Monday, January 18, 2010

Early NFL Mock Draft Top 10

1. Sam Bradford- QB- OKLA- Rams
All the talk about Suh makes sense. He is a far more sure thing than Bradford, considering his injury history, but franchise QB's are harder to find than stud DT's. With all the depth at DT this year ,the likelihood that they can still get a 1rst round grade DT at the top of the second in this draft, and the return of former 1rst rounder Adam Carriker( injured all last year) at DT ;Bradford makes the most sense. If he's healthy it's the smart thing to do .We think he will be and will wow people with his touch and accuracy in his workouts.

2, Ndamukong Suh- DT - Nebraska- Lions
I really think there smartest move would be to protect the new franchise QB Stafford with Russel Okung. Jeff Backus is just a serviceable LT, but he would be an above average RT. It would also allow them to move Gosder Cherilus inside to( Peterman is a tad below average there) RG ,since he has shown he does not have the feet to play RT currently. That's 3 positions upgraded at once. However Suh is a beast , they have a huge need at DT, and Backus is still serviceable. If any of this years LT prospects were as ranked as high as Joe Thomas was when he was drafted then I think they would take the LT, but not even Okung grades out that high right now. Suh is the surer thing and a great pick regardless.

3. Gerald McCoy - DT- OKLA- Buccaneers
If the rams do take Suh ,then I expect McCoy to go to Detroit. In this scenario he falls to Tampa Bay. You have to get pressure and penetration with your front 4 to run the Tampa 2, and their defense improved late in the season when they they went back to it. Starting DT's Chris Hovan and Ryan Sims will be 32 and 30 to start the season. They combined for only one and a half sacks last year. Not only would McCoy be a huge upgrade there, but his inside pressure would help there emerging DE's.

4. Russell Okong- OT- Okla.St. - Redskins
If ever a team needed O-lineman its the redskins. Mike Shannahan likes to run the zone blocking scheme . He can then get by with smaller , smarter, and quicker( i.e. cheaper and later drafted) lineman. However he has always preferred a high level LT. From HOFer Gary Zimmerman to Ryan Clady , Shannahan has shown he values these guys. Since Okung reminds of us Clady , the redskins desperately need young O-lineman, and the possible retirement of Chris Samuels, this makes the most sense of any pick in the 1rst round. If Bradford is still there when Washington picks all redskins fans should pray that Shannahan is the guy really making the decisions. Bradford would not survive behind this line, but Daniel Snyder might not be "football smart" enough to know that if he's the guy calling the shots. Add that Jason Campbell( or any other QB) deserves the chance to see what they could do with a good O-line and just pray Shanny gets his way.

5. Eric Berry - SS- Tennessee-Chiefs
A rare player and a perfect fit for the chiefs defense if he is still available when they pick. Scott Pioli( former patriots personnell guru) makes the decisions here. Ed Reed is well regarded in New England. Since Berry reminds us of Ed Reed I am betting he will remind Pioli of him too. If they are stuck paying a pick this high I think they will want the surest thing this draft has to offer,and that's Eric Berry.Okung would be thiee dream scenario, but I don't see any other OT being worth this pick right now.

6. Jimmy Clausen- QB- Notre Dame- Seahawks
They could go LT,as Walter Jones return is still a bit questionable, but one of them( basically any OT not named Okung isn't worth this pick right now) would have to really step up in the pre-draft process to justify this high a pick. Otherwise they are over drafting .Its a decent bet incoming head coach Pete Carrolls USC LT Charles Brown will be there in the 2nd. Matt Hasselbeck is nearing the end of his career.Clausen was highly recruited by Carroll out of high school and he has played him every year. He knows what he can do and this time he can get him. If Clausen isn't under 6"2" (and his attitude doesn't piss off teams) I think he goes in the top 10 and this is the most likely spot for him. Derrick Morgan would fit as well as they desperately need pass rush help.

7. Dez Bryant- WR- Okla. ST.- Browns
I think they will trade down if they can, but teams will be wary of whats looking to be the last big rookie pool , unless a new collective bargaining agreement gets done before the draft. If Berry, McCoy or Suh fell this far I think they would sprint to the podium ,but that's unlikely right now. This offense needs playmakers badly. The trade of Braylon Edwardss, the possible holdout/trade of Josh Cribbs, and the faint chance of them taking any RB this high makes Bryant the most likely pick. He's clearly the # 1 receiver right now and this may not even be a reach. The other huge need is a 3-4 rush OLB. Unless one really wows everyone in the pre-draft process I don't see any of them being worth this pick right now. With Morgan clearly being a better fit in a 4-3 at present, then Bryant is their best choice. Joe Haden would be good as well, but isn't as big a need.

8. Anthony Davis-OT -Rutgers-Raiders
You never know what ridiculous thing Al Davis is going to do in the draft , but he loves high upside guys, and Anthony Davis has it. He will also probably work out well and Al loves that. Add that the raiders desperately need a LT and this makes "raider sense" . That basically means they will probably overdraft a guy with great talent and ability , but question marks on/off the field. They could also go after Dunlap or Pierre-Paul, as both will probably workout great, and have a huge upside. All 3 have big question marks though, which screams raiders. Bruce Campbell and Taylor Mys are both dark horses, but they have a lot less good tape than Davis.

9. Trent Williams- OT-OKLA- Bills
We really think this would be a mistake but a lot of people think this guy can play LT in the NFL right now. Even if he can't ,he will probably still be a reliable( if unspectacular) starter at RT or a guard position. My advice would be to take Bruce Campbell, or even Brian Bulaga if they are going to reach for a LT, but trading down and taking one makes more sense. If Clausen or Bradford( they would definitely grab Sam) fall here they might be the pick , or they could actually trade up for either. Derrick Morgan would be nice if they stick to a 4-3 , but there is talk of them going 3-4 next year.

10. Joe Haden- CB-FLA-Broncos
They really need Dez Bryant, with the likely trade of Brandon Marshall, but Haden is a steal this late. Champ Bailey will be in his 12th season next year and a move to safety might come in couple of years , although he still plays CB at a high level now. Andre Goodman( 31 years old himself) is serviceable but if Haden is there( and Bryants gone) they have to take him. It would be the best player available, immediately strengthen their defense, and be a strong move for the future.

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