Saturday, September 12, 2020


This season has been a crapfest since Covid - 19 hit . There has been nothing to watch ,and some players , especially in college , but even some in the NFL are opting out . Without a vaccine I expect players to be dropping like flies relatively quickly once they start playing other teams, especially with so many of today's players being whiny entitled snowflakes who will miss a game or practice when they get a boo-boo . When you add a real thing like Covid to the already violent injury prone sport of football this is the biggest crap shoot ever . I usually would have spent the last 6 weeks watching training camp film where I can find it , and breaking down every pre-season game to get a feel for how this season is going to go . None of that is possible this time around . So instead of basing this off playing time , film , personnel groupings , and formations I will instead just go with my gut . I will make this short and sweet . Good luck to you all with your season . Stay safe .



SUMMARY :  A Superbowl contender, with the best QB in the game , a offensive genius at head coach , and in a potentially mediocre division .  It's hard to win a lot of games 34 -31 all year , but they won a lot of games by just simply outscoring teams last season so it can be done .  I actually expect them to be a little better on defense this year . They are the favorite to win it all again in my opinion . 

2.RAIDERS - 9 - 7

SUMMARY : They doomed themselves when they took a ride on the clown train with AB last year, but they made some progress anyway. They will have a lot more of weapons at WR after the draft, and they are in their new city . It's a shame that Covid 19 will spoil their opening of the new stadium, but I think they can compete for a wildcard this year .

3.BRONCOS - 8 -8

SUMMARY : Their potential QB of the future in Drew Lock finished strong and he now has pass catchers coming out the wazoo. Melvin Gordon & Phillip Lindsay are a great 1-2 punch behind an upgraded O-line , losing Von Miller and a suspect secondary makes me think they are a 500 team . 

4.CHARGERS - 7 - 9

SUMMARY : Replacing a franchise Icon in Rivers takes time , and I think Justin Herbert could be in for a steep learning curve this season . So Chargers fans will need to be patient while he learns the Pro Game because the guy doesn't even know how to take snaps under center properly right now . I see it as a rebuilding year , but really hope they draft a Left Tackle with their first rounder next season  , although the rest of their O-line could be already improved this season . 



SUMMARY : Their coach and a mix of talented young players & vets on both sides of the ball mak them a potential contender. Add in another great draft, and it makes me think they have an outside shot at the Superbowl . Weak division . A lot of potential upgrades for their pass catchers , especially Diggs. They are the favorite to run right through the AFC EAST and might even get a bye week in the bargain , but I am still not sold on Josh Allen  . 

3.PATRIOTS - 8 - 8  

SUMMARY : As long as Brady & Belichick WERE there they were always a threat to take home the Lombardi , but that's over . Cam Newton could be the come back player of the year if he can stay healthy, but I expect that Belichick runs him into the ground before week 12. A Rebuilding year , and since it's during a pandemic without fans in the stands to boo , this is the perfect time for it . 

2.DOLPHINS - 6 -10

SUMMARY : A lot of talent added in the draft , but they reached on too many guys for me so it could have been a lot better. It's a weak division and maybe some FITZ-MAGIC happens  , but unless a healthy Tua is at the helm , and their O-Line miraculously jells I wouldn't expect the playoffs this year  .

4.JETS - 6 - 10

SUMMARY : While I expect them to be better on offense if Darnold's healthy ,and since they upgraded their O-Line significantly this year he might actually stay on the field , they also traded away their team leader & best defensive player in Jamal Adams . So a top 10 pick is my best guess . 


SUMMARY  :Great O-line  , upgraded weapons at the skill  positions , a promising defense, and even a past his prime Rivers can be a pretty good upgrade at QB. They have had back to back great drafts , and I expect this division to have 2 playoff teams , but I give the colts the edge because they have Rivers over Tannehil.

2.TITANS - 10 - 6 WILD  CARD
SUMMARY  :A lot of talent overall , a thick thumper with straight line speed in Derek Henry , and a hard nosed coach & play style . I think that they will be the wildcard because I don't trust Tannehill's health or consistency .

3.TEXANS - 8 - 8 

SUMMARY :  With no GM to stop him O'Brien over payed for Tunsil & Stills , didn't get enough for the inconsistent but ultra talented Clowney , and then got ripped off when he dumped Hopkins . I expect Watson will keep them in wildcard contention as long as he can , but that they will fall short  , and then O'Brien will get fired for his incompetent front office work .

4.JAGUARS - 3 -13  and the winner of the #1 overall draft pick

SUMMARY : Lose for Lawrence, but they have a lot of young talented players that he can work with after this season is finally over . Throw Dabo Swinney in as the new head coach and I think they will be on the way up in 2021 . 



SUMMARY : This team could win it all , but I just don't trust their secondary. Future HOFer Marshal Yanda will be missed badly as well , and its important that the offense stay dominant . If they run Jackson a lot again will he stay healthy ?

2.BROWNS - 8 -8

SUMMARY : . Based on talent they are a legitimate threat to win the division , but with another new coach & scheme,  Mayfield & Beckham both taking steps back last year, Myles Garrett losing his mind , and some big questions at LB , I'm going top say nope again.

3.STEELERS - 8 - 8

SUMMARY : Good offensive & defensive Lines , great coach, and good skill position talent . Proven Superbowl winning veteran QB .Seems like a recipe for success , but I will believe big Ben can stay healthy when I see it . They may be drafting a QB in the first round next year if he gets hurt again  

4.BENGALS - 6 - 10

SUMMARY : A great draft , and I think Burrow is a definite long term franchise QB , but it's a young team . I think we will see progress , but will it be enough for the head coach to keep his job ? Joe Brady could be showing up in Zac Taylor's rear view mirror if they don't show enough to make Mike Brown happy .


1.49ers - 11 - 5 - DIVISION CHAMP

SUMMARY : A Superbowl contender again, still a great D-Line , and a lot of weapons on offense . However I don't like their secondary , they didn't upgrade their weak interior O-Line , and I'm still not sold on Garroppolo .

2.SEATTLE - 10 - 6 WILD  CARD\
SUMMARY :  Carrol's reputation as a charismatic teacher & leader and a lot of athletic ability give them a decent shot at the wildcard . However , when you have one of the ELITE QB's in the game , and you usually only let him pass once you fall behind I don't see them going far even if they make the Playoffs again .

4.CARDINALS - 8 - 8

SUMMARY : They added D-Hop to a already talented WR core, and even upgraded their O-line & D-Line some, but that defense looks like a stars and scrubs fantasy roster to me, and that doesn't work on a real football field very often . 

3.RAMS - 7 - 9
SUMMARY : Their championship window is past in my opinion . They overpaid too many veteran players that didn't pan out, and I am still not sold on Jared Goff either . They built the most expensive stadium in history but I don't know how long they can pay the bills without fans in the stands . I guess that's another reason why NFL owners are billionaire's . They can afford a pandemic . 



SUMMARY This team is in a SUPERBOWL window now, and with a new defense & upgraded head coach I think they are the favorite to win the NFC , and that DAK can win the MVP if their weakened  O-Line can protect him , and their new secondary can hold up . They have the talent to outscore eveyone even if the defense doesn't pan out .


SUMMARY : I think they are a contender again because of their offensive & defensive lines , and upgraded receiving core, but only if Wentz can stay healthy throughout the playoffs. 

3.GIANTS - 7- 9

SUMMARY : This team could surprise if Barkley is healthy, I actually like their new coach too . and they improved the O-Line again. Their front 3 on D could be dominant too, but I have questions abut the est of the defense . 

4.REDSKINS - 5-11

SUMMARY  : A solid draft .I believe Haskins will take a big step forward this season . Ryan Kerrigan , Montez Sweat & Chase Young are a fearsome trio off the edge as well. Actually their whole defensive front looks good , but the rest of the defense , and pretty much their entire offense after McLaurin,  Scherff , and Moses are question marks . 



SUMMARY : Brady with weapons and a healthy O-line could be special no matter how old he is . They are a contender if the defense holds up , but it's now hard for me to see Bruce Arians as a Super Bowl wining head coach . 

2.SAINTS - 10 - 6

SUMMARY : They are a deep team that loos like a team that is ALL-IN again to win this years Super Bowl ... AGAIN , but I think that Brees lost his mojo when he bent over for the kneelers . So nope .  

3.FALCONS - 6 - 10

SUMMARY : Proven veteran MVP winning QB and a lot of talent  . Improved talent on the O-line , and they upgraded the size of their defense , but that secondary is a opposing offensive coordinators wet dream on paper . 

4.PANTHERS - 4 - 12

SUMMARY : It's a rebuilding year ,and they may break the NFL record for most points given up on defense in a season, but I believe that Matt Rhule will be a great NFL head coach in the long run . I'm gonna bet the Over in most of their games this year . 



SUMMARY : Usually when a team has this much turnover I expect a rebuilding year, but I loved their draft so I'm going to call it a re-loading year , and I expect they will contend for the division title . 

2.PACKERS - 9-7

SUMMARY : It looked like they had a chance to win it last year late in the season , but then their run defense went in the tank , and their receiving weapons were ineffective except for Davante Adams. So what did they do . Didn't draft a WR in the deepest WR class I can remember , and then further pissed off their franchise QB by using their first rounder on a QB . So much for going for it when you are in a championship window . The most bitch out off season I can remember in Packers history . 

3.BEARS - 7 - 9 

SUMMARY : Trubisky or bust I guess .... AGAIN ?. If he can throw people open into tight windows they could go all the way , but I haven't seen him do it consistently yet  . At least Nick Foles is the best back up in the game.This defense really dropped off without Akiem Hicks last year , and he is already hurt again. 

4.LIONS - 5 - 11

SUMMARY : They look like  a team that's gonna have a top 5 pick next year , and if they do they should fire Patricia and bring in someone with more skins on the wall .



COWBOYS over 49ers