Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 NFL 2 Round MOCK DRAFT With Trades & Player Comparisons- 3/20/15

With the NFL combine now over teams are fully bearing down and doing there due diligence on the the prospects. Team needs after free agency,  pro days, the combine medicals rechecks, and other variables will see players' stock rise and fall in the long months until the actual draft takes place. After the bowl games a lot of players who would have been top 50 picks decided to go back to school, and  this draft doesn't look anywhere near as good as the 2014 draft was at the top, but there is decent of depth in rounds 2 and 3. NFL Player comparisons have been added .So next to each player is the NFL player we feel they will most resemble in their prime if they are a hit.The comparison is for on the field play only and the higher the are ranked the more likely we think they will reach that comparison. If you don't know who the player is I am comparing them to feel free to run a search, and I may change the comp if I think of someone better later.This is a mock draft of who I think teams will take. Not who I think they should.

# Is for a player with with reported character or maturity concerns

**  Is for a player with reported injury concerns

1.TAMPA BAY-#JAMEIS WINSTON-QB-FLA ST-NFL COMP-BEN ROETHLISBERGER-PITTThe bucs went back to Josh McCown as their starter late in the season. That is a clear sign they don't see Mike Glennon as their QB of the future. With Winston being a Florida guy, I could see there being plenty of pressure to take him, as long as he he has no more off the field incidents leading up to the draft.  Lovie Smith is a players' coach who probably thinks he can reach and motivate Jameis. The bucs wisely hired Dirk Koetter to groom the QB they choose. The choice is kind of genius because it really tells us nothing about which QB they currently prefer, and allows them to take their time in evaluating both before they make their choice. Koetter just tutored a classic pocket passer in Matt Ryan, but he also put plenty of shotgun & spread plays in that offense. So you know he can tutor either. Also,lets not forget that Mariota's current head coach Mark Helrich has coached under Koetter multiple times. So it's stands to reason he could also help develop Marcus and design a spread pro-set hybrid offense to help Marcus succeed early. While I would take the safer Mariota, instead of gambling the #1 overall pick on Winstons character & maturity, I understand why they would take Jameis.  Besides the fact that the pressure to take a homegrown winner like Winston could influence ownership into taking the troubled but talented Jameis , over the less polished passer in Mariota, .if Jameis was clean off the field he would be the runaway overall # 1 pick. He's as tough as nails , a proven winner, has a high football IQ, already makes pro style reads quickly, and has all the tools. Most importantly he makes great NFL throws with the rush bearing down on him. That's about as reliable an indicator of future success as you can get in a on the field evaluation, and you don't find much of it in Mariota's tape.. With Koetter under contract they will probably succeed either way, and if the defense doesn't improve and they fire Smith ,they have a potential head coach in waiting in house. 

2.TENNESEE-LEONARD WILLIAMS-DT/DE-USC-NFL COMP-KEVIN WILLIAMS-SEA-Despite his obvious talent, Zach Mettenburger's knee & back woes, and some off the field troubles made him free fall to the 6th round. They gave Zach a shot to see if he is the future, but he got hurt before he could really make a case to be their long term answer at QB. They may still  auction off this pick , but for the sake of this mock they will be staying with Zach and taking the safest player in this draft. Williams is an elite talent, with great tools, and a good motor.. Leonard is a prototype 3-4 end , he can kick inside when they go to nickle,and can generate a pass rush from anywhere. Pairing him with Jurrell Casey could give them a pair to rival Wilkerson & Richardson of the jets. 

***TRADE*** The REDSKINS trade their first round pick (#5) AND 4th round pick in this draft  and their 2nd round pick in the 2016 draft for the JAGUARS first round pick(#3) in this draft***

3.WASHINGTON-(jacksonville)-MARCUS MARIOTA-QB-OREGON-NFL COMP-RYAN TANNEHILL-MIA-It's obvious to everyone that Jay Gruden doesn't want RG3 as his QB, despite his protest to the contrary. While Mariota is also a spread QB, he is more advanced than Griffin was coming out of college, and has a very coach-able personality.  Mariota is a solid leader, hard worker,doesn't throw interceptions,and is a great athlete with all the tools to succeed in the NFL. Although Gruden does have plenty of shotgun plays in his offense, hopefully he will add more spread plays , and read option elements to it to make Marcus more comfortable & successful as a rookie. Obviously Griffin will be traded after this deal, and it might even be to a team who has coach who try to wok with him.

4.OAKLAND-KEVIN WHITE-WR-NFL COMP-ANDRE JOHNSON-HOU-The Raiders might have ruined what could have been a franchise altering trade by beating San Francisco. Any chance of auctioning off the #1 overall pick to the highest bidder and quickly restocking the franchise is probably gone, unless of course one of the top 3 players falls here, but right now I doubt that happens . At least they still ended up with a high enough pick to get a premium player. With New QB Derek Carr exceeding expectations a play-maker on offense to help him out will be appreciated. Last year Carr was throwing to James Jones and group of journeymen and unproven young guys, He needs a # 1 receiver. After lighting up the combine I believe White has separated himself from Cooper and Parker as the top receiver in this draft. He's big, strong, fast, has great hands, can run after the catch, and even when he's covered he's still probably open if you throw it high enough. 

5.JAGUARS-**RANDY GREGORY-DE/OLB-NEBRASKA-NFL COMP-JASON TAYLOR-retired- Signing Jermey Parnell to play right tackle means they are probably committing to Luke Joeckel to play left tackle for another year.  However, the jags can still get a high level talent at a position of need. In the Jags defense Gregory would play the Leo linebacker position that Chris Clemmons and Bruce Irvin filled in Seattle. Gregory has an ideal frame with long arms, and he is agile enough to rush off the edge in a 3-4 or 4-3. Right now he is a better fit in a 3-4 as a rush backer IMO, but the LEO position will take advantage of both his pass rush ability and his fluidity to drop into coverage.. Once that frame is filled out with another 20 to 30 pounds of muscle, he can be even better, and play as a full time 4-3 end if needed. His medicals at the combine are more crucial with him than anyone with a chance to go in the top 10. With his history of multiple injuries , Dion Jordan-like build, and lean frame  I wouldn't take him in the top 10, but I think he actually goes top 5. My fears about his size were confirmed when he showed up at only 235 pounds at the combine. Despite all the red flags Gregory still has the highest upside of all the edge rushers in this draft, and he is tailor made for the LEO , where his lack of weight isn't the hindrance it would be if he spent all his time on the edge.

6.JETS- DANTE FOWLER-DE-FLORIDA-NFL COMP-ANTHONY SPENCER-DALL-In a 2 day span the jets brought back Revis & Cromartie. They even added young safety Marcus Gilchrist and Buster Skrine in the slot.It's now safe to say that they won't be reaching for a DB here. The Jets might want a QB, but Geno Smith did show some progress. However, even if they want a new QB, Mariota and Winston are the only two QB's that should end up top 5 picks. There number one need is corner, but there also aren't any corners worth this high a pick. Both Calvin Pace and Jason Babin will be 35 next season and the jets need a young OLB to pair with Quinton Coples in their 3-4. Fowler is one of the safest players in this draft. His motor , size, and versatility make him a fit for any scheme. I think Todd Bowles is the kind of coach to get the most out of his players , regardless of scheme and that Fowler could be a star in New York. 

7.CHICAGO-AMARI COOPER-WR-ALA-NFL COMP-RODDIE WHITE-ATL-New head coach Jon Fox was hired to fix the defense and improving the pass rush is usually how he starts. With Jared Allen turning 33 next season , and Lamarr Houston a better fit inside in my opinion, ,a young  edge rusher to pair with Willie Young could really help.However, since he is bringing in a 3-4 , and signed Pernell Mcfee on a big money deal to man that spot, the bears can turn to other needs with their first round pick. Trading mercurial 34 year old Brandon left a hole in the bears receiving core. Cooper is very different receiver than Alshon Jeffery and that's a good thing. While Amari can separate ,make some spectacular catches,  and track it over shoulder with best of them,  he has his flaws.Namely that he drops too many easy passes , but at;least its usually on early downs, instead of when it matters most.He also isn't someone you can just throw it up for and expect him too come down with it, but few corners can stay with him deep anyway. All 3 questions I had about him physically were answered when he measured & weighed in at 6 foot one & 211 pounds at the combine, and ran a 4.42 forty. He may go as high as #4 to the raiders, but I doubt he falls any farther than #11. 

8.ATLANTA-VICTOR BEASLEY-OLB/DE-CLEMSON-NFL-COMP-VON MILLER-DENV-Atlanta just had a rebuilding year, and any hope of it being a quick turnaround probably ended when both Sean Weatherspoon and Sam Baker went down for the year. Despite it being the second largest need on their team, the Falcons waited until the 4th round to draft an edge rusher. Adding Jake Matthews and Jon Asamoah to their O-line was an improvement, despite the loss of Baker, but a replacement OT for him and his cap number is also a possibility. Beasley has been a highly productive pass rusher two years running ,and he has the agility to also drop into coverage when needed .He can also play the SLB when they go to nickle ala Von Miller. After showing up bigger, stronger, and lighting up the combine I expect he goes in the top 10.  


9.NYG-BRANDON SCHERFF-IOWA-NFL COMP-JOE STALEY-SF-While LT William Beatty returned to form in 2014 second year right tackle Justin Pugh was up and down again, and some feel he would be a better fit inside at guard. Add that last years second round pick Weston Richburg also played out of position at guard , instead of center , and you can see a way to improve 3 positions with one draft pick. . With Scherff at right tackle , added with the other 2 position moves I mentioned , the giants O-line could go from a weakness to a strength in one off season. Early on Scherff was slowed by an injury he came back from too quickly, but the attitude he plays with could help this entire team step forward. The top 3 pre-season OT's all had their miscues this season, but Scherff was the only one with a legit reason to explain it. Plus, he  improved as he has got healthier. Scherff is the safest of them all, and he has the best technique. While I don't like him as a left tackle, I love him as a right tackle or guard. At the very least he will be a long term starter somewhere in front of Eli. A mauler like him has the kind of attitude that can infect an entire O-line.

10.RAMS-LA'EL COLLINS-T/G-LSU-NFL COMP-TRENT WILLIAMS-WASH-Swapping Bradford for Foles gives the rams a better chance of having a healthy QB this season, especially with Foles no longer being exposed to the occasional read option play, and a lot less spread formations which lack extra pass protectors. Now they have to protect their new QB by investing in their O-line again. With Jake Long coming off another injury and being cut ,right tackle Joe Barksdale a free agent , and 2014 #2 overall pick Greg Robinson not playing well at left tackle last year , the Rams could possibly need 2 new offensive tackles. While its way to early to give up on Robinson as a tackle and kick him inside, a player who has a lot positional flexibility would really help. Collins can play either tackle or guard spot allowing the rams to mix and match what they need. With Collins and Roger Saffold both being so flexible they could lose both tackles and still field a solid starting 5 up front, while taking the pressure off Robinson to immediately be the franchise left tackle his talent leads us to believe he is.

11.MINNESOTA-DEVANTE PARKER-WR-LVILLE-NFL COMP-DEZ BRYANT-DALL- If Teddy Bridgewater had begun the season as the starting QB , and Adrian Peterson hadn't been put on paid leave, the Vikings had a chance to compete for a playoff spot. Cordarelle Patterson is a great athlete and weapon, but polished #1 receiver he is not, and probably never will be . Greg Jennings has fallen off a tick and is now more of a polished # 2 receiver, but he was paid like a #1. The vikings cut him ,but also traded for Mike Wallace. While Wallace is a big play threat, he lacks the route running skills & sure handedness of a number one receiver. The Vikings could give Teddy a familiar down field threat in his college go to guy in Parker. This is a receiver Teddy can just depend on to come down with the ball even when he's covered, and acquire a potential # 1 receiver. If Scherff or Collins falls here either could be the pick, and then they could try the disappointing Matt Kalil inside at left guard, possibly improving 2 positions at once.

12.CLEVELAND-DANNY SHELTON-DT-WASH-NFL COMP-VINCE WILFORK-NE-Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has been as bad as Al Davis, Daniel Snyder,  Woody Johnson, and Jerry Jones at their worst combined. He hired good football people to run the team, and when they told him to draft Teddy Bridgewater instead of Johnny Manzel he fired them and ate their contracts. Then he put yes men in place and drafted Manziel. At least one of those yes men was supposedly interfering in the play calling, and preceded to lead the team down the drain. What Haslam needs to do is realize he's NOT a football guy , hire good people to run the team, and stay out of their way.The signing of Josh McCown, and his willingness to help mentor Manziel into taking his job probably means they are sticking with Manziel as their QB of the future , at least for one more year. The last of the 3 receivers worth a first round pick is gone in this scenario, as they can't risk taking the troubled Dorial Green-Beckham ,after the Josh Gordon fiasco. However, the browns can fill another big need. Neither 2015 free agent Ahytab Rubin or Phil Taylor held it down inside for the Browns last year . With Taylor spending his rare uninjured (knee)time at end , and his 2015 salary close to 5 and half million dollars in 2015 it's a safe bet that the browns will be looking for D-line help this off season.Shelton continued to impress at the Senior bowl after a dominating season, and he is a one man run stopping force in the middle. His quickness and ability to cover ground along the line of scrimmage for such a massive man is rare, although he needs more pass rush moves in the long term. Despite people calling him a top 10 pick I would hesitate to take anyone with his extra body fat that high without a weight clause. He was happy to have made it down to a jiggly 343 at the Senior bowl , and while he still played great , carrying all that unnecessary extra weight is likely to catch up with him eventually.

13.SAINTS-BALTIMORE-SHANE RAY-OLB/DE-MIZZ- NFL COMP-ELVIS DUMERVIL-BALT-The saints pass rush has let them down this year. They want to run at least a hybrid 3-4 and to do that they need someone on the edge besides Junior Galette who can get to the QB. This makes Cam Jordan more valuable as well, because he is a much better player inside or as 3-4 end.Ray didn't get as much spotlight as the steady Kony Ealy or media creation Michael Sam in 2013. He did however make a lot of plays as an edge rusher. Now that he has had a chance to shine in the spotlight he has been a far better player than either, and he has a relentless motor. He is fast off the ball, closes really well, although I'm still unsure if his best position in the pro's long term is as a 4-3 end or a 3-4 rush backer, but he needs to bulk up some to play the former. What I do know for sure is that he has a great first step, violent hands, and that he can rush the passer.Ray had an injury that prevented him from working out at the combine, although I expect him to kill it at his pro day. That injury is the only reason he falls this far in this scenario. Personally I think he is the best edge rusher in the draft, and this would be a steal if it came to fruition. 

14.MIAMI-**TRAE WAYNES-CB-MICH ST-NFL COMP-CHRIS GAMBLE-retired-With the Dolphins already having trouble stopping the run , Randy Starks turning 32 & becoming a free agent after this season, the news that they will be pursuing Ndamukong Suh made a ton of sense. They already cut Brian Hartline and Cortland Finnegan to clear cap space, and traded Mike Wallace and his hefty contract.They landed Suh , and that makes corner their biggest need where they can get a player worth this pick. Waynes played press corner at a high level in a good conference.He does need to get stronger ,play with a little more discipline, and learn to either grab less, or at least do it less blatantly. I am sure Gus and his coaches can teach Trae how to properly cheat. Trae has a high floor, and that's why I compared him to the underrated Chris Gamble, but he could be even greater in time. Waynes lit up the combine, and that will probably clinch his spot as the first corner taken. Middle linebacker is also a big need but there isn't a player worth this pick here, and I could see them getting a great fit in Perryman in the 2nd. If any of the top 3 receivers falls this far I would take him, but I doubt  any make it past #12 at the latest.

15.SAN FRANCISCO-MALCOLM BROWN-DT-TEX-NFL COMP-SHARIFF FLOYD-MINN-With Ray McDonald being cut after a domestic violence accusation, Justin Smith turning 36 next season & contemplating retirement, and Tank Carradine & Tony Jerod-Eddie not developing as quickly as needed the niners need a new 5 technique. Signing Darnell Dockett might help some, but my bet is he just empty's the tank against his former team, as he seems the vindictive type. However , for the last couple seasons his play has declined, and he is coming off a lost season due to a ACL tear. Brown has the skills to play all over their front and help improve both the run and pass defense. He's one of those players that the more of his tape I watched , the more I liked him.

16.HOUSTON-ARIK ARMSTEAD-DE-OREGON-NFL COMP-CALAIS CAMPBELL-AZ-With the news that Jadaveon Clowney has had micro-fracture knee surgery the Texans are still in need of another rusher to take advantage of the near constant double & triple teams that the incomparable JJ Watt draws. "IF" Clowney is ever the same explosive talent he once was. It will be at least a year until he could even possibly be a every-down player, and probably two until he is all the way back. A five technique that could beat one on one blocking could really shake things up, and help Watt be even better, as insane as that sounds.  Armstead has elite measurables and tools ,but he needs to be set free from a 2 gap scheme where his main job is occupying blocks. DC Romeo Crennel does a fair amount of 2 gapping ,but he also allows more attacking than the Oregon scheme . Also, if you have a  kid this talented exposing him to Watt's mentoring &work ethic can only make him better. In addition , trying to find open passing lanes between the long arms of Watt and Armstead would be a massive chore for any opposing QB's.

17.CHARGERS-BUD DUPREE-DE/OLB-KY-NFL COMP-JUSTIN HOUSTON-KC-With Dwight Freeney being cut and Jarret Johnson retiring, an infusion of edge rushing talent is needed in San Diego. Dupree surprised me when I looked at his tape. Very few guys with his frame can cover as much ground as he does, and with some refinement in his pass rush & stack shed techniques , he can be an elite player. If he is allowed to just rush the passer with less coverage responsibilities , and learn to play with more violence, I  believe he can be an elite player early in his career. After a great combine I expect more people to join me in ranking him higher, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was long gone before this, but luckily for the Chargers that's just how the draft fell in this scenario. 

18.KANSAS CITY-TJ CLEMMINGS-OT-PITT-NFL COMP-JASON PETERS-PHIL-With the resigning of Ron Parker and the addition of Tyvon Branch safety is now a lesser need. However , veteran left guard Mike McGlynn did not play well last year, and is a free agent this off season. Clemmings is a muscular, fit ,long armed, agile athlete for an offensive tackle. Usually you find a player with his tools on the left side, but TJ is a converted DE who moved to right tackle 2 seasons ago, and he is still learning ,so a transition to the left side could take awhile. He can play guard now until he learns more technique. Or if journeyman right tackle Ryan Harris isn't resigned, or another right tackle isn't signed, you can start Clemmings out at the position he is already ,more comfortable with. Personaly I would prefer to start him off inside while he polishes his technique, but in this run heavy offense, with a QB that refuses to throw down field much, TJ might be just fine as a rookie.

19.CLEVELAND-( buffalo)-KEVIN JOHNSON-CB-W.FOREST-NFL COMP-TRAMON WILLIAMS-GB-  Newly signed 32 year old Tramon Williams is past his prime and probably justa short term stop at corner. Last season when the Browns drafted a corner they went with the highest upside in Justin Gilbert, and he hasn't worked out yet. With the loss of free agent Buster Skrine they would be wise to go with a corner with a higher floor this time. Johnson is a tall, lean, fluid,  polished corner who plays much bigger than his frame would lead you to believe.  I was very disappointed when he skipped the senior bowl, and felt justified in dropping him for awhile, but after his showing at the combine he needs to moved back up. He plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, and his lean frame is misleading based on the physical way he plays the game He showed up bigger at the combine and still looked fluid in drills.One of the safer corners in this draft because he has a high floor ,and can play in any scheme.

20.EAGLES-LANDON COLLINS-S-ALA-NFL COMP-RODNEY HARRISON-retired-At first I thought the Bradford trade only makes sense if they are planning on trading him away and going after another QB. Bradford is a talented QB with plus accuracy, and a above average ability to read a defense. However,  in no way can I see a player this injury prone surviving , let alone thriving in this offense. Not only does he lack the athleticism for the read option, but he also is too fragile to expect to survive the big hits spread QB's tend to take. Bradford played in a spread in college , and played very well, but he also got hurt multiple times. I had thought Kelly was going after a QB that could run his complete offense, but Bradford isn't a running QB. They did pay Mark Sanchez handsomely to be his backup, so at least Chip is covering his butt in case Bradford goes down again, and he even got a conditional pick that gets higher if Bradford is hurt. So while I believe the eagles gave up too much for the wrong QB , and suspect there might be more to come (Mariota?)QB wise, we will just have to wait and see. Until then we will focus on other needs we know they have.  Neither Bradley Fletcher or Cary Williams became the # 1 corner that matches up with an opposing teams top receiver , and can be expected to man him up with success. As a whole I think Byron Maxwell is about an even swap for Williams in free agency , but Maxwell is better in press coverage. They even brought in Walter Thurmond at a discount price,  who is one of Kelly's Oregon guys, so I now think they go another direction in the draft. With Nate Allen lacking the physicality Chip Kelly prefers ,and leaving in free agency, a new safety is needed. Collins is a big physical in the box safety hats is needed in this run heavy conference. The versatile Malcolm Jenkins can slide to FS. One side note. He could probably get him later, but Chip loves him some Oregon players, so I wouldn't be surprised if he took tackle Jake Fisher here and kicked him inside.   

21.BENGALS-ANDRUS PEAT-OT-STANFORD-NFL COMP-ANTHONY COSTANZO-INDY- Right tackle Andre Smith is inconsistent, out of shape, overpaid, and injury prone. Just getting in good shape could probably fix the other 3 problems , but he has already been paid well twice already , and he has never seemed like the self motivating type to me. Peat is a good athlete for an OT, but his stock fell a little this season , as he lacked aggression and a consistent hand punch in pass protection. There are games where he was great on the outside, and I am confident a NFL O-Line coach will be able to get this Stanford grad to fix his flaws.He is plenty aggressive in the run game , so you know he has the right mentality in him, and he could easily be gone by this pick based on his upside alone. Either way I would feel more comfortable with him at guard,  or right tackle as a rookie. Peat could be an upgrade here at right tackle, and if his technique improves he could be the long term replacement for Andrew Whitworth on the blind side, after the perennial stalwart finally slows down.


Since Plaxico Burress left after his rookie season, Ben Roethlesberger has wanted another big wide receiver. With Martavis Bryant finally filing that spot the Steelers can concentrate on their defense. Long tome stalwart corner Ike Taylor will be a free agent again after this year, and while he hasn't played great he has been  a lot better than Cortez Allen.The problem is they just gave Allen a new free agent contract last year, and they can't afford to cut him. So they need a cheap infusion of high level corner talent. Jones is the perfect physical specimen for a corner , with the makeup speed to match his large frame, the flexibility to also play safety if needed, and the ability to leap out of the building. While is a bit of here reach here, it is a scheme fit, and Jones has the highest upside of all the corners in the draft. With the Steelers also letting go of Polamalu that flexibility could come in handy. With the loss of Reggie Bush to the 49ers Todd Gurley is also a possibility.

***TRADE*** The RAIDERS trade their 2nd round pick (#23) AND 4th round (#100)pick in this draft  and their 4TH round pick in the 2016 draft for the LIONS first round pick(#23) in this draft***

23.OAKLAND-(lions)-**TODD GURLEY-RB-GEORGIA- NFL COMP-STEVEN JACKSON-ATL- Despite a lot of cap space , and a willingness to throw money around the Raiders have mostly struck out with high level free agents this off season.In fact ,with the exception of upgrading their interior pass blocking with Rodney Hudson they have not even landed a decent name in free agency. Gurley is a special talent that would energize the Raider fan base, and they still would have Roy Helu & Latavius Murray to tote the rock until Gurley is completely healthy. The buzz on Gurley has been growing lately ,despite his knee injury, and more teams wanting to make sure they actually get a first round value with their 1rst round pick are considering him.Trading ahead of RB needy teams like Arizona, Dallas, Indy, and the Patriots is smart as well. 

24.ARIZONA-ELI HAROLD-OLB/DE-VA-NFL COMP-JOHN ABRAHAM-retired-The probable retirement of John Abraham after another concussion has only exacerbated their need at OLB. Harold is an excellent athlete and much stronger than his somewhat lean looking frame would lead you to believe. Sets the edge well and has a strong bull rush. He has active hands but lacks a diverse polished pass rushing repertoire. Great motor against the run or pass. Has experience both as stand-up rush backer, 4-3 DE, and even moves inside on some obvious passing downs. Has a better get off with his hand on the ground, and with his inside moves he regularly shoots gaps & occasionally even splits double teams. However, he was rarely double teamed as a pass rusher thanks to Max Valles on the other side, and I would like to see  how he reacts to more double teams. He would still be a definite upgrade outside in the desert . With Gurley in tow they would also take a lotof pressure of Derek Carr long term.

25.CAROLINA-**DJ HUMPHRIES-OT-FLA-NFL COMP- WILLIAM BEATTY-NYG-Jordan Gross retiring last season caught the Panthers by surprise, and they didn't do much to remedy it in the 2014 draft. Their plan to move Byron Bell to the left side smacked of desperation to me, and he did not play well. Their other option was converted former TE /DT Nate Chandler. He is a great athlete , but they are counting on him to make a Jason Peters-like jump up this year.  Maybe they are right and both are undiscovered studs down the road, but that seems like two huge gambles to base the health of your franchise QB on. Even a physical specimen like Newton can only take so many hits and I was surprised he survived the regular season without a major injury, although he did suffer a fractured rib in the pre-season. At least they made a concerted effort to get him a better(or at least  more reliable and supportive) receiving core, but at this point a healthy Steve Smith is still better than anyone they now have. Humphries is a fluid athlete with left tackle feet, and after adding weight before the combine, as he reportedly played at only 285 last season & looked like it,  he is rising up draft boards. His injury history worries me enough that I wouldn't take him in the first round, but he is also one of only 2 OT prospects in this draft(La'el Collins is the other one) I believe can pass block on the blindside in the NFL as a rookie. Maybe the added weight will help him get some movement at the line in the run game as well, and being from the Charlotte area can't hurt. I Don't put much stock in the Michael Oher signing as a left tackle. Oher has had his spurts of good play at either tackle spot, but he has also had a lot of bad snaps on the outside. I have always thought that he would make a good guard, but don't trust him in pass pro as a tackle. Their is a reason that the Ravens didn't resign him, and a reason the Titans cut him after only one year .and ate all the dead money on their cap. You can bet your ass that Newton would be happy to know Hughes was on his blind side, instead of Oher or Byron Bell.


26.RAVENS-#MARCUS PETERS-CB-WASH-NFL COMP-DESMOND TRUFANT-ATL-Ozzie Newsome is the best GM in the NFL, and he will probably trade (up or down) out of this pick to make sure he gets value for it. Unless a guy with a definite first round grade on the field like Peters , or even Dorial Freen-Beckham falls to him, and they feel OK with his future off the field prospects to pull the trigger. Since the Ravens already have plenty of picks I believe they will either go up ,or take one of the talented players who fall due to character concerns. Ladarius Webb has declined for two straight seasons ,will be 30 years-old in 2015, was injured last season, and his salary number goes up to a cap busting twelve million dollars as well. On tape Peters was the best corner in this years draft technique-wise, but being kicked off the team on Washington opened up a whole new line of questioning. .Baltimore has the kind of veteran leadership & organizational structure to draft a player with his character questions, and provide Marcus with the kind of support he needs to have a good chance of success as a pro.

***TRADE*** The JAGUARS trade their 2nd round pick (#36) AND 4th and 6th round picks in this draft to the COWBOYS for their first round pick(#27) in this draft***

27.JAGUARS-(dallas)-CAMERON ERVING-C/T-FLA.ST-NFL COMP-MAX UNGER-SEA- The jags O-line is a little better with Jermey Parnell coming in at right tackle, but even if Luke Joeckel starts to live up to his potential at left tackle, the Jags could use an upgrade over Luke Bowanko at the center position last season.  Erving is the best pure center in this draft. Cameron looked like a possible first rounder as a left tackle coming into this season, but his play had slipped some , and he needs to be taught from scratch how to set up on the left side if he is gong to stay there. However, he was great since a move to center, and I believe he can play all five O-line positions with the proper coaching . That makes him worth his weight in gold. Right now though they need a center and he is already the best one in this draft with the potential to get a lot better. Also, if Joeckel bombs again( or gets hurt )Erving could be a decent short term solution to the their left tackle problem.

28.DENVER-ERECK FLOWERS-T/G-MIA-NFL COMP-DONALD PENN-OAK-After getting quickly knocked out of the playoffs John Elway decided a change needed to be made at head coach and brought in Gary Kubiak. His main jobs were to convince Peyton Manning to return & to keep him healthy. They got Peyton to come back and he even gave the broncos some cap relief. With both Demaryius Thomas & Julius Thomas being free agents , and only being able to put the franchise tag on one of them, Demaryius was the choice to tag  Julius left for the money in Jacksonville, but re-signing Virgil Green and bringing in Owen Daniels probably means the broncos won't be spending a high pick on a TE in this draft. A previously undisclosed leg injury explains Peyton's poor play in the final quarter of the season, but the fragile soon to be 39 year old is probably going to need a new a new interior lineman after the Chargers signed Orlando Franklin out from under him. Flowers plays with a maulers attitude, but he still needs to get stronger. On tape I would rate him as second rounder that would fit better at right tackle , or maybe even inside at guard, although I don't think he has the strength to move DT's off the line of scrimmage regularly right now. He showed up  in shape and stronger at the combine he might move up to the late first and be a possible LT, but right now he is a right tackle.Drafting him to play right tackle would also allow the broncos to move Louis Vasquez back to guard. 

29.COLTS-BERNARDRICK McKINNEY-ILB-MISS.ST-NFL COMP-DONT'A HIGHTOWER-NE-Watching Legarette Blount run through tackles had to leave a big a big impression on the Colts entire organization.  While current inside LB's D'qwell Jackson and Jerrell Freeman lack the take on skills that are needed inside ,Mckinney is a thumper.  He can take on a guard in the hole , stack him up, shed his block, and knock the RB backwards. That kind of physical play can change the whole attitude of a defense. He needs to improve in coverage, but I think he can hold up there with some coaching, especially in zone. As a 6 foot 4 linebacker with long arms could really obscure passing lanes. In a 3-4 he could have less coverage responsibilities, and you could just send him after the QB on passing downs, as I sometimes feel that playing as an edge rusher might be his best pro position. While I wouldn't take him quite this high I expect someone will based on his measurables, upside, and combine I expect him to go in the first round.

30.GREEN BAY-**EDDIE GOLDMAN-DT-FLA.ST-NFL COMP-MARCEL DAREUS-BUFF-The most important thing that Green Bay needs to do at all times is protect Aaron Rodgers. The Pack got injury prone free agent right tackle Bryan Bulaga to come back at a discounted price, ensuring continuity on along the O-line.right tackle. this allows them to address other needs. I am not a big believer in the long term health of perennially out of shape BJ Raji returning to form. I also think Letroy Guion would be a better fit as a backup nose tackle.  Goldman has the power to take on double teams and the quickness and athletic ability to rush the passer and even play the 5 technique. Drafting him would give them more options up front to get the most out inside guys in odd or even fronts. The only reason he isn't a surefire first rounder in this draft is that he didn't work out the combine, and there haven't been any public reports yet proclaiming him fully healed from an ankle injury,.Although he played pretty well with it in both post season games. 

31.SAINTS-(seattle)-MAXX WILLIAMS-TE-MINN-NFL COMP-HEATH MILLER-PITT-The deal to trade Jimmy Graham not only gave the saints some much needed cap relief, it also gave them an extra first round pick , and got them a pro bowl caliber center " if" he can stay healthy. Williams is the clear cut # 1 TE in this draft . On the bright side Williams is more than just a good receiving TE.  Unlike Graham Williams has the potential blocking skills of a true inline Y tight end, and this ability to help protect Brees & improve the running game actually makes Max an overall upgrade at the position. While he is never going to be the deep threat down the seam Graham was , he looks faster on film than he was at the combine. Personally I'd rather have Williams , the extra # 1 pick, and the cap savings.

The most likely outcome for the patriots is a trade down, but if they are stuck my guess is they will go for either a  corner, wide receiver, O-lineman , or edge rusher. Unless they take Dorial Green-Beckham and all his baggage here I don't see them taking a receiver. The patriots first and foremost priority should always to be to protect Tom Brady, but they have failed in their duty for the most part this year, especially on the inside. Not one guard on their team has done a good job of keeping the pressure out of Brady's face. However, they a have a better chance of getting a good guard later in the draft than they do of getting a cover corner.With the loss of both Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner , corner becomes their number one need.  The more polished & steady Williams is probably a better fit for Belichick, than the speedy but prone to gambling Ronald Darby, or the physically gifted & raw Jalen Collins here.

33.TENNESEE-JALEN COLLINS-CB/S-LSU-NFL COMP-JIMMY SMITH-BALT- Blidi Wreh-Wilson hasn't developed as well as the Titans hoped he would. Adding Perish Cox might help some , but what he Titans lack is a big press man corner. With Dick LeBeau comingto  town one will definitely be needed. Collins is big fast physical specimen, and despite being raw & inexperienced he did a good job on Amari Cooper last season. Ken Whisenhunt had a big LSU corner in Patrick Peterson in Arizona, and while Collins isn't as good as Peterson was coming out of college, he has similar size and traits.

34.TAMPA BAY-**CEDRICK OGBUEHI-OT-TEXAS A&Mamp;M-NFL COMP- TYRON SMITH-DALL- The bucs cut let tackle Anthony Collins one year after paying him, and haven't replaced him as of yet. With Winston coming in as he new franchise QB they need to worry about protecting his blindside long term. Cedrick is a talented player with an enormous upside, who would be a definite first round pick in this draft if not for a knee injury suffered in his bowl game. Since Tampa is rebuilding they can sign a stop gap left tackle, and  wait for him to heal up before he takes over at left tackle long term.

35.DETROIT-(oakland)-CARL DAVIS-DT-IOWA-NFL COMP-MUHAMMAD WILKERSON-NYJAfter giving up 4th & 5th round picks for Haloti Ngata the lions still have a lot of needs, and this trade also allows them to get a player they were likely already considering at #23 without reaching for him. Nick Fairley has shown at times that he is a pro bowl caliber talent, but he has lacked the consistent work ethic for the Lions to trust him with a big contract. They declined his 2015 option and he surprisingly signed with the rams.Since they needed to pay Suh they probably couldn't afford him anyway. However, Suh is now a dolphin and while there is little chance of finding a player as good in the draft, adding a proven leader like Ngata is still a good move. While Ngata is past his prime , he is still a force inside who can help with the rumored move to a 3-4 defense. Drafting someone who can play all the interior down lineman spots in both defenses like Carl Davis makes a lot of sense as well. Davis is strong as a bull and has the length teams covet. He also showed off surprising quickness at both the senior bowl and combine. 

36.DALLAS-(jacksonville)-**TEVIN COLEMAN-RB-IND-NFL COMP-( A faster)-DEMARCO MURRAY-PHILLY-Over the last couple of years Dallas has been making a lot of smart decisions for the long term stability of their franchise, and I expect the trend to continue. This pick is one of them. Not overpaying Murray is another, although the fact that he went to division rival Philly stings a bit. Getting a great pass rusher like Greg Hardy on a low risk/high reward contract is another brilliant move that shows Jerry Jones has changed for the better. Trading back and gathering more picks will allow them to fill needs , replenish some of the depth they lost in free agency, and get value for their pick. Coleman is a complete back , who can not only be a long term upgrade over Murray at a much cheaper cap number, but also a player that can give them the home run threat in the backfield they currently lack.  Coleman had only 452 carries in college, just 270 last season, and only 25 catches in the passing game. Murray had 487 touches between the the regular season & playoffs last season alone. So Coleman not only has less miles on his tires than all the other top backs in this draft, compared to Murray he is practically unblemished. Unlike Murray before his contract year, and I doubt that's a coincidence that he was suddenly an iron man while trying to get a big money deal, after years of being so injury prone, Coleman played with a broken toe the second half of the year and kicked ass like he was wearing butt seeking boots. Coleman can also return kicks , and that burst will be readily apparent when he does.Personally I have a mid first round grade on Coleman, and think this would be one of the steals of the entire draft.

37.JETS- MELVIN GORDON-RB-WISCONSIN-NFL COMP-JAMAL CHARLES-KC- If you are suspecting a run on RB's in this scenario your right. Both Chris Ivory & Bilal Powell are free agents next year, and neither is the home run hitter they mistakenly hoped the recently cut Chris Johnson still was before they let him go. Gordon is that home run hitter, and despite rushing for 2587 yards on 343 carries last year, he was durable & explosive throughout. Plus that was the only season where he got a lot of use, and he destroyed Auburn with 251 yards on 34 carries in his final college game in the outback bowl. A playmaker like him will get plenty of opportunities under Chan Gailey, and you know incoming head coach Todd Bowles is a defensive guy who wants to run the ball.

38.WASHINGTON-SHAQ THOMPSON-OLB/SS/RB-WASHINGTON-NFL COMP-THOMAS DAVIS-CAR- The skins had veterans Ryan Clark and Brandon Merweather starting at safety last year, and the results weren't pretty, especially in coverage. Both are unsigned free agents right now, and while bringing in young Jeron Johnson to compete for one safety spot probably is a good idea, a young guy who can cover in the back half would really help out new defensive coordinator Joe Barry. Shaq is a play-maker at any position he plays, even running back.Thomspon can play safety on run downs and move to the weakside LB position when the skins go to nickle.

39.CHICAGO-**JAKE FISHER-OT-ORE-NFL COMP-LANE JOHNSON-PHIL- Young right tackle Jordan Mills did improve some in his second year, but he still gives up far too much pressure on thee outside, even when he has regular help. Fisher has good feet and a solid kick slide to stay in front of his man in pass pro, but technique is inconsistent, and it looks like he gets by on his athletic ability a little too much. He would still be a significant upgrade as a pass blocker in this offense, and if they are going to stick with Jay Cutler he needs more time to throw the ball. 

40.NYG-**OWAMAGBE ODIGHIZUWA-DE-UCLA-NFL COMP-EVERSON GRIFFEN-MINN- The giants only have JPP on a 1 year deal due to the franchise tag, and newly added Kenrick Ellis is also on a one year deal. Combined with GM Jerry Reese's trend of taking the best player available makes this pick likely if Diggy is there when the giants are up. Diggy, as he's called by UCLA fans( like me) is a raw physically gifted player who has all the tools, and a great motor, but inconsistent tape. Versatile and moved around a lot, but I think his best position is a 4-3 strong-side endMedical Red flags because of past surgery on each hip should keep him out off the 1rst round. If he goes to a team with good coaching , stays healthy, and he gets to a 4-3 strong side end I see an early productive starter.

41.RAMS-AJ CANN-G-S.CAROLINA-NFL COMP-KEVIN ZEITLER-CINC-Now that they have a QB who isn't so injury prone , the lack of a solid O-line is still their biggest weakness. Adding La'el Colins in round one gave them a tackle, and bringing in Cann would give them another road grader at guard, although his football IQ is high enough that he could probably play center in time if needed. With Collins at RT, Greg Robinson at LT, and Roger Saffold & Cann at guard , and if Barrett Jones can stay healthy , the rams would have the makings of a young dominant O-line that could equal their D-line in time.

42.ATLANTA-ERIC KENDRICKS-LB-UCLA-NFL COMP- JON BEASON-NYG-Sean Weatherspoon's injuries caused the Falcons to give up on a promising talented young player, and he is now trying to resurrect his career in Arizona. Signing versatile veteran Justin Durant, who can play all the of the off the line of scrimmage LB positions if needed, helps give them some piece of mind. However, they need a young LB that can really cover. Kendricks can also play sideline to sideline against the run , and was a highly productive team leader at UCLA.

43.CLEVELAND-DEVIN SMITH-WR-OH ST-NFL COMP-MIKE QUICK-retired- Signing Brian Hartline & Dwayne Bowe certainly help, but the Browns still don't have a receiver who qualifies as a #1 on their roster, who will be playing this season. Unless the Browns try to trade up in the first round it's unlikely that one of the  big 3 receivers that I have a definite first round grade on fall to #12. Since Josh Gordon's troubles prevent them from taking a shot at DBG, they need to take a safer player. Smith can stretch the field and has his own highlight reel full of great catches . He can give the Browns a big play threat on the outside that they can count on. 

44.SAINTS-LAKEN TOMLINSON-G-DUKE-NFL COMP-LARRY WORFORD-DET- With the once great Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs in decline and both having hefty cap numbers , the cash strapped saints need to think about the future at guard. Grubbs was traded for a 5th round pick, so at least one replacement is needed right now. Tomlinson is big smart mauler that fits this offense, and can help keep the pocket from collapsing on the vertically challenged Drew Brees.

45.VIKINGS-QUINTEN ROLLINS-CB-MIA.OH-NFL COMP-STEPHON GILMORE-BUFF- Vikings coach Mike Zimmer loves corners, and while the DC in Cincinnati he was always bringing in new guys to upgrade the position. Rollins is a former basketball player who had a great season after returning to football after a 4 year layoff, and his stock will only go up after constant progress at the senior bowl. He is a heady player with good instincts & rarely falls for double moves. Great ball skills & timing on his jumps. Very physical and tackles like a safety. After the combine showed his lack speed his best fit  is probably as a cover 2 corner, or safety. Zimmer could use a safety and plays a lot of cover 2.

46.SAN FRANCISCO-STEPHONE ANTHONY-LB-CLEM-NFL COMP-BRUCE CARTER-DALL-With the unexpected retirements of both Patrick Willis & Chris Borland, and the questions about Navarro Bowman's availability he giants need an ILB. While Anthony is not as polished as Denzell Perryman right now, Anthony's upside and movement skills lead me  to believe they would take him over Perryman here to fill their need.

47.MIAMI-JAELEN STRONG-WR-AZ.ST-NFL COM-ALSHON JEFFERY-CHI-Adding Jordan Cameron and Kenny Stills is basically a wash for Charles Clay and Mike Wallace. Howver, another WR is still needed. Strong is a large back shoulder catch specialist, and while he doesn't play as fast as he ran at the combine, that time will probably see him over drafted. He has trouble separating from the better corners he has faced on tape. Going to Miami could really help him because he gets to play with Jarvis Landry. Jarvis can show him some of the finer points of route running, separation, and how to better use his big body to shield defenders.


The chargers wisely re-signed Brandon Flowers , but that leaves them with two 5 foot 9 starting corners, when combined with Jason Verrett. While both of them are excellnt olayers the chargers lack a bigger corner with speed to match up with Demaryious Thomas, and to win their division they have to beat Denver. Sharice Wright has some size, but he played badly last season, and would be a better off as a 4 corner right now. Darby is an elite fluid athlete with the skill to be one of the leagues best cover corners early on, if he can learn to play with more discipline, and work on his tackling techniques. Tough guys like Flowers and Verrett can be his example of how to tackle at corner.This former track star also has the makeup speed few corners have.

49.CHIEFS-#DORIAL GREEN-BECKHAM-WR-OKLA-NFL COMP-RANDY MOSS-retired-The chiefs did not have a single touchdown thrown to a wide receiver this year.Their ultra conservative check-down passing game limits their chances of being a contender. Dwayne Bowe was the # 1 receiver on this team and his best skill is his blocking. In this case the only 3 receivers worth this high a pick are gone. I expected them to address the need in free agency , and they already added Jeremy Maclin. They need another receiver. and the huge & athletic Green-Beckham is always open if you just throw it up high enough. Hopefully a talent like this, combined with an upgrade on the O-line , will convince Alex Smith to throw it down the field more.

50.BILLS-ERIC ROWE-S/CB-UTAH-NFL COMP-ANTREL ROLLE-NYG-Losing safety Da'Norris searcy to Tennesee has opened up a hole in the Bills secondary. Rex Ryan loves to blitz and his new safety is going to need to cover man to man. Rowe was as safety until his move season season, and while he is built & plays the run like a safety , he was moved to corner last year. While his man cover technique isn't anything to right home about right now,  he stays with his man anyway. That versatility is likely to see him drafted a lot higher than most people are talking about in public right now. He is also a clean character guy who loves football. He is one those rare players I liked the more I watched of him. After a great combine I expect him to go in the first 50 picks.

51.TEXANS-DENZELL PERRYMAN-ILB-MIA-NFL COMP-LONDON FLETCHER-retired-With Brian Cushing being injury prone, and not the same player since he got popped for PED's, an upgrade is needed. Perryman is the tough inside stud this defense lacks. He can QB the defense, and is a hard nosed tackling machine that can set the tone for his teammates.  This move could also allow them to convert Cushing to a rush OLB, where he is less likely to get hurt, and can take advantage of his pass rushing skills more often. 

52.EAGLES-**CEDRICK OGBUEHI-OT-TEXAS A&Mamp;M-NFL COMP- TYRON SMITH-DALL-Longtime right guard Todd Hereman's was recently let go, and a replacement is needed. Cedrick is an elite athlete for a OT who looks like a giant TE on the field.He fits Kelly's profile athletically ,and Ogbuehi has experience at both tackle spots and guard. He might be able to transition to left tackle when Jason Peters is done. Or he could slide out to right tackle, while Lane Johnson mans the blind side. The only reason he is available here is the knee injury he suffered in his bowl game. He might not be available until mid-season, but Kelly's moves this off season have shown he is planning to makeover this team with players that fit his system for the long haul. 

53.BENGALS-PRESTON SMITH-DT/DE-DET-MISS-NFL COMO-JASON HATCHER-WASH- The Bengals need an edge rusher , and while they at least brought Michael Johnson back after his disappointing year in Tampa Bay, it's not a sure thing he will be as productive as he was in a contract year. With Margus Hunt also failing to develop despite awesome talent, Geno Atkins not looking like the same player post injury, and neither Brandon Thompson living up to their draft slots either, a guy who can play both inside and outside would really help the whole D-line.Smith played all over the D-line this season, and plays with more power than his lanky frame would suggest. He was even productive when they moved him over the center the same way UCLA used Datone Jones a senior. Right now he looks best as a 4-3 base who can slide to the 3 technique on obvious passing downs, but with another 15-20 pounds of muscle he could probably be an excellent 5 technique if they go to a 3-4 in the future.

54.LIONS-AMEER ABDULLAH-RB-NEB-NFL COMP-NFL COMP-WARRICK DUNN-retired-With Reggie Bush moving on to San Francisco the Lions need a inexpensive RB to team with Joique Bell. Abdullah is an explosive back who plays bigger than his size would indicate, and he carried the load of a lead back for 3 years . He is also off the charts in football character & intangibles. He can also help out in the return game and on other special teams. If an O-lineman they like enough to take this high falls this far that would be the pick. In this draft you can get a starting caliber RB later.

55.CARDINALS-**JORDAN PHILLIPS-DT-OKLA-NFL COMP-ALBERT HAYNESWORTH-retired-The cards lost NT Dan Williams to the raiders and re-signing backup Alameda Ta'amu probably isn't enough. Phillips is a giants of a man with incredible athleticism for his size. In fact he can also play the 5 technique . The only reason he falls this far is he had a serious back injury that caused him to miss the 2013 season. Otherwise he is a first round pick.His back sure seemed fine this year judging by how well he played on tape.

56.STEELERS-HENRY ANDERSON-DE/DT-STAN-NFL COMP-AARON SMITH-PITT-retired- The Steelers are in a transition phase going from past their prime veterans to a younger crowd. One of those retiring greats was 5 technique Brett Keisel, and he will be tough to replace. Anderson has the length & strength the Steelers desire at that position. The fact that he reminds of another past Steeler great doesn't hurt either.

57.PANTHERS-NELSON AGHOLOR-WR-USC-NFL COMP-GREG JENNINGS-MINN- The Panthers drafted big bodied Kelvin Benjamin last year, but his lack of route running prowess and tendency for drops were overlooked because he out up good overall numbers. Jericho Cotchery excells at both so there is hope he will rub off on Benjamin. Even if he did the Panther still need another receive, but this one needs to have more speed, and Ted Ginn isn't gonna cut it as a starting wide receiver. Azgalor can be that guy.

58.RAVENS-DEVIN FUNCHESS-TE/WR-MICHIGAN-NFL COMP-MARQUES COLSTON-NO- With the loss of Torrey Smith to the niners & Jacoby Jones to the chargers the ravens are in need of a receiver. Preferably a larger one to off set Steve Smith on the other side. Funchess is a former  move TE who slimmed down ,and technically moved to receiver this year, although he was used more like a power slot than anything. He can go up and get it, and while there are some highlight reel catches he dropped more balls than he should. That's why he falls this far in the draft. Ozzie loves a bargain. 

59.BRONCOS-MARIO EDWARDS-DE/DT-FLA ST-NFL COMP-JUSTIN SMITH-SF- The broncos are moving to a 3-4 this season and need a 5 technique that can give them a pass rush. As a junior Edwards played at about 290 pounds but played much stronger . This year he cut down to the mid 270's and played mostly as a 4-3 end he lacks the quickness to every be great at that position though. If you draft him ,buff him back to 290 pounds, have him be a 5 technique in your 3-4, and kick him inside to the 3 technique when you are in nickle, you could get the most out of him. He's strong enough to handle interior lineman, but too quick for most of them. He lacks a versatile pass rushing repertoire right now , but he could be a perennial pro bowler at either spot if he makes the move and takes to coaching well. 

60.DALLAS-**MIKE BENNET-DT-OHIO ST-NFL COMP-JONATHAN BABINEAUX-ATL- Now that Dallas has their DE situation pretty well in hand they need to upgrade their DT spot. Bennett had a better junior year when he mostly played the 3 technique and was a force penetrating into the backfield with regularity . As a senior he played a lot of the one technique and wasn't as good. With the loss of Henry Melton the cowboys need another 3 technique to team with Tyrone Crawford in their rotation. Also on passing downs they can pair up inside and wreak havoc blowing by interior lineman.

61.COLTS-#**JAY AJAYI-RB-BOISE ST-NFL COMP-RYAN MATHEWS-SD- Now that the colts have given up on Trent Richardson they need a infusion of youth in the backfield  to team with the recently signed Frank Gore. Ajayi is a big power power back with surprisingly nimble feet and good moves for his size. In this power offense he should excel, and a year of sharing carries should help his body to recover from 2 straight years of a heavy workload.

62.PACKERS-#PAUL DAWSON-LB-TCU-NFL COMP-DEMECO RYANS-PHIL- The packers weakness at middle linebacker was so bad last season that they were forced to move Clay Matthews to the middle just so they could have a LB who could cover. Dawson is a first round player on tape with elite instincts. When the rumors of his character concerns started circulating he handled it badly, and started to fall down draft boards. Then he stunk up the combine and dropped some more. I have a feeling he will redeem himself at his pro day. He is almost always the first guy moving in the right direction on tape, and he also excelled in coverage.

63.SEATTLE-DONOVAN SMITH-OT-PENN ST-NFL COMP-CORDY GLENN-BUFF- The Seahawks need to improve their overall O-line almost across the board. Their only 2 above average lineman recently have been Max Unger and Russell Okung. Both are injury prone, and Unger was dealt to the saints for Jimmy Graham. Smith could play right tackle, and allow Justin Britt to move inside where he won't be such a liability as a pass blocker. 

64.PATRIOTS-PHILLIP DORSETT-WR-MIA-NFL COMP-TY HILTON-INDY- The patriots need a deep threat, Dorsett has blazing speed, separates, and improved  both his hands & route running last season. After a good senior bowl week and combine some thought he might go in the first round, but with Al Davis gone that's unlikely. However, he can give Brady the deep threat he has lacked since they got rid of Randy Moss. 


  1. I too see the Cowboys trading down and I like this scenario much better that the offensive tackle or outside linebacker you had mocked in earlier drafts. Not sure that Michael Bennet is heavy enough to play the 3 technique but I like the idea.

    1. Thanks, I am glad we agree. As for Bennett I can tell you he was better as a 3 technique in college, even against really good massive O-lines like Ohio St,Wisconsin, and Michigan St. I hope that alleviates some of your concerns.

  2. Your picks for the Rams are spot on. Good analysis. Lets hope that Ram's management sees it this way.

    1. Thanks Abthony. I do. have a question for you ,as a former rams fan, who became team-less when they moved . How likely are you to stick with them if they move back? This isn't the same Geogia Frontieri led mess that betrayed me, and I admit it would be a LOT.harder to let them go now, because they are so stacked on defensive talent. Also, the ownership is trying hard to put a competitive team om the field in a tough division.I know if they move back I 'm a fan again. What say you?

    2. I will stick with Rams regardless of the city. My fandom is based on perception of management. I was an Eagles fan but was offended by what I perceive to be the "hubris" of the coach and owner. The "I am smarter than everyone else" mentality in a league filled with smart people is, I think, a recipe for disaster. Time will tell. Chose the Rams because I think Nick Foles can be a franchise QB but like all QB's he needs a stout OL and running game. Time will tell once again. Thanks for asking for my thoughts.

    3. Gotcha. Although I will say I think Kelly is a offensive genius, I doubt he is as smart as he thinks he is. If he was as smart as he thinks he is, he won't start the season with Bradford as his QB. You already have some good RB's. Lets' just hope I'm right and you get the lineman.Nice chatting with ya. take care.

  3. Not quite sure I understand why the redskins would move up for Mariotta. Based on your own mock draft he would be available for them at number 5 so why give up the picks? Even if another team were to move ahead of them for Mariotta then so be it they're not in a position to make the same "mistake" twice.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If you want to make sure you get him you have to go up to #2 or 3. Since I believe the Titans are going to stay at #2 to make sure they get Leonard Williams ,that means #3,and the Jags have made it known they are willing to move back. The Bears Jets,and the Rams could all trade up with Oakland ,who have also made it known they will move back as long as they stay in the top 10. Not to mention the specter of Philly. The farther he falls the cheaper that trade up is, and the raiders gave up the #3 overall pick in the 2013 draft, and moved all the way back # 12 for just an extra 2nd(#44)rounder. Now this draft is stronger than that weak one at the top , but it's not a great one like last years was, so the price will probably be only a little higher than 2013.. Since the raiders have a ton of needs,,and have already shown that they will take less than the trade chart most NFL teams use, it seems logical to me that you want to go to #3 to make sure you get him.This is not anywhere near the expensive deal you paid for RG3. You are giving up an extra #4 this year and a #2 year . Last time you gave up 2 extra number #1's and a #2 that same year. l also think Mariota is a better prospect than Griffin, and his coachabilty is exactly why I think the redskins will want him.So I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. .

  4. There is no way the Packers can afford to waste a #1 pick on a high injury risk NT and then take a big reach in the second round for a guy projected to be a 3-4th rounder. Dawson has far too many issues and he absolutely stunk in some games and again was horrible at the combine. He is nowhere near worth a second round pick.

    1. You know its sad enough that you AGAIN hide behind anonymity and leave your negative comment, but If you don't like my reasoning logically point out why, and give an explanation of what you would do. First off. being injured once doesn't make you a high injury risk. Second, if Dawson has a good pro day he is a steal at # 62 in this draft .If he doesn't I will change it. Last but not least, from now on any negative ANONYMOUS comment that doesn't logically point out why the complainer disagrees, and give an explanation of what they would do instead, won't be posted.

  5. Your trade of Detroit moving down 12 spots out of the first for a pair of 4ths is absurd. No team has ever moved so far for so little. sure they gave up a couple picks for Ngata but that doesn't mean they take crap value for their 1st.

    1. First, off your wrong about that. This is the trade chart NFL teams generally use to make trades. According to the chart the 23rd pick is worth 760 points. The 35th pick is worth 560 points.Now that the compensatory picks have been announced that 4th round pick is (#102). It was (#100)when I wrote it up. Worth a 100 points, and since it's the rebuilding raiders , next years pick is also likely top 100., and worth the same. Plus next years draft should be a stronger one.Also, like I said in my post you still have a bad cap situation, even without having to pay Suh. In addition you had a lot of needs already,wouldn't be using a 1rst round pick on a player with a second round grade, and you have even more needs now that you are switching defensive fronts & lack the current personnel to play it. Tell you what though. I'm glad that I have already changed that pick in my next upcoming mock. I thought they would use that money they saved on Suh to upgrade their O-line, and they didn't .So that is where I will be going with them in my next mock, and they have to at least stay at #23 to hope they get a player that can step in and help them from day 1 there. Since they lack the picks to trade up they don't have much of a choice, but to hope that a potential .

    2. I appreciate your deeper look into cap situations but Detroits cap is fine in regards to signing draft picks, it's already cooked in to their calculations. Be able to get draft picks signed under the cap has absolutely nothing to do with why they'd trade down. Also, the GBN chart is cool but I'm talking about practical application. If you find a trade that moves down nine spots in the first and 12 spots overall couple of 4ths I'll eat my words.

    3. Also you can't trade compensatory picks. And NO ONE is stock piling 4th round picks to move outta the first pal. And that math chart is a good guide but not the bible

    4. Plus Detroit hasnt said anything about moving to a 3-4, all speculation by outsiders. More likely to be the same style front they used last year.

    5. First off, while I appreciate your passion about your team, you can put all your comments in one post . You don't have to space them out. Maybe arguments just came to you later , or piecemeal I guess. Anyway. This is to answer :

      Also you can't trade compensatory picks. And NO ONE is stock piling 4th round picks to move outta the first pal. And that math chart is a good guide but not the bible.

      "I agree it;s a guide and not the bible. If you read my answer to you the first time I assumed you would get my point. It;s not about being a 4th round pick. It;s about being a top 100 or very near it top 100 pick. That;s a premium draft pick, and where you find your starters. Also, even though this draft isn't special at the top, it is deep in the second and third round values. You can get a third round value around up to number 110 in this draft, and that's not even counting who may fall to you sometimes for various reasons. So try to think of it as 2 top 100 picks, and third round values. may be that helps, pal."

      To answer this one:

      "Plus Detroit hasnt said anything about moving to a 3-4, all speculation by outsiders. More likely to be the same style front they used last year."

      Teryl Austin said when he first took the job he wanted to throw multiple fronts out. After a few months on the job he said he didn't have the front line personnel to do so. That's becuase the only front 3 down lineman who could have played well in a a 2 gap 3-4 was Suh. Ngata is the key piece, and I am willing to bet your draft will also reflect that change. we will find out soon enough, but until then we just have to agree to disagree.

  6. Browns gave up a third to move up 4 spots to 22 last year to get Manziel, FYI

    1. The 49 ers only gave up a 3rd to move up 13 spots in the 1rst round of the 2013 draft with Dallas. Draft picks are even more valuable than they used to be under the new CBA IMO. Sometimes It depends on the quality of the draft, and the teams doing the deals willingness to move.

    2. 2 more to answer. As for this one:

      "I appreciate your deeper look into cap situations but Detroits cap is fine in regards to signing draft picks, it's already cooked in to their calculations. Be able to get draft picks signed under the cap has absolutely nothing to do with why they'd trade down. Also, the GBN chart is cool but I'm talking about practical application. If you find a trade that moves down nine spots in the first and 12 spots overall couple of 4ths I'll eat my words."

      Its not a GNB chart. It's a copy f the chart that Dallas invented under Jimmy Johnson & Jerry Jones at the beginning of their tenure. The chart was passed out to NFL teams and accepted, and is still used as at least a framework in many deals. I Once again I will reiterate that I personally think draft picks are even more valuable under the new CBA. Many trades reflect this recently, and I have pointed some out above, but here are some more for you:

      In 2013 the raiders moved from (#3) overall , all the way down to (#12) overall for just a 2nd rounder ( #42) overall in 2013.

      In 2014 the Saints moved from (#20) overall down to (#27) for just one 3rd rounder (#91) overall.

      In both cases teams took less than the trade chart. So while I agree the chart is a framework only, I think teams are valuing draft picks more now , after the new CBA made them cheaper alternatives.Also, I never said the Lions didnt have enough money to sign their draft picks, but that they have a bad cap situation, which I stand by. Getting younger cheaper players will fix that now,and in the future. Free agency isn't over yet, while most of the top tier guys are gone ,their are still good players left out there that could help your team if you weren't so tight on your cap, you would have probably brought more in right now. Chris Myers, Bj Raji, and Brandon Spikes would all be upgrades over what you currently have, and fill holes I think you need to fill, especially if you are going to a 3-4 front. Last, I already said I was changing the pick in my next mock because you haven't upgraded your O-line yet.So the point is moot. We just have to agree to disagree otherwise. Good luck with your draft and season.

    3. One thing I forgot. I know you can't trade comp picks. I never said anyone was. Take care.