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2020 NFL MOCK DRAFT - 5/20/19

As soon as the 2019 draft came to an end I am sure many of you were already wondering who the top prospects for 2020 might be. Trying to predict not only the top prospects, but also the draft order is a big stretch right now, but I am willing if you are . Right now I see a draft potentially deep at  RB , OT, WR , EDGE rusher , CB , and  possibly even QB if the players I expect enter the draft and thrive .  A lot of these guys will get hurt, disappoint on or off the field, and some probably won't even enter the draft.  Out of the 32 guys I predicted to go in the first round in my 2019 WAAAAY too early MOCK DRAFT 12 went in the first, 5 in the second , 2 in the 3rd, 3 in the 4th, 3 in the 5th ,1 in the in the 6th, and 6 returned to school. So you can see what a crap shoot it really is at this time. I'm making an even harder prediction to guess the draft order .The picks are all mine , but keep in mind that I have done limited tape study on these prospects so far .They are mostly guys I couldn't help noticing while watching others on tape this year, or guys I expected to enter the 2019 draft that stayed. The only 3 I have done extensive ( 8 or more games) are Justin Herbert, Derrick Brown, and Raekwon Davis. That was because I expected all of them to enter the 2019 draft . I have only broke down 3 games of everyone else in this first round mock so far, and have only done 3 games on 52 total players as of today , but I ma trrying to watch 2 new players a week in my leisure time right now.Some are just really talented ,and I expect them to step up this year as well, but there may be some draft eligible sophomores I don't even realize have a chance to enter next years draft . I have given peak NFL players comparisons so you can have an idea of who your team might be getting , and I mean the established NFL players peak if the incoming player reaches their peak .The farther down the board they are the less likely I think they might reach that comp . So if you wonder why I have a comparison to a better player to a guy I have in a later round as compared to a guy I have going high in the first you now know why . He may remind me of a great player if he reaches his ceiling , but it's less likely he reaches that ceiling if he is a lower pick . This Mock is based on what I think teams will do, not my personal rankings but my rankings will still color it, because I think we will see a lot of the same things . As always QB's come first, but the 2 highest graded player I have so far are Chase Young & Jerry Jeudy .Without further ado , here it is. Feel free to leave a comment. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently and respectfully. If you can't, or resort to personal attacks, I just won't post it.So here it is. Enjoy .Without further ado , here it is. Feel free to leave a comment. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently and respectfully. If you can't, or resort to personal attacks, I just won't post it.So here it is. Enjoy.

# Is for a player with with reported character or maturity concerns.

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns.


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2020 NFL MOCK DRAFT - 5/13/19

With the 2019 draft coming to an end I am sure many of you are already wondering who the top prospects for 2020 might be. Trying to predict not only the top prospects, but also the draft order is a big stretch right now, but I am willing if you are . Right now I see a draft potentially deep at  RB , OT, WR , CB , and  possibly even QB if the players I expect enter the draft and thrive .  A lot of these guys will get hurt, disappoint on or off the field, and some probably won't even enter the draft.  Out of the 32 guys I predicted to go in the first round in my 2019 WAAAAY too early MOCK DRAFT 12 went in the first, 5 in the second , 2 in the 3rd, 3 in the 4th, 3 in the 5th ,1 in the in the 6th, and 6 returned to school. So you can see what a crap shoot it really is at this time. I'm making an even harder prediction to guess the draft order .The picks are all mine , but keep in mind that I have done limited tape study on these prospects so far .They are mostly guys I couldn't help noticing while watching others on tape this year, or guys I expected to enter the 2019 draft that stayed. Some are just really talented ,and I expect them to step up this year as well, but there may be some draft eligible sophomores I don't even realize have a chance to enter next years draft . Without further ado , here it is. Feel free to leave a comment. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently and respectfully. If you can't, or resort to personal attacks, I just won't post it.So here it is. Enjoy.


Friday, May 3, 2019


THE 2019 DRAFT IS OVAH! Now it's time for my grades  and I have already posted my WAYYYYYY TOO EARLY 2020 MOCK DRAFT . These are my opinions & explanations as to why I gave each team their particular grade . I will grade each player at their particular draft spot, and average them together, but the higher draft spots count for more in my grading system . It has the round and pick next to the player so Kyler Murray is 1:1 . The first number is for the round ,and the second number is the overall draft selection number . Simple right ? The teams are listed in descending order of when they made their first selection . The few guys I didn't watch that were drafted don't count against the grade either way .A Final grade in list form is listed at the bottom of the page , and they are grouped by grade , and alphabetized .If you agree or don't agree on my grades feel free to comment, but please be respectful and avoid the cursing or I just won't post it . 

# Is for a player with with reported character or maturity concerns.

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns.

ARIZONA - OVERALL GRADE - B+ -  They got a QB that fits their system perfectly , traded the one who didn't for a 2nd this year & a 5th in 2020 , and got a lot of weapons for Murray to throw to . However, they didn't take an O-Lineman until the 6th. I hope Murray survives the season, but at least they got a lot of value regardless of need. 

1:1- ARIZONA - A -  KYLER MURRAY - QB - OKLAHOMA -- I love the pick it  . Plus they at least get some decent picks for Rosen . Kyler fits their scheme like a glove , but I would have liked them to get more O-Lineman up front to protect him . He has been playing for a great O-Line at Oklahoma , and while he is very fast & mobile , if you want him to stay healthy you need to protect him better than they currently can. 

2:33 - A+ - BYRON  MURPHY - CB -WASHINGTON - Byron Murphy was a STEAL ( my #10 overall player )in the 2nd round, and the value is so good it's hard to fault them passing on Juwaan Taylor , Cody Ford, or even Dalton Risner with this pick . Fills a big need too.

2:62 - B+ - ANDY ISABELLA - WR - UMASS - I believe that Andy Isabella can be worth the pick in this offense, but he is their 3rd WR who is generally regarded as primarily ( Fitzgerald, Kirk  ) a slot guy . In this spread offense you can have multiple slots, and God knows that Andy has the speed to stretch the field outside, but still no O-lineman . This is the pick they got fro the fins for Rosen too . So the better he does the happier Cards fans everywhere will be . 

3:65 - B+  ZACH ALLEN - DE/DT - BOSTON COLLEGE  - Allen is also a good player worth his draft slot . He can play 4-3 strongside end, 4-3 three technique , and is also strong enough to play 3-4 five technique in their base defense . Plus he has a great motor , and at least at this point maybe the value on a O-Lineman wasn't there, . 

4:103- A - HAKEEM BUTLER - WR - IOWA ST. - Damm! They didn't get a O-Lineman but they got great value . This guy is a HUGE WR that has great body control , and the widest catch radius I can remember . Butler can play the X, Z, or out of the slot . He has too many drops, and a lot of them are downright silly . He isn't fluid ,but he's shifttier than any dude that big has a right to be . 

5:139- A - DEIONTE THOMPSON - S - ALABAMA - WOW! I thought he might fall some after a disappointing National Championship game , and an even worse pre draft process, but this was a shocker . It just goes to show you a lot of these early entries aren't ready to be a pro yet . If you hurt your wrist it shouldn't prevent you from running for teams, and they don't trust a guy who's competitiveness, speed, and commitment to do what their team wants is in question. 

6:174- A- - KEESEAN JOHNSON - WR - FRESNO ST. - Another WR ? This is getting ridiculous . I know it's the 6th round ,and their aren't a ton of great O-Line prospects left , but there were plenty of talented developmental guys on the board when they drafted their 3rd WR of the draft . I have a 5th on Johnson so at least he worth this pick but come on man . Kyler played behind an elite o-line in college with tons of time , and if you want him to stay healthy you better be scouring the trade and free agent market for some upgrades up front .

6:1- A  - LAMONT GAILLARD - C - GEORGIA - FINALLY ! An offensive lineman. I have a 4th on him too so it's good value . This is an ALL - SEC center who may even start as a rookie .

NO GRADE - JOSHUA MILES - T - MORGAN ST. - At least it's a developmental offensive lineman, but sadly I never watched him . My bad .

7:249- B - MICHAEL DOGBE - DE/DT - This guy does his best work rushing inside and out quicking guards  and centers, and they needed interior pass rush . I have a 6th on him so it's good value too . 

7:249- A - CALEB WILSON - TE - UCLA - This is interesting . He's not a normal TE or receiver prospect . He can run fast in a straight line. and run away from the defense in space, or when he gets behind them . He doesn't know how to run routes though, but there are a lot of open windows in Kingsbury's offense , and he plays almost like a playground guy roving to get open as a receiver. He needs to dedicate himself to running routes , and being willing to block down the field . If he does those things , and I recommenced he take Fitzgerald's master class in route running, MR. irrelevant could be the steal of the draft .

SAN FRANCISCO - OVERALL GRADE - C+ - They got Bosa,  filled some needs, and even stole Kaden Smith in the 6th ,but drafted one too many WR's in the top 100. Plus they didn't fill a lot of needs . They didn't draft a CB until the 6th, no safety, and no interior O-Lineman . 

1:2 -  SAN FRANCISCO -  A -   NICK BOSA - DE - OHIO ST. - A home run . A polished high upside/high floor player who fills a big need . The big question is what will they do with Soloman Thomas now  ? Will they have him be a primary 3 technique , who play some strong side end when Bosa is off the field?. He could rotate at 3 tech and end  . Or they could trade him, but they would not get more than a 3rd right now, and it would probably be to a team that wants to play him inside the way he did in college . I feel sorry for Bosa ,because a conservative leaning guy going to Frisco is already learning how much progressives hate free speech when they don't agree with it . Plus Frisco is the dirtiest town I can imagine . Homeless people everywhere begging & going to the bathroom in public, and the cops didn't do anything the time I was there , even after I pointed it out to them . So A for the niners for getting a great player, and F for poor Bosa for being stuck there until he can be a free agent . 

2:36 - B+ ** -DEEBO SAMUEL - WR - S. CAROLINA - A good pick , and a versatile guy who can catch, run , return kicks, and be a swiss army knife guy . Although , I have to admit I was surprised they didn't go DB here . I thought he probably would primarily be a slot guy in the NFL , but he is a guy who can get off the line no matter where he is ,because he's like a kung fu ninja master at hand fighting against press. 

3:67- C+  - **-JALEN HURD - WR/RB - BAYLOR -  .  I have to admit I was REALLY surprised here . No DB again, and back to back WR's . Do they have an injury worry or trade scenario worked out for one of their current WR's ? This certainly doesn't bode well for Trent Taylor's chances of making the roster . They don't need a backup slot guy because Dante Pettis can play anywhere, and Deebo probably can too . I know that Goodwin has been injury prone but damm . Also I have a late 3rd on Hurd . His tape is excellent out of the slot this year, but he is also prone to injury, and I kinda thought that the team that drafted him would also want this former stud RB to a part time 3rd down back . The niners were already swimming in backs who can play on 3rd down. 

4:110 -  NO GRADE - **- MITCH WISHNOWSKY - PUNTER - UTAH - I don't know anything about punting or kicking , and I am not qualified to give an opinion on them. 

5:148 - B - - DRE GREENLAW - LB - ARKANSAS - They needed LB help , and he is a fast weak side backer, but he is also injury prone, and I have a 6th on him . I had a lot of LB's left on the board ahead of him .

6:176 - A+  KADEN SMITH - TE - STANFORD - I have a 3rd on him. He isn't fast, but he is steady, has good hands, and is a solid blocker . I see him as a long term starting TE, but he will probably just be a really good #2 behind Kittle , unless they start using a lot of 2 TE sets . Great value .

6:183 - - JUSTIN SKULE - OT - VANDERBILT -  I have a 6th on him , so he's worth this pick as a developmental OT prospect .

6:198 - - TIM HARRIS - CB - VIRGINIA -  I didn't have a draftable grade on him .

NY JETS - OVERALL GRADE - B+ - They got the best player in the draft at #3 , and I loved all their picks , but the last one . I would have liked to see at least one interior O-Lineman with a chance to develop into a starter . 

1:3 -  NY JETS - A+ ** - QUINNEN WILLIAMS - DT - ALABAMA - When you get the best player in the draft with the 3rd pick you are the man Mike Maccagnan ! He will beat you anywhere he lines up 3-4 or 4-3 . He can be half of a formidable duo inside with Leonard Williams , andthe 2 of them should be right in the QB's face all day on game day . 

3:68 - B+ # - JACHAI POLITE - OLB/DE - FLORIDA - This guys has top 20 overall tape ,  but he had a  undrafted free agent pre- draft process once the season ended . If his heads on straight ,and he is fully committed to being coachable it could be one of the steals of the draft . It fills a big need too . 

3:92 - B+ # - CHUMA EDOGA - OT - USC - It's kind of ironic to me that when they finally drafted a right tackle to protect their young QB it's a guy who reminds me of their current left tackle. I really thought they might trade into the top of the 2nd and go after Juwaan Taylor , Cody Ford, Dalton Risner, or even Greg Little . Nope, but Chuma is a good consolation prize with excellent feet . Just remember there were 8 guys who can play OT drafted that were ahead of him . 

4:121 - A TREVON WESCO - TE/FB - W. VIRGINIA - He's very versatile . Can play TE, full back, H-Back, and bring it as a blocker in all of those paces . He's raw as a receiver, but was very underused for all the talent he has . Very athletic, but needs to learn how to run routes . I had a 3rd rounder on him .

5:157 - A- - BLAKE CASHMAN - LB - MINNESOTA - I had a Late 3rd on him, and this is a great value . He may start by year 2 if they trade Darron Lee ,or if they have an injury, but even a year as a special teams player while he polishes up his game is still valuable . I would give them an A+ if he filled a need  , but his tape is good ,and he only falls here because of reoccurring shoulder injuries. In fact he is recovering from shoulder surgery right now .

6:196 -B- - BLESSUAN AUSTIN - CB - RUTGERS - I had a 7th on, but that's mostly because he was injury prone. He's a big fluid athletic CB who can be a steal if he gets coached up and stays healthy . 

OAKLAND - OVERALL GRADE - C+ - They got too many good players for me to knock them down anymore, but this could have been a much better & smarter draft . I expected a lot more value than they got for the amount of premium picks they had , and Mayock may love Clemson a little to much . 

1:4 - OAKLAND  - D  - FERRELL - DE - CLEMSON - NOPE . Ferrell was a big reach at #4 , but at least he should be a solid high floor player with decent upside  & intangibles . However, passing on Josh Allen , Ed Oliver, TJ Hockenson, Devin White , and even Jonah Williams if they wanted to play him at guard is a bit nuts for me . At first I thought they passed on Allen & Oliver because of Joel Segal ( Khalil Mack & Amari Cooper's agent), but I looked it up and Ferrell is represented by him too. They are all better players and all could fill a need . Still, the biggest problem I have with it is that they could have safely traded back anywhere in the top 12 and still got him . Buffalo would have at least given up a 2nd to go from 4 to 9 to make sure they got Oliver, and everyone knew it . So what if it isn't trade chart value . You would still have Ferrell , a second rounder, and you would have saved yourself some money . They just didn't get enough value for the #4 overall pick . 

1:24 - B - JOSH JACOBS - RB - ALABAMA -  I normally wouldn't have had a problem with Josh Jacobs at pick #24 because he is worth that pick, but the reason to take him at #24 is to make sure Philly doesn't snag him before you pick again at #27 . Once they leap frogged you and took someone else no one, except for the possible small outside shot of Indy at #26 , would have considered him before you picked again at #27 . You could have taken Montez Sweat at #24 , and still got Jacobs . 

1:27 - B - ** -JOHNATHAN ABRAMS - S - MISS. ST. -  I do like Abrams a lot, but where are you going to play 2016 first rounder Karl Joseph now ? I will give them this they got 3 high floor high character players in the 1rst round, and that will help them change the culture & improve the locker room, but if that was your goal why trade for Super selfish diva Antonio Brown ? 

2:40 - B - ** - TRAYVON MULLEN - CB - CLEMSON - They do need a corner of course, but I did have another rated ahead of him . Mullen is a physical press corner, and unless they are running a lot more cover 3 in their zone heavy defense I am not sure how quickly he will get on the field . They may also be running a lot more man, and that would explain it too .

4:106 - A - MAXX CROSBY - DE/OLB - E. MICHIGAN-  I am not sure if they are going to be running a lot 3-4 all of a sudden, but Crosby is great value in the 4th . He reminds me of a Montez Sweat light, and they are both a bit light to be playing 4-3 end every down right now . He is very bendy and athletic, and at the very least should be a situational pass rusher & special teams player as a rookie, but he may also beat out Arden Key to be a starter at some point this year . 

4:129 - B- - ISAIAH JOHNSON - CB - HOUSTON - I had a 4th on him , but still thought he would go higher because of his tools & measurables . He doesn't know what he's doing right now, and he will need a lot of coaching to be on the field, but I thought a cover 3 or press team would take him . This is the 2nd corner they have taken with that profile , and it really makes me suspect that's the way they are going .

4:137 - A - FOSTER MOREAU - TE - LSU - I had a late 3rd on him , and I thought he would go higher, but it's a good value for someone I see as a ascending player . He's a mean blocker and high level athlete that was underused as a receiver at LSU . This team's picks are making me think they are going to be a lot more physical from now on .

5:149 - D - HUNTER RENFROE - WR - CLEMSON - Mike Mayock sure loves Clemson . I had a 7th on him , but he is the kind of try hard guy that probably would make the roster of whatever team drafted him . There were a LOT of better WR's available though .

7:230 QUINTON BELL - DE/OLB - PRAIRIE VIEW A&M - NO GRADE  - I have never heard oh him so I didn't watch him . My bad .

TAMPA BAY - OVERALL GRADE - B - I liked their first 5 picks plenty, but they may missed some value with their final 3 . They really improved defense , and since that was the main goal it's a good draft .

1:5 - TAMPA BAY - A - DEVIN WHITE - ILB - LSU - A sideline to sideline athletic LB who can cover and blitz is essential in Todd Bowles defense. Letting Kwon Alexander go is no longer a big deal , and when you combine his speed with that of Lavonte David it's scary .

2:39 - A - SEAN BUNTING - CB - C.MICHIGAN - A physical press corner that can bully WR's one on one is must when you blitz as much as Todd Bowles does . He's another tonse setter on defense that will really toughen up their secondary .

3:94 - B -  -  JAMEL DEAN - CB - AUBURN - I'm not saying you don't need another corner, but this guy comes with a serious injury concerns ( 3 major knee injuries) . He is big , fast , and physical, but I wouldn't take this shot until the about 30-40 picks later. I especially wouldn't do it in the 3rd unless I already had a stable CB room, or a few extra picks in the top 100 .  They just had the one extra 3rd, and I thought they were better & safer players at this position available to them . I don't hate the pick, and he is also known for special teams, but it was a reach.

3:94 - A -  MIKE EDWARDS -S - KENTUCKY -  I like this pick a lot, and he went right about where he should, and fits the scheme . This guy can be a fierce dude in the box. He can play high or low , but I think he is definitely a SS first . This is also the 4th straight defender drafted known for their aggressive physical game, making plays on the ball , and 3 of them are also known for blitzing well . 

4:107 - A - ANTHONY NELSON - DE - IOWA - I love this pick . I have a solid 2nd on him, but thought he would go to a 4-3 team because his best fit is a 4-3 strong side end . Most teams are in nickel 2/3 of the time anyway so he should see plenty of playing time, but they could have him add 20 pounds and make him a 3-4 end because he has the frame & length for it . 

5:145 - NO GRADE - MATT GAY - PUNTER - UTAH - I don't know anything about punting or kicking , and am not qualified to give an opinion on them.

6:208 -   NO GRADE  - SCOTT MILLER - WR - BOWLING GREEN ST.   - I have never heard of him so I didn't watch him . My bad .

7:215 - B- - TERRY BECKNER - DT - MISSOURI - I have A 7th on him  , and I don't see him 2 gapping a lot because he doesn't handle double teams that well, but he has upside if he learns to consistently play lower . I would have taken Daniel Wise instead .

NY GIANTS  - OVERALL GRADE - C - Similar to Oakland in that they got too many good players to call it a bad draft, but they could have gotten a lot more value for their picks, or at least traded back and gotten more picks if they were set On Daniel Jones . Even worse they pissed of their current QB , and didn't draft an O-lineman until the 6th round . 

1:6 - NY GIANTS - D -  DANIEL JONES - QB - DUKE  - Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins was just bad, but taking him at #6 is hysterical. Trade back if you want to gamble with a low ceiling guy like that who's tape is nowhere near the first round at all . Maybe with a better O-Line & supporting cast he will work his way into an average game manager guy, but that's his ceiling . To win it all with an Alex/Smith Andy Dalton type you need everything else ,and some luck to pull it off .

1:17 -  B-  -DEXTER LAWRENCE - DT - CLEMSON  -  In their 3-4 scheme he may actually be worth that pick, but you could have kept Snacks Harrison last year . He is still the best 3-4 NT in the league , and you traded him with 2 and half years left on his deal for a 5th rounder ? Plus you had to eat 3.2 million of dead money on your cap to make the deal . You need offensive lineman and edge rush help . Hey Gettleman - if you kept Snacks you could have gotten one of them . They need a right tackle and a center . If you are investing in and believing in Eli like you claim you have a funny way of showing it . Instead of getting an O-lineman with the pick you got for trading away his best WR ( 16 million dead cap money ) you took a DT. Plus if you are trying to win now like you claim why take a QB who is going to sit at least a year with the #6 overall pick? Plus, I would be surprised if even a healthy PED free Lawrence played more than 50% of the defensive snaps .

1:30 - C+ - DEANDRE BAKER - # - CB - GEORGIA - If you really want to take a chance on a reach QB like Jones this is how you do it . I would trade back into the late first round and snag him . Wait . What's that you say ? The Giants did trade back into the bottom of the first . BUUUUTTTTTT they took another non O-linemen or edge rusher , because they had already reached for a low ceiling QB at # 6 overall . Sure Baker could very well be worth that pick, and if they had already drafted either an O-Lineman or edge rusher I would give this pick a B+ ,but they didn't . They could have used AT LEAST one of those 3 first round picks on someone that helped Eli . Unless he's secretly retiring you just lied to him ,and screwed over your 2 time Super Bowl MVP QB . If I was Eli I would have kicked in the door of the draft room after this pick, and said " WHY DON'T YOU JUST KICK ME IN THE NUTS! " . Either Gettleman secretly wants to get rid of Eli , or I am starting to think Gettelman is going the way of Bill Polian . A once great GM who I now fear has a mind that has started playing tricks on him . Nope . Wait ,your right. Gettleman was never in Polian's class, but maybe they can both retire and buy a bed & breakfast together in Vermont . Maybe reminisce about when they did smart things that made sense . However Bill , please no ludicrous stories about when you had a 1rst round grade on Tom Brady , and still didn't draft him in the 3rd ,4th, or even 5th round , no matter how great your current starter was. That makes even less sense than David Gettleman's first round picks . 

3:95 - B+ - OSHAYNE XIMINES - OLB/DE - OLD DOMINION - What ? A good pick. Say it ain't so giants. You had a perfect record of taking the wrong guy this whole draft . Now you done messed it up . The fog has lifted brother ! You got an edge rusher worth your 3rd round pick , and he fits your scheme just right . Hopefully Dave just had a bad Thursday .

4:108 - A+ - JULIAN LOVE - CB - N. DAME -  Now your cookin Dave . I had a late 2nd on him . He is a polished undersized tough CB that can play inside or outside . Maybe Gettleman was Jedi mind tricked by a Giant hater on day one .

5:143 - B - RYAN CONNELLY - LB - WISCONSIN - I had a late 6th on him . He's tough , and he does fit inside in a 3-4  , but there were better LB's left when he was selected . one of them even played with him in college .He has that special teams personality though, so he could be useful even as a rookie .

5:171 - A - DARIUS SLAYTON - WR - AUBURN - I had a early 4th on him so it's good value, and he fills a need. This guy has Beckham type speed , and if he takes to coaching he could start later in his rookie year . Right now he doesn't know much about running routes, but if you get him the ball he can make you miss ,  run around ,and away from the defense . 

6:180 - A - COREY BALLANTINE - CB - WASHINGTON - I had a 5th on him so it's another excellent late value .He's a good sized small school athletic CB who proved he belonged at the Senior Bowl . Unfortunately he got shot at a post draft party, but thank God he is likely to most importantly live , but still be able to play this season .

6:180 - C- - GEORGE ASAFO - ADJEI - T - KENTUCKY - I didn't have a draft-able grade on him, but at least he's an O-Lineman so I will give them a C- for trying.

7:245 - B - CHRIS SLAYTON - DT - SYRACUSE - I had a 6th on him . He looks the part and is talented, but hasn't consistently lived up to it yet . He does fit as 3-4 END though, and this was well worth it at this point in the draft .

ACKSONVILLE  - OVERALL GRADE - B- - Their first 2 picks were home runs, and both were needs , but most of the players from the 3rd round on were over drafted . I expect the Jags to be a contender again .

1:7- JACKSONVILLE - A - JOSH ALLEN - OLB/DE - KENTUCKY - He didn't fill a big need, but you can never have enough pass rushers ,and when one this good drops in your lap it's smart to take him . He can do it all . 

2:35 -  A+  - ** - JAWAAN TAYLOR - OT - FLORIDA - This guy shouldn't have been there , but I guess some teams flagged him medically . It wouldn't have surprised me if the Jags had taken him at #7 overall , he was a steal in the 2nd . They were doubly smart to trade up & make sure they got him and he fills a big need . This same scenario happened the year they got Jalen Ramsey & Miles Jack , and look how good that turned out .

3:69 -  C+ - JOSH OLIVER -TE - SAN JOSE ST. - Josh Oliver is a athletic mis-match move TE that needs to learn how to block and be wiling to man up in the run game . Doesn't fit this team, scheme , and went a round early in my opinion .

3:69 -  NO GRADE - QUINCY WILLIAMS - OLB - MURRAY ST. - Didn't do Quincy Williams. Never heard of him . My bad .

5:140 - C- - RYQUELL ARMSTEAD - RB - TEMPLE - Physical power back that is injury prone, but they already have one of those . 

6:178 -  C+ - GARDNER MINSHEW - QB - WASHINGTON ST. - The man with the magic stache has a chance to be a solid backup , but I had 3 QB's ahead of him when he was drafted  .  I would of liked to see a QB with more upside or a higher floor .

7:235 -  C+ - DONTAVIUS RUSSELL - DT - AUBURN - A big developmental run stuffer who doesn't understand that his main job is to plug up the middle so plays too high too often . 

DETROIT  - OVERALL GRADE - They just got a lot better & tougher, but they needed a guard and I expected them to draft a QB . Stafford's wife just had brain surgery and while I don't have ANY inside information on this , I am not even sure he will play this season . This could be a Chris Spielman situation where he retires to spend time with his wife, or just takes a year off. Some things are more important  than football . 

1:7- DETROIT - A+ TJ HOCKENSON - TE - IOWA - Patriots North fans should be dancing in the streets . If I was a Lions fan I would get a TJ Hockenson jersey tomorrow ,and put "Ebron Who" on the sleeves . This guy can wash the stench of Ebron's bustitude ,in one of the all time great drafts, out of their mouths . He helps you everywhere . Run game - CHECK - dominant blocker . Pass game - CHECK - Smart sure handed route runner with run after the catch skills , and he can pass block too . Defense - CHECK - The offense will be on the field more and let the defense rest with Hockenson on the team . Locker room - CHECK - Hard workin smarty pants that will inspire teammates to kick ass too . To quote Mortal Kombat " IT HAS BEGUN !

2:43- B  ** - JAHLANI TAVAI - LB - HAWAI'I - Big ,quick, aggressive , smart LB that can blitz , and cover in zone . Maybe a little high , but not a lot so I won't ding them much . Has had a little character and injury worries .

3:81- B- WILL HARRIS - S - BOSTON COLLEGE - Has the speed, aggression, and production of a future starter. However, I had a 4th on him, and thought his 2017 tape was better . Has the potential to be starter at either safety spot, but is kind of a tweener there, ,and his football IQ is lacking . Needs to be more aggressive making plays on the ball. Too many plays made against his coverage, and then he goes for the tackle . Special teams ability is a plus . 

4:117- B- AUSTIN BRYANT - DE - CLEMSON - Maybe a little high, but I did have him in the 4th, but I thought there were better players at his position available when they took him  . 4-3 strong side end who is assignment sound , has long arms and some flexibility to run the arc , but nothing special . Needs to get stronger. Can be an average starter, but has always been the 4th best D - Lineman on his unit . Has been productive, but with that many single blocks he could have done even more . All that being said he might be play 6- 8 years in the league anyway, but Meh .

5:146 - A - AMANI ORUWARIYE - CB - PENN ST. - Long physical off man/press or cover 3 zone corner. Needs to try harder in the run game ,and he would gone 3 rounds earlier if he did . Productive getting his hands on the ball. A little stiff . Lacks the juice to burst and stay with faster receivers .Needs to learn to read receivers better on when to time his turn and reach  for the ball . In the 5th when you can get a guy with this much production and upside it's a steal, and I had him in the 3rd .

6:184 - A+ - TRAVIS FULGHAM - WR - OLD DOMINION - I had him in the 4th , and think this is not only great value, but a player who may develop quickly and earn playing time relatively early in his career . It fills a need too

6:186 - D - TY JOHNSON - RB - MARYLAND - I didn't give him a draftable grade .. He has good vision & feet , but nothing else stood out . Every back drafted behind him and a few who didn't get drafted were higher on my board .

67:224 - A - ISSAC NAUTA - TE - GEORGIA -  I had him in the 4th . Great value , but it's almost overkill . Hockenson & him are both tough guys who block with a will , and Jesse James is no slouch . Michael Roberts better hope they carry 4 TE's , or really bust ass this off season ,because he may not make the roster .

7:229 - B - PJ JOHNSON - DT - ARIZONA - There is size and talent here, but he doesn't play low enough to be a consistent run stuffer right now .

BUFFALO  - OVERALL GRADE - This could be the kind of draft that changes a teams fortunes for a long time. Filled needs and got plenty of value . Great draft .

1:9 - BUFFALO  - A+ - ED OLIVER - DT - HOUSTON - When one of the best players in the draft falls to you at #9 , and he's a guy you would have gladly traded up for you are a big winner . He is a elite athlete who will live in opposing back fields . Long suffering Bills fans ( I'm talking to you Evan & Matt ) have reason to rejoice and think the future is bright . Congratulations .

2:38 - A - CODY FORD - OT - OKLAHOMA - It wouldn't have shocked me if they took him at #9 , even though I have a late first on him, but this is great value in the 2nd . He can play RT or guard , and they needed more young talent up front .  

3:74 - A - DEVIN SINGLETARY - RB - FLA. ATLANTIC - A perfect fit if you want to continue with a younger Lesean MCcoy , because that's who he reminds me of , and they got him in the 3rd where I have him after an injury caused him to run slower than he looks on tape  . Although his tape says first round . Defenders are about to get juked, and their will be some sprained ankles when you play Buffalo .

3:96 - B+ - DAWSON KNOX - ** - TE - OLE MISS - Another athletic hard nosed blocking TE who was drastically underused as a receiver . There were a few of them in this draft,and they got one in the late 3rd . Bills are killing it so far . 

5:147 - B+ - VOSEAN JOSEPH - LB - FLORIDA - Great athlete who is inconsistent on tape, but he if you move him outside where he has less responsibility ,and just let him run to the ball he may be a steal here . I had him in the 4th .

6:181 - B+ - JAQUAN JOHNSON - S - MIAMI - I had him in the 5th . Undersized smart safety who is a big hitter and a reliable tackler . Can play high or low, but I prefer him in the box despite his lack of size because he lacks the long speed to stay with/or catch up to faster receivers down the field . He's just a good football player .

7:225 - B+ - DARRYL JOHNSON - EDGE - N. CAROLINA A&T - Productive small school pass rusher with the frame to get bigger . Will need a lot more pass rush  moves & to add some counters to get by in the NFL. Has a good motor . If he gets stronger to hold up against the run ,and polishes up his game he could play awhile . I had him in the 6th 

7:228 - A - TOMMY SWEENEY - TE - BOSTON COLLEGE - Sure handed inline Y TE that looks like a capable number 2 or low end #1 TE if he gets stronger . He's a willing blocker, and doesn't separate well, but he knows how to use his body to shield defenders. Reminds me a lot of Jesse James who is now with Detroit . 

PITTSBURGH  - OVERALL GRADE - C+ They got what they needed most in Bush , but they didn't get value on most of their picks, and never drafted an O-Lineman . 

1:10 - PITTSBURGH A - DEVIN BUSH - LB - MICHIGAN - They had to trade up to get him, , and they paid a hefty price, but the Steelers have finally filled the huge whole that has been in the middle of their defense since Ryan Shazier got badly injured . He fits their scheme to a tee , and despite his lack of size he's a tough hard nosed player . 

3:66 - C+ -  DIONTAE JHONSON - WR - TOLEDO - I hate to say this because I love this guys tape , but this doesn't seem like a good fit to me . I had a high 4 on him, and thought there were a lot of better receivers for them on the board when they took him . The main problem is JuJu primarily plays the slot, and hasn't shown near as much when lined up outside . Plus I don't know if Johnson can play anywhere else but the slot at a high level  . Then again the Steelers are really good at picking WR's after the first round . Not to mention I have now have no idea if Ryan Switzer will make the team because he is a very similar player to Johnson , and both give you value in the return game. 

3:83 - B - JUSTIN LAYNE - CB - MICHIGAN ST. -  It's good value . I had a late 2nd on him, and thought he might go even higher to a press man or cover 3 heavy team . The Steelers primarily have been a cover 2 system in the Tomlin era though . He's physically a brute who beats up receivers all day , and I really hope this isn't an Artie Burns scenario where the are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole . 

4:122 - B - BENNIE SNELL - RB - KENTUCKY -  I had him in the 5th , and the Steelers already have Conner so they don't need a punishing short yardage back, but maybe they again know something I don't . He can be a bell cow guy if anything happens to Conner though .

5:141 - D - ZACH GENTRY - TE - MICHIGAN - I had him in the 7th . He's huge ,and has the frame to pack on more muscle, but he doesn't block to his weight. Can be a good receiving option though , and he has a wide catch radius. Maybe after a year in a NFL weight training program he will give them more . 

6:175 - C+ - SUTTON SMITH - OLB/DE - N. ILLINOIS - I had him in the 7th too . He's a super productive small school tweener that is too small to be a 4-3 end, and lacks the movement skills to be a 3-4 OLB or off the ball LB right now . It's a huge step up in competition too , and he didn't do much at the Senior Bowl. Maybe as a situational pass rusher off the edge , or a special teams player he can give them something this year while he hits the weights and adjust.

6:192 - B - ISAIAH BUGGS - DT/DE - ALABAMA - I had him in the 5th so it's good value, and he can 2 gap as a backup 4-3 end . Needs to get more athletic and make more plays though .

6:207 - NO GRADE - ULYSEES GILBERT - LB - AKRON - Never heard of him so I didn't watch him . My bad . 

7:219 - B -  DERWIN GRAY - T - MARYLAND - I had him in the 6th . Thick , wide, long armed ,  developmental OT prospect who needs to be coached up , and learn to be more flexible . 

CINCINNATI   - OVERALL GRADE - B+ They did fill a lot of needs ,and got some great value later, but it could have been even better . Although I am encouraged by them finally making draft day trades  .Usually Mike Brown just sits still, but maybe it's Taylor's influence on him . If that is the case then this is an instance where their heavily coach influenced draft strategy really could bode well for the future . 

1:11 - CINCINNATI A+ - JONAH WILLIAMS - OT - ALABAMA - I have routinely called the Bengals the Bungals over the last 2 years , and I think it was justified at the time , but things are looking up . Getting the best OT ( my #4 overall player )in the draft at #11 , and he is a high character leadership guy to boot, who also fills a big big need . Good job. I'm even willing to overlook passing on Haskins for that pick because they are probably still going to be picking high next year, and they can get a QB then .

2:52 - B- - DREW SAMPLE - TE - WASHINGTON - I had a late 3 on him and they took him in the mid 2nd , but he is a quality two way inline Y TE . Dalton loves to throw to the TE so he can be worth this pick , and he does have a high floor , but there were better TE prospects available. If they just wanted a good blocking 2 way TE they could have gotten a lot of guys a round or 2 later . 

3:72 - B - GERMAINE PRATT - LB - NC ST. - He went right about where he should, and it's weak overall LB class, so you can't blame them, but Mike Brown probably wanted a shot at Devin White or Bush at #11 .  However, since I had Jonah Williams rated higher at #11 who cares. Pratt is a former safety with great tools & traits .

4:102 - B - RYAN FINLEY - QB - NC ST.  - Shocking . Mike Brown's team drafted a guy who reminds me of Andy Dalton, but they did get him in the 4th where I had him, and QB's usually go a round early . 

4:125 - A - RENELL WREN - DT - ARIZONA ST. - I had him in the early 3rd ,and they got him in the mid 4th . This could end up being a steal . He's raw, but there is a ton of ability and upside here . If he takes to coaching this guy could be a long term building block . 

4:136 - B+ - MICHAEL JORDAN - C/G - OHIO ST. - I had him in the 3rd so it's good value, but I think he is a better fit at guard . He's very tall ,and not a natural knee bender so he gets pushed back off the initial snap too often at center in the run game . He needs that extra depth where guards lineup to fire off lower . Long arms and great extension though . 

6:182 - A+ - TRAYVEON WILLIAMS - RB - TEXAS A&M -  I had him in the 3rd so it's great value, and while he probably has very little chance of being a starter with Mixon there , he has a good chance to play a significant role. Both Mixon and Bernard have had injury issues, and Bernard could end up being a cap casualty . He's a jack of all trades master of none back, but he was highly productive in the SEC, and this year he played in a pro style offense as well . 

6:210 - B- - DESHAUN DAVIS - LB - AUBURN - I had him in the 7th, so it's a little high, but he he looks like a possible core special teams player . He's tough and willing to stick his nose in , but lacks the speed , size , or  instincts to probably be a starter .

6:211 - B - RODNEY ANDERSON - RB - OKLAHOMA -  I had him in the 6th, but his tape in 2017 said late first /early 2nd round . Although he has the potential to be a high end 3 down back, but he had 3 major injuries in college that wiped out seasons . He's worth a flier here , and this only confirms my suspicion that Bernard may wind up a cap casualty .

7:223 - NO GRADE - JORDAN BROWN - CB - S. DAKOTA AT. -  I never heard, of him, and didn't watch him, but I looked him up when he was drafted. Really probably my bad. I think I missed a decent one here , but since he went this late maybe not.

GREEN BAY - OVERALL GRADE - B -  They could have gotten more from this draft, but it was still solid overall , and they did fill a lot of significant needs.

1:12 - B - GREEN BAY **- RASHAN GARY - DT - MICHIGAN - This is right about where I thought he would go , but as the pre-draft week rumor mill was churning up more about teams worried about his shoulder injuries I wasn't sure . He is an elite athlete for such a big man, but his tape doesn't match his ability. If he takes to coaching and starts doing more pass rush moves than a bull rush he has a shot to be a pro bowler . I don't think he's a boom or bust, unless the injury bug remains a factor, because he's a good kid with a good motor . I thought his best position was a 4-3 end who can could kick inside on passing downs, but he rarely moved inside in college . Also, they announced him as a LB at the draft, and while he as that kind of athleticism it would take awhile to see how he could adjust to dropping into coverage in space . I think he could hold up as a 5 technique in their base 3-4  . Solid pick despite the risk . 

1:21 - C-  ** -  DARNELL SAVAGE - S- MARYLAND- This pick was about a full 30 picks early to me, and that's a lot when you trade up in the first round for a guy . I like him though, and he can cover a lot of ground from the deep middle , but I'm not sure how long he will hold up health wise at that size. 

2:44 - B-  ELGTON JENKINS - OL - MISSISSIPPI ST.-  I had him in the 2nd, but there weren't a lot of interior players left in the 2nd round,although I did have McCoy & McGovern rated higher  . He can play all 5 positions in a pinch, but I think he fits best inside. They needed a guard badly so it was a solid necessary pick .

3:75 - B  JACE STERNBERGER - TE - TEXAS A&M -  I had him in the 2nd so great pick, and Jimmy Graham could be traded or, even outright released because of this steal if they want to save some money. He can give them everything Graham does, but he is a better blocker, although he does need to get stronger there .

5:150 - A-  KINGSLEY KEKE - DT/DE - TEXAS A&M -  I had him in the late 3rd because of his tools, traits, and splash plays . He needs to be more consistent, but he can give them some interior pass rush, and also play outside some . He should be fine as a 3-4 end too with a little more muscle added on . 

6:185 - NO GRADE  - KA'DAR HOLLMAN - CB - TOLEDO -  I never heard, of him, and didn't watch him , which is a big mistake on my part because I watched 3 Toledo WR's this year . So my bad .

6:194 - A- DEXTER WILIAMS - RB - N. DAME - I had him in the 4th so it's good value, and he's a potential 3 down back. Lot of bodies in that backfield so I'm not touching any of them in fantasy unless some of those guys get moved, or they have a rash of injuries . Physical runner that can also catch and block . Fell because of character reasons .

7:226 - A+ - TY SUMMERS - LB - TEXAS CHRISTIAN - I had him in the 5th, and it fills a need . He's will give his all , and should be a core special teams player, but he has a chance to be a starter down the road if he increases his football IQ & instincts .  

MIAMI - OVERALL GRADE - B+ - This grade isn't just about the picks they made this year or it would be a C+. It's also about the picks they acquired for next year . They got an extra 2nd,4th, and 6th in 2020 to rebuild the right way for the long term.

1:13 - MIAMI - A - CHRISTIAN WILKINS - DT - CLEMSON  -  Patriots south got off to a good start. If they weren't going to trade back and get more picks this was probably your best possible outcome . When you are trying to change a culture you need inspiring hard working leaders on and off the field. That's Wilkins , and he is disruptive on the field against the run or pass . My only worry is he could positively rub off on so many players as a rookie that they play really hard and win too many games , thereby costing themselves the number one overall pick in the " Tank for Tua " campaign . Jamal Adams had the same effect on the 2017 Jets .

3:78 - B- - MICHAEL DIETER - C/G - WISCONSIN - I had him in the late 3rd, and it fills a need, but I had a few better guards left on the board . He can play all 3 inside positions though , and even tackle in a emergency.

5:151 - C - ANDREW VAN GINKLE - OLB/DE - WISCONSIN -  I had him in the 7th, and their were better more project-able players at his position . He will probably be a core special teams player, but he currently lacks the juice to be more than a try hard situational pass rusher in their normal defense . 

6:202 - A - ISAIAH PRINCE - OT - OHIO ST. - I had him in the late 4th so it's great value , and he has the tools to develop into a starter down the road.On this patchwork O-Line he may even start this year if he dives in . 

7:233 - NO GRADE - CHANDLER COX - RB - AUBURN - I didn't watch him. My bad .

7:234 - A - MYLES GASKIN - RB - WASHINGTON - I had him in the 5th and believe he can carve out a role as a rookie . He can at least be a 3rd down back . He has great feet & hands , is willing to man up as a blocker, and he was very productive in a full time role in college. 

ATLANTA - OVERALL GRADE - C+ - This could have been better, and I thought they could have gotten better value in many cases , but they filled some big needs and most importantly seemed dedicated to protecting Matt Ryan . 

1:14 - ATLANTA - B- - CHRIS LINDSTROM - G - BOSTON COLLEGE - I had him in the late first/early 2nd, and thought they might have had a chance to get him with their 2nd first rounder, but he fills a big need & is a plug & play starter so I get it . 

1:31  - C+ - KALEB McGARY - T/G - WASHINGTON - I had him in the 2nd, and they traded up into the bottom of the first to get him, although that does give them the 5th year option so if he works out it will be worth it. They did rebuild the right side of their O-Line and I applaud that ,but I would have taken Taylor, Ford or Risner over him to play right tackle  .He's a nasty finisher as a run blocker, and I am fairly sure Jalen Jelks still has nightmares about him . 

4:111  - C+ - KENDALL SHEFFIELD - CB - OHIO ST. - The trade up for Mcgary cost them their 2nd & 3rd and that's a long time between picks . I thought there were better ( I had him in the 5th) more project-able C's who fit their system, but this guy has major upside & blazing speed . 

4:135  - C- - JOHN COMINSKY - DE - CHARLESTON W. VIRGINIA - I had him in the 6th . When a guy with this kind of tools , size, ,and talent plays at small school his tape should be dominant . It wasn't ,but there is a lot here to work with, although he is a better athlete than football player right now.

5:152  - D- - QADREE OLLISON - RB - PITTSBURGH - I didn't give him a draftable grade, and their were A LOT of better RB's available here . 

5:172  - B- - JORDAN MILLER - CB - WASHINGTON - I had him in the 6th, but he fits their system and Washington has been putting out a lot of good NFL DB's lately . 

6:203  - B- - MARCUS GREEN - WR - LOUISIANA MONROE - I had him in the 6th too, but there were better WR's left on my board, but I think this pick is about the return game so it makes sense . 

WASHINGTON - OVERALL GRADE - A -   I can't believe I am about to type these words, but if the rumors about Daniel Snyder taking over the draft are true he should do it every year from now on . They killed it .

1:15 - WASHINGTON - A+ DWAYNE HASKINS - QB - OHIO ST. - They didn't even have to trade up ,and their potential franchise QB still fell right into their lap. He may even be better than Murray in the long run, who knows ? It's like winning the lottery ,and you only bought one ticket , but everyone else you know lost after buying a bunch of them .  

1:26  - MONTEZ SWEAT - DE/OLB - MISS. ST - They traded up, filled a big need, and got great value . Plus they only gave up their 2nd next year, so it really helps them now.  If it isn't a great season this year they can trade back next year in the first and acquire more picks . 

3:76 B+ TERRY McLAURIN - WR - OHIO ST. - I had him in the late 2nd , and they got him in the mid 3rd . I think he will be a long term starting fast WR, and a standout on their kicking coverage teams. 

4:112 B- - BRYCE LOVE - ** - RB - STANFORD  - I had him in the 4th because of injuries, but thought he might have gone late first /early second if he had entered the 2018 draft . His current torn ACL right now isn't his only injury question . He also had ankle and concussion problems at Stanford . This season just went all wrong from the start for Love. He went back to school to get his degree, and since it's Stanford he should have, but I also thought a big part was showing he could do more in the passing game . With this abbreviated season he kind of get's an incomplete in that area, and it wasn't a need either. If he returns to 2017 form it a great get for the skins, but since they just resigned Peterson, Guice is coming back from injury , and Thompson is still on the roster, I don't see an opening for him right now. Maybe it's a red shirt year,and they hope he polishes up his receiving & blocking skills well enough to fill Thompson's role in 2020 . Samaje Perine could be in trouble too .

4:131  - NO GRADE - WES MARTIN - G - INDIANA - I have never of heard of him, and didn't watch him. My bad, but they do need a guard . 

5:153 ROSS PIERSBACHER - C - ALABAMA -  I had him in the 5th, and they got him in the 5th . He can play center or guard, and even if he's not a starter he can be active on game day as a guy who can backup all 3 interior positions . Although I had Lamont Gaillard higher .

5:153 - COLE HOLCOMB - LB - N. CAROLINA - I had him in the 6th, but this was the last pick of the 5th so close enough . He's a good athlete that can start out on special teams, but he needs to learn how to stack and shed if he wants to play in their regular defense . 

6:206 A+ KELVIN HARMON - WR - NC ST. - I had him in the mid 2nd, and he fell because he doesn't separate well, but if you have an accurate QB ( like Haskins ) he should be a solid starter . If you throw it near him he's man enough to find away to come down with it. He's also a nasty blocker .

7:227 - B+ - JIMMY MORELAND - CB - JAMES MADISON - Little , physical ,pressman,small school guy with smarts and ball skills . Developmental guy you hope can hold up in the run game and be able to move inside . Special teams ability to block kicks, but also has some character concerns . I had him in the 6th .

7:253 - A-  - JORDAN BRAILFORD - DE/OLB - OKLAHOMA ST . - I had him in the late 5th . Rocked it at the Shrine game, and has the athleticism & physicality to be a core special teamer . He can fire off the ball and get after the passer   I think his best fit is a 3-4 OLB  . So good pick with the penultimate pick in the entire draft . 

CAROLINA - OVERALL GRADE - C+ -   If they had drafted a corner and a safety I would feel better about this haul and give them a B . They did get pretty good value, and a lot upside, but also a lot of injury, character, and some boom or bust guys . 

1:16 - CAROLINA - C+ BRIAN BURNS - OLB/DE - FLORIDA ST. -  I had him in the late 1rst so it's not a big reach , but I am not sure he is a scheme fit unless he keeps adding muscle. He better weight 265 by the time the season starts , or opposing teams are going to run right at him . Plus I thought he would go to a 3-4 team. There is a decent chance he is only a situational pass rusher until he gets big, strong, and technical enough to handle his responsibilities against the run . 

2:37 B- GREG LITTLE - OT - OLE MISS  -  I had him in the later 2nd so it's not a big reach, but Cody Ford & Dalton Risner were still on the board and I prefer both over Little. They did need an OT though .

3:100 A+ WILL GRIER - QB - W. VIRGINIA -  I had him in the late 2nd , and QB's tend to a round early . With Newton's shoulder injury, and the real possibility that he may either miss the season or have diminished arm strength they needed an upgraded backup QB . There is an outside shot that he ends the starter for at least part of this season, and if does well they will have a great trade asset in either Grier or Newton . He's a lottery ticket .

4:115 B CHRISTIAN MILLER - ** - OLB/DE - ALABAMA -  I had him in the 4th so it's about right where he should go, but I am starting to wonder if they really are going to be running some 3-4 now . Rivera talked about it in February, and if so this is a solid pick. He does have a history of injury, but he can also play off the ball inside . 

5:154 B-  JORDAN SCARLETT - RB - FLORIDA - I had him in the late 5th  , but even if it's a little early it's possibly a solid pick, although I did have some RB's on the board ranked higher . He has power ,balance, and speed, and if he can keep his nose clean off the field he could be a nice compliment to McCaffrey . 

6:212 B+  DENNIS DALEY - T - S. CAROLINA - I had him in the 5th and they got him in the 6th . He has the tools to be a starting OT . He  was a 2 year starter on the blindside for the Gamecocks , and has held his own against a lot of NFL players . 

7:237 B  - TERRY GODWIN - WR - GEORGIA - I had him in the 6th , and they got him in the 7th . If not for injuries he might have went higher. He can get open out of the slot , and with his ability to run routes maybe outside too . Needs to get stronger and learn how to beat press to play outside . 

This was a really good draft that filled big holes , and it gives them a low cost foundation for the future .  

1:18 - MINNESOTA - GARRETT BRADBURY - C - NC ST. - Good value and fills a big need. He's an athletic center that excels on the move and in combo blocks. Needs to get  a little stronger to bump up his anchor .

2:50  - B+ IRV SMITH - TE - ALABAMA - Great value , but doesn't fill a big need . He can get open and run away from the defense . He's a willing blocker, but not strong enough to be an inline Y in the run game yet  .He is a weapon Cousins can use , and he has home run talent.

3:102  - C- ALEXANDER MATTISON - RB - BOISE ST. - This is 2 rounds early in my book, and they passed up a lot of better backs on my board , but at least it was a late 3rd. He has the ability to be an every down guy, and with Dalvin Cook's injury history he may get called upon, but I'm sure they would prefer if he played a complimentary role. At the very least he can handle short yardage duties this season, but he looks a league average guy if he ends up the starter  . 

4:114  - DRU SAMIA - G - OKLAHOMA - This is a potential steal ,and he fills a need. I had a early 3rd on him, and they got him in the 4th . I think he starts as a rookie , and between Samia & Bradbury this O-Line just got a lot more athletic . 

5:162  - CAMERON SMITH - LB - USC - This is a solid 5th rounder who I thought might end up in the first before the year began if he made some improvements , but I was definitely wrong, and he still gets stuck on blocks too often  . He's smart ,steady, and polished, but a better football player than athlete . May end up a starter someday , although he needs to get in better shape & improve in coverage, but at least a core special teamer . 

6:190  - B- - ARMON WATTS - DT - ARKANSAS - I had him in the 6th , and that's where they got him . However,  Daniel Wise & Cortez Broughton were both still on the board ,and I thought they were both a little better at the same job . He's a one year wonder, but he can rush from the inside , and he needs to learn to play lower & stronger against the run . 

6:191  - NO GRADE  - MARCUS EPPS - S- WYOMING -  I have never heard of him, and didn't watch him . My bad .

6:193  - B+  OLI UDOH - OL - ELON - A long projectable developmental small school 0-Lineman well worth the shot here . I had him in the 5th.

7:217  - A  KRIS BOYD - CB - TEXAS - I had him as a late 4th so this is a steal . He is physical strong zone corner, who brings it against the run hard enough to play safety . They got a similar player from Texas last year in Holton Hill who also fell in the draft, but with Hill it was character concerns. With Boyd it's that he is a bit of a tweener, who lacks high end athleticism , but I think he can be a productive player in Mike Zimmer's scheme . 

7:239  - A  DILLON MITCHELL - WR - OREGON -  I had him in the 4th too. Another steal, and he kind of reminds me of Diggs in college . He makes spectacular highlight reel catches, and then drops easy ones. If he plays hard every down and dedicates himself to his craft he could be their #3 WR this season . 

7:247  - A-  - OLABISI JOHNSON - WR - COLORADO ST . - I had him in the late 5th  just outside my top 200. He is probably best known as the other Colorado ST. WR . He's a good route runner who can play special teams , and I think he will make the team . 

7:250 NO GRADE  - AUSTIN CUTTING - LONG SNAPPER - AIR FORCE - I don't know anything about long snapping and don't watch them . 

I can't give them a higher grade because they didn't draft a QB , and I no longer believe in Mariota's ability to stay healthy . A lot of good players that filled needs though .

1:19 - TENNESSEE - B+ #** - JEFFERY SIMMONS - DT - MISS ST. - I don't know if he will even play this year, but I applaud this pick for the long term . If not for the knee injury and the punching a woman in high school I think he would have went top 10 .

2:51  - A+  - AJ BROWN - WR - OLE MISS - I really like AJ Brown's game . He can play inside or outside and the dude just makes plays with the ball in his strong hands . He was my number one overall WR , and I had him ranked higher than the injured Simmons . I just wish AJ would get to play with a better healthier QB, but Brown gives Mariota a chance to finally put it all together if he can stay on the field  . 

3:82 B-  -  NATE DAVIS - #- G - NC CHARLOTTE - The Titans needed a guard, and I had Davis in the 3rd. It's a good solid pick . Davis can play both tackle & guard, but I think he fits inside . He'a brawler & natural knee bender with a bubble butt, but I would like to see a more balanced lean to his stance  as that would help his initial get off. He looks like he's leaning back too far as if he was trying to telegraph a pass play, but he does it on  every snap so at least he's not giving anything away . I had 2 better guards available when they took him . 

4:116  - B-  - AMANI HOOKER - S/LB - IOWA - I had him in the 4th and that's where they got him. He plays like a rover in the Hawkeyes defense, but he brings it on every down and makes plays. I like him as a box safety or LB, but he lacks the speed to carry faster receivers down the field right now . 

5:168  - A+  - D'ANDRE WALKER - ** - OLB/DE - GEORGIA - I love this pick .I had him in the late 2nd, and I believe he only fell due to an injury , and that 3-4 teams would take him higher . He can rush the passer, and is much stronger against the run than his size would suggest . Harold Landry has his running mate , and this is the 2nd year in a row I that I believe they got a steal on a undersized pass rusher . 

6:188 - DAVID LONG - LB - MICHIGAN - He is probably best known as the other Michigan LB. Long is balls out on every play, but a bit reckless and out of control too. Looks like a short armed try hard LB that will probably excel at special teams , but I had him in the 6th because I don't see an NFL starter . 

DENVER  - OVERALL GRADE - B- - I like it and I don't like it . Kareem Jackson is 31, and Chris Harris will be 30 before the season starts . That's 2 starting CB's in their 30's, and Harris is Harris is threatening who knows what if he doesn't get a new deal . Yet they didn't draft a CB at all. Plus, they need WR help, and didn't draft one until the 6th . They did need some help at guard and center . Plus good value for their picks in many places, but that overdraft of Fant , and inability to address key needs worries me enough that I cant go any higher .

1:20 - DENVER - NOAH FANT - TE/WR- IOWA - I had him in the 2nd and this is about a round early for me . His upside is super high, but the drops and route running worry me. He should be a better blocker when you consider who he was coached by , but hopefully he will try harder there, or  he will just end up a move TE/slash big WR. He could still be worth this pick if he improves as a receiver alone, and on the bright side they traded back before taking him . 

2:41  - A DALTON RISNER - OL - KANSAS ST.- I love this pick .I had him as my # 27 overall player , and they got him at #41. Risner can play all 5 positions in a pinch , and I think he can play all but left tackle at a high level. They needed center & guard help and he will start at one of those positions. He's smart and has some nasty to his game .

2:41  - B+ DREW LOCK - QB - MISSOURI - I love this pick too. QB's tend to go a round early and this is right where I had him so it's actually a value pick . He has far better upside ,and I believe a higher floor than Daniel Jones . His cannon arm, athleticism , and general  tools probably remind Elway of himself. If he can become more consistent with his mechanics, especially his feet, he can be their long term answer at QB . Plus they got him on the cheap, and aren't committed financially to Flacco long term . 

3:71  - B+ DREMONT JONES - DT - OHIO ST - I had him in the late 2nd, and they got him in the early 3rd . He can provide interior pass at the least, but if he learns to play lower and hold up against the run it's a great pick long term . 

5:156  - B+ - JUSTIN HOLLINS - DE/OLB - OREGON - I had him in the 4th and they got him in the 5th . Edge rushers with his tools & talent rarely fall this far, and maybe being around Miller, Chubb, and a NFL coaching staff will help him polish his game and take it to the next level . 

6:187  - NO GRADE - JUWANN WINFREE - WR - COLORADO - I didn't watch him, and felt there were probably much better WR's available like Kelvin Harmon, but since I didn't watch Winfree I can't say for sure .

PHILADELPHIA  - OVERALL GRADE - B- -Despite the fact that I like most of their picks they didn't draft a DB , and I thought they needed to , so I can't go any higher. 

1:22 - PHILADELPHIA - ANDRE DILLARD - OT - WASH ST. - I had him at #16, and they got him at #22, but the genius was that they traded ahead of Houston to take him. We all know Houston wanted him . Even if he doesn't play a lot this year it's a great deal. He was the best pass protecting left tackle in this draft. With future HOFer Jason Peters being 37  , and on the last legs of a one year contract, he could end up playing a lot now . 

2:53  - C- MILES SANDERS - RB - PENN ST. - I had him in the very late 3rd, and they took him in the mid 2nd over Harris, Montgomery, Henderson, and Singleton .  Sanders would be a very good prospect if he wasn't a habitual fumbler , I would have had him in the high 2nd otherwise, but he is a fumbler so this was a reach to me . 

2:57  - B+ JJ ARCEGA-WHITESIDE-WR- STANFORD - I like this pick a lot . It fills a big need, and he fits their system. He will fight for the ball and fight for extra yards . He may be just what Carson Wentz needs to take him back into the MVP race .

4:138  - B SHAREEF MILLER - DE - PENN ST. - I had him in the 5th , but this was the last pick of the 4th so same difference . It is a need because they need more youth with Graham , Curry, and Long getting up there in age . Maybe being around all those professional pass rushers (and Barnett ) will help him polish up his game because the physical talent is there. 

5:167  - B CLAYTON THORNTON - QB - NORTHWESTERN - You can never have too many QB's .I had him in the 5th, and that's where they got him . He has all the tools and he can also run with the ball , but he doesn't currently have the ability to throw people open. Philly is good at developing QB's, and this pick may allow them to feel a lot more comfortable if Nate Sudfield moves on in free agency after this season .

HOUSTON  - OVERALL GRADE - B -They got sniped by the Eagles , and should have traded up to make sure they got there man .  However, they did fortify their O-Line ,and made some interesting high upside picks later . 

1:23 - HOUSTON - C- TYTUS HOWARD - OT - ALABAMA ST. - EVERYBODY and their mom knew you wanted Dillard, and yeah he almost fell to you which I have to admit shocked me, but you had to have him. Even if you didn't trade up far, everyone knows that Seattle wants to trade back and they could have moved up 2 spots for a 4th rounder. A 4TH ROUNDER ! Then you reached for Tytus Howard . Yes, he is talented, and he may work out but only in time , although he is probably already better than Julie'n Davenport & Seantrell Henderson, but damm . Even if they flagged Juwaan Taylor for medicals, Cody Ford, Dalton Risner, and Kaleb Mcgary are better players right now . You need help NOW ! You have a small championship window NOW . Otherwise Deshaun Watson may go the way of Andrew Luck & Cam Newton . Those are much bigger guys , almost DE size quarterbacks , and they still got seriously hurt behind a substandard O-Line .

2:54 - HOUSTON - B+ LONNIE JOHNSON - CB - KENTUCKY - This is about right where I had him, and he fills a big need. He's big, fast, and physical . Has number corner upside, but lacks polish .

2:55 -  B- - MAX SCHARPING -  OT - N. ILLINOIS - Maybe it's a little high, but he was the next OT on my board, and now they have done their duty and improved both OT spots . They also have a few talented young O-Lineman who can play tackle in a pinch like Rankins & Davenport who may fit better inside now . So it improves other positions, their overall line athleticism,  and depth as well . I think that Howard will start at LT and Scharping on the right side as a rookie  . Every Texans fans should be  breathing a sigh of relief, and none more than Watson himself . 

3:86 -  B- - KAHALE WARRING - TE - SAN DIEGO ST. - This is about right where I had him , but I didn't see it as a big need, as I like Jordan Akins a lot . Still, he is a high end talent with the upside of a great 2 way TE . 

5:161 -  A+ - CHARLES OMENIHU - DE/DT - TEXAS - One of the great steals of the draft, and this makes up for their first round blunder, and evens the ledger . He can give some serious inside pass rush, and also has the frame to put on more weight as a 5 technique . I had him in the 2nd round . 

6:195 -  B- - XAVIER CRAWFORD - CB - C. MICHIGAN - The other central Michigan corner can cover, but he is also pile inspector against the run which is why I also had him in the 6th . He may be able to play inside or outside in the NFL so he's worth this pick, but dude... your a football player . Please tackle . You have to learn from your mistakes, and he reminded me too much of BW Webb to rank him any higher . 

7:220 -  B - CULLEN GILESPIE - RB - TEXAS A&M - This former LB turned fullback is raw ,but willing to stick his nose in the scrum . I had him in the 7th too . 

BALTIMORE  - OVERALL GRADE - B - They just had a good solid draft like they almost always do. I really like the speed they added to their offense most of all . 

1:23 - BALTIMORE - B+  ** -MARQUISE BROWN - WR - OKLAHOMA - This guy is small , but fierce , and super fast . He looked like he was always open on tape , and could kill it primarily out of the slot until he gets stronger , because he needs to show he can beat press coverage . They have a power running offense, but the only real speed they had was from their QB. Now if you load the box Marquise may destroy you down the field and take it to the house . Plus they traded back , picked up an extra 4th & 6th , and still got him 

3:85 A  JAYLON FERGUSON - DE - LA. TECH - They got him in the 3rd, and I had him in the 2nd. Plus he fills a need and his power running style will remind some of T-Sizzle . He only fell because he tries to add weight for the combine and it slowed him. If he plays at his normal weight , and he should be back to normal by the time the season starts , he could play a lot this year. Getting the All- time NCAA sack leader in the 3rd is a steal .

3:93  - B  MILES BOYKIN - WR - N. DAME - Another WR ,and he has more size, but also has the speed to stretch the field . This is solid pick to help expand their offense, and I would really like to see what Boykins can do with a better QB. 

4:113 - B - JUSTICE HILL - RB - OKLAHOMA ST. - This is another good value, because I had him in the 3rd & they got him in the 4th , but they have a lot of RB's on the roster . More speed to make their offense dangerous , but after adding Mark Ingram  in free agency, Gus Edwards & Kenneth Dixon probably won't see the field much . 

4:123 - B - BEN POWERS - G - OKLAHOMA - They needed guard help ,and this is right about where I had him . Wouldn't be surprised if he is a long term starter down the road .

4:127 - B - IMAN MARSHALL - S/CB - USC - This is another solid pick  . Not sure if he will play CB or safety, or both . I like him at safety . This is right about where I had him too . 

5:160 - B+ - DAYLON MACK - DT - TEXAS A&M - I had him in the 4th so it's good value, and if he plays like he did last year it's a steal . He'a load to handle inside, but he needs to play every tear like he did when he was about to enter the draft .

6:197 - D+ - TRACE MCSORLEY - QB - PENN ST. - I didn't give him a draft-able grade, but he's a gamer, and may develop into a good backup down the line, but probably better off on the practice squad for at least a year . 

LA CHARGERS  - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - They had some great value picks, and drafted a lot of athletic upside, but it was hit & miss on value . Plus, I really felt they should done more for the O-Line . 

1:28  -  LA CHARGERS - B-  - 
JERRY TILLERY- # - DT - N. DAME -  Tillery could blow away this picks value, because his tape this year was great . It's not a big reach, plus he fills a big need as an interior pass rusher  . Not sure why it took him this long to show his talent though, and one year wonders always worry me so I would have been more comfortable getting him in the 2nd . 

2:60 A+ - NASSIR ADDERLY - S - DELAWARE - Not sure why he fell this far, maybe it's because he played against a lower level of competition, but this is a steal to me. He is a perfect compliment to Derwin James . Home run .  If you exchange their top 2 picks for each other this makes more sense to me. 

3:91 C- - 
TREY PIPKINS - OT - SIOUX FALLS - I would applaud them for getting a young talented OT, but taking this small school developmental guy instead of Chuma Edoga or Bobby Evans was a big mistake in my book because they need help now. I had him in the 5th . 

4:130 B- - DRUE TRANQUIL - LB - N. DAME - I had him in the early 5th ,and they got him in the late 4th so it's cool .Although I had multiple better LB's available. One of them was even a teammate of his . 

5:166 B- - EASTON STICK - QB - N. DAKOTA ST . - I had him in the 6th, and also had a few QB's on the board higher than him, but I am OK with this for a few reasons . One - He is a winner . Two- he already plays in a pro style offense. If Rivers does resign this will be fine, but if he doesn't they should have drafted a QB earlier instead of a developmental guy . 

6:200 C+ - EMEKE EGBULE - OLB/DE - He's a finesse edge rusher who is a better athlete than football player right now. I have him in the 7th because he lacks the physical play style of a special teams player . More of a developmental guy I would like to stick on the practice squad until I saw if he would toughen up , but the things he does best right now is cover and speed rush. Maybe a nickle LB if he mans up this year . 

7:242 A - CORTEZ BROUGHTON - DT - CINCINNATI - He doesn't have the same length or upside , but he is another twitchy interior pass rusher like Tillery . I had him in the 5th so great value .  

SEATTLE  - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - They did what they always do . They don't draft like other teams . The Hawks routinely overdraft big upside athletic testing guys high, and then similar players in the 3rd round on . Then they coach them up, and a few year down the road they have starters from picks much later than you expect value from . They are the definitive proof that snap grades like this aren't as important as grades 3 years later , but since this is now I'm sticking to my grade . 

1:28  - SEATTLE  - B- - LJ COLLIER - DT/DE - TCU - I had him in the 2nd, so it's bit of a reach, but he fits their athletic profile . He can play inside or outside , and since the hawks like to get pass rush with only 4 players he fills a need. 

2:47  -  D+ - MARQUISE BLAIR - S - UTAH - I had him in the late 4th . He's a tweener. Looks like a FS , but plays like a LB/box strong safety, although he does show the ability to play a dual role . Their were a LOT of better players that could play either safety spot, and some that could play both on my board . If they put him in the box he is going to need to get bigger and stronger to hold up because he isn't Kam Chancellor. 

2:64  -  A - -**-DK METCALF- WR - OLE MISS -  If you exchange his draft slot with either of their first 2 picks this makes more sense to me. He's got a ton of boom or bust , but it fills a need , and is great value here . Ridiculous upside if he stays healthy , but he fell because of thos injury questions , especially the neck. 

3:88  -  C - CODY BARTON - LB - UTAH - Another high upside athletic reach to me. He does fit their scheme though, and with the Seahawks any pick they make between the 3rd and 5th round has steal potential. I had him in the 5th . 

4:120-  D+ - GARY JENNINGS - WR - W. VIRGINIA -  I had him in the late 5th so it's a reach to me . He can get open, but he drops too many balls , and he will have to learn a full NFL route tree . Plus their were a lot of WR's  I had ranked higher . 

4:124 -  B - PHIL HAYNES - G - WAKE FOREST - I had him where they got him, and I may actually be too low on him . He is already really strong , but he needs to polish his technique . If you want to go straight up ,foot to foot splits ,  3 yards and a cloud of dust in the run game, he's your type of guy  . The Seahawks really want to run the ball too. 

4:132 -  B+ - UGO UMADI - S/CB - OREGON - I had him in the late 3rd , and they got him in the late 4th . The one place that Seattle doesn't require length from their corners is inside, and Amadi can play the slot . Also is a safety so I really like this pick. He's versatile , great value, and it fills a need . 

5:142 -  A - BEN BURR - KIVEN - LB - WASHINGTON - Another Seahawk special . He fell this far because of his lack of size, but his tape is great . A tackling machine with sideline to sideline speed, and instincts . If you keep blockers off him and play him on the weakside he will make a ton of plays in their base defense, and at the very least should be a core special teams guy as a rookie . 

6:204 -  - TRAVIS HOMER - RB - MIAMI - I had him in the 6th so it's cool. He has the look of a passing down back to me , but he is tough enough to carry a full load for a short time if they have a lot of injuries in the backfield. Also, a special teams guy . 

6:209 -  DeMARCUS CHRISTMAS - DT - FLORIDA ST. - I had him in the 5th, but he lacks consistency and technique . If he takes to coaching this could be a steal, but I had better players available . 

7:236 -  C+ -  JOHN URSUA - WR - HAWAII - I didn't give him a draftable grade, and think they could have found another better  WR that can play in the slot here .

NEW ENGLAND  - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - They almost never grade high with me, but they keep winning , although no one jettisons more high picks than they do . No one regularly has more top 100 picks too , so they have more shots at it . For me this is a good grade for the Patriots, and my guess is they will be a contender as long as Brady & Belichick are together . 

1:30 - NEW ENGLAND  - B+ - N'KEAL HARRY - WR - ARIZONA ST.- I love this pick . I had a first on him ,and he needs a accurate QB like the GOAT to be more than a power slot & short yardage red zone guy . Although he would still be worth a first rounder to me if he was just that . With Brady throwing him the ball he should be able to play more outside, and just dominate . Best hands in the draft, and if the pats were going to finally draft WR in the first in the Belichick era I really like this choice . 

2:45  - B- - JOEJUAN WILLIAMS - CB/S - VANDERBILT - I barely had a 2nd round grade on him, and didn't think they needed to trade up for him . If this was a heavy cover 2 or 3 team it would make more sense to me, but the Pats have a different game plan every week . Maybe they are heading more that way, or maybe they see him predominately as a safety, but I think there were a lot of better players at both positions when they traded up and made this choice . Although, hes a still a good player ,and I do like him . Lacks make up speed .

3:77  - B  ** -CHASE WINOVICH - DE - MICHIGAN - I had him in the 2nd, and they got him in the 3rd, but it was right about where I had him ranked . So solid value , and it fills a need. Not sure how much he will play the run this year unless they go 3-4 ,but he is relentless as a pass rusher . 

3:87  - A-  DAMIEN HARRIS - RB - ALABAMA - Seriously great value, but not even remotely a need, unless there are some undisclosed injuries or trades involving some of the backs they already had on their roster. He can be a core special teamer though, and to the patriots that is probably worth a 3rd rounder by itself . I feel bad for Harris because I think of him as starting NFL feature back, but I doubt he will get that shot anytime soon .

3:101  - B  ** - YODNEY CAJUSTE - OT - TAMPA BAY - I had him in the 3rd until I found out how bad his injury history is, and he is currently hurt by the way , but he's worth a shot here . Not sure if he will play tackle or guard, 

4:118  - C+  HJALTE FROHOLDT - G - ARKANSAS -  I had him in the 5th, and thought the there were better interior O-Lineman at both guard and center available, but the Pats have one of the leagues best O-Line coaches ,and will probably get the best out of him . He's probably their interior swing guy on game day as a rookie, and that is still a valuable player at a low price. 

4:133  B-  JARRETT STIDHAM - QB - AUBURN - I had him in the 5th, but he was highest rated QB left and they usually go a round early . He has all the tool but gets the jitters when pressured . Maybe Brady can give him a blood transfusion ,and some of that ice water that runs through his veins can seep into Stidham . As a developmental guy he's a solid pick . 

5:159 B- - BYRON COWART - DT - MARYLAND - He is your classic talented underachiever . He better get after it , and start showing that talent with some consistency , or the Pats will cut him without blinking an eye . I had him in the 6th , but he is worth the risk here . 

5:163 NO GRADE - JACOB BAILEY - PUNTER - STANFORD - I don't watch Punters, but the patriots value special teams more than most, and since he went to Stanford he is probably pretty smart . 

7:252 B - KEN WEBSTER - CB - MISSISSIPPI - I had him in the 7th , and that's where they got him. He's strong, fast, and physical but doesn't cover well enough to be a corner . Maybe they like him as a box safety & special teams guy because that fits my profile , and he brings it against the run . 

INDIANAPOLIS  - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - The Colts started out well, and I like the extra second they picked up in 2020 to move out of the first . Plus they might have taken Rock at #26 if they had stayed in the first round , but they were all over the place after that  , Some values and more than few head scratchers, but I still like it well enough overall . 

2:34 - INDIANAPOLIS  - B - ROCK YA-SIN - CB - TEMPLE - I had him as a high 2nd, and that's where they got him , although I wouldn't have been surprised if they had taken him in the first before they traded back. I had a couple of CB's ranked higher, but he fits their scheme . I wasn't on Rock until the Senior Bowl , but he had a great day one and that night I started watching his tape, and I wasn't disappointed. Ya- Sin is a decent sized physical corner , but he only has one year of tape at Temple . He has great instincts, timing, stop/start quickness , and awareness to turn & find the ball. After a good combine where he excelled in the drills he may even go higher than this . He can play press man at a high level, and also can play some as zone well . Plus he has the coolest name I've heard in years .

2:49 -  B - BEN BANOGU - OLB/DE - TCU- Same thing . I had him in the mid 2nd and that's where they got him . I had some players ranked higher at the same position, but he fits what they are looking for . Plus he fills a need . He is an elite athlete with  a great burst off the line, but he needs to polish up his overall game and be more consistent .

2:59 -  B+ - PARRIS CAMPBELL - WR - OHIO ST. - I feel like a broken record . They got him where I thought he should go ,and he fills a big need . Fresh off a season where his speed & versatility was displayed as both a WR and runner Parris could put a new wrinkle into the Colts offense . While both are built more like RB's than WR's he's not quite as physical as Percy Harvin, but they played the same role in Urban Myers offense . Although Parris is actually both bigger and faster .Plus he doesn't suffer from migraines  . If he can develop into a down the field outside threat as well as being a slot & gadget guy he may be a superstar . Luck loves to throw to middle of the field so even he is primarily a slot guy it's well worth it here .I actually thought he would go higher after he killed it at the combine , but getting a player with this kind of play making ability adds a whole new wrinkle to their offense. 

3:89 - D+ - BOBBY OKEREKE - LB - STANFORD - He looks more like a backup weak side backer and special teams guy to me . Maybe he can be a nickle LB, but he isn't taking rookie ALL PRO Darius Leonard out of the lineup anytime soon. He doesn't stack and shed well enough to play the Mike either . I had him as a late 5th, and thought they could have gotten a lot of better LB's here . 

4:109 -  C- - KHARI WILLIS - S - MICHIGAN ST. - Another late 5th on my board, but at least they were only a round off this time, although I had better safeties that should be in the box on my board .  He's a good locker room guy with a great motor  that may end a core special teams player, but he does't play as fast as he times . Looks more like a backup to me . 

5:144 -  B+ ** -MARVEL TELL - S - USC - Now their making value picks . I had him in the 4th and they got him in the 5th . He's a safety with the movement skills of a big corner . He's willing against the run , but needs to be a more reliable tackler . If you flip this pick with the last one I would feel a lot better about their draft strategy . 

5:164 -  NO GRADE  -EJ SPEED - LB - TARLETON ST. - Cool name , but I have never heard of him, and didn't watch him . 

6:199 -   - GERRY GREEN - OLB/DE - MISSISSIPPI ST . - I had him in the 7TH . Long edge rusher with tools, but needs to get stronger to be a 4-3 end . Maybe a SAM LB in their defense , but he has the athleticism to be a coverage guy on special teams .

6:199 -   - JACKSON BARTON - OT - UTAH - I didn't give him a draft-able grade after 3 games and didn't watch anymore . He is tall with long enough arms to be an OT, but he plays high, and lacks knee bend . He should start taking Yoga or something and then maybe they can get something out of him . 

7:246 -   - JAVON PATTERSON - C - MISSISSIPPI - He is a developmental interior zone O-Lineman I had in the 7th . Can play center or guard, although his tape is mostly at guard , but with his short arms he is a better fit at center . Needs to get stronger and more technically refined, but he could end up the long term backup interior swing guy . 

CLEVELAND  - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - For a team without a first round pick they did pretty good , and the only need they didn't address was Offensive tackle . They aren't quite ALL IN because they have a lot of youth to sustain for a long term competitive window, but they are in win now mode after the Beckham trade . 

2:34 - CLEVELAND  B+ - GREEDY WILLIAMS - CB - LSU - I didn't give him a first round grade because he is a pile inspector when it comes to tackling ,but I still thought he would go in the first . I had him at #33 , and he went at #46 so good for them . Having 2 corners that can play press man allows a team to blitz more, and the Browns now have that . If he mans up as a tackler this could be a franchise altering pick .

3:80 - C- - SIONE TAKITAKI - # - OLB - BYU - I had him in the 5th so it's a reach for me . He has straightened up his act after a sketchy past ,and was a team captain last year . He is a killer when he see's it , but he comes in hot & out of control too often , although he should be a standout on special teams at the very least . If he learns to play under control & inside his scheme he can be starter , but right now I'm not sure the highlight reel plays he provides outweigh the low-light ones enough to put him in the 3rd round . He is a old school hard nosed player that's impossible to dislike ,but they could have done better here. It is a big need though .

4:119 -  C+ - SHELDRICK REDWINE - CB/S - MIAMI - I had him in the 5th too. He's like the safety version of Takitaki , but I think he's a better athlete. 

5:155 -  A+ - MACK WILSON - LB - ALABAMA - I had him in the 2nd, but he fell because of attitude problems . Dude should have went back to school, but it's the potential steal of the draft for the Browns. if you flip this pick with Takitaki's it makes a lot more sense, but the result is the same . If he gets his head on straight he can be a day one starter for the Browns . 

5:170 -  NO GRADE - AUSTIN SEIBERT - K - OKLAHOMA -  I have never heard of him, and didn't watch him because he is a kicker .

6:189 -  -DREW FORBES - G - SE MISSOURI ST. - I had him in the 5th and they got him in the 6th so it's a good value . He has the feet , fluidity , & athleticism of a tackle. Although he lacks the length, punch, or hand placement to stay outside . He will probably be a zone guard or center down the line in the NFL . I like his projection as a starter if he takes to coaching , but it might take time, and the position change won't speed him up either .This is a pick for the future because I doubt he is even active on game days early in the season, but it wasn't a big need anyway so it could be a smart move . 

7:221 - NO GRADE -DONNIE LEWIS - CB - TULANE - I have never heard of him, and didn't watch him .

NEW ORLEANS  - OVERALL GRADE -  B+  - Another team without a first rounder. In fact when they started the day the only pick they had of their top 4 was their 2nd . I thought they filled their most important needs on both sides of the ball, and improved their depth & special teams ability .  Great job for a team that's ALL IN to win now . 

2:34 - NEW ORLEANS  B+ - ERIK McCOY - C/G - TEXAS A&M - I had him in my top 32, and thought he had a good chance to go in the first to the Ravens or the Rams , so this is great value. I don't mind them trading away next years number 2 to trade up either . They are all in now to win it all just like last year, and that's when you take these chances . Moving up in the second to get a probable long term starter at either center or left guard is worth it, because I'm not sold on Easton at center yet . I'm definitely not sold on Peat at LG . Plus they got a 4th to help this year too . 

4:105 - A+ - CHAUNCEY GARDNER-JHONSON - S/CB - FLORIDA - I had him in the 2nd, but he fell because of attitude . Getting him in the top of the 4th is a steal in my book . I think he plays a lot this year, and whether he starts at corner or safety , but even as a nickel back he will make a difference now . Great fit for this team and it confirms they are all in again .  

6:177 - B - SAQUAN HAMPTON - S - RUTGERS - I had him in the 6TH , and this is the 6th. He's a tweener, and he is inconsistent ,but there is something here  . I'm just not sure what . Maybe an undersized nickle LB / special teams player right now until he improves . 

7:231 - B+ -ALIZE MACK - TE - N. DAME -  Not your typical Notre Dame inline Y TE . More of move TE big receiver guy . I had him in the 6th so the values is nice , but Bree's got plenty out of Jimmy Graham ,and he is a similar guy on tape . 

7:244 - B+ -KADEN ELLISS - LB - IDAHO - More of jack of all trades master on none LB than any specific one thing . Probably a special teams situational pass rusher right now , but I had him in the 6th ,and the talent and tools are there . Guess we will have to see what the saints plan for him is .

KANSAS CITY  - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - Not bad for starting off without a first rounder, and they also got Frank Clark in that deal so that helps plenty , but they didn't as much to win now in the later rounds, and for a Superbowl contender I question their overall depth . Also would have liked to see another project-able late round developmental edge rusher . 

2:56 - KANSAS CITY  C+ - MECOLE HARDMAN - WR - GEORGIA - I had him in the 3rd, and even if he can give them 80% of what Tyreek Hill did this year it still seems a bit of a reach . Since that dirt bag is likely to be suspended it does fill a need , but there were better WR's on the board ,and some of them had the same type of speed & home run ability. 

2:63  B -  JUAN THORNHILL - S/CB - VIRGINIA - I like this pick. I had him in the 2nd too , and he fills a need .Thornhill has played corner in the past ,and after his standout performance at the combine I wouldn't have been surprised if a team that wanted a big CB tried him there first, but he covers plenty of ground at safety. He is smart and fast . I think he could play high or low , but on tape his best position was singe high. With Juan and the honey badger they now have 2 interchangeable safeties to disguise their defense and confuse opponents  .

3:84  B - KHALEN SAUNDERS - DT - W. ILLINOIS - I like this pick too . They got him in the 3rd where I had him ,and he also fills a need. He has a low center of gravity and a good get off . Saunders can play any interior position in a odd or even front , and he will see a lot of single blocks next to Chris Jones . Sounds like a plan . 

6:201  C- - RASHAD FENTON - CB - S. CAROLINA - I had him in the 7th so it's a little early and there were better CB's on my board. He's physical and he can jump routes in zone when the balls in front of him, but he lacks the mirror ability and fluidity of a every down corner . Can return some kicks too, but after Hill's gone he will be a huge let down . 

6:214  B+ - DARWIN THOMPSON - RB - UTAH ST. - I had him in the high 5th and they got him in the bottom third of the 6th so good value . He's not big for a every down back but he gives me a Justin Forsett vibe . A tough little guy that will run hard and can be your starter in a pinch , but he will probably be a solid long term number two. Bet he shows out on special teams too . 

7:216  B- - NICK ALLEGRETTI - G/C - ILLINOIS - He's versatile , has solid technique in a zone scheme, and a team captain who loves football, but looks more like an interior backup. I had him in the 7th too , but I had a couple of guys higher who could do the same job , and thought they had a better chance to develop into starters down the line . Needs to get stronger if he wants to start someday . 

DALLAS   - OVERALL GRADE -  B-  - Not bad, and they filled some needs , but not getting a better safety ,or any nose tackle bothers me too much to rank them higher . They should go after Suh . 8.5 million in Texas is the same as 10 million in California after taxes . 

2:56 - DALLAS  B- - TRYSTEN HILL - DT - C. FLORIDA - I had him in the high 3rd, and I get that there probably wouldn't be a starting 3 technique that they would want left in the 3rd, but I felt safety was a much bigger need .  I also had multiple higher ranked safeties available that fit their scheme and needs , especially Rapp . He can get off the ball and up the field . Hopefully Rod Marinelli can get him to consistently play lower,  hold the point of attack better against the run, and teach him not to overrun ball carriers . He didn't get along with his last coaching staff,but for Garret's sake I hope hes the right kind of guy for this team.The last time Marinelli got his way with an immature kid of questionable character who could rush the passer in the late 2nd round it was Randy Gregory . Different position and different character stuff as far as I know, but still a worry to me .

3:90  A - CONNOR McGOVERN - C/G - PENN ST. - I had him in the 2nd so it's good value, but I think this pick is more about covering there ass this year, and then making him a starter next year . Basically it wasn't a big need, and there were other players on the board of similar value who did fill a need like Chauncey Gardner - Jhonson, but I guess he's not the right kind of guy . If Frederick is healthy at least McGovern is an upgrade over Joe Looney as their interior swing guy , but in all likely-hood he won't be starter until next year unless their is an injury . Next year La'el Collins is going to be a free agent ,and he's going to a young talented tackle that's going to get paid. They can't pay all of their O-Lineman high level contracts . Probably Connor Williams becomes their new RT and Mcgovern steps in at left guard . He's definitely stronger at the point of attack in the run game so there is a chance he beats out Williams this year too. 

4:128  C - TONY POLLARD - RB - MEMPHIS- I had him in the 5TH so it's a round early for me . If they wanted a quality backup to Zeke to help lighten the load , or even a guy who can be the starter if Elliott get hurt this isn't the player to take . He's a gadget guy , slot WR, who can return kicks like lucky a Lucky Whitehead or Lance Dunbar . Pollard is just better at it . Maybe that's what they wanted ,but Trayveon Williams could have done that almost as well , and been a capable starter if Zeke went down . They must have really wanted him because I think they could have gotten him with their 2nd 4th rounder . Then again Love, Hill, and Snell went right before him, and they could have justifiably thought they would lose him in the midst of a RB run .They traded that pick away anyway so who knows? 

5:158  B - MICHAEL JACKSON - CB/S - MIAMI - I had him in the 5TH too, so that'x fine .I actually thought he might be a safety on a lot of teams boards, but on this team they probably see him as a big cover 3 CB, because he has long arms and is physical . Only they know for sure. He has a chance to be a play maker wherever they put him , but if he had built on what he put on tape in 2017 in the 2018 season he would have went a lot higher. 

5:165  A - JOE JACKSON - DE - MIAMI - I had him the high 4th so great value . He should be a 4-3 base end. Has the strength to hold the point of attack ,but technique is consistent everywhere because he lacks hand placement, the ability to shed blocks , and also needs more consistently violent hands . Also play too high too often, but despite that he was still productive , and had a lot of splash plays at Miami . If he listens to Rod Marinelli, develops his hands ,and expands his array of rush moves he can be a productive player relatively quickly  . Joe also has the potential to kick inside on passing downs too . 

6:213  B- - DONOVAN WILSON - S -TEXAS A&M - Physical  , explosive ,  long armed safety that can cover some inside as long as he doesn't have to carry faster receivers too far down the field . Needs to polish up his angles and stay healthy if he wants to be anything more than a special teams guy , but he is the right kind of guy .  I had him in the 6th. 

7:218  A- - MIKE WEBER - RB - OHIO ST. - I had him in the 5th so I really like the value, ,and he is the kind of guy that can be a capable Elliott backup with the ability to fill in as a 3 down starter for awhile if Zeke gets hurt . I would have rather had Jalin Moore though . 

7:241  A - JALEN JELKS - DE/OLB -OREGON - I had jelly in the 5th too so again , I really like the value . If they can leave him at one position he may develops into something good, or even give him a Tyrone Crawford role , as weak side end who can kick inside on passing downs . A lot of possible 3 techniques have now been drafted in Dallas. Crawford & Collins may be in for a pay cut , or maybe they will just move on from one or both this season or the next . 

LA RAMS  - OVERALL GRADE -  B  -   I was starting to wonder if the Rams were ever going to make a pick. Trading out of the first round is common when you are picking near the end of it , and even more plausible because they didn't have a 2nd , but they traded back 3 times before they made a pick . Luckily a guy worth a possible late first in Taylor Rapp was still available when they finally made a selection at #61. Trading down kind of made sense because even though they just came off a Superbowl appearance they lack depth, have more than a few needs, and also are up against the cap . While I didn't like all their choices at specific positions they filled almost every need, but an interior O-Lineman, and I think they would have been wise to draft 2 . They lost 2 starters in Sullivan & Saffold, and Saffold at  least should be hard to replace, but maybe they think Evans can kick inside to guard this season . No center at all though , and that drops them to a respectable B.

2:61 - LA RAMS  A - TAYLOR RAPP - S - WASHINGTON - I had Rapp as my 29th overall player, which is coincidentally where the Rams were originally supposed to pick in the first round before trading back 3 times . He's an upgrade at their strong safety position as a play maker who can cover the slot , and he make plays all over in the box against the run or pass . He only fell because he tried to run(4.74 forty) for scouts with an injured hip flexor before the draft , and he looks a lot faster than that on tape when healthy. If he is all good health wise this year I think he's a day one starter , and getting him at #61 could be one of the best picks in the entire draft .  

3:70 B- - DARRELL HENDERSON - RB - MEMPHIS - I had Henderson with a late 2nd round grade so it's good value in the early 3rd, and is potentially a big need if Gurley's knee is going to be a long term problem . He doesn't have Gurley's power , vision , or upside. However, he can take it to the house whenever he has the ball in his hands as a runner or receiver , but he needs to learn to run lower & behind his pads better. I think he can be a 3 down back, despite needing work in pass pro, because he runs hard on every play ,and has great feet . Although , I would have taken Harris or Montgomery ahead of him .

3:79 B - DAVID LONG - CB - MICHIGAN - I had a few CB's left higher on my board, but the only one that was better who fits their system was Justin Layne . He is a physical bully at the line , and press corners this physical don't come around every day , but he needs to as aggressive against the run ,Not sure how well he will hold up in zone, but he plays the receiver like he's pissed off at him , and I like it . 

3:97 B+ - BOBBY EVANS - T/G - OKLAHOMA - This is about right where I had him , but I really like this pick for multiple reasons . One - This is the last year of Whitworth's contract,  their future HOF left tackle is 37 , and while he has been remarkably durable throughout his career father rime is undefeated. Whitworth may retire no matter what happens this year , and Evans can be the left tackle of the future. Two - They didn't have an adequate swing tackle , and Evans can play that role at the very least because he played both sides very capably on the best O-Line in college football . Three -He has the power to kick inside if needed , and the agility to get to the 2nd level, although he needs work on his angles finding & hitting his man down the field . Fourth . he was the last Offensive tackle left on my board that I thought had a decent probability of capably starting outside as a rookie . 

4:134 B - GREG GAINES - DT - WASHINGTON - I had him in the 4th too . Gaines is a old school hard nosed grinder of a nose tackle that can take on blocks and hold the point of attack in either front . May not give you a wide variety of pass rush moves, or the upside of even a 32 year old Suh ,  but he can push the pocket & his motor is always on . 

5:169 B+ ** DAVID EDWARDS - OT - WISCONSIN - I had him in the 4th , and they got him in the 5th . So good value, and they have had good luck with average athlete right tackles from Wisconsin ( Havenstein ) . Although I really thought Edwards would have gotten in better shape this season, and been a lot more athletic on tape because he's  both a former QB & TE . He has tackle feet and he will battle you all day ,but he needs to get stronger and in better shape .  If Whitworth retires next year he will probably be their swing tackle for a few year while Evans takes over the blindside . 

7:243 B- - NICK SCOTT - S - PENN ST . - A former RB who is raw as a safety , but he has the take no prisoners special teams attitude of a commando storming the beach . He's a better athlete than safety right now , but he's a team captain that should fit right into an NFL locker room while he learns how to play safety . I had him in the 7th too .

7:243 B - DAKOTA ALLEN - LB - TEXAS TECH - I had him in the 7th as well . He a hard charging physical Mike LB with a low football IQ . He did later become a team captain after being kicked off the team for a criminal past . Core special teamer right now . 

CHICAGO  - OVERALL GRADE -  B+  - They got a mix of excellent value and upside which is really impressive for the little draft capitol they had

3:73 - CHICAGO  A- - DAVID MONTGOMERY - RB - IOWA ST. - When you don't have a pick until the 3rd round, and you get a 2nd round RB I had graded #45 overall it's pretty impressive . He has a better chance of being and every down back than Cohen, and they brought in Mike Davis to handle some of the short yardage duties. I only dinged them slightly for taking him over Dwayne Harris, but they want players who can make moves in space ,and really catch the ball out of the back field. This guy is just straight up hard to tackle with a great combination , of power, vision, balance , and subtle shiftiness. . He can also play out of the slot when needed . 

4:126  A- - RILEY RIDLEY -WR - GEORGIA -  Crafty route runner with good hands, and a willing blocker . He was underused in college, but he fell because of a below average 40 time, but he can get open anyway . I had him in the 3rd so great value . 

6:205 NO GRADE - DUKE SHELLEY - CB - KANSAS ST. - Didn't watch him, and I've never heard of him . 

7:222 B- - KERRITH WHYTE - RB - FLORIDA ATLANTIC - I had him in the 7th, but there were better backs on the board ( Jalin Moore & Miles Gaskin ) that can do what he does . Similar to Tarik Cohen as a runner , but not as receiver. He's a one cut and go guy with some burst, although he runs bigger than his size . He can return kicks, but I doubt he does much on their regular offense until he learns to block & catch better . 

7:238 A+ -STEPHEN DENMARK - CB - VALDOSTA ST. - This guy is a lottery ticket that has a decent chance to pay off down the line . A former big WR who is now a huge elite athlete for CB prospect . Raw , but the payoff is gigantic so I thought a cover 3 team would take him higher, and I had him in the 5th . He doesn't know how to play CB yet , and has just been getting by on his athleticism at a small school. If he takes to Deshea Townsend's coaching he could be a long term high end starter, but if not who cares ? It's the 7th round , and I would like to see what that aggression & athleticism could do on special teams too .