Wednesday, April 29, 2020

2021 WAAAAYYY TOO early NFL MOCK DRAFT - 4/29/20

With the 2020 draft coming to an end I am sure many of you are already wondering who the top prospects for 2021 might be. Trying to predict not only the top prospects, but also the draft order is a big stretch right now, but I am willing if you are . Right now I see a draft potentially deep at OT, RB, WR , CB ,TE,  and  possibly even QB if the players I expect enter the draft and thrive .  A lot of these guys will get hurt, disappoint on or off the field, and some probably won't even enter the draft.  Out of the 32 guys I predicted to go in the first round in my 2020 WAAAAYYY TOO early MOCK DRAFT - 9 went in the first, 8 in the second  3 in the 5th , one in the 4th ,4 in the 5th ,one in the in the 6th, one went undrafted ,and a record for me 8 returned to school. So you can see what a crap shoot it really is at this time. I'm making an even harder prediction to guess the draft order .The picks are all mine , but keep in mind that I have done limited tape study on these prospects so far .They are mostly guys I couldn't help noticing while watching others on tape this year, or guys I expected to enter the 2019 draft that stayed. Some are just really talented ,and I expect them to step up this year as well, but there may be some draft eligible sophomores I don't even realize have a chance to enter next years draft . Don't forget that here 2 new playoff teams this season . One in each conference, and that means the 14 teams with the lowest picks made the playoffs. Without further ado , here it is. Feel free to leave a comment. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently and respectfully. If you can't, or resort to personal attacks, I just won't post it.So here it is. Enjoy.




Tuesday, April 28, 2020


The 2020 NFL DRAFT is now in the books, and while there have been a lot more great picks so far , there has also been some head scratchers .  This isn't about how much talent you have , so it's not weighted toward the teams that have the most picks , but if you wasted those picks pre-draft trades that does matter . It's about the value , fit, and filling of needs for each team . A lot more obvious winners than losers this year, and that's a good thing .The teams are in Alphabetical order . Feel free to comment, but please keep it civil and avoid cursing or I just won't post it . Thanks .

# Is for a player with with reported character or maturity concerns.

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns.

ARIZONA - A- -   I have to admit I wanted them to take a OT in the first round, and expected them to do so as well . I don't know if it's just because they always wanted Simmons anyway , or if the already off the board Andrew Thomas was the only one they felt worth that high a pick . Doesn't really matter . I was wrong . However, you can't get mad at a team for taking your #3 overall player with the 8th pick .Simmons is like adding 2 players at once because he can play so many positions , and it is a great pick. Every year the OT's gets pushed up and over drafted. I get it, because I saw how many average to below average O-Lineman got paid in free agency . It did happen again,as 2 guys I had well out of the first round on my board ( Isaiah Wilson #46 -2nd round grade and Austin Jackson #68 -3rd round grade) went in the 1rst,   but not as badly as expected. Maybe it's because the 2021 OT class is shaping up to be another bumper crop . Two players I had ranked ahead of Jackson ( Ezra Cleveland & Josh Jones ) fell a bit . Now Cleveland was my #55 player and he went at #58 so good for the Vikings . Jones was my #44 overall player, and they got him at pick #72 ! The fact that he was so productive while barely even having any NFL blocking technique was astounding .  That is probably why he fell, because it might take him longer to become a starter while he's getting coached up, and there will be an abbreviated off season program at best this year . He already looked improved at The Senior Bowl  . I expect he will soon be a starter in Arizona .A team that lacked a 2nd round pick , only had 2 picks overall on the first 2 days , and they still nailed it . If you add in Deandre Hopkins,and you should because that's where your high second rounder went it's even better. Leki Fotu is the 4th is a  value as well. I had him in the 3rd, and he fills a big need &  has a really high upside . Rashard Lawrence was a little high for me, but he fits their defense and is willing to do the dirty work in the tranches . LB Evan Weaver went where he should have , and it is a need .I think Eno Benjamin is steal in the 7th, because I had him in the 4th . If they give him a chance , I think he's a value but he fell this far because he suddenly developed a fumbling problem this season .I loved his 2018 tape though .Steve Keim is sitting pretty . I have been making fun of him for years , but this not only saves his job, but puts him in contention for executive of the year if they make the playoffs .

ATLANTA - D+ - I know Falcons fans don't want to here this, but Atlanta screwed up the first round . They didn't have the ammo to trade up high, and they reportedly even tried to get to #2 overall , but they could have traded up a little and gotten a better player. Or how about  DRAFTING a better player . I had a 2nd rounder on Terrell, and even if he was the highest rated corner left on your board it shouldn't have been by a lot . Yeah his tape was good for most of this year, but he had his 2 worst games at end out the season IN THE PLAYOFFS. . If you get stuck you either take best player available( Cee Dee Lamb ) or trade back. They can't tell me that Philly, who would have loved to get ahead of Dallas and take Lamb wouldn't have at least parted with a 3rd at minimum to move up 5 spots . Their were probably a couple or more other teams did call about that pick because Dallas admitted they had 3 offers a pick later , and they turned them down to take Lamb . In the 2nd I actually like Davidson for them as long as he hits the weights &improves his diet . He gives them size on the edge, and can also kick inside to rush the passer .  If he is going to play that dual role he needs to be a ripped 290 at most, and 280 would probably be better . Although AJ Epenesa at that spot .He could have played that same role ,and you wouldn't have needed to worry about his conditioning . To be fair though Davidson does have a higher upside if he dedicates himself  . Lets not forget TE Hayden Hurst who they traded a late 2nd for . He is more well rounded & better right now than any TE in this class, and that keeps their grade from going any lower .Matt Hennessy actually reminds me of their current center Alex Mack ,and fits there offense . So it's a sold pick, but they are a team with a lot of needs now .Unless the are moving on from Mack , or planning on playing Hennessy at guard ( he did start one game at LG as a true freshman ) there were other players worth that pick available who would have filled a need . Mykal Walker is a great special teams player, but gives you nothing off the edge ,and he needs more work at LB to be able to contribute there .He was the 258th player on my board, and they took him in 4th with #119 . There were MANY better edge players, LB's, & special teams players available at that pick . I had safety Jaylin Hawkins in the late 6th (#238)and they took him in the 4th (#134) . I don't know anything about punters .They blew this draft in my opinion ., and if they miss the playoffs again I expect that both the GM & head coach will be fired. 

BALTIMORE - A+ -  I expect some people will say ' So what " The Ravens always draft well " , BUT that's why they consistently have one of the deepest rosters in the NFL. They very rarely draft for need. Best player available is their choice more often than not . That is also why they regularly have more picks than your average team. Other teams sign their former players to big money deals in free agency and they keep getting so many compensatory pick that even when they miss it rarely matters . They took Patrick Queen after lesser LB's Kenneth Murray & Jordan Brooks went ahead of them . JK Dobbins wasn't a need, but he was a great value, and if anything happens to Ingram they will just keep on rolling at RB .Madubuike fills a need, and went about right where he should have . Duverany fills a need, gives them even more speed on offense, and again went where he should have.  Mailk Harrison was another value ,and he can take on blocks that allow Patrcik Queen to use his sideline to sideline speed to run to the ball- Ala Bart Scott/Ray Lewis . I thought Tyre Phillips was a round early, but he is a big & nasty run blocker , and that is Raven football .Plus if they play him inside a lot of his deficiencies will be alleviated .Ben Bredeson went right where I had him, and he is a good pass blocker . Can't say he fits this offense  so much right now , but he if he can really play center like he claims it is a good solid pick .  DT Broderick Washington in the 5th is another guy I really dagree with because I had him in the 5th too . However, even though he is undersized for the NT spot , he is tough guy with a good motor & smarts that screams RAVEN !  6th round WR James Proche reminds me of Jarvis Landry, and I had him in the 3rd although I admit I was aware no one else probably did . A power slot who was a 4 year starter , and even though he's not the biggest or fastest guy , he has great hands with a wide catch radius . Tough guy over the middle ,and a good blocker . As a return guy he can give you a little something with the ball in his hands, but he is more a guy you want back there when it has to be caught at all cost . Right now he is a better football player than 3rd rounder Devin Duveranay, although he doesn't have the huge upside that Devin does .STEAL!    No fuss. No big overdrafts . Just a bunch of tough guys that can play football , with the occasional lottery ticket sprinkled in. Meat & potatoes with a glass of scotch, and whatever damm desert they feel like eating . It's like Ron Swanson is making their picks . A freaking plus !


BUFFALO- A -  A team without a first rounder , but since the traded it for Stefon Diggs it's a win for them . AJ Epenesa falling to them in the 2nd was a lucky role of the dice, but they took him so they look smart instead . Zack Moss in the 3rd is a great value. His tape is awesome, and even with his injuries worries who cares this late . He was the 50th overall player on my board and they got him at 85. He actually only missed 8 games over 4 years . That's acceptable for the position that takes the most punishment in the game , and if he is sharing carries that worry is lessened. He can be the Power to Singletary's elusiveness ,give this run heavy team a big boost , grinding out games in the 2nd half when they have a lead , and make their play action passes even more effectiveness .Gabriel Davis gives them another WR with size . Before adding Stefon Diggs their 2 primary WR's were fast but small John Brown ( 5"10", 180 ) and quick Cole Beasley ( 5"8" , 174) . . These guys are both better blockers in the run game too . Jake Fromm is the Anti - Josh Allen in the 5th , and I had him in the 4th so there is some decent value there too. A smart undersized touch passer that is a ideal backup, but he can be a solid spot starter .Don't ask me about  kicker because I have no idea .They got another big WR in Isaiah Hodgins, but it's in the 6th, and I love the value here because I had him in the 4th.Great big natural hands ,  wide wing span , good body control , and a wide catch radius . He's a big possession receiver, and while he lacks the speed & quickness to be a consistent deep threat, he should be at least a chain mover . Needs work on route running and creating separation, but he's also another willing blocker .  Also of those bigger WR's, who have correspondingly bigger catch radiuses should help the completion percentage of the not always accurate Josh Allen  .After a good Senior Bowl I moved CB Dane Jackson into my 5th round (#167) and they got him in the 7th at #239 . So another great value . Great overall draft .

CAROLINA - B+Carolina was one of 2 teams I expected to trade back a lot, gather picks to fill out there roster, and build for the future . They didn't . Derek Brown is a slam dunk buy any measure , and he is worth that high a pick & fills a big need . A 3 down Nose Tackle and team leader who can set the tone for the locker room. That's even more needed than ever after losing Luke Kuechly to retirement .Yetur Gross-Matos was a good pick in the second too. He has a high upside , and can rush from the inside or outside .I understand why they would think Jeremy Chinn is worth a high 3rd ( #64) rounder. He has a high upside as a box safety / Linebacker hybrid. However, I am not as high on him as almost people seem to be ,as he is #85 on my board., and I see him as a long term project .  Plus he has a lengthy injury history , looked lost at times in coverage at the Senior Bowl , and his below average read & recognition skills make him tentative sometimes . He would a better pick if they were trading back and trying to rebuild slowly .Troy Pride was a good value in the early 4th for me. They needed a corner, and I had him in the early 3rd .Serious speed . XFL safety Kenny Robinson was a late 3rd on my board and they got him in the early 5th (#152) so great value . NT Bravion Roy was a 6th on my board and that's where they took him . Plus he does have some upside , and he comes from Baylor so he should fit in this defense .7th round CB Stanley Thomas Oliver has good height & speed , but he needs to hit the weight room . I had him in the 7th too .A lot of high upside guys here .

CHICAGO- B- - The Bears started the day lacking a 1rst, 2nd, and 4th round pick. Although they had 2 seconds I expected them to trade back at least once ,and get an extra pick or two. They didn't , but I like both their picks . Kmet gives them a better option to a be a every down TE than Jimmy Graham, and they run a lot of 2 TE sets, although I though it was a little high . I admit it was vital after moving on from the injury prone Trey Burton . Jaylon Johnson was a great value at a position of need for now and the long term . I expect him to be a day one starter, and if it weren't for playing through an injury to help his team chase a National Championship last season I believe he would have been a first rounder this year . DE Trevor Gipson in the 5th is a good value. I had him in the 4th . CB Kindle Vidor in the 5th was a round early in my estimation  , but he is feisty  ,and gets his hands on the ball a lot . WR Darnell Mooney was a 5th rounder for me as well and he has great speed . I didn't watch G Arlington Albright so that's on me, but I did watch the other guard ( Lachavious Simmons )they drafted in the 7th ,and I thought he was more of a priority free agent .They had some good picks, but I thought that they should have traded back and gathered more picks .

CINCINNATI  - A+ - You may say it's not hard to stand pat and take an obvious number one overall pick QB , but you would be wrong in this case , because they turned down a huge offer from the Dolphins to do so . The fact that he is from Ohio and can energize your fan base only make sit a smarter move . Tee Higgins is a potential long term number one WR , especially with a QB like Burrow that likes to make back shoulder throws and trusts his WR's to go make a play when they are singled up. Logan Wilson fills big need at LB, can cover, and has a high upside. The crazy thing is none of them have big character question marks. So maybe that's not a Bengal thing anymore. Maybe it was just always a Marvin Lewis thing . Akeem Davis Gaither is a speedy coverage LB, and is a good compliment to Wilson. In fact I had him rated ahead of Wilson on my board, and was shocked he feel to the early 4th because I had a late 2nd on him .They cured one position weakness in back to back picks , and both can cover , which is crucial in today's NFL . Edge Rusher Khaleed Kareem at the top of the 5th.  I had a 4th on him so good value. Has ideal frame, solid athleticism , and he's strong . Needs better instincts & read & recognition skills. , but he has the size to kick inside on passing downs .Hakeem Adeniji in the 6th. I had a late 4th on him . Fantastic steal here. Very twitched up athletic O-line prospect . Has just enough size to stick at tackle, right now he would better fit inside until he gets coached up. High upside / high floor guy for me. Maybe his medicals came back bad . I know he has had a couple of shoulder surgeries in his past , but the only think I can think to explain his fall . they stole LB Markus Bailey in the 7th . He has 2nd round tape, but I put him in the 4th because of his lengthy ( both ACL's and a hip surgery ) injury history . They got him in the 7th and he's starter if healthy . Bengals are killed it !

CLEVELAND - AThe Browns nailed it too . Almost all values, a lot of filled needs, and many should be heavy contributors this year . It would take a lot of injuries or locker room dysfunction to keep the browns out of the Playoffs this year . Jedrick Wills alone improves this offense vastly . He's a stud as both a run & pass blocker . Delpit can make plays in the passing game. Elliott is just a few technique refinements away from good starter, and if he really takes to coaching he's a pro bowl guy . Jacob Phillip is a tough guy downhill LB, and unlike their other LB's he is a good tackler . A little high, but I see the role they want him to play so it makes some sense . TE Harrison Bryant is the best TE in the draft in my opinion, but even though I expect  the Browns to run a lot of 2 TE sets this season it was a surprise in the 4th . After Baltimore traded Hayden Hurst to the Falcons the Browns now have the best TE group in the league . Picking up center Nick Harris in the 6th was a bargain as well . I had him at the top of the 4th . Their current center JC Tretter is 29 ,and his salary jumps up to 9.1 million next season so I get it .Donovan Peoples-Jones in the 6th is another steal . He is a great athlete, but he played in a run first offense in college with below average QB's . A lot of these picks aren't fill ins, they are upgrades over what they had .Still need a RG though .

DALLAS - A+Well, Cee Dee Lamb dropped into " Jerrah's " lap, and he caught him . It was a lesser need than some others . He could have traded back , taken a edge rusher or a corner , but he didn't . Dallas reportedly had 3 trade offers on the table at the time .He took the number 6 overall player on my board at pick # 17 !  He filled a need, he gave Dallas the best WR trio in the NFL , and he kept him from teams that needed him more . Like Conference rivals  Minnesota, , New Orleans & San Francisco . Most importantly it kept him away from the division arch rival Eagles . Then he snaggs Trevon Diggs in the 2nd . An experienced long rangy corner that is ideally suited to the cover 3 defense Dallas runs . If they had traded back in the first ,and K"Lavon Chaisson was off the board when their pick came up Diggs would have been a solid late first rounder for them . So back to back players that shouldn't have even been available fall to the Boys , and Jerry takes them with NO shenanigans . For a minute I thought maybe Jerrah is so isolated on the yacht that his WI-FI froze on my player rankings😜 Then he took Neville Gallimore over Jordan Elliott in the 3rd and ruined that dream. It's a solid pick, and if I was Dallas fan I would be cool with it, but Elliott would have been back-to-back-to-back home runs .CB Reggie Robinson in 4th, again I had a 3rd round grade on him . He's a big cover 3 zone guy . Same body type as Diggs just not as polished or physical right now .Then they traded up with Philly of all teams, and got a potential starting center in Tyler Biadasz with last pick of the 4th. He came into the year after off season surgery ,and his 2019 tape did not match the previous years ,  especially in pass pro .If he returns to his 2018 form he is a starting center in the NFL, and it's another great value . I had him as late 3rd at #107 on my board and he went at pick #146 . I know this is getting repetitive, but they nailed another pick in the late 5th . DE technician Bradley Anae was even higher than Biadasz on my board at #96, and they got him all they way down at #179. Developmental QB Ben Dinucci in the 7th was right where I had him so that's a solid pick too .Dallas is so up and down in the draft from year to year that you never quite what to expect, but I think this their best draft haul since 2005 . Will McClay is really the main man behind this draft, but Jerry used to have a habit of overruling his scouts or listening to some coaches who don't judge talent well . He didn't do that this time .I Never thought I would say these words to the now MR. JONES . You the King Jerry ! ♚

DENVER - B+ -  Jerry Jeudy is a slam dunk at a position of need . He gives them an elite weapon out of the slot to pair with the big bodied Courtland Sutton, and he can also use his speed and route running prowess outside . KJ Hamler at #46 is not something I like as he was at #92 on my board, and more a mid 3rd lottery ticket pick for me. . It's not because they took another WR either, because they needed more than one.The first 2 things I look for in a receiver are can they get open, and he can . The second is can he catch, and he can't . KJ is  small and had the worst hands ( 12 drops) of anybody that I watched this year . Hamler is potential big play weapon though , but at this point if he can't catch I have trouble believing he will suddenly learn how . I doubt it's for his return ability too. He is a solid kickoff return guy, but had no TD's there in 44 tries over the last 2 seasons . As punt returner he is less solid (33 tries , No TD's, and only a 6 yard average ) . I don't want a guy who can't catch returning punts for me anyway . Denzel Mims & Chase Claypool were still on the board just to name a couple, and both would have been great pick there instead. Ojemudia is a big , fast , physical corner that plays the run tough. I had him in the 4th , because his technique and instincts in coverage are raw, but I see the upside . Lloyd Cushenberry was  a bargain in the 3rd . I had a 2nd on him , and he fits a team that wants to run the ball. Plus they can plug him in at center or guard , DT Mctelvin Agim is another guy they took in the 3rd round that I had a 4th on . Although he can penetrate ,and he has a good motor .Then they came right back and took Albert O in the 4th , and I had in the late 3rd on him . LB Justin Strnaud in the 5th ( #178) is a value on my board, because I had him in the 4th at #146 overall . He can cover & play the run, but he already is going to be 24 this season  , and he also needs to be a more secure tackler . Netane Muti is a potential steal if he can stay healthy. He has great tape and would have in contention with Robert Hunt for the first guard off the board in the 2nd if it weren't for a myriad of injuries at Fresno ST. .I'm fine with WR Tyrie Cleveland in the 7th, because even though he hasn't shown a lot as a receiver in college, he has shown plenty on special teams . I had small school pass rusher in the top of the 5th , and think it was a steal to get him in the 7th . 

DETROIT - B+Yep. I said it.  The Lions did well . Not used to thinking this way. . Head hurts ....  . Anyway, it's not their fault that they couldn't get a sucker to come in an give them more picks and still be able to get Okudah . After there poor performance in this draft I'm shocked the Chargers didn't fall for it . Okudah gives them a new number one CB . He can play man to man well like Patricia wants, and he is worth the #3 overall pick . D'Andre Swift isn't a big need if Kerryon Johnson is healthy, but there running game went in the tank without him last season . Plus it's a first round value in the second round, and he is a do it all RB . Julian Okwara is value too, and he is so bendy. If he reaches his ceiling he is exactly what they need . So hit the weight room Julian . Jonah Jackson fills a big need inside, and he is the best pass blocking pure guard in the draft . Although Jonah should hit the weight room with Julian, and he especially needs to make himself acquainted with the squat rack .Love Logan Stenberg in the 4th too . Also a good pass blocking guard, but unlike Jackson he is just straight up nasty  ! A real old school slobber knocker . I expect him & Frank Ragnow will be best friends & open a sports bar together that doubles as a secret underground Fight Club. Shhhh ! Don't tell anyone though, because the first rule of fight club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB ! Power slot WR Quintez Cephas in the 5th looks like a bargain to me, as I had him in the 4th. He may not be the fastest but he has hops , great hands, knows how to use his body to screen defenders, and has a mean streak as a blocker. Plus Jeffrey Okudah admitted he was the best WR ( 7 catches for 122 ) he faced all year  . I  didn't watch RB Jason Huntley  . So I have no opinion about him as player, but another RB wouldn't have been a priority for me with so many players that could fill needs still on the board .I had NT John Penisini , and I had him in the 6th too . I also see the need there for a backup NT , because Danny Shelton can't play a ton of snaps without getting gassed , and all the teams in their division are now run heavy teams .I dont see the value of Jashon Cornell in the 7th myself . I had him as undrafted FA , and  I thought they were a lot of better players available .

GREEN BAY- DWhen a team in a championship window, a team that made it to the NFC Championship game last season doesn't seem interested in going for it it pisses me off . I am a fan of Aaron Rodgers ability on the field, but not a fan of his personality . I have to side with Rodgers here anyway. He needs WR's and a new RT at minimum . Maybe a TE . Something that helps him now . Does the Pack get him those things ? Nope, but they sure have backup QB and backup RB covered ?😡 Josiah Deguara is some help, but he's more blocker ( H-Back/FB/inline Y ) than weapon in the passing game right now . Also it was a round early for Deguara too . Plus Harrison Bryant & Adam Trautman were still on the board. Both are better blockers, receivers, and have a higher upside . They better hope Jace Sternberger is the man, although I will admit to like him plenty in last years draft . LB was a big need , but they didn't address it until the 5th round with Kamal Martin , and I had him in the 6th so I am OK with it . Although I had higher graded ILB's available on my board . They took guard Jon Runyan in the 6th . I had him in the 7th, and again had multiple better guards available on my board . I;mfin with Center Jake Hanson in the 6th, and he fits this zone running game .  I have no opinion on DB Vernon Scott because I have never even heard of him ,and didn't watch him . My bad .They did finish strong though . Jonathan Garvin was a late 4 for me, and to get a guy with this upside in the 7th is a steal in my book .In conclusion I didn't like their draft overall . In  probably the best WR class of Rodgers career they didn't draft any ! Are they trying to piss him off ? He's already a prickly dude, and I don't see the value of poking the bear unless you plan on trading him . The Pack had my lowest graded draft of the year .

HOUSTON - C - Oh Billy ! 
That's right . A dual cable guy /Midnight Express reference.  That's how bad a GM you are O'Brien . Even after the Deandre Hopkins screw up you found a way to disappoint us all some more. First you overpaid Randal Cobb. Then you traded a 2nd for Brandin Cooks . I guess I see some value here if he was cheaper, but he has a big contract, was relegated to the 3rd WR status by the Rams, and there is a reason people keep trading him . In the deepest WR, ( maybe ever) draft since 2014 at the least you brought in 2 overpaid WR's that look to be on the downside of their careers now. You could have taken any of the following WR's with the 40th pick ( Laviska Shenault, Chase Claypool, Denzel Mims )  and got a better , younger , cheaper player than Cooks .  Plus all 3 would give you some size at the position which you currently lack because you gave away Deandre Hopkins at a bargain price . Then at pick 58 you could have gotten any of these guys ( AJ Epenesa , Justin Madubuike, or Jordan Elliott ) I have 2 of the 3 ahead of Blacklock on my board, and Madubuike isn't far behind . Blacklock is a talented guy, but he is too boom or bust for me to take at pick #40 . Maybe JJ Watt's work ethic , motor, and  technical prowess will rub of on him . Your 3rd rounder Johnathan Greenard went right about where he should have , and in a weak edge class I thought he might be over drafted . So it's a solid pick , and fills a need . I am OK with John Reid in the 4th even though it's a little early . Good speed , quickness & fluidity  . Some punt returns in his past so special teams could help ,but he looks like a solid 4th corner to me right now , and he probably isn't going to get much better . Surprisingly better in man than zone despite his small size . 2 knee injuries in his past , and can play inside and out. WR Isaiah Coulter went in the the 5th which is where I had him . He's got some speed. but he needs to hit the weight room . Yes, they acquired some solid players, but their lack of picks is part of this ,and most of the time there were better players available at the positions they took .

INDIANAPOLIS - B - If you are fantasy football player right now it looks it like Jonathan Taylor landed in the best spot of all the top RB's. He went to the team with the best O-Line of all of those guys, and I think he should supplant Marlon Mack as their main runner quickly, otherwise why take him here ? WR Michael Pittman is a big possession receiver very similar to Keenan Allen that Phillip Rivers should be able to get in a good groove with very quickly .Pittman & Taylor are immediate upgrades that should play a significant part on this team right away .Julian Blackmon was 2 rounds too early for me, but they did need safety help , although with Terrell Burgess & K'von Wallace in the board it didn't make much sense to me . Eason and Pinter were good developmental guys that have a chance to become starters in time , and they went right about where I thought they would .Eason has a cannon and ideal size, but hopefully he can learn better poise & decision making from Rivers . Pinter is a very athletic small school college tackle that will have to get stronger and kick inside in the NFL to be effective .All their 6th rounders have some upside , but there were better players on the board when they made the pick . In Robert Windsor's case I even had his teammate Raequan Williams who plays the same position ranked ahead of him .Isaiah Rodgers was a priority free agent on my board  , and I had many other guys ranked ahead of him there . I did have Desmond Patmon in the 6th, but again had other WR's ranked higher then , but he has the big body Rivers prefers so it makes sense .Same thing with LB Jordan Glasgow . I had him in the 7th and had multiple LB's ranked higher . Their grade goes up some because trading their 1rst for Deforest Buckner is a great deal in my eyes . 

JACKSONVILLE- A -  The Jags surprised me in 2 ways. One- I thought they would be trading back a lot and building for next season. 2- They drafted really well. Even with CJ Henderson being a little high for me he was the consensus Number 2 corner in the draft, and the chances of him being there with there 2nd first rounder (#20) were minuscule. Needs to man up as tackler though , especially in a cover 3 defense . I love the Chaisson pick because this was a weak edge class after Chase Young, and he was my number 2 pure edge rusher in the draft . Plus  I really thought he would be gone by then, as both Atlanta & Dallas had a lot of interest in him . Also, unlike Yannick Ngakoue he is fighter at the point of attack in the run game . Shenault is a STEAL ! The number 16 overall player on my board, and the #4 WR in a historically deep WR class , but the 9th WR drafted. He is like a power RB with the ball in his hands & is so versatile. He was hurt a lot last season, and still wasn't healthy at the combine or he would have gone higher . A big upgrade over Marquis Lee in the slot . Davon Hamilton gives them a beefy NT to plug up the inside & push the pocket next to quick tackle Taven Bryan . Just a good job all around . Ben Bartch was another good value . I had him in the early 90's on my draft board, but must have accidentally deleted him when I was making changes to my final rankings . I had him going to Houston at pick 97 in my mock on April 17th. I use my rankings board to make my mocks, and since he wasn't there when I posted my Final top 255 I left him out of my final mock on April 23rd altogether . I didn't even realize until his pick went across my TV screen Saturday morning because I thought he had already been drafted . Then I realized I must have accidentally deleted him,because he wasn't even in my 4th round mock . I never heard him of him until the Senior Bowl, but he held his own there . I am glad they at least realized it. He dominated on his tape at a small school . Another great value( I had him the late 3rd at #101 and they got him in the 4th at #137) in slot CB Josiah Scott, and with AJ Bouye gone it fills another need .  They drafted LB Shaq Quartemain in the late 4th. I had him in the 5th , so no biggy, but Justin Strnad , Markus Bailey were better LB's still available with a 4th round grade in my book .The Jags took box Safety Daniel Thomas in the 5th, but I had a 7th on him. Too stiff or coverage in my book . Maybe they see him just as a special teams player . He's a hitter and he can run so I can see that working out for him .Collin Johnson is a 6"6" Plaxico Burress clone at WR. I have a 3rd on him. He was hurt this year and his stock really dropped, but he can be a great red zone target & jump ball specialist at the very least for any QB . There were first 6 picks were great . Collin Johnson & Jake Luton were great too, and other than Shaq Quarterman , who I thought was rounds too early I can see the point of all these guys except Thomas . Since I never watched Claybrooks the fault lies with me there .

KANSAS CITY - C+ - It's not that Edwards- Celaire isn't worth this pick, because he is, it's just I didn't think they needed to take him that high . They have a lot of needs for a Superbowl team, and cap problems, so more picks would help . I am pretty sure Clyde wouldn't have been drafted before #45 at the earliest to Tampa . So they should have been able to trade back to any spot before then to get draft capitol to help fill out there roster . He does fit this offense though, and I expect to see him plenty in the slot in addition to running the ball . Willie Gay was a bit of surprise to me . His talent warrants a selection that high ,especially in coverage, but his character issues & limited experience & tape made me think he would go later . I like the Lucas Niang pick in the 3rd . They run a lot of spread formation so he should fit right in . I think he would have been a 2nd rounder if he wasn't coming off shoulder surgery . He's a 3 year starter at RT , but needs to learn NFL pass blocking techniques and I think he could play left tackle once he is coached up and healthy . They took safety L'Jarius Sneed in the 4th at pick #138 . I had him in the 5th at #190 on my board . He can play some at both safety spots , and has some experience covering the slot too . Mike Danna is one trick pony to me . When he transferred to Michigan this year I expected more growth as a player . I had him in the 7th, and had a lot of higher ranked edge guys on my board when they took him . I didn't watch Bopete Keyes and have no opinion on him . My bad . 

LAS VEGAS - B- - I figure that Al Davis is the spirit animal of Gruden so he had to take the fastest WR at that spot . I would have taken Lamb or Jeudy myself, but he is still worth that pick so who cares ? Their second 1rst rounder is where they went off the rails for me . Arnette will be a 24 year old rookie with a long history of character problems this season . Lets hope having a child really did mature him, because while his tape this season was first round , he was also the 10th corner on my board. Plus I had him as a 3rd rounder because of the age & maturity issues in college . They could have traded back into the top of the 2nd , and definitely still got him . I don't have a problem with Lynn Bowden in the 3rd. He is agreat athlete and can do so many things for them . Buuuuttt  he was a QB in his high school career and went back to that this year to help his team . So he is still a work in progress as a WR/RB gadget guy . Bryan Edwards is worth a 3rd rounder too, but they had a lot more need than receiver on this draft , and they probably should have filled some of them here . Big safety Tanner Muse was a 6th on my board, and that's even with me thinking of him as more of a LB , which is what he will probably play in the NFL . Even if you account for his potential special teams value this was a huge over draft for me . Mayock sure loves Clemson players Speaking of Clemson players this next guy is a professional people mover . Guard John Simpson was a value in the 4th to me, because I had him in the 3rd , and I expect he will be a starter by next season .I had a 3rd on CB Amik Robertson , and he wasn't that far behind Arnette on my board . I think he will be a valuable player right away. If he wasn't hurt he might have went in the 2nd . No picks for rounds 5-7 . Same thing as last year with the raiders . They had a lot of high picks, acquired a lot of talent, but it could have been even better . Next year when they don't have so many picks they will need to get better at the draft overall . 

LA CHARGERS  - C - Sure . Taking Justin Herbert at #6 makes sense, but I have feeling after Tua was off the board they could have traded back some and still got him, because I doubt Jacksonville would have taken him . Carolina definitely wouldn't have , and I think the Raiders proved that they were dead set on taking a WR . Unless the Patriots or Packers traded up for him they might have been able to trade all the way back to #16 with Atlanta .  Still a solid & necessary pick so I get it. The dumbest trade in the draft goes to the Chargers next,. You trade your 2nd & 3rd to get back into the first and take a off the LB ?  Plus he wasn't even better than Patrick Queen who dropped right into the Ravens laps 5 choices later . This team isn't one player away do it was just plain dumb .He better be ready to play and kill it as a rookie or that was a big mistake . No left tackle or any O-Lineman ever drafted to help out the rookie  QB . Josh Kelly in the 4th is OK with me , although I thought there were better backs on the board . He is a physical runner who doesn't fumble , but he lacks wiggle, although they do get that from Ekeler . WR Joe Reed in the 5th is fine with me too, because that's where I had him graded . He has size & speed, and can return kicks  .I had safety Alohi Gilman in the 5th and they got him for a good value in the 6th. KJ HIll was the best pick of their whole draft my opinion , and they got him in the 7th .I had him in the 3rd because the guy just separates, and he played at Ohio St. so he played against good competition too. Made some DB's look silly at the Senior Bowl practices . That over trade for Murray galls me so much I dropped them to a overall C grade .

LA RAMS - C+ - When you trade away so many of your future picks , and hand out big contracts left & right you better win, and you have to be right about the guys you paid . The Rams lost that bet, and now I am not even sure if they are a playoff team . I'm cool with Cam Akers in the 2nd, although I think JK Dobbins would have been a better pick, but I am intrigued to see how good he can be with even decent blocking . He was productive without it at Florida ST.  , and his chops in the passing game make him a fit for this team . Van Jefferson reminds me a lot of Cooper Kupp , but they got him in the 2nd , and I expected him to go in the 3rd where I had him. He is a great route runner & polished receiver , ,and the 3rd is the same round they snagged Kupp in . Edge rusher Terrell Lewis is worth the risk in the 3rd, because he would have been a sure fire 1rst rounder if not for his injury history . Although I am not sure if a team that lacks depth should be taking injury prone guys . I love safety Terrell Burgess in the late 3rd . He was better than some safeties that went ahead of him . He can play either safety spot, but I think he's better in the box & covering the slot . TE Brycen Hopkins was a round early to me, and it shocks me a guy who's dad wasa  Pro Bowl OT is such a disappointment as a blocker . I had safety Jordan Fuller in the 7th. He 's a team captain and smart , but doesn't make enough splash plays . Although he did make a lot of tackles , but they were often farther down the field than they could have been made . LB Clay Johnston was a 5th for me, and they got him in the 7th . So Good value , but I expected them to address off the ball LB much earlier . I don't know anything about kickers . I had G Tremayne Anchrum in the 7th too. All his starts in college were at OT , but a move inside might work out better for him . Surprised that they didn't do more for the aforementioned off the ball LB spot , and that they didn't draft an OT at all . 

MIAMI - B - If Tua's healthy it's a slam dunk pick at #5 , but there is a reason they kept trying to trade up to number one to get Burrow . That's my only worry with him, because he's a franchise QB if he can stay on the field. I don't like the Austin Jackson pick, although I understand it . With all the draft capitol they have I felt they should have trades up into the top 10 to get either Wills, or Becton .  There were higher rated OT's on my board at #18 too . I had a 3rd on Jackson off his tape, but I think his tape would have been better if he hadn't spent the off season saving his sisters life by giving her bone marrow transplants . I've said it before , but it bears repeating . BEST BROTHER EVAH ! Noah Igbinoghene was another big overdraft for me , although I like his tape . I just like it in the 3rd round . He was the 11th corner on my board , and the 5th drafted . Robert Hunt was a little high for me, but I don't care , because he was my highest rated guard of the guys I expect to play guard in the NFL . Although he played RT the last 2 years  , and it is conceivable that with some technique refinement he could still play there in the NFL .I also love the fact that unlike the Chargers they recognize that they have a bad O-line ,and are investing in protecting their young QB . Raekwon Davis is a round early for me. His tape has gone down hill 2 years running, and it's not because of injures . He has all the talent in the world, but unless he improves as a pass rusher I think it was an over draft . Same thing with safety Brandon Jones . I had him in the 4th , and they took him in the 3rd . They play a lot of man , and he is better in zone to me . Guard Soloman Kindley is a big mauler, but I had him in the 7th because he is so sloppy & his balance sucks . I would have to teach him how to block from scratch , and that would take awhile. So a huge over draft on my board , and so may better guards available, even guys who play the game the same way like Logan Stenberg & Kevin Dotson . I like Jason Strowbridge in the 5th, because I had him in the 4th, and I think he really showed at The Senior Bowl  that with a move inside he could be a better pass rusher . I don't care that Curtis Weaver isn't a great athlete in the 5th . He's bendy , and a productive pass rusher . I had him in the 3rd ,and think that a NFL strength &  conditioning program could turn him into a Pro Bowl player . I don't know anything about grading long snappers , but if he is a good one he is worth a 6th round pick. I have seen multiple good ones play 10 years in the NFL doing nothing else . Navy QB Malcolm Perry is intriguing . He is probably going to be a RB/WR - return guy in the NFL . However he is a threat with the ball in his hands , and I think he could make it if he is allowed to play in the NFL, and the current President seems to have made that possible . The Fins draft is a lot like the Raiders draft . They had a lot of high picks, and acquired a lot of talent, but it could have been even better . If Tua's healthy and all their new players jell well I think they are a playoff team now. Plus they have a ton of picks next year too . So in that way they are ahead of the Raiders in the long haul . 

MINNESOTA - A - When the Viking started this draft I saw it as rebuilding year, because they lost so many players on defense in free agency, and they traded Stefon Diggs too. Now it looks like they are reloading instead . They nailed their first 7 picks. They all filled a need , and Cleveland & Dantzler are huge values as well . Dantzler was my 3rd overall corner , and he shut down Jamarr Chase unlike multiple corners who went ahead of him even though Chase ate their lunch . Looked good against Alabama's quartet of great receivers too . They got 2 legitimate starting corners after losing 3 to free agency and cap casualties .Considering how bad last years corners played it may actually be an upgrade. Ezra Cleveland was higher on my board, than first rounder Austin Jackson, and with some time in the weight room he could be a huge upgrade at LT , especially as a pass blocker .They swapped out Diggs for a similar , but cheaper player who isn't bitching . That potential upgrade at left tackle can also be a upgrade at LG if they kick Reiff inside.  I expect they will be competing for the playoffs again . DJ Wonnum on the edge has a huge upside outside even if it's a little early for him on my board. James Lynch on the other hand is big value( they got him at pick #130 and I had him rated at # 95) and can help out in 2 ways  . He can play the strong side end position on run downs and kick inside to outquick interior blockers on passing downs . He was more effective on the edge last year though . LB Troy Dye has similar skill set to Anthony Barr, although he is not as good as a pass rusher right now , but he led the Ducks in tackles all 4 year in college. He is a long fast LB that can cover and he plays through pain  . I have a high 6th on Harrison Hand , and they took him in the 5th, but I I'll say say if anyone knows DB's it Zimm . I had a 7th on KJ Osborn and they took him in the 5th. Nothing stands out to me on his tape other than some speed , and ability as a return man . I didn't watch Blake Brandel so my bad . I had a 7th on safety Josh Metellus , and liked his 2018 tape a lot better . Although he is a physical guy that can help out immediately on special teams . Kenny Willekes is great value to me off the edge in the 7th because I had him in the 5th. He lacks ideal length & twitch, but he has been very productive in college & has good technique . QB Nate Stanley has a great frame and strong arm, but his accuracy leaves a lot to be desired . I had him in the 7th too, but with his tools if they can sharpen him up he could be a great pick in time . I also didn't watch safety Brian Cole so I have no opinion on him . Washburn tackle Kyle Hinton is an intriguing guy . I didn't put him on my board because I only do that with players that I have seen a minimum of 3 games on , and I only could find one of his . He is athletic , and was great on that small school tape, but will probably have to move to guard in the NFL.  This is the kind of draft that can carry a team for years down the road .

NEW ENGLAND - C+ -  Trading out of the first and getting picks is typical Patriots . Don't have a big problem with Kyle Dugger where they took him, but with Grant Delpit & Antoine Winfield on the board I think it was mistake .  Even if was just to fill the box Patrick Chung role Winfield would have been a much better choice for me . Traded back into the 2nd to get Josh Uche is good with me because the Patriots love to get guys that can both rush the passer off the edge & play off the ball LB . Although he is still a work in progress as an off the ball guy . It was a big need after losing both Jamie Collins & Kyle Van Noy in free agency . Anfernee Jennings in the 3rd is 2 rounds too high for me, but since he will play a similar role for the Pats to the one he played in Alabama I can see maybe 4th round value to their defense . He just doesn't make enough splash plays to go that high in my book . TE Devin Asasi was a round early for me too, and I would have taken Harrison Bryant instead, but I think they wanted a guy with inline Y size so it's a fit. Asasi is gong to need a lot more practice & technique work as both a blocker & route runner to justify this pick early, but the upside is definitely there .  TE Dalton Keene in the late 3rd was far more baffling to me . I like him, but in the early 6th . He has inline Y size & good hands , and is also a willing blocker, but he also needs a lot of technique work as a blocker too . I have no idea about kickers, but they did need one . Guard Michael Onwenu in the 6th is good value because I had him in the 5th . He is a huge guy with a great anchor & long arms for a guard, but I think losing 20 pounds would give him a better chance to be a starter .  Guard Justin Herron was 7th rounder for me and they took him in the 6th . He's twitchy , but needs to get stronger to become a starter . Caash Maluia is the other Wyoming LB. I had him as an undrafted FA, and he will have to make the roster on special teams. Lucky for him the Pats value special teams more than anyone . I didn't watch Dustin Woodard from Memphis , and so I have no opinion on him . My bad .I hope they sign or trade for a veteran QB . It's really hard for me to picture them as a playoff team right now, unless Stidham has made a huge jump up his off season . Shocked that they didn't even address QB in the later rounds of the draft .

NEW ORLEANS - B - Shocked when they took Carlos Ruiz in the first . They just resigned LG Andrus Peat to big ( unearned in my opinion ) new contract . Last years first rounder Erik McCoy, who can also play center or guard just came off a great rookie season . RG Larry Warford is coming off a good season too . Unless they are going to trade one those guys or there is an unknown to me medical issue with one of them I don't get it . At least he was my top rated interior guy in this draft , and if they had traded back out of the first they probably  wouldn't have gotten him . Drew Brees does struggle more from gut pressure than off the edges though so I can see the lesser need for depth there . Maybe they will run a lot of jumbo packages with 6 O-Lineman on the field this year , or use him some at full back. Zack Baun was a steal in the 3rd for me as I had him as the 33rd overall player and thought there was a 50/50 chance he would go in the first, but I guess that diluted drug test sample at the combine pissed off teams more than I thought it would . He can play off ball, and rush the passer off the edge or on gut blitzes . So he is a potential big help to this team that is in a division with pass happy offenses . They traded up for him , and gave a 3rd next season to do it ,and in doing it showed once again that they are ALL IN to win now. Green Bay's front office could learn a lot from the Saints .Adam Trautman is also solid value , and while I had him in the 3rd too, he was the 79th player on my board, and they got him at the end of the 3rd at spot # 105 . High upside and fills a need . Tommy Steven is dual threat QB in the 7th, and he's toolsy, but not a great passer right now . If they hadn't resigned Taysom Hill to a new expensive 2 year deal I would have thought that they were grooming him for a similar role . Now I have no idea what their plan I for him . 

NY GIANTS - B+ They took Andrew Thomas , the best OT in the draft on my board at # 4 , and he can play both sides. He also makes their last 2 top picks - RB Saquon Barkley & QB Daniel Jones better. Xavier McKinney is the best safety in the draft, and I have a 1rst round grade on him  . They got him in the 2nd round , and he can play either safety spot & cover the slot well. They are different types of players, but the value is similar to Landon Collins in the 2nd a few years back.  OT Matt Peart has arm length like that guy from the fantastic 4. He is still a little raw, and needs to get stronger, but he's got a huge frame & a high upside. He's at least a quality swing tackle right now . They got him right about where I had him rated , but I admit I thought he would be over drafted based on his measureables .Since Thomas can play either tackle spot they can decide whether or not to flip Nate Solder to the right side this season . Next year if they want to dump Solders pricey contract they can decide where Peart is most comfortable ,and Thomas can play the other tackle spot . CB Darney Holmes is another bargain on my board . I had him rated ahead of Peart in the 3rd round . He's only average height, but he's feisty, athletic, and gets his hands on the ball .Plus he can play inside & out . Taking guard Shane Lemieux in the 5th is another value. He should improve their running game when ever he's playing, but he still needs some work in pass pro  ,although I like him enough to grade him in the 4th .Selecting rangy LB Cam Brown in the 6th is about upside . I have him in the 5th, and believe that a year in NFL weight & meeting rooms should allow him to build up enough size and football IQ to be a potential high end starter . All these picks help now and long term. Their first 6 Picks were great, but after that it was four 7th rounders that were all developmental guys or special teams players  . I had a priority free agent grade on Brunson .A 7th on Crater Coughlin . Didn't watch Chris Williamson of Minnesota ,and therefore have no opinion of  him . LB Tae Crowder looks like a potential core special teams guy if he makes the team .

NY JETS - B+ - Taking freak of nature behemoth Mekhi Becton must have made Sam Darnold sleep easier on draft night .His upside is spectacular, and while he needs some work on his pass blocking technique & to keep his weight in check he is a large upgrade over what would probably have been George Fant at LT .I though they had made a mistake at # 48 when they traded back and passing on Denzel Mims , but he fell into their lap at #59  so it's a smooth move . Mims has almost unlimited upside , and if he takes to coaching he could be their number one WR pretty quickly .I was surprised by Ashtyn Davis in the 3rd, because even though he's worth that pick , safety doesn't seem like a need to me . There was talk of them trading Stud Jamal Adams leading up to the draft, but nothing has come of it so far .Maybe they are planning on playing a lot of big nickle ( 3 safeties ) this season . Jabari Zuniga is solid pick in the 3rd and they needed help on the edge . He needs to become more consistent , polished,and stay healthy .  The flashes are there on tape though . RB LaMichael Perine is 2 rounds too early for me , and I thought they were a lot of of better RB's available there, but he is a power runner who can block & catch so I can see it working out long term  . His vision and inability to make people miss are why I had him so low . QB James Morgan was 2 rounds early for , and even though QB's tend to go earlier than they should I thought he was 7th rounder until his good showing during East /West shrine week . Cameron Clarke is a good value to me in the 4th because I had him in the 3rd  . He will probably be moved inside to guard in the NFL, but he has the feet, balance, and arm length to stay outside . Bryce Hall was a STEAL to me. I had him in the 2nd based off his tape, and thought he could have been a first rounder if he would have entered last years draft  Maybe his ankle injury is a bigger worry than I thought , but even if he has to redshirt this season the 5th is a bargain  . Don't know anything about Punters, but I heard from more than one knowledgeable draft guy that he was so good in college that he might go a round earlier . 

PHILADELPHIA - A  The Eagles kind of surprised me taking Jaeln Raegor instead of Justin Jefferson, but I had a 1rst round grade on him so who cares ? In addition to being a potential Steve Smith SR. clone he is also a dynamite return man . Having an actual accurate QB like Wentz will be a shock for him though . I like Jalen Hurst more than most, ,and I am not mad at them for taking him in the 2nd. He can play a Taysem Hil role as the backup to Wentz right now, which gives him real value even when he's not playing QB, and since Carson IS injury prone I get it . Not to mention that they won a Superbowl with a backup QB already so lay off Howie Rozeman  . If Wentz gets hurt again you will all think him a genius, just like last time, and you could still win games with him as a starter.  Most teams can't say the same about their backup QB . In fact the different looks he would give your offense would give defensive coordinators a lot of other stuff to worry & game plan about . It would take them weeks to adjust , and by then Wentz might be back already. I thought Davion Taylor was a round early . He is very athletic, almost like a big safety , but he is so raw & new to the game . So he is a better athlete than football player right now , but he does have a high upside .If you flipped his draft spot with 4th rounder K'Von Wallace it would make more sense . I had a 3rd on him and they got him in the mid 4th . He can play the slot or safety so he possibly fills 2 needs .Jack Driscoll is also great value in the 4th . Whether he is your swing tackle or has to fill in if Lane Johnson gets hurt again . I had him in the 3rd at #98 and he went in the 4th at the next to last pick # 145 .Fills a need too .Kind of surprised by the trade with Dallas on the next pick though . I remember the Eagles thinking it was a good idea to trade back with the Cowboys when Anthony Spencer was in the draft . It wasn't because Spencer became a great run defender & a solid pass rusher in time . I know they got Kevin Kolb out of that trade, but I don't remember what they did with the other picks. Kolb did not play that well in my opinion , but they did fleece Arizona when they traded him to them . So maybe it did work out long term, but I am one hundred percent certain that I can distinctly remember Anthony Spencer sacking McNabb in a playoff game . Lets just say I think  letting them draft Tyler Biadasz is mistake in my opinion . If he is fully healthy this year and returns to his 2018 form he should be a starter for them. WR John Hightower in the 5th is a 4th round value for me. Great speed as a deep threat .In the 6th Shaun Bradley - LB - Temple is a mystery to me. Didn't watch him so I have no idea .Their last 3 picks were all good values as well .WR Quez Watkins was a 5th on my board, and they got him in the 6th . Prince Tego Wanogho would have went rounds higher if he was healthy, and I had him as a solid 3rd anyway, and they stole him in the late 6th .even if his knee causes a redshirt year, it's a bargain and he could be the eventual replacement for Lane Johnson down the road, .Edge player Casey Toohill was a 5th for me , and I believe heisi just the icing on the cake in a great draft for the Birds . When you get this much value with your later picks then you can afford to take a high end backup QB in the 2nd . You the man Howie . If not for the trade with Dallas , and Davion Taylor pick I would have given them an A+ . 

PITTSBURGH - B -  I didn't think Chase Claypool filled a big need, but he's worth that pick, and after his " Megatronesqe " combine he could have went even higher than #49 . He can help them at  WR, TE, and special teams so I actually loved it the more I thought about it .  I thought Alex Highsmith was a round early, but there is upside here, and they needed to draft someone to develop on the edge because I doubt they pay Bud Dupree what he wants long term . Plus it gives Dupree less leverage if he plays well this season . I had RB Anthony McFarland a round later in the 5th, but guys with game breaking speed & his ability to make you miss rarely last very long .Guard Kevin Dotson not only first this team , but he also fits this city . A physical hard nosed nasty people mover at the LOS , and with a little technique refinement he should be a starter early. Safety Antoine Brooks looks more like a fit at LB on tape to me, but he can play safety with a jump in his football IQ . I had him in the 5th , and they got him a round later so good value . Has leadership traits & physical play style for special teams too .Carlos Davis in the 7th is a high upside twitchy interior D-Lineman with some hand fighting skill. He will need to learn to play low & become more consistent to become a starter, but I had him in the 6th . This is a possible booming lottery pick if he takes to NFL coaching well . 

SAN FRANCISCO- B- - Javon Kinlaw was a great pick . Not only is he one of the few players in this draft that has a legitimate chance of replacing PRO Bowler Deforest Buckner , but it was even better because they only moved down one spot and got an extra 4th rounder to pick him . My Problem with their draft starts with their 2nd first round pick. The 49ers entered the draft without a 2nd, 3rd , or 4th round pick .Then the traded up a little from the bottom of the first to take Brandon Aiyuk. Good pick , but now they traded the 4th they got from Tampa & their 5th to move up a little . So they had no picks for the next 4 rounds . They traded explosive RB Matt Breida to Dolphins for a 5th round later . I had a 7th on Mckivitz because he is ALWAYS too high at the snap, and he lacks the feet& athleticism to play outside . So he needs at least a year in the weight room too before he can contribute , and playing lower is even more important inside. Plus there were better players at both positions available when they took him . So they if they weren't going to trade farther back with one of their 1rst to get more picks than they should have gone ALL IN now and traded more picks from next years haul to get back in. They did do that a little when they traded a 5th this year, and a 3rd next year to get Trent Williams . If he's healthy it's a great deal, and vital to their title aspirations because ALL Decade tackle Joe Staley retired . Their were better TE's and fullbacks on the board when they took Charlie Woerner in the 6th too . Jauan Jennings in the 7th was a steal though . He is one of the most physical runners after the catch I have ever seen , and runs like the defense stole something from him, and he wants to punish them for it . So all in all it was solid, but they still have some holes in the secondary and interior O-Line that weren't addressed .

SEATTLE - C+ - I'm staring to think the Seahawks main goal in the first round is to shock us all , and take a guy with a 2nd round grade whenever they don't trade back. I like him too, but his current lack of coverage ability & tendency to take the cheese is a worry  . I had Jordan Brooks in the late 2nd at number 62 overall . Darrel Taylor was a round early for me, but I expected him to go in the 2nd because of his tools & frame . Plus he he fits their player profile . Damien Lewis in the early 3rd is a great fit for this run heavy team . A nasty run blocker, and I had him in the late 2nd myself . I had TE Colby Parkinson in the 4th as well, and since this team runs so many 2 TE sets I get it. Plus considering Will Dissly's injury history drafting to him to compliment Jake Hollister makes plenty of sense to me . I had RB DJ Dallas in the 7th , and they took him in the 4th, but the Seahawks seem to have better history drafting late . So it's 3 rounds too early to me, because I had him in the 7th . He is a physical RB though and you see people bounce off him sometimes, but he needs to run lower to make it in the NFL .  There were a lot of higher rated backs on  my board when they took him but his physical running style does fit this team .Edge Alton Robinson was a solid value in the 5th for me, because I had him in the late 4th . I had Freddie Swain in the 7th, and took him with the last pick in the 6th so no big reach or anything. This was the only year he did much as a receiver in 4 years of college , and it was in the slot .He has good hands, speed, YAC ability, and he can return punts . So I am good with it . WR Stephen Sullivan is TE sized, and that's where he will have to take his big long armed frame to make it in the NFL. He's going to have to get stronger to pull it off . Maybe a year on the practice squad spent mostly in the weight room & learning how to block can make that happen . I had him int he 7th and they took him near the bottom of so it's not a reach . Every team draft's for their system , but the Seahwaks are team that tends to do better with their later picks than they do with their higher ones / I almost never grade them highly because of it, but they keep on winning thanks to Russell Wilson's ability pull a rabbit out of a hat . He is one of the few QB's in the league that have gotten new contracts in the past few years who isn't overpaid ., and they would be picking in the top 10 without him . Maybe they would get that first rounder at a good value .

TAMPA BAY - B+ - I don't care that they gave up a 4th to move up one spot and get the last of the top 4 OT's . It was worth it to make sure they got him , and even though I think he would be a better fit at guard he will be an upgrade over any OT on their roster at either tackle spot . Plugging him in at RT makes them even more of a title contender than they were already . Antoine Winfield is an upgrade at safety too, and if he didn't have his injury history he would have went in the first round, because his tape this year was the best of all the draft eligible safeties . So 2 picks , and 2 upgraded starting position at areas of need already . I think RB Keysawn Vaughn was around early because he is an indecisive runner who spends to much time looking for the home run instead taking what he can get as a runner, but Brady relies on RB's that excel in the passing game, and Vaughn can catch & block . I had WR Tyler Johnson at the top of the 4th, and they got him in the 5th . He is a great route runner who can make contested catches out of the slot, and move the chains .Khalil Davis is like a slightly smaller version of his twin brother Carlos who went a round later to the Steelers . I had him in the 6th too, and they needed and interior pass rusher so why not take one with great upside. He will need to learn to play low & become more consistent to become a starter, but this is a possible booming lottery pick if he takes to NFL coaching well . Not only did I not watch LB Chapelle Russell, I had never even heard him of him until he was drafted, so that's on me . Although if his first & last names were reversed ,and he was related to Dave Chapelle I would tell him his relative is a genius comedian who has made me laugh so hard I actually threw up once because I couldn't get any oxygen . They got Raymond Calais in the 7th, and I had the RB in the 4th so STEAL! He has never been the primary running option in college ,and so he should have no problem in a tandem role. Explosive big play ability ,and a kick returner too . 

TENNESSEE -  B+ - I have massive RT Isaiah Wilson in the 2nd round on my board, but I predicted that he would go to Tennessee with this pick because he fits this run first offense, and he was a 2 year starter at RT in a very similar run heavy pro style offense. He needs to play lower in pass pro though, otherwise he will get bull rushed all day no matter how big he is . I think Kristian Fulton was bargain at pick 61 in the 2nd . I had him in the 2nd too, but about 16 spots higher at #45  . His tape was too steady over a long period of time to fall that far, and he gives them something they don't currently have and that's size at corner for a player who should play a lot . RB Darrynton Evans went in the 3rd where I had him , and he should be able to be at least a capable backup for Derick Henry because his psychical running style fits this offense . I had DT Larell Murchinson in the 4th so good value , and he should at least help their interior pass rush . I had QB Cole Mcdonald in the 6th so good value in the 6th and I truly believe he has a starters upside with some NFL coaching .Not only did I not watch DB Chris Jackson, I had never even heard him of him until he was drafted, so that's on me . 

WASHINGTON - B - You can't mess up the Chase Young pick, and they didn't . Just an elite edge prospect ,and either the first or 2nd prospect behind Burrow on everyone's board I can name .They got some help at WR, ans a potential LT of the future if he can stay out of trouble and put football first . A possible future center too , but their late round picks and failure to draft even one TE limits their overall grade . I thought RB/WR hybrid Antonio Gibson was about a round and a half early at the top of the 3rd . Looks like a big RB , but still raw with very few touches in college .Speed, power, and some wiggle . Potential big play guy with kick return ability too so think Cordarelle Patterson and your in the right ball park.  They need a LT badly, because Trent Williams wasn't coming back and they got probably all they could for him ( a 5th this year & a 3rd in 2021 ) after he sat out a whole season , and he killed some of their leverage by making it clear they had to trade him. Since he wasn't so mouthy about a new contract when he got away from the skins it could work out for both teams, but Saahdiq Charles will have a lot to say about that. His tape this year says 2nd round, but he flunked so many drug test for weed in college that they had to suspend him . So this could be an addiction Randy Gregory type thing just at a different position . They leagues new weed policy should help him, but if he really loved the game he would have already pulled a honey badger , and made it clear that he had moved on from it a long time ago . Plus he looks lazy at times ,especially in the run game, and I wondered if maybe he was high on those snaps? Cost himself a lot of money thanks to weed, and even with the new drug policy he should give it up if he is committed to being a great player . He doesn't have ideal LT arm length, but his feet make it doable in my eyes . I has a late 3rd on WR Antonio Gandy Golden, and they got him in the late 4th so good value. A huge WR with a huge catch radius , but he needs to play with more physicality at that size . Center Keith Ismael was also a 5th rounder on my board, and if they stick with a zone blocking scheme he is a good fit here . I had LB Khaleke Hudson in the 6th, and they got him in the 5th so a little high . I didn't watch safety Kamren Curl, and he's an SEC player so reeeeaaaallllllly my bad . 7th rounder James Smith-Willams is twitched up toolsy lottery ticket type , and I had him in the 7th too . The fact that they didn't draft a single TE when they went into the draft with just career backups Jeremy Sprinkle, Richard Rodgers , and Logan Thomas at TE is kind of scary . They did sign Thaddeus Moss as an undrafted FA ,and I had a 4th on him because of his upside , but this about about their draft picks . All in all a solid B , but it could have been a lot better . 

Team Draft Rank Order