Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 early NFL draft prospects 31-40

31. Demaryius Thomas-WR- Ga. Tech.- A big strong fierce competitor who knows how to use his size in all phases of the game. Runs good routes in his limited offense, but needs to show more of the route tree in the pre-draft process. Was in a triple option offense and mostly caught short passes, although his explosion after the catch is one of his best features.Runs by or through tacklers and can go the distance.Good top speed and quick out of his breaks.If he runs a sub 4.5 forty expect him to go in the 1rst round.Has concentration lapses catching the ball, and that more than anything else will hurt him some.A physical willing blocker and is the best blocking WR in this draft class.Still a tad raw but his upside is the best of all the WR's. Could end up the 2nd WR taken with strong workouts.-NFL comparison- Terrell Owens- Buffalo Bills

32. Jonathan Dwyer- RB- GA Tech- A thick strong runner with a burst. Has been productive since he was a true freshman and runs with aggression. If he runs his 40 in the low 4.4's he the best chance of a RB going in the top 10 this year. He flashed big play abilty in the running and passing games, but needs work on his route running. Average hands and needs to improve in pass protection some.Has a nose for the goal line, but has relatively few carries( which means less wear and tear on his tires) compared to most top college backs. Coming from a option offense could hurt him some and he might not contribute a lot in every type offense early as a rookie. - NFL comparison- Johnathan Stewart- CAR

33. John Asomoah- G- Ill.- A smart player with his head on a swivel in pass pro, but he could use his hand punch better. Sinks his hips then delivers a blow in the run game.Kicks and slides well enough to maybe play RT at the next level, although I am not sure how long his arms are. A tough run blocker who stays under control and rarely makes mistakes. Gets off the ball quick and into his man in line, and excels at the 2nd level. Gets set quickly in pass pro and is hard to drive back or get past. A good guy off the field with the work ethic and motor to be a long term starter .His upside isn't as great as some, but is already more polished than many NFL lineman. Looks smart and quick enough to maybe play center. - NFL comparison- Davin Joseph- TB

34. Jared Odrick-DT- PENN ST.- Whether he ends up as a 4-3 DTs or a 3-4 end, his improvement this season was dramatic enough to make him a 1rst rounder most years. With this being such a deep draft( especially at his position) we believe its possible some team will get an excellent value in the 2nd. Leverage was his best skill coming into this season, and he did nothing to detract from that belief as a senior. Improved drastically as a pass rusher this year ,with a wider variety of moves added to his already impressive bull rush, despite lacking elite quickness off the snap. Stout against the double team and strong in-line in college, but not big enough to play the Nose in the NFL yet, but might be able to if he packed on more size. Won't be making plays all over the field due to his lack of foot speed, but has long arms and can redirect a lot of passes if he used them more. A better football player than athlete when he's on, but could need some monitoring to get the most out of his abilty. Motor was inconsistent prior to this year, and while he's improved it as as a senior , some NFL teams will worry he will get lazy once he gets a big payday.Probably best a 3-4 strongside DE right now, and a veteran team with strong leaders like Pittsburgh would probably be his best fit.-NFL comparison- Aaron Smith- PITT

35. Jahvid Best-RB- CAL- A small back who has has home-run ability on every play. Durability questions haunt him and he may be another guy who shouldn't be a 300 carry back unless he packs on more size. Hits the hole , makes one cut, and runs to daylight.Excellent receiver with return abilty. I have seen him compared to Reggie Bush , but he may not have the same speed Bush does. He also doesn't have the same patience and vision problems Bush does either .Suffered a serious concussion, but it was due to a freakish hit ,not fragility. Not strong between the tackles and he needs to pack on more muscle to be able to hold up. Could probably hold up between the tackles better than Bush , but like Bush he's a guy the defense has to game plan against. - NFL comparison- Brian Westbrook-PHI>

36. Colt McCoy-QB- Ridiculous college numbers are often discounted by NFL scouts , especially if they are derived from any version of the spread offense. The past struggles of Alex Smith and Vince Young won't help his case ,even though both have had some success lately, but college QB's coming from the shotgun usually need more time than usual to develop. So a team with a veteran QB that they still might think( that doesn't mean they really should all still be played) is playable( Seattle, Carolina, STL. , Minn. come to mind quick) that will need a QB in a year or 2 is more likely to take McCoy. McCoy is smaller than the other two , but a similar type athlete. Very accurate but only has an average arm. Did play at a big time program with experience against top notch opposition, and was a winner against that top competition. How tall he really is( listed at 6"3") will be a major factor in his draft status. If's he's 6"1" or shorter he probably won't go in the top 50 picks. If he is at least 6"2" he's a good bet to go in the top 40. If he really is 6"3" it's likely he goes in the 1rst round and he could sneak into the top 15.- NFL comparison- Jeff Garcia- Retired.

37. Maurkice Pouncey- C/G- FLA- A big strong athletic pivot man that is used to the shotgun. Great base and good balance define him. Sticks with his blocks in the pass and run game with the head to make all the line calls and plays to the whistle. Word is he's coming out if he gets at least a 2nd round grade. Most years I would think he would sneak into the bottom of the 1rst round, but with so many players coming out early some lucky team should get a long term starter in the second. Long arms and has filled out a lot this year in terms of size. Comes from a winning program and is used to playing in big games against strong competition. Can also play guard if needed.Gets by on athleticism and toughness right now. Needs to be coached up as his technique is lacking in every area but leverage. With so many teams going to a 3-4, and centers facing huge NT's, a guy with Pouncey's strength and frame is highly valuable at center. -NFL comparison- Andre Gurode- DALL

38. Charles Brown-OT- Southern Cal- A rangy athletic LT prospect that needs to put on more muscle. Good feet and balance but lacks the strength to consistently enforce his will on stronger defenders. More of a steer and wall off technician in the run game, but he appears aggressive enough. Slides well and can beat the rusher to the edge but is relegated to just trying to push them past the pocket. Good hand placement but needs a stronger hand punch. Basically he needs more strength and size or he will get run over by some of the stronger defenders in the NFL. Comes from a big time program and played well there. Former TE with great upside that just needs more time at OT and more sand in his pants to be a starter in the pros. Might be a good fit in a zone blocking scheme or in certain ( not a power running team right now) offenses while he gets bigger.Works hard to get to the 2nd level in the run game.-NFL comparison- DeBrickshaw Ferguson- NYJ

39. Aurthur Jones-DT -Syracuse- A torn pectoral muscle in the pre-season, followed by a torn meniscus to end his season, has knocked him down some. Otherwise I would expect him to be a top 20 pick. A fierce run stopper who plays with good leverage ,and who plays the NT position with more strength than his size would indicate. Needs more pass rush moves but his bull rush is effective. Strong tackler with a fierce demeanor, but he is inconsistent play to play. Team leader and a good locker room guy. Has faced a lot of double teams and still remained productive. How he looks in postseason workouts will ultimately decide his drafty status. Could go anywhere between the 1rst and 3rd rounds, but we believe a player with his character will bounce back quickly. Probably won't be a NT in the NFL right away unless he packs on more muscle, but could be a good strong side 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT right away- NFL comparison- Jay Ratliff -DALL

40. Ricky Sapp- OLB/ DE- Clemson- Make no mistake, he gets a grade this high with the expectation that he will move to 3-4 OLB full time. When he got the chance to play that position some, he showed a lot of promise, but it's still a small sample size. A high level fluid athlete with the build to add 10-15 more pounds of muscle and still maintain his speed. A quick first step and good closing speed on the QB.Can chase downplays from the backside, but doesn't hold the point of attack very well yet. If he goes to a 4-3 team he will only be a situational pass rusher till he gets more sand in his pants. Looked like he wasn't all the way back from 08 knee injury last year, but was still productive. -NFL comparison- Jason Taylor- MIA

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