Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Early NFL draft prospects 41-50

41. Rob Gronkowski-TE-AZ- The only reason he is this low is he missed the season with a serious injury. If Gresham and Gronkowski were both healthy it would be a toss up for who was drafted first. A big strong guy who can run over the opposition or explode into the open field after the catch. Great hands and explodes out of his break. A willing blocker and usually gets the job done, but he needs more coaching in this area, as his angles aren't always sound . Good long speed and quick in the short area.His potential is great but back injuries are a huge red flag.A team with a lot of extra picks (and a need at TE like NE) might pull the trigger in the 2nd on him ,if he checks out medically. -NFL comparison- Jason Witten- DALL

42. Corey Wootton- DE- NWestern. - A tall 4-3 end with the frame to get big enough and be a 3-4 end if he adds a little more weight , but some think him a 3-4 OLB candidate, . I he really is 6 ft. "7" there is little chance of him being a 3-4 LB, as I have heard some people say , and he doesn't look quick enough on film anyway. Came back from a major knee injury( torn ACL) last year and that's the only reason I think he drops into the 2nd round. Also had a neck injury as a freshman, and an ankle in jury this year, but returned to form after all 3 .A team leader and a smart player who reads & reacts well, who can hold the POA well 1 v 1, although he could hold the point even better if he bulked up some more. Better at trying to shoot gaps and go around his blocker. Needs to keep his pads low with more consistency and doesn't do as well against the double team. Multiple moves rushing the passer on the outside, but nothing special in his first step and closing speed . If he does pack on some more mass and become a 3-4 end he would also be able to move inside on passing downs.Has a good motor everywhere, but doesn't look like a superstar type.I think he will be a productive player in the NFL if used right .The only question is at what position and in what scheme. -NFL comparison- Justin Smith- SF

43. Brandon Graham- MICH.-DE/OLB-Led the nation in tackles for a loss and spends a lot of time in the opposing backfield. A heady player who reads and reacts right away, and who knows his responsibilities. Great motor and a low center of gravity. Combined with his excellent use of leverage and great hands, he controls his man right off the bat. Stacks and sheds well and can hold the Point. Brings a lot of pressure as a pass rusher and he will keep coming till the whistle blows regardless. If no ones open he can get hustle sacks because he won't give up on a play. Will dominate weaker opponents when rushing , but can get locked out against better blockers. Might be able to play strong side 3-4 OLB as well .An overachiever who gets the most out of what he has and could probably play either 4-3 end. Team leader with a strong work ethic who has played a lot against top competition. Lack of height could hurt him with some teams, but he is a really good football player.
NFL comparison- LaMarr Woodley- PITT

44. Kyle Wilson- CB- Boise St. - Smooth and fluid in his backpedal and transition. Flips his hips as quick as anyone in this draft class and breaks on the ball quickly. A man to man cover corner with good speed and the cockiness that implies. Uses the sideline well as an extra defender. Locates the ball quickly in zone , but can get caught peeking into the backfield too much, and will occasionally bite on fakes trying to jump the route. Can get out-physicalied by bigger receivers, but is aggressive in bump and run. Run support improved this year but still isn't aggressive enough in this are, and needs a lot of improvement as a tackler.Excellent special teamer and provides return ability as well. -NFL comparison- Mike Jenkins- DALL

45. Everson Griffen-DE-Southern Cal- If he really is the 280 he's listed at he could be a 3-4 weakside end, but on tape he looks fast enough to be a 3-4 OLB. If he's closer to 260 that might be where he ends up. Either way he can be a 4-3 end. Motor is inconsistent and he will probably be a workout warrior type. Those guys are usually also your boom or bust types as well, so I wouldn't take him before the 2nd round , but some team that loves these guys will probably take him in the 1rst . When he's on he's a force, but he takes plays off. Was a situational pass rusher as a sophomore and could start out there in the pros, but the sky's the limit if he has the heart and dedication to reach for it. Strong enough to stack and shed in the run game, but doesn't always play with leverage. If he's beat he tends give up too quick in the run or passing game. Has the speed to chase backside but doesn't always do it. In the end if he works out the way I think he will ,and with his upside being so high , someone will probably take him in round 1. Highly unlikely that he would slip past the raiders in round 2. His inconsistent play & motor knock him down to a mid 2nd rounder in our eyes though.- NFL comparison-Shaun Ellis-NYJ

46.Vladimir DuCasse-G- UMASS- Some will think he can play LT in the NFL someday , and that may get him over drafted, but he is too slow footed to ever do so at a high level. While he can't play LT , he does have intriguing athleticism for such a big man. He could maybe play RT soon , and probably either guard spot already. Strong with long arms and plays to the whistle, but he could be nastier. Still raw recognizing stunts and his technique is inconsistent. Needs to get used to a 3 point stance. Immigrated to the US 7 years ago and football is still relatively new to him compared to most top prospects, who start playing in grade school. He's an unfinished product but his upside is high,and if he goes to the right team he could be a steal in the second round, but don't expect a lot of immediate results unless he plays guard. -NFL comparison- Vernon Carey- MIA

47. Perrish Cox-CB- OKLA ST.- A tall press cover corner who's recent discipline issues probably knocked him out of the 1rst round, despite his ideal measuraables. Tall and long armed , but has inconsistent hands for the pick. Willing in run support, but his technique taking on blocks and tackling needs work.Has return value and looks to have good speed, but isn't as fluid coming out of the break as he could be . Mostly it looks like his technique in all areas needs work. That's usually a sign of bad coaching or being hard to coach.Has good instincts and reads coverage & QB's well in zone . Right now he's getting by on athletic ability and in some cases instincts ,but at the next level he will have to be coached up to be a reliable starter.Overall he is just inconsistent. Teams have to ask themselves if it can be coached into him and if he really wants it too. Was considered a burgeoning leader until his suspension for his final bowl game for missing curfew, but that is a big red flag and his timing could not have been worse. Barring anymore red flags some NFL team will probably take him in the 2nd round with the belief that he will realize his potential. He could get back in the 1rst with a great off season in this CB class, but the pre- draft process will be crucial to him repairing his image and anymore slip ups could lead to him being a 3rd rounder.-NFL comparison- Vontae Davis- MIA

48. George Selvie DE/OLB - S. FLA.- A quick first step and surprisingly strong for someone so lean. Has faced a lot of double teams in college, and his production on the stat sheet has declined 2 years running, but he still makes his presence felt.Has put on weight every year in college ,and played pretty well when they played a higher level of competition, but still needs to get bigger. A burst around the edge and a bull rush seem to be his primary pass rush moves, so he will need to be coached up some.His best options would probably be to go to a 3-4 team and learn to be a rush linebacker,but it will take time for him to adjust. Probably just a situational pass rusher and special teamer as a rookie. Has improved against the run, but still needs more sand in his pants to hold the point of attack, although he battles all the way . Plays fierce and has a top notch motor. Is a leader with a strong work ethic and the type of player who keeps improving till he hits his ceiling, but that ceiling may not be far away as some others. - Kameron Wimbley- CLEV

49.Nate Allen - FS- S. FLA.- A smart player who always seems to be around the ball ,and a student of the game who has earned a leadership role. Rarely gets beat, but if he does he recovers quickly. Physical in coverage and run support, but could wrap up better at times, although he is a punishing hitter. Can be a bit overaggressive at times, but makes a lot of big plays with that aggression. Could play either safety postion, but he's the kind of guy you want being your last line of defense. Can cover RB's and TE's but lacks the long speed to run with burner receivers down field. Great read and recognition skills and is a ballhawk who can jump routes. Generally takes good angles and breaks on the ball with a will.-NFL comparison - Tanard Jackson- TB

50. Tim Tebow-QB- FLA.-Will be successful somehow in the NFL, even it's not as a QB. If he goes to the right team ,with the patience to use him to run the wildcat, play some H-Back, and basically have a Kordell Stewart-Slash-type role for awhile he may actually develop into a starting NFL QB. Right now unless you run the spread option offense he wouldn't have lot of chance to succeed as a QB in the NFL,and no ones body could take the type of hits he would receive in that offense for long. Has a long delivery, a inconsistent release, needs to learn to make more than 2 reads , and only average accuracy currently. With the NFL having smaller windows to throw in he needs a lot of coaching in a NFL offense, with a NFL QB coach. Is big strong fast athletic QB with the heart of champion. A team leader , great person,and a winner in college. Strong runner with a TE"s body but the hits he takes in the NFL will be a lot harder. His arm strength is questionable becuase of how he throws. When he winds up and sets his feet he shows a strong arm, but will his arm be as strong with a normal delivery? Despite all the negatives he's the type of guy who will work as hard as he needs to succeed somewhere. At the very least I think he will be a Chris Cooley type H-back, although a better blocker, with the abilty to run some interesting sub packages . At best he could be Donovan McNabb with time and coaching. My best description would be if DR. Moreau used the DNA of Donovan Mcnabb , with a splash of Randall Cunningham( for the delivery), and a smidgen of Kordell Stewart for the versatility, to make a baby in futuristic lab somewhere: and he turned out to be a left handed White guy?- he would be Tim Tebow. - NFL comparison- Donovan McNabbb- PHIL

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