Sunday, April 11, 2010


1. Sam Bradford- QB-Rams-he has checked out medically, looked bigger physically, and wowed them in his personal workout. As long as his agents aren't stupidly greedy he goes # 1
2. Ndamukong Suh- DT -Lions -They have made a lot of additions on the D-line in the off season. They can still get a really good DLineman at the top of the 2nd in this draft. It's unlikely there will be a OT of similar quality still there at the same time. Protect your new franchise QB. Doubt they will though. Schwartz is a defense first coach.
3. Gerald McCoy -DT-Buccaneers- I agree McCoy fits the Tampa 2 better, but Morris wanted to go away from it last year anyway. With Suh being gone it takes away the choice
4. Russell Okung- OT- Redskins- Dreams do come true. Shanahan, McNabb and n ow the LT they desperately need.
5. Eric Berry- S- Chiefs- They need a defensive playmaker badly. This guy makes their entire defense better right away.
6. Bryan Bulaga-OT- Seahawks- Walter Jones is about done and his floor is low.
7. Jimmy Clausen-QB- Browns- He looks like a west coast offense guy. Holmgren knows Delholme and Wallace aren't the longterm answer.
8. Trent Williams- OT- Oakland- Lower floor than the other super athletic "raider type" at a position of need.
9. Dan Williams- DT- Bills- Probably too high but if they want to play the 3-4 they need a guy( NT) with his skill set.
10. Earl Thomas-S- Jaguars A big time playmaker for a secondary sorely needing more plays made.
11. Sergio Kindle-OLD/DE- Broncos- Need another pass rusher to compliment FA to be Elvis Dumervil.
12. Dez Bryant-WR- Dolphins- Parcells will think he can keep him focused and god knows the need a stud WR.
13. Joe Haden-CB- 49ers- The best player available and a 2nd good corner will allow them to blitz more.
14. CJ Spiller- RB/KR- Seahawks- Pete Carrol gets a guy who reminds him of Reggie Bush .Only this time he won't be tearing down his programs reputation to do it.
15. Rolando McClain-ILB- Giants With Pierce gone this guy is a perfect fit.
16. Derrick Morgan- DE- Titans-A more complete player replaces Jevon Kearse
17. Mike Iupati-G/T- 49ers Mauler fits the power runnign style they want to go back to.
18. Anthony Davis- OT- Steelers-- This town and locker room should be able to help harness his potential and there O-Line needs more abilty.
19. Jason Pierre-Paul-DE/OLB-Falcons- They need someone to get the QB and Abraham is nearing the end.
20. Kyle Wilson- CB- Texans- The loss of Dunta Robinson leaves a gaping hole in their defense.
21. Jermain Gresham- TE- Bengals- This pick makes almost too much sense for even Mike Brown to screw up.
22. Brandon Graham- DE/OLB- Patriots- This guys versatility character and motor are a perfect fit for what they want to do.
23. Bruce Campbell- OT - Packers- I honestly see a run on OT's causing someone to trade up and take him higher, but if hes there when the pick they would be stupid not to take him.
24. Sean Weatherspoon- LB Eagles- A desperate need and a good fit for their defense.
25. Jared Odrick-DE/DT- Ravens- Trevor Price is getting up there and Ray needs more guys who let him roam to the ball.
26. Jerry Hughes- OLB/DE-Cardinals- Best pass rusher without injury concerns left .
27. Markice Pouncey-C/G-Cowboys- Best player available and he fits their scheme . Can take over at LG and play center if Gurode goes down, or RG if Davis needs to play OT.
28. Terence Cody- NT- Chargers- What can you say/ They REALLY NEED this guy , which is why they could be over-drafting him.
29. Golden Tate- WR- JETS- Give the young QB more weapons, help out the return game, and balance out the offense a bit.
30. Patrick Robinson- CB- Vikings- Both staring CB's got hurt last year, Winfield is 32, and Robinson is physical enough to play the Tampa 2. If his heads on straight this could be the steal of the 1rst round.He does have bust potential too though.
31. Charles Brown-OT-Colts- They really need a high level LT to protect Peytons blindside.
32. Taylor Mays- S- Saints- Sharper is nearing the end and he could teach Mays a lot about coverage.Its also likely sometime will be trying to trade up to get ahead of Detroit and take Charles brown if he is still available.

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