Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2020 NFL MOCK DRAFT - 2/25/20 - With Trades & Player Comparisons

Still been watching plenty of tape.Spent most of my week watching more tape of DB's, WR's, D-Lineman, and O-Lineman .Right now I see a draft really deep at  WR and  OT .   A few of these guys will get hurt before the draft, disappoint off the field ,or on the field in workouts .  However I have already done a lot of work on plenty of players , and still have plenty more to do .The picks are all mine , but keep in mind that I still have more tape study to do on these prospects, and a whole lot more I haven't even watched the film on yet . I have broke down at least 5 games of everyone else in this first round mock so far, but have done as many as ten for some guys that I already liked coming into the season . I have done a minimum of 3 games on 255 total players as of today , but I am trying to watch as many new players a week as I can .Now that all the underclassmen have made their decision to enter the draft or return to school I have added trades so we can all get some different looks & possibilities . Also, keep in mind that I haven't done lot of investigation on injuries & character questions yet , and I don't have the resources of an NFL team, so unless it's publicized I won't have that info. Most of my big misses have been because of these things I didn't know about , because most of my evaluation is made from the game film . There are still2 really big dates that could drastically affect the draft . The Scouting Combine on February 24th & Free agency which begins on March 16th .  I have given peak NFL players comparisons so you can have an idea of who your team might be getting , and I mean the established NFL players peak if the incoming player reaches their peak .The farther down the board they are the less likely I think they might reach that comp . So if you wonder why I have a comparison to a better player to a guy I have in a later round as compared to a guy I have going high in the first you now know why . He may remind me of a great player if he reaches his ceiling , but it's less likely he reaches that ceiling if he is a lower pick . Also, if I a better comp occurs to me after watching more tape I will occasionally change it . I also added the first overall draft pick for the team without a 1rst rounder after pick 32 so everyone can see who their team might be looking at .This Mock is based on what I think teams will do, not my personal rankings . Although my rankings will still color it, because I think we will see a lot of the same things  Here it is . Enjoy .

# Is for a player with with reported character or maturity concerns.

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns.

***PROJECTED TRADE*** The BENGALS (#1) trade the 1rst overall pick and tackle Cordy Glenn to the DOLPHINS for their own 1rst ( #5) the first they got from the STEELERS (#18) and their 2021 1rst rounder , their own 5th and 6th rounders in this draft  and QB Josh Rosen***PROJECTED TRADE ***

1.MIAMI-(bengals)- JOE BURROW - QB - LSU
NFL PLAYER COMP - a leaner ANDREW LUCK - retired 
The Bengals are clearly rebuilding, and they have a ton of needs, but I would be shocked if they traded this pick. I can't imagine someone offering them enough to pass on Joe Burrow . A clear cut Stud franchise QB that grew up in OHIO! . BUUUUTTTTT....  it's the Bengals . Their owner is Mike Brown . The son of HOF coach and owner Paul Brown . Despite the Bengals being worth about 2 billion Brown is one of the poorest Owners in The NFL , although he's still worth close to a billion last time I checked. They still have plenty of money ,but that's pretty much how the family made their fortune . Despite never winning it all Brown has refused to relinquish power, even though his family members , and the current head coach have some say . His refusal to pay market value for many players is part of why they haven't won, and actually a good argument for keeping this pick and taking Burrow , but it's actually even more cost effective to rebuild the team  quicker with a lot more cheap draft picks .Plus their have been rumblings in the rumor mill that Burrow may not want to play for the bungals .  The Dolphins sure seemed like they were  trying to " Tank for Tua" heading into the year . Stripping their roster of most of it's established talent and even  trading away young potential cornerstone pieces like Laremy Tunsil & Minkah Fitzpatrick .  It didn't work. Brian Flores, Ryan Fitzpatrick , and a group of young players & journeyman veterans managed to somehow win 5 games. Flores should have gotten more votes for coach of the year in my opinion, because winning 5 games with this roster is quite an accomplishment . Since they DID trade away some key good young players, and traded back a lot in the 2019 draft I expected them to be planning on going all in on a QB in 2021.Trevor Lawrence or maybe even Justin Fields after the awesome season he just had . However, after the year Burrow had in 2020  , the unexpected success they had in the 2nd half of the season, the wealth of draft picks ( the most the next 2 years) & cap space( most in the NFL this off season) they currently have , they may want to speed up the rebuild ,and start trying to compete more now . Plus there are alreNot to mention that the Brady/Belichick duo could be coming to an end this off season, and at the very least they are still nearing the end of their run soon .The fins literally have needs almost everywhere . Other than Christian Wilkins , Xavien Howard, Devante Parker , Preston Wilson , Vince Biegel , Raekwon McMillan , Davon Godchaux and maybe Mike Gesicki & Reshad Jones they can all be replaced or upgraded . Plus the only Free Agent they have that they might want to resign is 31 year old John Jenkins, and he's probably not going to cost a lot, or be a priority .  So that's 10 guys , a few other recent draft picks,  that they still have hope for , and their 8 remaining draft picks if they make this trade out of a 53 man roster .Not to mention Howard's play dropped off last season ,and he was accused of domestic violence as well. The trade is an overpay, but to give up a chance at a guy like Burrow I would want you to blow me away. Plus Mike Brown isn't known for trading unless you blow him away, and it might take even more to get this deal done . In the 20 plus years I have been breaking down the film on draft prospects the best college QB I have ever seen was Andrew Luck . I was right about him in every way, but one, and that was his commitment to the game . I really don't care what anyone else thinks about this, but I was shocked when Luck retired because of injuries? If it's not going to make you lose your mental capabilities ( concussions) , your ability to walk , or function for the rest of your life you don't retire as a 29 year old well payed QB . Especially now, when you finally have one of the leagues best O-lines , and the leagues rules are specifically designed to protect your primadonna Ass . Burrow doesn't have Lucks long term college track record to bolster his status, but in every other way (except bulk) his on the field performance reminds me of when Luck was still a man . He has lightning fast reads , even slightly faster than Tua , which would have shocked me if anyone had told me that before the season. Poise, athleticism, , balls, accuracy all over the field . Plus he can scramble to buy time, and find the open man with the best of them, but if he has to run he is dangerous there too. Dude just seemed immune to pressure,  murdered the blitz all year, and he kept getting better  as the season went along . Played a ton of big time teams , and beat them ALL, unlike Luck !  Now it's true he had a great team around him , tons of weapons, a really good O-line, and a new offense that very few college QB's would have the mental capacity to run well, but he aced that offense. In his case he mastered it in one off season, and kept improving in it all year . Never had a bad game this season . Has an average arm, but so did Luck, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning . When you read defenses that fast, throw people open early the way he does, and display great accuracy, touch, and timing, who cares ? No one with a brain . The only worry I have with him is frame . He is a former All - State basketball player , and has the build of one. He's measured in at 6 "3" at, 221 lbs at the combine which was a little better than I expected, but it would still help to add another 10-15 pounds of muscle .   . My concern for his long term durability would be alleviated then . I am not saying he would need to be as big as Luck , who looked like a small defensive end( a big 6'4' , 240)  when he was entered  his first training camp . His hands measured at a smallish for a QB "9" , but Mahomes and Rodgers are about the same so I'm not too worried about it . People make a big deal about him being a one year wonder, but the guy transferred over last year really late. Then he still won the staring job , although it was a different and predictably boring offense . As of now Joe Burrow is my second highest graded QB ever,  just had the best college football season of any QB in history , and is now my #1 ranked player in the whole draft .SLAM DUNK PICK  ! They would still have a 1rst and two 2nd rounders this year,and a 1rst & two 2nd rounders in 2021 . Spend some money in free agency , especially on the O-Line ,and go after whoever the top guy's available are. They could compete for a wildcard in 2020, and maybe even win the AFC East if Brady leaves . 

I know some Redskin fans will love this pick, and others will say they need a new left tackle, and both will be right , but there is now a shadow of a hope that Trent Williams would return to the skins under the new regime .New head coach Ron Rivera met with Williams already so that alone is progress . However, unless someone in the first 7 picks, or maybe at worst top 9 offers them a big package of picks to move up this is the best thing to do . Young is the clear cut #2 player on my board,  he plays a premium position, and he's probably number one overall for a lot of people . I know you have Ryan Kerrigan and Montez Sweat already, but you never can have enough people that rush the passer well . Young is more talented than both of those other 2 edge rushers . Also Kerrigan will be 32 next season , he will be in the last year of his contract in 2020 , and coming off a season ending injury . I am not suggesting they should cut Ryan for cap savings either . Kerrigan is still a good pass rusher, and he's on the cusp of a possible HOF career with a few more good seasons  . Like Daniel Snyder or not, but he does love his team, and I am sure he would want a guy who has played this well for this long to be career redskin, especially if he gets a gold jacket . A couple more years and he would probably reach that magical 100 sack plateau, maybe even this season if he returns to form.  This team has plenty of needs, but QB isn't one, so their best hope is that Tua gets  a clean bill of health from a team willing to pay enough to trade up for him. Personally I think it would be a lock if Tua hadn't gotten hurt this year, and this hip injury is a serious one for any player .It's possible someone even falls for Justin Herbert , but I wouldn't do it , and I don't see a team giving up a lot to move up for him .  It's also possible a team wants to move  up for Young, but I doubt the price would be as high in that situation, and unless you wow them I just don't see the skins trading away from an elite prospect . For now I think they stay here ,and take the best player available . Young follows the Bosa brothers into the NFL continuing Ohio State's recent streak of providing premium edge players to the NFL . He's not quite as polished as them, but he does show a lot of the same violent hands, and Young is definitely more athletic with a higher upside . Also after cutting Josh Norman & Paul Richardson they really could use the picks. Plus if Quinton Dunbar holds out and they move back enough to still get Jeff Odukah it would still be worth it.

The Lions are another team that may want to trade back for a big package of picks for a QB needy team , and according to the trade value chart it would cost about the equivalent of a mid 2nd round pick less at #3 overall than #2 overall . There is also an outside chance they fall in love with a QB , and take Tua or even Herbert, especially now that Stafford will be 32 and has a back injury . Since Stafford's contract is written in a way that it would be hard to trade him , and stupid to release him . They are another team with a lot of needs, but that's usually the case when your picking high in the draft . Short of a windfall trade their best case scenario is the redskins trading their pick to a QB needy team, and Chase Young falling to them, or the skins losing their minds and passing on Young . Pairing him with Trey Flowers would give them a great edge duo. Failing that they need interior D-Line help if Mike Daniels or A'Shawn Robinson isn't re- signed, and Derrick Brown would be a good fit . Plus in the secondary Tavon Wilson & Rashaan Melvin are UFA's, and Darius Slay is coming off his worst season since he was a rookie. Also Slay is in the last year of his deal, and their were trade rumors about him last year, after they dumped starting safety & defensive captain Quandre Diggs to the Hawks before the trade deadline . Now Slay ,despite his bad season ,is threatening to hold out unless he gets a new contract making him the highest paid CB in the game. Laughable. At LB Jarrad Davis has been a bust , and I love Isiah Simmons. Plus Simmons can also play safety . In the end I am going with Okudah . I only have 5 blue chip elite players in the draft right now after Tua got hurt . Burrow and Young are gone in this scenario , and that leaves Odukah & Simmons, and Brown. Since I think CB's are more valuable unless the interior D-Lineman is an elite pass rusher , I will give them the corner . Okudah is the highest graded corner I have done since Patrick Peterson . He isn't quite as physical or thick, but he is a an excellent press man corner .  Jeff has plenty of speed, fluid hips, quick feet , ball skills , and the confidence & swagger you want in a lock down CB . 

The Giants have been trying to upgrade their O-Line for years , and while it's has been better, it's still not good. Nate Solder hasn't lived up to his contract, and Mike Remmers has always been a average at best OT, who is only getting worse .  After finishing my top 10 tackles I still have Thomas at #1 , although Jedrick Wills , Mekhi Bexton, and maybe even Josh Jones could end up in the top 11 with all these tackle needy teams in that range . I personally see Tristan Wirfs as a better fit at guard after finishing his tape if you are thinking of bringing him up, but a tackle needy team may still take him a little later and see what he can do outside first . Thomas  has been starting since he was a true freshman at RT, and has been starting at LT the last 2 years . He is a dominant run blocker ,and a good long armed pass blocker, who has the athleticism to be be dominant there too with some technique refinement. Bringing in Mark Columbo to coach the O-Line in New York can only help him . His biggest weakness right now is blocking down field , but his feet aren't always consistent in his pass sets either . He already plays in a pro style offense ,and I see him as a plug and play starter at either tackle spot . Also, in my opinion he has both the highest floor & ceiling of all the potential blindside protectors in this draft .  I know the Giants would love to have and a DE, CB, or LB, but Young &  Okudah are already gone here . Plus I don't see the Giants drafting a LB in the first round, although GM Dave Gettleman did take Shaq Thompson in the late 1rst when he was running the Panthers, but this is #4 overall . I also think their interior D-Line is one of the few strengths on their team so that leaves out Derrick Brown. I actually think they have pretty good depth at WR too , but I guess Jerry Jeudy are CeeDee Lamb are possibilities as well. However , if they really think Daniel Jones is the answer at QB  , and Jones did surprise me with how well he played at times last season , they need to protect him better

I am well aware that most Bengal fans don't want to do this, and let me say I wouldn't either, but part of putting out draft content is showing different possible scenarios.  In this one they made the trade, but it does give them a chance to conclude their rebuild quicker .With Cordy Glenn having a dispute with the team about how they handled his concussion, but still having a year left on his deal they trade him to another OT needy team, and it would probably help the locker room .The last thing you need on a young rebuilding team is a disgruntled veteran who has justifiably earned respect for his play in the league causing problems, and he's still a good enough player that they get something for him . Coupled with the return of 2019 first rounder LT Jonah Williams from a lost season due to a rotator cuff injury , and that they have young guys Billy Price, Mike Jordan , and Trey Hopkins on the interior of the O-Line  it gives them a chance at setting up a young talented O-line right away . Especially if they take Jedrick Wills here . He could reunite with his former Alabama bookend partner Williams to give them a head start on the rebuild . Rosen might actually live up to his draft status behind a decent O-Line, which is something he has not had during his 2 years in the league . If Rosen works out problem solved, and maybe you can get something for Andy Dalton on the last year of his deal. They have no incentive to keep Dalton , and he has no dead money left on his contract so they can cut him if they can't find a willing trade partner . Also, rebuilding the O-line should be a priority so I am giving them Wills. I was on Bama LT Alex Leatherwood by week 3 of the season , but Wills didn't get on my radar until late in the season . Leatherwood went back to school despite my first round grade on him, but Wills was a pleasant surprise . Jedrick is big , strong, and nasty with surprisingly light feet.  He needs a more physical hand punch, but he keeps his hands inside , and I think he could flip over to left tackle if needed. Even as a right tackle he is not far behind Thomas on my board, but Wills has more consistent sets as a pass blocker. If Rosen doesn't work out they may have the #1 overall pick in 2021 anyway, but even if he does OK it's hard to imagine that they don't have a top 10 pick in that draft . In that case their pick combined with the extra 2021 first rounder they got from the Dolphins in this trade gives them the ammo to move up to number one overall and get either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields next season . 

The Chargers had a big decision to make at QB. Phillip Rivers is a UFA , and he moved his family to Florida . Rivers didn't have his best season, but with the Bolts often injured patchwork O-Line I'm personally surprised he survived the year without a big injury . So I am not even sure if he would have come back and played for the Bolts if they wanted him , but the Chargers have announced they have moved on now.  I am sure he has saved plenty of money out of his 16 years as a NFL QB , and that his money will go a lot farther in Florida than Cali . There are 3 teams in Florida that could use an upgrade at the QB position , but I doubt Miami and Rivers will be interested in each other . Tampa and Jacksonville are both closer to winning , but I would go Tampa if I was him.  Even after Tua's injury Herbert is the 3rd QB on my board , and unless they can talk Rivers into coming back or somehow convince Brady to head their way they are going to need a QB now. Tua's would be a better choice if he's healthy , but I am not counting on him to play much in 2020 until I hear otherwise . In 2017 Herbert was a spread read option QB with all the tools you could want . Tall with a cannon arm , and a willingness to throw down the field that you don't often see. He had his share of bubble & tunnel screens too, which definitely helped his completion percentage , but he could also fire a 20 yard out or a hit a DIG route on a rope . His accuracy still needed work , especially on those deep balls .  That season when he put more air under the ball to go deep it had a tendency to sail on him, and he also occasionally threw receivers into potentially dangerous hits with late or off target throws . He also broke his collarbone late that season, but  In 2018 he made improvements in those problem areas, and the offense also changed a bit . That year Herbert also started showing the capability of being a strong explosive runner who specialized in moving the chains in short yardage situations , or take off for a bigger gain when the play broke down, or even on the occasional read option . He also showed the smarts on when to slide to protect himself . Despite already being 6"6" 230 pounds his frame has plenty of room for growth and he could easily carry 250 pounds of muscle to help protect himself . He also broke his collarbone late that season , and that can sometimes be a recurring injury , but he went the next 2 years without it flaring up .  In 2019 the offense changed a little more again , and became more run oriented . Justin still has all the physical tools, but I expected a similar jump up this season like the one I saw from 2107 to 2018 , and I didn't see it. While his completion percentage went back up and his interception went down a little too, I think that was due to the conservative offense that gave him more play action passes . He didn't run as much this season himself either  , but showed his legs off in a big way in their bowl game. All in all he is still a very good QB prospect, but he hasn't stepped up in the big moments the way a guy I would trade up for & then anoint my franchise QB for the long haul should do . There are also some rumors of leadership questions around him because he is not the most outwardly vocal guy, but he is universally loved by his teammates . That's not the end of the world . Eli Manning just retired after a long successful career in New York of all places, and he is not the most loquacious guy either .  Herbert probably would have been a top 5 pick last season, and maybe even #1 overall if Kyler Murray wasn't such  perfect fit for Kliff Kingsbury's offense . He returned for a chance at the PAC 12 title , and to play a season with his incoming freshman TE little brother, and I don't think it really hurt his stock, but he didn't do anything to make it go up for me either . There is nothing wrong with being a game manager , which is what Herbert looked like this season, but there are times you just want to see a QB let it rip & win the game for you, instead of just not losing it. Both are valuable , but the former is a guy who can win it all with  A LOT around him like a early career Russel Wilson . The latter is a guy like Wilson is now . A  franchise QB that can drag a below average team to the playoffs , and a good team to the the title  .  Basically after 3 years I expected more than the incremental growth I saw . He still may end up being a franchise QB , but right now he's a guy I could see the Chargers taking if he fell to them at the 6th pick . However, he's not a guy I would give a lot of extra picks to move up  and get in a trade package .  In conclusion this guy has all the tools and skills  . He just needs to harness them , show more consistency , and a lot more special plays in big moments to convince me he is a franchise QB . 

I know plenty of Panther fans will scream Tua here at #7 or  , and if their docs give him a good long term health prognosis it might be a good idea . However, after Cam's injuries recently this is another team that might want to avoid a injury prone QB .Although Newton still has a year on his contract , and this would give them a chance to see if he can return to form . If so, they can franchise him and get something for him, or keep him. I also suspect some will say what about Isaiah Simmons at #7 ? Luke Kuechly just abruptly retired, but since it's concussions I get it . It still saddens me though, as Luke was one of the best MLB's I ever saw . Plus it's just 5 years after after Patrick Willis did the same thing . 2 of the elite middle LB's in the history of the game retiring at 29 , but hey LB is a rough job and if your worried about losing your mental facilities I understand . However Simmons isn't a MLB , he's a safety or an undersized weak side LB , and they already have one of those in Shaq Thompson so he's not a fit here . Although he would be a giant upgrade over Eric Reid at safety . I am going with Tua for now, because they DO have Cam under contract for a year, and that redshirt year is probably what Tua needs to be fully healed . Also, they may want to trade Cam because they aren't giving any clear signals. As of now they are just saying that they aren't going to talk about Newton until he is fully healthy .  Tua this late fits especially if it's going to take Tua a while to heal, and he needs a red shirt this year . Tua  has elite poise & he reads defenses like a veteran NFL QB . He is built like a RB ( 6 ft.217 lbs.), and his lack of height will knock him down some boards, , but his average arm will push him down some other boards too. That RB like build is what confuses me with his injury history , as he looks like a shorter Dak Prescott on the field, and I have seen Dak run over a LB & pop up with a smile. Although Dak wished he had Tua's accuracy, ability to throw people open , and quickness reading defenses . He has huge hands( "10" ) like Dak too .Tua has been hurt all 3 years of college, although this years hip injury could be a long term thing. His mobility is one of his great skills, and hip injuries can also really affect your ability to throw the ball , and he didn't have the strongest arm to begin with. If he had come through this year unscathed there would probably be some teams who value experience as a starter more than others who would have him as their number #1 QB . Tua would also have been the 6th player in my elite blue chip tier, 3rd player overall on my board , and the Redskins would be giggling with how much they could extract from a QB needy team that wanted to move up to #2 overall for him. Although that could still happen if his medicals look good at the combine, but I doubt they get healthy Tua prices even if a team buys into him . Tua  is even more accurate than Burrow , and that's saying something , and he has a very quick release. He is a 2 year starter in a NFL offense , in a elite conference, has enough arm to make the throws . Plus looks like a veteran NFL franchise QB on tape. I have actually heard some complain that Tua has too much talent around him, but that's stupid to me . Burrow had the same thing , and they both play in one of the elite conferences in the NCAA against top competition . Also, I know a few people have sent me messages complaining about the Mark Brunell comp. I personally think Brunell was a very good NFL QB . Steve Young was my obvious choice initially, but he didn't become injury prone until he AFTER he turned pro . So I didn't feel comfortable comparing him to an NFL HOFer when I am not confident of his ability to have a lengthy career . Tua is just as likely to be the next Sam Bradford as he is the next Steve Young, so I went for a guy in the middle of the 2.

***PROJECTED TRADE*** The CARDINALS  their 1rst rounder  ( #8) to the RAIDERS for their 1rst (#12) their own 3rd (#80) and a 4th rounder in 2021 ***PROJECTED TRADE ***

The 2019 raiders should strangely be considered a success ,even though they didn't make the playoffs. Dumping AB actually brought the team together.  Unless the Raiders decide to draft a QB here, and in this case Tua is just sitting there like a blinking light if Gruden wants him, a trade up to get a blue chip player makes a lot of sense. Although I think if Gruden wanted  a QB it wouldn't be a target of opportunity, and that he would trade up for him even earlier  . The Silver & Black could also shock the world and go after Brady, and there are already rumors about that possibility . Talk about selling tickets in your new home !They do need a # 1 WR , otherwise they wouldn't have tried to bring in the train wreck that is Antonio Brown . Tyrell Williams profiles well as ( and is paid like ) a good number 2 WR , but I doubt they trade up to take Jeudy or Lamb . An off the ball LB like Simmons is also a big need, and his versatility could change this defense . So Simmons finally comes off the board, in a trade up, and it's to a team that really needs him . He's clearly one of the 2 best players on the board, and unless they want to take Tua I can't see them even considering anyone else in a trade up, but Tua went a pick earlier here anyway .  NT isn't something I see the Raiders trading up for either so that rules out Derek Brown . Simmons is just a flat out stud. He is the best safety , off the ball LB, and movable defensive chess piece in this draft . He can play the run, cover, rush , and he's just a play-maker wherever they line lined him up, and they lined him up all over the defensive formation . He was everywhere on film, almost to the point that I thought there were 2 of him on the field sometimes, and it often took awhile to find him before the snap . Also keep in mind that the Raiders seemed to love Clemson players ( Clelin Ferrell in the 1rst, Trayvon Mullen in the 2nd, Hunter Renfrow in the 5th) under the new regime in last years draft.

After Telvin Smith started to go downhill you could see Myles Jack trying to pick up some of his slack, and then his play went down too. Then Smith abruptly retired before the 2019 season , and Jack got even worse. He needs that fast ground covering weak-side LB next to him so he can concentrate on his responsibilities , and I doubt Smith returns. While Telvin will only be 29 this season his out of the blue retirement shouldn't sit well with anyone in the organization , and the only time I heard about him this year was when the cops were called to his house right after last Thanksgiving .   With Isaiah Simmons gone that position is ruled out here. However NT Marcel Darius is a free agent and his play has also gone downhill recently Plus DT Akeem Spence is also a UFA, and DT Abry Jones is in the final year of his deal . Brown is the currently the last blue chip player on my board, and if you can get the 5th best player on the board at #9 you should do it  . Coming into this season I saw Brown as more of a nose tackle as he was an elite run stuffer, but he really improved as a pass rusher this year , and I think he could move all over their 3 man front .  He has a great motor, big powerful hands , off the ball quickness, just runs over opposing lineman , dominated LSU's vaunted O-Line, and it's hilarious when people are dumb enough to run at him . His only weakness are a lack of pass rush moves( bull rush, push through a shoulder, or slap the hands down and bull rush is it ) and counters. This guy is a tone setter with a really high floor , and a leader that any coach should be itching to draft 

The Browns disappointed again . I admit I picked them to win the division , and they imploded . This is definitely the most talented team in the division, but you wouldn't know it by their record . Before the season my big worries were LT , RG, and a rookie head coach, but I confess that Freddie Kitchens was just as bad as their O-line. Both OT's were bad , but the RT was even worse than the left. Both players they played at RG were terrible too. They tried to trade for former Pro Bowler Trent Williams to man the blindside, but stubborn Daniel Snyder wouldn't make the deal , but I bet he will now.  Williams is adamant about never playing for the skins again , although instead of a 1rst and some change I doubt they get more than a 2nd rounder for him now . Williams sat out a whole year , will be 32 this season, failed his physical in a weird way, and he had been having some injury problems for the previous 3 campaign's . I would still make that deal for a 2nd if I was the Browns , as long as he passes his physical , and I would still take Becton even if I pulled it off . Another thing that didn't work out was the OBJ trade. He took his diva whiny millennial look at me personality to new heights, continued his history of being injury prone, and did a lot to help undermine his coach and QB . I would trade him, and draft a WR in this very deep class in the 2nd or 3rd round . Then we have Baker . Crappy O-Line or not he definitely regressed, and made me think that what I used to think was just cocky young brashness , might in fact be Odell-like myopic millennial divaness . Don't think that one OT , now matter how good is going to fix this.all either, but that's why I have them trading for and drafting one each . They probably need to draft multiple O-Lineman & sign or trade for a couple more too . Other than their center or LG all these guys could easily be replaced and upgraded . I spend most of the college season watching guys I haven't watched before, but I had already seen 4 of Becton's 2018 games coming into the season, and I had him projected as a low first rounder . I watched 3 more 2019 games during Seniorbowl week, and WOW !  I was so impressed I will even say it backwards . WOW !  Becton is huge . One of those guys that is so big, wide , and long that he is just hard to get around . He also looks like a a guy who you might want to move to guard , but you would be wrong . As long as he keeps his weight in check he is solid on the edge as a pass protector, and his 370 pounds is pretty well distributed.  If he could cut down to 340 by the combine he could actually be the first OT drafted , as it would help his quickness on his pass sets. Sometimes guys with his profile like Johnathan Ogden , Andrew Whitworth, or Cordy Glenn just know how to use what they have to kick ass . His brutal hand punch is effective and his anchor is elite . His hands are so big & arms are so long it's hard for him to completely miss with his punch, and a partial punch from him can still throw you off course or stop you in your tracks . He is a physical road grader in the run game as a drive blocker . Most giants don't excel down the field  , but he is not your normal giant , and he goes hunting . Other than getting better at picking up stunts &  blitzes , and getting more accurate with his punch he is a really good OT prospect . Stunts & blitzes usually just come with time, and if he keeps getting in better shape the sky's the limit.  He is a perfect fit for the Vikings, Seahawks , or 49ers run heavy scheme's if any of those teams want to trade up for him .  Mekhi is my 3rd ranked OT and #12 overall player . I would do this if I was Cleveland now that Simmons is off the board ,and definitely if I didn't bring in a good veteran OT, even if Simmons is there . With a little time to keep developing his technique & body he could be a perennial Pro Bowler . Louisville used to flip their OT's , so he has played both tackle spots, but I am  convinced he could handle the blindside full time in the NFL, after watching him doing it this year. Once I have caught up and watched all 400 some guys I expect to watch this draft season, I will be looking to post my final ranking for 2020. In those 2 weeks I will watch more tape on the top tier guys I have at each position to separate them and give final grades. I wouldn't be surprised if he even moves up a little on my board, and I also wouldn't be surprised that after the combine & free agency shake out ,and some tackle needy teams are left wanting, if he was drafted a little higher too. 

11.NY JETS -JERRY JEUDY - WR - ALABAMA - 6"1", 193
The Jets need offensive lineman more than anything , but unless they See Tristan Wirfs as an OT , or really love Josh Jones they are  only possibilities in this scenario. DSadly they haven't used or 1rst or 2nd round pick on a O-Lineman since 2010 .However, they do have an extra 3rd rounder if they want to trade up a little in case some one they love doesn't fall here . Still, they have plenty of other needs , and their are 2 players that absolutely fill their 2nd biggest need, and are plenty worth this pick . That need is WR, because Robbie Anderson is a free agent , Adam Gase doesn't seem to want to pay top dollar for skill players right now, and with the 2 arrest on Anderson's record they may not want to invest a lot in him. Sam Darnold needs some more weapons. Both Ceedee Lamb & Jerry Jeudy are number WR's to me, and both are top 10 values in my book . While I have Lamb slightly ahead in the long run they are more 1A and 1B on my board . Jeudy is more polished & pro ready right now, and he fits this offense well. He is an advanced route runner even for a pro player, comes out of a pro style offense , and is a high character guy unlike Anderson . Plus his hands are good, except I wouldn't expect him to win a lot of jump balls . I really hope they invest in the O-Line in both free agency in the draft though . They need CB's too, but I don't see one being drafted this high after Okudah is gone . 

The Cardinals got a good start on their rebuild last year , but their O-line isn't very good, although their current O-Line did improve some as pass blockers as the year went along . They do say practice makes perfect, and they pass a lot, but it's also a spread system designed to get rid of the ball quickly & run a ton of plays . However, the only O-lineman they have right now that I think they might be counting on as a long term piece is left tackle DJ Humpries ,and while they did resign him, I still think they overpaid . I like Wirf's a lot , but apparently not as much as other people who put out draft content or draftniks  follow the draft closely , but I believe he will still go relatively high . I received multiple comments about it when I moved him down my board some , and most of them were so full of insults and F-bombs that I just didn't post them . I did 4 more of his games for this season, and while he definitely has the talent to play outside, I think he is a better fit inside at guard right now. This is not an insult. The history of the NFL is littered with great guards( Gene Upshaw, John Hannah , Larry Allen , Josh Sitton , Evan Mathis, Zack Martin , Joel Bitonio, Joe Thuney -and that's just off the top of my head) who played OT in college and in some cases the pro's too . Many of them probably could have been solid long term OT's in the NFL , but I doubt they would have all been GREAT outside . I have listed him as T/G all along for a reason .He struggled with balance regularly on tape for 2 years running . He is also not a consistent natural knee bender , gets high too often , and ends up on the ground too often .  On the plus side he is not only very athletic at times , he is also super strong all the time , and has a mean streak in the run game . He has a lot of the same strengths and flaws Tyron Smith had in college as a sophomore, but Smith improved a lot more as a junior when he entered the draft . Both played RT in college , but Wirfs did flip to the left side for some games when Alaric Jackson got hurt . So both Tyron and Tristan seemed to have the ability to flip over to the blindside if they took to NFL coaching, ,and both were strong enough to play inside if that didn't work out. Like I said Smith improved a lot as Junior and Wirfs not so much, and I doubt he has Tyron's super long arms, but the Cards need help at at least 2 and maybe 3 O-Line spots . So I think he's worth the risk here, and if he doesn't work out at OT, I am comfortable that he would hold up well inside . 1rst round draft picks in the Steve Keim era have been the wrong guy up until last season, but I have decided to give him part of the benefit of the doubt by having them take a guy at #12 that they might have considered at #8  . However, it's imperative that they upgrade the O-line to protect their young, undersized, potential franchise QB . So I am not even going to entertain another position here . Josh has decent size & length, but very quick feet and more than enough athleticismHe could work out because he's still very talented , and he should get much better coaching in the NFL from Sean Kugler .This team has a lot of needs so the extra 3rd rounder gives them a chance at another top 100 prospect .

The obvious choice here is Tua, but I doubt it, even if their doctor's sign off on him . With Lucks abrupt retirement ,and Jacoby Brissett playing pretty well before an injury I don't expect them to bring in a QB unless his injury history & build scream durable . Plus Tua is gone in this scenario anyway . In fact their are only 2 teams that should try to spend a lot of money on Tom Brady. the Colts and the Cowboys. The reason for that is that I think both are ready to win now , but the Cowboys seem set on trying to overpay Dak so I think Brady's bet non New England destination is Indy  . The main free agent the Colts have to worry about is LT Anthony Castonzo , and they have the franchise tag as a last resort if they have trouble getting a deal done. So I am going to go with another big need . The only WR on their team that is serious threat to defenses is TY Hilton , and he has become injury prone lately , although Zach Pascal showed decent signs of becoming a solid # 3 last season , 2019 2nd rounder Parris Campbell has a lot of talent. Drafting a new potential WR might help them to get TB12 to head their way .  Lamb looks to be a little bigger & faster than Jeudy, and while he is good at the more limited route tree Oklahoma runs, he still needs work there to fit into a Pro style offense . He is explosive with great hands , and has a well above average knack for tracking the ball  . Combining that with his ability to play great from both the outside & inside , and I think his long term upside gives him the slight lead in the race to be the # 1 WR in the 2020 draft . Also, the Colts value the TE position, and since Brady just went a year without any solid TE's I think having a sure handed guy like Jack Doyle & also explosive move TE Eric Ebron( if he is resigned)  would appeal to him . Don't forget about one of the leagues best O-Lines as a recruiting tool either .  

I just can't see them giving Winston the franchise tag, unless they have already re-signed Shaquil Barrett, and even then I can't see anyone else paying Jameis 30 million for even one year. Plus Phillip Rivers would be a perfect fit for Bruce Arians offense, because he loves to throw down the field , and he just moved  his whole family to Florida . Another big need is interior D-Lineman . NdamuKong Suh, Beau Allen , and Rakeem Nunez-Roches are UFA's this off season . The Bucs have a lot of cap space so they can do a lot of things nut they could use more youth on the D-Line .After finishing Javon's tape , and watching how much he dominated the first 2 Senior Bowl practices Kinlaw is the 10th ranked overall player on my board . Although the weird tendinitis flare up does make me nervous , and he also had a torn hip labrum earlier in College ,so his medicals at the combine will be key in where he finally ends up. He has the size, length, motor, strength, and even enough quickness to be a consistent Pro Bowl performer in the league . It's rare for players with his height to play so well inside against the run inside, and unlike the NFL Pro Bowler he reminds me of he didn't struggle with his pad level in college . If he can expand & redefine his pass rush repertoire he has a chance to be a superstar in the NFL, but he already looked improved this year in getting after the passer .

15.DENVER - HENRY RUGGS - WR - ALABAMA- 5"11", 188
Denver has plenty of needs , and a lot of significant players hitting free agency . Especially in the secondary & D-Line, and at WR  .After Emmannuel Sanders was traded no other WR except Courtland Sutton did much . Ruggs is worth this pic, is better slot receiver, and has ridiculous speed . He may be the fastest guy in the draft . Henry is explosive, has huge strong hands, is fearless over the middle, can win jump balls, and he would be a sick counterpart to their RB's on Jet Sweeps . Not quite as polished a route runner as the other Alabama WR's but he made progress this year, and they had so much talent at WR he was underused in my opinion . Pairing him with Courtland Sutton could give Drew Lock two highlight reel targets for the long haul .

The Falcons have an undersized defense that is easy to run on, and 2 of their edge rushers are free agents. Epenesa is a tall powerful strong side end who still plays with low off the ball. His best position on tape and in the NFL might be as a 3 technique because that's where he gets his best work done as a pass rusher . On this team he could be their strong side end on run downs, and then kick inside next to Grady Jarrett to wreak havoc on QB's . AJ also has an elite frame to be a 3-4 five technique so I don't think he will fall very far. Epenesa's size and strength are sorely needed on this defense . He has been productive for 3 straight seasons, and I think he could go a lot higher , especially since this edge class doesn't look as good as I thought it might heading into the season  , After free agency shakes out a lot of people might be in the Epenesa business .A deep cover safety who can play single high is almost as big a need . In the end I have a higher grade on AJ, and I think he is a perfect fit for this team so they should grab him if he's there at #16 .

***PROJECTED TRADE*** The VIKINGS  their 1rst rounder  ( #25) and their 3rd  (#89 and their 3rd rounder in the 2021 draft to the COWBOYS for their 1rst rounder(#17) ***PROJECTED TRADE ***

The Vikings O-Line is vastly overrated . Rookie first rounder Garret Bradbury did not play well, and I admit I was high on him , but I still believe in his future . LT Riley Reiff would be a better fit at guard, but he might need to take a pay a cut to stay . Both guards are bad. Only RT Brian O'neill can be considered solid to me , and I think he has the athleticism to move to the left side if needed . Jones is not the best player left on my board, but he is the best LT prospect available for me, although he comes out of a spread system .   The Vikings are still in a potential championship window right now, and they need to hit on this pick . However, he needs a lot of technique refinement, especially with his hand placement & punch timing on tape. Although he looked improved at the Senior Bowl across the board, especially with his punch and overall aggression . Usually the guy who is the best O-Lineman at the Senior Bowl gets a significant bump in the draft and that guy was Josh Jones this season. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if he blows up the combine in the speed and agility drills .  

18.MIAMI-(steelers)  ** - K'LAVON CHAISSON -  OLB/DE - LSU 
The Dolphins didn't get much from their edge rushers last season, and only Charles Harris has shown any promise there, and only as a situational pass rusher so far .I admit I didn't have K'lavon in the first round until they played Clemson , but he played the best game of his career that night .Chaisson is a rangy explosive 3-4 OLB with growth potential who has the flexibility to bend the arc outside. He fires off the snap like a bullet , and can press the edge & make OT's over set then dart back inside on the rare occasion that he doesn't just run right by them . He has a lot of pass rush moves including the rare effective spin move . Plays the run tough at times  , and is usually technically sound & aware , but he still needs to add some more muscle , size . and strength if he's going to spend more time as a 4-3 DE in the NFL . He has a great motor , he can chase down plays backside and down the field . Had an ACL tear 2 years ago that will need to be checked out, but he was the main guy in making Trevor Lawrence look jittery for the first time in his college career , and since that was in the National Championship in the biggest game of his career the arrow is definitely pointing up for him . Overall his tape is uneven, but he played his best against good OT's. I think he goes this high because I believe he will carry the momentum of his big game against Clemson into a freaky performance at the combine . 
The raiders need a corner badly . Plus they traded Conley last year and Daryl Worley is a UFA . CJ has a tall long armed lanky frame that allows a quick jam,  great feet, oily hips, has the ball skills of a former WR .CJ also needs to add a little more muscle . He mirrors WR's as good as anyone, but he wasn't as aggressive down field ,and at the catch point as he was in 2018 . Has good speed and is also an excellent blitzer with good timing . One more wild card in this scenario is Utah ST. QB Jordan Love . His assortment of tools & raw ability would appeal to a guy like Gruden , but he probably needs a year or more of work in a NFL system before he is ready to be an NFL starter unless you cater the offense to his skill set . Derek Carr has 3 more years left on his contract , but most of the dead money is now gone .If they want to to trade him, or just inexplicably cut him ( Gruden made some really stupid decisions last year) they could do it without a big financial hit . 

The Jags already filled a big need at NT in this mock with the 9th pick .They also need a CB, safety, WR, off the ball LB ,and maybe some O-line help . I'm going with a WR here. Marquis Lee suffered through another injury prone year, and they can get out his contract without too big of a hit . Every once in a while you see a player who is the absolute focal point of an entire offense in college . Like Deebo Samuel was in 2018 at S. Carolina, and Shenault is the same  . He has lined up at every possible skill position , even QB to run a little wild cat , although I think his primary use should be as a power slot .He is a big powerful guy that is hard to tackle , and you could easily hand him the ball 5 times a game in a variety of ways to take advantage of his explosive running style. He is not afraid to go over the middle, and shows strong hands. Some injuries slowed him this year after a dominant 2018 so he could fall a little farther than I think he should . I love this guy, have a solid first round grade on him, and think he could help every single team in the league .  An innovative guy like Frank Reich could find a ton of ways to use a versatile player like Laviska .

The Birds need a WR, but the more tape I watch the more I would prefer to take one in the 2nd or 3rd round because the massive depth at the position in this draft . The Eagles are probably going to move on from at least one of their starting safeties , and in fact their entire secondary was a disappointment last season . Malcolm Jenkins is more of a team leader, and a better player than Rodney Mcleod . However, he is also 32, will cost more money, and looks to declining some last season .  I think they go safety later though . Plus CB Ronald Darby is a free agent , coming off a down year, and he had missed a lot of games in every one of his 3 seasons in Philly . Diggs is an experienced zone corner out of Alabama , and he has a high floor  . He is tall, strong, long, smart, physical, and fast in coverage . Wish he was as good in man , and against the run.  He still needs more work finding the ball 1 vs 1 in coverage, and in being more physical as a tackler everywhere, but I have him in my top 32, he would fill a huge hole, and I also think he would be a good FS when he loses a step .

Buffalo doesn't have as many big needs as you might think , but they need a little more size at WR with Beasley being 5"8" & John Brown being 5"10" .  The Bills could also really use another edge rusher or interior D-Lineman because Lorenzo Alexander retired , Shaq Lawson is FA after not living up to his draft status , and inside Jordan Phillips is a FA as the NT . Cost is usually the issue in Buffalo though, as according to My Bills fan buddy Matty " The quickest way to get out of Buffalo is to make the pro bowl and deserve a raise " .Although I don't think Phillips fits that description at all just because had a career high in sacks, because no dude that big should get pushed around so often inside , but since some casual fans will pint to that stat I think he will probably get overpaid in Free agency. However, they are under new ownership , and might actually retain their good players now & in the future  .  Matos is an explosive edge rusher that can be star with some technique refinement & an added pass rush repertoire . He has a great frame,  nice tools, and he can especially destroy QB's on obvious passing downs. If you see him turn his head inside to watch the snap, when he knows he can pin his ears back you will see a sick lightning jump off the ball. Can bend the arc and flashes violent hands. It doesn't work on other downs because his biggest weakness is finding the ball and staying within the scheme. If the Bills coaches can get him to see the light more consistently he could be a game wrecker, and I think he will get a boost at the combine too.

I realize that a lot of people want a QB here, and I have done that before myself. Plus if anyone could get away with dumping Tom Brady it's the hoody, but I am thinking Robert Kraft will step in again . Brady didn't have a great year, but the loss of Gronk without even remotely trying to adequately replace him is on Bill .The only WR Brady had all year who knows how to run the right routes in this complicated adjustable on the fly offense is Edleman, and he was playing hurt all season . Plus his O-Line was banged up . He lost his center David Andrews all year ,and anytime Marshall Newhouse gets over 700 snaps in your offense your in trouble. Most of those Newhouse plays were at left tackle, and even someone who gets rid of the ball as quick as Brady can't be expected to have a great year under all these conditions . However, Bill does always like to be early instead of late, and in this case I am thinking he would dump another future HOFer in Devin McCourty . Devin is also a career patriot . 10 years of excellence ,and he's the only other current Patriot who I believe could retire right now and still be make it to the HOF .McCourty is still a great player , and he has consistently taken less than market value to remain a patriot . He was the 9th highest paid safety in the league this year, but he should be paid among the top 3. His twin brother Jason is signed for another year so that could be incentive enough to take a 1 year deal at what the Pats are willing to pay . However, Jason is even more woefully under paid for his level of play, and if he wants a raise he's not likely to get it from Belichick . Maybe they both retire the same way they came into the world - together . It's the Patriots so trading back is always an option, and that could be more likely with them not having a 2nd rounder this year . However, after the compensatory picks are added they should have 3 third rounders so it's not as big a deal as it could be because they have the ammo to move up to the 2nd if they want to . They also need pass rushers so I will go with one here.  I don't know yet, but I think Delpit is worth this pick . He's  a deep coverage free safety like McCourty . I actually thought Grant might end up a top 10 pick coming into this year, but his 2019 tape wasn't as good as last years . Now he had a shoulder & ankle injury , and that could have contributed to even more missed tackles this season. Maybe that's why he took some bad angles .Trying to avoid compounding  those injuries would logically explain a lot  . Whatever the case he's not a pile inspector who avoids trying to make a tackle, and he does cover a lot of ground in the back half of the secondary .  Grant is a tall rangy safety who can make really quick reads in zone , and he goes after the ball. He's not quite as adept in man to man, and that's the only reason he might not specifically fit the Patriots , as they run a lot of man coverage . However, the thing that makes Belichick the man is that he adapts to the talent on his team, and runs what he can with the available personnel . 3 athletic ground covering players that allow him to play man to man ( Devin McCourty, and LB's Kyle Van Noy & Jamie Collins)  are all unrestricted free agents . Plus as I already mentioned if Devin goes , Jason probably does too . Not to mention that Bill could coach up Delpit in man coverage, and probably show him how to shed blocks better as well . 

I realize that this is probably a no go if Drew Bree's returns, but after having a great team go down with some questionable calls in back to back years to the Vikings he may be ready to move on. Drew has nothing left to prove, He has a ring, lock HOF stats , could probably run for governor of Louisiana and be a lock there too . I doubt they bring back, Bridgewater and Hill if Brees goes . If Bree's retire's they could keep one, and draft a QB here. Sean Payton is one of the great QB coaches in the league , and I'm sure he would love to see what he could do with the toolsy Love . I didn't watch Love's 2018 tape until right before the 2019 college season, but in hindsight it might have been a blessing . He would have definitely been in my first 2020 mock draft, but that's because he had better tape in 2018 , and it was logical to expect a better year this year . He didn't. The new offense combined with him losing his four/fifths of his O-Line , and some weapons did not go well. I have a 2nd round grade on him, but he is very talented and QB's tend to go a round early . He has a rocket arm, mobility, generally solid mechanics. Love also has the ability to make throws off platform on the move, and from a variety of different angles . Sometimes he reminds me of a young Brett Favre in both the good & bad ways . He has that big arm that can make some crazy throws , but he is overconfident and forces too many balls. In addition his reading of defenses needs work . If his first reads not open he doesn't always see it, and then he takes too long to go from the 2nd to the 3rd read. Plus he doesn't have a good feel for the rush, and he struggled against pressure a lot this season. He has a good frame, and a high upside, but a low floor. Basically he seems like a lottery ticket to me, but I thought the same about Mahomes, although he went to a perfect situation . This could be his perfect situation for Jordan. Payton is probably 2nd to Andy Reid in the NFL in QB whispering, and if they bring back a vet QB , and don't rush him onto the field that could be the way to unlock his awesome talent .

Long suffering cowboy fans( like my little brother) have finally got rid of the clapper . Yes , Jason Garrett .The great non - adjuster , the dean of time mismanagement is gone . What makes my brother laugh even harder is that he is now the OC of the rival Giants . It's hilarious! They will now know exactly what he wants to do, and that he won't be able to adjust if it doesn't work. Mike McCarthy letting stud O-line coach Mark Columbo go to the Giants should worry cowboy fans though, although Joe Philbin is a pretty good replacement . So now they have a coach that has been to 4 NFL championship games and even a guy who has won a Superbowl. Plus he's is saying all the right things about adjusting and making his offense more variable. Dallas may still be in that possible championship window where their veterans aren't broken down yet, and they still have enough young premium talent to make a run . However, they have A LOT of key players hitting free agency . Let's start with the obvious for all the fantasy football players of the world. Dak Prescott & Amari Cooper are both free agents . Amari may be smart enough to not try to break the bank , but Dak seems set on it . Now I think Cooper is a top 10 real life NFL WR, and since most teams start 3 WR these days that is very significant . Dak is more a  middle of the pack QB in the real world , and their are a lot less starting QB's(32)  in the NFL . Yes I know he's a winner, and he has done a lot of things you want from a guy who is the face of your franchise . Plus QB's are justifiably the leagues highest paid players. It is the most important position , but Dak has had a lot of help , and he still hasn't gotten them over the hump in 4 years as a starter . In at least 2 of those seasons he had a team talented enough to win it all . Great O-line , RB , and a lot of wide open players coming off play action passes . He threw a lot more this year and correspondingly had bigger numbers in passing yards & TD's, but he also had a lower completion percentage & his reads still need to speed up . Just because the Rams and Eagles were dumb enough to way overpay Goff & Wentz doesn't mean Dallas has to do the same . Plus the taxes are a lot lower in Texas than those 2 places, especially California . He wants more than both of those guys . I call B.S .- Goff got a 4 yr. 134 million with 110 million guaranteed. That's is stupid money , and a stupider decision to pay him specifically . I just don't think Jerry is as dumb as the rams front office , and if he pays Prescott that much then Stephen Jones should have him committed and take over the team. In fact Dak wants Russell Wilson MONEY. 35 mil per year, where Goff gets 33.5 . Wilson is a Superbowl winning TOP 3 IN THE NFL ELITE QB, and Dak is not . I didn't bat an eye when Wilson got paid because he deserved it . He dragged that 4-12 without him team to the playoffs 2 years in a row with very little help . He is irreplaceable. Dak is not . If they pay Dak anything more than Kurt Cousins ( 3 years 84 million all guaranteed ) they are idiots, and Dak would be making more because of the tax differentials . I know Dak was a 4th rounder who hasn't made a ton from the cowboys, but he makes plenty in endorsements from being the QB of the most popular team in the league ,and that 28 million a year guaranteed is probably too much, but I bet Cowboy fans could stomach it. Right now he isn't paid enough for them to hate him when he fails, but they will if he is making a ton and keeps coming up short . Plus Dak stunk up the joint in 2018 until he got Cooper . I wouldn't even franchise tag him , unless I thought somebody would sign him and give them 2 first rounders for him . No way would I even consider the exclusive franchise tag . Slap the transition tag on him , and let Dak see how much he could get on the open market . If it's too much don't match it. Their are a ton of decent veteran QB'S that are free agents this off season . Sign Phillip Rivers and draft a QB , or maybe you get really lucky and Belichick dumps Brady. Then you start stockpiling picks to draft one next year to go along with whatever veteran stopgap QB you sign . So to me they need D-lineman and DB's more than anything . Robert Quinn, Michael Bennett , and Maliek Collins are all UFA's . Plus long time starter Tyrone Crawford missed 3/4 of the season , will be 31 this year, and they could save about 7 million by moving on . In the secondary starting CB's Byron Jones & Anthony Brown are UFA's , as is SS Jeff Heath . Jones might be the only one they would want to pay enough to bring back, although they could keep Brown if he would take less, and Heath if wants to go back to just being a special teamer . I would go for the safety because it has been a problem for a long time now . I was surprised by how much Mckinney had improved this year after watching his 2019 tape. Based off last years film I saw him as a box SS and occasional nickle LB who would be a 2nd or 3rd rounder . He really stepped up this year,  played all over the field ,and played well. He's a versatile guy who can play high or low ,cover the slot, and is a 2 year starter in Alabama's pro ready defense . Dallas hasn't had a guy like this since ( should be in the HOF) Darren Woodson . He's probably not as fast as the guy he reminds me most of ( Minkah Fitzpatrick),  and definitely not as fast as Woodson, but he can do a lot of the same things .The trade back gives them more ammo in a draft where they have a lot of needs to fill, and also the 3rd rounder in 2021 could be valuable if they want to go up after QB if they haven't resolved Dak's contract by then   

26.MIAMI-(texans)  - D'ANDRE SWIFT - RB - GEORGIA    ST. 
After Miami traded Kenyan Drake he broke out. Now you can think there O-Line was actually worse than the Cards . That's sadly true, but the bigger reasons are the offensive scheme , overall talent of the team, and the fact that cards weren't always behind so then they didn't always have to pass like the fins.  After my number one back Travis Etienne went back to school it came down to Swift, JK Dobbins, and Jonathan Taylor for my top RB in this draft. In the end Swift is just a more complete and NFL ready player right now . He can run with speed, power, and wiggle. He can catch, run routes and is a solid blocker . Has good feet, vision , and is versatile enough to play in any NFL scheme . He fumbled twice in the playoff game in 2018 , but Taylor has had much bigger ball security issues . Plus Swift just looked a little safer carrying the ball than Dobbins this year . 

Every year I feel like I watch Russell Wilson drag this OK at best team into contention, and every year I see him running for his life way too often when he has to pass. The Hawks have tried to put resources into the O-Line in both the draft, free agency, and even traded for LT Duane Brown. Brown is the only one of them I would feel comfortable with if I was Russell . The worst of them is former 1rst rounder German Ifedi who is blessedly a UFA. I liked this guy in the draft too. He's so talented,  he flashes once in a while, but he is also wildly inconsistent & a penalty waiting to happen . Wilson is very consistent. He's also nasty, huge &  has long arms . Isaiah was the biggest surprise of my tape watching at OT so far . His technique isn't always sound   but he gets the job done almost always . He has a giant TE build with very little bad weight on his frame , although he could drop another 20 lbs. like most O-lineman and be even more agile. Isaiah's biggest problem is over aggression , but that's usually the best mistake an O-lineman can make as long as it's not a common one . The reason for that is because sometime even if you block the wrong guy ,especially in the run game, if you move him somewhere the RB can find a hole anyway. So Pete Carroll please give Russell another Wilson so I don't have to pray for his very survival every 3rd snap .

The Ravens barely even tried to replace CJ Mosley, and their off the ball LB's were the biggest weakness on their defense this year. Only Josh Bynes played well ,and he isn't a every down guy . They also didn't do much to replace Zadarius Smith last year either and Matt Judon is also a UFA on the edge this year .Patrick is a undersized speedy LB who came in balled out in both playoff games for the National champs . If you want Isaiah Simmons to play LB for you , but don't have a high enough pick , or want to pay the price to move up for him, Queen is the most comparable player in this draft  . The more tape I watch on him the more I like him. You can literally see him improving game by game until he finished off the season playing his best ball . I now see him as first rounder, and think he might go even higher if he has a good combine .

Unless they have a brain fart and fail to re-sign Derek Henry or Jack Conklin  the Titans biggest need is a off the ball LB . Rashaan Evans had a down year and Wesley Woodyard will be a 34 old free agent . Baun was more of an edge rusher at Wisconsin, and let me be clear that I think he could make it as a full time 3-4 OLB in the NFL, but many teams won't even try a guy his size outside full time on the edge . I think he could do it, but I also think he can play inside and outside . He is smart, versatile , has a solid array of pass rush moves, strong, quick, and he looked very good at the Senior Bowl practices playing off the ball . He could help out both areas , and he has the athleticism and fluidity to cover well. Plus head coach Mike Vrabel might see a smaller version of himself and take a liking to him in the draft 

I realize Bryan Bulaga is a free agent, but I think they will re-sign him . This was his best year in awhile, and I think they will get a deal done. Remember that the new front office has been more friendly to Aaron Rodgers wishes, and he doesn't have a lot of familiar players left on this roster . Since Bulaga probably doesn't want to go anywhere, and he played in every game this year for the first time in a few years ( although he did get knocked out of 2)  they can justify a decent salary on a short term deal .  Plus, there are no offensive tackles worth this pick left in this scenario .   I think their are a few WR's that should be in play if they keep this pick ,but the Pack haven't drafted a WR in the first round since 2002 , so I'm not going there yet. Plus there is so much depth at WR they could find a stud in the 2nd or 3rd , like current #1 WR Davante Adams who was a 2nd rounder in 2014. An inside LB would fit as well, and I originally thought of passing on my next guy here because I just went back to back with 2 right ahead of them . However, on second thought I think this late another guy with a 2nd  round grade could fit, even though he doesn't have the size I think they need . The main reason for that is that they need someone who can cover more ground , and that is better in coverage than what they currently have . Murray is a better athlete than football player right now , but they took a guy with that profile in edge rusher Rashan Gary last season , so maybe that's part of the new regime's M.O. . He's a poster boy looking LB who will win the weigh in, has sick athleticism ,and a crash test dummies willingness to attack the ball carrier . I have a 2nd rounder on him, but I think he could be worth the risk here .Great speed ,but he needs to get better at reading the play , moving laterally,  and recognizing route combinations in coverage, especially in man . His over aggressiveness gets used against him on tape  . Even though he see's it quick sometimes he also comes in too hot , overruns too many plays , and still needs some more work on his tackling. Murray is more than willing to take on blocks , but he doesn't always do it right, and his stacking & shedding needs work too. He has a huge upside , but the coaching staff needs to polish up his football IQ and technique . 

***PROJECTED TRADE*** The BRONCOS  their 2nd rounder  ( #46) and the 3rd (#33) they got from the STEELERS to the 49ers for their 1rst (#31) rounder in this draft ***PROJECTED TRADE ***

With Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris, and Mike Price all unrestricted free agents on the Bronco D-Line it is time to look for a younger less expensive player  to fill at least one of those spots .  After watching a lot of Elliott's tape I was really impressed . He is big , toolsy , athletic, and has violent hands . Moves all over the formation and flashes everywhere against the run & pass . While his technique lacks consistency he still makes plays , and he has the ability to be the kind of player you have to game plan for once he is coached up more . There just aren't this many big men who move this well. His talent is extraordinary, but he is also incredibly raw . Just learning to play consistently lower could make him a Pro Bowl type player, and if he takes to NFL coaching watch out .

Congrats to the Chiefs fans everywhere , and while no one can ever take away this title now you will see the downside of being the champs .  Here are just 8 things that every championship team needs to be wary of, but their are a lot more  . 1-Everyone is now gunning for you-2 -Some of your guys have already reached their dream and aren't as motivated anymore. Good luck figuring out which. - 3-  A whole lot of guys want a raise , many of them deserve it, and their is only so much money to go around. It leads to dissension in the locker room , and thin rosters that are hard to repeat with. - 4- It's always really hard to move on from long time veteran players that might not be worth their next years salary anymore , but it's even harder to make those "Belichickian " decisions when those guys just helped you get a title -5- Chris Jones is a UFA, and placing the franchise tag on him would severely hamper your chances to repeat.So a big payday is coming for Jones, which limits your ability to have the depth you just did on your Superbowl run .6- The limelight. A lot more request for interviews , appearances, commercials, books, and just a lot more chances at revenue for individual players . It often makes a lot of your best players come into next season a little behind and out of shape. Not as prepared as before because they didn't work as hard this off season -7-. Everybody wants to raid your team . They want your players , coaches, and executives for their own team. Frankly the most amazing thing to me about the patriots dynasty is how they keep being successful while losing players that other people will pay more , and coaches and front office people to teams that will gives them a promotion and a raise .  Brady , Belichick,  and Kraft are the 3 common denominators on those Patriot  teams,and deserve a lot of credit . Can Mahomes, Reid, and Veach do the same? Reid will be 62 soon , and they just won their first title together . How much longer will he be around? Belichick was 46 when he won his first ring as a head coach. 8- You have to save Money to pay Mahomes. Right now Mahomes has a chance to be the first 40 million a year NFL player, and while I think that's bad for the game ,by current player salaries you could justify paying it to your fans & teammates .So let's hope their some sort of cap on QB salaries in the next CBA , or teams are going to start getting even thinner .   On the bright side their are a lot of good & even great NFL players in the final 3rd of their careers that already have money & awards , but just want a ring. They will come play for your team for less money than they could get elsewhere and set a high standard other young guys will follow. However, KC just won the Superbowl and the big thing that stuck out to me was how much pressure the O-Line gave up on Mahomes , but the more tape I watch on interior O-lineman the more disappointed I have become . One more potential big need could be filled here though  . Bashaud Breeland, Morris Claiborne, and Kendall Fuller are all UFA's at corner for the champs . I hadn't watched Danzler until the day after Valentine's day, but I am glad I did. He is one of those players that you end up watching more games than you initially intended to because the tape is so impressive . Danzler is a tall lean corner with fluid hips, good feet, and the ability to stay glued to his man all over the field .No CB in college football did what he is this season. He Shut down LSU WR Jamarr Chase, and followed him all over the field like a skinny Patrick Peterson  . If Chase was in this draft he would be my 3rd WR right being CD Lamb & Jerry Jeudy . As a matter of fact no other CB played as well against LSU or Alabama's elite WR cores as Danzler. He is my number 2 overall CB behind Okudah , and even though I doubt he would be the 2nd CB taken if the draft were held today I love his tape . Needs to get stronger , although he is pretty skilled as a ankle biting tackler. He is physical in press at the line ,but you see him get out-muscled at the catch point, and when trying to tackle larger ball carriers down the field. If he shows up at the combine with more strength & size, and still runs well I expect him to fly up draft boards .


43.CHICAGO-(bears)- JAKE FROHM - QB - GEORGIA - 6"2" , 219
The Bears don't have much cap room,  don't have a 1rst rounder again, and they also lack a 3rd & 4th this season, but on the bright side they have 2 seconds .A team with very little cap room, and not a lot of picks doesn't have a lot of options , especially with Trubisky dragging them down .They also need to get a new RG, because Kyle Long's talented when healthy body has finally completely broken down , and he wisely retired. Plus everyone else that played there last season was bad too . Then you have to worry about resigning FS Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix . So they have to hit on the picks they have . Since they lack the cap space to upgrade or at least give them a better fallback veteran QB they might want to take Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm if they are still around here . It would also save them from having to pick up Trubisky's 5th year option, or at least having to honor it if he keeps going downhill, because it's not guaranteed . While I have a 2nd on Eason and a 3rd on Fromm they are QB's , and that position usually goes earlier than it's grade so I am not even sure either will be there. In this case Fromm is still around and they take him .

The 49ers just missed winning it all . Frisco is a zone heavy team ,especially cover 3 , and they could use another DB. Jason Verrett got hurt again, and I don't see anyone giving him more than the league minimum now, but he may also want another change of scenery . RCB Emmanuel Moseley is a restricted free agent, and even though Sherman just had a great year he will be 32 next season .   As you would expect from most teams that make the Superbowl the niners are already low on cap space , and S/CB Jimmy Ward and D-Lineman Arik Armstead are  FA's . D-Line is their deepest position group, and even though I'm sure they would live to have Arik back I doubt they will pay market value at a position they are stacked at .The niners really need a guard or center more than anything though . I have 5 interior O-Lineman with a 2nd round grade ,and after watching Cesar's tape over the Valentine'd day weekend I was really impressed . He is an athletic , strong , quick footed  center who fits this blocking scheme. Frisco is a run heavy team and so is Michigan, but Ruiz is also that rare center that is also good in pass pro with a strong punch. He has been primarily a center, but has played guard in the past . 

The Steelers are tight against the salary cap ,and starters Javon Hargrave and Bud Dupree are free agents. Plus at TE Vance Mcdonald has a expensive team option that shouldn't be picked up after the down year he just had. Plus, their number 2 TE Nick Vannett is also a UFA coming off ad own year . On the other Dupree is coming off his best season after looking like a partial bust the previous 4 years, and will probably be overpaid by someone . Okwara is also a 3-4 OLB . He's a long, lean and explosive edge rusher . Julian has the athleticism and flexibility to burst off the line and bend the arc outside . He can get pushed around in the run game, but also has the speed and motor to chase plays down backside . Okwara needs to add more muscle to hold up as hand on the ground 4-3 DE . He has the athleticism that could also make him a LEO off the ball rush backer in a Seattle type cover 3 scheme . He will probably test well at the combine too, but I still seeing him as a 2nd rounder because of his current limitations . 

The Rams are another team up against the cap. They have spent the last 2 years going ALL IN and it didn't work . Now just to remain competitive they have some huge decisions to make because they have bloated contracts for Jared Goff and now Todd Gurley is a problem to because of his knee  .Then you have the huge deal they are now obligated to pay JAlen Ramsey after trading two 1rst rounders for him last year . LT Andrew Whitworth is still a good player, but he is also a 38 year old UFA . Then you have other key long time rams like D-Lineman Michael Brockers & kicker Greg Zuerlein that are also UFA's . Plus Dante Fowler is also on the edge .They really need to hit on their picks, and since I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on signing Whitworth & Zuerlien I'm going to go with a D-Lineman . The Rams also got rid of DC Wade Phillips in a sad move that transparently screams scapegoat to save the GM & head coach from their decisions . New DC Brandon Staley is a Vic Fangio disciple and he runs a slanting 3-4 too . Blacklock is a guy with an explosive first step that shoes a lot of flashes on tape. As a 3 technique or 3-4 end ,which is where he would play for the Rams, I see him being a lot more productive in the NFL. He got pushed off the ball a lot when lined up as a NT on tape in college .He is the kind if guy that could wow at the combine with his athleticism and go higher , but it's a projection, and he also disappeared for long stretches on film . He's got boom or bust written all over him for me  . Also had an achilles injury that caused him to miss all of 2018 .  That will need to be investigated at the combine, and his best tape was still back in 2017 . 

Houston is another team that went all in by trading away their future wealth in draft picks .  Their largest weakness is at corner, and it's not getting any better because both Bradley Roby & Johnathan Joseph are free agents . They do finally have some cap room , but also a lot of other UFA's ,and since they are in a championship window I expect them to try to make big splash in free agency looking for a well known player . Gladney is a year starter and really stands out on tape in a conference not known for defense , especially at the CB position with all the spread offenses he faces . Gladney is the rare CB that is a force in the run game too. Despite not being a big buy ( 6 ft. , 183 lbs. ) he is just nasty and physical all over the field. In coverage he has speed, agility, and willingness to attack the ball to be a thorn in any WR's side . Plays inside & out , is a ball hawk, shows the ability to recognize route combinations and just make plays . Also he's a ace special teams player who played his high school and college ball in Texas .