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2002 4TH ROUND MOCK DRAFT - 4/30/22

  Day two was a shocker! I was hoping for restraint on the QB's on day one, but I never thought they would last this long. Some surprisingly great picks,  some reaches, and even a explanation why Nakobe Dean kept falling down ( injury) the board . A lot off trades again, and I expect the Ravens with their six 4th rounders to be trading some of them for a future draft capitol..  A lot of good players left and a lot of picks were traded to shuffle the draft order even more , and I am just telling you has the name of the current holder of the pick now, because tracking all the previously traded 4th rounders would take all night.. So lets get into it.  I've also added NFL player comparisons for any player I gave at least a 3rd round grade to. Just in case you want a better idea of who your team might be getting. The higher a player is ranked the more chance that I expect them to reach that comp.  The higher the player is ranked,  the more likely I think he is to reach that comp. Without further ado here it is. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently & respectfully or I just won't post it. so here it is. Enjoy.

# Is for a player for with reported character or maturity concerns .

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns .

106.TAMPA BAY  ** - CADE OTTON - TE - WASHINGTON- 6"5" , 247






109.SEATTLE - TARIQ WOOLEN - CB - UTSA - 6"4" , 205




111.JETS - DARIAN KINNARD - G/T - KENTUCKY- 6"5" , 322


112.GIANTS - SAM HOWELL - QB - N. CAROLINA - 6"1" , 218




114.GIANTS - COBY BRYANT - CB - CINCINNATTI - - 6"1" , 193






117.JETS  -  ** - JOJO DOMANN - LB/S - NEBRASKA - 6"1" , 228


118.BROWNS - CALVIN AUSTIN - WR - MEMPHIS - 5"8" , 170


119.RAVENS - TYLER ALLGEIER  - RB - BYU - 5"11" , 220


120.WASHINGTON - DAMARRI MATHIS  - ** -  CB - PITT- 5"11" , 196


121.PATRIOTS - BRAXTON JONES - OT - S. UTAH - 6"5", 310


122.VIKINGS - KHALIL SHAKIR - WR - BOISE ST.- 6 feet , 196




124.BROWNS - TYCEN ANDERSON - S - TOLEDO - 6"2" , 209









130.RAVENS - DANIEL BELLINGER ** -  TE - SAN DIEGO ST. - 6"5' , 253



133.TAMPA BAY - KYLE PHILLIPS - WR - UCLA - 5"11' , 189


134.49ers - LECITUS SMITH - G/C - VA TECH - 6"3" , 314

135.CHIEFS - THAYER MUMFORD - T/G - OHIO ST. - 6"6" , 328







139.RAMS-(balt) - CHRIS ALLEN - ** - OLB/DE - ALABAMA - 6"3' , 241

140.PACKERS - KELLEN DIESCH - OT - AZ. ST. - 6"7" , 303

141.RAVENS - DAMONE CLARK - LB - LSU - 6"2" , 240

142.RAMS - ISAAC TAYLOR - STUART - CB - USC - 6"1" , 204




 The second day is done , and always there are a lot of good players left. Draft Without further ado here it is. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently & respectfully or I just won't post it. so here it is. Enjoy.

# Is for a player for with reported character or maturity concerns .

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns .


These are the kind of players that I expect to be perennial Pro - Bowlers , franchise cornerstones, and are safe as it gets to take in the top 5.  These guys all have shown consistent growth over their college careers, had a ridiculous final season ,  have a very unique skill set , or have at least 2 back to back years of good tape .  As always franchise quarterback trumps all , but I don't see any in this draft . 



These players all have blue chip talent, but have either injury, off the field or football character, motor concerns , or one flaw that keeps them out of the top tier , or their play declined this year. They could also have limited tape at a big school , or played at a high level at a smaller school , play a devalued position , lack at least one important trait for their position, are very raw , or some combination of any of the questions already mentioned. While I wouldn't be happy to select any of these guys in the top 5 ,  whatever keeps them from being a blue chipper still doesn't keep them from being a player I would take in the expensive top 6-10 range. The top 11 Players in this draft are the guys I would be looking to target before the draft. The one exception is QB. Also any QB that you have ranked in the first round that fits your scheme is worth a top 10 pick . No QB in this draft fits this bill, but one or 2 of them may go in the top 10 anyway because they play the most important position in the game. If it were me I would take any of these 11 players if they fell to me regardless of need, and all these guy play positions that you never have enough of. 










47.SAM HOWELL - QB - N. CAROLINA - 6"1" , 218


48.DARIAN KINNARD - G/T - KENTUCKY- 6"5" , 322


56.JAMAREE SALYER - G/C/T - GEORGIA- 6"3" , 321




67.TARIQ WOOLEN - CB - UTSA - 6"4" , 205



70.DANIEL - FAALELE - OT - MINNESOTA- 6"8" , 390


74.TYLER ALLGEIER  - RB - BYU - 5"11" , 220


75.CALVIN AUSTIN - WR - MEMPHIS - 5"8" , 170


78.COBY BRYANT - CB - CINCINNATTI - - 6"1" , 193


84.** - CADE OTTON - TE - WASHINGTON- 6"5" , 247


86.KHALIL SHAKIR - WR - BOISE ST.- 6 feet , 196




90.ISAIAH SPILLER - RB - TEXAS A&M - 6 feet, 217




95.MARQUIS HAYES - G - OKLAHOMA - 6"5" , 318


101.KYLE PHILLIPS - WR - UCLA - 5"11' , 189


102.ZAMIR WHITE - RB - GEORGIA - 6 feet, 215


104.DAMARRI MATHIS  - ** -  CB - PITTSBURGH - 5"11" , 196


105.ZYON MCCOLLUM - CB - SAM HOUSTON ST. - 6"2", 199


108.JOHN RIDGEWAY - DT - ARKANSAS - 6"5"  321




110.DAMEON PIERCE - RB - FLORIDA - 5"10, 220


111.BRAXTON JONES - OT - S. UTAH - 6"5", 310


115.THAYER MUMFORD - T/G - OHIO ST. - 6"6" , 328


116.-  ** - JOJO DOMANN - LB/S - NEBRASKA - 6"1" , 228


117.MAX MITCHELL - OT - LOUISIANA - 6"6" , 307


119.BRIAN ROBINSON - RB - ALABAMA - 6"2" , 225


4th round


122.- ** JALYN ARMOUR-DAVIS - CB - ALABAMA - 6"1" , 197

123.JAKE FERGUSON - TE - WISCONSIN - 6"5" , 250


125.TYCEN ANDERSON - S - TOLEDO - 6"2" , 209

125.CHRIS ALLEN - ** - OLB/DE - ALABAMA - 6"3' , 241

127.RASHEED WALKER - OT- PENN ST. - 6"6" , 313


130.NEIL FARRELL ** -  DT - LSU - 6"4", 330

131.KYREN WILLIAMS - RB - N. DAME - 5"9" 199

132.ZACH THOM - O-LINE - WAKE FOREST - 6"4" , 304

133.MATTHEW BUTLER - DT - TENNESEE - 6"4" , 297

135.ISAAC TAYLOR - STUART - CB - USC - 6"1" , 204

137.KELLEN DIESCH - OT - AZ. ST. - 6"7" , 303

138.TERRELL BERNARD - LB - BAYLOR - 6"1" , 224

140.DANIEL BELLINGER ** -  TE - SAN DIEGO ST. - 6"5' , 253

142.CARSON STRONG - ** -  QB - NEVADA - 6"3" , 226

144.SPENCER BURFORD - T/G - UTSA - 6"4" , 304

145.TARIQ CASTRO-FEILDS - CB - PENN ST. - 6"1" , 197

145.JESSIE LUKETA - DE/OLB - PENN ST. - 6"3" , 253

147.LECITUS SMITH - G/C - VA TECH - 6"3" , 314

148.JAMES MITCHELL - TE - W. VA. - 6"4" , 249

149.MICHAEL CLEMONS - DE -  TEXAS A & M - 6'5" , 263

151.JUSTIN SCHAFFER - G - GEORGIA - 6"4" ,314

152.VERONE MCKINLEY THE 3rd - S - OREGON - 5"10" , 192

153.CHARLIE KOLAR - TE - IOWA ST. - 6"7" , 252

154.BO MELTON - WR - RUTGERS - 5"11", 189

155.MIKE ROSE - LB - IOWA ST. 6"4" , 245


5th round

158.OTITO OGBONNIA - DT - UCLA - 6"4" , 326

159.KALON BARNES - CB - BAYLOR - 5"11' , 183

160.DEMARCO JACKSON - LB - APP. ST. - 6"1", 233

161.AMARE BARNO-  OLB/DE  - VA. TECH - 6"5" , 246

162.ABRAM SMITH - RB  -BAYLOR  - 6 feet, 213

163.ZACHARY THOMAS - G - SAN DIEGO ST. - 6"5"  , 308

164.ANDREW STUEBER - G/T - MICHIGAN- 6"7" , 327

165.EYIOMA UWAZURIKE - DT - IOWA ST. - 6"6" , 316

165.MICAH MCFADDEN - LB - INDIANA - 6"1" , 240

167.AKAYLEB  EVANS ** - CB - MISSOURI - 6"2' , 197

168.BEN BROWN - C/G - OLE MISS - 6"5" , 312

169.DANE BELTON - S - IOWA - 6"1" , 205

171.JEREMIAH GEMMEL - LB - UNC - 6"1" , 226

172.BRANDON SMITH - DE/LB - PENN ST. - 6"4" , 241

173.DOHNOVAN WEST - C - AZ. AT. - 6"3" , 300

174.MICHAEL CLEMONS - DE - TEXAS A&M - 6"5' , 263

175.PERCY BUTLER - S - LOUISIANA - 6 feet , 194

175.PIERRE STRONG - RB - S. DAKOTA ST - 5"11" , 207

175.BAILEY ZAPPE - QB - W. KENTUCKY - 6 feet , 215


178.THOMAS BOOKER - DT - STANFORD - 6"3" , 303

179.AARON HANSFORD - **  - LB -  6"2" , 239

180.JAYLEN WATSON - CB - WAS ST. , 6"2' , 197

181.KALIA DAVIS - DT - UCF - 6"3" , 302

182.MATT WALETKO - OT - N. DAKOTA ST. - 6"8" , 312

183.- ** - JUSTYN ROSS - WR - CLEMSON - 6"4" , 205

184.YUSUF CORKER - S - KENTUCKY - 6 feet, 203

185.HASSAN HASKINS - RB - MICHIGAN - 6"2" , 228

186.VINCENT GRAY - CB - MICHIGAN - 6"2" , 192

187.HASKELL GARRETT - DT - OHIO ST. - 6"2" , 300

188.SNOOP CONNER  - RB - OLE MISS - 5"10" , 222

189.DAMARION WILLIAMS - CB - HOUSTON - 5"10" , 182

190.COBIE DURANT - CB - S. CAROLINA ST. 5"10" , 180

191.ERIK EZUKANMA - WR - TEXAS TECH - 6"2" , 209

192.ALEC LINDSROM - C/G - B. COLLEGE - 6"3" , 296

192.ERIC JOHNSON - DT - MISSOURI ST. - 6"4" , 299

193.KEVIN AUSTIN JR. - WR - N. DAME - 6"2' , 200

194.- # - DARE ROSENTHAL - OT - KENTUCKY - 6"7" , 323


196.KEONTAY INGRAM - RB - USC - 6 feet, 221


197.JOSH JOBE - CB - ALABAMA - 6 feet , 182

198.TYLER BADIE - RB - MISSOURI - 5"8' , 197

199.VEDERIAN LOWE - OT - ILLINOIS - 6"5" , 315

200.DAMINE CLARK - LB - LSU - 6"2" , 240

201.TYREKE SMITH - DE - OHIO ST. - 6"3" , 254

202.KYRON JHONSON - LB - KANSAS - 6 feet, 235

203.AUSTIN ALLEN - TE - NEBRASKA - 6"8" , 253

204..ROMEO DOUBS - WR - NEVADA - 6"2" , 201

205.CHASE LUCAS -CB - AZ. ST - 5"11" , 180

206.CONNOR HEYWARD - TE/FB- MICHIGAN ST. - 5"11' , 233

207.DAVID ANENIH - OLB/DE - HOUSTON - 6"2" , 245

208.MAKAI POLK - WR - MISS. ST. - 6"3", 199

209.BAYLON SPECTOR - LB - CLEMSON - 6"1" , 233

210.JEROME FORD - RB - CINCINATT1 - 5"10", 210

211.COLE TURNER - TE - NEVADA - 6"6" , 249

202.RYAN VAN DEMARK - OT - UCONN - 6"6" , 307

203.JACK COAN - QB - 6"3" , 218

204.BRYCE WATTS - CB - UMASS - 6 feet , 187

205.SMOKE MONDAY - S - AUBURN - 6"2', 207

206.OBINNA EZE - OT - TCU - 6"6" , 321

207.CHRIS PAUL - G/T - TULSA - 6"4" , 323

208.CHARLESTON RAMBO - WR - MIAMI - 6"1', 184

209.D'VONTE PRICE - RB - FIU - 6"1" , 210

210.DARIAN BUTLER - ** - LB - AZ. ST. - 5"10" 223

211.CHASEN HINES- G - LSU - 6"3" , 327

212.TEAGAN QUITORIANO - 6'5" , 256

213.SAMOURI TOURE - WR - NEBRASKA - 6"1" , 191

214.JEREMIAH GEMMEL - LB - UNC - 6"1" , 226

215.ZONOVAN KNIGHT - RB - NC ST. - 5"11', 209

216.DALLAS FLOWERS - CB - GRAND VIEW  - 6"1" , 196

217.SHAUN JOLLY - CB - APP. ST - 5"9", 175

218.JALEN WYDERMYER - TE - TEXAS A&M - 6"4" , 255

219.CARSON WELLS - OLB/DE - COLORADO - 6"3" , 241

220.JASON POE - G - MERCER  - 6"1" , 300

221.JUANYEH THOMAS - S - GA. TECH - 6"1' , 212

222.CADE MAYS - ** - G/T - TENNESEE - 6"5" , 311

223.GRANT CALCATERR - ** - TE - SMU - 6"4" , 241

224.DARON BLAND - CB - FRESNO ST. - 6"2" , 200

225.NOAH ELLIS - DT - IDAHO -  6"4" , 346

226.BILL DUNKLE - G - SAN DIEGO ST. - 6"5' , 328

227.JACK SANBORN - LB - WISCONSIN - 6"2" , 234

228.COLE KELLEY - QB - S.EASTERN LA. - 6"7", 249

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2022 DAY TWO MOCK DRAFT - 4/29/22

 Day one was a doozy! Some surprisingly great picks, and some reaches, and one of those reaches was a ALL TIME ( The Patriots by the way) shocker.  A huge WR run that led to some overdrafts, and no QB reaches,  with only one going in the first round.  Some really good players fell, because dumber teams traded away from great players, and of course the mighty Ravens ended up with both of them. A ton of trades as soon as we got out of the top 10, and most were on the cheap, but that's to be expected in a down year draft.. AJ Brown & Marquis Brown were traded too.  A lot of good players left and a lot of picks were traded to shuffle the draft order. So lets get into it.  I've also added NFL player comparisons just in case you want a better idea of who your team might be getting. The higher a player is ranked the more chance that I expect them to reach that comp.  The higher the player is ranked,  the more likely I think he is to reach that comp. Without further ado here it is. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently & respectfully or I just won't post it. so here it is. Enjoy.

# Is for a player for with reported character or maturity concerns .

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns .



In most drafts people would be talking a lot more about Travis Jones as the top Nose Tackle of his year, but Since Jordan Davis has shown such incredible tools & traits at his massive size , Jones is underrated in my opinion. When you have a bad defense like Uconn's Jones stands out clearly as a man among boys.  He is strong, and adept at using his huge long armed fame to control the middle of the Huskies defense. He controls his man & gap with his big mitts at the nose or as a DT over a guard, despite not always playing as low as he should. Like Jordan Davis , Jones has surprising agility and movement skills for a NT, but you saw it more on tape with Jones. He also worked out very well at the combine, and his 3 cone drill time is legendary for a 325 pound man. Despite the testing numbers that show elite explosiveness , I only saw flashes of it on tape, but I did see a lot of it at the Senior Bowl. Maybe his agent had him working with a D-Line guru during the the run up to Mobile , because he looked more explosive & played lower there, and it was against  better competition than he he saw regularly saw at UConn. Jones also plays a lot more snaps than Davis on tape, and you can at least see him pushing the pocket & getting some pressure as a pass rusher, despite being too high even more often when trying to get the QB. If he continues to play low ,and just masters a few pass rush moves besides a bull rush , he could be a wrecker up the gut.

34.VIKINGS-(DET)- ** ANDREW BOOTH - CB - CLEMSON-  6ft. , 194


I think Booth would fit in well with this defense. He's got great feet , especially for a bigger corner, and plays well in both man & zone. Booth also has a nose for ball, the speed & explosiveness to get to it, and the hands to bring it down.  My biggest worries with him are that he's a one year starter who lacks route recognition , he needs to learn to more accurately jam the WR better at the line , and he's a wild tackler.  However, I do like his willingness in run support, but he's also a head ducker who dives and misses too many tackles. With less than a month to go before day one of this draft it was revealed that Booth is recovering from sports hernia surgery. His agent is saying that he will be ready for training camp, but you never really know for certain how long it will take to recover from a serious injury like this. However, I asked my brother ( he's a doctor)  , and he agreed so I'm putting him back in the bottom of the 1rst round.

35.TITANS-(NYJ)-NAKOBE DEAN - LB - GEORGIA - 5"11" , 225


This is the STEAL OF THE DRAFT! The first thing you notice about Dean is that he has a genius football IQ & great instincts. He is almost always the first guy moving in the right direction on tape. He has 2 other very talented LB's playing next to him this year that are going to be top 100 picks, and they look confused next to Dean, and when he gets to the ball carrier he is coming balls to the wall to bring the pain. Fast, quick, sideline to sideline play making machine against the run or pass. Fills like his hair is on fire, fearless, and a good tackler. Nakobe can cover in man or zone, and blitz at a high level. Dean is shifty enough to run around a block without creating a hole in the defense too. He's undersized , but plays bigger than he is. I honestly think he could be a good box safety too. He's a leader & tone setter who is one of my favorite players to watch in the whole draft.. The reason Dean is falling is that he hasn't worked out . Not at the combine , or at his pro day , but at least he did the LB drills at Georgia. Don't know why because he looks lightning fast & explosive on tape, and it can't all be because he sees it first. The other Georgia LB's worked out at the combine and did really well. Maybe he knows he won't tests as well athletically as they did, but it will make teams doubt him despite the great tape , although he still looks faster than Walker & Tindall on film. Is he injured? I was still waiting for him to workout before I finalize my board, because I wanted to put him in my top 10 l but I can't wait any longer . So he ended up 14th, which is 2 spots behind Devin Lloyd. I don't think he should fall this far , but if he did the Ttans should skip the clock & snatch him up.




The pack prefer big WR's , and they better get Rodgers somebody now before it's too late. I prefer Pickens , but I think will go with the higher upside here. Watson's run first offense in college didn't do him any favors , but if you need a big WR who can block & potentially make big plays down the field he's your guy. A great fluid athlete, especially at his size , but he is still a work in progress, Lacks natural hands , and has way too many drops on film, but he is a prototypical X receiver if it all comes together. First he balled out at the Senior bowl, and then he destroyed the combine. Basically he has dominated the whole Pre-Draft process. He's not your typical big long strider who takes awhile to get to top speed, but a 4.36 forty with quicks  is very hard to stop in a 6"4" long armed package. The gift also comes with a wide catch radius, and a knack near the end zone. Watsons size & speed can also be used on gadget plays & even comes with a good kick returner in the deal. I would rather Watson added 10-12 pounds of muscle and ran a mid 4.4. Because at 220 he could outmuscle & outrun big physical press corners, and his blocking would get even better. I heard that he might go in the late 1rst, but I just can't  see it right now. His tape is 3rd round, and his time in Mobile & Indy shouldn't be able to get him higher than the top of the 2nd without it being a significant overdraft. Watson is the 9th WR on my board ,and the 54th overall player on my board, and that's where I think he should be drafted  He reminds of another big raw tooled up WR who came out of a run first offense in college , but who became a legit Pro bowler in his 3rd season, and Watson has the potential to do the same. 



Ebikete is a crafty pass rusher with multiple moves , long arms, some bend, a good motor  ,and good hand usage. He's a late bloomer who transferred from Temple and came into his own in his one year at Penn ST.  However he needs to get stronger to hold up against the run at DE in the NFL, and learn how to use those those long arms to shed blocks better. Right now I see him as 3-4 OLB candidate or just a situational pass rusher early on. The biggest thing holding him back from taking his overall game to the next level is snap anticipation. With those hands & moves he could beat a lot more blockers a lot quicker if he got off the ball faster. So basically more squats , a quicker get off , and listening to his coaches could put him on the field every down later this season. 



The Jetss need  a right tackle. Raimann is from Austria , but he has surprisingly been playing football since he was 14. He was a TE his first 2 years at C. Michigan , but has been a OT the last 2 seasons, but the switch has made him a lot of money. However, due to Covid that's still only 18 starts on the blindside. Bernhard's age, combined with his small school opposition  , limited time as a OT ,struggles against power , and the fact that he will be a 25 year old rookie, make him a mid 2nd rounder to me. Raimann was up & down at the Senior Bowl, but held his own enough for some teams to bet on his potential. Like most former TE's he is athletic , and more of a finesse player.  I see him as a zone scheme only guy right now in the Pros, which is odd because he was man/gap guy in college. His ability to get to the 2nd level and make something good happen is impressive. Combine that with his tape in the screen game , and I see why he might come off the board in the first. He's still a little stiff & unsure with his technique right now , but better coaching and more reps can fix that. Personally I think he might be a zone guard  on the board of certain teams, at least until that technique improves, and he needs to gets stronger. Another reason I believe that some teams will see Bernard as guard  is that he only has 33 inch arms , and that's a threshold some teams use as a cut off.  In my opinion your technique needs to be fantastic to be great outside with only 33 inch long arms. I'm talking like a future HOFer Joe Thomas or 2021 1rst rounder Rashawn Slater good , and I highly doubt Raimanns technique ever reaches that level. He could settle into being just a solid OT, and that is still very valuable.  In pass pro Bernard's best work outside is done against speed, but a good bull rush can put him on skates, and the punch is still too soft. That anchor should be even worse inside at guard so OT is where someone has try him early to get much use out of him. Basically he's a tweener for me , and I think he will be over drafted  because I have mid 2nd on However with some technique refinement ,  better strength training , and another 15 lbs. of muscle he could end up a solid OT down the road. 

39.BEARS-SKYY MOORE - WR - W. MICHIGAN - 5"10" , 195


This guy gives Justin Fields a reliable WR who he can pepper targets too, and when the defense keys on Skyy , and brings up safety to double him, he can chuck it deep down the field to Mooney. There are so many players in this draft who do their best work in the slot, and the NFL has been trending towards many teams throwing their best WR in the slot at least some of the time for many years. After Michael Thomas & Cooper Kupp put up historic seasons in 2 of the last 3 years it's a safe bet that this will continue.  I admit that Moore was only a 5th round guy to me before this season, because his great true freshman season was cancelled out a by a OK 2020 campaign , but he exploded in 2021.  I am not sure how well Moore would play outside in the NFL right now, which is admittedly odd because he played outside more than in the slot in the five 2021 games I watched, but if used primarily in the slot I expect be would be a plus starter as a rookie.  He's built like a RB , and can make you miss, or break tackles like one too. Skyy is slipperier than a greased eel getting off the line of scrimmage when in the slot, and is almost always open early. He needs work as a route runner everywhere else on tape ,  and I believe if he was a better route runner he could really create wide gaps from the DB no matter where he lined up because of his quicks, but he did look improved at the combine. Moore's entire workout was spectacular in Indy, and he had a awesome gauntlet drill where he showed off his giant strong hands.  I would have thought him a high 4.4 to low 4.5 forty guy on tape, but he blazed a 4.41 there as well.  For a guy who makes so much happen with the ball in his hands after the catch, and one with such a elite short area burst,  I was surprised that he wasn't a star return man too. The few returns he had in college ( didn't search for the film on them because the numbers were so bad) didn't go anywhere.  Skyy has the fastest get off any WR in this draft, and he's tough over the middle , but he only has a average catch radius. He was a star in the MAC , but that level of competition isn't usually a plus for the NFL, although he didn't have a future NFL QB in any of his 3 years. His 2 toughest scheduled games were against Michigan & Pittsburgh to start the season, before they went into conference play. He got hurt on the 1rst play of the 2nd quarter in the Pitt game, but already had one big play before that , and it was IN THE SLOT.  He balled out against Pittsburgh though. However, the former QB & DB is tough, smart , and ridiculously quick in the first 5 yards. Yet he is still learning how to play WR, and that's why any team that wants to get a lot out of him early should use him in the slot , while he learns the subtle nuances of the position. Moore is just a OK blocker right now, but he does give good effort there, and that gives me hope that he will continue to get better at pushing dudes around.  I expect he will blossom early as long as he is used right. Skyy ended up as my 5th WR , and the 27th overall player on my board. I would happily take him in the early 2nd round if I was Chicago.


NFL PLAYER COMP - a righty MICHAEL VICK - retired

Malik has by far the most upside , and you could win some games with a stripped down offense modified to his ridiculous athletic talents. It worked for Carolina before with Newton, and it worked with Josh Allen in Buffalo. However,  Willis doesn't have the size to survive the pounding they did , and I think the best thing his new team can do for him is sit him behind a experienced veteran for a year or 2 of tutoring. The way same Mahomes sat behind Alex Smith and Carson Palmer sat behind John Kitna. Plus, Frisco just did it with Garoppolo & Trey Lance. This guy has the strongest arm, the plus speed & running ability of a NFL starting RB, but he's just raw. His inconsistency is glaring enough that he will make a throw few NFL QBs can pull off , and then make a terrible decision & throw on the same drive. He is incredibly dynamic with his legs too. Whether it's a play where he's supposed to move the pocket, a RPO , a scramble , or a designed run , he is a threat to take it to the house on every play. He played at a small school,  his mechanics needs to be overhauled,  and he needs a year long class in reading defenses. Maybe you give him a Trey Lance package this year if their veteran QB's are healthy ,and just let him absorb the finer aspects of being a PRO QB. If I had a veteran QB with only a year or 2 left on his deal, and wanted to take a chance on his successor in this draft Willis would be my guy, because he has by far the highest ceiling of any QB in the draft. Malik also has the worst tape of all out of the top 5 QB's in this draft. He reminds me of a QB who took the Falcons to the Superbowl, but he doesn't have that Falcons Vick upside. Nope. Willis has a higher upside than the young knucklehead version of Vick before he went to jail . I mean the upside of the Vick who grew up after spending time in the clink. The Vick who finally learned how to read defenses from Andy Reid in Philly , who did win the Offensive Player Of The Year Award, and who just missed the MVP award. If I could have a shot at that QB under the right circumstances , like the ones I just wrote about , in a 22 or 23 year old body I might take at it. He was his usual up & down inconsistent self in the Senior Bowl practices, but he did make progress and got more consistent by the day. With Willis showing that  progress, interviewing well in Mobile & at the combine , he could easily be the #1 QB on on a lot more boards.  In the Senior Bowl game he still did most of his damage with his wheels  but a lot of unpolished QB's have come in with a modified offense and had early success in the NFL in the last 15 years. Matt Ryan , Joe Flacco, Cam Newton , Andy Dalton , RG3 , Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, Josh Allen , and Lamar Jackson all started out with a modified offense. All had some success early too. Usually they only had to read half the field early on, and the coach catered the offense to what they already did well. Maybe in a few years Willis can read the whole field, and you can run your whole offense, but in the mean time maybe you could still win games with this guy. 



Mafe is raw , has a good frame, and he's twitched up off the edge. The rawness is the problem ,  because he still looks like he is thinking too much on the field at times. His awareness , instincts, and football IQ are too low for a guy who has been playing football for a long time.  When he puts it all together and plays fast of the ball it all looks really good , especially as a pass rusher. He can bend around the arc outside, and flashes nasty strong hands , but they aren't consistent either. Displays strength in his bull rush at times, but again it's not consistent. His counters are still a work in progress, and if his first move doesn't work he spends too much time trying to make it work anyway. Doesn't play as strong as he looks against the run , but it's not because he isn't fighting. He occasionally shows stack & shed ability against some weaker OT's  but, he needs plenty of work as a run defender . He has the feet & agility to drop into coverage, but lacks the route recognition & techniques to be good at it right now. Mafe also has a good motor and is clean off the field. Those reason alone make me think he has a decent shot of reaching his potential down the road. Basically he just needs more time to become a bigger contributor. I am not as high on him as many others are. Mafe is the 53rd player on my board, but  he might go ahead of a few guys I prefer more.

42.COLTS-(WASH)- ** - MATT CORRAL - QB - OLE MISS- 6"2' , 212


Corral is my number 4 QB in this draft . He's a duel threat and he did it n the SEC for 3 years, although he only had 4 starts in 2019, but he has been the man the last 2 years. He is great at RPO's and is a threat as a runner or passer there. His key improvement this year was on turnovers, and that combined with accurate passing led Ole Miss to a #8 overall regular season ranking,  and he even played in his Bowl game. Sadly he was hurt and carted off early with a ankle injury, but it shouldn't hurt his draft stock long term. If anything playing in the game speaks well of him. He was coached by former NFL head coach Lane Kiffin so he should have no problem learning the NFL game , and that gimmicky safe short passing system is similar to what the Steelers ran last year. He was listed at 6'1" , 205 in college , although he looks a little smaller on tape , but he actually measured bigger at 6"1" and a half and 212 lbs. Usually guys measure smaller, but rounded off he's now 6"2". This year he lost a lot of talent around him , but still played well.  However, while his TD numbers suffered as a passer ,his picks went way down, and he ran & scored a lot more with his feet. Matt has a quick release with solid mechanics , and looks like a composed leader on the field. Solid arm, but nothing special. I think he would go in the 2nd round of last years draft, but he might get pushed up into the first this season.



With the QB's surprisingly falling down the board the way I think they should, as opposed to the reaches I fear would happen the falcons might be able to just sit here and have a young QB fall in their laps. Marriota & now Ridder are going to have some big targets with wide catch radiuses in Pitts & London. Ridder is a 4 year starter that you can watch getting better every year on tape. Character, leadership, and intangibles are why I like him most. Good arm , big hands , good frame that he needs to bulk up some more. Ridder has quick reads, and some great mobility & runs on tape. However,  accuracy & decision making are below average, and he has a long throwing motion. Most of his games were against a lower level of competition , and while he was pretty good against N. Dame & Houston , he looked rattled & overmatched versus Bama in the playoffs, which I didn't expect because he was pretty composed under pressure on his other film. .   I like him as a late 2nd round developmental guy, and he is my #5 QB. At the Senior Bowl he looked below average in the practices, with the same scattershot accuracy & decision making problems, but played very well in the actual game. I stand by my late 2nd round grade, and think he is probably at least a good backup long term, but there is potential starter upside here. I thought he might come off the board in the late 1rst instead because QB's are regularly over drafted. Ridders good frame , great speed , intangibles, and the largest hands ( 10 inches) of all the QB's in this draft will appeal to many teams. Plus he is one of only three QB's ( Picket & Corral are the other 2 ) that might be able to run a NFL offense this year.



It's surprising that a team with this much talent on it is 26 million under the cap , but wasting it by throwing the franchise tag on David Njoku makes no sense to me. Austin Hooper & Harrison Bryant are better all around players, and Njoku only claim over  them is superior athleticism. Who cares how athletic a guy is if he can't consistently use it?  Even a predominantly 2 TE team like the browns shouldn't pay much for this guy. His career highs were in 2018. The stats were not overwhelming - 56 catches, 630 yards  and 4 TD's. They could draft a better TE in the 3rd round of this draft, and maybe even the 4th, but God only knows why they won't. Even though they have now cut Austin Hooper's contract, which he admittedly hasn't lived up to ,  there is no point in overpaying for a first round bust who as shown no signs of living up to his potential. Plus it's a good free agent & draft class for TE's. I'm sure most Browns fans would say that WR is the most obvious glaring need , and while I agree it's still a need even after stealing away Amari Cooper, it's not their biggest one. They also brought in a good return man in Jakeem Grant who can give them a few snaps at WR. The D-Line is also a big need to me , and bringing talented former 1rst round bust DT Taven Bryan isn't enough.  They were reportedly out of the Watson derby, and then pissed off Mayfield with the pursuit of him, and found a way back in. How did they get Deshaun Watson? 230 million guaranteed ! Yep, they got Deshaun Watson., and surprisingly gave a dude accused of 21 sexual offenses a 5 year guaranteed 230 million dollar contract. Straight insanity, because he will be suspended at some point, although the contract was written in a way for Watson to escape much in the way of a financial penalty for him.  If I was Watson this is the team I would want to be on because they have the best O-line across the board in the NFL, and a good running game that makes for wide open play action passes.  Speaking of that O-line, I don't know why they cut center JC Tretter. He is still a top 10 center in the NFL in my opinion, and teams should be lining up to sign him. The only reason i can think to cut him is that they are planning on taking a younger & cheaper replacement, and they need the cap space to fit in Watson's contract. Jadeveon Clowney and Takk Mckinley are free agents on the outside, and Malik Jackson & McDowell are also unsinged on the inside. That's almost 2,300 snaps to replace along your defensive front. They can still take a WR in a later round,  but the trade for Amari Cooper was a master stroke of Genius.  I would have given up a 2nd for him if necessary , but I thought they would only end up with a third. Instead GM Andrew Berry took Jerry Jones to the woodshed , and got Cooper for a 5th and a swap of 6th rounders! After this ,if Jerry had any self awareness, Jones shouldn't be able to make eye contact with Berry for years. Cooper is the opposite of OBJ. He doesn't talk when he doesn't need to, seek the limelight, or get into any trouble off the field. Plus, I highly doubt he would send his dad to wreck his QB on social media. Cooper just separates and gets open. That sounds exactly like Watson's new #1 WR. I'm giving them a defensive tackle. I know some may see Hall as a edge rusher, but I don't. Yes , he could give you some snaps outside , but its not his strength right now. I see him as potentially the best interior pass rusher in the draft. Better than Wyatt,  Winfrey, or anyone else. Hall has a long lean frame, and arm length that profiles better inside too. He is more powerful than I expected, and has a good bull rush. Needs to stay lower more consistently, especially in the run game, and probably add another 10 pounds of muscle to handle the bigger stronger interior blockers in the NFL. Great motor , will keep chasing the ball carrier, and has the knack of finding the ball quickly. Hall moved all over the front of the Houston defense, but inside as a shaded nose tackle is where he played the most, and where he was the most effective. 5 technique is where 3-4 teams may want him, and I'm sure he can do it in the Pros with some more weight training, but right now he can't hold up against double teams. Personally I would rather have a guy who can fire through inside gaps, blow past guards & centers , and wreak havoc in the backfield consistently. Once he adds a few more pass rush moves, and a few more pounds of muscle he could be a household name as a 3 technique or a shaded one technique. Playing with Myles Garrett could see both of them wreaking terror in NFL backfields.

45.RAVENS-CHAD MUMA - LB - WYOMING - 6"3" , 241


Muma is big LB who's football IQ & instincts make him play faster than his timed ( 4.64 forty) speed against the run, but he still takes the cheese more than he should against play action. Muma comes from a athletic family, and sometimes I thought he might have a twin, because he seemed to be around the ball so much on tape, but he also comes in too hot & overruns some plays. His lower level of competition could be part of the reason that he looked like a man among boys on film sometimes, but he held his own at the Senior Bowl. I was surprised he was only a 2 year starter there, but he was a 2 year captain too , and excelled on special teams in the past.  A tackling machine who brings the heat as a hitter, but occasionally doesn't wrap his guy up. Short arms for his size could be part of the reason why he doesn't always stack & shed right , but he also needs to come at the blocker lower & with more physicality. In coverage he is at his best in zone, and his instincts are plus there too, Doesn't always take the right angles in man coverage or get his hands on the guy early before the 5 yard cut off. If Muma had this tape in a power 5 conference he would be a 1rst rounder, but I think he will come off the board somewhere in the 2nd round. He reminds of a former Viking who spent his entire 11 year career in Minnesota. 



There are rumors that Jeffrey Okudah could be moved to safety, and if so this pick could help enable such a moveIn Kyler's first year as a full time starter you notice that his Football IQ & instincts are still a work in progress, and he still has a tendency to go for the cheese too often & get fooled, but it happened less the longer the season went . Gordon still needs work on his techniques, but the athletic ability & physical demeanor are there. He has decent size & good speed, but I expected him to run faster ( 4.52 forty) than he did at the combine, ,because he looks like he has makuep speed on tape. Has played inside & outside , and as soon as he see's it he explodes to the ball.  Like most recent Washington DB's he is a straight man against the run, and he will lay the wood to a guy when it's in front of him, but he did miss a few too many tackles in coverage . Solid enough in man , but better in zone right now. You see the progress on his tape , not just between 2020 & 2021 , but as the season went along in all phases of the game.  Displays ball hawking tendencies & a willingness to mix it up at the catch point without being too grabby. Really started to be more disruptive in coverage this season this year , and I think his picks & passes defensed numbers will continue to rise as quickly as his football IQ does.  Good blitzer, and has a history of being a stud on special teams. I believe his best football is ahead of him, and that he will be somewhere between the 4th to 6th corner drafted. He is the 52nd player on my overall board, but I expect him off the board somewhere between pick 30 and 40. 



Plays primarily outside against the best in the SEC , and does well , but probably primarily a slot guy for most teams because of his lack of size. Improved 3 years in a row, and had excellent ball production this year. Good feet , hips, feet , and mirror ability, but looks a little leaner than I like on tape. Physical and shockingly still good at press man & cover 3 despite average size & short arms. The guys a pest to WR's , kind of like the John Stockton of the SEC , as he irritates opponents enough to get in their head. High football IQ with good route recognition. Willing in run support, but occasionally out of control there & a good stiff arm can keep him at bay. So just a ok tackler. He has a very similar skillset to Trent Mcduffie on tape, especially with how well he mirrors & closes on the ball, but just a little smaller. Got his hands on the ball a lot the last 2 seasons, and even though he does get big brothered by some lager WR's, he will fight for every ball he can. Still needs more work in zone & off man, but if you need a hyper competitive slot guy that will get up in the opponents grill in the 2nd he's your man. 



The Bears had a lot of key free agents, but at least they had over 25 million in cap space. G/C James Daniels, WR Allen Robinson , and DT , Akiem Hicks. Daniels is still young ( 25 this upcoming season) , and the O-Line is the biggest problem area for the team , so I thought he would be a priority to re-sign. Nope , Daniels has gone to Pittsburgh. Robinson is coming off the worst season of his career, but he was also banged up in 2021 , and I had no idea what he could get on the open market at age 29. Plus Darnell Mooney seems to have surpassed him in the pecking order last year. However, since Robinson is one of 4 free agent WR's , and the one with the highest upside they should at least see of they can bring him back on a one year prove it deal. Nope , Robinson got a 3 year deal with the world champion Rams. Hicks is the best player of the 3 when healthy, but between his injury history and age ( 33 this upcoming season ) I doubt he is a big priority. They cut DT Eddie Goldman, and since they are going to a 4-3 defense now bringing in free agent Larry Ogunjobi to play the 3 technique would be a upgrade as far as the pass rush goes but they vastly overpaid for him , and his run defense is straight bad. Wait, saved by the doctor! Ogunjobi flunked his physical so maybe they can spend that money on the O-Line. So O-Line ,    D-Line, edge rusher , WR , LB , and safety are probably where they need to go with their first selection. That's a lot of choices so I will just go with the highest player on my board at one those positions. The reason this choice is in the 2nd round this year is because they traded up last season to get their QB of the future in Justin Fields. Justin's rookie year had its ups and downs, but a banged up O-Line , WR core , and questionable play calling certainly didn't help. He did make progress as he went along, and I still believe that he has a bright future f they protect him. The Bears haven't resigned Akiem Hicks or Eddie Goldman yet either.I didn't like Winfrey's actual tape much as I hoped, and thought he was a 4th round guy with upside if allowed to go to a scheme that used his tools right . Other than a quick first step off the ball ,and the ability to occasionally penetrate ,there just wasn't a lot there consistently . Now his scheme didn't help him either because they do all this constant slanting , and he was also playing out of position as a nose tackle most of the time. I liked his motor too, and he was still disruptive sometimes in the backfield despite the scheme, but also could overrun plays bulling forward without awareness. His 5 technique tape was better , more like 3rd round , but when Winfrey played the 3 technique at the Senior Bowl he absolutely shined.   Really quick off the ball there , and great violent hand use in the one on ones helped his power come out with more regularity. Then he dominated the team portion of practice so much that they had to start double teaming him, and was the MVP of the actual game. As a 3 technique he should be a consistent penetrator who spends a lot of time in the backfield, but if he learns to use his length consistently & find the ball quicker we are talking the type of guy OC's have to game plan against. 


49.COWBOYS-(NO)- ** - GEORGE PICKENS - WR - GEORGIA  6"3" , 195


After his freshman season I thought Pickens was a future top 10 pick, but his stock had dropped some since. Pickens had the potential to be a 1rst round pick before the season , even after his previous suspensions & injuries, but he got hurt again. This time it was a biggy when he tore up his knee in the spring, and I give him props for coming back from a ACL tear in a short time, but he didn't look fully healthy in the 4 games he played in. Its great that he came through in the National Championship game, and he made a big play in the win, but he didn't look like himself yet. Pickens is tall & lean with great ball skills down the field, and the body control & wide catch radius to win jump balls. Not only does he have great hands , but the way he slaps away the defenders hands at the catch point is reminiscent of DHop. I would love to see what he could do with a confident , accurate , strong armed QB. He has some good releases , but a little more muscle would help with his struggles with some of the more physical corners. Still a work in progress as a route runner, and lacks quickness out of his breaks, but you see the toughness show up when he blocks.  If he was stronger & more efficient with his routes he wouldn't have so many contested catches either, and would be a even better blocker. Pickens is a long strider, and it takes him awhile to get to top speed, and I didn't see the ( 4.47 forty) combine time he ran on tape. I have read that he could come off the board in the late 1rst, but I can't buy that a guy with this many issues is a first rounder. He is the 7th WR on my board, and 44th overall, and that's as early as I would take him. 

50.CHIEFS-(MIA)-**-JOHN METCHIE - WR - ALABAMA -  5"11" , 187


I had already done a lot of tape study on Metchie before he tore his ACL ,and have no questions about him . 3 games from 2020 and 4 games from 2022. I love his tape, and see him as a complete receiver. Many see him as just a slot guy in the NFL , but I don't . You see him playing well at all 3 WR spots, even the X , which is rare for a guy his size.  His versatility , toughness, and polish make him a ideal #2 WR. A crafty route runner, who not only gets open but shows the speed to run away & even breaks some tackles. Even gets off the line well , and blocks with the heart & will of a bigger man. Other than the occasional focus drop where he tries to run before he has secured the ball I see no weaknesses.  He is probably going to miss part of this season, and not go in the high 2nd round, where I think his tape & overall body of work deserves. Even taking the injury into account , and  projecting the missed time , I just moved him to the back of the 2nd on my board,  he could go in the 3rd.The Chiefs can wait for him to get fully healthy, and he would give Mahomes the versatile seperator that he now  lacks. 

51.EAGLES-BREECE HALL - RB - IOWA ST. - 5"11" , 217


I personally love Breece Halls tape. While Hall fell just short of a 1rst round grade for me he is #25th overall on my board, and beat out Kenny Walker for the top RB spot. They were neck & neck as runners for me,  but I give the slight edge to Walker as a runner. However, Walker is just plain bad in pass pro.  I doubt any team but Buffalo would even consider a 1rst round RB this year, and I wouldn't take one even late in the 1rst unless he was a elite prospect. I still think that Hall will be the first RB off the board this season.  Although RB is a devalued position in todays pass happy NFL, Hall is a complete 3 down back , and I see him as a steal in the 2nd round this late. He's good at almost everything , but even the things he just solid at like long speed & route running are still good enough to get by just fine right now. A few more years learning how to run routes better & improving his choices in pass Pro will take care of both issues, although he is great in the screen game right now. Even though Breece ran a 4.39 forty at the combine , and had plenty of long runs on tape , I don't see him as a burner. Hall is a powerful, patient, well balanced , agile, somewhat shifty RB with great vision & a solid short area burst. He makes people miss, breaks tackles, holds onto the ball ,and finishes runs. If he could just learn to run lower and polish up the aforementioned skills in the passing game he should be a great # 1 workhorse back in the NFL. He could the dependable RB that Sanders has failed to become.




Kinnard is so big, wide , strong , and nasty that I prefer him inside at guard, However,  he wants to play tackle, and has been working to make it so. He reportedly played in the 360s at RT this year , but weighed in at 324 at the Senior Bowl, which is what he needed to do if wanted to stay at tackle. Before that weigh in I expected him to absolutely end up at guard in the pros, and he still might , but I think he deserves a shot at staying outside. In mobile he did look a little quicker, but he was still inconsistent too. In the run game he's a mauler, with a wide base, who explodes his hips and he keeps his feet churning trying for the pancake. Does have a tendency to lean too far forward and fall off blocks because doesn't use his hands right to latch on inside. In pass protection the best thing about him is his anchor, but that's about it for any plus traits that he does consistently as a pass blocker. He has heavy hands & long arms when they land right & he is still fresh , but they are usually too wide, and only Tyler Smith hugs more dudes on the field in this draft class. And like Smith I am constantly amazed by how often he wins with shoddy technique. Maybe at a lighter weight his feet will be quicker, but they are too slow right now to hold up against some speed rushers. When he actually gets out of his stance on time his pass sets are still bad because of balance issues & oversetting. Kinard also tires quickly at the heavier weight, and then his issues get worse , and his pad level rises on some longer drives. A lot of wins in the passing game are just because he is so wide it takes too long to get around him. Darian is the 48th overall player on my board, but that's with the belief that he is a guard in the NFL, and that he will keep his weight under 330. Some team is going to take him and try him at OT, and believe they can coach him up. I hope he succeeds, but I think he is just a guard early in his career until it is seen whether or not he can correct his technique issues & keep his weight under control. However, he is a 3 year starter in the SEC, isn't a recent conversion to the position, and has been playing O-Line for a long time. So its hard for me to believe he will ever be a plus starter at OT , but I think he will be a really good pro guard.



Mcbride should have had more competition for the top TE spot, but luck or something random has foiled his competitors. Ruckert got hurt at the Senior Bowl, Otton was already hurt, and Dulcich & Likely didn't run nearly as fast as they  looked on tape. Only Jelani Woods has risen in the pre-draft process, but he is clearly round behind Ruckert , Mcbride , to me. I still prefer Ruckert because he is just so nasty , and I think his upside is higher, but I do expect Mcbride to be the first TE off the board. Mcbride is a solid 3 down inline TE.  A solid enough inline blocker who tries hard there, and maybe with NFL coaching it becomes a plus trait, but right now he lacks violence as a blocker.  He was the main weapon in the Rams passing game , and is adept as a route runner in line, in the slot , or out wide in college. I am not sure he will make it as a move TE against man coverage in the Pros when covered by DB's , but I think he can beat some LB's there. Knows how to find the holes in zone coverage ,and just gets open against them with soft hands. Can fight through traffic , play through contact, make the tough catch,  and break tackles once he has the ball. I was surprised a guy with 90 catches only had one TD this season. I see Mcbride as starter at some point this year. He is my #2 TE, and 57th overall player on my board, and I expect him to be drafted in the mid to late 2nd round.



This guy is as old school as it gets. A hulking tank of a LB that can fill downhill with force and stack up blockers in the hole. I just wished he had the long arms to shed them better , but he can cause a pileup between the tackles with force of his initial strike, and he is usually off before the O-Lineman recovers from it.  Although if he had longer arms he would have probably been converted to rushing the edge full time long ago. A brutal tackler that will cause injuries to RB's over time.  Football IQ is just average, and I expected more from a Badger LB. Was fooled too often to be a MLB right now. He is not a sideline to sideline guy. He's fast for his size , but doesn't look like a 4.53 forty guy on tape, and the speed he does have is in a straight line. Chenal doesn't change directions well. Just OK in zone coverage, because he tends to drift and get high even in a limited role. Will chase , but if he isn't coming forward it takes him a tick to get moving. You could put him at the SAM in the NFL , and as long as he got his hands on the TE he should be OK, but unless it's a run or he's on the TE  I am sending him after the QB. When he blitzes a lot of RB's look like they don't want any part of him. This tackling machine won't fit every team, and some teams will just see him as a running down LB, but a innovative DC could get a lot out of him. If he went to Patriots he might be a stud. I love his tape, and anyone my age who loves football would, because he is a throwback to the physical game that was played in my day. I am just not sure how many teams will want him in todays softer game, and he does have his limitations so I get it.   I know some will see his frame and testing numbers and have him higher, but he's a 3rd rounder on my board. 




The cards have no 4th or 5th round pick, and a lot of needs, but the Ravens have 6 4th rounders. This is the best kind of trade. One that works out well for both teams.Kingsley is a very powerful long armed heavy handed guy with just enough explosion to get into his blocker first , and control him.  He's more of a powerful bully than the bendy guys that run the arc outside, but I saw him make a lot less mistakes than some guys that will be drafted ahead of him, at least he has a plan as a pass rusher. He probably won't make as many splash plays when lined up outside, and he will get more pressures than sacks, but Kingsley is always where he is supposed to be fighting to the whistle. He won't give up the edge in the run game , or make a lot of plays down the lines because he lacks the lateral agility to do so, but his main problem is that he doesn't play consistently lower. There is lot to work with here if he uses what he does have better, and he looked like he was doing it right at the Senior Bowl when he was smacking people round with those heavy hands & bullrushing dudes backwards. I hate that they actually had him take some snaps as a 3-4 OLB. He's not athletic , agile , or flexible enough to handle the in the NFL. I kept expecting them to kick him inside ,and let him rush in passing situations . However, I only saw it on 3 snaps , out of 6 games . over 2 seasons . He looked smaller at the Senior Bowl & combine than he looked on tape, and that was probably to run fast at the combine , but it didn't work . With his strength & length he might want to play above 280, and that would also entice 3-4 teams to think of him as a 5 technique.   If he was a 4-3 strongside end who just kicked inside on 3rd down in the Pro's I think he would be productive early. Once NFL coaches refine his arsenal, and teach him to use his power better he could be stud starter.

56.SAINTS-(dall)-TARIQ WOOLEN - CB - UTSA - 6"4" , 205


Tariq is a unicorn. A 6"4" , 205 pound corner with 33 and 5/8 inch long arms. Basically has the wing span of a edge rusher , and runs a ridiculous 4.26 forty at that size. One of the hardest comps I have ever had to think up, and I ultimately failed at it. He was too fast & raw for Nnamdo Asomugha & I was stuck because that was the closest I got. Luckily I was watching TV at my brothers house when Dane Brugler mentioned Cromartie, and even though he is a lot bigger it fit better than Nnamdi did, because of how raw Cromartie looked coming out of college. So thanks Dane. Never even heard of Woolen until the Senior Bowl weigh ins, but he went on my watch list as soon as I read about it. Before I could do that I saw him flying down the field in coverage like a cheetah running down a horse. He more than held his down down there, and his tape was full of flashes, but also a lack of polish & football IQ.  He is currently fluid enough for a big corner , but its also obvious that the former WR is still learning the position, and its fair to hope his transitions will get faster in time. With former WR's like Richard Sherman & Trevon Diggs both leading the league in picks in the last decade I am sure Pete Carrol , and coaches from his Seattle coaching tree will be salivating for him. It took everything I had to avoid giving him to the Seahawks at pick 41, but I don't think Carroll has the juice he once had in Seattle , and is on thin ice with ownership. In that case players who may take a few years to pan out will have to go on day 3 in Seattle. Tariq's instincts , route recognition , hand use , and positioning may take awhile to pump up. Personally I think in a press man or cover three I think he could give valuable snaps as a rookie on passing downs. Woolen needs to play with the strength his size suggest better as a tackler, and I am not saying he is a full on pile inspector in the run game, but he does make some business decisions at times. He also just whiffs on some tackles because of bad angles. You see the progress between his 2020 & 2021 tape, but I think as soon as he gets NFL coaching his progress could be rapid. Someone this long & fast just closes passing windows by being in the area,  and as soon as he starts making more plays on the ball I expect many QB's to start avoiding him. Lattimore could be a great mentor for him.



I like Walkers tape as a RB a lot, but he lost the top spot to Breece Hall.  They were neck & neck as runners for me,  but Walker has the slight edge as a ball carrier. However, Walker is just plain bad in pass pro. Whether he chooses the wrong guy to block, has bad technique , is too tentative , or lacks effort on a particular play is irrelevant. The results are usually bad when he is protecting a QB. Add that he hasn't done much as a receiver ,and I just see a back who can only be on the field for run downs right now. That means a time share He runs a little high, especially for a shorter guy , but those the only 3 weaknesses I see on tape.  As a runner he is just plain great.  Long speed, burst, power, wiggle, sharp cuts, stop & start quickness , vision , decisiveness , contact balance, breaking tackles , he's a finisher,  makes you miss, and breaks tackles. Walker does it all when you hand it to him , and he can run away from you or beat you to the corner. Kenny was just a one year starter for the Spartans after 2 years as a backup at Wake Forest , and I can't figure out how he wasn't the starter there. At least the Demon Deacons were smart enough to make him the goal line back. Specifically skilled on Man/Gap runs. Won the Doak Walker award as the best RB in college football in his one year as the bell cow back ( 263 carries, 1636 yards rushing, and 18 TD's as a runner in 12 games this year) at Michigan ST, and couldn't win the starting job at Wake Forest? 

58.FALCONS-(tenn)-JALEN PITRE - S - BAYLOR - 5"11" , 198


I absolutely love Jalen Pitre's tape. His size may deter some from taking him as high as I would, because he is #42 on my board, but I would take him in the 3rd round if his only job was to cover the slot. Throw in his blitzing, nose for the ball everywhere around the line of scrimmage, and ability to toss in a the occasional edge rush too. High football IQ film junkie who takes great angles to the ball , and has a knack for slipping through the trash & avoiding blockers while he makes a beeline to the ball. He isn't a deep safety on tape, and with so many teams wanting high/low versatile safeties to disguise coverage that could hurt his draft stock too. A box safety who can cover the slot, and be disruptive early in the play is very valuable to me, but he has to go to a DC who knows how to use him properly. Plays the ball not the man to disrupt passing windows, and real early burst. Balls out after the ball carrier, but he can occasionally come in too hot, and overrun the man. Hardcore in the run game too, but run or pass his aggression can occasionally be used against him when he bites on a fake early, and lacks the makeup speed to recover quickly. He is not a fluid hipped corner type who can run with anyone down the field, but he is just usually around the ball near the line of scrimmage, and his motor is non stop. A alpha type with the leadership abilities every team needs. Other than the lack of prototype size I dig this guy.



Britt is a former safety who still has the physicality of one , and until he gets coached up on NFL coverage techniques he may want to take some snaps there to get on the field early unless he goes to the right scheme. Has the aggressiveness & feet to to stay outside at corner, but his defense didn't do him any favors.  A guy like this needs to be in your face pushing a receiver around to get the most of his traits, but he was usually dropping or bailing at the snap. Has ball hawking tendencies , but also bites on too many fakes trying to make the big play, and needs to stay under control & within the scheme more often. Doesn't have ideal length for the Seattle cover 3 , but I think it's still enough enough for cover 3 or cover 2 schemes where he is in a receivers face at the line. That will give him only one man to focus on , along with the ball, and will hopefully keep from chasing the cheese into the trap so much. He brings it as a tackler as soon as he sees it, and is a vicious force against the run game, but again he comes in too hot and out of control at times. Once he can play lower in his peddle & flip his hips quicker he might get better in off coverage, but he's too often a liability now. A guy this physical & aggressive is a special teams coaches wet dream , and a secondary coaches & DC's will want him as intimidator as well. Cam is a alpha , and his tape is both fun & cringy to watch at times , but I like him. I have a late 2nd round grade on him and expect him to be off the board in the top 75 picks. 



o put it plain & simple Salyer is a big wide brawler with bad techniques that usually wins anyway. The bad things that he does , which he almost often gets away with anyway are many. Jamaree  doesn't bend his knees well, tends to bend forward at the waste sending him off balance, lunges , ducks his head , lets his base get to narrow, and his hands are everywhere. Should have had a lot more penalties for the hand use alone, and throws those long heavy mitts around all over the place like its a drunken street fight. Wide hands, hands to the face,  hands to the throat, bear hugs , and even occasionally grabbing the face mask are just part of it. It's not as often as Tyler Smith's tape, but he looks like a chubby stiff Tyler Smith sometimes Strong like a bear too. Even with the upright legs , leaning forward, and balance issues he wins a lot.  Surprisingly light feet in protection , and balance is better in the passing game. Throw in some decent angles as a protector bailing him out enough that I think he could be a serviceable OT if he dropped to about a steady 310, got more limber , and worked on his hand placement. Looked about 350 on game film.  Already looked leaner at the Senior Bowl & NFL combine  and weighed around 320 at both.  A great anchor in pass pro , and sometimes catches his man ,adjust his hands ,re-anchors, and then starts driving forward like it's a run play. Pancaked Aiden Hutchinson like this , and it was hilarious! In the 6 games of his I did this year I also saw him choke slam a dude & clothesline another. So if you want to know who could make the quickest conversion to the WWF it  would be Jamaree. Actually played pretty well against Hutchinson & Ojabo in that game, but he did have struggles with their speed & counters too.  Did some center work at the Senior Bowl , and I could see him kicking ass there too, but I think the current incarnation of him is a guard in the NFL. Was predominantly a left tackle at Georgia but had a start at right tackle & left guard. I would want him on my team , and at my side in a dark alley. I had a 2nd round grade on him , and is the 52nd overall player on my board. I think Brady will love this guy fighting in front of him.

61.49ers-COBY BRYANT - CB - CINCINNATTI  - 6"1" , 193


The niners are only about 2 million under the cap , and that's before they trade Jimmy G and his 24 million dollar salary, but his shoulder surgery has delayed their efforts to trade him.. Good riddance I say, and on with the Trey Lance era., but the longer it takes to rid themselves of his contract, the more they will miss out in free agency. LG Laken Tomlinson & Nose Guard DJ Jones were probably their main free agent priority to bring back.  They lost Laken to the Jets and Jones to the Broncos. Where they really need help is the secondary, Sign some, trade for some, and draft for some. They needed 2 corners before free agency started , one way or another , and a safety to replace Jaquiski Tartt. So many injuries' wrecked their secondary last year, and they shouldn't think that they can count on Jason Verret to be healthy. In free agency they lost slot CB K'Waun Williams to Denver, but brought in outside CB Charvarius Ward from the Chiefs, so I still think they need 2 more corners. The best CB likely to be available at pick #60 that fits their system is probably Thorpe award winner Coby Bryant. That's pretty good when you get the guy who won the award for best DB in all of college football in the late 2nd. Teams that didn't want to throw at Sauce Gardner were probably very disappointed with how well Bryant played, but the 4 year starter conquered the challenge. Coby is physical, has great ball skills, good length , and brings it as a tackler. He's a better football player than athlete, but that's fine in zone as long as you are smart and can tackle.  Bryant is and does. He fits their cover 3 , and especially excels in off zone. I have a 3rd on him, but I expect a guy with his smarts, toughness, and leadership qualities to start for many years in the NFL. 

62.CHIEFS-ABRAHAM LUCAS - OT - WASH. ST. - 6"6" , 315


Lucas is a 4 starter at right tackle on a team that passes constantly. Good size, strength,  frame, and arm length. Obviously you would expect him to excel in pass pro, and he does. Has high level awareness, a well timed solid punch ,and balance , but his hands aren't always inside.  Strong grip when his hands are in the right place. Athletic, good feet, and a solid anchor, but a tendency to be too high. Looks strong enough to run block well ,and you do see him move a guy off the ball at times, and collapses down well.  He just looks slower off the ball when run blocking, and even if he is solid at the 2nd level , it takes him longer than a player with his athletic talent should to get there. It's just that he is always at a disadvantage when coming out of a 2 point stance, and that lack of initial knee bend robs you of some explosion. It's also harder to get low , place your hands right, and explode your hips when you always start out higher than the other guy. Adjustment to a 3pt.  stance and the NFL game could take awhile, but he looks more physical than Andre Dillard to me. I had a 1rst on Dillard back in 2019 when he was drafted as a left tackle of the future , and any Washington state tackle is going to be compared to him right now . Dillard's adjustment period & major injury have made him a disappointment so far, but I saw some good snaps from his last season , and think he still might be the heir apparent to Lane Johnson at right tackle.  On the bright side a offense with more huddles & more defined snap counts, could see Lucas just look better because he is fresher & less likely to jump early. 

63.BENGALS-**-JEREMY RUCKERT - TE - OHIO ST.- 6"5" , 252


Ruckert is a very talented guy. A former 4 star TE recruit who made the mistake of picking Ohio ST. instead of a place that actually throws to TE's. Jameson Williams might have become a top 10 pick before his injury in the National Championship game, and he transferred to get on the field. Garret Wilson or possible 1rst rounder Chris Olave were there too. Those 2 guys opted out the bowl game and Jaxon Smith Njigba &  Marvin Harrison JR, made it seem like it didn't matter. Maybe Ruckert should have transferred too. Great big natural hands and a nasty dude as a run blocker are his best traits. First he got hurt at the Senior Bowl even though he had already starting to shine. That plantar fasciitis  hadn't healed enough for him to workout at the combine or the Ohio St.  Pro Day. I thought he would have been one of the better testers. That same mauling mentality shows up with his my ball mentality over the middle , at the catch point & and as a punishing tackle breaker after the catch. Jeremy is rocked up , and a little bigger than the average TE , but he plays even bigger. He knows how to use his body to create separation and is adept at finding holes in a zone. At the very least he is a good Inline Y tight end, but I think he can be a plus receiver too if they just throw it too him. Does get overaggressive and fall of blocks at times , but you know he takes pride in his blocking when you see how hard he gets after his man. Also has a nose for the end zone with 12 TD's on only 54 catches. Even with all the misfortune he suffered in the pre-draft process Ruckert is still my #1 TE. Ended up 50th overall on my overall board, but I think he goes in the top 75 picks.

64.DENVER-(rams)-NIK BONITTO - DE/OLB - OKLAHOMA - 6"3" , 240


The Broncos finally got a new stud QB , and they did it the Peyton Manning way.... By stealing him away from a ungrateful team.  The Broncs had to give up more than money for Wilson , but who cares. Wilson is one of the elite QB's in the NFL who is still at the top of his game , and they have the extra 2nd & 3rd from the Von Miller trade to help build this years roster. They had over 39 million in cap space , and Wilson just got a big upgrade along the O-Line. His new receiving core doesn't have anyone who has reached the heights of Lockett or Metcalf just yet , but I could easily see a healthy Sutton & Jeudy challenging them this year with a QB like Russ chucking the rock around.  Plus the broncs have the hawks clearly beat in WR depth with #3 Tim Patrick & #4 WR KJ Hamler in Denver beating out Swain & Eskridge in Seattle. Better Defense & RB too, and I like Albert O's potential at TE just as much as Noah Fant's. The Broncos had 2 valuable free agents in Josey Jewell & Melvin Gordon. Jewell is a 27 year old LB that would be harder to resign if he hadn't missed all but 2 games with a chest injury last season, and they brought him back . They brought back Gordon too, and with only 2 days before the draft, an the go him in the cheap. A RB of his caliber for just 5 million shows how far RBA value has fallen . The bills should have payed that first.  Their main needs other than QB are along the defensive line , and I mean inside & outside.  So this is great draft for them because it is bursting with D-Lineman.  If new DC Ejiro Evero sticks with what worked for the Rams he will be playing a lot of quarters coverage ,hoping to get pressure with the front 4  ,and then playing a lot of cover 3 & blitzing in important passing situations. So It's theoretically good that they signed edge rusher Randy Gregory to replace Von Miller. Although Gregory will never be as good as Miller , even now when Miler is past his prime , if he can keep from getting suspended or hurt he should still improve their pass rush. They also brought in nose tackle DJ Jones which should help up the middle. Since CB's Kyle Fuller & Bryce Callahan are still unsigned so a CB should be needed as well, but they did sign slot corner K'Waun Williams away from frisco. I still think they need another edge because of Gregory's historical lack of reliability, and Bradley Chubb wasn't good last year when healthy & he missed 9 games last season with a ankle injury. Bonito has a the best get off  in the draft, is twitchy , has multiple moves, including a spin. He's all speed, but the nimble feet , improving hands, and the ability to drop into coverage will appeal to a 3-4 team. Needs more squats, because he has skinny legs, and gets pushed around in the run game right now. Maybe just a situational pass rusher until he gets bigger , but he gets steady pressure if you pass against him.



Brisker is a good box safety who plays the run like a LB , but he lacks the football IQ & coverage abilities of the guys I have ahead of him. Yes he plays in the slot & deep some, but he just looks OK in the slot, although when he's deep & the bails front of him he's alright.  I don't see enough plays on the ball in either spot to want him in those roles on the regular. He's got enough size & aggression to fill like a stud, but doesn't always wrap as a tackler. Football IQ went up from 2020 to 2021 so he may still be on his way up, but its not a plus yet. His aggression & physicality cause him to have tunnel vison, and he takes the cheese & falls into the trap occasionally, but at least he rarely gives up big plays. I didn't see the 4.4 speed he tested at on tape, and he isn't a dude who can turn and run down the field with a speedy wideout. He is plenty fast enough to do his job in the box, but I think adding 20 pounds and moving to a weakside LB role might be his best fit. He is better at stacking & shedding blocks than most safeties already, and more size would make his big hits have more authority. 2nd round grade, 58th player on my board, and my 5th safety. 



Tolbert has a lean lanky frame and a smooth gliding stride. Played the X & the slot, and can go up and get it with good timing & a wide catch radius on contested catches.  Destroyed lower level of competition , but when he played Tennessee he balled out too. Good route runner , but can get pushed around some by physical corners. Good long speed & quick enough , but needs to get stronger. Too many drops on tape, and not enough effort as a blocker. I like Tolbert, but he looks more like a number 2 or 3 WR to me, and maybe buffing up some could move him up a rung.  Jalen is the #11 WR on my board, and # 65 overall. I expect him to come off the board in the late 2nd/early 3rd round. 



Woods is a tall ,raw, athletic, TE prospect who transferred  to VA. Tech from Oklahoma ST. before the season. Well it paid off with a breakout season. Woods has a wide catch radius, and he makes things happen after the catch as a tackle breaker , but is not very elusive.  Great combine, and more flashes of greatness on tape than I expected, but he moves like he hasn't adjusted to his height yet at times. Kind of like a young Colt who went through a growth spurt ,and doesn't realize he now has the body of a stallion. Still  raw , but huge upside , and progress was seen as the season went along. Just Ok hands , and it's not just the drops, it's his technique. Body catches sometimes, and doesn't always stay in stride when waiting for the ball. Route running improved between 2020  & 2021 , but he still needs more work there too, and crafty he is not. I didn't see low 4.6 speed on tape , but he definitely has enough to stretch the field down the seam. Gives good effort as a run blocker, and works to sustain ,but there is plenty of room for improvement there. He was a inline Y tight end on tape, but if he can smooth out his movements , and run to his timed speed he could do some slot & move TE stuff too. Has a enormous frame that could easily take 10-20 more pounds of muscle without losing athleticism, and you see him using his size to shield & box out some defenders. Once he gets a little stronger, improves his hand placement, and learns to explode his hips on contact he could be a force in the run game.  A late bloomer & 5th year Senior who will be a 24 year old rookie, but I do believe his best football is ahead of him. Tape says late 4th round developmental guy , but after showing out at the East-West shrine game, and dominating the combine I see him as a 3rd rounder. He is my #5 TE, and 89th on my overall board. However,  Jelani tested well , and is healthy, unlike 3 out of the 4 guys I have ahead of him. So I think he will be the 2nd or 3rd TE off the board.



Ojabo has only been playing football for 5 years, but he is extremely talented , and you can see the progress in his tape as the season went along. He came out of nowhere this season to make himself a potential 1rst round pick , and I can honestly say I had never even heard of him until this year . He's twitchy , bendy , fluid , has good feet , and is explosive. Despite his relative newness as a pass rusher he already has multiple moves , including a spin , and can counter.  Yes, he still needs a wider variety , but the moves he does now he does well. His play against the run leaves you wanting more, but again he improved some as the year went along. He tested really well at the combine , and might still fly up draft boards. For now I have a 2nd on him based on his inexperience & inability to be a every down player early in his NFL career., but I expected him to go in the first round before he tore his Achilles at his Pro day. Now I expect Ojabo comes off the board in the mid to late 2nd to a team with extra picks, because 2022 is likely a red shirt year for him. 



There a big OT's, huge OT's, and then there is this guy. He's gigantic, should have his own area code, and not a fatty either. Trent Brown was the only guy I ever saw start a game ,and play halfway decent at a weight near his size, but Trent is much better when he is under 360. There was no one else to even think of as a comparison. I think Faalele would be better at around 360 too, but the main difference between the 2 is that he lacks Brown's killer instinct. Gentle giants can still get by in the NFL because they are just so hard to get around, but there have been plenty of really big dudes in NFL history who were only mean on the field. If this guy loses some weight and finds a consistent means steak he could be tremendous. Even without a regular mean streak he still throws dude around, and knocks them down just because he is so powerful.  He was a 3 year starter at RT for Minnesota , but he opted out of the 2020 COVID season or it would been 4. Mountain of a man with anchor like one in pass pro, but inconsistent pass sets even though he's in a 2 point stance . He has long arms & giants hands , but doesn't use his them well enough. Hands are often early, throwing him off balance, and/or wide. Also should have more penalties , a not just because of the wide hands ,high hands, grabs & hugs. Faalele also likes to pull guys down in front of him, and then lay on them.  If he just learned to consistently land his powerful punch in pass pro he would be almost unbeatable. Heavy feet, already really tall, and not a natural knee bender. If he was 6"5" I would try him at guard, but he is already too high all the time. Learning to get in a 3 point stance will help him start out lower, but is he flexible enough to avoid being stiff legged & straight kneed?  Can collapse the entire D-line across the formation on a down block.  As a run blocker it's just his sheer mass & power that makes him effective , but he is slow off the ball, his hand placement is hit & miss, and again too high. Still tended to get the job done in college, and his tape did improve all 3 years. He will have a tougher go in the NFL, but I think he will get by just by sheer width & power anyway., especially on a power running team.  He has already lost significant weight & firmed up his body some , but if he ever leans out enough to be flexible & learns to use his hands look out. 



Before this season I thought Leal had a chance to become a top 10 pick, but he went backwards some in 2022. his 2021 tape was the 3nd biggest let down of the draft cycle for me. Leal had the chance to shoot up draft boards when he squared off against two of the top OT's in this draft , and they made him like a 4th rounder. Against Cross he was just stifled, and he tried everything, but the more inside moves he needed to do.  I'm talking multiple spin moves, and some sort of half superman punch/ hand chop at one point. He wasted his time trying to speed rush & outquick Cross around the outside too much, and just got stuck a lot, because he LACKS THE SPEED & BURST to threaten any decent OT outside. The first rule of war is know your enemy dude. I don't care what worked against the blockers from New Mexico or Colorado. This is a legit high level athletic OT, and you can't beat him around the edge. In the the 17 pass rush snaps against Cross if you just saw the stat sheet you would feel good. A Sack, a pass defensed , and a pressure, However, watch the tape ,and you know it wasn't a good showing for Leal. The sack was a coverage sack where the QB couldn't find anyone,  and held the ball for a year, although I do give Leal credit for keeping that motor running. The pass deflection was because the QB through it right at him, but yes at least he got his hand up. His best rep was the pressure where he went with power , and then countered back inside forcing the QB to chuck the ball early.  He should have been doing that a lot more. Between the wide Air Raid O-Line splits & the wide Aggie D-line splits there was so much room inside. Either bull rush through his inside shoulder, dip & rip through it, or just smack his hands down and go get the QB in the fewest amount of steps possible. INSIDE! He got straight manhandled by Evan Neal too, in every phase of the game. Most of his good reps were when he tried to go inside, but every single Alabama O-Line blew him off the ball or out of a hole in the run game at least once. In the 16 total snaps Leal had against Neal, he only won 2. Include 4 stalemates on quick hitters  too. Every other rep he got clearly beat and destroyed on most of them , but enough about his flaws.  While Demarvin is not a 4-3 DE, at least his 5 technique tape was 3rd round , but he sees too many double teams there. Taking on doubles is not a strength for him. I liked his tape as a 3 technique & shaded nose much more , but he mostly played outside this year. I am giving him a 2nd round grade for his inside tape , because that's where he is at his best , and that's where any sane coach will put him. Inside he has the length & quickness to beat most guards & centers off the ball  He actually does have a wide array of pass rush moves, and even though that nifty spin won't work on Cross , it will work on plenty of interior guys. Leal did play much better against Cross in the run game. He is be able to penetrate a lot of gaps against run game there as well. He is strong enough to take on most one on ones in the run game , but still needs to get stronger. He flashes heavy hands, but they are not consistent, but if he can use them more violently & with more technicality that alone should take his game up a notch. Even playing what I would consider out of position for the majority of this season there was still production. 8 and a half sacks, including a sack fumble, 4 more more TFL's, and couple of passes batted down ain't bad. Combined with his high motor I expect he will be a good NFL 3 technique for many years to come. Leal needs to use what he does have better, and concentrate on adding what he physically can accomplish when adding new things. To paraphrase Swingers " Your like a Bear man , with big claws & fangs, and you can't kill the bunny? " Use what you have man, and I promise you will slay that rabbit.



The Bears have to get some blockers and it's a guy that used to protect Fields in college and hopefully that makes him play with confidence. Nicholas is a 2 year starter at Ohio ST, and there was time I thought he might be a first rounder , but then he got mollywopped against Michigan.  He started as a right tackle in the abbreviated 2020 season, and then he flipped over to the blindside in 2021 to start 12 games. He has the feet , build, , length  , and initial quickness out of the blocks to handle pass pro at LT in the NFL. On the downside he has a tendency to wait too long to throw his hands, and then if he is getting beat he stops his feet,  and can't recover. Especially to the inside. You wouldn't know it to look at him, because he looks well put together ,but when you are watching his tape you realize he also needs to get stronger, Finesse OT"s bother me, and Petit-Frere's lack of play strength & anchor cause him problems on film.   A lot of that could be fixed by using his hands better, and keeping his base from getting too wide, but since he went to Ohio ST. I am sure his coaches have told him. He can move in the run game, and gets to the second level quickly, but also gets too high and he needs to learn to violently strike a blow on contact. Not gonna blow dudes off the ball inline right now, but he could be OK run blocking in a zone scheme. I have him graded in the later part of the 3rd round, but because of the need for OT's he could go as high as the late 2nd. He looks like a serviceable swing tackle as a rookie, but somebody will probably throw him to the wolves this year , and put him in the starting lineup out of necessity.  If he gets stronger, learns how to use his hands, and dials up a mean streak he could be fine now. Although I wouldn't bet on that happening this year, or at east early in his rookie season. 



The Seahawks have done the right thing so far in this draft, but now Pete Carrol gets to take HIS type of guy. You have to take it with a grain of salt, because he played at a really small school, but I loved his college tape. He was alright at the Senior Bowl, and didn't embarrass himself or anything, but he gave up a lot of catches in the one on ones. Now one on ones at the Senior Bowl basically give a guy the whole field to get open, but a lot of other corners did it better in that drill. . Missed a season cancelled due to Covid, and he probably should have transferred, and not just so he could play, but also so he could have got the better reps & coaching a bigger school would have given him. He's tall with long arms and NFL speed, but he needs to bring his body into it to power up his jam at the line, because that initial strike is just like pass blocking. If you miss it , or don't do it with force, you are behind & playing catchup.  Smooth with quick feet, and has a solid pedal. The former WR has a knack for finding the ball , good timing on when to pounce, and another knack for getting his hands on it. He will man up against the run too, but when he doesn't use his arms he can get stuck on blocks , and his tackling technique could use some work as well. He's aggressive and makes plays on the ball, and a lot of these corners lack his production, even the small school ones. Not a burner with makeup speed, but he needs it less than most because he transitions smoothly. Many will see him as just a developmental guy, and I think he's going the 3rd round, so that should tell you about his upside. Personally I think he could play plenty in a cover 2 or 3 scheme as a rookie , even while he learns if you are willing to accept the inevitable mistakes a guy making such a big jump will. When its' in front of him he's usually good, but when he has to turn & run his timing finding the ball takes a downturn. I just don't want to leave him upside on a island, unless he can press, and there is help over the top. 

73.COLTS-(wash)-CHRISTIAN HARRIS - LB - ALABAMA - 6ft. , 232


I like Harris, but apparently not as much as most do. He was true freshman starting LB at Alabama, and by now I expected more from him as a 3 year starter. Instead he seems like the same guy who's production doesn't match his talent, and he just hasn't progressed the way I hoped he would. There are just too many mistakes, and he lacks the "controI" part, of controlled aggression I expect from a high level linebacker.  I have him in the 3rd round ( #76 on my board) behind a few LB's that he will probably be drafted ahead of , and he may even go in the top 50 picks  but I just don't see it. His speed & lack of size would be a better fit on the weakside , and he would also have less diagnostic responsibilities there than in the middle, because there are too many times he is a tick late to read his keys right. At first I thought I was too hard on him because I watched him right after Nakobe Dean, and most LB's would look slow diagnosing compared to Dean. I watched some more this week while doing the tie breaker games, and I still see that hesitation, or flat out misreads too often for me to be comfortable putting him in the 2nd round. They moved him around so much at Bama. Maybe leaving him on the weakside and limiting his responsibilities could see him flourish. When he sees it he burst to the ball violently , striking ball carriers & blockers alike. However he does get stock on blocks more than he should, and is out of control too often missing tackles.  As a former DB I expected more savvy in coverage, but even though he has the speed to run with WR's down the field, he is subpar in coverage right now. Great blitzer and I might just want to send him after the QB on passing downs. Plus , ,even though he was durable in college Alabama LB's in the Nick Saban era have a history of breaking down quickly in the NFL.



The Chiefs need a edge rusher. Jackson is a explosive athletic edge rusher , but he's all finesse and no power the last 2 seasons. If you had seen him as a 270 plus edge a true freshman, you would have no idea that the same guy was wearing his body the last 2 years. He dropped down into the the 240's to play a standup hybrid role, and it hasn't helped his draft stock for me. While he can still bend & run the arc outside giving you a speed rush ,you see a lot of times where he is just pushed past the pocket on tape. Nice occasional inside move & counter off the speed, but his bull rush is a waste, and he stalls out whenever he tries to use power as a pass rusher. With his long arms, speed, explosiveness, and bend he should be able to create shock with his hands. Then convert speed to power. He doesn't , but you some of it on his freshman tape. Jackson is fluid & agile when dropping into coverage, and has the speed & motor to chase down ball carriers, but he does get out of control and overrun a few. Whether its as a 3-4 OLB, or 4-3 DE he is only a situational pass rusher right now to me. Literally rag dolled in the run game at times. Drake was back up in the 270's for his Pro day, but Jackson needs to add strength not weight. More squats , some anger & violence in his game, and a wider array of pass rush moves are what he is currently lacking.  Unless that switch comes on he won't reach his potential, and he will continue to get stuck on blocks or overpowered. His motor makes me think he has a chance to make it, but I have a 3rd round grade on him, even though I believe he will be over drafted in the 2nd.

75.DENVER- ** - LUKE GOEDEKE - G/T - C. MICHIGAN  - 6"5" , 312


I had a big clump of guards close together on my board after my intial watches.  I usually do them last because I was a primarily guard as a player ,  and I like to end on a happy note.  So last weekend when I was going through my tie breaker game watches I was kind of surprised that Goedecke came out on top of the 3rd round group when I finished at around 5am on Monday morning. I'm not sure what blocking scheme the new bears regime is going to primarily run, but Goedeke is a better man/gap guy on tape, but I think he will be a very good guard in any scheme in the NFL with time & reps inside. Luke was the yin to Bernhard Raimann's yang as the right tackle at Central Michigan. While Raimnann is getting more pub, and both were TE to OT converts in college, Raimann is a finesse guy to me who lacks polish. I like Goedeke's tape better, even at OT, and my dislike of Raimann's tape was why I never even broke down Goedeke for the first time until February. I figured everyone was talking about Raimann , and I thought he was overrated so why rush his less heralded pal.  Goedeke definitely has the steadily more consistent tape, is more technically refined while still having some edge to his tape.  I like to think of Goedeke as controlled aggression.  Textbook hand use hand use, especially in the run game, but good punch & hand placement in pass pro. Has enough foot quickness to stay outside too , and I would be fine throwing him in at RT in a pinch, but his lack of length is why he is going inside to guard. When your hands are inside it makes them longer than a lot of vine armed guys who get too wide & shrink their own length accordingly.  That inside hand placement pays even more dividends inside because on average interior guys have shorter arms than edge guys, and he will be quicker than most of them and able to get into them & get his hands set before they can fight back. When he lost outside it was often when he get outquicked and/or out lengthened  ,and he could get grabby in those situations. Plus he will no longer have to worry about the whole outside to the sideline, and hopefully won't give up the inside as much in protection when he's in the phone booth . Gets off the ball low and keeps driving his feet in the run game. The one area I worry about inside is anchor. He is a taller guard, and even at OT he did occasionally get high & struggle with a bull rush on tape. These guys will be a lot stronger and if he isn't low he will be skating backwards to the QB. Looks like he can pull and get to the 2nd level under control. Also smart with high level awareness, and while some will want to try him at center I generally don't like taller centers, unless they are experienced.   It's too bad he was injured to play in Mobile , or workout. I think his stock would have risen after he showed how well he could play inside & again after he showed how well he could move at the combine, because he can move very well. Both as a puller & a second level who is under control when he gets there. He's near the top of my 3rd round at #73 on my overall board. I have no idea where he will go , because it's hard to generate too much buzz when no one has seen you on a field in a long while, , and he's still not healthy. Hamstring's can linger , or become chronic, so I don't blame him for waiting until he's %100. It' s a wide radius of possibilities. Anywhere from pick 50 to 100 wouldn't surprise me, because I don't have the medical information teams do.  

76.ARIZONA-(balt)-JOSH PASCHAL - DE/DT - KENTUCKY - 6"3" , 278


The cards have no 4th or 5th round pick, and a lot of needs, but the Ravens have 6 4th rounders. This is the best kind of trade. One that works out well for both teams. You have to take it with a grain of salt, because he played at a really small school, but I loved his college tape. He was alright at the Senior Bowl, and didn't embarrass himself or anything, but he gave up a lot of catches in the one on ones. Now one on ones at the Senior Bowl basically give a guy the whole field to get open, but a lot of other corners did it better in that drill. . Missed a season cancelled due to Covid, and he probably should have transferred, and not just so he could play, but also so he could have got the better reps & coaching a bigger school would have given him. He's tall with long arms and NFL speed, but he needs to bring his body into it to power up his jam at the line, because that initial strike is just like pass blocking. If you miss it , or don't do it with force, you are behind & playing catchup.  Smooth with quick feet, and has a solid pedal. The former WR has a knack for finding the ball , good timing on when to pounce, and another knack for getting his hands on it. He will man up against the run too, but when he doesn't use his arms he can get stuck on blocks , and his tackling technique could use some work as well. He's aggressive and makes plays on the ball, and a lot of these corners lack his production, even the small school ones. Not a burner with makeup speed, but he needs it less than most because he transitions smoothly. Many will see him as just a developmental guy, and I think he's going the 3rd round, so that should tell you about his upside. Personally I think he could play plenty in a cover 2 or 3 scheme as a rookie , even while he learns if you are willing to accept the inevitable mistakes a guy making such a big jump will. When its' in front of him he's usually good, but when he has to turn & run his timing finding the ball takes a downturn. I just don't want to leave him upside on a island, unless he can press, and there is help over the top. 



Andersen is a great athlete, and the 5th year senior has worn many hats in his time in college. Right now you see a big fast LB who's football IQ is a work in progress, but his elite athleticism may have worried against him in that regard. Was a QB in high school. Started games as RB, and even one at LB as a true freshman at Montana ST. in 2017. Then he was a running QB who started 10 games in 2018. In 2019 he was primarily a LB, but still got significant snaps as a RB too. If not for his 2020 season being cancelled he would have probably been in last years draft, and maybe even better , because a year off probably kept his football IQ from moving up faster. It's not just straight line speed he has either, because he has the agility, balance, and stop start quickness of the RB he was. You don't see a lot of 240 lb. dudes that can cover the slot , and he is actually decent at it, where his burst gives him makeup speed if beat off the snap. He needs to learn how to take on blocks if you want him inside, and I see why you would him there at his size, but with that slow diagnostic ability I would move him to the weakside & SAM LB spots right now. You could have him cover TE's & blitz from the SAM, but that sideline to sideline speed on the weakside could be a game wrecker. Ironically the former mobile QB is a running QB's worst nightmare, because not many can beat him around the corner. He plays lightning fast when he sees it, but everything from route recognition to simple run keys are way behind a LB I am usually willing to take in the late 2nd round & develop. Maybe just a nickle backer, special teams ace , gadget guy on offense as a rookie. Wait , that's actually a lot for a developmental guy, and think off all the ways he could be used in a single game while he learns.  Eric Kendrick has the high football IQ to help tutor Troy. I can just picture Andersen as the personal protector on punt team taking the direct snap , and taking it all the way to the end zone. Then swatting the ball away from aTE in coverage. Followed by laying the wood to a QB when he tries to run. Throw in a rushing TD at the goal line. Topped off by downing the ball inside the 5 on punt team, and that's a great game.



Pierce was the #1 WR for the Natti, but to me he is just a big box of raw tools that need polishing. Before he has a chance at that title he will need a lot coaching up. What he is is currently is a big, fast, physical deep threat. He runs fast , but also needs to stay lower off the line & protect his chest, , because a jab can throw him off too easily right now.. Not a fluid route runner, and doesn't run a full NFL route tree right now. Has the timing , leaping ability & wide catch radius to constantly win jump balls, and bailed out Ridder on throws the way Allen Robinson did Christian Hackenburg. Knows how to stack a corner once he blows by him, and has strong hands. Tough, unafraid of contact, and going over the middle. That toughness shows up as a blocker too, and I wish his toughness showed up more against press coverage & breaking tackles. Has a history of good special teams play. He was mostly a outside WR for the Bearcats, and that's where he belongs in the NFL. I have him in the 3rd round, but his potential could see him off the board in the late 2nd. 



Tindall is a blazing fast LB who arrives to the ball carrier with the intention of going through him. His football IQ needs work and he was never a starter in 4 years at Georgia, although he did speed up his diagnosis some after he got more playing time, but when he sees it he's a missile to the ball carrier.  That hard charging style can be used against him, because he is out of control too often , and overruns plays at times. More than willing to throw himself into the mix and take on blockers but often too high , or off balance so the results vary. Plus he can't change direction if juked or fooled, and he is so focused on the ball that he loses track of blockers, and can be knocked off course easily with just a little shove from the side. He is used off edge occasionally, and a lot as a blitzer. His potential rushing the passer is vast enough that I wish he had been allowed it do it more, especially the blitzing, but I could see him packing on 10-20 more pounds and being a dangerous edge rusher in the Micah Parsons mold.  He is so fast he looks like a giant slot corner when blitzing. I expected someone with this kind of speed to better in coverage, but he isn't even in zone. His lateral agility is currently lacking when a guy cuts away from him, but he can run down the field with most WR's on a deep route. He will probably end up as weakside backer chasing everything down, and that would limit his processing enough to make him more valuable early. but even though he runs like a deer it may take time for his potential to come to fruition. Luckily he has plenty of experience on special teams. You almost wished he had pulled a Jermaine Johnson and transferred because a lot of his issues are fixable only with more reps & experience.  I would be willing to bet on his upside in the 3rd round.



Really underrated guy to me. A 2 year starter, but he has been giving quality snaps for 3 years at a D-Line factory , and was named a team captain this year. He generally plays low & strong at the point of attack, and can hold his ground when he stays low. Can play the nose or  5 technique well. Long arms , heavy hands ,and he knows how to use both to control would be blockers. There aren't many players coming into the NFL who can reliably 2 gap anymore, but Mathis can. He's mostly just a solid bull rusher against the passing game, and he if he can learn to use his heavy hands better as a rusher he could be a bigger force there too, but his effort & strength led to 9 sacks this year. That's as many as Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt, and Travis Jones combined.  He's not twitched up, and doesn't cover a ton of ground, ,but he does make the players around him better.   I have a 2nd round grade on him, but I doubt he goes before the 3rd.



Asomoah was a 2 years starter on the weakside with a LOT of tackles. He is undersized and willing to throw his body around, but is never going to be a great stack & shed guy unless he gets bigger. He does have the arm length to do it if buffs up, but right now he gets swallowed up by blockers at times. Although he runs through the trash to avoid &slip blockers better than a lot of NFL LB's right now. Also occasionally goes outside the defense, and leaves lanes open that shouldn't be. Solid football IQ, and burst to ball immediately when he see's it. Also can be overeager and get fooled now and then too. If he is protected. and  allowed to run to the ball he will fill up the stats sheet. Still misses some tackles, but he did improve there, and played more within the scheme this season as opposed to 2020. I love his movement skills  in zone coverage, even though he takes too many chances there too, and his technique & route recognition are still a work in progress. He is a good blitzer, too, and has a history of special teams play. He is the highest ranked 3rd rounder I have, and I like him more than a few LB's that will surely go ahead of him, but I expect to see him starting games early in his career.

82.FALCONS-(indy)-TYQUAN THORNTON - WR - BAYLOR - 6"2" , 181


Aurthur Smith wants run the ball.. A speedy WR who can pull safeties deep, and open up big chunk gains in the running game would be a huge addition. Plus he could take it the house on play action after all those runs, and especially when Pitts & London killing the defense underneath.  A 4.28 forty at the combine for the track star wasn't super surprising, but he wasn't just a really fast in a straight line guy like I was expecting. Much tougher than I anticipated for such a lean guy, and he even blocks like a man. Solid hands, even if they are small, and that explosiveness shows up if he has to go up and get it. Not just a deep threat , and they get him involved in the quick game too, but he needs to buff up so some of those screens won't be foiled by a arm tackle. If he can put on 10 pounds of muscle , and sharpen up his routes I see at least a big play # 3 WR, but the potential to be a starting Z down the road. I have a much higher grade on him than Anthony Schwartz (  was a early 6th rounder and #197 on my 2021 board) who went in the 3rd round at pick #91 last year. I have Thornton in the early 4th, but expect him to come off the board in the late 2nd/early 3rd round because speed kills.

83.EAGLES-GREG DULCICH - TE - UCLA- 6"4" , 243


Dulcich is a former WR that has gained a lot weight since coming to UCLA so he could convert to TE. He's inconsistent as a blocker, He sometimes looks like he's doing all he can to get it done, and other times like it's a chore he would rather avoid. As a guy who appreciates blocking TE's more than most, and a UCLA fan, it irks me when that his technique & occasional effort as a blocker still needs plenty of work. If he applies himself  better to the technical aspects, and takes well to NFL coaching he can do it. It's the same in pass pro. I think he could be solid starter as a inline Y tight end with time. He already has the production of a good move TE  despite needing work as a route runner ,but he still separates enough right now. He's got the speed of a seam buster on tape once he gets going, and I was surprised he only ran a 4.70 a the combine, because he's faster than what he ran in Indy when he is in pads.  I saw him run by lot of guys at UCLA & at the Senior Bowl. Right now receiving is where he shines. A physical guy at the catch point , with strong hands , a good catch radius ,and he can break tackles too. A lot of big , but not necessarily speedy , WR's convert to TE in the NFL. Darren Waller & Robert Tonyan are 2 recent converts. Dulcich could have success somewhere between the 2. Late 2nd/early 3rd round grade.



Wish he played at a bigger school, because I liked his tape. Good wide frame & long arms. Quick off the ball & light feet. If he can learn to use his hands better, both placement & punch , he will be something because he has adeath grip when he latches on. His punch is nasty when it lands right, and he is so athletic, but his technique all over the place. You see a lot of flashes , but he is almost always too high as run blocker, but he's beating small school guys off the ball so fast it still works. Has some edge to him too. I have him in the late 3rd, and would love to coach him, but I doubt he goes there. I see him as starter outside in year 2 or 3 , but he could be your swing tackle now. The Steelers need more O-Lineman , and currently have none with this guys upisde. 



A tall raw athletic corner from Bama seems to be a recurring theme at Bama , except the word raw. Usually Bama DB's come in coached up , but not in this case. Jalyn was only a one year starter and he looks like it on tape. Corners from Bama also usually have good instincts and football IQ's , but this guy still looks like he is still thinking too much instead of reacting while on the field, and he is late to find the ball too often. Lacks route recognition , awareness , and timing to go for the ball. He was there for 4 years, but I think he should have went back to school. Even during his injured redshirt year as a freshman he should have been picking up the mental aspects of the game more, although once he sees it he does break on the ball well when it's in front of him. . Even with all his technical deficiencies in coverage the tape is OK, because he shines in run support, and rarely gives up the big play. He has the speed of a corner when running in a straight line, but he doesn't have the hips to turn and run well with receivers in man right now. His special teams experience will help , but the only type of base defense he might contribute many snaps to this year would be some press Cover 2 and 3 zone schemes. Gest grabby if he misses his jam ,.or if the receiver breaks way from him. He's only a year starter, but he did improve , and his best football may be ahead of him. 



Parham is a 4 year starter. The former TE spent 2018-19 at LG, 2020 at RT, and 2021 at LG. However because of his smarts and athleticism many want to try him at center, and I see why. His arms are just long enough to try him at OT again, and his best tape was at right tackle, but I don't think he gets a chance to be more than a emergency tackle. Would need to drop weight to do it anyway, because he's a little bigger & slower now. Plus inside he's so good at helping others in pass pro when uncovered, and his awareness for stunts & twists is good as well. I would have him drop back into the 290's and make the transition to center where he could regain some of his lost quickness the weight gain robbed him of at the combine.  At the moment he's a high football IQ assignment sound zone guard. He wins with technique & leverage in the run game by being the lower man who gets off the ball first & who keeps his feet churning.   A nice well timed punch in pass pro, and a natural knee bender everywhere contribute to a solid anchor despite being undersized. He is often to the combo block before his partner , and loses his balance because of it,  and can slip off too early. However he is good at the second level when he's balanced. His balance is good in pass pro, but he tends to lean too far forward, and fall off some run blocks. I have him in the 3rd round, and at #80 on my overall board, and I think that he will go somewhere in the 3rd, but a team that's wants him at center might think to take him higher.



As a former QB & WR I expected Robinson to be the soft finesse type, but he looks pretty aggressive to me, if raw & unpolished. You can tell he is still learning, but he finds the ball better than I expected for a guy who has only been on defense for 2 years. Robinson has a good frame with solid length , and  the twitch to get off the ball quickly. Changes direction like a RB sometimes, and the flexibility to bend the arc outside. The kind of agility & burst that really wins on stunts & twist. His pass rush arsenal is rudimentary right now , but you see flashes of hand use, and the progress on this years tape throughout the season. The former WR also looks pretty fluid in coverage, and I expect it will become a strength with time if he goes to a 3-4 team . In the run game is where the problem is , because other than chasing down some plays from the other side he doesn't produce much there yet. He wasn't a starter so he just needs more reps. He's not punking out either. He's fighting , but you can tell he is new at it. Still needs to learn better hand use, leverage, recognizing plays & blocking angles, and get stronger to hold up setting the edge. He will be a 24 year old rookie, but it's almost like he was reborn at a new position, and he won't have the wear & tear of a guy who has been banging around in the trenches since middle school. I like his upside, but other than helping you out on passing downs & some special teams as a rookie he will need patience. This is man who is coming in from a small school, has never started a game at his new position, and he's about to jump up to the highest level. Although a year with NFL coaches, players, and a strength & conditioning program could see a big jump in year two. He is number #88 on my board, and I think players that will have lesser careers will go ahead of him, but I like him a lot more than the guys who seem to willfully suck against the run. A guy with his tools & motor is worth betting on to me.

88.DALLAS** - CADE OTTON - TE - WASHINGTON- 6"5" , 247


Denver needs  another TE to pair with Albert O after they traded away Fant to get Wilson.  Otton is another painfully underused TE, and he was wasted in this offense . A 4 year starter who improved year by year. Good physical inline blocker who can even move some DE's off the ball. Even solid in pass pro as well. Can be a menace at the 2nd level too, but he could be a even better blocker because his hand placement could improve, he could add some more muscle,  and he stops his feet too early sometimes. If he was healthy enough to run I think he would be in contention for the #1 spot at TE in his draft.  Good hands and a wide catch radius. Good route runner with some subtlety to his game, and he will punish defenders after the catch. Not a huge separator , and needs to use his body to shield defenders better. I love the way he gets after it, and would really like this pick to happen, because a great QB like Wilson could help make this guy a star. 

89.BILLS-SEAN RHYAN - G/T - UCLA- 6"5" , 321


Sean Rhyan is a 3 year starter at Left tackle at UCLA, and while I think he might be a serviceable right tackle for a power running team, I think guard is his best position in the NFL. Sean has decent feet , athleticism, hand placement, and a good hard punch to stay outside. As a matter of fact I would take him in the late 4th round if I wanted him as a tackle. However,  his lack of length, struggle with speed rushers, and inside counters make me think he would be better if he kicked inside. Run blocking is where he excels, and he plays low & mean with good leg drive off the ball , and he has the shirt area quickness for pulling. Plus , it is my belief he would have a lot less penalties if he wasn't worried about getting beat around the edge, and his width would be hard to get around in smaller gaps. I have a solid 3rd round grade on him if he is moved to guard, and think he could be a plus starter there in a few years.

90.TITANS-KHALIL SHAKIR - WR - BOISE ST.- 6 feet , 196


I was really surprised by how much I liked Shakir's tape. I thought he just a lean slot guy, but he has many more uses. He can take some handoffs, run some gadgets, return punts, and even give you some wildcat snaps. He was a starter the last 2 years , but still a solid contributor in his first 2 with some scattered starts thrown in. Crafty route runner who can separate,   makes highlight reel catches in traffic, and can make a guy miss after the catch. Doesn't look as fast as he ran ( 4.43) at the combine on tape, but very quick burst in a short area. He isn't strong enough to play outside against press coverage , but I think he starts as a rookie in the slot if given the chance.



Aggressive safety who can play deep or in the box , and has a knack for getting his hands on the ball & big plays. Not a good slot guy , and is at best average in coverage against WR's . So a zone heavy defense would help. Which was a surprise because he used to be a corner. Can cover some TE's though. So deep is probably where he should end up playing, even though he was in the box even more this season, because he's at his best where he can see it all in front of him. Has the eyes & IQ  to find the ball, run or pass, and he is disruptive. One year wonder who was a transfer from Howard, and his aggression can used against him on fakes. Physical guy with good instincts & football IQ against the run or pass. Really good against the run with sound angles. Good blitzer, but rarely used there. Good tackler, too ,but he will hit you too.  Has the physical play style & speed to shine on special teams. Looks fast on tape, and it's a shame a shoulder injury prevented him from working out. Early 3rd round grade in my book, and my #6 safety. 



For awhile the Colts decision to trade for , and try to rebuild Carson Wentz , looked like it was working out. However, The last 2 games of the season may have changed their minds because he couldn't make the plays they needed in both losses, and they missed the playoffs. There had been noise that they want to move on from him, but I thought it would be harder to find a trade partner. They ended up losing their 1rst rounder in this draft in the trade when playing time incentives were met, and they are on the hook for 15 million guaranteed. I previously thought maybe Washington would give up a late pick for him  , but instead GM Chris Ballard got much more. Indy did have almost 37 million in available cap space so they could have theoretically cut him and ate the cash.  A few years back Wentz almost won a MVP, and I guess some teams hope he will return to that form. Whatever narrative the COLTS are putting out there this season is irrelevant.  Mark My words- This was owner driven. Billionaire owner Jim Irsay gets his blood up and likes to tweet out guarantees about winning that he has no possible way of fulfilling.  He is not a player or coach, and therefore what happens on the field won't be changed by him. He is not even one of the few knowledgeable about football owners, although they tend to overestimate their knowledge, and get in the way of far more competent people trying run the franchise.  Now he is embarrassed because he wrote a check with his mouth that the players & coaches certainly didn't endorse, and couldn't cash. Owners almost never blame themselves for their actions, and so Wentz got the brunt if it. If wanting a championship and being willing to throw money at one to win one got them then Washington Daniel Snyder & Dallas owner Jerry Jones would have a few in the last 20 years by now. It's the high price paid that surprises  me. The Colts front office was desperate to fulfill the owners wishes and dump Wentz's contract. Colts GM Chris Ballard got a great deal for someone they couldn't keep  , but I guess Washington was even more desperate than they were, and Ballard is apparently much smarter than the Washington front office too. A 3rd rounder or the swap of 2nds should have been more than enough. Instead he got two 3rd rounders, and one that can become a 2nd if Wentz plays enough in year two, AND they got to move up 5 spots in the 2nd round.  That's straight robbery of a desperate team, but getting the best deal is part of his job. Then he got Matt Ryan ,who even now was still a better QB than Wentz last season ,  for just one 3rd. Straight Ozzie Newsome like genius move Ballard!. So I guess at least Irsay did one smart thing , and that's hire Chris Ballard to be the GM , but now he has put him on the hot seat for no reason, and needs to get out of the way so Ballard can try to grant his wishes.  The colts big free agents decisions are along the O-Line. Do they bring back LT Eric Fisher, and hope he stays healthy and returns to KC form? He was just above average at best in his prime, and Matt Pryor looked about the same to me as the current Fisher when he was in for him .Pryor is free agent too , and I would rather pay the younger guy in this case if I had to pay one of them.  RG Mark Glowinski was a free agent as well. He's just solid , but he is also about to turn 30, and is now a New York Giant. The surprise retirement of Jack Doyle ( A additional 5 million in cap savings)  made it easier to shell out some money to bring back Mo Allie-Cox , and they did resign him. So a O-lineman might be good idea. I'm going with the QB here , because Ryan is going to be 37 this season. Sam Howell was that rare True freshman starting QB on a power 5 conference team, and he excelled right out of the gate.  After a even better 2020 , Howell was served a raw deal in 2021 . Most of his top skill players & O-Line graduated and he was stuck with a new & inexperienced supporting cast. Plus, Howell had to learn a new offense that was very different from the previous down the field passing system. His passing suffered some because of it, but he showed us a whole new element to his game by having a great year with his legs , which offsets some of the damage the new scheme &  players in the lineup cost him. With the NFL trending toward mobile QB's that can make things happen with their athleticism,  it actually makes him rise on my draft list, and Sam showed both decent power & speed as a runner. He has a strong arm & solid accuracy too, but neither of his college offenses easily translate to the NFL.  He will have to learn NFL read progressions from the bottom up, and resist the urge to run when his 1rst or 2nd packaged read isn't open. Howell is a little under 6 foot one, but built like a RB, although he lacks the get up & go of one. Sam's Senior Bowl & combine workouts had their ups & downs, but nothing major to make me alter my previous grade either way. Sam's best chance for NFL success is to go to a team with a older veteran QB that he can learn the NFL game from or a year or 2. With so many teams in the top 10 needing QB's it's possible he goes in the bottom 3rd of the first round, but I think it more likely he is off the board in top half of the 2nd because he needs time to develop, even though he throws a great deep ball.  That's where he goes in this case, and  Matt Ryan is a good vet to learn from. At least it's a good football city with a head coach who is good with QB's. 

93.49ers-CAM JURGENS - C- NEBRASKA - 6"3" , 303


If you miss out on Tyler Linderbaum , and want a less polished guy who might develop into a similar player in a few years in the 3rd round this is your guy. The former TE has longer arms, but moves the same, although unless if his hands aren't inside more it will nullify that length. Wasn't on my radar before the year, and his tape is full of flashes & ups & downs this year. Compared to the previous year it was a giant step up. I watched 4 games this year, and 2 from 2019- 20 each.  2021 tape was miles better than the other two so the light may just becoming on.. He was a 3 year starter, but this year he made a lot less mistakes. Fires off the ball, can make reach blocks, pull. Gets to the 2nd level quickly, but will come in too hot,  get off balance and its a coin flip if he hits someone . More power than I expected, but when he gets high it fades quick. Also fails to latch on after the initial strike, and he is out of control & off balance too much. Still looks confused on who to block at times, ducks his head on contact too much, Will need a veteran QB to coach him on the line calls, because even though he appers to make them now , if he understood them better he would be more decisive and in control.  When his technique is right , and he puts it all together it's pretty, but the reps where that happened are scattered around. His pass protection is inconsistent too. He has a strong punch  when he lands it, but off balance when he doesn't,. Same thing with his anchor. If he stays low it's good, but if not he can bulled and/or shucked like a ear of Nebraska corn. A team like the niners with a smart veteran center could help him this year, and maybe he takes over the pivot in 2023. Usually anyone who can play center can also play guard, but I am not sure with him, because he hasn't done it, and with his football IQ still a work in progress it might just confuse him. 



The Raiders made the Playoffs in 2021 despite all sorts of off the field problems interfering with their season. They put up a good fight too, but lost to the eventual Superbowl participant Bengals. For some dumb reason they let the coach who led them through all those trials go, and hired Josh Mcdaniels. With a new coach & GM you are usually rebuilding , but that would be stupid in this case , so I am going to guess that they try to win again .  The Raiders only key free agents are past their prime , but CB Casey Hayward  & LB KJ Wright are still good players that might be brought back They have close to 20 million in cap space so its doable. So far they have made a deal to bring edge rusher Chandler Jones in free agency and trade edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue to the Colts. Add 2 inexpensive deals on a soon to be 26 year old NT & CB in Bilal Nichols & Darius Phillips and I like what Vegas has done so far. Raiders owners have always loved speed , regardless of which owner was in charge. . Al Davis or Mark Davis, it doesn't matter. Either guy wants that deep threat. Last year when Henry Ruggs wasn't on the field pulling safeties into the deep 3rd with him the offense really suffered , although Darren Waller being gone didn't help either. They brought in Desean Jackson to try to fill that role, but he looked done most of the time that he was out there.  If there is even a smidgen of justice left in the world Ruggs is going to jail, and that means the Raiders need to reload on deep threats. Now they made a blockbuster move in trading for Davante Adams and they gave him a huge contract that matches his ability. A 1rst and 2nd rounder are a bargain for Adams if he is healthy, and reuniting him with college QB Derek Carr makes them both ecstatic. Even with this move I think they are at best the 3rd best team in the AFC West , but it is clearly the best division in the NFL now. In fact it wouldn't shock me if this division became the first to have all 4 teams make the playoffs. However, as great as Adams is he is not a speedster, and the I believe the Raiders still need one. Jones is raw as WR 6th year receiver , but there were flashes on his tape this year to make you believe he could develop into at least a #3 in time. He is rocked up & showed toughness & solid hands at the catch point, and that return man skill shows up in space after the catch. He is seen mostly as a slot guy right now, and currently has a limited route tree & skill as a route runner. On this team Hunter Renfrow has the slot locked down, but what Jones can already do very well is run really fast ( 4.31 forty) in a straight line , and that's what the Raiders need. A outside burner who can pull safeties deep with him, and you only have to throw that deep ball to him 2 or 3 times a game for defenses to have to consistently deal with it. If one of them hits you have the big play that all teams  crave, and now defenses are even more worried about it. Adams, Waller, and Renfrow would feast in that scenario.  Plus Jones is a great special teams player as both a returner & gunner, and I would love to see him with a good QB. As receiver he is just a late 4th /early 5trh round developmental guy to me, but when you add his potential as gadget guy, and the fact that he is a special teams ace I could see him coming of the board in the 3rd round to team obsessed with speed. 



A 5 year starter & 2 time team captain , even at a small school is rare, but you would think after 5 years he would be better at finding the ball down the field. There can be only one comp for a tall,  lean , explosive, fast corner who leaps out of the building, but can't find the ball at the catch point.- Byron Jones. Even after the workout greatness, and the tape full of flashes of greatness, he also frustrated me enough to want to put him in the 4th. The tape was good, but he should have dominated by year 5 right?  The Jones comparison is what made me bump him up to the later 3rd. As Jim said to Dwight in the penultimate episode of the office "It's uncanny" . Sometimes you see a guy and the comparison just instantly pops into your head, but I wasn't going to use Jones because he played at higher level comp in college, literally broke the world record for the broad jump at the combine, and was a first round pick, Jones rarely got out physicaled , and it just seemed too high of a comp for a guy I am iffy about. I see him as more of a developmental corner that needs at least a year before he is ready for the base defense in meaningful play times, and think he will drafted ahead of multiple corners that he shouldn't. At least he will help out on special teams as a rookie.  In the end I relented , because this is not just a team captain, but a guy who stayed at Sam Houston state so he could play with his brother. Combine that with his willingness in run support & good feet  , and he seems like the kind of guy who will keep working to get better. Just remember the later I rank someone the less chance I believe they will reach that comp. Maybe NFL coaching and no school to worry about flips that switch if you draft him prepare for the face guarding & panicky late PI penalties. He looks really smart when its in front of him, and I would like to try him out at free safety personally. He has played safety some in the past , and he brings it like safety against the run, but he would have to become a better form tackler there.  A guy with this size , speed , and ball production with would have to fail miserably to be moved off the corner position. If he can learn to use his hands better in press, stop trying to jump so many routes, smooth out his pedal , and find the ball after his back has been turned he could end up a Pro Bowler like Jones.

96.DENVER-(rams)-MAX MITCHELL - OT - LOUISIANA - 6"6" , 307


Finesse OT, who needs to add strength. Good feet, balance , and hand usage in pass pro. Hs played both tackle spots,  which makes him at least a serviceable swing tackle as a rookie. Rarely overextends, and keeps his feet under him, and his body between his man and the QB against speed around the edge. Doesn't blow people off the ball, but he does well at the 2nd level finding & hitting his man, and staying engaged till the whistle. Looked 280 on tape, and I think his too quick weight gain hurt him at the combine. The same thing happened to D'brikcashaw Ferguson back in the day.

97.LIONS-NICK CROSS - S - MARYLAND- 6 feet , 215


All kinds of range as a deep safety, even single high, but he needs to be more patient in coverage. Jumps early too often and opens them up to the big play, and loses confidence. Can get the ball when he sees it right though. Will probably need to play the box more now , because played deep more last year. I am not as high on him as many others, and he just barely squeezed into my top 100 at #99, but the tools & traits' are there for a great Pro. He gave up too many catches & big plays in coverage this year. Almost too patient in the run game and needs to see it quicker, but he flies forward with force to strike ball carriers when he does. His burst to ball makes up for some of it.  When his confidence is shot he becomes over cautious and a safer tackler without the punishing force. Track guy with track burst & long speed on the field in a thick safety body. Not a slot guy so his role could get narrow if he doesn't improve in some of these spots., and would be a better fit in a zone heavy scheme right now, because he's to grabby & mistake prone in man. He plays with the aggression of someone who loves the game, so there is hope he will pump up his football IQ , and fix some of theses issues. Maybe NFL coaching will help a lot too. Wish he was used more as a blitzer with that burst. Worse case scenario he adds 10-15 more Pounds and becomes a weakside LB. 

98.WASHINGTON-(no,indy,phil)-MALCOLM RODRIGUEZ - LB - OKLAHOMA ST. - 5"11" , 232


Malcolm is 5th year Senior and 2 year team captain who took advantage of the extra year granted players due to Covid. The Explosive stocky LB with a good football IQ , and a nose for the ball will play on Sundays. The question is what round. If you watch the tape, and see how well he worked out you think maybe he's a 2nd rounder, but many teams won't see him as a starter because of his size, and will want his hard charging style on special teams. The former safety is only 5"11',but I thought he might have long arms because he beats so many blocks, but they were barely over 30 inches long. He fills against the run like a bullet, but I was surprised that a guy who was a former safety was so stiff in coverage. The tape is still really good despite that , but he might want to work on his flexibility.  He wasn't just the starting QB on a state champion football team, but also ALL State on defense, and a state champion wrestler. That kind of pedigree combined with his good film makes me want to bet him in the 3rd round.



Thomas is a tweener, but a productive one who was moved all over the line. Has some strength &  a great inside counter move off the edge, but not a bendy guy who can run the arc outside. Has a 4 move rush arsenal, but he is good at all 4 of them, although his get off is just average outside. He's just not  strong enough to set the edge as a 3-4 end, but most of his plays against the run are made by knifing through a gap. As a 5 technique or farther inside he gets pushed around, especially by double teams. His best tape as a pass rusher is inside, where he is slippery, and his best tape against the run is outside where he faces less brute strength. Most will want him as a early down edge who kicks inside, and rushes the passer on passing downs. His lack of length & twitch makes me think that he won't ever be a plus player outside, even though he uses his hands well. Even if he puts on 30 pounds I don't think he would ever be a great 5 technique either. If I was him I would just add 20 pounds, and he especially needs leg work. Then make the permanent move to 3 technique. His motor is good , he finds the ball quickly, and he can move down the line well from the inside. 

100.ARIZONA-(balt)-DAMARRI MATHIS ** - CB - PITTSBURGH - 5"11" , 196


Mathis was a 2 years starter, but it would have been 3 if he hadn't missed 2020 with a shoulder injury.  A stocky versatile corner who not only lines up inside & outside, but also on both sides of the formation on defense. Quick feet & solid length , and can stay with his man off the line, but loses the ball too often when he has to turn & run then gets grabby. Too aggressive at times both with contact, and with jumping routes and getting fooled. He's physical , but its a little too much too often, and it gets away from him drawing penalties. Good click & close from zone ,and he brings it as a tackler against receivers. His run support is good enough to me think he may transition to safety down the line, because he hits , and is a good tackler. Has good speed, but I don't see the 4.39 he ran at the combine, because he lacks makeup speed when beaten early. Is explosive , and he stays with receivers pretty well most of the time. I have a late 3rd on him ,but his versatility & aggressive play style that should also help on special teams could see him drafted higher. 

101.JETS-TYLER ALLGEIER  - RB - BYU - 5"11" , 220


One of the guys who stood out on tape when I was watching Zach Wilson last year. Lacks great burst and long speed, but other than that he's got it all. Power , vision , patience , smarts , toughness, balance , decent routes , and hands. Great on zone runs specifically. He's selfless. Also played linebacker when they needed it,  and even does some lead blocking.  Plus , he is that rare college back that can shine in pass pro. He is #74 on my overall board, and my 3rd RB in this draft. I see a good starter that can carry the load and win you games.



Miami traded away their first rounder last year, but they still had the 49ers first. So basically they just dropped 14 spots in the round, at least until they traded that one too. The Fins have a new head coach, and who know how that's going to go. The fins once they lead the league in cap space with over 61 million, and that they needed to invest a lot of it in the O-line , but they did bring back their one key  free agent in Emmanuel Ogbah. Miami still needs include a , center , nose tackle , another edge rusher,  a safety , and multiple LB's. For some dumb reason they gave a non separating pass catching TE the franchise tag for almost 11 million. That's stupid for multiple reasons. First , Gesicki isn't that good and doesn't block.  2nd - Gesicki doesn't separate enough , and their QB doesn't like throwing the ball in tight windows. Since the fins need to know if Tua is their guy long term their goal was to give him better blocking & more weapons.  They brought in slot receiver Cedrick Wilson & guard Connor Williams from Dallas. Neither is special , , but both are upgrades, with one at LG  and     the other a #3 WR. Bringing in LT Terron Armstead  is a big move , and if he is healthy he will be worth every penny. The shocker to me is the blockbuster deal they made to acquire speedster Tyreek Hill. So the fins front office is doing everything they can  Waddle has similar upside to Tyreek, but he isn't at Hills' level yet, if ever. Having 2 guys like this is a defensive coordinators nightmare, and it will keep safeties up at night too. The price was fine to me, although I think the contract was a bit much, but the biggest question to me is why? This is the kind of deal you make when you are ALL-IN , and just one move away from a Superbowl. On paper , even after these big moves ,the fins will be in a battle just to make the playoffs. Is it just a case of the GM trying to keep his job, or the owner trying to prove how much he wants to win because of his lawsuit? Either way the Dolphins have definitely given Tua better weapons and blocking.  Anyway, after trade Miami doesn't have a pick until the the compensatory part of round 3. I would take a RB if a good one fell here, but I doubt it since they added Chase Edmonds & Raheem Mostert in free agency. I gotta say I am impressed with the moves Kentucky has been making lately. I had to watch 7 of their guys this year, and 6 should definitely be drafted. I don't remember ever having ti watch that many of their guys before in one draft. Fortner is a 3 year starter . 20 at RG , 3 at LG, and 13 this year at the pivot where he was the ALL SEC center.& a team captain. he's going to be a 24 year old rookie, and he may be maxed out but his toughness & smarts make him look like a starting center to me in a man/gap scheme.  I see him coming off the board , and because he can play all 3 interior positions he should see the field this year even if he doesn't start right out of the gate. He's got solid size, but he could add another 10 pounds of muscle, because his frame is big for a center & he's pretty lean now. Comes off the ball quick & low and generally gets his hands in position , and then good initial hip explosion too. Just enough athleticism to make it, but I doubt I ever he is ever going to be a great move blocker making reach blocks, pulling , combos , and hammering the second level. At least he doesn't do them well now, and getting bigger isn't likely to help there, but maybe with more time at center he will get more efficient in those areas. However, he has some power & man/gap schemes with some inside zone like the Ravens his best fit. Good punch & strong grip to maintain blocks. Makes the line calls, and he can spot the twists & stunts well enough to make you think he's either a film junkie or very instinctive. When he's tired he can get high  & lose his anchor, and his hands get out wider too. I think he's a starter somewhere inside and the ravens need a center with his profile, but worse case scenario he will be active on game days as a rookie due to his versatility.. 



Ridgeway is powerful nose tackle that has a decent get off for a NT , and knows how to push the pocket, but needs more moves & counters when he stalls out. Can clog up the middle and stuff the run .Plays low and good hand placement to anchor and hold his ground in the run game, and he can handle double teams pretty well. Long arms to lock out, and understand leverage. Doesn't have much range down the line, but has good awareness for the ball carrier. He has big mitts and if he can improve his hand placement, and learn how to use them better he could be a 3 down guy in time. 



Congrats to the champs and all their fans. The Rams kept going ALL IN , and it finally payed off. I admit that I thought the Rams were nuts when they traded a 2nd & 3rd pick for a past his prime , 32 year old, free agent to be Von Miller. Miller then promptly  got hurt, and I feared the worst, but when he got healthy it looked like he came out of a time machine. Not only was he great down the stretch run in the regular season, but he balled out in the post season too.  Von had 5 sacks and a forced fumble in the final 4 regular season games. Then another 4 sacks and a forced fumble in the post season. So even if they couldn't resign him, it was well worth it. Even though they had cap problems again they say that they are ALL IN again. The rams have done so well with the later draft picks that they have left,  after trading most of their higher picks for established veteran players,  that they have found a way to pay out a lot of big contracts and still be competitive. The best way to create cap space would be to give Stafford a new deal, and they did it.  40  year old LT Andrew Whitworth has retired after finally getting the ring , but he was still a great pass blocker. Free agents in center Brian Allen and guard Austin Corbett are both solid players who won't turn 27 until this season. Allen was resigned , but Corbett left for the Panthers. At least they resigned potential replacement LT Joseph Noteboom , who played pretty well when given a chance last year, but they payed him like he was already a proven OT . He's not, and that 3 year 40 million dollar deal with 25 million guaranteed will be a albatross around their necks if he doesn't work out.    OBJ might not cost a lot this year while rehabbing his ACL, but he played great for them as soon as he showed up.  He is a lesser worry now after signing WR Allen Robinson to a big deal, although it surprised me when they signed him & traded Robert Woods. CB  Darious Williams. Williams is a former undrafted free agent, is 29 , and had never gotten a big contract. So it made sense that he took the most money he could get and signed with the jaguars. Edge rusher Ogbonnia Oronkwo was a free agent too, and while he wasn't a full time player he gave them some good pass rush when he got his chance, but he went to the Texans and it wasn't even much money. Rotational backup DT Sebastian Joseph-Day also left to the the cross town rival Chargers, but the biggest loss was edge rusher Von Miller. The rams tried to keep him, but the Bills made Von a ridiculous offer at his age. I don't blame Miller for taking it, and I don't blame the Rams for not matching it. Bringing Bobby Wagner gives them a ALL PRO at all 3 levels of the defense. Sam Williams has elite potential as a pass rusher.  He can bend & run the arc outside. has multiple moves, good hand use, and fluid counters. Great get off  and can chase down the line & back side, Gets punked against the run too often , despite good size & length, and doesn't always seem interested in contact. Sometimes seems as if gives up if he is getting beat. Plays too high on the edge, and can't hold his ground. He's a situational pass rusher until he learns to man up against the run.. Too many near misses at splash plays,, and too many penalties too. There are both off the field & football character questions here so I see him as a boom or bust guy, but the potential as a pass rusher is so high I have trouble seeing him fall out of the top 80 picks. Personally Williams worries me, has a 3rd round grade, and he barely made my top 100. 

105.49ers# - ED INGRAM - G - LSU- 6"3" , 307


Ingram was the starting right guard as a true freshman at LSU. Then he got suspended for all of 2018 , before being reinstated for the 2019 National Championship winning season. He was the starting left guard on that team . Incidentally they won the award for best O-Line in college football that season too. So a 4 year starter at a premier program in the SEC, and he falls to pick 105. Why? Inconsistent tape in 2021 , after a good 2020, and tendency to fall off blocks. Ingram has a nasty punch in pass pro, but if he misses with it he is screwed, because his latch on and sustain are subpar. Strong anchor when his hands are right, long arms for a guard, and good awareness too. In the running game he can be a terror inline ,or as a puling guard, and has power on that initial strike. Then again Ingram sometimes gets overeager to lay that hammer down. Then he loses balance , and comes in hot & off target too. However, again his hand placement, latch, sustain, hip explosion , and leg drive rarely happen on the same play. Every type of play & scheme seems to be on his tape, but they are a hodge podge mix of incongruity in what he does & doesn't do well. He's generally a good pass blocker, and that's his meal ticket to the NFL, but his run blocking is where most of the confusion is. He has the play style of a man/gap bully , and the body of a zone guard. Maybe that's why his body doesn't always seem to be stringing things together in unison all the time. I didn't hear anything about him being hurt this year, and he started every game, but his tape was all over the place from game to game. Seniorits, hidden injury, styles make fight matchup problems , playing to avoid injury for the draft , or just plain old laziness? I don't know. Maybe some of each, or a little of one or the other hear or there. I've seen them all plenty in my time, but I do know I thought he might end up a 2nd rounder before the season, and if you watch the Senior Bowl practices you might think 2nd round too. I have a late 3rd on him now.