"11" , 196 - B+ - I had him in the late 3rd and they got him on the 4th so good value. a versatile guy who can play inside , outside , and on both sides of the formation. He's a aggressive guy , but needs to reign it in at times.

EYIOMA UWAZURIKE - DT - IOWA ST. - 6"6" , 316 - C - I had him in the 5th and they took him in the 4th. Elite frame & tools, and a good motor. He is too high and doesn't use his hands or length consistently, but when he does it's pretty. As a 4 year starter I expected him to be a world beater by now, but it's still flashes. 

DELARRIN TURNER-YELL - S - OKLAHOMA - 5"10 , 197 - C -  Physical , athletic , undersized safety who is also injury & mistake prone. I had him in the 6th, and they took him in the 5th.

MONTRELL WASHINGTON - WR - SAMFORD - A - I didn't rank him ,or watch the 3 games I have to watch to rank someone. MY BAD , but I really should have broke down his tape because I have seen him.  I looked him up when he came off the board. He was that versatile little guy who balled out against Florida , and I thought I made a note to watch him, but apparently I didn't. So I am giving them the A, because they got him in the 5th , and I would have taken him in the 3rd just off that game.

LUKE WATTENBERG - C/G - WASHINGON - 6"4" , 299 - D+ - He' s a athletic long armed center with solid technique, but he's soft. Needs to get stronger & find a mean streak. I had him in the 7th, and he only makes it if he gets buffed up & angry.

MATT HENNINGSEN - DT - WISCONSIN - 6"3" , 289 - C - Tough guy DT who plays out of control. No awareness or technique. Needs to listen to his coaches , and get stronger.

FAION HICKS - CB - 5"10' , 189 - BA poor man's Roger Mcreary . Undersized tough guy outside corner who needs to kick inside to make it in the NFL. I had him in t he 7th too. 

DETROIT LIONS - B - The sheer amount of talent acquired gives them a B, but there were too many times they took someone too high to earn a higher grade in my book. It can still be a franchise altering draft, but I thought this would definitely have been one if they had taken different players more often. They will be a lot tougher out this year, and I think it's possible that they could even win 8 or 9 games. 

AIDAN HUTCHINSON  - DE/OLB - MICHIGAN- 6"7" , 260 - B+ - It's perfect that the hometown boy fell to them. Hutchinson has size , strength, athleticism , motor , football IQ,  violent hands , a wide variety of moves, and plays well against the run & pass , Throw in explosiveness , frame to get even bigger, 3-4/4-3 versatility , and he can even even drop in coverage now and then.  He has more production , is more consistent, and surprisingly looks more bendy than Thobodeaux. Plus  I believe he will do better than him when he kicks inside, is much better at controlling the man across from him , counters better , and his frame is a little more filled out. Has everything but long arms , and the edgy hard nosed culture that Dan Campbell is trying to develop will be well represented by Hutchinson.

** - JAMESON WILLIAMS - WR - ALABAMA - 6"2" , 179 - C+ - I I think they paid too much in the trade up for a guy who could miss the year, but they have the time to wait for him. He's quick & explosive off the line, but still needs some work out of his breaks, and its laughable if you are dumb enough to play off coverage against him.  Other than injury, and a lack of experience my biggest worries with him are drops & size. He is not a natural hands catcher, but he also isn't the second coming of Darrius Heyward-Bey.  Williams is tall enough, but looks pretty lean as well. Jameson also returned 2 kickoffs for TD's this year, and if his hands ever get better I would love to see him returning punts. He needs work on his blocking though. Blazing fast , and the best deep threat in the draft. 

JOSH PASCHAL - DE/DT - KENTUCKY - 6"3" , 278 - C - I like him, but taking him in the second is a round early for me. Paschal is a 3 year starter in the SEC , and 3 year team captain too. Cancer survivor. Rocked up frame with solid enough length. Plays low & strong with the power & violent hands to knock or push a man back.   He's at his best inside as a pass rusher, and I would just tell him to get up into the 280's and make him a full time 3 technique, but he is strong on the edge in the run game, with good stack & shed. Maybe if focused more on his power moves , and countering better off his bull rush , he would be better on the edge, but right now he's not a good enough pass rusher off the edge. Made a lot of plays in the backfield against the run , and he strikes a guy when he tackles him.

KERBY JOSEPH - S- ILLINOIS - 6"1" , 203 - B- -  I had him in the 4th , and they took him in the late 3rd, which I didn't expect from a one year wonder. Great ball skills & special teams guy. Good frame, but needs to get bigger .Smart, and a good short area burst , but lacks long speed. He's a deep safety on tape, but his lack of speed might make him better in the box in the NFL. Zone only right now.

JAMES MITCHELL - TE - W. VA. - 6"4" , 249 - A- - Semi STEAL. I had him in the 4th , and they got him at the bottom of the 5th. Was hurt or I think he would have ran fast. Shifty TE that is a good route runner, and he separates, but again vastly underused as a receiver. Fierce run blocker, but he slips off too many. I expected him to break more tackles , and be more physical as receiver after I saw him block.

MALCOLM RODRIGUEZ - LB - OKLAHOMA ST. - 5"11" , 232 - A++ - I love this guy. High football IQ stocky rocked up LB in the run game , but he is stiff and not quite as instinctive in coverage . I think he's a future starter if he becomes more flexible, and he could be in their base defense as a rookie. Had him in the 3rd, and they got him in the 6th. He will kill it on special teams until he works his way into the starting lineup.

JAMES HOUSTON - EDGE - JACKSON ST. - I didn't watch him. MY BAD

CHASE LUCAS - CB - AZ. ST. - 5"11" ,180 - C - I think he might make a practice squad because he is smart , and tries hard, but he needs to get bigger & stronger. I had him going undrafted.

GREEN BAY PACKERS - A It's not their fault everybody started over drafting WR's in the first round. They did the right thing sticking with their board, filling needs when it was appropriate, and getting a lot of value. Plus they took THREE , count em 3 WR's. Filled a ton of holes. Got a lot of guys with great potential. but not many who are polished yet , but I love this draft haul. I just wished they had tried to get in on AJ Brown or even Amari Cooper, but they were cash strapped to start the off season.

QUAY WALKER - LB - GEORGIA - 6"4" , 240 - B-  I would have taken Lloyd, but Walker  was #34 on my board so it's not a huge reach. He is a big physically gifted guy ,and he's a great tackler. He can also play on the edge, but his football IQ is still on the way up, although you saw him seeing it quicker in the playoffs. More playing time should polish up his football IQ. You just rarely see dudes this big cover this well, and that's just his athletic ability, because his technique in coverage is still raw. Has a history of shining on special teams

# - DEVONTE WYATT - DT - GEORGIA- 6"3" , 304 - B - Gets off the ball ball low & strong , and he is often into the chest of the blocker before they can bring their hands into play, but still needs more pass rush moves. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do if he is turned loose. Has the range to make plays down the line. They got him right where I had him. 

CHRISTIAN WATSON - WR - N. DAKOTA ST. - 6"4" , 208 - B - Highest upside of any WR in the draft, and he fits this team. Made sense to trade up for him with so many coming off the board. Raw as a route runner and not a natural hands catcher. If he listens to Rodgers & his coaches  , and becomes more polished & reliable he will be a star, If not he will end up a #3 receiver. 

SEAN RHYAN - G/T - UCLA- 6"5" , 321 - B - Tough guy with a thick body throughout his frame. Strong ,physical , aggressive, mauling tackle kicking inside where I think he will be good, because he lacks the feet to stay outside. They got him right where he was ranked too. 

ROMEO DOUBS - WR - NEVADA - 6"2" , 201 - C- - I had him in the 6th and they took him in the 4th. He could make it, especially on this team, because he fits their big WR model. Good feet & speed, but it takes him awhile to get up to top gear. Will need to work on his routes. Also has to play up to his size to reach his potential, because he gets pushed around too much on tape, and that's against small school guys. 

ZACH THOM - O-LINE - WAKE FOREST - 6"4" , 304- B - Undersized , but if he had longer arms he would be a 1rst round left tackle, because he has the feet & mirror for it.  He could be a zone guard or center for most teams, and I think he will be a starter at either here if he gets stronger. However, their current ALL PRO left tackle had a similar profile in college, although his arms were a little longer. So they might buff him up and keep him at tackle. I also had him in the 4th where they got him. 

KINGSLEY ENAGBARE - DE - S. CAROLINA- 6"4" , 258 - A++ - SUPER STEAL ! The packers are killing it. I had a a late 2nd on him, and they got him with the last pick of the 5th round. A powerful dude with heavy hands, but he needs to stay consistently lower, and get off blocks quicker. Once he learns to consistently use his length better like we saw at the Senior Bowl I think he's a good starter.

TARIQ CARPENTER - S - GEORGIA TECH - I didn't watch him. My bad.

JONATHAN FORD - DT - MIAMI - I didn't watch him. My bad.

RASHEED WALKER - OT- PENN ST. - 6"6" , 313 - A++ I had him in the 4th , and they got him in the 7th. I think Walker fell because of medicals & character questions. Strong guy who can move defenders off the ball against their will when he's low, and won't be pushed back into the QB in pass pro when he's low either. Lacks awareness & football IQ for stunts & twist.  He has all the tools and is a potential starter if he ever gets his head & technique right. Great punch when it lands right.

SAMOURI TOURE - WR - NEBRASKA - 6"1" , 191 - -  I had him in the 6th and the got near the very end of the draft. Primarily a power slot , but he plays outside some. Solid route runner and good hands. Needs to do more than he does after the catch. Solid speed and some production down the field too. Struggles against press coverage so the slot is where he would be useful now. 

HOUSTON TEXANS - B+ If they had stayed put at #13 and taken Kyle Hamilton I would have given them a A+. Still a great franchise altering draft. Now they need to stop signing journeyman free agents to one year deals, and start signing young high value ones. Combined with all the high picks they have stored up they could flip the switch into a playoff team by 2023.

** - DEREK STINGLEY - CB - LSU- 6ft. , 190 - B+ - Elite shut down ball hawking CB prospect if he can stay healthy. I am glad they took him over Sauce. Best true freshman tape I have ever seen from a corner, but injuries the last 2 years have taken some of the shine off him. 

KENYON GREEN - G/T - TEXAS A&M- 6"4" , 323 - B - Brawling guard with the potential to be a long term starting OT. They took him where he should have gone, which is earlier than I expected him to go. Some worry about a possible long term knee issue made me think he would fall.

JALEN PITRE - S - BAYLOR - 5"11" , 198 - B - I guess this is why they didn't take Hamilton. I love his ' Honey badger-like " play style. I thought he would fall some, but they took him even earlier than I had him ranked. Alpha, leader, playmaker, and tone setter.

-**-JOHN METCHIE - WR - ALABAMA -  5"11" , 187 - B - They took him in the top of the 2nd where I had him before the injury, and I didn't expect that, because I thought I was higher on him than anyone. He can play all 3 WR spots well, and will be a great #2 in the Pros once he heals up. 

CHRISTIAN HARRIS - LB - ALABAMA - 6ft. , 232- B - I thought he would go higher, but they got him right where I had him in the 3rd. Doesn't have the production or tape his talent warrants, but he can be great if he is left on the weakside, stays in control,  and learns to see it faster.

DAMEON PIERCE - RB - FLORIDA - 5"10, 220 - A - Powerful stocky 3 down RB who lacks long speed, but he can grind out the defense when he you have a lead. Was underused in college, and should have plenty of miles on his tires, and he will hit you in pass pro. I had him in the 3rd and they got him in the early 4th.

THOMAS BOOKER - DT - STANFORD - 6"3" , 303 - B - I had him in the 5th and that's where they got him. Versatile & athletic, but he gets stuck on blocks, doesn't find the ball quickly,  and needs to get stronger.

TEAGAN QUITORIANO - OREGON ST. - 6'5" , 256 - B -  I think he can make the team ,and eventually be a number two TE. Great effort as a blocker, but technique sucks. Can move the chains with good hands, and Physical after the catch. Can play special teams too.  I had him in the 6th, but it's the bottom of the 5th round anyway. 

AUSTIN DECULUS - G/T - LSU - 6"5" , 321 - B - I had him in the 6th too. He's a brawler with bad technique.  Has the frame for outside, but not the feet  Stiff & needs to play lower. If he can learn to play lower and with actual technique he might make it as a right guard. 

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - B - I like 4 of their first 5 picks a lot. Thought the trade back would have been smart if they still ended up with Skyy Moore or George Pickens, but they didn't. Don't forget they traded a 3rd for Matt Ryan so that's a part of their haul too. They are the favorite in the AFC South after this great off season . 

ALEC PIERCE - WR - CINCINNATTI - 6"3" , 211 - C - A big raw fast WR who can play outside, and who blocks like a man. Fills a need, but they traded away from much better players to take him. Bailed out Ridder on a lot of off target throws down the field. Needs to play to his size more consistently, and improve as a route runner. Special teams experience too. 

JELANI WOODS - TE - VIRGINIA - 6"7' , 253 - B - A improving big athletic TE with a really high upside.  but he sometimes looks like he just went through a growth spurt, and he still isn't used to his body. Could be a special all around anywhere on the field every down TE once he does. 

BERNHARD RAIMANN - OT - C. MICHIGAN- 6"6", 303 - A- - I thought I was the only one low on him, because I kept seeing big media mocks where he went in the first round. Boy was I wrong. He went in the 3rd, and I had him in the mid 2nd. He's a tweener who needs to get stronger.

NICK CROSS - S - MARYLANDB - 6 feet , 215 - All kinds of range as a deep safety, even single high, but he needs to be more patient in coverage. Physical, but football IQ needs work too. Maybe NFL coaching will help a lot too. Wish he was used more as a blitzer with that burst. Worse case scenario he adds 10-15 more Pounds and becomes a weakside LB. 

ERIC JOHNSON - DT - MISSOURI ST. - 6"4" , 299 - B - Your betting on the talent , and that he will give his all when he is finally getting paid. He played well in the ALL- Star games , but you only saw flashes of it on tape. We both had him in the 5th.

ANDREW OGLETREE - TE - YOUNGSTOWN ST.   - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

CURTIS BROOKS - DT - CINCINATTI - 6"2" , 287 - C- - They took him in the 6th and I saw him as undrafted. He might make it as backup 3 technique , but if it takes 6 years to figure it out enough to become a starter.

RODNEY THOMAS - DB - YALE - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - B+ - Yes, I thought Walker was a reach, but unless he is Mario Williams I expect Trent Baalke to get fired. Keep in mind that Charlie Casserly got fired anyway , even though he turned out to be right in the end. I really liked the rest of their draft , other than the two guys I didn't watch. I just wish that they had prioritized protecting Trevor Lawrence.

TRAVON WALKER - DE/DT/OLB - GEORGIA- 6"5 , 272 - C+ - He has every tool & trait you could want, and maybe he lives up to it off the edge for the Jags once he's turned loose , but it's all a projection. It's not on the tape, although you see flashes of his pf athleticism now & then. it's not the elite level we saw in Indy. I am sure he dropped some weight to pull of that workout, but even in the 270's I need to see it in a game before I buy it. I would have taken a OT, but if they were set on a edge guy I would have taken Hutchinson or Thibodeaux. Walker has the talent to theoretically live up to this pick, but I would have wanted a more sure thing. He was #13 player on my board, and they took him at #1. Baalke strikes again!

DEVIN LLOYD - LB - UTAH - 6"2" , 237 - A - I like this pick a lot. Trading back into the first to get a player I had ranked one spot ahead of Travon Walker at #27 was genius. He's a versatile long complete 3 down LB.  Jack of all trades master of none, but he has no real flaws. 

LUKE FORTNER - C/G - KENTUCKY- 6"4" , 307 - B- - He's smart, physical, has some athleticism , and can play all 3 interior positions. Needs work on his timing on combo blocks. Nice solid pick, and he can lead a O-Line. Will add more physicality to the interior of their defense.

CHAD MUMA - LB - WYOMING - 6"3" , 241 - A - Another LB steal. They went from having a crappy LB room to it being a strength in one draft. Needs to stay lower to take on blocks better. He's not quite as athletic as Lloyd, but he can be a 3 down guy too , as long as he is in zone. It was small school competition, but first round tape, if he was in the power 5. A  ton of tackles.

SNOOP CONNER  - RB - OLE MISS - 5"10" , 222 - B - Apparently a 5th for both of us. He's a nasty runner who can break tackles , Physical in pass pro too, and hands look solid when they actually throw it to him. Lacks wiggle & vison, but the vison is fixable in time.


MONTARIC BROWN - CB - ARKANSAS - I didn't watch him. MY BAD

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - A -  I love this draft. Skyy Moore in the late 2nd! Kinnard in the 5th! A potential quick reload. Filled a lot of holes with a lot a lot of young talent. After a off season watching all their division rivals get better while they lost players this draft makes it possible to stay in contention this year, and be back on top very soon. I wish they got a Nose Tackle though. 

TRENT MCDUFFIE - CB - WASHINGTON-  5"11" , 193 - A- I see him as a top 10 value in this draft, and they were smart enough to trade up to #21 and snag him when he fell. Sticks with the receiver better than any CB in the draft, and a straight stud of a man against the run. Wish he had more press man experience, but he is dominant in zone.

GEORGE KARLAFTIS - DE/DT - PURDUE - 6"4" , 275- B+ To get any player with a 1rst round grade at the bottom of the round in this draft is a triumph, and he is a needed edge rusher. Might be better as a full time 3 technique, because he doesn't have the moves he thinks he does , and is way too quick off the ball for most interior guys. Good violent hands, great bull rush, wish his arms were longer.

SKYY MOORE - WR - W. MICHIGAN - 5"10" , 195 - A+ STEAL!  Gets off the ball better than any WR in this draft, and I can't believe so many receiver needy teams passed on him. He could be great as a rookie out of the slot with Mahomes throwing him the ball. He was 27th on my board, and they got him at twice that with the 54th pick.

BRYAN COOK - S - CINCINNATTI - 6"1" , 206 - C+ I had him in the mid 3rd , and they took him in the late 2nd. One year wonder. If he was better in man coverage I would have him higher, but he can play high or low in zone. Smart, physical, and a good tackler. Not a slot guy, and that limits him in some schemes.

LEO CHENAL - LB - WISCONSIN - 6"3" , 261 - B+ Old school thumping LB that can stack a guard in the hole , and cause a pileup. Needs to improve in coverage, and lacks sideways agility,  but I would just send him after the QB if he's on the field on passing downs.

JOSH WILLIAMS - CB - FAYETTEVILLE ST. - 6'3" , 195 - A- A small school corner with all the size , tools & traits you could wish for. Needs polish , but elite feet make me think he will make it once he gets NFL coaching. The long frame is great , but he could add 5-10 more pounds of muscle and still do his job. I had him in the 3rd and the got him in the 4th. 

DARIAN KINNARD - G/T - KENTUCKY6"5" , 322 - A+ - STEAL! Although it's a A++ if they  play him at guard. I had a 2nd on this mauler if moved to the inside, and they snagged him late. He's a stone cold killer in the run game. I'm guessing he fell because of his insistence on playing OT, and he has feet too slow & heavy to handle NFL speed on the outside on tape, but he looks to have dropped 25-30 pounds of bad weight since.

JAYLEN WATSON - CB - WAS ST. , 6"2' , 197 - A - Semi STEAL, because he was just a 5th rounder to begin with , but great value in the 7th. Great size & length. Physical and a man against the run, but stiff. Cover 3 would fit best, but he could be a safety if he doesn't make it outside.

ISAIAH PACHECO - RB - RUTGERS - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

NAZEEH JOHNSON - CB - MARSHALL - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

LAS VEGAS RAIDERSB+ - They traded their first & second for Davante Adams, and that bumps up their grade from a B to a B+. It was a meat & potatoes draft. Their first 5 picks could all contribute right away. 

DYLAN PARHAM - C/G - MEMPHIS- 6"3" , 311 - B - When your first pick is in the 3rd, and you trade back anyway, and then get the guy who will probably start at center it's a big win. He's smart & technically sound.

** - ZAMIR WHITE - RB - GEORGIA - 6 feet, 215 - - I had a 3rd on him , and they got him in the first so good value. He's a violent explosive runner  If he didn't have 2 ACL tears in his past , and work as a receiver & blocker in the passing game I would have him in the 1rst round. 

NEIL FARRELL ** -  DT - LSU - 6"4", 330 - B - They got him in the 4th where I had him. A plugging Nose tackle from the Sec who has started 20 games over the last 3 years in the most physical conference in the country. Has the right size, frame, and mass to hold down the middle, but I wish his arms were longer. Heavy hands and he used them well. He's really strong & aggressive , but needs to mind his gaps better at times, and that's why I see him as more of a shaded nose than 2 gapper. Just a bull rusher as a pass rusher right now , and might be considered a 2 down player until he can unlock more pass rush potential. Dropping 20 pounds might help there, and also give him more range as a tackler.

MATTHEW BUTLER - DT - TENNESEE - 6"4" , 297 - Semi steal. I had a 3rd on him so good value .Butler is a try hard 3 technique with a good motor. He gets off the ball quick & low, can penetrate, and has the range & smarts to make plays all down the line of scrimmage. Can play some 5 technique, but not a 2 gapper. Stacks OK, but doesn't shed well enough for outside. Needs to get stronger,. A 3 year starter in the SEC, and a team captain with a good motor is a safe bet in the 4th round. 

THAYER MUMFORD - T/G - OHIO ST. - 6"6" , 328 - A++ - SUPER STEAL!  Former OT, with a OT's length & build, but moved to guard this year. The results were better. A 4 year starter at Ohio ST. is a big deal, and the first 3 were at left tackle.. He's a little bit off balance too often for outside at his current weight, and his feet are tad heavy too, but I think if he leaned out some I would prefer him at tackle.  Not a natural knee bender or puncher, but his length bails him out out a lot in pass pro. 

BRITTAIN BROWN - RB - UCLA - B - 6 feet , 208 - C - As a UCLA fan I know a lot about Brown. Basically he is a good special teams guy with a ceiling of a #3 RB in their offense. I wouldn't have drafted him.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERSB+ - Back to back good drafts the year after they got Justin Herbert combined with a great off season make them Superbowl contenders in my eyes. Signing JC Jackson & trading their 2nd for Khalil Mack were great moves for premium players. Mack counts towards their grade too, and if he and Bosa are healthy look out. 

ZION JOHNSON - G - BOSTON COLLEGE - B -- 6"3" , 312 - B - Good pick. Fills a need, and he is a polished well rounded Plug N Play guard. I thought they might take Penning to fil the harder Right Tackle spot , but I had a significantly higher grade on Zion. 

JT WOODS - S - BAYLOR - 6"2" 195 - C - I think they took him a round early, but his speed would help anyone. Had good ball production in 2020 , and even more in 21, but he takes way too many chances. He is better in zone, and needs to get bigger & stronger,  but improving against the run is the easiest thing to fix.

ISAIAH SPILLER - RB - TEXAS A&M - 6 feet, 217 -  A - I had him in the 4th , and they got him in the 3rd , but if you flip Woods with Spiller both picks make more sense to me.  Underrated 3 down back who lacks long speed.

OTITO OGBONNIA - DT - UCLA - 6"4" , 326 - B - They need help on their run defense ,and this huge dude has all the ability to be a staring nose tackle, as long as he starts playing lower. He played his college ball right down the road, and I guess we both had him in the 5th too. 

JAMAREE SALYER - G/C/T - GEORGIA- 6"3" , 321 - A++ - Nasty brawler who gets the job done despite having consistently bad technique. Will be better inside and with less body fat. His wild hands could lead to a lot of penalties, but he beats people up, and makes them tentative. If he gets in better shape, and takes some cues from current Bolts LT technician Rashawn Slater he might even start at RT this year.

JA'SIR TAYLOR - DB - WAKE FOREST - Didn't watch him. MY BAD.


ZANDER HORVATH - FB - PURDUE - Didn't watch him. MY BAD.

LOS ANGELES RAMSB- The draft looked solid, but the " F them picks Rams " have been getting a lot of value out of late round guys for years. As a matter of fact I wish I had watched the 3 seventh round picks , because if they want them I'm pretty sure I skipped some good players. If they can actually turn Derion Kendrick around that alone would make this draft a good one. 

LOGAN BRUSS - G/T - WISCONSIN - 6"5" , 309 - B- - When you watch a former TE you expect more athleticism than I saw from this guy. He has the angry temperament of a guy who has always been in the trenches. Has played a lot more tackle than guard in college, but he will be a guard in the NFL because his feet are too slow for the outside. I gad him in the 4th and they took him in the late 3rd, but they have had some success with Badger O-Lineman in the Mcvay era. 

DECOBIE DURANT  CB - S. CAROLINA ST. - 5"10' , 180 - C - He's small for the outside where he played, but OK sized for a slot corner, which is where he will be moved to. Feisty , fast . & fluid in coverage and against the run. Can't cover TE's or bigger power slots. Grabby when beat. He has a narrow path with his limitations and the move inside. I had him in the 6th.

KYREN WILLIAMS - RB - N. DAME - 5"9" 199 - A - I had him in the 4th and the got him in the 5th so good value. I think he is potentially a 3 down RB, but at the least he will be a good passing down RB. 

QUENTIN LAKE - S - UCLA - 6"1" , 201 - B - We both had him in the 6th.  Good Football IQ in coverage , but only average against the run game .If he can find his aggression and learn to step up and strike people he might make it.

DERION KENDRICK - CB - GEORGIA  - S/CB  - F - There was a time back in his Clemson days when I thought this talented CB might end up a 1rst rounder then he ran into the slim reaper. Since then he has been in a downward spiral of confidence & on & off the field character issues. Even after trying to rebuild his stock with a productive season at Georgia .I just don't trust him.  He's a guesser too often in coverage, and after running close to a 4.8 at his Pro Day I'm surprised he was drafted, because that makes me doubt his work ethic. Maybe a move to safety, but I don't think he has the football IQ or willingness  to make it ,or he would have been in football shape to run faster. He wouldn't have been on my board at all. The Rams have been getting a lot out of late round guys so maybe they can get the most out of him. 

DANIEL HARDY - DE - MONTANA ST. - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

RUSS YEAST - S - KANSAS ST. - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

AJ ARCURI - OT - MICHIGAN ST. - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

MIAMI DOLPHINSB- -  Please remember the picks they traded for Tyreek Hill if you wonder why I gave them a solid grade. Especially with so few picks, and I only watched 2 of them. Tindall should help a lot now if they use him right. Ezukanma could be a adequate replacement for Parker too. 

CHANNING TINDALL - LB - GEORGIA - 6"2" , 230 - B - Tindall is a blazing fast LB who arrives to the ball carrier with the intention of going through him. His football IQ needs work , and he was never a starter in 4 years at Georgia, although he did speed up his diagnosis some after he got more playing time. However,  when he sees it he's a missile to the ball carrier. Great blitzer , can rush off the edge , and he can cover he slot, but his lateral agility is lacking.

ERIK EZUKANMA - WR - TEXAS TECH - 6"2" , 209 - C -  Great hands & body control, but I'm not sure if he can separate enough in the NFL , especially for a guy like Tua. He's a lot like Devante Parker , and they just traded him. I had a 5th on him, and they took him in the 4th..

CAMERON GOODE - OLB - CAL - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

SKYLAR THOMPSON - QB - KANSAS ST. - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

MINNESOTA VIKINGS - B -  A new regime wants more picks to remake & rebuild the roster their way. I get that, but I also think they never should have traded away from Kyle Hamilton, and they didn't get enough value with a division rival in that trade in my opinion. They lost the equivalent of a mid 3rd rounder in trade value in the Detroit deal. Then they got the value of a extra late 3rd in their trade back with division rival Green Bay, and that's how to make a division rival pay when you trade with one.  Their first 5 picks can all have significant roles this year, and that's good enough to give them a chance at a playoff berth.

LEWIS CINE - S - ARKANSAS - 6"2" , 199 - B - They took him with the last pick of the first, and I had him in the top of the 2nd so no biggie. He's fast and a big hitter , but without using his head so he avoids the penalties, although he needs to make sure he gets the guy down first more often. Smart , with both burst & long speed. Fills a need too. 

- ** ANDREW BOOTH - CB - CLEMSON-  6ft. , 194 - -STEAL!  I have him in the 1rst, and think it was only his core muscle surgery that caused him to fall to the second. Only a one year wonder, Strong & explosive with good feet. Willing tackler, but he sucks at it. Since I think he will be ready for the regular season it's a steal in my book.

# - ED INGRAM - G - LSU- 6"3" , 307 - C- - I thought they took him a round early, but he's SEC battle tested as a 4 year starter. He's got the body & size of a zone guard , but thinks he's a mauler, and he fell off to many blocks this year.  Is a good pass blocker with a nasty punch, and a strong anchor.  2020 tape was much better than 2021, and technique is inconsistent & all over the place this year. 

BRIAN ASOMOAH - LB - OKLAHOMA - 6ft. , 222 - B - Weakside backer who covers a lot of ground, makes a ton of bone rattling tackles, and he is also good in zone coverage. Not a guy who takes on blocks, although he is adept at avoiding them, but he needs to be protected to run to the ball unencumbered to play his best ball.  Super aggressive, but he can be faked out because of it more than he should. He fills a need , and they got him right where I had him.

AKAYLEB  EVANS ** - CB - MISSOURI - 6"2' , 197 - C - Big physical SEC corner, but I had him in the 5th, and they took him in the 4th. Needs to stay healthy and improve against the run. Good feet , speed, tools & traits for a big corner. Football IQ  & ball production are lacking right now. 


ESEZI OTOMEWO - D+ - Long armed predictable 5 technique , or 4-3 strongside end. Needs to get stronger ,  meaner  , and more flexible. Coming off a injury , and he can hold his ground against the run one on one, but not much as a rusher. I had him in the 7th ,  and they took him in the 5th.

TY CHANDLER - RB - N. CAROLINA 5"11" , 204 - D+ - I had him in the 7th, and they took him in the 5th. He lacks vison & power, but has great burst & long speed. Dangerous receiver after the catch, and could be a field stretcher that will draw safeties deep when lined up out wide, Can return kicks too.

VEDERIAN LOWE - OT - ILLINOIS - 6"5" , 315 - B- - I had him in the early 6th and they got him in the low 5th so no biggie. He's strong & long , but needs a lot of technique work.

JALEN NAILOR - WR - PENN ST. - 5"11" , 186 - C- -  I have him in the 7th,and they took him in the 6th. He can stretch the field, but his hands are iffy. He lacks physicality as receiver, which is weird because he gives his all as a blocker. 

NICK MUSE -  TE - S. CAROLINA -  I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTSD+ - The Pats have lost so many personnel people to other teams over the years , and Belichick isn't the best talent evaluator alone. Besides Brady & Belichick's brilliance the Pats acquired talent in 2 basic ways. 1- Trading back, and acquiring comp picks by allowing guys to leave in free agency. This more picks strategy worked. It allowed Belichick to take chances because he misses a lot, and no other team trades or has outright cut so many top 100 players early in their careers than the Belichick Patriots. 2 - Getting vets on the cheap who were chasing a ring, or keeping their own guys on the cheap because they wanted to keep winning rings. The second option is gone with Brady, and I suggest they go back to accumulating picks because " The Hoodie" needs as many bites at the apple as he can get or his team will be starved of talent. 

COLE STRANGE - CG - CHATTANOOGA- 6"5"  307 - D  - I like him too, but more in the way the Rams did because they thought he might be there for them at pick #105. Taking a small school guy I had a late 3rd round grade on, not to mention one who had inconsistent results at the Senior Bowl in the first round is a shocker. 

TYQUAN THORNTON - WR - BAYLOR - 6"2" , 181 - C- - I thought he would go in the late 2nd early 3rd because of his 4.28 speed, even though I have a 4th on him. However, I like the guy. Much tougher than I anticipated for such a lean guy, and he even blocks like a man. Solid hands, even if they are small, and that explosiveness shows up if he has to go up and get it. Not just a deep threat , and they get him involved in the quick game too, but he needs to buff up so some of those screens won't be foiled by a arm tackle. If he can put on 10 pounds of muscle , and sharpen up his routes I see at least a big play # 3 WR, but the potential to be a starting Z down the road

MARCUS JONES ** - CB - HOUSTON- 5"8" , 174 - B - Smaller, twitchy , fluid, smooth corner with both speed & quickness. Feisty in both man & zone coverage , and against the run. Good tackler . good hands , good football IQ  , and a DYNAMITE return man.  Love his tape, and if he was 2 or 3 inches taller I would expect him to go in the first round, but he does get big brothered for the ball at times on film. Still got his hands on the ball a lot though, and he will fight for it.  Will not back down , and plays bigger than he is, coming up against the run like a man. I feared he would fall to the 4th because of his shoulder injuries, but they took him in the 3rd where I had him. Will probably have to move to the slot in the NFL. 

JACK JONES - CB - AZ. ST. -  5"11" , 171 - D -  Thin explosive in the short area corner with good feet & ball skills. He's going to be 25 as a rookie, needs to get stronger, and comes with character questions. Will fight in run support, but can be overpowered. This looks more like a special teams pick to me.  I had a late 6th on him, and they took him in the 4th. .

PIERRE STRONG - RB - S. DAKOTA ST - 5"11" , 207 - C - Another explosive speed guy, and it's clear now the Patriots want to get faster. His feet & speed can lead to big plays , but the lacks power and contact balance to be a every down RB right now.. He's a fumbler, and that's why I can't believe the Pats took him. I had him in the 5th, and they took him in the 4th.

BAILEY ZAPPE - QB - W. KENTUCKY - 6 feet , 215 - -  I had him in the 5th, but he's a QB so not a huge reach. He is a record breaking small school QB.  Looked OK in the Senior Bowl practices, and frazzled during the actual games. He's a good timing QB, and if that timing is thrown off he looks worse. I think he will be a good backup, but he should be doing arm strength drills.

KEVIN HARRIS - RB - S. CAROLINA - He's a bruising early down short yardage back RB on a team that already has 2 of them, so I don't see the need, because he doesn't provide value in the passing game. I had him in the 6th too . 

SAM ROBERTS - DT - N.W. MISSOURI ST. - I didn't watch him . My bad. N/A

CHASEN HINES- G - LSU - 6"3" , 327 - B - We both had him in the 6th. Big , wide, and strong  with some get off & movement skills when he's in shape, but his weight kept going up & down , and it screws his balance & feet up.

ANDREW STUEBER - G/T - MICHIGAN- 6"7" , 327 - A+ -  I had him in the 5th, and they got him in the 7th. Big physical RT prospect who does OK in pass pro , and who gets off the ball quickly for a large man. He is too high too often in both the running & passing games , but his strength & ability to re-anchor save him against lesser players. His feet are too slow to play outside in the NFL right now, but I think he would be a good pass blocker inside if he learns to bend is knees and play lower to make it inside.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - B- - I think they missed their window, and I thought they knew it too when they let Armstead & Williams go in free agency. I guess they changed their mind and while I do think they can compete for a playoff berth if Winston is healthy , I don't see a Superbowl threat. Being the Saints they didn't have a lot of picks, were aggressive anyway, and drafted to fill holes & win now. 

CHRIS OLAVE - WR - OHIO ST. - 6ft. , 187 - B- - I actually had them taking Olave & Penning in the first. I even had them trading up with their first pick, but I had them trading to #13 instead of #11 , and taking the players in reverse order. Olave is silky smooth, with great hands, and I think he will be a good #2 WR in the NFL. He can run past & away from defenders , but he isn't a tackle breaker like his teammate Wilson. 

TREVOR PENNING - OT - N. IOWA- 6"7" , 325 - B - They took him where I had him, and he fills a big need. He's nasty, and I think he will be good in the run game early, but he could struggle some in pass Pro until he gets coached up. I expect a lot of penalties , but for his QB to love him anyway. 

ALONTAE TAYLOR - CB - TENNESEE - 6 feet , 199 - C -   I had a late 3rd on him, and they took him in the mid 2nd. Good size,,long arms, and great speed. He's a 4 year starter in the SEC, became a captain too and had his best season this year. I like the way he comes up in run support too. For a former QB I expected more route recognition & awareness. Late to find it sometimes, and it slows his burst to the ball. Might end up at safety down the road.

DEMARCO JACKSON - LB - APP. ST. - 6"1", 233 - B - I like this pick . I had him at the top of the 5th. Productive , athletic, and  aggressive small school LB. Football IQ is up & down, and I expected more for a guy who is going to be a 24 year old rookie. Might just be a nickel LB and special teams guy at first, but potential starter down the line. 

JORDAN JACKSON - DT - AIR FORCE -  I didn't even see the need to watch him , because he is going in the military. MY BAD

NEW YORK GIANTS - B+ -  Dave Gettleman didn't draft well as the Giants GM, and I gave him a pass because he was going through cancer, but that's over now. He once had 3 first rounders in the same draft, and only one has worked out, but Dexter Lawrence is a good player. I thought they might trade one of their two top 10 picks in this draft for a first next year, but they didn't. On the bright side they nailed those 2 high first rounders. The rest of the draft was up & down for me, but a lot of talent was acquired. 

KAYVON THIBODEAUX - OLB-DE - OREGON - 6"4", 258 - B - You can say they of course they took Thibodeaux, but it was actually very smart that they took him at #5. They wanted a OT more , but since they had the 7th pick as well, they were going to get either Neal or Icky at # 7 anyway. Thibodeaux was the consensus #1 guy heading into the season for a reason. He has all the physical tools & traits you want , but needs to focus on football instead of branding & money to reach his vast potential. 

EVAN NEAL -T/G-ALABAMA-  6"7" , 337 - B+ - My number one OT, and the #3 guy on my board at #7 is a bargain. He can play either side outside, and even guard if you need it, at a high level. He's a giant , a mauler in the run game, but even better in pass Pro. 

WAN'DALE ROBINSON - WR - KENTUCKY - 5"8" , 178 - C - Shifty jitterbug slot guy with the same explosive gagdety profile as Kadarius Toney, who they took last year, and there were rumors they were trying to trade Toney right before the draft. was used outside more in college, but my guess is his more of a slot guy in the NFL at that size. I had him in the late 3rd and they took him in the early 2nd.

JOSHUA EZEUDU - G/T - N. CAROLINA. - 6"4" , 308 - B- - I had a late 3rd on him, and they took him in the early 3rd. Athletic Zone tackle or guard that is more of a finesse guy than I like. He's smart & assignment sound , a smooth mover, good hand use, and has good technique. Also lacks the power & mentality to enforce his will on defenders very often. If he can get stronger ,  become more physical, and make his punch more nasty he could start at either position.

CORDALE FLOTT - CH - LSU - 6 feet , 175 - C- I had a late 4th on him, and they took him in the mid 3rd. Versatile lean corner who can play inside, out, and safety. Needs to get bigger & stronger. He has the feet to stay in the slot, and there aren't many 6 foot corners inside, but might be better outside with another 10-15 pounds of muscle tacked on. 

DANIEL BELLINGER ** -  TE - SAN DIEGO ST. - 6"5' , 253 - B - We both had him in the 4th. Bellinger is a well rounded inline Y TE that needs a little more polish & speed out of his breaks for his game to translate to the NFL.  Great hands, a wide catch radius, and a solid blocker . If he ever learns to get his hands inside more consistently , and gets a little stronger he could become a plus blocker. Some injuries to worry about, but they didn't throw it to him enough, and I think he could be a weapon at all 3 levels in the NFL.

DANE BELTON - S - IOWA - 6"1" , 205 - C - I had him in the 5th and they took him in the 4th. Box safety with great ball skill who can cover TE's. Needs to get stronger & be more consistent.

MICAH MCFADDEN - LB - INDIANA - 6"1" , 240 - B - A thick 2 down run stuffer that lacks the flexibility & fluidity in coverage right now. He's a hammer who thinks everyone's a nail , but he doesn't move well laterally , and he is just off balance too much. I expect him to make a mark on special teams too. I had him in the 5th and that's where they took him

DJ DAVIDSON - DT - AZ. ST. - C-  - Big Technique challenged nose tackle.  I had him in the 7th.

MARCUS MCKETHAN - G - N. CAROLINA - D -  They took him in the late 5th and I had him in the 7th. He's huge & strong with a ideal frame, but unless he drops at least 20 pounds his slow heavy feet & constant leaning will keep him from making it.

DARRIAN BEAVERS - LB - CINCINNATTI - 6"4" , 243 - A+ STEAL! I had him in the top of the 4th and they got him at the top of the 6th. Great frame & straight ahead athleticism, but a liability in coverage. He can stack & shed, and make plays in the tackle box, but doesn't make many plays outside. I might just transition him to the edge , but he could play a dual role like Micah Parsons did last year, or just send him after the QB on the passing downs.  

NEW YORK JETS - A- - Other than failing to get a OT that could start right away , although Max Mitchell might surprise you, I love this draft. It's the kind of draft that can spur a franchise forward quickly ,and have long lasting positive ramifications. The trades up for Johnson & Hall were brilliant. 

AHMAD GARDNER - CB - CINCINNATTI- 6"3" , 190 - B - He has been shutting down WR's for 3 years without giving up a TD. Giant framed press specialist, but he may struggle in off in the Pros , because they are much more explosive laterally. Almost too physical though, and he will get a lot more flags in the NFL, and he lacks makeup speed. His technique needs work.

GARRETT WILSON - WR - OHIO ST. - 6ft. , 183 - - Explosive separator with great hands , highlight reel catches, and the ability to play strong despite a lack of size. He's a weapon after the catch too. My #1 WR in the draft, and well worth this pick.

JERMAINE JOHNSON - DE/OLB - FLA ST.- 6"5" , 254 - B+ Great idea to trade back into the first again, and get this guy. Too many teams passed on him in my opinion. Very productive this year after the transfer. He's great against the run ,and already looked improved as a rusher at the Senior Bowl.

BREECE HALL - RB - IOWA ST. - 5"11" , 217 - A- My number one RB. A complete well rounded 3 down back with great balance & power to run through tackle attempts, which you don't commonly see from guys who run this high.  If he can run a little lower ,and improve the speed of his reads & choices in pass pro he could be a Pro Bowler this year.

-**-JEREMY RUCKERT - TE - OHIO ST.- 6"5" , 252 - A - Jets keep killing it. My #1 TE. Would have went a lot higher if he didn't get hurt in Mobile ,and miss the Senior Bowl & combine. Underused as receiver  but he can do it. A nasty run blocker, and would be tacklers will fear him once he has established himself as a receiver . I had him in the 2nd and they got him in the 3rd.

MAX MITCHELL - OT - LOUISIANA - 6"6" , 307 - B+ I really wish he hadn't tried adding so much weight so fast after the season ended, because it hurt his testing numbers, and it was bad weight.  You see him move well on tape 20 pounds lighter. He's a starting OT on tape once he weighs 310+ , and it's muscle again.

MICHAEL CLEMONS - DE - TEXAS A&M - 6"5' , 263 - B - Power edge rusher with a good motor. Good frame & hands. Needs to stay low, and add more pass rush moves. We both had him in the 4th, but if not for injury questions I think he would have went in the 3rd.

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - A- -  I think Howie Roseman is now one of the better GM's in the league. He made a great pre-draft trade with the Saints to get a first next year. This team is stacked, and Jalen Hurts has to produce now, because they have given him the best chance  possible. Guys like Tua, Justin Fields , Trevor Lawrence, and Zach Wilson didn't get this type of support.  They have the picks next year if he doesn't get it done so Hurts has to at least win a playoff game to keep that job.  If he doesn't whoever the QB is next season is going to be very happy. 

JORDAN DAVIS- NT - GEORGIA- 6"6" , 341 - B - I would have taken Hamilton, but you can't get mad at a team for taking a giant with superhuman athleticism. Elite anchor against the run, and can 2 gap , allowing others to make plays. However, if he unlocks his pass rush potential he will be that rare 3 down NT. 

CAM JURGENS - C- NEBRASKA - 6"3" , 303 - CI wasn't as high on him as others, but the athletic former TE does have the ability to become a lot like their current ALL PRO center Kelce in a couple of years, and who better to learn from than Jason himself. 

NAKOBE DEAN - LB - GEORGIA - 5"11" , 225 - A++Even if Dean is wrong, and he needs surgery causing him to miss a year I would have still taken him in the late first round. Getting him with Davis in front of him again is a match made in heaven. Genius football IQ ,and he makes plays all over the field against the run or pass.  He will QB this defense for years. The other teams in the NFC East who passed on him multiple times , and they all needed LB help, will rue the day they did. 

KYRON JHONSON - LB - KANSAS - 6 feet, 235 - B - A tough undersized edge who was transitioning to LB. He looks like a tweener who can shine on special teams until he can learn to play off the ball better. 

GRANT CALCATERRA - ** - TE - SMU - 6"4" , 241 - B - I liked him back in his Oklahoma days, and thought he would have been a 2nd rounder when he originally entered the draft. He was a better blocker before his short retirement, but it was always down the field instead of inline. Smooth mover & route runner, but more of a finesse guy than I like at TE. As a move TE I still think he has value, but if I had his injury I would have stayed retired. 

PITTSBURGH STEELERS - ALong time GM Kevin Colbert went out on a high note, except for one thing. Why didn't he draft any Offensive tackles?  The O-line was a definite weakness last year , and they brought in 2 interior guys in free agency , but I fear he has too much faith in his current OT's. For his legacy alone I hope I'm wrong. I liked their first 5 picks especially, and not trading up and having Pickett fall to them anyway was a perfect ending to Colbert's time in the Burgh. 

KENNY PICKETT - QB - PITTSBURGH- 6"3" , 217  - B+ - A 4 year starter at QB whos' game took a giant jump this year as a 5th year senior. Has everything but a big arm, but it's strong enough. Getting this hometown hero without trading up was one of the best picks if the draft. I just wonder why it took so long for him to flip the switch?

** - GEORGE PICKENS - WR - GEORGIA  6"3" , 195 - B - There was a time I thought he would be a top 10 pick when he entered the draft, but injuries , character, and maturity questions cause him to fall. Needs to buff up some, but he can go up , and get it. Straight man as a blocker, and could be a prototypical X wide receiver. Could be the long term #1 WR for Pickett too. I thought someone would trade up to top of the 2nd for him, and the Steelers stole him away right before 5 straight teams who needed him were on the clock. 

DEMARVIN LEAL - DT/DE - TEXAS A&M- 6"4" , 283 - B+ - A very talented guy that I once thought would end up a to 10 pick, but played too much on the outside this year where he lacks the juice to make it. He will be a 3 & 5 technique for the Burgh, and that's where I think he fits best. They got him in the mid 3rd , and I had him in the late 2nd.

CALVIN AUSTIN - WR - MEMPHIS - 5"8" , 170 - A - Austin is a little small school burner with legit take the top off the defense speed. Was shockingly a mostly a outside WR at his size. That's not where I think he will be most successful in the NFL. Can knocked off course easily so needs to be predominantly inside in the pros. Jitterbug agility in space. A lot of little schemed short passes designed to get him the ball, and watch him go, but he will need to learn a wider route tree. He should have been used more on gadget plays , put in the slot a lot more, and given the ball in space more. I had him in the 3rd and they took him in the 4th right before the Ravens were reportedly set to take him. 

CONNOR HEYWARD - TE/FB- MICHIGAN ST. - 5"11' , 233  - B - I had him in the 6th too. Son of Ironhead, and brother of current Steeler & future HOFer Cam. Physical H-BACK/TE/FB hybrid. Good hands & a willing blocker, but needs technique work there. Special teams guy at the very least. They got him in the 6th where I had him. 

MARK ROBINSON - LB - MISSISSIPPI -  I didn't watch him. MY BA

CHRIS OLADOKUN - QB - S. DAKOTA ST. - I didn't watch him. MY BAD.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - B- - It was a solid draft, but even though they lacked a 1rst rounder I expected a bigger splash. Their best picks were on day 3, and they need to shed Jimmy G's contract so they can get back into the free agent market to fill out the holes on their roster while they are in a championship window. 

DRAKE JACKSON - DE/OLB - USC - 6"3", 254 - B- - If you had seen him as a 270 plus edge as a true freshman, you would have no idea that the same guy was wearing his body the last 2 years. He dropped down into the the 240's to play a standup hybrid role, and it hasn't helped his draft stock for me. While he can still bend & run the arc outside giving you a speed rush ,you see a lot of times where he is just pushed past the pocket on tape. With his long arms, speed, explosiveness, and bend he should be able to create shock with his hands, but he doesn't.  Jackson is fluid & agile when dropping into coverage, and has the speed & motor to chase down ball carriers, but he does get out of control and overrun a few. Whether its as a 3-4 OLB, or 4-3 DE he is only a situational pass rusher right now to me.  Drake was back up in the 270's for his Pro day, but Jackson needs to add strength not weight. More squats , some anger & violence in his game, and a wider array of pass rush moves are what he is currently lacking.  

TYRION DAVIS PRICE - RB - LSU - 6 feet , 211 - C+ - I had him in the 5th and they took him in the 3rd, but anytime someone with the last name Shanahan drafts a RB I tend to think they know more than me. Physical RB who can grind out a game when you have a lead, and he can do the work in pass pro , but he lacks vision & patience. Both Kyle & his daddy have a history of taking RB's late and hitting in a big way. 

DANNY GRAY - WR - SMU -6 feet , 186 - B - Gray was the first player on my 4th round board, and he was taken with the last pick of the 3rd round so the value is good. He's a lean speedy deep threat WR with iffy hands.

SPENCER BURFORD - T/G - UTSA - 6"4" , 304 - B - Solid pick.  I think he can be a starter at tackle or guard as soon as he get stronger. Needs to play lower more consistently too.  

SAMUEL WOMACK - CB - TOLEDO - 5"9" , 189 - D -   undersized speedy corner with the knack of getting his hands on the ball. Although he's a gambler , and not always a willing tackler. If he stops making business decisions he could be a starting slot corner, but I wonder if he would be better as a slot receiver. I had him in the 7th, but they took him in the 4th.

NICK ZAKELJ - OT - FORDHAM - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A

KALIA DAVIS - DT - UCF - 6"3" , 302 - A - Stocky 3 technique with a good get off & motor. He's got long arms for his size & but he needs to learn how to use them & his hands better. I had him in the 5th and they took him in the 6th.

TARIQ CASTRO-FEILDS - CB - PENN ST. - A+ - 6"1" , 197- I had him in the 4th and they took him in the 6th. He's a fast press man corner with all the tools, but lacks consistency, and he needs work in off coverage. Good tackler too.

BROCK PURDY - QB - IOWA ST. - 6"1' , 212 - C -  He's a 4 year starter who might make it as a backup if he can build up his arm strength, but I had him going undrafted. He's undersized, tentative at times to throw down the field , and has questionable decision making. Good against pressure, and stays composed in the pocket under it. Very accurate when he actually throws the ball. They took him in the late 7th.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - A- - This is the kind of draft they should have had when Russell Wilson was still around, but then again they wouldn't have all the picks without trading him. They would be a Superbowl contender this year if they still had Wilson & were drafting like this the last few years instead of letting Carrol make picks & trading away high picks. If they keep drafting like this , and find a QB again , they could be a contender again very soon. Great rebuilding draft. 

CHARLES CROSS - OT - MISS. ST. - 6"5" , 310 - B+ - Wow!. Not only a OT , but one that is the best pass blocker in the draft. If Carroll was still in power I think they would have taken the lesser prospect, but Nasty run blocker in Penning.

BOYE MAFE - OLB/DE - MINNESOTA - 6"4"  , 255 - B - Athletic raw toolsy pass rusher that the analytics driven Seahawks will love. Most importantly they didn't reach for this one like they have ( LJ Collier) in the past. Twitchy & bendy with explosiveness & heavy hands. Needs more time to become a run defender, but he has the ability to cover , and a passing down guy right now. Has the same upside of Kayvon Thibodeaux if he ever finds his mean streak.  

KENNETH WALKER - RB - MICHIGAN ST.- 5"9" , 211 - B+ - Best pure runner in the draft, but needs a lot of work & more effort in pass pro. He runs a little high, especially for a shorter guy , but those are the only 2 weaknesses I see on tape.  As a runner he is just plain great.  Long speed, burst, power, wiggle, sharp cuts, stop & start quickness , vision , decisiveness , contact balance, breaking tackles , he's a finisher,  makes you miss, and breaks tackles. Walker does it all when you hand it to him , and he can run away from you or beat you to the corner. I love this pick, and again, not a reach like Penny was. 

ABRAHAM LUCAS - OT - WASH. ST. - 6"6" , 315 - B - Another OT, and he is from Washington, and he excels as pass blocker again. WTH? A  4 year starter at RT in a ridiculously pass heavy spread offense. Needs to learn how to block from a 2 point stance, but I think he's a starter once he gets it.

COBY BRYANT - CB - CINCINNATTI - - 6"1" , 193 - A - Thorpe award winner. That's pretty good when you get the guy who won the award for best DB in all of college football in the late 2nd. Teams that didn't want to throw at Sauce Gardner were probably very disappointed with how well Bryant played, but the 4 year starter conquered the challenge. Coby is physical, has great ball skills, good length , and brings it as a tackler. He's a better football player than athlete, but that's fine in zone as long as you are smart and can tackle.  Bryant is and does. He fits their cover 3 , and especially excels in off zone. I have a 3rd on him, but they got him in the 4th. I expect a guy with his smarts, toughness, and leadership qualities to start for many years in the NFL. 

TARIQ WOOLEN - CB - UTSA - 6"4" , 205 - A+ - This is a unicorn that I thought Seattle might take in the 2nd round  , but also more proof that Pete Carroll is no longer in charge of picks, because he would have taken him earlier. He's raw, but not so raw that I thought he would fall to the 5th. Maybe something medical or off the field I don't know about. 6"4" , 205 with long arms and 4.26 forty speed. Pete's dream corner. I had him in the 3rd , and they got him in the 5th. Must be something about him I don't know , because If Dallas took Nashon Wright in the 3rd last year they would have taken Woolen much higher this year.

TYREKE SMITH - DE - OHIO ST. - 6"3" , 254 - B - I had a 6th on him. Ohio ST. edge rusher who lacks the polish & get off of their recent guys. Has good hands & motor, but injuries may have robbed him of some of his once vaunted athleticism.

BO MELTON - WR - RUTGERS - 5"11", 189 - A+ - Apparently I like him more than the league. Maybe their is some medical or character question I am unaware of. I had him in the late 4th, and he went in the top of the 7th. He's kinda stiff as a route runner , but has deep speed, but he needs more consistent hands. He's a better athlete than football player right now , but the upside is high. 

DAREKE YOUNG - WR - LENOIR RHYNE - I didn't watch him. MY BAD

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - B+ - A good draft to celebrate Brady's return, but I doubt Gronk comes back now. Filled a lot of holes and Todd Bowles may win a Superbowl in his first year with a good roster. The trade back out of the first round getting the first pick in the 2nd & 4th was genius. They ended up standing pat and taking the perfect player for them both times, but if they wanted to they could have sold either pick for a high price, because having the 1rst pick of any day of the draft is a big deal. 

LOGAN HALL - DT/DE - HOUSTON - 6"6" , 283 - B - If they make him just a 3 & 5 technique like I expect he may end up being a great one. Long frame, and my favorite interior pass rusher in this draft. They got him right where I had him, and the trade out of the 1rst getting the first pick in the 2nd & 4th was genius.

** - LUKE GOEDEKE - G/T - C. MICHIGAN  - 6"5" , 312 - B - A former small school OT, who I think will excel inside, and the Bucs have a recent history (Marpet & Cappa) of hitting on this type of player. I like to think of Goedeke as controlled aggression.  Textbook hand use , especially in the run game, but good punch & hand placement in pass pro. Has enough foot quickness to stay outside too , and I would be fine throwing him in at RT in a pinch, but his lack of length is why he is going inside to guard. 

RACHAD WHITE - RB - AZ. ST. -  feet  , 214 - C -  Super shifty RB that lacks patience & vision, but is murder in the open field. Can help out in the passing game both as a receiver & blocker, but needs more reps as a blocker to speed up his choices. Can line up as just a WR , and might be best there right now if he wants to get on the field more early. More of a 3rd down back right now, but if he ever learns to see it as runner he could be a great one. I had him in the 4th, and they took him in the 3rd. 

** - CADE OTTON - TE - WASHINGTON- 6"5" , 247 - A- - I had a solid 3rd on him and they got him with the first pick of the 4th. if he was healthy he might have went in the 2nd. Complete inline Y tight end who gets after it as blocker , but he is even better blocking down the field. Massively underused as a receiver , but he can move the chains eve if he's not a seam buster. Forceful runner after the catch.

JAKE CAMARDA - P - GEORGIA - I know nothing about punting. N/A

ZYON MCCOLLUM - CB - SAM HOUSTON ST. - 6"2", 199 - A+ - Elite frame & tools. A 5 year starter & 2 time team captain. If he can learn to find the football faster he could great, but after 5 years you think he would have. Maybe NFL coaching is all he needs to fulfill his potential. I had him in the 3rd and they got him in the 5th

 KO KIEFT - TE - MINNESOTA - didn't watch him. MY BAD. 

 ANDRE ANTHONY - LB - LSU -  didn't watch him. MY BAD. 

TENNESEE TITANS - B+ - I'm not saying the Titans entirely missed their window the last 2 seasons, but let's just say that I don't see them being among the top 6 teams in the AFC this season. They are rebuilding their WR core, and Tannehill is on the hot seat after going downhill last year, but they may have drafted his eventual replacement. A good draft that potentially filled some holes , but a lot of these picks would have to step up big in their rookie years to be a contender in 2022.

TREYLON BURKS - ARKANSAS- 6"2" , 225 - B - If you can't work out a deal with AJ Brown, and have to trade him anyway, it's good to get a guy who has the potential to do all the same things. Big physical guy that can do all the gadget stuff, and the best runner after the catch in the draft, but needs a lot of polish as a route runner before he can play the X instead of the slot. 

ROGER MCCREARY - CB - AUBURN- 5"11" , 190 - B - Feisty , smaller pest of a CB. Plays primarily outside against the best in the SEC , and does well , but probably primarily a slot guy for most NFL teams because of his lack of size. Improved 3 years in a row, and had excellent ball production this year. Good feet , hips, feet , and mirror ability, but looks a little leaner than I like on tape. Physical and shockingly still good at press man & cover 3 despite average size & short arms. Got his hands on the ball a lot the last 2 seasons, and even though he does get big brothered by some lager WR's, he will fight for every ball he can. Still needs more work in zone & off man.

MALIK WILLIS - QB - LIBERTY - 6 ft. , 219 - A+ - STEAL! The toolsiest high ceiling QB in the draft, but very raw and has no idea how to run a NFL offense right now. I really thought he would go in the 1rst because he's a QB, but with a year or 2 learning everything from the ground up he could be a starter. Went to the perfect situation where he can sit for 2 years behind Tannehill & learn. 

NICHOLAS PETIT-FRERE - OT - OHIO ST. - 6"5" , 316 - B- - He's almost worth this pick, but he's a finesse guy that doesn't fit their rugged power running style. Needs to get stronger & nastier. I would attach a bungy cord between him & Taylor Lewan this off season. That way he can workout with him , and hopefully some of Lewan's mean streak seep into him too. 

HASSAN HASKINS - RB - MICHIGAN - 6"2" , 228 - C+ - Big power RB , who lacks the long speed of Henry , but the running style is the same. A man in pass pro too. I had him in the 5th and they took him in the 4th, but I see the fit as a player who can give them a poor man's Henry if he gets hurt again.

CHIGOZIEM OKONKWON - TE - MARYLAND - 6"2" , 240 - B - I had him in the 5th , but he was last comp pick of the 4th so same difference. Smaller speedy athletic move TE. He does block, but is better at it down the field or coming from the side, instead of inline. 

KYLE PHILLIPS - WR - UCLA - 5"11' , 189 - A+ - STEAL! A Julian Edelman clone of a slot receiver. I expect he will play a lot and produce as a rookie because he just gets open , but he needs to get stronger. I had him in the 3rd.

THEO JACKSON - CB - TENNESEE - I didn't watch him. MY BAD.


WASHINGTON COMMANDERS - B- Trading away from a stud like Hamilton was a colossal waste. Reaching for Jahan Dotson was too. I actually think the rest was pretty good , but the only standout pick was Sam HowelL in the 5th. 

JAHAN DOTSON - WR - PENN ST. - 5"11" , 178 - C- It was dumb to trade away from Kyle Hamilton & dumb to reach for a 2nd round WR at pick 16. Trade back again if you love the guy. He has a big catch radius for a smaller guy, and maybe he can play outside some , but he's a good slot guy who is a great return man. 

PHIDARIAN MATHIS - DT - ALABAMA - 6"4" , 310 - B - I had him in the 2nd too, but I expected him to go in the 3rd. This team has had a Lot of success with Bama interior guys so it makes sense that they took him. Generally plays low & strong at the point of attack, and can hold his ground when he stays low. Can play the nose or 5 technique well. Long arms , heavy hands ,and he knows how to use both to control would be blockers. There aren't many players coming into the NFL who can reliably 2 gap anymore, but Mathis can. He's mostly just a solid bull rusher against the passing game, and he if he can learn to use his heavy hands better as a rusher he could be a bigger force there too. Had 9 sacks this year. That's as many as Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt, and Travis Jones combined. 

BRIAN ROBINSON - RB - ALABAMA - 6"2" , 225 - B -He was my last 3rd round grade, and is the best short yardage runner in the draft, with the ability to help out in the passing game, and be a 3 down workhorse. They took him late in the 3rd where I had him. 

PERCY BUTLER - S - LOUISIANA - 6 feet , 194 - C -Physically gifted athletic & speedy safety who excels at special teams. Has the feet for corner. He goes outside the scheme too much for me to trust him at safety right now, and if you are going to guess so much you should make more big plays. Needs to add more muscle to his frame , and didn't dominate small school competition despite high level talent.

SAM HOWELL - QB - N. CAROLINA - 6"1" , 218 - A+ - Best pick of their draft, and it was late enough to keep any QB controversy from coming up. I think he has a legitimate chance  of becoming a starter in a year or 2. Best deep ball in the draft, and has played in 2 very different systems, but needs to learn a NFL offense.  Got him 3 rounds later than I had him. STEAL!

COLE TURNER - TE - NEVADA - 6"6" , 249 - B- - Got him in the late 5th, and I had him in the 6th so no biggie.  Tall lean TE who looked bigger at the combine than he was on tape. Former WR who works hard as a blocker, but technique needs work. Can go up and get , and good hands, but route tree needs a little more expansion. 

CHRIS PAUL - G/T - TULSA - 6"4" , 323 - B+ - A small school OT that is moving to guard in the Pros. He's strong, smart & physical. Moves well. Needs to stay under control down the field. Much better technique & awareness than his OT running mate who went in the 1rst. I had him in the 6th and they got him in the 7th.

CHRISTIAN HOLMES - CB - OKLAHOMA ST. - I didn't watch him. MY BAD. N/A






























28.SAN FRANCISCO 49ers - B-