Friday, September 4, 2009

2009 Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings

You never know who's going to be the best kicker from year to year. Too many variables affect this category. My Iron clad rule of fantasy ,when it comes to kickers ,is don't draft one till at least the last 3 rounds. Most fantasy scoring systems reward longer field goals so the potential kicker with a big leg can have a higher upside. If you are in a league that just counts kicker points the same as real football your best bet is to go with the kicker you think will be on the highest scoring team. Then again a team that bogs down in the red zone , and has a accurate kicker can have some huge weeks and a great season. Also dome team Kickers don't have weather to contend with and often get more chances to kick a long one at the end of a half. I like to use 3 year averages and take the rest of the aforementioned criteria into account when making a list of kickers. See what I mean ? Freaking random. So don't pick one until at least the last 3 rounds and if you can pick your kickers last more power to ya.

1. Ryan Longwell - In a dome . Was 6 for 6 from over 50 yards last year. Improved offense with Favre. Less FG's but more XP's will probably balance out.

2. Mason Crosby- great 07. Strong young offense that allows long FG trys. Great 2 yr. pts. AVG & doesn't lack for confidence.

3. Stephen Gostkowski- Brady hurts his FG tries, as they will go back to scoring more TD's,but will score a lot. Accurate under 50.

4. Rob Bironas- Big leg & accurate. Titans will return to red zone troubles. Should get more FG tries this season. Prone to huge games.

5. Nate Kaeding- reliable averages & a good Offense. Needs to be more accurate from long distance this season.

6. Josh Brown- Accurate, big leg, and a dome.Had a lot of 08 FG tries, but needs more XP attempts.Their offense can't be worse than 08.

7. Nick Folk- Expect a return to 07 form with Dallas being more conservative this season and more FG tries. Ice water in veins.

8. David Akers- Career high FG attempts last year and strong from 40-49 yards.Seems to ignore Philly conditions at will. 08 career year.

9. Neal Rackers- Offense to good to ignore, but will never have 05 points or number of FG attempts again. FA year and big leg

10. Robbie Gould -Accurate inside 40 .Steady as they come & gets a lot of FG trys , but don't expect a lot of long ones. Cutler addition helps.

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