Saturday, March 9, 2013


The Pro days are underway. For players who couldn't work out at the combine due to injury , or didn't due to stupidity, these on campus workouts are crucial. Others who didn't perform as well as they liked at the combine will take the opportunity to show improvement.Some will stand pat with what they have shown. Thanks to a lot of possible high 1rst round picks surprisingly staying in school this draft is the weakest in years at the top ,but it ended up strong in depth throughout. Until we know more about the long term chances of Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones clearing medically we aren't removing them . Jones condition is different than Star's. It's definitely going to effect him the question is just when and how much can it shorten his career,so he will drop significantly this time. There is some strong depth throughout the draft thanks to a record number of underclassmen . With the new CBA in place expect to see draft picks being more valuable and teams willing to take more risk high up considering the financial risk isn't anywhere near as big as it used to be. Next to each player is the NFL player we feel they will most resemble in their prime if they are a hit. The comp is for on the field play only ,and the higher they are ranked the more likely we think they will reach that comparison. All the films been watched, although a triple check will be in order now and then. Players medical testing results, background checks, attitude with talent evaluators who meet them in person, avoiding any possible trouble between now and draft day, and how people with character issues come off to teams are more important than anything that happenned at the underwear olympics or in workouts now . Also keep an eye on who is and isn't in shape at pro days. Barring an injury in training a guy who shows up out of shape sets a bad precedent for his work ethic.A guy who was in shape at the combine suddenly going down hill is a sign of entitlement .Guys who were always lazy showing up in tip top shape are also a concern. Like players who underperfomed throughout their careers suddenly reaching their potential in a contract year, I just don't trust those guys! These type of things are likely to affect a players draft stock with us more than anything else now. Also compensatory picks are going to be released soon by the NFL, The extra picks we project(95-97) for certain teams aren't official yet.

* Is for a player with possible injury issues.

#Is for a player with possible character or off the field issues

1.KC-ERIC FISHER-OT-C.MICH-NFL COMP-JOE STALEY-SF- They reversed course and stuck the franchise tag on LT Brandon Albert. However, despite being a good right tackle and having a salary around 5 million, they cut Eric Winston. This pick is a good value and fills that need. The only question is if it's Joeckel or Fisher.We figure the long term level of competition Luke has played against is the tie breaker if you want a left tackle. Fisher has showed more in the pre-draft process and is better run blocker . It's more likely the rookie starts out on the right side so we are going with Fisher. Unlike Joeckel or Johnson, Fisher didn't play in a spread offense. You can see him coming out a 3 point stance on a regular basis and run blocking on a regular basis. If a team wants Joeckel or Fisher bad enough a trade back is in play . They won't get a RG3 type haul for a OT though a,nd it's unlikely they would even get Jimmy Johnson trade chart value either. They already have their QB and # 1 WR. Bringing back Albert too just shows how willing the new regime and ownership are in spending what it takes to return to contention. I expect them to contend for a playoff spot this season.

2.JAX-SHARIFF FLOYD-DT/DE-FLA-NFL COMP-MUHAMMAD WILKERSON-JETS-Their DT play is just bad against the run or pass.Floyd improves both ,he is from Florida, and his motor could be infectious. They have Mincey and Babin on the outside now, and I doubt they have given up on Andre Branch(last years second round pick) already,so that should improve their outside pass rush . If Star gets medically cleared he could go here instead.

***TRADE-dolphins trade 1rst rd(#12),2nd rd(#42),3rd rd(#77),there own 7th rd pick this year for RAIDERS 1rst rounder (#3)***

3.MIA(oak)-LUKE JOECKEL-OT-TEX A&M-NFL COMP-JOE THOMAS-CLEV-The dolphins have aton of cap room and they say they are going to spend it, but not on Jake Long. He has been injured for 2 yeasrs and not the same dominant force becasue of it. Someone will pay Long his 10-11 million a year, but that still leaves the dolphins with a big hole at LT. Last years second round pick Jhonathan Martin didn't even play that well on thr ight side, and even though he profiles better on the left side we wouldn't want to trust our new franchise QB with the guy we saw on film last season.Joeckel is not only the clear best pass blocker in the draft he has the highest floor of the 3 top guys. Miami has a lot of picks and even after the trade have a pick in every round. Their GM needs to win now so he needs to pick players that can help the team this year.

4.PHIL-*DeMARCUS MILLINER-CB-ALA-CHARLES TILLMAN-CHI-Brandon Graham and Trent Cole aren't exactly the protype as 3-4 OLB's , but between them and Vinnie Curry they should bebale to cover that position, ruling Chip Kelly favorite Dion Jordan.They need a CB more, so Milliner is a better possibility. DRC is a free agent and Nnamdi is way overpaid for what he has done there. Milliner is clearly the top corner in the draft.

5.DET-PHIL-DION JORDAN-DE/OLB-ORE-NFL COMP-JEVON JEARSE-RET-GB-Cliff Avril is a FA and Vandenbosch looks done and was released. Jordan is the best edge rusher in this class right now.With his frame ,versatility,and athleticism he could get bigger and be an elite player for a long time.He played all year (and did the combine) with a torn labrum at a high level ,and doctors have assured teams he should be healthy for the season , as he is having surgery now that the combine is over. CB is an even bigger need but the only one worth this pick was taken right before them.

6.CLEV-SHELDON RICHARDSON-DT-MOU-NFL COMP-CULLEN JENKINS-PHIL- Jaball Sheard regressed as a pass rusher last year and Juqua Parker is near the end. With the medical check of Jarvis Jones going badly right now they go another direction . Sheldon Richardson is the drafts best interior pass rusher right now and the athletcisim he shows making plays sliding along the line of scrimmage would work well as a 3-4 end. For the record I would take Warmack if I was them. 4 out of 5 of their starting lineman are good pass blockers, only 1 is a good run blocker, and none blow people of the ball like Chance.

7.AZ-GENO SMITH-QB-W.VA-NFL COMP-WARREN MOON-HOF RET.- The cards are claiming Levi Brown is their left tackle next year, so it's more likely they go in another direction. Geno has the arm for Bruce Arian's verticial sytem and the mobility to have a better chance to survive the rush than any of the QB's they have. Ignore the RG3 comparisons. He's not that type of an athlete. He is a good athtlete for a QB though, but not the elite runner that Griffin is. He's mobile but is always looking to throw first. Not an elite franchsie QB prospect like Luck or RG3 ,but the best in this class. If your AZ he's a lot better than what you have.Smith has a strong arm ,good accuracy when he's set, is clean off the field , is a great athlete,  and doesn't throw interceptions. Needs work on mechanics ,handling the blitz,pocket awareness, and being a more vocal leader right now. Also needs to add weight and learn a pro system, but he has the football IQ to do it. it.Smith should go between picks 6-9. If he falls any farther expect a team to trade up for him in the bottom 3rd of round 1.

8.BUFF-EZEKIAL ANSAH-DE-BYU-NFL COMP-JASON PIERRE-PAUL-NYG-Mark Anderson was hurt a lot this season. Add a young edge rusher to a healthy Williams bros & Dareus and they might have the leagues best front four ,with a perfect blend of youth and veterans up front. Ziggy is probably only a situational pass rusher right now and I wouldn't take him in the top 20 ,but I would be surprised if he got out of the top 10 in this draft. People this physicslly gifted rarely come along, but he is raw .

***TRADE- Rams trade 1rst round pick(#16) and 2nd round pick(#46) and 6th round pick(#176) for Jets 1rst (#9)and 4th(#105)

9.RAMS-(jets)-LANE JOHNSON-OT-OKLA-NFL COMP-NATE SOLDER-COL.- The rams need to make sure that they get one of the top 3 OT candidates. This pick also allows them to franchise tag Roger Saffold and see if he earns a bigger deal , or negotiates in a manner that reflects what he has done so far. Fisher can play either side and that gives them a lot of options .He also profiles better as a left tackle as opposed to Safford. They could easily address this in free agency as well

10-TENN-JOHNATHAN COOPER-G/C-N.CAR-NFL COMP-ANDY LEVITRE-BUFF-None of the 3 guards who started for them played well last year, even future HOFer Steve Hutchinson. With this draft having so few players who are elite at their position, a guard in the top 10 won't shock us at all, and even 2 is an outside possibilty. Trading down or going after a CB/ edge rusher are also viable options ,but Warmack or Cooper here is a steal. Since their head coach is a HOF guard he should realize it. With Jake Locker being so mobile, and the type of run plays they prefer ,the more athletic Cooper is a better fit .He can even play center in a pinch if it's needed.

11.SD-*STAR LOTULELEI-DT-UTAH-NFL COMP-HALOTI NGATA-BALT-PHIL-If he falls this far we belive the chargers will pounce. He's just too dominant on film, and the chargers badly need to be able to stop the run in the AFC west,  Star can also push the pocket from the inside and improve the overall rush as well. Until we hear otherwise we have decided to operate under the belief that Star will be fine. My brother is in PA school and he said the reasons Star's agent gave for the heart readings is logical. Dehydration and quick weight loss can cause all those symptoms  However too much has been made of it for him not to drop a ways down draft boards

12.OAK-(mia)-SYLVESTER WILLIAMS-DT-NC-NFL COMP-MARCELL DAREUS-BUF-Pass rush is a weakness in Oakland, especially on the outside where they have some DT size guys coming off the edge. Kelly and Seymour are both leaving ,and that makes DT their chief priority now. The raiders have more needs than any team in the draft and salary cap problems too. The trade not only gives them a lot of picks , it gives them a lot of inexpensive players, even if they didn't get full trade chart value. With Al Davis not around to muck it up this one draft could go a long way toward returning the franchise to contention. . If they cut or trade Carson Palmer Geno Smith might be the guy.

***TRADE-49ers Trade 1rst rd(#31),(#34) for BUCCANEERS 1rst rd(#13)***

13.SF-(tb)KENNY VACCARO-S-TEX-NFL COMP-KERRY RHODES-AZ-Not a lot of needs with the 49ers, but this fills one. The way Flacco lit them up in the super bowl ,this is probably the chief one. They have way too many picks in this draft ,with an already extremely talented roster, and need to spend them. That's even before they are awarded some compensatory picks for free agent losses. This move in conjunction with trading some more picks for Revis would completely change their defense. It's possible if one of the top 3 DT's falls that they could go in that direction, but this makes more sense.

14.CAR-*KEENAN ALLEN-WR-CAL-NFL COMP-JORDY NELSON-GB-Steve Smith is near the end and a small guy to boot. Allen gives Cam Newton a big reliable downfield threat that he can throw it up to and be confident that he will come down with it. I would take hometown stud Johnathan  Cooper and look for a # 1WR in free agency , but we doubt they will.

15.NO-*JARVIS JONES-OLB/DE-GA-NFL COMP-CLAY MATHEWS-GB-safety, corner, OT, NT, rush OLB are all needed for their move to a 3-4. Some of those holes wil be filled in free agency. This one probably won't be.This defense was horrible last year. Jarvis Jones is the drafts best edge rusher and he's easily worth this pick if he clears medically. Rob Ryans complicated scheme especialy requires smart safety's that can cover. If Vacaro falls this far it's a steal.

16.JETS-BARKEVIOUS MINGO-DE/OLB-LSU-NFL COMP-JASON TAYLOR-(ret)- Calvin Pace is gone and I have no idea if Aaron Maybin can be consistent. Collins is a phenomenal athlete and fits much better as 3-4 OLB . Explosive and pass rush is his best asset. If he can be trained on more pass rush techniques, add some weight ,and go hard on every play he could be special. Watch for another trade back to replace their 4th round pick.

17.PITT-#ALEC OGLETREE-LB-GA-NFL COMP-LAWRENCE TIMMONS-PITTS- Larry Foote was a liabilty last season, so a ILB is a definite need. Ogletree has the talent to warrant a much higher pick,but he has been suspended before though ,and he just had a DUI right before the combine. He would give them another 3 down LB to go with Timmons. He is versatile enough to play all the LB positions in both fronts ,even as a pass rushing OLB, and add some youth & speed to an aging defense . He is also strong in coverage . Pairing him with Lawrence Timmons makes them a pair to potentially rival Willis/ Bowman and Lee/Carter as the leagues best inside LB duos . A trade back to acquire picks also makes sense considering the age of some expensive players on a roster with cap problems, and the holes they aleady have before any cuts are even made. If Mingo or Jones fall I think thye go here. Its probbaly too high for Corey Lemonier . Though they could trade back and fill that hole .

18.DALL-CHANCE WARMACK-G-ALA-NFL COMP-JAHRI EVANS-NO-There are no tackles worth this pick left in this scenario,so how about a plug an play guard? Dallas fans rejoice! Your prayers are answered.Even Jerry Jones couldn't screw this one up, but if he does any claims to being a legitamate GM would die the day he passed on Chance Warmack at # 18 . Don't worry though, he's not acually an idiot, just an egomaniac . The right side of the Dallas O-line needs an upgrade. Warmack or Cooper are both a fit, but Warmack fits their power gap scheme better at guard, and the value of getting the best player in the draft at # 18 is enormous. I am sure Dallas fans are sick of seeing Romo run for his life, this guy could help immediately. It's safe to say Lane Johnson would be in play if he fell here.

19.NYG-TYLER EIFERT-TE-N.DAME-NFL COMP-TONY GONZALEZ-ATL-GM Jerry Reese is known for taking the best player available, or guys with big upside , and in this case it fits a need. Martellus Bennett is a free agent, and you never know what he is going to do. While he was an excellent blocker and made some big catches last season, he was still prone to mistakes. with Justin Tuck being brought back DE is no longer as big a need. If Vaccaro falls he would be likely .DJ Fluker could be in play as well.

20.CHI-DJ FLUKER-OT-ALA-NFL COMP-ANDRE WHITWORTH-CINC- I expect them to acquire an O-lineman or 2 in free agency, but this at least covers right tackle. As of now RT Gabe Carimi fits better inside at guard. Fluker is big strong and has ridiculously long arms. He also is a fierce run blocker. Henry Melton received the franchise tag, so if the top 6 O-lineman are gone Alec Ogletree or a DB make sense. We doubt they would reach for Larry Warford or Menelik Watson this early in the draft.

21.CINC-CINC-TAVON AUSTIN-WR-W.VA-NFL COMP-PERCY HARVIN-MINN-This mans lightning in a bottle on the field. Running, catching, and returning are all in the toolbox. Explosive and would take some pressure off Dalton to Green. If a RB blows up the pre-draft process that is also a possibility.

22.RAMS-(wash)-JUSTIN HUNTER-WR-TENN-NFL COMP-SIDNEY RICE-SEA-The rams have a lot of young WR talent. and claiming Titus Young and his attitude didn't help much, as they just cut him. However Amendola is the only one with any polish. He's also a FA, and he is often injured. Before his injury happened this guy was considered a top 10 pick. He finally looked like the pre-knee injury Hunter at the combine.

23.MINN-MINN-QUINTON PATTON-LA.TECH-NFL COMP-RODDY WHITE-ATL-They need anyone who can take attention away from Adrian. Percy Harvin is probably going to to be traded unless he has an attitude adjustment, and with his injury and attitude history they should get what they can now anyway. Patton is smart, tough, reliable, fearless, has great hands, and he can even block. In this run heavy offense blocking is a must.

24.INDY-XAVIER RHODES-CB/S-FLA ST.-NFL COMP-NnAMDI ASOMUGHA-PHI- They need CB help badly. Ran well enough at the scouting combine ,although his other drills were a bit sketchy to me, but need will likely push him up draft boards either way . The kind of huge frame and aggression that could have him end up at safety some day. If a good O-lineman rises ,or one falls who shouldn't that should come first ,but we see them adressing that in free agency. Luck got hit consistently all season. They are a candidiate to trade up for a lineman just in case they don't address it in free agency.

25.SEA-DATONE JONES T-DE/DT-UCLA-NFL COMP-JUSTIN TUCK- Chris Clemmons is not only 11 years in, but he just hurt his knee . Bruce Irvin is more of an undersized pass rushing specialist, so they need an every down guy who can play the strong-side . Pete Carrol may have lost out to UCLA recruiting Jones in college, but this time he gets his man. Datone is versatile enough to help in all the different looks this defense likes to show, and even move inside when called upon.

26.GB-ZACH ERTZ-TE-STAN -NFL COMP-TODD HEAP-AZ- The ubertalented but usually disappointing Jermichael Finley will probably be gone this year in free agency. Ertz is consistent as a receiver ,and despite not being a great blocker right now, the effort is there. He is also a precise route runner, unlike Finley .They need some OT help, but I don't have any graded high enough yet in this scenario. Both starting OT's will return from injury as well ,so that might fix the problem.

27. HOU-CORDARELLE PATTERSON-WR-TENN-DEZ BRYANT-DALL-Every year we think they are going to draft a reliable # 2 to go with (and take the coverage away from) Andre Johnson, and it never happens. This is the year.  This is the drafts most explosive receiver. He only drops this far becuase he didn't interview well at the combine ,and he may have the same maturity issues & football IQ as Dez Bryant as well.

28.DEN-JESSIE WILLIAMS-DT-ALA-NFL COMP-VINCE WILFORK-Both starting DT's will be over 30 when the season starts. Williams is gorilla strong inside and the Australian import is a good athlete for the position. He is still raw, but comes from a winning program, has a strong work ethic, and his best football is probably still ahead of him.

29.NE-BJOERN WERNER-DE-FLA ST.-NFL COMP-DERRICK MORGAN-TENN.-A big outside WR is the patriots cheif need, but their aren't any worth this pick right now.Maybe if the Patriots pass rush returned to it's glory days Belichick wouldn't be going through DB's like candy. Werner does everything good but nothing great. He can also play either side in a 4-3. This is really too low for this solid a player, Don't be surprised if he goes higher , or someone else trades up fro him. He is likely to keep getting better for awhile.

30.ATL-SAM MONTGOMERY-DE/OLB-LSU-NFL COMP-ANTHONY SPENCER-Just cut John Abraham is 34 on the weak side and Kroy Bierman is nothing special on the strong-side as far as Atlantas DE's . There are rumors Abraham might be brought back at a lower price, but they still would need help outside. Tony Gonzalez is saying he is probably done and if retires,Zach Ertz can slide right in and give similar production right away as a receiver. If he comes back the best available edge rusher is a better fit. Montgomery can play both sides and that gives the Falcons more options for the other edge rusher.

31.TB-(sf)DESMOND TRUFANT-CB-NFL COMP-JASON McCOURTY-TENN-They traded their best CB last year and they need another big corner now. Rather than reach they decided to trade back in this scenario. If Bennett leaves in free agency then Datone Jones might be the mix,but CB should definitely be there 1rst scenario.

***TRADE-JETS-2nd round pick(#39)-6th round pick(#169) and their 3rd round pick next season to the RAVENS-for their 1rst round pick(#32)***

32.NYJ-(balt)-*MATT BARKLEY-QB-USC- NFL COMP-ANDY DALTON-CINC-It's actually more likely they trade into the bottom of the 1rst round for him than wait and hope he falls. The Jets run a west coast offense and Barkley is a perfect fit in one. Barkley will be the odds on favorite for rookie of the year if this goes through.Yes, it's another USC QB, but unlike Sanchez this one is a 4 year starter with a high football IQ.

33.JAX-JOHNTHAN BANKS-CB-MISS ST-NFL COMP-RICHARD SHERMAN-SEA-The Jaguars let go of long time corner Rashean Mathis recently. New coach Gus Bradley made his bones in Seattle with big ,physical, press corners. Banks may not be the fastest guy but he is hard to get free of off the line of scrimmage.

34.TB(sf,kc)-MARGUS HUNT-DE-SMU -NFL COMP-CALAIS CAMPBELL-AZ-His talent and frame are undeniable. If he added 20-30 pounds he would still be quick, but 6"8" 277 and running a 4.6 forty is nuts. I don't think he is worth this pick right now, and he may never be physical enough to play defense well, but I wouldn't be surprised if he went higher .Michael Bennett is a free agent. Clayborn and Bowers have injury history's. It would be wise of the Bucs to make sure they not only have a DE in this draft, but that they have one who can play both sides. This guys upside is just too big.

35.PHIL-EJ MANUEL-QB-FLA-ST-NFL COMP-DONOVAN McNABB-(ret)-This is not only the best QB for Chip Kelly's system it's the guy with the highest upside. With a Kaepernick-like year to sit and learn , he could have a Kaepernick-like impact down the road. Even in this offense he needs mechanical work and time to learn.

36.DET-DEANDRE HOPKINS-WR-CLEM-NFL COMP-PIERRE GARCON-WASH-Hopkins is a smart, can catch, and will go after the ball. Hopkins is a great route runner and Matthew Stafford will always be able to count on him running the right route, unlike Titus Young.

***TRADE-DALLAS trades 2014 #1 pick # for 2nd rd (#38 ) BENGALS (through oakland) ***

37.DALL-(cinc)JONATHAN CYPRIEN-S-FIU-NFL COMP-RESHAD JONES-MIA- Gerald Sensabaugh was nothing special at either safety spot and was just cut. Barry Church is coming off major surgery , even though he did play well before being hurt last season. Last years 4th rounder Matt Johnson couldn't stay healthy. Cyprien will probably be the best safety on their roster as soon as he learns the defense.With Anthony Spencer getting franchise tagged again ,an edge rusher is probably not needed anymore this year. Unless the tag was applied to trade him. Jason Garret knows he wins this year or he's fired . Jerry Jones needs to win without Jimmy Johnson doing most of the work. Both are in win now mode. Bengals get a 1rst rounder in a better draft. .

38.AZ.*EDDIE LACY-RB-ALA-NFL COMP-MARSHAWN LYNCH-SEA-Could it be? Can the cards actually draft a RB high and he stays healthy? Beanie Wells has either been hurt or underperformed and Ryan Williams didn't look as explosive when he cam back from knee surgery. Lacy is a bell cow back who can also help in the passing game.

39.BALT(jets)- *TANK CARRADINE-DE/OLB-FLA.ST.-NFL COMP-SIMEON RICE(ret)-If he checks out medically before the draft , at least enough that teams believe he would be the same player he was pre-injury at the start of the season, he will go in the 1rst round. Until we know more we are guessing he starts the season on the PUP list and only plays half a season at best. Long term this guy is a steal this late ,and we won't be surprised if he is gone way before now.GM Ozzie Newsome always finds a way to get value. Cyprien is rising up draft boards and both starting safeties are past their prime, and have high salaries. Ed Reed is also a free agent and may not be back anyway.Terrell Suggs is still a good player, but lacks explosion due to age & his repaired Achilles .Paul Kruger is a FA and Courtney Upshaw is a solid guy but will never be a top tier pass rusher.

40.TENN-MATT ELAM-S-FLA-NFL COMP-QUINTIN MIKELL-STL-Michael Griffin was moved around last year and he was terrible.Even if he returns to form he's more of a FS. Elam is more of a SS type but he just seems to make plays no matter where he is on the field. Improving the pass rush would help the secondary a lot too, so maybe a D-lineman could be in play.

41.BUFF-RYAN NASSIB-QB-SYR-NFL COMP-STEVE McNAIR (ret)- Let me coach from college ... needs a QB.... coaches former QB in draft and already knows offense. DUH! Since he knows the offense he is more valuable to this team than anyone elses. His rookie year could be better than Tannehills in a similar situation.

42.OAK(mia)-KEVIN MINTER-ILB-LSU-NFL COMP-TAKEO SPIKES-SD- The Rolando McClain saga is just about done, and this should cinch it. Minter will be the new QB of the defense. Minter will likely provied good play on the field without the drama off it.

43.TB-GAVIN ESCOBAR-TE-SD ST-NFL COMP-SCOTT CHANDLER-BUFF-Dallas Clark is well past his prime ,and without that consistent mid field target that Kellen Winslow had once been, Josh Freeman backslid last season. Escobar will have to get stronger and work more as a blocker in this offense , but he has the frame to pull it off, and the coach to drive it in to him .

44.CAR-LARRY WARFORD-G-KY-BOBBY WILLIAMS-BAL-(kc)-A team with Newton, Williams, and Stewart needs to run the ball. Warford is a big nasty road grader that can get the kind of push that opens running lanes. 

45.SD-ROBERT WOODS-WR-USC-NFL COMPO-REGGIE WAYNE-INDY-Phillip Rivers used to have reliable receivers and a reliable O-line. Both are gone now, and this draft hasn't fallen the way they would like. I expect the new regime to be more active in free agency than in years past on the )-line front . Woods is from right down the road at USC and can give Rivers the dependable receiver he needs to be able to count on. If he fell this far Warford is a better fit, but just like in the first round when they missed out on Lane Johnson, they just missed.

46.JETS(rams)-MENELIK WATSON-OT-FLA-ST.-NFL COMP-JASON PETERS-PHIL-Their RT Austin Howard just doesn't have the feet to play on the edge ,but he is a solid run blocker . Moving Howard inside would definitely help him. Watson is an aggressive strong run blocker, with the athletic ability to be an upgrade as a pass blocker, and the long term answer at right tackle. He also is raw , new to football, and a wild card in this draft. If Chris Faulk can show he's healthy by the time the draft roles around then he would go here instead.

***TRADE- 49ERS trade 2nd rd(61), 3rd rd(#93)and their own 6th and 7th round picks in this draft 
for Dallas 2nd round pick(#47)***

47.SF-(dall)JHONATHON HANKINS-DT-OH ST.-KEVIN WILLIAMS-MINN-The 49ers need a new nose tackle to replace Isacc Sopoaga and infuse some youth into their D-Line. Justin Smith and Ray Mcdonald can set a great example for this giant, and hopefully inspire him to get in better shape . It wasn't that long ago when Hankins was considered an easy top 15 pick.


48.PITT-DET-COREY LEMONIER-DE-OLB-AUB-NFL COMP-ANDRE CARTER-OAK- Lemonier needs to get bigger and play lower for an NFL 4-3, but he could be a solid starter early as a 3-4 OLB. James Harrison is past his prime , has a big salary, and has been injured a lot recently. Lamar Woodley wasn't too hot last year either. So we are giving them a edge rusher with a lot of potential .

49.NYG-BW WEBB-CT.WILL&MARY-NFL COMP-TRAMON WILLIAMS-GB- The giants lose defensive backs like a little kid with marbles. Almost every DB on the NYG roster is coming off injury, a possible cap casualty, is in some state of free agency, or some combination thereof. Both Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster took pay cuts to stay but with their injury history's the G-men still need more corners.,

50.CHI-SIO MOORE-LB-UCONN-NFL COMP-JEROD MAYO-NE-Urlacher and Briggs are long in the tooth. You need really athletic LB's to run the Tampa 2 right and this guy is athletic enough to play all 3 spots just in case they bring both back. Long term he can be their answer in the middle.

51.WASH-JUSTIN PUGH-G-SYR-NFL COMP-ERIC WINSTON-KC-RT has been a weakness for Washington ever since they traded for Jamall Brown. He immediately showed why the saints were willing to let the former Pro Bowler go ,and has been regularly hurt since then. If Pugh's arms were 34 inches long he would be a first round pick this year . As it is his feet are left tackle ready. In the zone scheme the Redskins run a technician like him is invaluable. Whether he ends up at RT or as a guard is the question, but his arms are too short to man the blindside. The recently cut Eric Winston would be the ideal pickup for them, and they could go a different way here, but the cap penalty the league stuck them with makes that unlikely.

52.MINN-KAWANN SHORT-DT-PURDUE-NFL COMP-ANTONIO GARAY-SD -Perennial pro bowler is Kevin Williams is over 30 now and its starting to show. He is still good but might not be worth his high salary for long. Short has the talent to be a top 15 pick if he can be more consistent. Hopefully William's work ethic rubs off on him.

53.CINC-*GEOVANI BERNARD-RB-N.CAR-NFL COMP-CJ SPILLER-BUFF- Another speedy playmaker to open up the offense. The law firm of BJGE is an inside grinder , but he's not much of a threat to bust a long one, or help out in the passing game. Bernard gives them what he can't.

54.MIA-(indy)-DAMONTRE MOORE-DE/OLB-TEX A&M-NFL COMP-JOHN ABRAHAM-ATL-Someone needs to play on the other side of Cameron Wake. Some of the dolphins coaching staff have ties to Texas A&M. Moore has talent, but looked lazy and out of shape at the combine. Like he hadn't been training for it. Add that he didn't do very well last season when being blocked by top OT's, and the fall was bound to happen. He did 19 reps on the bench at his pro day , but got hurt and didn't run his forty again yet. Look for his agent to give him some time to get in shape ,and then have a personal pro day to try to bring his stock back up.

55.GB-MONTEE BALL-RB-ORE-NFL COMP-PIERRE THOMAS-NO-The packs running game has been atrocious for years. Ball has the pass protection and receiving chops to fit right in the hybrid west coast/spread offense that the pack runs. After a sub par combine he had a lot of improvement at his pro day.Throw in the Wisconsin ties and he's a natural fit.

56.SEA-AKEEM SPENCE-DT-ILL-NFL COMP-KYLE WILLIAMS-BUFF-.Alan Branch and Jason Jones are both free agents this year at DT. The more film we watch on Spence the more he grows on us. Add a good combine in the mix and we think he's gives the Seahawks some stoutness in the middle of the line ,and a penetrating upfield presence .

57.HOU-AURTHUR BROWN-LB-KAN ST-NFL COMP-JON BEASON-CAR-When Brian Cushing was lost their defense was greatly reduced. They need another guy who can QB the middle of the defense if Cushing isn't ready ,or goes down again. Reddick has the toughness and football IQ to play inside in either front.Brown also can play the weak-side in nickel .

58.DENV-DARIUS SLAY-CB-MISS ST-NFL COMP-DOMINIQUE RODGERS-CROMARTIE-PHIL-Champ Bailey is still a good player despite his last game, but he will also be 35 next season. This corner played well in the senior bowl and tested well at the combine. He can also provide value in the return game and who better to learn from than the champ?

59.NE-(sf)-TERRON ARMSTEAD-OT-ARK.PB-NFL COMP-TYRON SMITH-DALL-Armstead is the raw elite athlete who took the combine by storm. The fact that he also showed good play on the field on tape, then at the east/west game, and even held his own at the senior bowl makes me believe he could go even higher. He looks and moves like a giant TE. With a year or 2 in an NFL weight room and with NFL coaching he could easily be a Pro Bowl blindside protector. He gives them options and a fallback plan. Belichick usually drafts early on his O-line. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon started their careers on the bench. Armstead can slide in to cover injuries , or they could move Cannon inside if Armstead becomes one of their 5 best lineman.
60.ATL-BLIDI WREH-CB/S-WILSON-NFL COMP-TERREL THOMAS-NYG-Cutting Dunta Robinson leaves a huge hole at corner. Brent Grimes is returning after missing last season but he is a free agent, and who knows if he will even be the same player right away ,if ever.

61.DALL-(sf)-TERRANCE WILLIAMS-WR-BAY-NFL COMP-STEVE JOHNSON-BUFF-Give Tony Romo a steady receiver for years to come.  This guy is physical , runs good routes, has reliable hands, can stretch the field, was massively productive last season, and can even block. It also allows them to put Miles Austin in the slot more often and gives them another big receiver to replace often injured Austin and Bryant. Dallas moves back and gets more help this season to fill their many needs and create better competition in camp.

62.BALT-MANTI TEO-ILB-N.DAME-NFL COMP-STEPHEN TULLOCH-DET- The free-fall finally ends and he will probably end up being the steal of the whole damn draft.This is the best place for Manti . He needs a locker room that will build him up, support him, and have his back against all comers. It looked like his confidence was shot in the National championship game, and since we now know he found out the truth that would explain his bad play. Before that he was worth a top 20 pick off his play on the field this season.He should be drafted higher on his talent, but we really feel most teams will avoid him just because of the distraction he causes.

63.KC-MARKUS WHEATON-WR-ORE.ST-NFL COMP-STEVE SMITH-CAR-A deep threat and slot guy to go with the just resigned Dwayne Bowe . Steve Breaston was cut too, so a WR is must. He can also provide excellence in the return game. Andy Reid will want a WR that can stretch the field.

64.JAX-ANDRE ELLINGTON-RB-CLEM-NFL COMP-LESEAN McCOY-PHIL - Reggie Bush appears to We doubt MJD holds out this year but he does have a lot of carries on him and they got very little from his replacement while he was hurt. Ellington is a home run hitter and can at least take a 3rd down role if MJD is healthy.

65.DET-*BARRET JONES-C/G/T/-ALA-NFL COMP-MAX UNGER-SEA- Gosder Cherilus is a free agent at RT and RG Stepehen Peterman was cut. The highly decorated Barrett can also play every position on the O-line if it's needed. .He comes from a winning program and is a smart player who can help wherever there's a hole

66.OAK-JAMAR TAYLOR-CB-BOISE ST-NFL COMP-TRAMON WILIAMS-GB-Those extra picks could really come in handy in the secondary. With Michael Huff going back to safety this year they will likely need at least 2 new CB's, since the cut both starting corners last year.

67.PHIL-JOHN JENKINS-DT-GA-NFL COMP-JAMALL WILLIAMS-(ret)-To run the 3-4 effectively the eagles will need a nose tackle. The huge Jenkins is surprisingly quick for his girth . Though he will need to slim down a bit to work at Chip Kelly's pace .

68.CLEV-VANCE McDONALD-TE-RICE-NFL COMP-ZACH MILLER-SEA-McDdonald has displayed all the qualities of a two way tight end , and we think his best football is still ahead of him. Brandon Weeden probably deserves one more chance. A good TE is a QB's best friend and Norv Turner has always used tight ends a lot on his offense.

69.AZ-*CHRIS FAULK-OT-LSU-NFL COMP-ANTHONY DAVIS-SF-With an O-line that was bad in a biblical way last season , a future possible left tackle should be mandatory.If someone steps up and plays left tackle well it would also allow the returning from injury Levi Brown to move inside where he belongs. That improves 2 positions. If a QB separates himself that's a possibility but I pity that poor bastard unless the O-line is fixed. On the bright side Bobbie Massie and Nate Potter got valuable experience last year. I saw Faulk as a possible first rounder before his injury. If he is healthy enough to workout, and show teams he will be ready to start the season on time this year, he still might be a low 1rst rounder.

70.TENN-DALLAS THOMAS-G/T-TENN-NFL COMP-TODD HEREMANS-PHIL-Tennessee still needs another guard to go with Cooper, and Thomas can also play tackle. This positional flexibility could be very useful considering the age of their starting OT's.

71.BUFF-AARON DOBSON-WR-MAR-NFL COMP-MICHAEL CRABTREE-SF-Strong hands, blocker, and a physical presence that could allow Stevie Johnson more time in the slot. Plus a young QB can always use more weapons.

72.JETS-*PHILLIP THOMAS-FRES.ST-NFL COMP-HARRISON SMITH-MINN-Laron Landry is a free agent and injury prone. This guy can play either safety spot and inject some youth into their secondary.The jets play so much man that high level safety play is essential.

After his strong senior bowl we went searching for everything we could find on the small school standout, and were impressed by him on film. Add a good combine in the mix ,and we think he's a fit as a one technique next to Gerald McCoy. While he's not a great pass rusher he is stout against the run and can push the pocket against the pass.

74.SF(car)-ROBERT ALFORD-CB-SE.LA-NFL COMP-LADARIUS WEBB-BALT-Another corner to help shore up the secondary and breed competition in the deep end of the defense. Alford is also an excellent return man, and with Ted Ginn possibly leaving that could be needed.

75.NO-*BRANDON JENKINS-DE/OLB-FLA ST-NFL COMP-ALDON SMITH-SF-The saints forfeit of their second round pick came at a really bad time. Before his injury Jenkins was a probable 1rst round pick.

76.SD-LOGAN RYAN-CB-RUTG-NFL COMP-RONDE BARBER-TB-A corner that can tackle is paramount in the AFC west, and this guy plays the run like a safety. Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason are both free agents. Jammer has slowed enough where it's safety or nothing in my opinion. So he probably won't be brought back anyway.

77.OAK(mia)-#JORDAN POYER-CB-ORE ST. -NFL COMP-CORTLAND FINNEGAN-RAMS-Another corner and this one has a raiders attitude Al Davis would be proud of. He will also irritate every receiver he covers with his mouth.

78.STL-LE'VEON BELL-RB-MICH ST-NFL COMP-MICHAEL BUSH-CHI-Steven Jackson opted out of his deal and his career as a Ram may be over. With him possibly looking for a contender to play for they need an every-down back. Bell is a good fit because he is kind of like a younger poor mans Steven Jackson .

79.PITT-.*MARCUS LATTIMORE-RB-S. CAR-FRED JACKSON-BUFF-Rashard Mendenhall has probably worn out his welcome in Pittsburgh. Some combination of Jonathan Dwyer , Isacc Redman, and Chris Rainey should be abke to hold down the fort till Lattimore is healthy. I honestly think that trio can get it done and that this is not a need pick. It's a value pick based on a huge future payoff.

80.DALL-(sf)-#*TRAVIS KELCE-TE-CINC-NFL COMP-JASON WITTEN-DALL-. If Kelce was clean off the field ,and had 2 years of solid production on tape instead of one ,he would easily be the first TE off the board. Kelce is an excellent athlete and a strong blocker with a ton of questions that need answering. Maybe the veteran Witten can wear off on his clone. Dallas has drafted 2 TE's in the 2nd round( Anthony Fasano and Martellus Bennett both blocked well though) in recent years that have failed as receivers in Dallas , and then been excellent once they went to a new team. This late he is worth the risk.

81.NYG- STEDMAN BAILEY-WR-W.VA-NFL COMP-ANTONIO BROWN-PITT-If any restricted free agent is going to be signed away for a 1rst round pick it's Victor Cruz. Bailey is one of the drafts best route runners and could be their future slot guy.

82.MIA(chi)-DEVIN TAYLOR-DE-S.CAR-NFL COMP-JASON HATCHER-DALL-Someone needs to play on the other side of Cameron Wake. Taylor has been overshadowed by Jadavian Clowney in college, but has the frame & talent to be a stud in his own right.He can stay at his current size if they go 4-3, or bulk up to play 3-4 end with his frame.

83.MINN-KHASEEM GREENE-OLB-RUTG-NFL COMP-THOMAS DAVIS-CAR-A linebacker who can cover would really be appreciated for their nickle defense. With NFL teams regularly spending half their time in nickel the athletic Gooden could see a lot of playing time as a rookie.

84.CINC-BRYAN SCHWENKE-C/G-CAL-NFL COMP-WILL MONTGOMERY-WASH-The Bengals have one of the leagues best O-lines, except at center. Schwenke can also play guard and his elite quickness and smarts would be appreciated by Andy Dalton.

85.WASH-CHRIS HARPER-WR-KAN.ST-NFL COMP-ANQUAN BOLDIN-BALT- Santana Moss is past his prime, Pierre Garcon is injury prone, and Leonard Hankerson has unreliable hands. Harper is a sharp route runner with reliable hands. The big bodied receiver is also a strong run blocker and red zone target.

86.INDY-#KYLE LONG-G-IOWA-NFL COMP-CLINT BOLING-CINC-Hopefully they will address the O-line in free agency. Long is an elite talent with a lack of experience that needs to be coached up. With his athleticism & aggression it's only a matter of time until he's a starter, if he can keep his nose clean off the field, and listen to his coaches.

87.SEA- ZAVIAR GOODEN-OLB.-MOU-NFL COMP-WESLEY WOODYARD-DEN -Leroy Hill's recent arrest probably makes any decison about bringing him back easy.This former safety has the coverage chops and smarts needed for Pete Carrols defense.

88.GB- DJ SWEARINGER-S-S.CAR-NFL COMP-TJ WARD-CLEV-With the injury retirement of Nick Collins and the release of Charles Woodson the pack is short a safety. DJ is a very smart and aggressive player to pair up with Morgan Burnett . He is probably one of the more underrated players in the draft, and once free agency shakes out we wouldn't be surprised if he went in the second round.

89.HOU-ATL-DAVID QUISENBERRY-T/G-SJSU-NFL COMP-HARVEY DAHL-RAMS--Right tackle to was a problem last year ,and Quisenberry has the athleticism to fit in their zone blocking scheme. At the very least he could be the swing tackle this season.

90.DENV-KEVIN REDDICK-ILB-NC-NFL COMP-DESMOND BISHOP-GB-Reddick has the toughness and football IQ to play inside in either front. Denver has no MLB left on the roster. DJ Williams is in his 30's ,was suspended twice last season ,and is probably gone. Denver also needs a safety to go with Rahim Moore.

91.NE-*DJ HAYDEN-CB-HOU-NFL COMP-CHAMP BAILEY-DENV-Had a freak injury at practice where he tore a major vein in his heart last season .Until recently no one was sure if he would ever play again. I think if he had played all year he would have been a low 1rst or early 2nd round pick. Docs now say he should be ready for training camp. They can move McCourty back outside if they have another safety , but he did play well there. My guess is they will pursue Ed Reed if he becomes a free agent . The Patriots go through more high drafted DB's than anyone in the league.

92.ATL-DAVID BAKHTIARI-OT-COL-NFL COMP-JORDAN GROSS-CAR-Not only is Sam Baker a free agent ,he is injury prone and inconsistent .With a year in a NFL weight room and with good coaching I could see Bakhtiari as the long term answer to protecting Matt Ryans blindside.

93.DALL-(sf)-*BRENNAN WILLIAMS-OT-NC-NFL COMP-DONALD PENN-TB- With  some NFL coaching he could easily be a great  right tackle . He also gives them options. They can cut Doug Free's bad contract. He can compete with Parnell for the starting RT spot this year. . Or Williams could just be the swing tackle this year.

94.BALT-TRAVIS FREDERICK-C/G-WISC-NFL COMP-JAKE GROVE-(ret)-Matt Birk is retired and hopefully he will end up in the hall of fame like he deserves. Gino Gradkowski might be the answer or not. Frederick can also play guard if need be. With the exception of Marshall Yanda it seems their whole O-line is in flux and even the coaches don't know who's going to play where yet.Again, Ozzie Newsome gets value.


95.HOU-Compensatory-ERIC REID-S/LB-LSU-NFL COMP-KENNY PHILLIPS-NYG-Glover Quin is a FA , and he will likely be pursued by many teams. Reid is intimidating  for a free safety .

96.KC-Compensatory-BENNIE LOGAN-DT-LSU-NFL COMP-JURELL CASEY-TENN-Tyson Jackson took a pay cut and was kept. Glenn Dorsey is a free agent and Logan has a similar profile. He can play DE in a 3-4 and then kick inside to DT when they go to nickel .

97.TENN-Compensatory-DAVID AMERSON-S/CB-N.-CAR ST.-ANTONIO CROMARTIE-JETS-The titans need help at safety and CB. They also prefer big CB's which Amerson certainly is. If you watch his 2011 tape he's a top 10 pick as a corner. After spending this year trying to jump routes to break the interception record I am not sure what he is now. Last season he looked like a safety. This late he's worth the risk ,and might be able to help you at both positions. He lit up the combine so don't be surprised if he goes higher.

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