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2011 NFL DRAFT SENIOR BOWL updated TOP 85 with NFL comparisons

A lot was learned during the senior bowl week, especially during the practices. The 2 biggest pieces of news is that no senior OT is likely to be a top 10 pick, and no senior QB deserves to go in the 1rst round. This draft is deep in D-lineman and WR, with good value throughout the first round at OT and the top of the round at CB. A lot of other players haven't been measured or had a workout yet, so much can change from now till draft day. w floor guys are often drafted . Next to each player is the NFL player we feel they will most resemble if they are a hit. The comp is for on the field play only and the higher they are ranked the more likely we think they will reach that comparison. profiles coming soon but here is the current top 15 for now, along with a small update on the rest of the top 25. * denotes a player with current injury concerns.

1. AJ green-WR-GA-NFL Comp-Larry Fitzgerald- AZ- Clearly the best receiver in this class and has a very low floor. Tall with long arms that he uses well to snatch balls out of the air. Unless he runs a 4.55 or worse in the forty he should at least go top 10 .He's a play maker that can take it to the house in the open field .A high level red zone threat who wins jump balls and who knows where the sideline is. Hands are the best to come out in the draft since Fitzgerald. Sinks his hips and explodes out of cuts.Although his route running can still use improvement he sets up DB's very well and creates separation. Great concentration and timing when the ball is in the air and has the knack for getting to it at it's highest point. Still needs to work on getting up to speed quicker and is a bit of a long strider, but his burst is good if he's not checked at the line . Great body control and knows how to use his size to box out defenders. Hard worker and a student of the game. Willing drive blocker but won't be KOing guys ala Hines Ward .

2. Patrick Peterson-CB-LSU-NFL Comp-Charles Woodson-GB- A physical freak and speed is his only question for some, but he sure looks fast on the field . On tape he is so gifted and physical that as long as he runs a sub 4.6 I think he's a future pro bowler at CB or safety, but CB for now . The best ball skills of all the CB's this year with almost a receivers hands, but he isn't really a ballhawk who picks off a lot of passes. Isn't super fluid opening his hips yet, which is why some see him as a safety, but is fluid enough for such a big man. A good hitter who will occasionally frighten receivers but he needs to play the ball more and look for the KO less. Is good in press-man right now but he doesn't move laterally as well as he does horizontally. Back pedal isn't always consistent, but he seems to stay with his man anyway, and he times his jumps well when the balls in the air. Breaks on ball in front of him with a good burst and arrives with force. Angry tackler and plays with a CB's memory and with a safety's mindset . Explosive return man so you know he has the speed and burst, but would like to see it used all the time in coverage. Good instincts against the run or pass and takes good angles to the ball, but can get caught peeking into the back field now & again . Hasn't played a lot of zone , but he's a smart player with the work ethic to learn whatever he's taught. In a limited amount of reps he already looks OK there, but the inexperience shows in his reaction time. Smart NFL QB's and coordinators will test him but I have every confidence he will adapt and be a great NFL starter early in his career. Team leader and could even play a little offense if needed.A versatile threat that should go in the top 5 because he brings so much to the table.

3. Marcel Dareus- DT/DE- ALA- NFL Comp- Cortez Kennedy-RET.- scheme versatility and a lot good film against top competition make him a safe bet to be at least a good starter. Ceiling nowhere near as high as other top D-lineman in this class but has the most polished technique of any of the DT prospects in this draft. A quick 1rst step penetrator that could be a 3 technique 4-3 DT although he has primarily played 3-4 end. Controls his man well and can either shuck him or shove him into the QB. Fluid pass rush moves and a strong burst off the snap with quick hands . Well liked team leader that has overcome a lot of hardships.Made a lot of big plays in big games, despite playing a position that required him to give up personal stats for the team . Plays with good leverage and strength against the run and stacks & sheds well. Move well laterally down the line and in pursuit but is vulnerable to cut blocks. Good (not great) motor who could be even more productive on plays away from him. Doesn't over penetrate and open up gaps in the line. Knows his responsibilities and will fight the double team till the whistle. A smart , well coached, durable player with a high floor.

4.* Nick Fairley- DT-AUB-NFL Comp-Darnell Dockett-AZ- If his brain was on every play he would probably be a lock for # 1, but he is so disruptive anyway that he's a top 5 pick barring any pre draft stupidity.A freakish athlete for his size who penetrates backfields at will . Has the size and speed to play the strong side DE or DT in a 4-3 . Even if he doesn't penetrate too deeply he controls his man and moves well laterally along the line of scrimmage. Although he needs to maintain leverage on a more consistent basis. Will chase down plays from the backside or sniff out screens and arrive with force. Must do a better job of harnessing his temper . Plays violently and can get stupid penalties at times, even at the worst possible time in a big game. Is so quick off the snap he often is a step and a half ahead of O-lineman who know the snap count, but can run himself out of plays . Splits blockers and explodes at the QB even though his technique needs work . Incredibly agile feet for such a big man. Powerful bull rusher but he could use his hands better too shuck blockers . Good instincts for the run or pass and has his head on a swivel. His relentless pursuit of anyone near him with the ball is the one trait that makes me think that he will be in many pro bowls, but his motor needs to rev up on plays away from him more. If he learns more pass rush moves , has his motor on ever play , stays low on a regular basis, and how to use his hands he would be unstoppable.As is he's still really good.

5. Von Miller- OLB-Texas A&M- NFL Comp-Clay Mathews- GB- Best pass rusher in the draft. A physical freak with a great motor , versatility, and consistent production even when hurt.Could add 15 pounds and play weak side 4-3 DE on passing downs , play either side of a 3-4 OLB, and this week at the senior bowl even showed he can be a stud 4-3 OLB.With time he could probably be the next Patrick Willis but you don't want to waste pass rush skills like these in the middle . Elite athlete with the speed and explosion to make plays all over the field. Freakish first step from the outside rushing the passer. Can run the arc but doesn't spin or redirect quickly as I expected if his initial move is stopped. Great hands and if he gets a guy off balance he will bull him back and shuck quickly. Needs more bulk , especially in his legs . Can take on and stack & shed TE's / RB's against the run but if he doesn't slip and O-lineman he can get pushed around at times. Has the speed and fluidity to cover out of the backfield but his technique is still a tad raw here. Will pursue QB's and ball carriers to the whistle and regularly make backside plays . Great work ethic and team leader. Took well to coaching at the senior bowl and solidified himself as top 10 pick, even looking fluid in coverage . Worst case scenario he makes an impact as a pass rusher and on special teams as a rookie while he bulks up and learns his new responsibilities more .

6. Cameron Jordan-DE/DT-CAL- NFL Comp-Justin Smith-SF- great hands, motor, scheme versatility and good tape all year made him a surefire 1rst rounder. His dominant senior bowl week of practices could see him go in the top 10.NFL bloodlines with a dad that was a 6 time pro bowler. Strong violent hands and a great motor jump out right away when you watch him. Has been playing 3-4 DE for years and that alone makes him more valuable than most guys projected to move there. Multiple pass rush moves and gets good pressure on the QB but lacks the elite burst to get a lot of sacks, even though he is very quick for his size. More of a smart hustle and pressure player who plays to the whistle than a stud edge rusher. Needs to secure the sack and not overrun or run by the QB less. Uses long arms to cloud passing lanes and is very aware for a guy in the trenches. Good leverage and base at the point of attack and stacks and sheds like a veteran. Very strong for a 290 pound guy and could probably add 10 more pounds with the same quickness. Knows his responsibilities and stays home but will pursue down the line when the ball goes away from him. Could easily move inside in 4-3 considering how strong he is against the run and double teams. No off the field incidents and a vert smart player to boot.

7.* Da'quan Bowers-DE- Clemson-NFL Comp-Justin Tuck- NYG- The biggest knock on him is his motor didn't fully rev up till this year, but he was dominant all season and has improved every season in college at least some. Strong and physical at the point of attack as long as he stays low, but he is not consistent here, and doesn't hold up well against the double team. Strong violent upper body results in blockers being tossed aside sometimes and has strong hands on all downs. Holds the edge well and doesn't abandon his responsibility before chasing down plays . A good athlete but lacks freakish standout ability.Doesn't have that elite first step but shows a good burst up field when rushing the passer. Can get around the corner or put his man on skates shuck him ,and close on the QB fast. When he moves inside on obvious passing downs he is a mismatch for interior O-lineman. Multiple rush moves and a strong bull rush . If he actually measures at what he is listed at in college he could bulk up a bit more an even play 3-4 end if needed. Was once the nations top recruit an is used to the spotlight. His versatility is also very valued. Can play either DE in a 4-3 and move inside on passing downs. A 3 down player.

8. Robert Quinn- DE/OLB- NC- NFL Comp-DeMarcus Ware-DALL-If he hadn't missed the whole season I think he would be a contender for # 1 overall. If the rust is gone , teams feel they can trust his character, and he shows the ability to play 3-4 OLB in drills he can easily go as high as top 5 . However so many questions could also see him free fall. Elite burst off the edge and can run the arc even though he is rarely the 1rst man off the ball. Good hand fighter and will not only get the man with the ball but will look to force the fumble. Still a better athlete than football player right now and he needs to add more pass rush moves. Can hold the edge 1 v1 as weak side DE vs smaller players but not strong enough to stack a double team or beat stronger OT's at the point. Elite closing speed chasing down plays from the backside. Freakish fluid athlete that is ideally suited to switch to a 3-4 OLB role. His motor on tape is so good that I don't question his love of the game or work ethic despite the suspension. If he gets to the point that he gets off the ball fast while he's still got his explosiveness like Ware , Freeney , Mathis, etc.- he would lead the league in sacks.

9. Mark Ingram-RB- ALA- NFL Comp- Emmitt Smith-RET.-Only a really slow forty can knock him out of the first round, but I guarantee you he runs a good 10 yard dash. Rare vision at RB and great production at a big time school. Low floor but upside not as high as 5 backs in this draft, but its really hard to watch him run and not see a lot of pro bowls in his future. Won't go this high but time will tell where he should have gone. Patient picking the hole, then burst through when he finds it. Can stop on a and dime and accelerate back up to his top speed quickly. Has the knack for avoiding big hits and and runs through or off contact well.Always falling forward and has a compact build with a low center of gravity. Won't run a lot of guys over but he's smart enough to find the crease and get to the 1rst down or goal-line. Looks to get up field quickly and doesn't bounce things outside that aren't there ,even though he has enough burst to do so when its open. Good receiver out of the backfield and can make people miss in the open field. Excellent on screens and draws and sees the whole field and goes to the best area to break out of the pack. Stout in pass pro and makes good decisions on who to block first. The most polished RB in the draft in a long time . May lack a huge upside but he's already great. Has the lowest floor in the entire draft barring injury.

10. MikePouncey-C/G- FLA- NFL Comp- twin- Markice Pouncey- PITT-Listed as bigger and is definitely more mobile than his pro bowl rookie twin brother, but not quite as nasty or agile in line off the ball yet. Pulls like a 290 pound zone guard and can pancake a guy he hits, but needs to hit his targets more downfield. Quick off the ball and can finish his man when he tries , but doesn't always play to the whistle . Good base drive blocking in line when he plays low enough, but usually gets the job done even when he doesn't . Strong anchor against the bullrush and has the ability to shuffle and slide with his man. Uses his arms well although he could use his strong hand punch more pass blocking. The top C and G prospect in this draft, and probably won't go this high ,but he can start at either from day 1 and do a good job of it. Improved on his snaps all year after it being a problem in the beginning, and his last game was his best all around. Improved as a Center all year after playing Guard previously . He's by no means a finesse player , but if he plays with his brothers nastiness every down he can be even better than him.

11. Prince Amukamara-CB- NEB- NFL Comp- Aqib Talib-TB- Some teams will rank him ahead of Peterson if he runs significantly faster than him. . Low floor pick with pro bowl potential.Great hands at the line and redirects and controls his man well in the first 5 yards. Great feet and fluid enough hips to turn and run with receivers. Great awareness in zone and quickly diagnoses the play and breaks on the ball. Willing run defender but not a big hitter in this area. Explosive when he makes his mind where he's going and reaches top speed quickly. Solid tackler and seems too know when to take someone on and when to cut them. Smart enough to secure a tackle or cut his man instead of going for the KO. A smart player with a strong work ethic. Big physical corner with the speed to match that teams are looking for. Hands down the most polished coverage CB in this draft class. but does allow al ot of balls to be caught . His biggest problem is the inability to catch, which is strange because he's a ballhawk.That's right I said it... A ballhawk who can't catch? Anyway he had 5 picks the year before so its possible its just an aberration but he sure dropped a lot of easy ones last year. There is a reason he's a CB (and not a RB or WR) despite having the measurables to be either. Also lacks Petersons return ability ,so there isn't much of a chance he goes ahead of him barring a big stumble by Patrick.

12. Gabe Carimi- OT- Wisc.-NFL Comp- Jake Long- MIA- Some think he can't play LT in the NFL. We disagree and think he was the best of all the OT's at the senior bowl, even though he missed the actual game with an injury. People seem to forget that Joe Thomas , Ryan Clady, and Jake Long also have trouble with the fastest speed rushers-EVERYONE does. Plays nasty and smart with the frame to add 20 more pounds and still be just quick enough to handle the blindside in a run oriented offense . He's already comparable to Brian Bulaga but has more upside, even though they both have some athletic limitations. Won a lot of high profile battles this year against big tim players that will play in the NFL.A mauler in line blocking with a finishers mentality. Can struggle down field hitting targets on the move if he's off balance ,but the effort is there, and he is better downfield when slipping off the double team. Best coming out of a 3 point stance as it helps keep him low,and when he stays low he's clearly a NFL LT .Uses his long arms and hands well to control his man and keeps his feet moving. Good (not great) feet in pass pro, but his technique is sound if a tad stiff at times. Strong hand punch and is aggressive till the whistle. From what they showed on the NFL network at the senior bowl he had the best week of practice overall. His willingness to play RT and G at practice( in addition to his normal LT) can only help him. A very fit 315 pound at the weigh ins and looks as if he could carry 335 with no loss of agility.4 year starter at big program and replaced Joe Thomas without a hitch. He's a better football player than athlete and his upside is lower than the 4 other OT's likely to be drafted in the 1rst round, but his floor is the highest too. Strong work ethic and played through many injuries missing only 3 games his sophomore year. He won't go this high but right now he's the most ready to play OT in the draft.

13. Jimmy Smith-CB-COL-NFL Comp-Rashean Mathis-JAX-Some years he would be the 1rst corner taken. Big, smart and, a leader on the field and in the locker room last season. Prior to this he has had some off the field issues and character questions, and how he answers these will ultimately decide where he's drafted. The more film we see of him the more we like him on the field. If he is as big and fast as he looks on tape he could be one of 3 CB's to go in the top 10 this year.Hardly thrown at all year because opposing teams feared him. Knows his job in zone and uses the sidelines well.Breaks well on the ball in front of him and secures the tackle first when the balls there, but needs work tackling in the open field. Can make the big hit but has a tendency to drop his head when he goes for it .Willing to take on blockers but is often too high when doing so. He's a big physical guy at the line and has tremendous balance . Reroutes and bumps receivers well with active hands . Quick reactions and goes for the ball before his man, although his hands are just average so far. Good feet but his backpedal is too high at times. When he stays low he flips his hips well. Long arms and uses them well to break up the ball when thrown at or beat. Good speed closing and can make it up if he bites on a double move against all but the fastest receivers. Stays home on the outside in run support but willing to come up and make the play when needed. A player who has improved every year and taken well to coaching, but if he learns to stay lower on a regular basis he could end up the best corner in the draft. Not sure about his football IQ but he still needs to be more consistent.

14. Blaine Gabbert- QB- Missouri- NFL Comp-Joe Flacco-Balt.-I really think he would have been better served by staying in school and improving his game, but with Luck out he is considered the safest of the QB's in a draft without a clear cut franchise guy. Has a strong arm to make all the throws when his feet are set and he steps into it , but doesn't always do so. Throws well on the move but with a little less zip, but he is elusive in and out of the pocket. Has the problems all spread QB's do. Read progression isn't shown , needs to learn to work under center, learn pro set protection schemes, and not as many down field throws as you would like to see on tape. Footwork is inconsistent and this will take time to fix, but his feet are nimble.A quick delivery (if a bit low at times )and above average accuracy on the shorter throws he makes regularly. Usually runs after making 2 reads and he has made many big plays this way, but needs to curb that urge.A leader and has no off the field problems known. Has an NFL body and shows the poise and confidence of an NFL QB. Could go top 5, but he is still a project with upside that shouldn't be starting till year 2 if he's lucky. Could maybe start late in his rookie year if he has progressed enough and his team is out of contention. The top 5 Qb's in this draft have massive physical potential and 4 of them can run too, but Gabbert's decision making makes him the best bet right now.

15. Aldon Smith-OLB/DE-Missouri- NFL Comp- Tamba Hali-KC-While some others have shown they can't play 3-4 at the senior bowl OLB this week, he just looks more and more athletic on tape despite not being there. Big enough to play DE and looks fluid enough to play OLB. Could be the 1rst consolation prize team that Loved Von Miller and didn't get him. Came out early and while I think he would have been better off going back to school for year, his upside is enormous. Leg injury that caused him to miss 3 games made early entry even more unlikely, but he played well despite not being 100% when he returned. Pass rush ability is why he is ranked this high. Strong violent hand use and multiple rush moves are his greatest assets right now. Excels at going to the inside and has a good rip & club moves. Agile and quick enough to beat his man to the outside of the snap but not exactly flexible enough to run the arc. His motor seems always on rushing the passer or going upfield but he needs to give more consistent effort against the run. You can watch him stack and shed like a stud one play and then seem to just go through the motions the next, especially when the ball is away from him . Has the frame to put on even more size although his playing strength is great for a man his size. Has moved inside on some downs and excels at splitting blockers and penetrating when he does. He's still raw but when he's healthy and his motor hot he's a beast. Kind of reminds me of Charles Haley on the field ,and when Haley wanted to he dominated games. Since he is still young ,played hurt,and doesn't have the history of attitude problems Haley did ,we will just chalk his lapses up to youth & inexperience for now.

16. Akeem Ayers-OLB-UCLA- NFL Comp- Brian Orapko- WASH- Looks to have everything you need to play any LB position in any scheme,except a high football IQ. In his limited pass rushing chances he was explosive and showed a great spin move. I think 3-4 teams will be looking at him as a rush OLB. The only guy I saw all year to give Tyron Smith much trouble rushing the passer, and he won more than he lost in those battles.Needs to play more under control.

17. Tyron Smith-OT-USC- NFL Comp-Jason Peters-PHIL- The only thing stopping him from being the top OT taken ,and he's the only with a good chance of going in the top 10, is measurables. If his frame is as big as it looks, he weighs in around 300 pounds at the combine, and his arms are long enough he is possibly the first OT off the board.His athleticism and the way he gets after people on tape already speak for themselves.Plays RT now but definitely has the feet for LT.

18. Corey Luiget- DT-ILL-NFL Comp-Gerald McCoy-TB- Its a great year for D-lineman, but he hasn't done anything to hurt himself yet where others have. Gets after it with a will and holds his ground. Isn't really that far behind the guys ahead of him. Guys who spend a lot of time in opposing teams backfields rarely last long.

19. Anthony Costanzo- OT- BC-NFL Comp- Sebastian Volmer- NE.- Played well all year( except against Bowers) but had only an average senior bowl week production wise . Has a blindside protectors feet and the long arms to lock out when he stays low. . It could be that he was moved around too much, but it also has to do with him needing to add 30 pounds so he can anchor better. The ability to be a top LT with more weight. Frame, arm length, and technique are already there. Best current pass blocking feet of all the OT's, but isn't as nasty as you would like. Highly intelligent student athlete with a strong work ethic and a low floor .

20.* Adrian Clayborn- DE/DT- IOWA- NFL Comp- Chris Long-RAMS- Low floor and a great motor. Better football player than athlete but still no slouch athletically. Opting out of the senior bowl will hurt him with some, injury or not. Had a better junior year, but his senior year was still very good.

21. Nate Solder- OT- COL.-NFL Comp- Doug Free- DALL.- Flashes great ability and athleticism on tape and at the senior bowl as well... but you can tell he's still learning how to play OT. Will extends his arms and easily ride a guy pass the pocket one play and then cross his feet up the next. Thats a problem that can be cured with time in an offense and playing the position. Needs to play lower and thats not easy when you are 6"8". Long arms and he needs to lock them out more and lean over less. Not technical enough to be a high level LT yet and not a strong enough run blocker to be a RT for most teams right now either. Better in a 2 point stance currently and would be a better fit in a passing offense early in his career.

22. Julio Jones- WR- ALA. -NFL Comp- Andre Johnson- HOU.- A physical mismatch for any CB. Looks to be a long strider, but his ability to get to and come down with balls others can't can easily make up for that.Inconsistent hands are the only thing keeping him from being an elite talent. If he runs fast for a WR his potential is to good to make it out of the top half of the 1st round. Even if he doesn't he's still a first rounder somewhere.

23. *Stephen Paea-DT-ORE. ST.-NFL Comp- Sedrick Ellis-NO-Missed the senior bowl with an injury and measured in a little smaller than expected, knocking him back some. A stout run stuffer and bull rusher with a good motor and a lot of production on tape. Might even be able to hold the gap as a 3-4 NT with a little more weight.

24. JJ Watt-DE- Wisc.-NFL Comp-Aaron Smith-PITT- Has the build to be a 4-3 strong side end, or a 4-3 DT, but I think his best fit is as a 3-4 End. Has the length ,long arms ,and frame to carry 300 pounds and still be athletic on the edge. Strong hands against the run or pass but he needs to bulk up his legs more to anchor better if he's going to play 3-4 end. Great motor and a team leader.

25. *Ryan Williams- RB- Va. Tech.-NFL Comp-Curtis Martin-RET.-Injury prone in college or he would probably be a lock as the 1rst back off the board. Versatile inside and out with the ability to score anywhere on the field. Also adept out of the backfield.

26. Leonard Hankerson-WR-MIA-NFL Comp-Hakeem Nicks-NYG-
27. Muhammad Wilkerson-DT-Temple- NFL Comp-Marcus Stroud-BUFF
28. Cam Newton- QB- Auburn-NFL Comp-Donovan McNabb-WASH
29. Torrey Smith-WR- MD- NFL Comp-Mike Wallace-PITT
30. Rahim Moore-S-UCLA-NFL Comp-Nate Allen-PHI
31. Derek Sherrod- OT- Miss St.NFL Comp-D'Brickshaw Ferguson-NYJ
32. Mikel Leshoure-RB-ILL.-NFL Comp- Steven Jackson-STL.
33. *Cameron Heyward- DE/DT- Ohio ST-.NFL Comp-Trevor Price- NYJ
34. Ryan Kerrigan-DE/OLB-Purd.-NFL Comp-Aaron Kampmann- JAX
35. Justin Houston-OLB/DE- GA- NFL Comp-Aaron Curry-SEA
36. Colin Kaepernick-QB-Nevada-NFL Comp-Randall Cunningham-RET.
37. Randall Cobb-WR-KY-NFL Comp-Hines Ward-PITT
38. Phil Taylor-DT-Baylor-NFL Comp-Shaun Rogers-CLEV
39. Ryan Mallet- QB- ARK- NFL Comp- Drew Bledsoe-RET.
40. Jerrel Jernigan-Wr-TROY- NFL Comp-Steve Smith-CAR

41. *Jaball Sheard-OLB/DE- PITT-NFL Comp-Shaun Phillips-SD
42. *Tandon Doss-WR-IND- NFL Comp-Mike Williams-TB
43. Brandon Harris- CB- MIA-NFL Comp- Mike Jenkins DALL
44. Rodney Hudson-C/G-FLA. ST.-NFL Comp- Rueben Brown-RET.
45. Jurrell Casey-DT-USC- NFL Comp-Kyle William's-BUFF
46. Aaron Williams-CB/S-TEX- Malcolm Jenkins-NO

47. Orlando Franklin- T/G- Mia.-NFL Comp-Trent Wiliams- WASH.
48. *Ras-I-Dowling-CB-VA-NFL Comp-Chris Gamble-CAR
49. *Kyle Rudolph- TE- ND-NFL Comp-John Carlson-SEA

50. *Ben Ijalana-T/G- VILL- NFL Comp- Jason Smith-RAMS
51. Stefan Wisniewski- C/G- Penn ST.NFL Comp- Ryan Kalil- CAR
52. *Bruce Carter-LB- NC-NFL Comp-Lawrence Timmons- Pitt
53. Jarvis Jenkins-DT-Clemson-NFL Comp-Domata Peko-CINC
54. Marvin Austin-DT- NC-NFL Comp-Brandon Mebane-SEA
55. Christian Ballard-DT/DE-Iowa- NFL Comp-Antonio Smith-HOU
56. Daniel Thomas -RB-Kansas ST. -Ronnie Brown-MIA
57. Jonathan Baldwin-WR-PITT- NFL COMP-Vincent Jackson-SD
58. Jake Locker-QB- WASH- NFL Comp- Carson Palmer-CINC
59. Danny Watkins-G-BAY-NFL Comp-Logan Mankins-NE
60. Luke Stocker-TE-TENN-NFL Comp-Heath Miler-PITT
61. Greg Little- WR-NC- NFL COMP-Brandon Marshall- MIA

62. James Carpenter-OT-ALA-NFL Comp-Carl Nicks- NO
63. Christian Ponder-QB-FLA ST. -NFL Comp- Drew Brees-NO

64. Martez Wilson-LB-ILL-NFL Comp-Karlos Dansby-AZ
65. Titus Young-WR-Boise ST.NFL Comp-DeSean Jackson-PHIL
66. Kendrick Ellis-DT-DE-Hamp-NFL Comp-Gerrard Warren-NE
67. Allen Bailey-DE-MIA- NFL Comp- Will Smith-NO
68. Demarcus Love-G/T-NFL Comp- Vernon Carey-MIA
69.Dontay Moch-OLB- NEV-NFL Comp-(a faster)Cameron Wake-MIA
70. Shane Vereen- RB-CAL- NFL Comp- Felix Jones-DALL
71. Ahmad Black-S-FLA- NFL Comp-Jim Leonard-NYJ
72. John Moffit-G/C-WISC- NFL comp- Eric Wood-BUFF
73. Brooks Reed-DE/OLB-AZ- NFL Comp- Robert Mathis-INDY

74. Allen Bradford-RB-USC Comp-Michael Turner-ATL.
75. Jerrel Powe-DT- Miss.- NFL Comp- Vince Wolfork-NE
76. Lance Kendricks-TE-WISC.- NFL Comp-Zach Miller-OAK
77. Demarco Murray-RB-OKLA-NFL Comp- Darren McFadden-OAK
78. James Brewer-T/G-IND-NFL Comp- Willie Colon-PITT
79. DJ Williams-TE-ARK- NFL Comp- Dustin Keller-NYJ
80. Mark Herzlich-LB-BC- NFL Comp- Barrett Rudd-TB
81. Drake Nevis-DT-LSU-NFL Comp-Mike Patterson-PHIL.

82. Mason Foster-OLB-WASH-NFL Comp- D'Qwell Jackson-CLEV

83. Jacquizz Rodgers-RB-NFL Comp- Dexter McCluster-KC
84. Sam Acho-DE-OLB-TEX-NFL Comp- Kameron Wimbley- OAK

85. William Rackley-G-Lehigh-NFL COMP-Chris Kuper-DENV

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