Thursday, September 3, 2009

2009 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

1. Randy Moss - Is happy, healthy and motivated since joining NE. Had the greatest single fantasy season of any wide receive in history in 07 with Brady. Brady is back and the pre-season has shown their connection is still in full force. Will never be the over the middle threat of some of the great receivers in football, but is the greatest deep threat in NFL history,and just out jumps DB's. Is probably the only receiver with a chance to reach 20 Td's this season.Goal line fades and deep balls all the live long day. 1200-1400 yards and 15-20 TD's

2. Larry Fitzgerald - Had a fantastic season last year and elevated his game in the post season. Is likely to be overrated in most drafts this year. He's still one of the best receivers in football, with arguably the best hands. Phenomenal concentration and can make the catch anywhere on the field.There aren't enough passes to go around for Boldin, Breaston and Fitz. Fitz will most likely draw double coverage more than the other two combined. Don't forget that Boldin actually had similar stats to Fitz before he got injured. Posts season glory makes you a great real life player, but doesn't always directly transfer to fantasy. 1300-1500 yards and 11-14 TD's

3. Andre Johnson - When healthy, he's as good as anyone. Lacks the number 2 receiver that Moss and Fitz have. On the plus side, that means they will try to force the ball to him, so watch for big numbers. On the downside, he will have the majority of the defense's attention most of the time. He sees more 2 on 1 then anyone ,except maybe Calvin Johnson,and it really affects his stats in the red zone. Is this the year where his TD's match the rest of his production? 1200-1500 yards receiving and 8-12 TD's

4. Calvin Johnson - Probably the most talented receiver in the history of football, even more so than Moss. However, has no major threat opposite him and will be catching footballs from either rookie Stafford or past his prime Culpepper. Needs Bryant Johnson or Pettigrew to draw coverage away from him. He's such a big, amazing athlete that despite double coverage he'll still put up major stats and be a major goal line threat. 1250 yards and 10-13 TD's

5. Greg Jennings - Has become the major end zone threat for Rodgers and one of the leagues best deep threats. Speedsters with great hands and a knack for double moves. Just keeps getting better and is primed to take it to the next level this season. 1150-1300yards and 8-11 TD's.

6. Roddy White - Has improved every year since Vick's departure. Last year, showed the chemistry between him and Ryan was only getting better. The addition of Gonzalez might take some of his near the goal line throws away, but will open up more deep balls for big plays. 1200-1400 yards and 7-10 TD's

7. Reggie Wayne - Whether last year was an anomaly or 07 was, he desperately needs Anthony Gonzalez to have a big year on the other side. As of now, Dallas Clark is the number 2 receiving threat and Wayne faced consistent double coverage ,due to the decline or Harrison last season. Clark alos seemed toreceive alo of red zone looks last year,which hurts Reggie. Could end up either 1st or 15th on this list after it's all said and done. Too many variables. 1150 to-1350 yards and 6 -12 TD's

8. Marcus Colston - Number 1 receiver on last year's best passing offense. He's healthy and is Brees' favorite target. Brees like to spread the ball around and Colston isn't as big of a deep threat as the players ranked ahead of him, but he's a fierce target around the goal line and strong running after the catch. 1000-1250 yards and 6-11 TD's

9. Steve Smith (Car) - Returned to form last year, if he can keep from sucker punching his team mates, he should be in line for another great season. Deep threat and able to break small receiver screens and short slants into long gains. Needs Jarrett to step up for him to be ranked any higher. Muhammad isn't capable of drawing double teams away from Smith. When the field shortens his production drops due to the constant double teams, so won't catch as many short TDs as he could. 1100-1400 yards and 6-9 TD's

10. Anquan Boldin - The games most physical receiver and the best at yard after catch. Breaks tackles like a fullback with solid hands (which makes him a number 1 on many fantasy teams). Tough as nails and is playing for a new contract. Beware of a chip on his shoulder related to money vs. Fitz...however could lead to his best season thus far.1050-1250yards and 6 to 9 TD's

11. Roy Williams - They paid a lot to get him, he's replacing TO and Dallas has to make it work. Let's not forget he's a few years removed from the Pro Bowl and injuries have directly effected his play on the field. Took a play out of Fitz's book by losing 15 lbs in the off season to re-gain his explosiveness. Also spent countless hours working with Romo on their timing. 1050-1200 yards and 6 to 9 TD's

12. Dwayne Bowe - Haley brings his pass happy offensive scheme from AZ to KC. With the departure of Gonzalez, Bowe is the only reliable and proven receiver left of their roster. Good hands, physical, fearless over the middle and strong after the catch. Also a big goal line target. and is definitely the main focus of the KC passing attack. 1000-1200 yards and 6-9 TD's

13. Desean Jackson - Finally McNabb has another true number 1 receiver. Phillys offensive scheme ,and McNabb's proclivity to spread the ball around, will keep Jackson from having enormous stats. True deep threat and explosive on short slants and WR screens. Seems to have matured in the off season, but still not the bravest guy over the middle. Either beat press coverage quick and was wide open or was stopped dead at the line last season. Philly started using more rub routes to free him up of the line this pre- season and it could pay off big. Reverses and end arounds to him are a supposed to be a regular part of this years playbook.1000-1200 yards and 6-9 TD's

14. Vincent Jackson - Physically imposing receiver with a knack for out jumping the DB on top of his 6' 5" 240 lbs frame. While he lacks the speed of Calvin Johnson, he has similar measurables in every other respect. Came into his own last year and is a contract year. 1000-1200 yards and 6-9 TD's

15. Chad Ochocinco - Palmer's back and "who's your mamma" is gone, so Chad will receive the majority of the balls in Cinci. He's always been adept at beating double coverage, underneath or over the middle. Also wants a new contract. Probably won't be the deep threat he has been in the past. If he has a big year, he's likely to be traded due to playing for the cheapest owner in the NFL, since next year there will be no salary floor. Expect the Bengals to go CHEAP!!! 1000-1200 yards and 5-9 TD's

16. Eddie Royal - The beneficiary of Marshall's childish insanity, Royal is now the number 1 receiving threat in Denver. Explosive, with a knack for finding holes in the zone and making something out of nothing. He also is adept at double moves and getting open deep. The only questions are whether or not Orton can get him the ball and if Marshall make's nice with Coach McDaniels. 1000 to 1150 yards and 5-8 TD's

17. Santonio Holmes - This may be the year that he finally takes the number 1 receiver role from Ward. Confidence from his MVP and a dedicated off season training regiment should translate to more balls thrown his way. He has a gift for making something out of nothing and has the speed to stretch the defense on every play. 900-1110 yards and 5-9 TD's

18. TJ Houshmandzadeh - Now in the west coast offense and firmly entrenched as the number 1 receiver, TJ should be able to use more of his running after the catch ability. Was relied upon as a possession receiver, catching most balls underneath coverage. Now, he goes into a different role his talent will be better utilized and he'll get more looks in the end zone. 950-1100 yards and 5- 9 TD's

19. Braylon Edwards - His disastrous 08 can't be blamed entirely on Edwards. Inaccurate QBs whom were running for their lives most of the time don't help the WR's cause. Was almost traded in the off season but now seems to be towing the party line. What can be blamed on Edwards is his inability to catch the ball when it really matters. Similar to TO, in that he makes the highlight film, but drops the easy ones. Don't expect a return to 07 stats. 1100 yds and 10 TDs isn't out of the question,but don't make him your # 1 receiver. Is a much better option as a # 2 with upside. Size and speed combo who could make or break your team, but is also a FA after the season. 850-1200 yards and 4-10 TD's

20. Bernard Berrian - Deep threat and finally has a QB who can throw the deep ball. Minn's running game gives him a good chance at seeing a good amount of 1 v 1 coverage. Could show a little more over the middle, but those seem to be routes Minn doesn't have him run much .900-1100 yards and 5-8 TD's

21. Wes Welker - Brady's security blanket. 85% of the passes he catches are underneath, so don't expect a lot of TDs. Most of his TDs are from when Brady is running for his life or Welker breaks a long one. Great hands and fearless over the middle for an undersized receiver. Quick and sneaky, as opposed to fast and explosive.1000-1150 yards and 4-8 TD's

22. Lee Evans - Despite having to share balls with TO, Evans should benefit . He's had a problem getting off the line against press coverage his entire career. Teams know they can play cover 2 in case he slips the bump of the corner. However, with TO on the field, he'll see more 1 v 1 than at any other time in his career. He's always been a deep threat and should be even more so now. 950-1100 yards and 4-8 TD's

23. Brandon Marshall - A bigger, faster Boldin with the maturity level of a teenager. Boom or Bust pick. Could be suspended for half the season. Will he be a whiny malcontent or finally get his act together and go on to have a great season after the season is a quarter of the way through. Will probably get his stats at a higher average per game if he accepts his fate and just plays.900 to 1100 yards and 4- 7 TD's

24. Antonio Bryant - The question is will Leftwich be able to get him the ball before the defense knocks him unconscious. Byron's long windup when throwing results in a lot of big shots for himself & his receivers . It also results in bullets down the field when he gets it off in time, and the occasional receiver hung out to dry over the middle. Bryant returned to the league last year after missing an entire season due to a past discipline problems and drug suspensions. Finally seemed to fulfill his promise as a previous Biletnikoff award winner. Playing this year under the franchise tag should motivate him to play as hard as possible. Extremely volatile so you never know.950 to 1150 yards and 4-7 TD's

25. Anthony Gonzalez - Has the chance to step into Harrison's shoes full time this season. Made strides last year, but not enough to draw regular double coverage away from Wayne. Has the chance for a break out season. 900-1050 yards and 4- 7 TD's

26. T.O. - As much as it pains me to say it, he's still one of the most talented receivers and athletes in NFL history. He's lost a step, has alligator arms,gotten more whiny, drops far more balls then he should, is learning a new system, has been hurt during the pre-season and is breaking in a new young QB. This is the very definition of boom or bust. Could catch 10 TD & have 1200 yds or be out of the league by mid season. Safe bet for 6 TDs and 800 yds.

27. Derrick Mason - Consummate professional and a great possession receiver. Still the number 1 guy in Baltimore, but how much does he have left? Had a brief retirement this off-season, then was talked into coming back. No matter how much Flacco has improved, they are still a run first team. 900 -1050 yards and 4-6 TD'S.

28. Torry Holt - Future HOFer in his first season with a new team. He'll be the number 1 receiver and Garrard's number 1 target. Still runs precise routes, has good hands and above average speed. However, Jacksonville is a run first team that would prefer to spread the ball around if possible. 850-1050 yards and 4-6 TD's.

29. Hines Ward - Old faithful, too bad you don't get points for blocking or Hines would be much higher on this list. Will still get a lot of catches underneath because he is adept at coming back to the ball, and Big Ben holds onto it so long ,he has too. Still a good route runner, willing to make the tough catch over the middle. But, Santonio's time has come. 850-1050 yards and 4-6 TD's.

30. Santana Moss - Still has explosive speed and good hands. But Campell is his QB. Which Campell will show up this season will have a huge influence on Santana's numbers. WA drafted 2 receivers in the 2nd round last year and both have made huge strides this off-season and early in the pre-season. WA would prefer that Thomas and Kelly relegated Moss to a slot receiver roll, if possible. As of now, he's still the number 1. 800-1000 yards and 4-6 TD's

31. Devin Hester - Big play, deep threat burner and is still learning how to play the WR position. Showed an affinity for more routes this pre-season, but is still mostly used as a down the field threat. Hands are getting better, but as of now are still NFL average at best.

32. Donald Driver - Still a reliable possession receiver who runs precise routes. He's no longer the number 1 and last year's top pick Jordy Nelson will probably cut into his catches this season. Always seems to be in the right place when a play breaks down.

33. Kevin Walter - Mini-break out season last year. Not quite Ed McCaffrey ,as he isn't as fearless over the middle, but he's a similar type player. Not a proven # 2 fantasy WR yet, but he's getting there.

34. Ted Ginn, Jr. - It's time to put up or shut up. Development is limited by QBs inability to hurl the ball into tight windows down field. Most of his catches now come on short receiver screens, crosses over the middle and go routes. Has elite speed, but needs someone with an arm to show it off. Still has lot of trouble getting off the line against press coverage.

35. Jerricho Cotchery - A new offensive system and a new young QB probably won't help his numbers. Reliable possession receiver with above average hands, but still on a team that prefers to run the ball.

36. Steve Breaston - Would be a starter on most teams. 1k yards receiving last year, despite only starting a handful of games. Arizona's pass happy offense is prolific enough to make him fantasy worthy, but an injury to Boldin or Fitzgerald makes him worth much more. If they miss only a combined 4 games,and he steps into the starting lineup, expect similar stats to last year.

37. Chris Henry - Immature head case with elite ability and a nose for the end zone. 85 will probably end up switching roles this year and take more of a possession receivers responsibility. However, Henry is a tall receiver who can leap, which makes a great red zone target. If he's matured, he has Pro Bowl ability.

38. Justin Gage - Big possession receiver who leaps well, in a run first offense that will limit his upside potential. He'd probably have much better stats on a West Coast offense team.

39. Donnie Avery - The first wide receiver selected in the 08 draft, showed flashes of number 1 potential last season. New coach Spagnola prefers to run first and Bulger has been on the decline for a few years now. Avery is the unquestioned number 1 with the departure of Holt and will be given every opportunity to succeed.

40. Joey Galloway - 37 years old who runs like a spry 17 year old. The question is will his body hold up over a 16 game season? Past number 3 receivers in NE have had big years and Galloway is still a deep threat.

41. Michael Crabtree - If he ever gets his head out and decides to sign a contract that matches where he was picked, he'll quickly become the number 1 receiver in SF. Think Boldin with more speed and the ego that all WR divas seem to have.

42. Robert Meachem - Past number 1 pick that looked like a bust when he came into camp late and out of shape, then was quickly injured. Now his stock is back on the rise after a strong off season and a productive pre-season. Moore's injury opens the door for Meachem to slide into the number 2 spot in a highly explosive and productive passing offense. If Moores injury is less serious than is being reported he drops down.

43. Percy Harvin - Reggie Bush clone, will probably also run the Wildcat offense in Minn. Big play waiting to happen, if he doesn't get in his own way. Has had maturity and off the field problems in the past. On the bright side their isn't a lot to do in Minn, so maybe he will just keep the party at home.

44. Patrick Crayton - Long time Dallas number 2 receiver who always seems on the verge of losing his job, but doesn't. Has the same body type and physical abilty of a Wes Welker, but seems to lack the same size heart. Has repeatedly made brash media statements leading up to a game only to choke in crucial situations repeatedly.

45. Josh Morgan - Isaac Bruce is currently the number 1 in SF, Crabtree will eventually be the number 1 in SF, but Morgan has a good chance to be the # 1 WR for SF when its all said and done this season. Had a strong off season ,a good pre-season and coaches love him. He also has a great repertoire with QB Hill and could quickly surpass Bruce if he explodes out of the gate.

46. Nate Burleson - Probable number 2 who started last season with a bang, only to suffer a season ending injury. Always seems to get hurt when things are going well. But, has top notch ability if he could just stay healthy.

47. Miles Austin - Size, speed combo, will be counted on to be Dallas' deep threat this year. Hopes of him surpassing Crayton have yet to be fulfilled. Still raw in his route running and has a history of injury.

48. Michael Jenkins - Never quite lived up to the hype. Reminds me of Alvin Harper, doesn't catch a lot of balls, but the ones he does are deep. Adept at catching the ball at its highest point, but is ATL's 3rd best receiving option.

49. Earl Bennett - Cutler's number 1 receiver at Vandy might enjoy the reunion this season. Most likely will be a possession receiver to counter Hester's deep threat in Chicago's passing attack.

50. Malcom Floyd - Good chance to supplant Chambers in the lineup this season. Came on strong at the end of last year and is a big target. Unlike Chambers, he has above average hands.

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