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51. Daryl Washington-LB- TCU- Played inside in college but many teams see him as an OLB in the pros. That is part of the reason he could fall this far, but he seems a steal this late. If given less responsibilities and a chance to just run to the ball at weakside OLB as a rookie he could start right away . Can make plays all over the field with his speed and at least he doesn't lack a motor . With more work on his diagnostic skills he could play inside as well. His instincts are decent but his football IQ is below average for someone playing in the middle of a defense. Add that he doesn't take on blockers well and needs to pack on size and everything points to a position change. A high level athlete who still has lot to learn about football but who is already a top flight special teamer with a huge upside. Is also athletic enough to cover the deep middle in a tampa 2,but still has a lo tot learn about playing the pass despite having fluidity to cover. .- NFL comparison- Nick Barnett- GB

52. T. Alualu- DE/DT- CAL-Has really shined since the season ended. Played 3-4 end at CAL but it looks to most like 4-3 DT is his best position. Showed off his strong motor and penetrating abilities at the senior bowl and has been rising up draft boards steadily. He may go much higher to team that loss out on the premium DT's in this draft. Stout against the run and gets into his man with force even though he lacks an elite 1rst step. Strong and plays with leverage. Needs to play with better balance but he very explosive and athletic for a near 300 pounder. Can still play some 3-4 end and that position versatility is another reason he could go as high as the top of the 2nd round. wasn't as productive as he should have been in college but many teams beleive it was becasue he was playing out of position.-NFL COMP-Domata Peko-CINC

53. Corey Wootton- DE- NWestern. - A tall 4-3 end with the frame to get big enough and be a 3-4 end if he adds a little more weight , but some think him a 3-4 OLB candidate, . I he really is 6 ft. "7" there is little chance of him being a 3-4 LB, as I have heard some people say , and he doesn't look quick enough on film anyway. Came back from a major knee injury( torn ACL) last year and that's the only reason I think he drops into the 2nd round. Also had a neck injury as a freshman, and an ankle in jury this year, but returned to form after all 3 .A team leader and a smart player who reads & reacts well, who can hold the POA well 1 v 1, although he could hold the point even better if he bulked up some more. Better at trying to shoot gaps and go around his blocker. Needs to keep his pads low with more consistency and doesn't do as well against the double team. Multiple moves rushing the passer on the outside, but nothing special in his first step and closing speed . If he does pack on some more mass and become a 3-4 end he would also be able to move inside on passing downs.Has a good motor everywhere, but doesn't look like a superstar type.I think he will be a productive player in the NFL if used right .The only question is at what position and in what scheme. -NFL comparison- Justin Smith- SF
-UPDATE- A steady low floor guy who can at the very least be a good strong side 4-3 end and with a little more size a weakside 3-4 end. More straight line speed than speed than we expected . His motor and football I~Q make him worth a late 2nd /early 3rd round pick, despite past knee injuries.- down from # 42

54. Colt McCoy-QB-TEX- Ridiculous college numbers are often discounted by NFL scouts , especially if they are derived from any version of the spread offense. The past struggles of Alex Smith and Vince Young won't help his case ,even though both have had some success lately, but college QB's coming from the shotgun usually need more time than usual to develop. So a team with a veteran QB that they still might think( that doesn't mean they really should all still be played) is playable( Seattle, Carolina, STL. , Minn. come to mind quick) that will need a QB in a year or 2 is more likely to take McCoy. McCoy is smaller than the other two , but a similar type athlete. Very accurate but only has an average arm. Did play at a big time program with experience against top notch opposition, and was a winner against that top competition. How tall he really is( listed at 6"3") will be a major factor in his draft status. If's he's 6"1" or shorter he probably won't go in the top 50 picks. If he is at least 6"2" he's a good bet to go in the top 40. If he really is 6"3" it's likely he goes in the 1rst round and he could sneak into the top 15.- NFL comparison- Jeff Garcia- Retired.
-UPDATE- Measured in at only a little over 6"1" and 216 pounds at the combine. Looked ok once he finally healed for his proday, but unless he's in a west coast offense he may take awhile to be productive. Still very accurate ,and a strong leader & athlete for the QB position, but he will need to learn the pro game and to read NFL defenses. A solid developmental prospect for a team that is already set at QB for the next year or 3. Still since he can't play in every scheme and his delivery needs tweaking he is only worth a low 2nd or high 3rd round pick to most teams currently.If he was completely healthy teams would have had a better chance to fall in love with him. As is he could be anything from a high 2nd to a low 3rd rounder.- down from # 36

55. Navarro Bowman-OLB-Penn st.- You watch him on tape and it looks like he is everywhere on the field. That's because he is. Flows to the ball smoothly. Scrapes and runs around most blocks. Not the best stack and shed guy yet, but he scrapes well and brings it to the ball carrier with a thump. Good speed and is improving in coverage even if he is still a bit stiff, but his diagnostic skills are still a lot better vs the run. Some off the field questions too. Probably a 4-3 guy only, unless he gets bigger. NFL comparison- Ernie Simms- Detroit Lions
- UPDATE- Well he got bigger. If he's protected it looks like he might be able to play inside in the NFL as well now. Off the field concerns knocked him down, but with the right coaching he could be special. At least a nickle linebacker and solid special teamer , so he's worth the risk here.
-down from # 30

56. Roger Saffold-OT- IND- A highly athletic OT with the feet to play the blindside, but his arms are a little shorter than ideal . Lacks the strength to impose his will on bigger defenders just yet, but with more time in the weight room he could be do the job. In a zone scheme he might be able to contribute as a rookie, but he would be a project for other teams just yet. Usually does well against speed rushers as he gets off the ball quickly ,and consistently plays to the whistle.Excellent at the second level and athletic enough to make reach blocks. Overall he plays well when his technique is sound , but he is inconsistent with his balance, leverage, and leg drive. Needs more coaching and time in the weight room, but he has all the tools to start at least one OT spot down the road. Took over as a starter at LT halfway through his freshman year and excelled at the east west shrine game, but still doesn't have a big track record against top competition. Bottom line on him is this . He usually gets the job done, but if he gets bigger and stronger he could be an upper tier OT - NFL comparison- Joe Staley- SF

57.Damian Williams- WR-Southern Cal- Another guy expected to come out early, and in his case I don't see why not. Unless he can make him self a lot faster than he looks on tape his senior year, there isn't a lot for him to work on. He's fast but not a burner top speed wise, although he separates as good as anyone in this draft, and is the best route runner of them all. Plants his foot and explodes out of his breaks. If he runs a sub 4.6 forty he's at least a 2nd round value because he will be able to get open in the NFL, but my guess is he's easily faster than that . More a quick in the short area guy, but he has some run after the catch abilty despite the lack of blazing long speed. Might also provide some return value, at the very least as a reliable punt returner in the NFL.Good hands , a high football IQ, and a low floor. Has the look of at least an above average# 2 possession receiver, but could be a # 1 with a little more physicality and speed.-NFL comparison- Steve Smith- NYG
-UPDATE- A Safe pick for any team needing receiver help. The kind of guy who is a QB's best friend becuase he will be where is supposed to be and will probably be open. It would really behoove the rams to snag him if he's still there at the top of the 3rd and they do take Bradford # 1. They need someone who will be a steady professional for a young QB to count on .Lacks gthe ideal measurables for some team and upside of many other WR prospects, but its hard to envision him not being a good pro.-down from # 56

58. John Jerry-G/T-Ole Miss- A massive former college T who plays better inside. Is inconsistent moving his feet run or pass blocking but he has the abilty to do so. Technique is wildly inconsistent but he flashes the ability to dominate. Possibly a tackle down the road but profiles best at Guard for now. Needs a lot of coaching and will need constant monitoring with his weight. Plays to the whistle but isn't a mauler with a mean streak. Has boom or bust potential . Some team will see him and think he can be the next Jahri Evans ,and he very well could be, but not without the work ethic and coachabilty Evans has displayed since coming into the league. Its entirely up to him what he becomes. - NFL comparison-Stacy Andrews - PHIL

59. D. Pitta-TE- BYU- An athletic receiving TE with great hands and the willingness to make the tough catch over the middle. A good route runner but still needs work on driving out of his breaks even though he separates well. Runs well enough to get open but is more quick than fast. Won't run away from anyone although he is a shifty and strong runner after the catch. A willing blocker downfield but isn't going to blow anyone off the ball inline.Bets on the move and can play some H-back as well.A solid citizen who is older than most prospects -NFL comparison-Owen Daniels- HOU

60. T. Gerhart-RB- Stanford -A straight up bruiser with the ability to carry the rock all game. Runs straight ahead breaking tackles and gets good yardage after contact. Arm tackles are useless on him but he can he tripped up ,although his feet are more nimble than most power backs,and he does have a little wiggle . A one cut and go runner with good vision and patience picking the hole. An excellent blocker with the ability to play FB if needed and that makes him more valuable than similar backs in this class. A good receive and pass protector when given the chance and a player that can play every down. Lacks elite speed to run away from a defense or to the turn there corner . Belongs in a power running scheme or a one cut and go offense as a tailback , but his ability to play FB makes him more scheme diverse. Pair him with a speed back and he is very valuable to any offense. On the right team he could be a star.
NFL comparison- Mike Alstott- TB-(retired)

61. Cam Thomas-DT- NC- A big massive space eater with the abilty to play NT in a 3-4 and a crappy gas tank to match. In a 4-3 he definitely would need to remain part of a rotation and he stands up to much when tired. Wildly inconsistent in college but dominant at times. Since he has the abilty to play NT he gets a ranking this high, but only becasue of that. Flashed dominance at the senior bowl, but those flashes only raise more questions. He either doesn't give max effort every down or tires to easily. As a 2 down NT he can be very valuable and some team that loses out on Cody is likely to overdraft him. - NFL comparison- Jason Ferguson- MIA

62. Everson Griffen-DE-Southern Cal- If he really is the 280 he's listed at he could be a 3-4 weakside end, but on tape he looks fast enough to be a 3-4 OLB. If he's closer to 260 that might be where he ends up. Either way he can be a 4-3 end. Motor is inconsistent and he will probably be a workout warrior type. Those guys are usually also your boom or bust types as well, so I wouldn't take him before the 2nd round , but some team that loves these guys will probably take him in the 1rst . When he's on he's a force, but he takes plays off. Was a situational pass rusher as a sophomore and could start out there in the pros, but the sky's the limit if he has the heart and dedication to reach for it. Strong enough to stack and shed in the run game, but doesn't always play with leverage. If he's beat he tends give up too quick in the run or passing game. Has the speed to chase backside but doesn't always do it. In the end if he works out the way I think he will ,and with his upside being so high , someone will probably take him in round 1. Highly unlikely that he would slip past the raiders in round 2. His inconsistent play & motor knock him down to a mid 2nd rounder in our eyes though.- NFL comparison-Shaun Ellis-NYJ
-UPDATE- The great athlete all knew he was, but we are wary of people that don't rise to the occasion. Might be worth the risk to a team that has extra picks or doesn't need him to contribute as a rookie, but he is just to inconsistent on tape. Could go anywhere from the 1rst to 3rd round, but we wouldn't take him till here. Down from # 45
63. Carlos Dunlap-DE-FLA- Potential is off the charts and is still a bit raw, but this guy can do it all when he puts it together. Has the measurables to play DE in a 4-3 0r 3-4, or be a DT if he bulks up some.Big, fast, tall, long arms, and a quick first step.You would like him to have more starts ,but he's probably coming out, and this kind of potential will have NFL teams salivating . Could be a boom or bust because he is still raw and very young.Workout warrior type that some teams( raiders?) will be all over.- NFL comparison- Julius Peppers- CAR
-UPDATE- Yes he is as athletically gifted as we suspected. However he isn't as big as he was reported to be. 277 isn't 290. Now maybe he cut down to run a faster forty time( 4.71 !) but it also means he will have to put on more size to play 3-4 end. Character, maturity , and work ethic concerns make him a low second rounder instead of the high 1rst rounder his talents warrants. A team that thinks they can make him harness his potential will probably take him a lot higher, but no one with this much bust potential should go in the top 50 picks.- down from # 25

64. Linval Jospeh- DT/DE- E. CAR- To be fair to him we only saw 2 of his games this season. Scheme diversity and postseason workouts are is his key to moving up draft boards. Everyone thinks he can play 4-3 DT. Some think he can play 3-4 NT and some think he can play 3-4 DE. So his value is highest for a 3-4 team that can move him all over the place depending on the situation at hand. He has all the athletic ability and measurables you could want, but he is inconsistent on tape. Can penetrate in the passing and running games, and can hold the point easily when he plays with proper leverage, but you never know what you will get down to down. Super strong in the weight room, but only flashes that strength on tape part of the time. He reminds us of Gerard Warren becuase he has the ability to be as good as he wants to be., but doesn't always show it. Wasn't a full time player in college and will need to be coached up in every phase of the game an d improve his conditioning . If he just stayed low and played with a consistent motor alone he would have been a 1rst rounder. Could be a workout warrior and has bust potential, or he could be Eric Swann, or he could be Gerrard Warren. Our guess is some team will take him higher because of that potential , but its a crapshoot from what we have seen. His potential is tempered by a lack of good film so he only warrants a late 2nd or 3rd round pick.

65. Jonathan Crompton- QB- TENN- I have to admit we didn't think much about him till we saw the Georgia game. That caused us too look more closely but we still thought he was a 4th round pick at best. He did finish decently but it was his TEX vs the nation all star game appearance that really showcased his potential. After being a big time recruit he was a failure till Lane Kiffin arrived in TENN. Our thinking now is that with good QB coaching he can develop into a good starter in 2-3 years like Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo did. He's shifty in the pocket and can roll out well, but he isn't going to make a lot of plays running with the ball. Has a strong arm , but not strong enough to force the passes he does. A little above average in accuracy when throwing to his first read. Makes his first 2 reads ok but he needs more time working on his progression. Needs to learn all the little things that make a QB great. A strong developmental prospect in a Tony Romo sort of way, although he has better measurables . If a team has a steady QB now for the next 2-3 years he would be worth a high 3rd round pick. For a QB needy team he would be a bust out of the gate. - NFL comparison- Tony Romo- Dallas

66. Perrish Cox-CB- OKLA ST.- A tall press cover corner who's recent discipline issues probably knocked him out of the 1rst round, despite his ideal measuraables. Tall and long armed , but has inconsistent hands for the pick. Willing in run support, but his technique taking on blocks and tackling needs work.Has return value and looks to have good speed, but isn't as fluid coming out of the break as he could be . Mostly it looks like his technique in all areas needs work. That's usually a sign of bad coaching or being hard to coach.Has good instincts and reads coverage & QB's well in zone . Right now he's getting by on athletic ability and in some cases instincts ,but at the next level he will have to be coached up to be a reliable starter.Overall he is just inconsistent. Teams have to ask themselves if it can be coached into him and if he really wants it too. Was considered a burgeoning leader until his suspension for his final bowl game for missing curfew, but that is a big red flag and his timing could not have been worse. Barring anymore red flags some NFL team will probably take him in the 2nd round with the belief that he will realize his potential. He could get back in the 1rst with a great off season in this CB class, but the pre- draft process will be crucial to him repairing his image and anymore slip ups could lead to him being a 3rd rounder.-NFL comparison- Vontae Davis- MIA
-UPDATE- Didn't run anywhere near as fast as he hoped at the combine and had to move his pro day after his former team wouldn't allow him to work out with his college teammates. Improved a little at his pro day but has definitely slipped down boards. A CB needy team that plays a lot of cover 2 might overdraft him if there is a run on corners in the 2nd, , but with all the questions he only warrants a mid 3rd rounder.He can cover so there is no way he gets out of the 3rd round-down from # 47

67. Dexter McCluster- RB/WR- MISS- Some will say he is too small and too slow in a straight line. We will tell you he will make big plays if you use his versatility right. Kind of like a CJ Spiller/Jahvid Best light, and a team that likes either and misses out on them could get good value on Dexter in the 3rd round. high football IQ and can run the wildcat if needed. Is a willing smart blocker but his size limits him some.Explosive burst in the hole and out of cuts . Finds the crease and is gone. Runs tough for a little back and not afraid to take hit in the passing game. Limited experience as a returner but he profiles there well. Looked good at the senior bowl and despite being slower than he looks on tape at the combine this guy can help a team get in the end zone. -NFL comparison- Darren Sproles- SD/Warrick Dunn-TB

68. Rob Gronkowski-TE-AZ- The only reason he is this low is he missed the season with a serious injury. If Gresham and Gronkowski were both healthy it would be a toss up for who was drafted first. A big strong guy who can run over the opposition or explode into the open field after the catch. Great hands and explodes out of his break. A willing blocker and usually gets the job done, but he needs more coaching in this area, as his angles aren't always sound . Good long speed and quick in the short area.His potential is great but back injuries are a huge red flag.A team with a lot of extra picks (and a need at TE like NE) might pull the trigger in the 2nd on him ,if he checks out medically. -NFL comparison- Jason Witten- DALL
-UPDATE- About time to take chances. Some teams think his back makes him a 6th round pick. Others see that Chris Samuels played 10 years in the league, and 8 at a high level with a similar condition. Throw in a herniated disc and possible nerve damage and this 1rst round talent is only worth a late 2nd if you have extra picks( NE ?) or a 3rd rounder.- down from # 41

69. Jonathan Dwyer- RB- GA Tech- A thick strong runner with a burst. Has been productive since he was a true freshman and runs with aggression. If he runs his 40 in the low 4.4's he the best chance of a RB going in the top 10 this year. He flashed big play abilty in the running and passing games, but needs work on his route running. Average hands and needs to improve in pass protection some.Has a nose for the goal line, but has relatively few carries( which means less wear and tear on his tires) compared to most top college backs. Coming from a option offense could hurt him some and he might not contribute a lot in every type offense early as a rookie. - NFL comparison- Johnathan Stewart- CAR
-UPDATE- A LOT slower than everyone thought he would be at the combine, and that was after he reportedly curt 10-15 poiunds off his playing weight from last year. Unless the field is spread out can he be as impressive? Still a power back with once cut and go ability ,but it would surprise us if anyone took a guy who needs this much coaching before the bottom of the 2nd round.
down from # 32

70. Anthony McCoy- TE- Southern Cal- A polished player almost everywhere on film, although he looked better as a junior, but that could partially be due to changing QB's. A technically sound willing blocker, who probably won't pancake a lot of guys, but will get the job done. Smooth route runner with a knack for finding holes in coverage, but lacks elite speed & separation skills. Uses his size well to shield defenders and has good hands. Average speed will keep him from being a 1rst rounder, but he runs well after the catch.Just an all around good football player, but since he lacks elite athleticism he will probably be underrated. Needs to run a good forty to get into the 2nd round.- NFL comparison- John Carlson- SEA
-UPDATE- He may never be a game breaker but he looks like will be a strong well rounded starting TE. Can get open despite having only average speed for the position. Is the kind of blocker any smart team should want.Tested positive for weed right before the draft, so he can't be that bright. Is still worth a mid to late 3rd round pick instead of a high 2nd rounder now, but who knows where he will go now.- down from # 58

71. Chris Cook- CB/S-VA-Safety size for a corner with really long arms and height to bat down and catch the ball. At the least looks like he would be a good FS if he can learn the position. Willing tackler ,but his form is sloppy and is not the guy you want as your last line of defense currently.Strength and good hands make man-to-man his best strength right now. He's fluid for a big man but not especially quick coming out of his breaks. Overall he is a better athlete than football player right now, who needs more coaching too develop into a full time starter . Injury history and academic suspension are red flags. Upside is so high someone will take him in the 2nd, but he needs more time to be effective as anything more than a situational defender and special teamer as a rookie. Has risen up draft boards because of his showing at the senior bowl and workouts ,but he's a project as of now. - NFL comparison- Sean Smith- MIA

72. Koa Misi-DE/OLB-UTAH- Another 3-4 conversion candidate, but his technique is still pretty raw in many areas.. Has a low floor but I think he's but his upside isn't as great as many of the other 3-4 conversion guys. Strong and physical everywhere on the field, but only average holding the point as a DE vs stronger OT's. Needs to make sure he secures the tackle first as he comes in a little out of control at times. Plays with force and violence and has a high motor to chase to the whistle.Good instincts and willing to take on blockers, but might hold the point better with a runnign start at OLB. A relentless pass rusher but he needs more moves to get that last shred of potential used, but at least he has rushed the passer from a 2 point stance some already. Pretty fluid and athletic but isn't the elite athlete many 3-4 OLB candidates are. May be limited to playing on the strong side as a OLB and might not be able to keep up with the faster TE's/RB's he may be tasked to cover . Mature team leader and high character player. Tries to get the most of out of what he has and possesses the personality of special teams standout. Looks like he lost weight to anticipate the change and teams like a player that is already trying to anticipate what they want. Looked good at the senior bowl and in workouts.Is quickly rising up draft boards fast and we think he is worth a 3rd round pick, but he isn't as versatile as many others ranked above him. - NFL comparison- Anthony Spencer- DALL

73. Eric Decker- WR-MINN-A big polished receiver coming off an injury that might actually benefit him. Teams might think hes faster than his 4.54-forty with more time to heal, but he's not. He gets by on crisp route running , smarts, and being surehanded. Has a wide target radius and uses his big biody well to sheild defenders. A sure bet to come dowm with the ball in a physical or jumping situation. A high motor player willing to come back for the ball. A strong blocker and gets teh mosy out of what he has. Doesn't have an extra gera afte the ctacxh but he can break some tackles. Defitely more of a possession/ redzone type than a gamebreaker. Also plays baseball but he has told teams football is his choice. - NFL comparison- Jordy Nelson- GB

74. Ben Tate- AUB- RB- Sometimes a player just doesn't get his due till he runs a 4.34 forty at the combine. Then people start to look back at his tape more, and a guy you thought was a 5th rounder now looks like a possible steal in the 3rd round. Part of the problem is the constant changes in the offensive philosophy while he was in college. He runs physical and angry inside with fire ala Marion barber. He can make cut and run straight ahead 50 yards once he hits top speed. He can pas block and catch the ball out of the backfield. His biggest weakness is his burst to the outside, as he doesn't change directions smoothly or have great feet. In a one cut and go or power running game he could be a 20 carry a game guy. With years in the same sytem and time to wprk on his efficiencies he could end up the best every down back in this draft. - NFL comparison- Ronnie Brown- MIA

75. George Selvie DE/OLB - S. FLA.- A quick first step and surprisingly strong for someone so lean. Has faced a lot of double teams in college, and his production on the stat sheet has declined 2 years running, but he still makes his presence felt.Has put on weight every year in college ,and played pretty well when they played a higher level of competition, but still needs to get bigger. A burst around the edge and a bull rush seem to be his primary pass rush moves, so he will need to be coached up some.His best options would probably be to go to a 3-4 team and learn to be a rush linebacker,but it will take time for him to adjust . Probably just a situational pass rusher and special teamer as a rookie. Has improved against the run, but still needs more sand in his pants to hold the point of attack if he stays at DE, although he battles all the way .Plays with good leverage and might be a better fit at strong side OLB in a 3-4 Plays fierce and has a top notch motor. Is a leader with a strong work ethic and the type of player who keeps improving till he hits his ceiling, but that ceiling may not be far away as some others. -NFL comparison- Kameron Wimbley- OAK
-UPDATE- A forty in the 4.9's doesn't help him for 3-4 OLB teams. Two things I think everyone is overlooking is that he has been keyed on by defenses for years and has kept putting on weight to help is draft staus.Maybe if he went back to about 240 he might be better off. He probably won't go this high but anyone who loves football this much is worth it. I think he is at least a situational pass rusher and core special teams player at the NFL level.-down from # 48

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