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A really deep draft with about 47 players we give a 1rst round grade to. Any of the top 5 is worthy of the # 1 pick in our opinion.

1. Sam Bradford- QB- Oklahoma- If he's healthy he 's still the best possible franchise QB in the draft ,and should still be the top QB taken. Franchise QB's are more valuable than anything in the game and we believe he is one. May go # 1 overall ,and a team like the Browns that already have a good line ,should be salivating for him. Reads defenses better than anyone in college football and makes more reads than most spread offense QB's, but will still have an adjustment to playing under center more. Has great poise ,a good arm, accuracy, and great feet in the pocket. Almost everything you need to be a franchise QB in the NFL. Does have a 3/4 delivery but so does Phillip Rivers.Needs to pack on some muscle to be able to absorb the pounding he will receive in the NFL, but so did Tom Brady and Bradford is a lot farther along than Brady was at this point.- Comparison- Phillip Rivers- SD Chargers
-UPDATE- Gained over 20 pounds of muscle by the time the combine started. Medically cleared and had a spectacular on campus workout. Unless his agents make some outrageous demands he still goes # 1 overall and looks like a franchise QB.-steady at # 1

2. Eric Berry - SS- Tennessee- The most complete SS to come out of college football in a long time. Ball hawk who can take it to the house when he picks it. Great quickness and diagnostic skills. Strong tackler and a big hitter , but he could be more aggressive against the run.Rare athletic ability and a great closing burst when the balls in the air. Just makes plays everywhere on the field.Lowest floor in the draft and can play SS, FS, nickel corner, and maybe even start as a CB . Will be a top level player barring serious injury. NFL comparison- Ed Reed - Balt. ravens-UPDATE- The more you watch him the better he gets. We are now convinced he could play corner at a high level if he wanted too. Played all over the field in so many different situations as a senior that it's hard to find any weaknesses. Any defense looking for a playmaker should jump all over him.Is clearly better than the last 2 safeties( S. Taylor and L. Landry) drafted in the top 10 coming out of college.-steady at # 2

3. Ndamukong Suh- DT - Nebraska- Quick and strong with the ability to anchor.Manhandles everyone 1 v 1 and plays with violence. Moves well up and down the line of scrimmage ,and could play either 4-3 DT, or be a great 3-4 end. Read & reacts inline better than any DT I have seen in college, and finds the ball quickly. 2nd lowest floor in the draft behind Berry and is strong against the double team.Good hands and stacks and sheds well.A nasty tackler with a great motor. Needs pass rush moves, but he is the type of guy that will take well to NFL coaching. A selfless leader with a team first attitude, -NFL comparison- Kevin Williams- Minn. Vikings
-UPDATE- Has worked out and interviewed well in the post season. Can be a top level player in ANY scheme. Teams looking for a weakness can at best say he could improve technically as a pass rusher, but he still had more sacks than McCoy despite playing in a defense that asked him to read and react first most of the time. If he's actually turned loose -look out.-steady at # 3

4. CJ Spiller- RB- Clemson- A bit undersized but a homerun hitter. Strong in the passing game and while he's not a bruising inside runner it's not for lack of trying. Probably best used with 20 touches a game in the NFL between running, passing,and returns.Blazing speed and sick wiggle shows up on every film you watch. If he turns the corner its over - NFL comparison- Reggie Bush- NO Saints
-UPDATE - The more we see of him the more we think he is ALREADY better than Reggie Bush.A better comparison might be he's what we thought Bush would be when he came out of school. Get the ball in his hands and he will make big plays. Running, passing, returning. He's a big play just waiting to happen ,and defenses having to key on him will open up the field for the rest of an offense.Can stop and start like Barry Sanders and with the NFL being a copycat league, and the rise of Chris Jhonson he should go very high. A team just needs to use him right to capitilaize on his talents.His rise will push a lot of guys down a spot. Not becuase they did anything wrong, but becuase he's worth it- up from # 13

5. Gerald McCoy- DT- Oklahoma- Amazing first step and explosion of the ball. Great hands and plays with good leverage. Should be one of the leagues better interior pass rushers early in his career. Spends most of the game in the opposing backfield whether they are running or passing. Multiple pass rush moves and quick transitions against the run or pass. Plays with good leverage against the run ,but isn't a stout NT type, although he can split some double teams well. Motor isn't always consistent, but he has the speed to chase down backside plays when he wants to. Injury history is a red flag, but he has been known to play through them, so his toughness isn't questioned . If Tampa bay gets the top pick, a DT has a good chance of going# 1 overall. Team leader and a great citizen off the field. NFL Comparison- Tommie Harris- Chi. Bears
-Update- Still a possible # overllpick,and in almost any year would be the clear cut # 1 DT. We still like him a lot and the predraft process has done nothing to hurt our opinion of him. We just think Suh is more scheme diverse even though McCoy is just a tad more athletic.-down one spot from # 4

6. Russell Okung- OT- Okla.St. - Already has a mean streak and just needs to pack on more size and strength to be able to utilize it fully. Already an accomplished pass blocker, and excels at shutting down speed rushers. His run blocking has progressed this season and although he currently lacks the strength to be a mauler, he is a finisher. Gets down field quickly and is at his best in the run game at the 2nd level. Durable and has started since he was a true freshman.Good feet , good balance,good hands, and a great motor.Without doubt the # 1 ( and only close to current elite)OT in this deep class. Lowest floor of all the OT's, although the upside of Campbell & Davis is higher. NFL comparison- Ryan Clady- Denver Broncos
-UPDATE- Don't listen to anyone who wants to take a lesser rated OT with more upside. Okung is a sure thing. Any coach will love his fire and attitude. Needs to get used to a 3 point stance and work on his knee bend ,but there is nothing that makes me think he can't be plugged in from day 1. He doesn't let up till the whistle blows and we think he will get even better soon. The only for-sure LT in this draft. Can start from day 1, and he can play it in any scheme, unlike the rest .-down 1 spot from # 5

7. Joe Haden- CB- Florida- The best cover corner in the draft. Also physical in run support and tackles like a safety.Fluid hips, decent back pedal, and quick feet.Technique needs some work everywhere, but he just makes plays. Reads routes and coverages right away and is rarely fooled.Physical with receivers and fights for the ball. Low floor with a tough guy mentality. If he really is 5"11" he will probably go in the top 10. - NFL comparison- Nate Clements- SF 49ers
- UPDATEWasn't as fast as he looked on film at the combine, but then he rebounded well at the FLA pro day. Still the clear cut best cover corner in the draft.-steady at# 7

8. Sergio Kindle- OLB- Texas- This DE looks like a convertible NFL 3-4 OLB more than anyone in the class because his pass rush ability already stands out, and he has played it some in college. Add that he has fluid hips when he needs to drop into coverage ,and you can see the transition going well in time. Still needs technique work when dropping, but he should still see the field early . Needs to bulk up some to play in the NFL, but has the frame to add 20 -25 pounds easy and still keep his speed and quickness,and if he did bulk up he could play DE in the NFL as well. A guy who can probably play 4 positions is a valuable commodity . Past off the field incidents will leave him off some teams draft boards entirely and it could cause him to fall a lot farther than his talent warrants.If not for those incidents I think he would have been a top 10 pick-NFL comparison.- Clay Mathews- GB
-UPDATE- The only thing thats changed is he came in even bigger( 250 lbs. ) than expected. If a 3-4 team thinks he can handle the trappings if fame and stay out of trouble, they should be all over him early. If he had no off the field issues I would rank him in the top 5.Even 4-3 team playing him at weakside end or OLB should take him in the top 20. - up from # 16

9. Earl Thomas- DB- Texas- The reason I have him as just a DB is because teams are split on where to play him in the pros. Plays SS now, but is more of a ballhawk than your average SS,and has moved all over the field in the Texas defense. Isn't very large for a guy that would have to play in the box a lot but is a solid run support guy. Many teams think he is athletic and fast enough to play CB fulltime. As a draft eligible sophomore you would like him to go back to college and continue to improve, but with a stricter rookie cap looming a lot of guys are going to come out early. Leaving him at safety would probably be advisable, especially after what happened to Michael Huff and the time it took him to finally start to live up to his draft slot because of it. I think he whoever drafts him will. Could improve some as a form tackler, but he is definitely aggressive in run support. Manhandles receivers who try to block him and is an intimidator when the balls in the air. Excels in every type of coverage and goes for the ball instead of the man. If he can learn play a little more under control andstill keep his aggression he could be the next Troy Polamalu. - NFL comparison- Brandon Meriweather- NE Patriots
-UPDATE- Leave him at safety. He can still cover the slot on 3rd down like a corner ,and will light people up over the middle. Not as polished or experienced as Berry, but his instincts are a little ahead of his counterpart. May end up being even better in the long run, and that's saying a LOT.
-up from # 11

10. Derrick Morgan- DE- GA. Tech- A complete 4-3 DE. Can play the run and pass well. Stacks and sheds at the point with good pad level. Holds the edge and has multiple pass rush moves coming forward. Good motor and his football IQ keeps growing. Some guys can't handle being the man, but Morgan has seemed to thrive on it this season.If he keeps playing the way he has recently he could go top 5 .Probably not a 3-4 OLB conversion candidate, but will probably work to prove he could play there if needed, but he is so good in a 4-3 it would be a waste- NFL comparison- Justin Tuck-NY Giants
-UPDATE- His stock took a little hit when both Iowa OT's handled him pretty well, but it's not like there wasn't a lot of double teams going on. Looked fluid enough to actually make the 3-4 OL transition in drills at the combine and his pro day, but he a natural stud 4-3 end. Floor is too low not to be at least a top 15 pick, as there are very few players as well rounded as him coming out of college these days.-down 1 spot from # 9

11. Brian Bulaga- OT-IOWA- Another year in school would be his best bet, as he has not been a LT for long and doesn't have quite the experience you want as a blindside protector right now. Plus I feel with one more year in school he is a possible top 5 pick. However with so many young guys trying to come out before a stricter rookie cap is put in place , and the fact that he plays a premium position where people often overdraft players ,makes it likely he will enter the draft this year. Not as big or strong as you would like yet, but has the frame to pack on 20-30 pounds of muscle easily. Strong enough to manhandle smaller college DE's, but bigger( i.e NFL DE's) might give him trouble right now, although he does show flashes of a mean streak. More effective in line than at the 2nd level in the run game. Is a natural knee bender that plays with good leverage and his technique improved every game this year. Handles the fastest speed rushers in the pass game well, but can get overpowered at times. Looks more like a NFL RT currently, but like a guy who might grow into a NFL LT with time, if his arms are long enough. He isn't a super high upside pick , but he has a low floor. Biggest question mark is a thyroid condition that caused him to miss some time. His best bet is to go a team that doesn't need him to play LT right away. His bowl matchup against Derrick Morgan will tell us a lot more about his immediate prospects as a LT. The kind of guy that should at least be an immediate starter at RT or LG,but could end up a franchise LT with more time at the position and NFL coaching. if he realy -NFL comparison- Jordan Gross- CAR. Panthers
-UPDATE- He was stellar in his matchup against Morgan, but his arms are shorter than ideal( 33 and quarter inches , "34" is considered average for a LT) than you want from a blindside protector. Not too short like Robert Gallery (32 and a quarter) mind you, but still below average. Good pass blocker, but an even better run blocker. In a draft where he has the shortest arms among the top 6 tackles, that means something. However , his floor is so low and theoretically on a power running team he should be able to start as at least a RT right away.Made a lot of money in that bowl game. - up from # 23

12. Dez Bryant-WR -OKLA. ST. - Suspended from the team for something so petty that NFL teams probably don't mark it against him. A large fast play maker with good separation skills. Uses his big body well to shield defenders, but has occasional concentration lapses. Explosive burst after the catch he also uses to return punts and kicks. Better football speed than a stopwatch may show.Some question his possible work ethic once he gets paid, but he is far and away the best receiver prospect in this draft if a team is convinced he loves football, and that doesn't seem to be his problem. - NFL comparison- Miles Austin- Dallas Cowboys
-UPDATE- Didn't do much to alleviate teams fears about his off the field issues in the pre-draft process. Still a top 10 talent. The question is whether he's this generations Randy Moss or Charles Rogers? Maybe he's Micheal Irvin and they are both kind of right. Either way this late he's worth the gamble. - steady # 12

13. Trent Williams- OT- OKLA.- Good , but not great at anything. Recovers well when beaten ,and has played multiple positions along the O-line, but it will be lot harder to recover from his mistakes in the NFL. Smart and is a team leader on the field.Not your prototypical left or right tackle, but he seems to get the job done most of the time, especially in the running game. Doesn't have the elite feet to be an top LT, but his aren't bad and he is very athletic. Lacks the strength to be an elite RT but he finishes like one. Despite all that he will battle every play till the whistle blows, and there are a lot worse players starting at both positions in the NFL right now. Looks to be a solid 10 year starter in the league at either position in the NFL. Probably a good RT , but not a franchise LT right now, although he could play there in the right system. If he gets stronger and maintains his work ethic he could become a Jamall Brown Type, but it could take awhile. The position is so valuable ( and needed) though that he may be over drafted . At the very least he should be a productive starter somewhere on the line.-NFL comparison- Eric Winston-HOU Texas
-UPDATE- Still think he shouldn't be playing LT early in his career, but he can play all 5 OL positions , and that makes him very valuable. His inconsistency on film could be due to his position changes , a lack of work ethic, or just a lack of focus. Whatever it is a team needs to ride him to get the best out of him. He needs to learn the game more as his athleticism will not save him in the NFL.Since he became a teamleader late in college many teams think his personal issues are in the past. -up from # 26

14. Jimmy Clausen- QB- Notre Dame- Has played in a pro style offense under Charlie Weiss and keeps improving. A good athlete, with good feet, who makes excellent decisions. A little behind Bradford at reading defenses,but he 's still good there and has an average arm. Some teams will think he has a lower floor( because of Bradfords injury history) than Bradford and that makes him a possible top QB and # 1 overall candidate . As long as he doesn't end up under 6"2" when he's actually measured he probably goes top 10. Most ready to start in the NFL right now of any of the draft eligible QB's.- NFL comparison- Drew Brees- NO Saints
-UPDATE -Reportedly still only 80% healed ( toe surgery) on his pro day and he looked pretty good, but not up to par with Bradford. Accurate on the wings, and it could be his inaccuracy over the middle was due to his inability to role over that toe last season. In the right system ( West coast offense would be ideal) he still looks like a franchise QB.Questions about his leadership will make some teams knock him down a lot.Still not ideal height, but neither are Brees, Favre, or Romo. - down from # 8

15. Mike Iupati-G-Idaho- Has a high ceiling and low floor that will probably get him drafted higher than another guard (Asomoah)who is a more finished product right now. Huge strong guy that gets the most out of that size driving off the line at the snap, but he does tend to get a bit grabby outside. Angry mauler that O-line coaches love with a violent hand punch . Strong in-line in the run or passing games but sometimes struggles to hit his man down field, despite moving well for such a big man. When his technique is sound he is dominant, but even when its not he's pretty good. Long arms and mostly battles whistle to whistle .Looks like he could play RT at a high level as well.Once he's coached up he could be a perennial all-pro .Hasn't played against top competition regularly, but a strong showing in the senior bowl should get him into the first round. -NFL comparison- Shawn Andrews- PHIL
-UPDATE- Kicked a lot of ass at the senior bowl, and had a good combine to boot. With so many teams thinking him capable of either guard spot and RT I can't see him making t out of the top 20. With a little technique work he could be a perennial all pro inside, and I think any NFL team would be wise to leave him there for at least a few years. The kind of guy that can help move big 3-4 NG's out of the hole.- up from # 24

16. Jason Pierre-Paul-DE/OLB-S. Florida- Another high ceiling projectable athletic guy . Once his football instincts match his motor and athleticism look out.Looks like a dream of a 3-4 OLB, and reportedly has the measurable and speed you want there, but can he make the transition quickly? As a 4-3 Rush DE he could be an immediate help on passing downs, but might need a bit more time working on holding the point against bigger OT's.Can run the arc and gets off the ball quickly.Gets his long arms up to redirect passing lanes and will bat down some passes. Was a junior college transfer and only played 1 year of major college ball, but it was a great one. Hasn't been focused on football long , but his workout numbers could be Vernon Gholston like , although he has a better motor, even though its not as good as it could be.-NFL comparison- Jevon Kearse- Tennesee Titans
-UPDATE- The DE/OLB version of Bruce Campbell you say? Sort of. He just has a limited sample size of tape is all. No injury, character or horrible technique worries. The reason I beleive he is a Jevon Kearse( instead of Vernon Gholston) is he doesn't have the crappy motor or stiffness Vernon showed coming out. Still has a lot to learn, but if he studies hard, he will be money. - up from # 18

17. Dan Williams -DT -Tennesee- A stout run stuffer with low center of gravity and a thick trunk. Some teams may even see him as a 3-4 NT , which can only help his draft status, but he is better in a 4-3 at DT right now ,and he would have to be more consistent staying low to hold the point there in the NFL. Could possibly play strong side 3-4 end as well. Quick for a big man, and actually has some decent pass rush moves when he uses them, but too often just resorts to bull rushing. He comes off the ball with a will and has faced constant double teams in a tough conference. Inconsistent technique and either tires easily , or just plays with bad leverage too often for an elite talent. It may be that as a 2 down player( ex. 3-4 NT) he wouldn't tire as fast,but to be an elite DT you need to be productive on passing downs.We don't question his effort so much as his abilty to play at a high level when tired. Work ethic whispers must be monitored-NFL comparison- B J Raji- GB
-UPDATE- Since he's the only 3-4 NT looking guy who should go in the 1rst round, he will go quickly. Buffalo # 9, Miami # 11, Denver # 12 all need a guy with his skills badly. Senior bowl standout rose really fast after he showed what he can do against top competition when he stays low and goes hard.I am always wary of guys who only have 1 big year right before the draft, but Monte Kiffin has signed off on him and teams seem content with that.

18. Rolando McClain- LB- ALabama- His talent and run instincts are unquestioned, but his technique and consistency are a little cause for worry. Explosive and usually finds the ball quickly and can cover almost sideline to sideline in run support . Can deliver a big hit but not the form tackler you want. Strong blitzer and already plays in a base 3-4, so that versatility can make him more valuable. At his best when protected so a 4-3 team may be an even better situation for him. Can be overaggressive and vulnerable to cutbacks. Needs to be coached up more and a position coach who will stay on him, despite showing a high football IQ. Some will think him a top 5 talent , one or 2 will think he would be an even better weak side rush linebacker ( although why move a stud ILB) with time, and some teams probably won't touch him till the 30's. A polarizing player whose post season workouts will play a heavy part in where he is drafted.He's not the complete player Patrick Willis was coming out yet, and he's not quite as fast, but he looks like a guy who can lead a defense for a long time-NFL comparison- Karlos Dansby- AZ. Cardinals
-UPDATE- Wasn't as fast as teams hoped he'd be, but he still makes a lot of plays due to his football IQ and instincts. Still the top inside guy on our board in any scheme, and the kind of guy you want to be the leader of a defense. -down from # 14

19. Maurkice Pouncey- C/G- FLA- A big strong athletic pivot man that is used to the shotgun. Great base and good balance define him. Sticks with his blocks in the pass and run game with the head to make all the line calls and plays to the whistle. Word is he's coming out if he gets at least a 2nd round grade. Most years I would think he would sneak into the bottom of the 1rst round, but with so many players coming out early some lucky team should get a long term starter in the second. Long arms and has filled out a lot this year in terms of size. Comes from a winning program and is used to playing in big games against strong competition. Can also play guard if needed.Gets by on athleticism and toughness right now. Needs to be coached up as his technique is lacking in every area but leverage. With so many teams going to a 3-4, and centers facing huge NT's, a guy with Pouncey's strength and frame is highly valuable at center. -NFL comparison- Andre Gurode- DALL
-UPDATE- I Know people may be shocked that we have a guy who is primarily a center this high. However there aren't very many huge athletic physical center prospects like this. Being a good guard doesn't hurt. A team that already has a good aging center could plug him in at guard till he's ready to take over the pivot. - up from # 37

20. Jermaine Gresham-TE- OKLA-Big, fast, and has great ball skills. A matchup problem for any defense, and the most likely receiving TE in the draft to be a star. If not for a knee injury his senior year he would be much higher, but he missed the season. Needs work on his route running but still gets some separation. Has the speed to run away from the defense after the catch but doesn't use his size to run over as many people as he could at the end of the play. Needs work on his consistency blocking in-line , and this keeps him from being an elite player right now, but when he buckles down there he is decent .Already legit at walling off and gives effort down field. At the very least he is a willing blocker, but he needs to add strength to avoid getting backed up at the point .If he is as fast as he was before the injury he's a likely 1rst rounder- NFL comparison- Antonio Gates-SD
-UPDATE- Don't know if he's still as fast as he was, but he's fast enough to wreak havoc on a defense. As long as a TE needy team thinks his knee is sound they should grab him.
-steady at # 20

21. Brandon Graham- MICH.-DE/OLB-Led the nation in tackles for a loss and spends a lot of time in the opposing backfield. A heady player who reads and reacts right away, and who knows his responsibilities. Great motor and a low center of gravity. Combined with his excellent use of leverage and great hands, he controls his man right off the bat. Stacks and sheds well and can hold the Point. Brings a lot of pressure as a pass rusher and he will keep coming till the whistle blows regardless. If no ones open he can get hustle sacks because he won't give up on a play. Will dominate weaker opponents when rushing , but can get locked out against better blockers. Might be able to play strong side 3-4 OLB as well .An overachiever who gets the most out of what he has and could probably play either 4-3 end. Team leader with a strong work ethic who has played a lot against top competition. Lack of height could hurt him with some teams, but he is a really good football player.
NFL comparison- LaMarr Woodley- PITT
-Update- Made a lot of money since the season ended. One of the most impressive players at the senior bowl. His abilty to play in any scheme, at either 3-4 OLB spot, and maybe even either 4-3 DE spot makes him much sought after. May be the best DE/OLB prospect in this draft but since his upside isn't as high as many others he won't. Lowest floor of them all in our book though. This guy screams NE when you think about it.
-up from # 43

22.Devin McCourty- CB-Rutgers- A smooth cover corner who flips his hips quickly & changes directions as well as anyone in this draft class. Not the biggest guy but he throws his body around like a bigger man in run support. An excellent tackler and physical enough to shed receivers who try to block him. Runs well with receivers and comes out of breaks quickly, but could make more plays on the ball. Physical in bump and run but bigger receivers can push him around some.Good instincts in zone and that combined with his tackling ability could make him exceptional in a Tampa 2 scheme. With a little more refinement on his ball skills he could be a pro bowl level corner. Top flight special teamer in all areas with good return abilty thrown in. -NFL comparison- Richard Marshall - CAR.
-UPDATE- Teams love players with his makeup, low floor, and ball skills. He will probably go 10-20 picks lower than this. The more tape we watch the more we like him and we have been reading that teams loved his interviews. We think he's great , but since he isn't as scheme diverse due to his lack of makeup speed, we think this 1rst rounder will end up a high 2nd rounder in this deep draft. - up from # 52

23. Anthony Davis-OT -Rutgers- 2nd best upside in this class for OT's, but he could be a boom or bust guy. Ideal measurables if he stays in shape and dominant when he's on, but technique and effort need work. Plays down to his competition sometimes and could be the type of guy that needs constant monitoring and motivation. Barring some Andre Smith- like( he is not as consistently good as Smith was on film before coming out last year by the way) catastrophes he will still go in the first round based on projectability, but he could take awhile to be productive on the outside even if he is a hit. Good feet and a natural knee bender but maturity issues are a red flag. His upside is high enough to warrant a mid to late 1rst round pick, but might be a fit at RT or even guard for awhile , or even his whole career. If he is a hit he's a franchise LT, but we will make the safe bet and project him in the middle of the 2 possibilities. Buyer beware, -NFL comparison- Leonard Davis - DALL
-UPDATE- In race with Dez Bryant to see who can screw the pooch more before the draft it seems. To much talent and dominant film to slip out of the 1rst round but he will need a weight clause in his contract, and a lot of monitoring from his team. Most dominant blocker of all the top OT prospects in this years draft. Could be this years Andre Smith or this years Michael Oher. It's up to him to decide which. -down from # 19

24. Ryan Mathews- RB- Fresno ST.- A physical down hill runner that runs through contact. Hits the hole quick,almost too quick at times, as he needs to let his blockers get into position. Arm tackles have no effect and he can push the pile. Has decent speed, but isn't going to bust a lot of runs to the outside in the NFL, although he shows good speed straight ahead. When his pads are low he punishes defenders. His blocking and receiving skills improved dramatically this season, but could still use some work on both.The kind of guy who looks for contact. Can probably be productive for a power runnign team early on his career , but backs with his running style tend to flame out sooner than most. NFl comparison-Frank Gore- SF
-UPDATE- Now the consensus bets every down back. Should be the 2nd RB taken and the only possible first rounder that can handle 300 carries a season right now.
- up from # 54

25. Jared Odrick-DT- PENN ST.- Whether he ends up as a 4-3 DTs or a 3-4 end, his improvement this season was dramatic enough to make him a 1rst rounder most years. With this being such a deep draft( especially at his position) we believe its possible some team will get an excellent value in the 2nd. Leverage was his best skill coming into this season, and he did nothing to detract from that belief as a senior. Improved drastically as a pass rusher this year ,with a wider variety of moves added to his already impressive bull rush, despite lacking elite quickness off the snap. Stout against the double team and strong in-line in college, but not big enough to play the Nose in the NFL yet, but might be able to if he packed on more size. Won't be making plays all over the field due to his lack of foot speed, but has long arms and can redirect a lot of passes if he used them more. A better football player than athlete when he's on, but could need some monitoring to get the most out of his abilty. Motor was inconsistent prior to this year, and while he's improved it as as a senior , some NFL teams will worry he will get lazy once he gets a big payday.Probably best a 3-4 strongside DE right now, and a veteran team with strong leaders like Pittsburgh would probably be his best fit.-NFL comparison- Aaron Smith- PITT
-UPDATE- Another senior bowl standout. Add that to his scheme diversity and he is much more likely to be a 1rst rounder than we originally thought. - up from # 34

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