Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 NFL MOCK DRAFT - 4/21/17 - With Trades & Player Comparisons

All the ALL STAR games , combine , and most of the pro days are over. Plus the actual draft is just a week away . I see a draft deepest in high level talent at the undervalued positions on offense.  So rejoice if you need a TE.  running back , and offensive guard . Also, although it's not stacked at the top with any consensus top 5 or 10 picks, there is a lot  of depth at WR. too . It's definitely a defense first draft, with a LOT of quality players  at corners, safety, and Edge rushers , and even a fair amount of depth at off the ball linebackers , Deshaun Watson and Mitch Trubisky are the only QB's I gave a first round grade to, but It's a late first for both.  The prospects have former or current NFL player comparisons below their names , so you can get an idea of who it is your team might be getting. The higher they are ranked the more likely I think they reach that comparison. So while Pat Mahomes reminds me of Brett Favre, I have ranked him far enough away from the top to point out it's not a high probability that he reaches that comp.  If you don't know the player then just run a search. However, I will change them later if someone else comes to mind that I think is a better comp. The heights and weights are based on their listed measurements at the combine in most cases, but some come from Pro days. Feel free to leave a comment. Agreeing or disagreeing is welcome, but please do it intelligently and respectfully. If you can't, or resort to personal attacks, I just won't post it.So here it is. Enjoy.

# Is for a player with with reported character or maturity concerns.

** Is for a player with reported injury concerns.

I know Browns fans are in desperate need of a QB, but their roster is being rebuilt right now, and any QB they take this year is likely to be a big overdraft, and they have a the 12th pick if they want to go that route anyway. Cody Kessler just seems like a backup to me, but I admit that he does have a chance to become a low end starter in a west coast offense. Even though I don't think any of these draft-able QB's is worth even a top 10 pick , I do expect 4 to go in the first round, but the Browns seem dedicated to restocking the whole team through the draft, and that means no reaching. If they don't take a QB high this year( or trade for one) , they will have much better chance of finding a franchise QB in next years quarterback rich draft . The consensus best player available is therefore the best choice.  Garrett has a great frame & tools. Plus he has been highly productive from day one in a power 5 conference. He has the burst & athleticism for OLB or DE .If he had been eligible for the 2016 draft there is a good chance he would been a top 4 pick. 

I am sure the 49ers would love to trade down, but I doubt anyone will be willing to pay that price, so unless they are willing to take less than trade chart value they are going to pick here. They have the grace period of a new coach & GM, especially Shannahan and his 6 year contract, so that means they can take someone they love long term. I would be shocked if they took a QB here, but stranger things have happened. With Darnold, Rosen, and next years better looking QB crop coming in next years draft, and everyone under the sun knowing that Kirk Cousins wants to play for Shannahan again,  the Redskins looking unlikely pay him what he wants long term, or 30 plus million on next years franchise tag. my guess is they don't take a QB this high. If they think Malik Hooker is healthy he would fit too., but I'm going a different way, and they could just take Marcus Williams in the 2nd.. Thomas is worth this pick , and while he mostly played 3 & 5 technique in college just like their last 2 first rounders, he projects best as a strong side end who can kick inside on obvious passing situations. He's young and raw, but also strong, explosive, has a motor for days, is coachable, and played his college ball locally. His new GM also played at Stanford, and that can only help. 

3. CHICAGO - JAMAL ADAMS - S - LSU - 6"1" , 211
Adrian Amos is a young player who is probably still on the rise, and they brought in 31 year old Quinton Demps , who just came off a good year in Houston . So safety isn't a big need, but the bears need leadership on defense, and Adams provides that and a whole lot more . He is a complete safety to me, and while most see him as mostly a in the box guy because of his tape I disagree. . High/low , cover, and run defense. I think he can do it all, and I honestly believe he could play corner at an above average level in the NFL. He is one of the safest players in this draft, and John Fox could lose his job if the team isn't in playoff contention this year. This guy makes that defense better all around, and is the leade it needs long term. 


***PROJECTED TRADE*** The BROWNS trade the  1rst they got from the eagles(#12) and their own 2nd(#33) and their own 5th (#145) to the JAGUARS for their 1rst (#4) rounder***PROJECTED TRADE***

4.CLEVELAND-(jaguars) - MITCH TRUBISKY - QB - N. CAROLINA - 6"2" , 222
Let me be clear and say I don't believe the Browns are really considering taking Trubisky over Garrett at # 1 ,despite the rumors. I do believe they like him though, and I also think rather than taking a RB in the top 4 the jaguars would be wise to trade back and take a premium player at one of the few positions of need on their team. The Browns QB woes are legendary, and while I think they should keep stockpiling picks to get Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen next year I have a feeling that this pick is earmarked for a quarterback unless someone they love falls to 12. If I HAD to take a QB high this year Watson is the guy., but everything points to them taking the hometown guy in Trubisky . Despite Trubisky's few(13) starts in college some believe him to be the best QB in this draft. I get it , His rhythm , accuracy on short to intermediate passes, mobility, and best in class ability to throw people open are enticing. However, he still has a lot to work on.. Fine tuning his mechanics and getting better at the deep ball are obvious for starters. Working with Hue Jackson should help Jay Gruden could give him a decent chance of being a good starter in time, especially in a west coast offense like this one, nd behind the line the have now built.

5. TENNESEE-(la rams) - JONATHAN ALLEN - ALABAMA - 6"3", 290
The trade they made with the rams last season really payed off. Not only did they still get stud rookie RT Jack Conklin out of the deal, but they ended up with the 5th pick in the draft thanks to the ineptitude of Jeff Fisher & Les Snead. I was genuinely surprised that Allen didn't enter the draft in 2016. When a guy gets 13 sacks & 17 hurries in just over 250 rushes he could have been a top 10 pick, and might have went as high as # 3. He looked more suited to be a 4-3 base end in the pros last year , but he added some weight to play more early down snaps as a 5 technique at Alabama this season . Now he is both the best 3 technique defensive tackle and 5 technique DE in this draft. He really improved against the run and is a powerful force inside against the run or pass. Watch his tape and you can't help but love the guy. Adding him to Jurell Casey would give the Titans 2 serious dangerous interior play makers. 

Revis was cut and should go to a zone team, or he''s going to take a pay cut and move to safety, and that's only if he wants to keep playing. Either way the Jets will need CB help. Lattimore mirrors his man better than any CB in this class. He's tall , fast, has good ball skills, fluid hips, and elite feet. He's even pretty good against the run. He's also a 3rd year sophomore with only one year of starting tape due to past chronic hamstring injuries, but that tape is elite . If his health checks out he could go as high as #2 overall, but I think that his inability to play inside makes him unlikely to go that high.

The chargers are another team that needs O-Line help, but probably won't take it here because they signed Russell okung. They do have a fair amount of needs though, and the only positions I doubt they will take this high is QB , interior O-line , and RB. Hooker is the very definition of a ball hawking free safety. He has great instincts and covers a lot of ground with his rangy frame.He's another one year starter and he needs to work on his angles and tackling in run support, but with more experience on the field  it's reasonable to assume he will improve there.. I think he would be a lock for the top 10 if not for having 2 surgeries( sports hernia and labrum) that caused him to miss the combine. If he can run before the draft I think he's in top 10 at worst , and could go in the top 5 if his medicals check out. If their were no medical questions about him he would be in my top 3 .


This is a really deep RB draft, and there is a good chance the panthers would trade down and take a RB later if they can, but that's not available in this scenario. Plus, Cam Newton's shoulder injury means he isn't likely to be their main short yardage back anymore. Fournette is big , physical, and fast. He started showing more of an ability to run around defenders last season, and improved as a receiver, but his 2015 tape was better anyway.  He's a little bigger, and not quite as explosive , but he has a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses as Adrian Peterson. That punishing power, explosiveness,problems running out of the shotgun,  and need to have a lead blocker are among the common strengths, The fumbles and struggles in the passing game are among the common weaknesses. Although he has improved as receiver he still needs to show more of the route tree, and work on speeding up his choices in protection, but he's young enough that he should get better. The only reasons I thought he might fall out of the top 10 were his repetitive ankle injuries, and he looked overweight at the combine, but he looked in better shape and more fluid at his pro day. Even though he is the 3rd ranked back on my board now, I still think he's the first RB off the board, despite his inability to do a complete workout this off season .

With Karlos Dansby signing with Arizona, Rey Maualuga also being cut , and Vontaze Burfict always being a wild card the Bengals need help in the middle. Foster is a thumper with sideline to sideline ability, and one of the 4 elite players on tape in this draft for me. He makes plays against the run or pass and was already the leader of what was basically a NFL defense. I think he had a chance to go #2 overall if not for a shoulder injury , flunking the idiot( combine drug test ) and a temperamental incident that got him sent home early from the combine. The Bengals have made a killing on taking guys that fall due to character or injury issues, but their once perennial top 5 talented roster has went down hill some in the last year. They need a winner and Foster gives them that. 

Sammy Watkins always seems to be hurt , and the Rams inexplicably payed Robert Woods like he's an above average starter. Plus Tyrod Taylor's best passes are deep down the field. Williams is a great big ol jump ball stud ,with great hands ,and a fierce demeanor when the balls in the air.  He's also a great fit in this run heavy play action offense, because he is a strong blocker , runs the slants , and big body short yardage routes well, and could be the receiving red zone weapon that Taylor needs. I would take Davis, but he is play style is pretty similar to Watkins, So I think they go for a different type of receiver.

On tape Reddick was a undersized DE most of the time, and I think he could be a 3-4 OLB. He has briefly played safety, LB, at Temple but his main impact was as a DE. He was an explosive starting pass rusher the last 2 seasons, but made the transition too off the ball LB at the Senior Bowl. You could literally see him improving day by day during that week, and he killed the combine on the field, and in the meeting room. He has been the drafts biggest riser since the season ended, and he fits what the Saints need. they need a LB with the athleticism to cover, and pass rush help.  Whether he plays in the middle or outside, you can bet he will be on the field on nickle, either with his hand on the ground or blitzing far more than he drops into coverage. He could be the versatile Swiss army knife that takes this defense to a new level.

12. JACKSONVILLE-(browns,philly)- OJ HOWARD - TE - ALABAMA - 6"6" , 251
This trade is great for the jags. They get the p[layer they might have taken at #4 anyway, and pick up the first pick of day 2, and a 5th. Despite a huge influx of talent last year the jags are once again picking in the top 5 ,and are starting over with a new head coach . Plus Tom Coughlin is now in overall charge of the franchise as well. They need a left tackle more than anything, but with the injury , and lack of high level stating experience questions of the top guy at that position , it's unlikely they take one this high.  Branden Albert is likely to be their short term stopgap this season on the blindside, but he will turn 33 this season ,and his play sharply declined last year. . Howard was woefully underused as receiver at Alabama, and improved as a blocker last year.He has great frame is an explosive mismatch night mare inline or outside , and can stay on the field on all 3 downs. They could also take Mixon in round 2 or Perine in round 3 ,and possibly he better off than if they had taken Fournette. In fact hey could actually take both and use that Oklahoma backfield to run the ball 35-40 times a game if they want to. It would help Bortles , and what they have done in the past sure hasn't worked out well. 

13.ARIZONA - **COREY DAVIS - WR - W. MICHIGAN - 6"3" , 209
A lot of you Cardinal fans are probably clamoring for a QB, but I doubt they take one at 13. Kizer would be the best fit here, but I feel he lacks the mental toughness to play for Arians if he took him in round one, because then you are expecting him to play soon. With Palmer's injury questions it's very possible he could play this season. Maybe if he fell to them in round 2 , then there would be less pressure. Mahomes is even farther away from being a NFL starter so I doubt it in the first round. Plus if they want to be competitive this year WR is a bigger need. Fitzgerald is nearing the end of his HOF career, Floyd was cut, Brown had health problems, and JJ Nelson is just now coming into his own. Davis has good size, is a good route runner who separates better than any receiver in this draft , and is explosive after the catch. Even though he's a smalls school guy he dominated that level of competition. He had a ton of targets and a few more drops than I would like, but I still think he would have destroyed the combine if not for an ankle injury. That injury ,and his level of competition are the reasons why I think he won't be the first receiver off the board, but he is my # 1  receiver.  I still wouldn't be shocked if Tennesee took him at #5 though. 

Darren Sproles is still productive but old, and father time is undefeated, Plus, the talented but perennially injured Ryan Mathews is a free agent after the year .  The need a feature back and it needs to be someone who can also be effective in the passing game. McCaffrey may not the biggest guy but he carried the ball a ton in a pro style offense at Stanford, and he did most of it between the tackles . With all the questions surrounding the other top backs in this draft he is the safest of the bunch. He can play in any scheme, runs routes like a veteran receiver, has burst & speed, doesn't fumble, and he has improved in pass pro. Plus he can return punts & kicks. Doug Pederson will know how to use his talents. NFL PLAYER COMPARISON - TIKI BARBER - retired

The Colts need pass rush more than anything, although someone along the front lines on offense or defense makes the most sense in general, I think the edge is clearly the biggest need ,and their new GM has to get at least a solid player here. Barnett broke Reggie Whites Tennessee sack record. He's well rounded and consistent. He may never lead the league in sacks, but he will get consistent pressure and I feel between 8 and 12 sacks a year make sense. He is a complete player against the run or pass, and despite lacking elite athletic traits he always seems to be making plays. If he can cut down on the off sides I see a few pro bowls in his future. 

The Ravens once great O -line has lost Keleche Osemele, his replacement Vlad Ducasse, and now right tackle Ricky Wagner in free agency over the last 2 years. Plus future HOFer Marshall Yanda is getting long in the tooth.  Their GM likes high floor players and their coach likes versatile players. That's Lamp , and as Brick would say " I love LAMP!" He can play any O-Line position, but his arm length makes it unlikely that a lot of teams would even give him a shot at tackle despite how great his tape is , and it's not just small school competition. No O-lineman played better against Alabama's future NFL front line than Forrest. He's at least a plug and play left guard for this team, and I wouldn't be surprised if they tried him at right tackle.

DESHAUN WATSON  - QB - CLEMSON - 6"3", 221 lbs
Unless they want to pay Kirk Cousins 30 million plus next year the Redskins are going to need a new QB next season. If I HAD to take a QB here this year this is the guy. He's a proven winner with the " IT " factor , is smart, works hard, has the highest floor of all these guys, and has more starting & big game experience than all the other 4 QB's with a chance to go in the first combined. In fact if his receiver's had just held onto the ball against Alabama in 2015 he would have led them to back to back national championships. He added some muscle, is actually 6"2" plus, and that helps. However, I liked his 2015 tape better, and that was with a bad O-line and no Mike Williams. This year with a improved O-line .and Williams making great grabs whenever he just threw it up, you have to wonder why he didn't improve. Still , I kind of think this pick makes sense.  With Jay Gruden for a coach, and Watson's work ethic & football IQ,  I think he is at least a quality starter for awhile. Worst case scenario for me is Alex Smith with more guts down the field. I realize a lot of people prefer Trubiski , and I can see why because his 2016 tape is much better for this offense, but I'm going with the surer thing if it's me. While I don't see him having anywhere near the same success early, because Dak Stepped in to a perfect situation around him, everything about him but his build reminds me of Prescott . I think a year sitting behind Cousins and learning from Jay Gruden could give him a decent chance of being a good starter in 2018, especially behind this O-line.  .

18.TENNESEE -DAVID NJOKU - TE -  MIAMI - 6"4" , 240
The Titans need more receiving talent. Now I know many people will want John Ross here, and he would give them the speed this roster currently lacks, so I wouldn't be surprised if he were the pick. However, this is first and foremost a power running team, and whatever "exotic smashmouth " is , Njoku could surely find a prominent role in it.  He is unique among any TE I can remember. I have never seen a man this big run after the catch like him. He's Like a giant, wild , punishing, explosive running back. He is big and physical enough to help out as a inline Y tight end as a blocker with some technique refinements. I'm sure Mike Mularkey would love to continue with a lot of 2 TE sets, and with the underrated Anthony Fasano going back to Miami one is needed. Plus Pro Bowler Delanie Walker will be 33 this year.  He may not have the same long speed as Davis, but the explosion is there, and he is a far more ellusive and effective runner.

19.TAMPA BAY - #CAM ROBINSON - G/T - ALABAMA - 6"6" , 322
Winston is a tough guy that can take a hit, but giants like Cam Newton Ben Roethlisberger, and Andrew Luck have all missed time due to the pounding a NFL QB takes in the last couple of years. Donovan Smith was a failure at LT in 2015, and I thought they would move him to LG this season , but I guess not.Well, he was bad again.last year too.  Unless Smith significantly improves this year I expect the bucs to upgrade their left tackle in 2017 Based on Robinson's freshman tape I though he would have grown into a lock for the top 5 by now, but his sophomore tape wasn't as good, although he did play hurt. He was healthy this year , but the tape was inconsistent..Another reason might fall is that he got arrested on drug & weapon charges on May 17th . His future was up in the air, but a "sympathetic" Alabama judge gave him a pass, and if he kept his nose clean the rest of the year .  He is the best inline drive blocker of all the left tackle prospects I have watched so far, but the farther his man is away from him as a run blocker the more likely it is he will miss him, he ended up on the ground too often last year, and he struggled outside in pass pro against speed at times too. I am not as high on him as most after watching the Texas A&M and Clemson games right before I wrote this, but I keep reading and hearing that NFL teams are , and Tampa wants to run the ball.. Despite that inconsistency,  you can see his talent on tape. At the very least he would be a good guard, or they may stick with Smith and put him on the right side, but guys with his physical traits and physical play style are rare in today's spread system happy college atmosphere .They both already played in a pro style offense, and have all the tools, but I would take Ramczyk ,However,  their GM traded up to take a kicker in the 2nd round last year, so I can't give him the benefit of the doubt. 

20.DENVER - **RYAN RAMCZYK - OT - WISCONSIN - 6"6" , 314
Yep, the Denver tackles are bad. Anytime you may go into a season with Donald Stephenson as a staring tackle you should be worried, but if he's your left tackle pitty the QB. Ramczyk was clearly the best left tackle in college football on tape last year. If not for the fact that it was his first year starting in a power 5 conference , and a hip injury that has kept him from working out , I think he might even have gone in the top 10. Many will like Boles here, and while he does fit their zone blocking scheme he is far more of a projection to me based on the tape, and he especially needs help in pass protection. Ryan on the other hand plays in a type of pro style scheme, and he is clearly the best pass blocking tackle in the draft,  and also a solid run blocker who can move guys off the ball. 

21.DETROIT - **JOHN ROSS - WR - WASHINGTON - 5"11" , 188
Losing a player like Megatron isn't something that can be easily handled and it's highly unlikely any one player can replace him. Neither Golden Tate or Marvin Jones is a #1 receiver to me, and while they both played alright last year, neither of them has great speed. Ross is fresh off his record breaking combine forty time (4.22) , but had shoulder surgery right after it was over. If not for that injury ,and the 2 major knee injuries in his past,  I think he would gone # 8 to the Panthers. That kind of speed is ridiculous ,and Stafford has the arm to really chuck it down the field. Plus, he can return kicks and I.m sure Jim Bob Copoter would find a way to use him on some gadget plays as well . 

The Dolphins need youth off the edge. Cam Wake & William Hayes will be 35 & 32 this season. Harris is productive and he gets off the ball. Plus he is the first guy since Dwight Freeney to be able to consistently pull off a spin move, and those 2 vets could really help expand his game.. Linebacker is also a possibility , so Jarrad Davis would also fit here,  but I think this is a bigger need . Guard is probably their biggest need , but unless Forrest Lamp falls here, or they decide to take Robinson and move him to guard like they did with Tunsil, I think they go edge. If Takk Mckinley was healthy he might be the guy , but with that kind of age outside I think they go with the healthy guy. 

23.NY GIANTS - #GARETT BOLLES - OT - UTAH - 6"5", 297
The Giants had the worst pair of starting OT's in the NFL last year. Erik Flowers may not even be able to make it as a RT if they move him, and Bobby Hart was even worse. While I am not sure if Boles will make it as a LT he definitely has the athletic ability to do so, and at worst case he would be a good guard in a zone heavy scheme. Boles is aggressive , and has a ton of talent, but he's an older prospect  due to a 2 year Mormon mission. He had a lot of character issues out of high school, but found religion, and it was a long time ago. He's also only a year strter at abig school, and despite entering the draft a year early he wil be a 25 year old rookie. . He's got a serious nasty streak, but needs to get stronger to implement better. he espeiclayy needs technique work in pass pro , but it's hard to belive he could be worse than the 2 starters they have now. 

24.OAKLAND - **#DALVIN COOK - RB - FLORIDA ST. - 6"0" , 203
Even if Marshawn Lynch comes out of retirement to play for the raiders he started to be injured a lot more near the end in Seattle ,and had a chronic back problem. Despite the fumbles and crappy pass protection I expected Cook to be a top 10 pick based off his 2015 tape. His tape was still pretty good this year, but the line was the worse it's been in his 3 years at Florida state .  Once people started talking about his entourage, combined with his other  off the field questions, then it became common knowledge that he has had three shoulder surgeries, and finally his poor athleticism at the combine, I really doubt it he goes that high. I still had to give him a late first round grade because the guy can bust a long one with only a tiny crease to slip through . This late he's worth the risk , and I would really love to see what he could do behind this O-Line .NFL PLAYER COMPARISON - JAMAAL CHARLES - CHIEFS

25.HOUSTON - **JARRAD DAVIS - LB - FLORIDA - 6"1" , 238
The Texans should have ponied up a mid round pick for a shot Romo, but they didn't, and it's a shame. I think this team is just a competent QB away from a Superbowl, and I believe their window is closing fast. Maybe they sign Cutler and hope he finally pulls it all together, but I have trouble believing Tom Savage gets them to a Superbowl right now. I am sure guys on the roster ,and their fan base wouldn't' be happy about taking a QB of the future in the 1rst round, and I now think they are going a different way. With all the possible RT prospects possibly worth this pick gone I think they go LB. Davis a violent physical player than can play every off the ball linebacker spot. He can play next to Thomas until he retires, or replace him if he gets hurt again.

There are 2 picks in this draft everybody agrees on . Garret number one to the browns, and King to Seattle if he's still there when they pick . This guy is a Richard Sherman clone, with the size, length, and athleticism they crave at corner, and he played his college ball in the state of Washington. The rumors about them trading Sherman only make it more likely to me, because they will need to replace him, but even if they don't trade him it fills a need. 

27.KANSAS CITY - GAREON CONLEY - CB - OHIO ST. , 6 foot , 195
With the only 2 QB's left that should go in in the first round I doubt the Chiefs take a QB ,because they are a Superbowl contender, and Alex Smith is serviceable enough that they can win if everything is good around him. .They need another corner though. Conley is a 2 year starter at a highly competitive school. Right now he is a jack of all trades master of none, and has no weaknesses except for being a wild tackler. He can play inside or outside, was a team captain last year, and if he polishes up his tackling technique I think he can be a #1 corner down the road . 

28.DALLAS - **TJ WATT - OLB'DE - WISCONSIN , 6"4" , 252
I am sure most cowboy fans want an edge rusher here, and it wouldn't surprise me if Mckinley , Willis, or even Watt came off the board here in this scenario, but I'm going with Watt.  He hasn't been playing defense that long, but his tape last year is great, especially when you consider how rarely they actually let him rush the passer. If not for his injury history I think he  might have went in the top 10, but his tools, frame ,and upside make him worth the risk this late. 

The Packs corners were decimated by injury last year, but even when healthy Rollins and Randall they have not come close to living up to their draft status. Humphrey is one of the more talented guys in a really deep corner class. If he ever learns how to play consistently better with the back to his ball he can be a #1 corner. He is also the most nasty run defending corner I have seen in years, and he has the size they are craving outside. If corner doesn't workout I think he could add 10 pounds and be a beastly safety. 

30.PITTSBURGH - **TAKK McKINLEY - OLB/DE - UCLA - 6"2" , 250
The positions the Steelers keep missing on is edge rusher, but it's still a big need, As a guy who played and coached football I usually like productive college players over tools and traits, but Mckinley is an exception for me, He is so explosive and his motor is so awesome that i don't even care that he doesn't seem to know what he's doing.yet . His first step automatically puts a lot of tackles in jeopardy, and once he learns how to use his hands and long arms he will immediately be a force. Add a few more pass rush moves and he looks like a stud to me. This guy has overcome so much in his life, that I just can't see him busting, and if not for a shoulder injury that could cause him to spend the first few weeks of the season on the PUP list I think he would go top 15 in this draft. 

The Falcons need a base end to compliment the smaller, speedier Vic Beasley. Plus, this defense is predicated on waves of pass rushers getting home, usually with only 4 guys coming. Charlton has a lot of talent, but I was underwhelmed by his tape considering all I heard about him going in the top 15. He has a great frame,and is a decent athlete, but he needs polish. He may be a better pro than a college player in the long run. 

32.NEW OLEANS-(patriots)- PAT MAHOMES - QB - TEXAS TECH - 6"2", 225
Bree's is 38,  will be a free agent after this season, and while I personally suspect he and Tom Brady hang out and alternate sips from the Holy Grail, he may want to retire anytime now just out of sheer boredom with his own awesomeness. I doubt the Saints voluntarily move on from him unless they decide to take their cap hits, rebuild ,  and trade him. Plus, they would take a 18 million dollar cap hit even if they did trade him after this season. Just in case  Kizer Soze steals the grail. they could take Mahomes now and be ready for the future .He is the ultimate gunslinger sandlot QB. It's like a scientist took the DNA of Michael Vick and Brett Favre and made a hybrid clone of the 2 of them. His tape is hilariously fun to watch. He has a cannon, throws from a bunch of weird arm angles, and even fires 30 yard strikes down the field across his body off the wrong foot. He needs to be taught almost everything else from scratch, but the talent leadership , and confidence are there. So Sean Payton needs to mold him like a Demi Moore vase. 


  1. I do not believe the Browns will be trading up for a QB in this draft. They value draft capital (picks) and I don't see them reaching for a QB in this weak class. Too many other great players and too many holes to fill. JMHO.

  2. I agree that they shouldn't, but I still think they will either trade up and take a QB, or trade picks for a veteran QB on draft day. One of the main reasons to acquire picks is the flexibility to use them to move around , and/or get whatever you want from other teams. Take care