Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is Alpha Sports Expert?

Alpha Sports Expert is a place where people can go to acquire sports related information required to display their dominance among their friends, in a social setting. Be warned, information posted on this blog has a limited scope, the writing/postings/video clips/etc of the author(s) are for recreational purposes only. By reading this blog, or listening to the advice of someone who read this blog, you agree to hold the author(s) harmless and completely limit the author(s) liability to $0.00.

With the above part out of the way, this is a blog for sports information. The posting are a synthesis of existing information and original sports research that allows the Alpha Sports Expert team to beat all of our friends in fantasy sports leagues, impress small groups while watching sports and act as the trusted confidant when it comes to picking winners.

Our areas of expertise isn't limited to ( bout the blog will only cover) Football (College and Professional), Baseball & MMA. If you have questions related to any of those fields, feel free to send us an email or post a comment with your question.

After over 30 years of playing, coaching and watching football I figured I should share what I know best with people who want to learn. Football is my passion and even though I am too old to play it, and no longer have the patience to coach high school kids, I still love talking about it.

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