Saturday, December 12, 2009

2010 early NFL draft prospects 21-30

21. Golden Tate- WR - N. Dame- If Weis does leave Tate is likely to go as well, and Weis getting the axe seems to be a foregone conclusion. A talented separator with a passion for the game. Good speed and just always seems open if he gets off the line quickly. NFL DB's will give him even more trouble getting off the line, and are a lot faster, but he is the type a guy that will work at his craft. Explosive in the open field and a valuable returner as well. Great ball skills and he will battle for the catch. At the very least he's a threat in the slot as a # 3 receiver and return man to start his career. In time he looks like he could be a field stretching game breaker, but his route running needs polish. - NFL comparison- Steve Smith - Car. Panthers

22. Brian Price-DT-UCLA- A stout run stuffer and penetrator with a good motor. Gets off the ball in a hurry and has a low center of gravity. Uses his hands well ,and splits some double teams ,ripping through into the backfield. Could probably play strong-side 3-4 end as well. Might even play NT if he got bigger, or in a scheme like Dallas or San Diego run. In a normal year he would probably be a top 10 pick, but the depth at his position( and the draft overall ) this year knocks him down some.Good rip and bull rush, but he needs more pass rush moves. NFL comparison- Sedrick Ellis-NO Saints

23. Brian Bulaga- OT-IOWA- Another year in school would be his best bet, as he has not been a LT for long and doesn't have quite the experience you want as a blindside protector right now. Plus I feel with one more year in school he is a possible top 5 pick. However with so many young guys trying to come out before a stricter rookie cap is put in place , and the fact that he plays a premium position where people often overdraft players ,makes it likely he will enter the draft this year. Not as big or strong as you would like yet, but has the frame to pack on 20-30 pounds of muscle easily. Strong enough to manhandle smaller college DE's, but bigger( i.e NFL DE's) might give him trouble right now, although he does show flashes of a mean streak. More effective in line than at the 2nd level in the run game. Is a natural knee bender that plays with good leverage and his technique improved every game this year. Handles the fastest speed rushers in the pass game well, but can get overpowered at times. Looks more like a NFL RT currently, but like a guy who might grow into a NFL LT with time, if his arms are long enough. He isn't a super high upside pick , but he has a low floor. Biggest question mark is a thyroid condition that caused him to miss some time. His best bet is to go a team that doesn't need him to play LT right away. His bowl matchup against Derrick Morgan will tell us a lot more about his immediate prospects as a LT. The kind of guy that should at least be an immediate starter at RT or LG,but could end up a franchise LT with more time at the position and NFL coaching. if he realy -NFL comparison- Jordan Gross- CAR. Panthers

24. Mike Iupati-G-Idaho- Has a high ceiling and low floor that will probably get him drafted higher than another guard (Asomoah)who is a more finished product right now. Huge strong guy that gets the most out of that size driving off the line at the snap, but he does tend to get a bit grabby outside. Angry mauler that O-line coaches love with a violent hand punch . Strong in-line in the run or passing games but sometimes struggles to hit his man down field, despite moving well for such a big man. When his technique is sound he is dominant, but even when its not he's pretty good. Long arms and mostly battles whistle to whistle .Looks like he could play RT at a high level as well.Once he's coached up he could be a perennial all-pro .Hasn't played against top competition regularly, but a strong showing in the senior bowl should get him into the first round. -NFL comparison- Shawn Andrews- PHIL

25. Carlos Dunlap-DE- Potential is off the charts and is still a bit raw, but this guy can do it all when he puts it together. Has the measurables to play DE in a 4-3 0r 3-4, or be a DT if he bulks up some.Big, fast, tall, long arms, and a quick first step.You would like him to have more starts ,but he's probably coming out, and this kind of potential will have NFL teams salivating . Could be a boom or bust because he is still raw and very young.Workout warrior type that some teams( raiders?) will be all over.- NFL comparison- Julius Peppers- CAR

26. Trent Williams- OT- OKLA.- Good , but not great at anything. Recovers well when beaten ,and has played multiple positions along the O-line, but it will be lot harder to recover from his mistakes in the NFL. Smart and is a team leader on the field .Not your prototypical left or right tackle, but he seems to get the job done most of the time, especially in the running game. Doesn't have the elite feet to be an top LT, but his aren't bad and he is very athletic. Lacks the strength to be an elite RT but he finishes like one. Despite all that he will battle every play till the whistle blows, and there are a lot worse players starting at both positions in the NFL right now. Looks to be a solid 10 year starter in the league at either postion in the NFL. Probably a good RT , but not a franchise LT right now, although he could play there in the right system. If he gets stronger and maintains his work ethic he could become a Jamall Brown Type, but it could take awhile. The position is so valuable ( and needed) though that he may be over drafted . At the very least he should be a productive starter somewhere on the line.-NFL comparison- Eric Winston-HOU Texas

27. Brandon Spikes ILB- Fla.- His elite instincts make him look faster than he is, but he will never be a sideline to sideline ILB. The area he does cover he will cover well ,and he has a knack for making big plays.Excellent in zone coverage and blitzing, but not fast enough to play man-to-man. Big enough to play ILB in a 4-3 or either spot in a 3-4. Leader of the defense and a solid tackler.Very productive at a big time program.The well publicized incident where he stuck his hand in RB's face mask doesn't seem to have hurt him to much, but his 40 time is absolutely key to being drafted in the first round.-NFL comparison- James Farrior -Pitt. Steelers.

28. Patrick Robinson- CB- Fla. St. - A decent sized fast corner with no short term memory and super quick feet. Has a good burst to the ball when its in front of him, but could use some work transitioning out of his pedal. Willing in run support but not a great tackler yet, although he is aggressive and usually gets the job done. Team leader on the field but has had some problems off off it. If if he picks it he can take it to the house, and looks like he could play some receiver if given the chance. Has a burst to the ball and makeup speed. Has some return experience and should contribute on many special team right away. Depending on the pre-draft process he could end up the 2nd corner taken or the the 5th.- NFL comparison- ( on defense, not as a returner) Leodis McKelvin -BUFF

29. Dan Williams -DT -Tennesee- A stout run stuffer with low center of gravity and a thick trunk. Some teams may even see him as a 3-4 NT , which can only help his draft status, but he is better in a 4-3 at DT right now ,and he would have to be more consistent staying low to hold the point there in the NFL. Could possibly play strong side 3-4 end as well. Quick for a big man, and actually has some decent pass rush moves when he uses them, but too often just resorts to bullrushing. He comes off the ball with a will and has faced constant double teams in a tough conference. Inconsistent technique and either tires easily , or just plays with bad leverage too often for an elite talent. It may be that as a 2 down player( ex. 3-4 NT) he wouldn't tire as fast,but to be an elite DT you need to be productive on passing downs.We don't question his effort so much as his abilty to play at a high level when tired. Work ethic whispers must be monitored-NFL comparison- B J Raji- GB

30. Navarro Bowman-OLB-Penn st.- You watch him on tape and it looks like he is everywhere on the field. That's because he is. Flows to the ball smoothly. Scrapes and runs around most blocks. Not the best stack and shed guy yet, but he scrapes well and brings it to the ball carrier with a thump. Good speed and is improving in coverage even if he is still a bit stiff, but his diagnostic skills are still a lot better vs the run. Some off the field questions too. Probably a 4-3 guy only, unless he gets bigger. NFL comparison- Ernie Simms- Detroit Lions

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  1. 1. I think L.J. is overrated from the Chiefs. Did you see him on Hard Knocks last season on HBO. He's cry baby when he doesnt get the ball.

    Im also looking forward to Adrian Peterson from the Vikes, NOT the Bears, haha. He showed some sparks of greatness in the Packers game. I was just waiting for him to explode and run it in for a touchdown everytime he touched it. Being that its only week 1, I saw a lot to look forward to in his runs.

    The Saints got me a little excited also but I was so disappointed with last year with them. But they have that same glimmer from that "magical" year. Looking forward to seeing Drew Brees lighting up another offensive show. But Marques Colston is out, hopefully they can hold it together.

    The Colts looked really rusty in the Bears game and the Bears look phenomenal. Given, Manning hasnt had a real snap in a while and Marvin Harrison has been out for a long time and Anthony Gonzalez is still technically a rookie Im still not too worried about them. But F&%K the Colts, haha. As far as I see it they are my rivals for the Pats, haha.NFL Draft