Friday, April 27, 2012


A lot of surprises in day 1 with a ton of trades, especially in the top 10. So thank the new CBA for that.A lot good players left and we expect a lot more trades.A few teams might even be willing to trade away next years # 1 for some of these players.Here's our take on round 2 . Its ridiculous to try to predict more than one round at a time considering the likely number of trades ,and we won't even try to throw the 3rd round in here.The saints forfeited their pick in the bounty scandal so only 31 in the round.

33.STL-STEPHEN HILL-WR-GA TECH-NFL COMP-BRAYLON EDWARDS-SF-The rams have done a great job of stockpiling  picks to rebuild their franchise.They have 3 of the next 13 picks in the second round and the 2nd pick in the third today. However, we were surprised they traded out of the elite top 8, but at least they did get the 9th player on our board to shore up the middle of their D-Line at # 14.They were probably heartbroken at losing out on Justin Blackmon, but Stephen Hill has a higher upside and he is good vale here. Reuben Randle could also be the pick, or an O-lineman ,or the drafts next best CB. We think they want their pick of WR's now and will fill out some other needs with their other picks today.

34.INDY-COBY FLEENER-STAN-NFL COMP-KELLEN WINSLOW JR-TB- A familiar face for Andrew Luck who gets to continue playing with the drafts best TE ,and a steal at this point in the draft. Can stretch the field and create mismatch problems all over the field. Cordy Glenn might be a fit to help protect Luck,or new coach Chuck Pagaano might go seeking to shore up his defense in the switch to a 3-4, or trade back to acquire more players to fill out this depleted roster.

35.BALT(from MINN)-CORDY GLENN-T/G-GA-NFL COMP- ANDRE WHITWORTH -CINC-Speaking of steals. Ozzie Newsome is hands down the best GM in the game in our book, so when he trades back we don't even question him, even though Glenn seemed tailor made at #29.If he gets either Cordy Glenn ot Peter Konz here he should be laughing his ass off.  Just an absolutely Huge man. Can play any position along the O-line but center as at least a short term fill in and probably both guard spots and RT long term.

36.DENV-(from TB)- DENV-BALT- PETER KONZ-C-WISC.-NFL COMP-MATT BIRK-BALT -They have a lot of needs and Jeff Saturday didn't come over with Peyton. He is used to a smart center who can allow him to feel safe up the middle. A run stuffing DT ,or a trade back are also possibilities.This is the same pick we though they should have made before the trade back. A D-Line run stuffer is also a must ,and CB is a huge need as well. 

37.CLEV-BOBBIE MASSEY-OT/G-OLE MISS-NFL COMP-DONALD PENN-TB-New RB and a new QB in round 1 need some help. How about a big RT to keep an edge clean,  clear holes to run through, and who has the ability to play the left side if Joe Thomas ever got hurt. There is a large group of speedy big play WR's they can choose from  later. 

38. JAX-COURTNEY UPSHAW-OLB/DE-ALA-ANTHONY SPENCER-DALL  -Luckily they resigned Jeremy Mincey ,but they need 2 starting caliber DE's and Aaron Kampmann is just about done .This guy is productive, and has a history of big games on the biggest stages..They have really helped their offense this offseason with the addition of receivers for Blaine Gabbert in free agency and round 1. Their defense is just one more pass rusher and a DB away from being elite. Pass rushers make existing db's better though.

39.STL(wash)- JOSH ROBINSON-CB-UCF-NFL COMP-LEODIS McKELVIN-BUFF-They traded out of a chance to take the drafts best CB .Given Jeff Fishers past experience with Pacman Jones they likely won't risk a pick on the better player(and character concern) in Janoris Jenkins.This guy has speed to burn though. Is still raw but has talent to start soon.

40.CAR-BRANDON THOMPSON-DT-CLEM-NFL COMP-BRODERICK BUNKLEY-DENV-This guy can stop the run and lord knows they need it.Between him and 1rst rounder Luke Kuechly this defense could make a huge leap up from last season. If Ron Rivera decides to use his past 3-4 experience  he can probably play NT as well.So can Alameda Ta'amu if they prefer him  They need a big WR to go with Steve Smith so Reuben Randle is in play too.

41.BUFF-JOHNATHAN MARTIN-OT-STAN-NFL COMP- JORDAN GROSS-CAR-He's a better pass blocker than any LT they currently have right now, and is a good value here. The fall finally stops. A year in a an NFL weight room could see him shed his finesse LT tag and hopefully play more physical in the run game. Another team that needs a big WR so( the bridesmade never a bride )Rueben Randle is in the mix as well.

42.MIA-RUEBEN RANDLE-WR-LSU-NFL COMP-JORDY NELSON-GB- Finally a bride! er... anyway they need a WR. Marshall is gone and Hartline and Bess are a #2 and #3 WR at best. They also have big needs on both lines ,and could use an edge rusher in case Cameron Wake holds out, or just to pair with him.

43.SEA-MYCHAL KENDRICKS-LB-CAL-NFL COMP-LONDON FLETCHER-They shocked us all when they took Bruce Irvin in round 1. We get it. He is the most explosive edge rusher in the draft, if you ignore character concerns, or that he belongs as a 3-4 OLB, and that he can't hold up against the run at the point of attack unless he adds 20 pounds. Theoretically he could have a Aldon Smith like impact as rookie as a situational pass rusher. They better be playing more 3-4 though, or teams will just run at him and Chris Clemons all day. Now to a safe pick.A middle LB to QB the defense and make the tackles.

44.KC-AMINI SILATOLU-G/T-MW ST-NFL COMP-MIKE IUPATI-SF-A mauler and they have a lot of age at center and 1 guard spot. Rodney Hudson will probably be the center soon. With Asomoah taking over 1 guard spot last year and this selection they will have completely rebuilt their entire interior O-line over a 3 year span.He's also the best player available.

45.STL(dall)-LAVONTE DAVID-OLB-NEB-NFL COMP-THOMAS HOWARD-CINC-Here we go again with another rams pick. Put this guy next to James Laurinitis and it's hard to see anybody not getting tackled. He's also a 3 down LB that can make plays in the pass game with his speed. 

46.PHIL-#JANORIS JENKINS-CB-N. ALA-BRENT GRIMES-ATL-They have 2 press man to man corners ,but no one that can play the slot. Enter the most fluid CB in the draft.This is a steal if he keeps his nose clean. He's a top 15 pick on tape alone despite a lack of size, but his character problems it impossible for team to to take him in the first round.Hopefully the cautionary tales Vick can tell him will straighten the kid out.

47.NYJ-ANDRE BRANCH-OLB/DE-CLEM-NFL COMP-JOHN ABRAHAM-ATL-They need a rush LB ,and he's the best one left. Then again the jets never do what anyone thinks they are going to do. Just ask Sanchez how his buddy Tebow is doing.

48.NE(oak)-#TRUMAINE JOHNSON-CB-MONT-NFL COMP-RASHEAN MATHIS-JAX- They broke from tradition and started trading up this year. However all they have are 2 second round picks the rest of the entire draft so we expect the trading back ,and pick gathering to begin soon. If they stay here this is a good pick that will give them some size at CB.

49.SD-JEFF ALLEN-G/T-ILL-NFL COMP-TODD HEREMANS-PHIL-Has the versatility to play tackle and guard and they really need both.AJ Smith drafts for need and will reach if he feels like it. This could work out well long term though.

50.CHI-JERRELL WORTHY-DT-MICH ST-NFL COMP- CULLEN JENKINS- PHIL-Best player available ,and if they can get his motor on full time its a steal. They need a penetrator / pass rusher, and he can do both if he wants to.An interior O-lineman would help if they like one here as well. Mike Adams is good fit but they may not like his character.

51.PHIL-(az)-MITCHELL SCWARTZ-T/G-CAL-NFL COMP-DAVID STEWART-OT-TENN-Jason Peter is out for the year, and Demeterss Bell is on a 1 year deal with a big option bonus next year. Scwartz can compete at RT ,and play the left side if needed ,although not as well.A TE like Dwayne Allen is also a possibility.

52.TENN-*DEVON STILL-DT-PENN ST-NFL COMP- COREY WILLIAMS-DET-We don't see a center worth this pick, but Still fills a need and is good value here. They need to stay on him to get the most out of him though.

53.CINC-ALAMEDA TA'AMU-DT-WASH-NFL COMP- SIONE POUHA-NYJ-This pick probably makes too much sense for them ,but once Mike Brown got smart enough to trade Palmer for some good picks the world was off it's axis anyway.It's good value and since their defense has elements of both the 3-4 and 4-3 it's a need.

54.DET-VINNY CURRY-DE-MARSH-NFL COMP- MATT ROTH-JAX-Their new regime obviously knows whats its doing.We think they take the best player available to pair with Cliff Avril. A CB like Heyward or Boykin would make sense too.

55.ATL-#*MIKE ADAMS-OT-OH ST-NFL COMP-JOE STALEY-SF-The Julio Jones trade from last year means this is their first pick this year.He is a 1rst round talent with a lot of baggage worth this pick though, and I'm sure Matt Ryan would be happy with it.

56.PITT-KENDALL REYES-DT/DE-CONN-NFL COMP-CORY REDDING-BALT-Will join Cameron Heyward from last year in the replenishing of an over-aged defensive line.Best player available ,and since they had the steal of the first round in Decastro don't be surprised if they just take whoever falls into their lap and dance around their war room singing Kumbaya and plotting their next dynasty.Seriosuly!. Decastro at #24!Put him next to Pouncey and I could get 4 yards a carry running behind them.

57.DEN-BRANDON BOYKIN-SC-GA-NFL COMP-KYLE ARRINGTON-NE-This is about that whole D-line ,stop the run thing , interior pass rush thing right?EHHHH, no reaching FOR YOU!. CB is a big need though and this pick is also good value for their buck.

58.HOU-BRIAN QUICK-APP ST-NFL COMP-TERRELL OWENS-CINC-They still need a young receiver who can play opposite Andre Johnson ,and who has the ability to be a #1 long term .He fits the bill despite being a raw small school product.

59.GB-CASEY HEYWARD-CB/S-VANDY-NFL COMP-RONDE BARBER-TB-He can play CB and safety and they need both. Charles Woodson is getting older and may move to safety anyway, even though he already lines up there plenty.Nick Collins was cut and considering his injury he may never play again. A D-lineman may be a fit as well. 

60.BALT-#CAM JOHNSON-DE/OLB-VA-NFL COMP-ADALIUS THOMAS- RET-He's versatile , worth the pick, and can get after the passer. Sounds like an Ozzie Newsome guy.May help free Terrell Suggs from some double teams ,and gets to go a defense full of strong leaders that will help him reachh is full potential.

61.SF-#KELECHI OSEMELE-G/T-IA ST.-NFL COMP-CARL NICKS- NO-They need a guard to pair with Mike Iupati ,and he fits their mauling power running game to a tee. They could go CB or TE too; so don't rule out Dwayne Allen or Josh Norman.

62.NE-*DEVON WYLIE-WR-FRESNO ST.-NFL COMP-STEVE SMITH-CAR- A young WR that can stretch the field and plays ball out at all times. It's a need , a value, and he is the type of guy Bill Belichick & Tom Brady  will love. 

63. NYG-DWAYNE ALLEN-TE-CLEM-NFL COMP-ZACH J.MILLER-SEA -He is the best player available ,and they need a TE after multiple injuries at the position in the post season last year. He can block ,make a contribution as a receiver, and will be the best TE on their roster from day 1. Jerry Reese ranks up their with Ozzie Newsome and Ted Thompson as talent evaluators. So whoever he takes will probably work out anyway.

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