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The first round had plenty of exciting moments but I say the vikings won the day and I am picking them to go to the playoffs. There are a lot of great players left in this deep draft and we expect a lot more trades. The 2nd round picks have explanations with them. The 3rd round just has a player comparison. 


33.HOUSTON-AJ McCARRON-QB-ALA-NFL COMP-MATT RYAN-ATL-New head coach and QB guru Bill O'brien has coached Tom Brady and AJ kind of reminded me of him . McCarrons last bowl game being the rare exception, AJ is known for playing his best in the biggest games in the SEC, and for not turning the ball over.AJ was a winner at College football's most recognizable program ,who has always been overlooked despite his success, has a huge chip on his shoulder, a high football IQ, just enough arm strength, and a supermodel girlfriend. No pressure, but that kinda sounds like Tom Brady's bio  . Except AJ was more successful in college and got the girl even earlier . NFL coaches infatuation with stronger arms is why I had him being the 4th QB being drafted and going in the 2nd round here.  Now if he would only stop listening to his agents about things like skipping the senior bowl in his HOME TOWN !. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he really was hurt, and that's why he looked so flabby at the combine, and since he threw well all seemed back on track. Then I saw him on the NFL network a month later still looking flabby and sounding kind of like a spoiled ,entitled,child whining about being ranked too low.  That's strike two. .I still had him rated as a low first/high second round pick in my personal rankings. Then the news came out that he and the model fiancĂ©e are going to be doing a reality TV show. That's the kind of crap I would expect from Manziel. I now am questioning my opinion of him. Maybe he isn't really a team first guy and leader. Maybe he craves the spotlight so much that he will become a distraction. Anyway, I will leave him here for now,because off the Saban/Belichick/ O'Brien ties . However, if I was a NFL team his recent behavior would really be throwing up red flags. People saying Bridgewater /Manziel / Bortles could fall out of the top 10 may be right. McCarron could fall all the way to the 3rd/4rth round if he keeps this crap up. Get in shape and stop whining before its too late AJ.

34.WASHINGTON-MORGAN MOSES-OT-VA-NFL COMP-CORDY GLENN-BUFF-Now that Washington is free from the Illegal corrupt penalty given to them by the colluding owners they were bigger players in free agency this year . Still, you only sign so many free agents without destroying your cap long term. RG# is the reason they lack overall talent, and the picks they used to get him are never coming back. However, they are a division contender with him and perennially picking on the top 10 without him. So they need to protect him and Moses slides right into upgrade the right tackle spot. Moses has played both left & right tackle in college . As an athlete Moses looks more like a long term right tackle , even though his feet looked more comfortable on the left side this season . He's the best offensive tackle left in this draft in this scenario. 

35.CLEVELAND-*MARQUISE LEE-WR-USC-NFL COMP-TORRY HOLT-(retired)-With the browns deciding to bring in Manziel another weapon to make his transition to the big time easier couldn't hurt..Lee looked like a top 10 pick in 2012 , but bad QB play & play calling , combined with a lot of early drops and a deep receiver class make him a bargain for the browns at  number 35. 

36.OAKLAND-#JACE AMARO-TE-TEXAS TECH -NFL COMP-JEREMY SHOCKEY-retired-BPA-Best Player Available. That's all the raiders should be doing. They will probably split the difference and go BPA at positions of need. Amaro is a great value either way and is just way too talented to be here this late ,but the NFL is getting far more cautious about players with character questions in their past . This is definitely a steal and Raider fans should be rejoicing . Amaro is record breaking receiving tight end that has shown a willingness to block in those rare chances he has been asked to.

37.ATLANTA-KONY EALY-DE/DT-MIZZOU-NFL COMP-OSI UMENYIORA-ATL-The Falcons lack of a pass rush was obvious to anyone who watched them this year. Their young corners played very well when you consider how long they had to cover too often. Ealy is a versatile player who can rush off the edge or move inside on obvious passing downs. 

38. TAMPA BAY-XAVIER SU'A-FILO-OL-UCLA-NFL COMP-MAX UNGER-SEA- The career threatening infection perennial pro bowler Carkl Nicks has had since joining the Bucs has held him to only nine games since joining the team. Combined with the cutting of the perennially overrated Davin Joseph has Tampa Bay in need of a guard. Su'a is a mature (25 years old due to a 2 year Mormon mission) and versatile lineman that would be a top 20 pick if he was 22 instead of 25 . While he can play all five O-line positions his best fit right now is at guard. 

39.JACKSONVILLE-SCOTT CRICHTON-DE-ORE.ST-NFL COMP-RYAN KERRGAN-WASH-Head coach Gus Bradley is a Pete Carrol protege who wants to man uo his corners outside and then bring pressure up front . Unfortunately the aging & well paid Jason Babin is the only player who got much pressure last season . Even if they decide to keep Babin and pay his 6 million dollar salary after a down season , help rushing the passer is needed . The versatile Crichton plays with the strength to hold down the strong side , but he has also played weak-side end, has kicked inside , and was the focal point of offensive blocking schemes at Oregon state .He has the relentless motor of a good NFL pass rusher ,and should see enough one on one blocks in Jacksonville to make an immediate impact as a rookie .

40.SEATTLE-(minn)-JOEL BITONIO-T/G-NEV-NFL COMP-ROGER SAFFOLD-RAMS-Right tackle Breno Giacomini was nothing special on a a So-so line , but he was still the hawks 3rd best starting O-Lineman . His loss to the Jets will be felt. Bitonio can probably play all 5 positions on the O-line, although a center conversion would take awhile. My guess is that he will start at right tackle for the champs right out of the gate.

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41.BUFFALO-XAVIER SU'A-FILO-G/T-UCLA-NFL COMP-MAX UNGER-SEA-Doug Legursky and especially Colin Brown were bad at left guard last season. Giving EJ Manuel his best chance to succeed should be Doug Marone's main focus , and Su'a does that. . Su'a is a mature (25 years old due to a 2 year Mormon mission) and versatile lineman that would be a top 20 pick if he was 22 instead of 25 . While he can play all 5 O-line positions his best fit right now is at guard., but with Eric Wood's injury history he could be playing center soon. 

.42.TENNESEE-*LOUIS NIX-NT-N.DAME-NFL COMP-VINCE WILFORK-NE-Now that the Titans are switching to a 3-4 its obvious they lack a true nose-tackle. Sammie might be able to hold up against the run, and Jurrell Cadey could probably do a good job as a shaded nose if they want to run a one gap scheme, but neither is a true old school 3 down NT . Enter Nix . He is that rarest of all NFL players. A true space eating two gap 3-4 nose tackle that can also contribute as a pas rusher. He really is a great value here who should' not be here this late., and if the ritans took him at #11 it wouldn't shock me,  but it just goes to show you how a draft can fall sometimes. 

43.GIANTS-*MARCUS MARTIN-C/G-USC-NFL COMP-MIKE POUNCEY-SEA-The giants O-line was abysmal last season. Even former perennial all-pro Chris Snee played badly , although injury was a part of that , and he ended up missing most of the season .Still he will be 32 next season and is on the decline . LT William Beatty played well enough to get a new contract in 2012, but played like crap after he got it. 1rst round draft pick Justin Pugh played right tackle poorly for the 1rst half of the season but he did improve in the second half . Although his short arms make me think he would be a better fit inside long term .With David Diehl finally put out to pasture and Kevin Boothe shuffled between LG and center they need at least 1 new O-lineman . Martin was a surprising late entry into the draft and is the best center prospect in this draft, who actually played the position last season . .He will be one of the first interior lineman off the board and was even a heck of a guard n 2012 .Whether Martin ends up at guard or center this year he is a long term fit as a starter for the giants.

44.RAMS-LaMARCUS JOYNER-CB/S-FLA.ST-NFL COMP-TYRANN MATHIEU-AZ-In the last 2 years under Jeff Fisher the rams have made a large jump in talent thanks to the RG3 trade and a few free agent deals. The area they have neglected is safety with only the injured TJ McDonald being brought in through the draft. Why they cut Quintin Mikel is beyond me and this will probably be a need . The rams also cut veteran corner Cortland Finnegan.  The versatile Joyner can play both positions . He is also the kind of guy that will push everyone around him to play better.

45.LIONS-#RA'SHEDE HAGEMAN-DT-MINN-NFL COMP-JOHN HENDERSON-retired-With Ndamuking Suh holding the Lions hostage with his huge salary , and so far refusing to alleviate their salary cap burden unless he gets a deal that pays him QB money, the Lions need to plan wisely for the future at DT . I have little doubt they find a way to keep Suh eventually, but if they brake the bank for him how will they afford Nick Fairley next off-season ? Fairley is a good player , and  while he's not Suh , I bet he wants to be paid like him. Hagemen is an immense talent looks like a boom or bust guy to me. I 'll bet being in a room where he isn't the most talented guy could inspire Hagemen to try and reach his awesome potential .


46.STEELERS-STEPHON TUITT-DE/DT-N.DAME-NFL COMP-RICHARD SEYMOUR-Once a cornerstone of the Pittsburgh defense :Brett Keisel will be a 34 year old past his prime free agent very soon. Add that Ziggy Hood has been the rare Steeler 1rst round draft pick to disappoint enough to probably not be welcomed back next year ,and the Steelers have a big need for good 5 technique DE to pair with Cameron Heyward. While he wasn't completely healthy ,and didn't play as well this season as he did last year, Tuitt is the prototype 3-4 end that is a key to Dick Lebeau's defense. Injuries are the only reason he falls this far and its a steal if he does.


47.DALLAS-(49ers)-*JEREMIAH ATTACHOU-OLB/DE-GA.TECH-NFL COMP-JUSTIN HOUSTON-Pressure from the front 4 is essential in this defense. Dallas has a horrible cap situation , so improving their roster is mainly going to be done by way of the draft. .It's on the D-Line where the cowboys have had an unprecedented rash of injuries so it should be somewhere on the D-line that they use multiple picks in this draft. A replacement for coming off a franchise tag (and an almost completely lost season )Anthony Spencer is a possibility, although Sopencer was resigned on a incentive laden deal recently.  . Sadly Dalllas cut HOFer Demarcus Ware (7.4 million cap savings) in a salary cap move. He is still very good ,but after back-to-back injury riddled down seasons the cash strapped boys couldn't afford to pay him a 12 million plus base salary , or push that money farther into the future . With George Selvie looking more like a rotational guy long term despite an excellent season last year , and journeyman Jeremy ,Mincey being slated to start right now at least one edge rusher is needed. 
The explosive and athletic Attaochu finally showed he was healthy at his pro day .Although most see him as a tweener , I believe his frame is big enough to add 10-15 more pounds so he can hold up long term at DE. Prior to this season he primarily was a linebacker . This year he steadily improved as a DE and could be on the cusp of breaking through. Rod Marinelli is just the guy to mold him into an elite edge rusher

48.RAVENS-*DEMARCUS LAWRENCE-DE/OLB-BO.ST-NFL COMP-SHAUN PHILLIPS- In the last few years the ravens have failed at drafting edge rushers. Neither Sergio Kindle , Courtney Upshaw, or John Simon has made much of a dent rushing the passer.  The versatile Lawrence can play both a defensive end and outside linebacker. If he can stay out of trouble(3 different suspensions in college) he will easily be worth this pick.

-If you want Geno Smith to succeed it stands to reason that he will need better receivers. While young Stephen Hill is immensely talented, he is still very raw . The only dependable receiver the Jets currently have is new addition Eric Decker. The jets also love to run the ball. and Jenkins is a heck of a blocker when he wants to be. blocker of all the TE's in this draft. Jenkins has the talent of a top 10 pick, but his effort isn't always top notch from play to play , and he looked out of shape to me this year  . He looked in much better shape at the combine , but a reported routine injury he should be healed from before the draft prevented him from working out. Their is a lot of tape inconsistent tape on him, so it really matters. A huge bodied TE of his talent level ,that is a sure handed receiver and physical blocker ,shouldn't last much longer than this . His medical recheck came back clean and he ran well at his pro day, so he may not even last this long.


50.MIAMI-GABE JACKSON-G-MISS ST-NFL COMP-LARRY WARFORD-DET-Both Richie Incognito and John Jerry were part of the Hazing scandal and neither will be back. They also haven't resigned former eagles bust Danny Watkins so the cupboard is kinda bare at guard in Miami . Time is running out foe head coach Joe Philbin, Ryan Tannehill was his guy and he needs to show major improvements this season to make sure he and Philbin are around next year . Jackson would help keep him clean . Jackson is a long term starter from the SEC who improved every year .Jackson has a strong anchor to keep a pocket clean and allow his young QB room to step up . This team wants to run the ball ,and moving people against their will is Gabe's specialty .


51.BEARS-KYLE VAN NOY-OLB-BYU-NFL COMP-KJ WRIGHT-SEA-I am convinced the intelligent and smooth Van Noy can play any linebacker spot in a odd or even front. After the retirement of Urlacher the Bears turned over the middle to rookie 2nd rounder Jon Bostic . The results weren't pretty. I am not saying to give up on him just yet ,but someone young that can play the middle if he falters again would be wise. 31 year old James Anderson was just plain bad last year . Future HOFer Lance Briggs is 34 and near the end of a great career. Van Noy would be an upgrade somewhere in the bear LB core.

52.ARIZONA-*TROY NIKLAS-TE-N.DAME-NFL COMP-JASON WITTEN-DALL-The Cardinals have a bunch of TE's with different skill sets , but none are that great at what they do, and none have anywhere close to a complete skill set . Niklas is the best blocker of the big 5 TE's in this draft , and he has also shown the skills to be a good receiving threat . With a little time he could be the elite all around tight end every offense wants, especially Bruce Arians. The hernia that was found at the combine probably keeps him out of the first round, but I think he will be fine for the season. He is also a huge sure handed target over the middle that Smith could rely on.

53.GREEN BAY-CHRIS BORLAND-ILB-WISC-NFL COMP-STEPHEN TULLOCH-DET-Both AJ Hawk and Brad Jones were disappointing last year. Hawk has never lived up to his pre-draft ranking. Borland is the kind of instinctual hard working gamer that will probably outplay his draft status, and QB a defense for a long time. If he was just 2 inches taller Borland would be a 1rst round pick .The Wisconsin team captain would also really please the Packer faithful and could be the missing piece inside the packer linebacker core.

54.EAGLES-JORDAN MATTHEWS-WR-VANDY-NFL COMP-JORDY NELSON-GB-The release of Desean Jackson can be seen as addition by subtraction. The attitude, showboating, dumb plays, and company he allegedly keeps off the field won't be missed. Still, 82 catches for 1332 yards and 9 TD's, with some return game talent thrown in,is not easily replaced. The Eagles need a new #1 receiver . The polished Matthews is the all-time leading receiver in the SEC despite having poor QB play every year. Jordan cal also play the X,Z, and the slot. Matthews can give Foles a threat that will be where he is supposed to be, can be relied upon to make the catch , and he even blocks well .

55.BENGALS-KAREEM MARTIN-DE-N.CAR-NFL COMP-MICHAEL JOHNSON-CINC-the loss of Michael Johnsion to Tampa Bay is supposed to be filled by the huge and raw Margus Hunt. Whether he is ready or not now Martin is a versatile lineman with a frame similar to Johnsons. He has the ability to play both end positions and even kick inside on 3rd downs.

56.SAN FRANCISCO-(chiefs)-STANLEY JEAN-BAPTISTE-CB/S-NEB-NFL COMP-RICHARD SHERMAN-SEA-The 49ers have one of the leagues most talented rosters and way too many picks. Since their isn't going to be many openings on this roster trading some of the picks to move around, get what they want most out of this draft , and maybe get some picks for next seasons draft to boot makes sense. While Carlos Rogers is still a decent corner he will be 33 next season, overpaid for his current production, and the 49ers saved about 5 million off their cap when they cut him. The large Baptiste would give them a Richard Sherman type corner to man up and press the other teams #1 receiver. 

57.CHARGERS-*#CARLOS HYDE-RB-OHIO.ST-NFL COMP-DUECE McCALLISTER-retired-SEA-This is probably the last season for Ryan Mathews as a charger even though he is coming off his best season as a pro .His career long penchant for fumbling or getting hurt at the worst time was finally avoided for once in 2013 . However betting on it 2 years in a row seems far fetched to me right now .Danny Woodhead is a great complimentary player,  but its hard to imagine that his small frame could handle 300 touches.Hyde is a large well rounded power back that wears down defenses , and looks strongest late in games. He's a closer that would take a lot of pressure off of Rivers, and the only running back in this draft I gave a first round grade to . If it weren't for the off the field and maturity questions I believe he would actually be drafted in the first. 

58.SAINTS -WESTON RICHBURG-C-COL.ST-NFL COMP-JASON KELCE-PHIL- Losing Brian De La Puente to the bears has to be a blow to Drew Brees . Those 2 stud guards and a good center are what allow the shorter Brees to step up in the pocket and make throws. Richburg is a small school stud who has really impressed since the season ended. After his all-star game success I started watching his tape and was pleasantly surprised. He is actually an anomaly as far as draft prospects go. Usually the more tape I watch on a player the more his flaws stand out. With Richburg I just came to appreciate him more.

59.COLTS-DAVID YANKEY-G/T-STANFORD-NFL COMP- ALEX BOONE-SF-It's really good that Andrew Luck is a big strapping mobile QB . Otherwise I doubt he would have survived the season intact with the horrible way his guards and center played this year . You think Luck's great now ? Imagine him with time to throw without a couple of dudes about to smack him in the teeth , and a lot less bruises. The colts need to draft a guard and center with their first 2 picks (and maybe even sign another in free agency) to give him a chance to reach his vast potential .Yankey played his college ball with Luck at Stanford , and although he has played left tackle in the past , he is absolutely better inside at guard.   .

60.PANTHERS-*CYRUS KOUANDJIO-OT-ALA-NFL COMP-JASON PETERS-PHIL- I not only doubt current right tackle Byron Bells long term potential on the outside, but underrated long term left tackle (and possible future HOFer) Jordan Gross just up & retired . Offensive tackle is now absolutely their number one need.Kouandjou's knee was failed by some teams at the scouting combine but Roger Saffold can tell you that not every team doctor see's the same thing in a physical . Whether it's out of desperation or they truly see his knee as serviceable I am now betting someone will still take him late in the first/top of the second round unless more bad medical stuff comes out . How many years can he play at a high level ? 3-5-7 ? Or will he be able to play 10 years but need to miss games periodically to rest his knee ? There is no way of knowing for sure because each individual is different . I like to be conservative so I will say 5 years . He is still a huge framed, long armed guy with decent feet and is a physical run blocker. Right now if you put Cyrus in at left tackle it would still be an upgrade over what some teams currently have , although that's not saying much . If he can play at an above average level throughout his first contract he is still worth this pick.They should also pursue at least one interior lineman in the draft or free agency if they are smart.

61.SAN FRANCISCO-*CODY LATIMER-WR-IND-NFL COMP-ALSHON JEFFERY-CHC- Anquan Boldin is in his 30's and Michael Crabtree is an injury prone soon to be free agent.. Latimer is the big late riser in this draft. After he was healed up and got a chance to show his stuff at his pro day everyone went to the tape. Personally I was impressed with his ball skills and lack of fear over the middle, but he doesn't look as fast as his forty time on film. 


62.PATRIOTS-CJ FIEDOROWICZ-TE-IOWA-NFL COMP-MERCEDES LEWIS-JAX-DALL-The entire offense the Patriots want to run is predicated on 2 tight end sets . Right now even if Gronk is completely healthy for the season he is called on to block a lot , because he is far better than any other blocking TE the pats have .Fiedorowicz is a good blocker who would allow Gronk to spend more time wreaking havoc downfield . CJ is also sure handed and athletic enough to also be a threat as a receiver as well 

63.BRONCOS-DEVANTE ADAMS-WR-FRES.ST-NFL COMP-JAMES JONES-GB-With the addition of Will Montgomery the Broncos can now move Manuel Ramirez back to guard and have no big needs . In that case the take the best player available and give Peyton Manning another weapon. Adams is an explosive sure handed receiver that Stafford could count on long term, and with so many drops in Detroit a sure handed guy is needed. After a year or two in a NFL weight training program I could see him becoming a bigger, faster elite NFL # receiver . Hopefully the work ethic of Welker & Thomas wears off on him and he realizes his potential


64.SEATTLE-KAREEM MARTIN-DE-N.CAR-NFL COMP-MICHAEL JOHNSON-CINC-First and foremost Pete Carroll is a defensive coach who wants to attack. The hawks have deservedly become a destination for players seeking a ring now. They ended up getting both Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett on short term deals at a reasonable price last off season .Both had excellent years rushing the passer, but Bennett's deal was only for 1 year, as opposed to Avril's 2 year deal. The Seahawks have a lot of young cheap players right now due to excellent drafting, but they aren't very far away from free agency ,and are going to get a lot more expensive soon . Just to keep the core pro bowlers that are going to be free agents very soon like Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas is going to be very expensive in 2014-15-16. Bennett's great year is going to make him a lot of money in free agency that they can't match if they want to retain those core player long term , The man got his ring so it was well worth it! .They paid him but still need more pass rushers.  The versatile Martin has the size and athletic ability to play all up and down this line, but he needs coaching to harness his awesome talents. 




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