Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well the 1rst round is over and there were a lot of trades. Also some great picks and some HUGE reaches( Locker? ) . The saints just killed it better than anyone else though. The NFC south as a whole made some bold moves. The saints stole Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram late. The Falcons came way up to get Julio Jones. Both mortgaged parts of their future to win now.The Panthers went all in for the highest upside with Cam Newton, and the BUCS took Clayborn hoping he can play the strongside in a 4-3 despite his bum shoulder. The Falcons gave up so much that Jones better be as good as we all think ( and healthy) or their franchise will be set back years. Anyone wanting a particular player ( like say a QB) is at the mercy of NE who has already acquired an extra # 1 pick for next year. Other than Locker I think the biggest mistake was Washington taking Kerrigan to convert to the 3-4 OLB , and that could take awhile unless you limit his responsibilities. Meanwhile the best 3-4 end in the draft( Cam Jordan) was just sitting there and it's an even bigger need for their team.

19. Mikel Leshoure-RB-ILL.-NFL Comp- Steven Jackson-STL.- A well rounded big 3 down runner who has never lost a fumble in his college career. Vision and choices picking a lane are just average. Hits the hole and looks for daylight but he could use his size more and run through more people instead of trying to find a hole thats not there. It's obviously not a fear issue as you can see him running through contact plenty of times on tape and getting extra yards because of it. One of things that separates him from many other backs is his familiarity with the passing game. A physical willing blocker who just need a little refinement on his technique to be elite. A good receiver who can take it up field and even be split out wide on occasion. His route running and catching techniques also need some work, but he is still above most backs coming out of college in this area. He's a big back with some wiggle and the ability to pass protect. Past off the field issues are the only thing keeping him out of the 1rst round . If a team believes he really did grow up last year( and his coach said he did) they should snatch him up quick. up 4 spots

23. Colin Kaepernick-QB-Nevada-NFL Comp-Randall Cunningham-RET.-A good kid , smart guy, team leader, and a force in the community. Great frame( 6"5" 233 lbs.) with the room to add 15 pounds of muscle and still be fast. Plays hurt and his coaches rave about him. Makes big plays at big times. Has elite arm strength( stronger than Mallets when his feet are set and he steps into it) but a elongated delivery that will have to be altered or he will get a lot of balls piked off in the NFL. . Even when he's on the move and doesn't wind it up his arm is still very strong. More accurate downfield than most spread/pistol QB's. Since he played in the pistol he will have to make the adjustment to a pro style offense. Elite running ability but a bit of along strider. More top end speed than short areas quickness and he needs to tuck the ball better when he runs. Needs to get used to making more reads consistently ,instead of taking off whenever it's not open right away, but there are times he has went through his progression up to his 3rd receiver when he had the time. If his footwork wasn't so bad we feel he would be the first QB drafted this year. Tremendous athlete and even drafted in pro baseball. If you want a slightly smaller, faster, stronger armed Cam Newton look here. Could be steal in the 2nd as a developmental guy. Anyone in the top 10 enamored with Newton who has other needs first , or doesn't want to risk a QB that high, could just wait and take this guy in the 2nd. He's a winner , en elite athlete and clean as a whistle off the field. He's a 1 or 2 year project but the payoff is as good as it gets. We believe he will be ready to start by then. NE has a lot of picks and needs to develop Bradys successor. Something to think on. up 14 spots

25. Randall Cobb-WR-KY-NFL Comp-Hines Ward-PITT- And I mean Hines Ward in his prime, as he's kinda like a smaller Percy Harvin when receiving. He seems to always be open. Can plant his leg and separate . Runs good enough routes and finds the holes in the zone. Above average hands with good technique, but will occasionally try to start running before the ball get to him. Becomes a RB once he gets the ball and is a shifty big play waiting to happen in the open field.He 's fast enough but super quick with a burst to find daylight. Below average size for the position but he's stout and can break tackles in the open field and is fearless over the middle. A great blocker , blind siding people every game on crack backs and giving maximum effort on the outside. This kid is smart, he gets open, he's fearless, and he blocks like he enjoys it. He can play WR, RB, QB, and return kicks. Not the biggest or fastest WR but he will make plays for you. Go get him. up 1 spot

27. Ryan Mallet- QB- ARK- NFL Comp- Drew Bledsoe-RET.- Off the field concerns have knocked him around, but that seems to have cooled off and teams are becoming more enamored with his ability. Elite arm strength and makes ridiculous throws on the field but he buckles under pressure right at him and panics. Also doesn't feel pressure or slide well in the pocket. More NFL ready than most in this draft on a team with a good O-line and a QB guru coach, but would struggle behind the patchwork lines you usually find in teams picking in the top 10 . Reads defenses better than any QB in the draft right now and also throws the best deep ball. In a draft filled with athletic mobile QB's his immobility really stands out even though he played in a more pro friendly offense than most of them. In this weak QB draft he had a outside shot to go # 1 overall because he's the best pure passer in the draft, but he's too immobile to be more than a top 10 guy at best ,off the field stuff aside . Carolina , Tennessee , and Miami have good enough O-lines for him to be a fit. With Carolina trading away there no# 2 ( #33 overall) last year in a draft day trade they are missing out on an opportunity here. Tennessee or one of the of the QB needy teams in the top 10 will likely take him at the top of the 2nd or trade back in to the 1rst for him. Miami could take him at 15 but they will need an upgrade at 1 or 2 interior O-line positions to make it work. However ,until he stops being a statue in the pocket (and his off the field stuff is cleared up) he's a low 1rst or high 2nd rounder . This is about where he's worth the risk unless you already have a good o-line. -up 7 spots

28. Brooks Reed-DE/OLB-AZ- NFL Comp- Robert Mathis-INDY- Good athlete with a quick first step upfield.Relentless pass rusher with 3 really good moves to get the QB but he could use more. Coming up field to rush the passer only Von Miller is better in this draft and a good hand fighter. Gives max effort against the run and can get into his man and shed him sometimes and his technique and leverage are sound but he lacks the strength to anchor. Can't hold the point against stronger blockers and has no chance against a double team unless he runs around it. He's a good and fluid enough athlete to make the transition to 3-4 OLB and we think thats his best fit currently, but his coverage responsibilities would need to be limited early on . He could put 10-15 pounds of muscle on his legs and stay at end, but that would limit him to to situational pass rushing and special teams as a rookie in a 4-3. Team captain and highly competitive leader. Very few players have done so much for their draft stock since the season ended. After tearing up the senior bowl and making teams watch more tape on him(and be pleasantly surprised they did) he had a great combine. 3-4 switch looks doable and his best fit, because he's going to have to put on some muscle to hold up against the run as a 4-3 end. Just a good football player and hard worker but he'sonly worth this pick right no3 in a 3-4. up 18 spots

29. Akeem Ayers-OLB-UCLA- NFL Comp- Brian Orapko- WASH- Looks to have everything you need to play any LB position in any scheme, except a high football IQ. In his limited pass rushing chances he was explosive and showed a great spin move. Strong upper body and long arms . Gets off the ball rushing the passer and can run the arc around the edge. Uses his hands and arms well and stays low to get underneath the blockers pads to control or shuck him when rushing . Against the run he is willing to take on blockers head on but has trouble shedding them. Is better at holding the edge and stringing plays out. Can run sideline to sideline to make plays and chase down from the backside. I think 3-4 teams will be looking at him as a rush OLB. The only guy I saw all year to give Tyron Smith much trouble rushing the passer, and he won more than he lost in those battles.Needs to play more under control and go free agent less. Not as explosive in drills or fast( 4.80?) as he looks on tape at the combine. He still looks explosive on film and changes directions as good as any LB in the draft. .A great Pro day could save all, but its possible he will be limited to playing SOLB or the middle only in 4-3.
UPDATE- Much improved at his pro day ( 4. 71 forty) . Probably will go to a 3-4 team that want him to rush a passer because thats what his best attribute is, but he could bulk up his lower body and play 4-3 weak side end too. When he knows where he's going he goes all out to get there and arrives angry. Might as well send him at the QB then. steady

30. Stefan Wisniewski- C/G- Penn ST.NFL Comp- Ryan Kalil- CAR- Definitely the best technician of all the O-lineman the draft. A decent athlete for a center but a great football player. Hard worker on the field and in the community.3 year starter at C and G. Dad was a pro bowler for 2 teams in the league and he inherited his toughness and hard nosed attitude. Plays to the whistle on every down and his feet are always churning. Quick off the snap and plays with good leverage. Doesn't blow a lot of guys off the ball, but gets movement and at least seals or walls his man off in line. Good on the double team and slides off at the right time to the second level but can struggle to find his man farther down field . Sustains his blocks downfield once he locks on and can pull in the short area and hit his target. Makes all the line calls and has NFL veteran awareness in pass pro. Quick into his pass sets and gives penetrating DT's fits. Great hands placement and keeps his hands inside when he latches on. Can re-anchor and adjust when his hands are knocked away, but can also be walked back in the pocket by the stronger bull rushers. Interior lineman never get enough credit in the draft but this guy is NFL ready from day one at C or LG. Bigger than I expected and plenty strong , mean , and technical.-UPDATE- The wealth of college tackles transitioning to guard ( in a deep guard class) make him less valuable than he could have been. On tape he looks a lot smaller than he measured at the combine and we believe he bulked up a lot since the season ended. That alleviates any concerns we had about him. The 2nd best ready to go center prospect though because Pouncey has a higher upside, while Wisniewski is about maxed out .

31. Ras-I-Dowling-CB-VA-NFL Comp-Chris Gamble-CAR- Team leader and hard worker thats clean off the field. Big & Tall physical corner that would be a top 10 pick based on his 2009 film. However he was hurt( hamstring, ankle and knee!) all last year . Still healing when the combine came, and ended pulling up running ( still in the 4.4's anyway) his forty. Looks lightning fast on tape and it was confirmed at his awesome pro day with times ranging from the low to mid 4-3's. . He has make up speed and a strong burst out of his backpedal . Physical in man coverage and on those rare times he's beaten off the line he makes up ground quick ,and goes after the ball.Long arms and good ball skills. rarely gave up big plays when healthy and can leap and win jump balls like a receiver . Smart player who makes great reads in zone and arrives with force. Physical in run support and a good open field tackler. Has the size and demeanor to play free safety if needed. He's a hitter who can force fumbles and blitz off the edge. If not for the injures( and hamstrings are sometimes chronic for CB's) we believe many teams would have him ahead of Amukamara,and a few ahead of Peterson. If a teams doctors think he's gonna be healthy he is worth a 1rst round pick, despite how badly he played( when he was able to) last year while hurt. Personally I prefer a character guy like him who's is a better player anyway when healthy than a guy who's healthy( Jimmy Smith) but has a lot of character concerns.-up 24 spots

33. Aaron Williams-CB/S-TEX-NFL COMP- Malcolm Jenkins-NO- He'a a big athletic CB who is at his best in press coverage. He's fluid enough to plat CB but his technique is shoddy, especially his backpedal. Read and reacts well when the balls in front of him but can get turned around when a receiver makes his cut. Vertical speed is good and has can run with and deny receivers vertically. Good ball skills and timing on his jumps and if if the balls caught he makes the tackle quickly. Willing in run support and a steady tackler , but not a big hitter. Maybe's he's not polished enough to be a corner in every system but he can play it in some and with more improvement on his technique he could start right away at CB and stay there a few years till his speed goes. Might be be able to play either safety spot with more bulk but can definitely play FS now. . When somebody unexpectedly goes 5 wide on your team you need a S that can cover like a CB. My guess is he goes after R. Moore but plays a little CB and a lot of safety in the NFL well. Versatility to play both well moves him up the board .up 14 spots

34. *Stephen Paea-DT-ORE. ST.-NFL Comp- Sedrick Ellis-NO-Missed the senior bowl with an injury and measured in a little smaller than expected, knocking him back some. A stout run stuffer and bull rusher with a good motor and a lot of production on tape. Might even be able to hold the gap as a 3-4 NT with a little more weight.Clogs lane and hard to move back . Quick off the ball and you could see him becoming a better pass rusher with technique refinement. Is more of a 2 gap DT right now, but he is quick enough to become a three technique backfield penetrator with more coaching . Brutal strength and a violent hand punch inside but you would like more height and arm length . Only thing he did athletically at the combine was break the bench press record, but he needs to work out soon to stay in a 1rst round with this many d-line prospects. UPDATE- Looked pretty good at his pro day but still only around 300 pounds. Lack the long speed and pass rush moves to be a regular 3 down player right now and that moves him in to the 2nd round. -MEDICAL UPDATE- Still not fully healed and another guy with arthritis in knee whispers. down 3 spots only because of injury concerns.

35.* Da'quan Bowers-DE- Clemson-NFL Comp-Justin Tuck- NYG- The biggest knock on him is his motor didn't fully rev up till this year, but he was dominant all season and has improved every season in college at least some. Strong and physical at the point of attack as long as he stays low, but he is not consistent here, and doesn't hold up well against the double team. Strong violent upper body results in blockers being tossed aside sometimes and has strong hands on all downs. Holds the edge well and doesn't abandon his responsibility before chasing down plays . A good athlete but lacks freakish standout ability. Doesn't have that elite first step but shows a good burst up field when rushing the passer. Can get around the corner or put his man on skates shuck him ,and close on the QB fast. When he moves inside on obvious passing downs he is a mismatch for interior O-lineman. Multiple rush moves and a strong bull rush . If he actually measures at what he is listed at in college he could bulk up a bit more an even play 3-4 end if needed. Was once the nations top recruit an is used to the spotlight. His versatility is also very valued. Can play either DE in a 4-3 and move inside on passing downs. A 3 down player.-UPDATE- Not a good pro day. No chance he can play 3-4 OLB and he gassed quickly . He may still be hurt or not had enough time to get in proper shape after the injury , but he claimed to be %100. His medical recheck showed swelling still in the knee and now there is talk of arthritis in it. If that is ultimately the case he could fall out of the 1rst round altogether. As of now the surgery is still so recent there is a little more time for healing, and another recheck. He could also go in the top 10 if he checks out well and he does better in private workouts. down 26 spots

36. *Kyle Rudolph- TE- ND-NFL Comp-John Carlson-SEA- Clearly the best TE in the draft right now ,and is well rounded enough to play every down in all schemes.Great hands and body control with a wide catch radius, but occasionally try's to run before the ball gets there. Great route runner and can separate. Knows how to use his body to shield smaller defenders. Can stretch the defense lined up outside but needs more work lining up inside. Good at finding the holes in the zone and will comeback if the QB's in trouble. Can break tackles but won't run away from DB's, but he's a mismatch for LB's and can take it to the house . A efficient technical blocker but not a road grader in line . Has the frame to add more muscle and strength as a blocker. Good enough feet in pass pro and a good chipper going in to his routes. Smart kid and clean off the field. Injury history( and its significant) should knock him into day 2 despite mid first round talent.up 9 spots

37. Rahim Moore-S-UCLA-NFL Comp-Nate Allen-PHI-A smart kid with a high football IQ . Great instincts and read and reacts well. QB of the secondary and a leader on and off the field Reportedly spends a lot of time watching film and it shows on how quickly he breaks on the ball. Great ball skills and good timing when he arrives for the ball. Great feet and fluid hips with CB's technique but lacks the speed to make the transition. Best in zone and playing deep middle. He's fine in man but he won't be able to stay with quicker receivers if they make it down field. Willing in run support and good tackler but misses out on chances to really deliver a big hit too often. He' s a center fielder type FS and a ballhawk but he needs to to be a bit more physical in run support. However guys who create turnovers and don't give up big plays are at a premium in the league. He's a FS only. No CB or SS transition possible , but he's also a safe pick . Will be the first true safety off the board, but Aaron William's elevation to a possible FS candidate hurts him and likely drops him to the 2nd round. High floor. down 1 spot

38. Torrey Smith-WR- MD- NFL Comp-Mike Wallace-PITT- This guy can stretch the field just like the player he reminds us of, and like Wallace he is also definitely a work in progress. His hands are usually consistent but he has strange concentration lapses at times. Makes a great leaping one handed over the shoulder catch then drops an easy one next time up. He needs to start snatching the ball out of the air instead of waiting for it . Ran a limited route tree in college so he needs work on his route running but he runs the ones he knows well and can separate .Explosive kick returner and it shows in his ability to run after the catch. A threat to beat you deep or take it to the house on every play. D-coordinators have to plan to stop him ,and that opens up the offense in other ways even if he used as a decoy when the balls not coming his way. He's a willing blocker but it is definitely an area that he needs more coaching in. He's a raw speed burner , but the efforts there and he's got enough size to take the pounding. Send him to a team with good possession receivers and a play action game and he could lead the league in yards per catch and long TD's.

40. Andy Dalton-QB- TCU-NFL COMP- Matt Hasselbeck-SEA-He's a smart proven winner and leader . Accurate on short passes and can make reads quickly. Undersized though and only an average arm. Spread developmental QB that will need time to adjust to pro most style offenses, but he did make more reads than most spread QB's do, although it's still not near enough. Can buy time with his feet and run when he needs to. Best fit in a west coast offense and he could start soon in one . His accuracy , leadership, character,  and work ethic have him flying up draft boards. -up 21 spots

41. *Jaball Sheard-OLB/DE- PITT-NFL Comp-Shaun Phillips-SD- A great pass rusher with a lot of different moves and counters. Strong active hand fighter with a non stop motor . An explosive first step firing out low and hard. Great instincts and finds the ball quickly no matter where it is and goes after it. Plays low against the run and can get into and control his man quickly and hold the edge and string out plays down the line. Can penetrate the backfield and make tackles behind the line and will pursue and chase down plays from the backside. Can't anchor against bigger stronger blockers or double teams although he will fight all the way through.Looks athletic enough to make the 3-4 transition to us. Is a violent hitter and can separate the man from the ball Not as well known as many of the 3-4 conversion candidates but teams who sleep on him could regret it. Could be a second round steal for a team looking for a pass rusher that passed on one in the first due to other needs. Reportedly a good kid but the reason I don't have him in the top 20 is twofold. First their was a off the field fight just last year where he wouldn't listen to the cops when they tried to stop it, and got beat down and arrested by them. Second he has injury issues that he's still healing from. Sergio Kindle is still fresh in my mind so 2nd round it is. Otherwise we would have him ahead of Kerrigan ,Reed ,and maybe even Quinn in the right scheme. down 6 spots

43. Rodney Hudson-C/G-FLA. ST.-NFL Comp- Rueben Brown-RET.- Team leader on and off the field. Durable 4 year starter and a good student in the classroom and of the game. Undersized at guard for most NFL blocking schemes, but technical and nasty inside. Quick off the ball and a violent hands and good placement to control his man. Not big enough to road grade stronger D-lineman but will seal or wall them off and make his block. Plays to the whistle and is active downfield. Pulls and traps well and while he won't blow up a lot of people he graded out extremely high across the board. Anchors like a much heavier man in pass pro and his hand punch stops pass rushers in their tracks. Good feet and mirrors well in rarely getting bet despite short arms. Head on a swivel and more aware and ready for stunts than any guard in this draft class. Showing he can play Center helps him a lot because some teams didn't like the way he looked with the extra weight put on too fast. Absolutely would fit the Redskins. Texans, or Colts to plug in and play from day one. If he was prototype guard size he would be a top 20 pick . up 1 spot

44. Orlando Franklin- T/G- Mia.-NFL Comp-Trent Wiliams- WASH.- His technique needs work and he needs more weight room time but he still gets the job done regularly with a lot of physicality. Can play RT or either G . If he played with more urgency, quickly fired off the ball on every snap ,and played lower with consistency he would be a top 10 LT . His athletic ability is unquestioned but his football IQ and effort are . Right now he is inconsistent as a inline blocker. Sometimes it looks like a lack of effort, others stamina, or the aforementioned inability to quickly get quickly off the ball on every snap. He will explode out and maul guys on one play ,and then come out of his stance too high and allow his man into his chest before he's barely out of his stance on the next. Is quick to his set pass blocking, but often too high, and doesn't use his hand punch and long arms enough. He's a willing downfield blocker but sometimes gets caught up in trash , takes bad angles, or just flat out misses his target. Was better his sophomore year at left guard, and while he has the talent to play LT, I think he would be a better fit inside till he 's coached up more. Was hurt last year so that could be part of the problem, as the one game he played at LT the previous year he looked pretty good. Is generally considered a good kid but his techniques are still a work in progress. In time with coaching and a couple of years of working out he could be a star at every O-line position but center. up 5 spots

45. *Ryan Williams- RB- Va. Tech.-NFL Comp-Curtis Martin-RET.-Injury prone in college or he would probably be a lock as the 1rst back off the board. Versatile inside and out with the ability to score anywhere on the field. Low center of gravity and great balance. Also adept out of the backfield and can make the first man miss and get big gains on swing passes. Willing physical blocker in pass pro with some pop but he needs to keep his feet moving better. A strong physical runner that stays low and can't be arm tackled. Will punish a defender rather than run out of bounds. Good vision and patience . Burst through the hole once he sees it and he's gone. Can cut back and accelerate back up to top speed quickly. Slower than expected at the combine as he routinely runs away from people on film. Injury history will still worry teams. Guys who run this hard inside are usually bigger and he needs to bulk up some or his most productive years may not last very long. down 4 spots

46. *Ben Ijalana-T/G- VILL- NFL Comp- Jason Smith-RAMS- Good kid and a hard worker . 4 year starter at OT but played at a small school where the talent level is a lot lower than any other OT likely to be drafted in the first 4 rounds. Really long arms and big hands to lock on or keep defenders at bay. Has LT feet and awareness but is more of a finesse player. Needs to get stronger and use his hand punch more. The kind of guy who can slide , mirror, and ride a guy past the pocket in pass pro, but will give up to much ground and have trouble anchoring. . He is a competitive run blocker and plays with good technique and leverage. Plays to the whistle and can make reach blocks and pull, but lacks the strength to drive stronger defenders off the ball. If it weren't for an injury preventing him from showing teams what he could do I think the first round would be a possibility. Long arms and can also RT or LG in a pass heavy , or zone offense. Has blindside protector ability and his upside is high but needs to get stronger.up 3 spots

47. Marvin Austin-DT- NC-NFL Comp-Brandon Mebane-SEA- Another of the suspended NC players from last season and was reportedly the ring leader. Work ethic questions have dogged him in the past and his motor is inconsistent. Talent wise he's a top 20 pick though. He's quick off the ball and penetrates regularly. Active all along the line and nimble feet to avoid trash inside. Can make plays in the backfield and chasing down the backside run. Stout build but plays too high too often. Can anchor 1 vs 1 if he stays low but lacks the ability to take on most double teams he doesn't split with his first step quickness. His first step rushing the passer gets him by or into O-lineman where he can control, bull, or shuck them. If his first move is stopped or he doesn't get that edge off the snap he either spins or gives up too easily. When he wants to he can dominate games but he doesn't always seem to want to, or tires a lot easier than he should. He's a potential boom or bust because of the character questions. Has worked out well and dominated the Texas vs the Nation all star game in the pre-draft process, but has way too many question marks to justify a 1rst round pick in our book. He will probably go higher than this but this is where we feel the risk is justified. -up 6 spots

52. Leonard Hankerson-WR-MIA-NFL Comp-Hakeem Nicks-NYG- Big strong guy who's inconsistent hands are the only thing holding him back from a guaranteed 1rst round spot. Has the size , speed and polish already. A lot of drops on film likely scared teams who were moving him up after a great senior bowl week, but they appear to be concentration lapses as he has strong hands. A fierce guy in the red zone as well. down 6 spots

50. Justin Houston-OLB/DE- GA- NFL Comp-Aaron Curry-SEA- unlike many 3-4 OLB candidates he has actually played the position and played it pretty well.... buuttt where's the effort? He has the talent to be a top 10 pick but the motors not always on and he doesn't stay low in the run game. Explodes off the ball, can bend the arc, but has inconsistent hand use & needs to be more physical. Fluid athlete that can drop into coverage ,especially in zone. Inconsistent effort, leverage, stack & shedding ability, and backside chasing efforts against the run. He is an excellent that needs to play with more strength and violence.Might remind some of Vernon Gholston and that means not worth the risk in the first round to me. He needs to go to a place with a strong locker room and positive mentors like Baltimore to have the best chance to succeed. down 6 spots

53 . Jurrell Casey-DT-USC- NFL Comp-Kyle William's-BUFF- He's a an overachiever who plays bigger than he is. Squatty build and plays with good leverage at the point and moved around well between the tackles. Can penetrate and disrupt plays in the backfield. Strong bullrusher and a quick first step as a pass rusher. Good motor and active hands all around.No injury or character concerns but his ceiling isn't as high as the guys ranked ahead of him. Needs to hit the wight room and bulk up his legs and get in better shape. Could play a shaded 3-4 NT role if he hits the weight hard for a year or 2.down 4 spots

54. Jerrel Jernigan-WR-TROY- NFL Comp-Steve Smith-CAR-up 4 spots. Lightning in a bottle after the catch, with a good burst anywhere on field.An undersized prospect but plays stronger than his size and will go over the middle and block. Raw route runner and doesn't get off press coverage well but can explode out of his breaks and turn DB's around down field. Good kid off the field and a stud punt returner as well. Good hands when the balls near him but doesn't have a wide catch radius. Level of competition worries me., but that explosive quickness out of his breaks can't be taught -steady at #54

55. Greg Little- WR-NC- NFL COMP-Brandon Marshall- MIA- Another NC that missed the season due to suspension. Was just coming into his own the previous year so this really hurt him . Great hands and chiseled large frame.Perfect fit for a west coast offense. Fearless over the middle and uses his big body to box out defenders. Can go up and get it down field but he won't be blowing by guys downfield. Aggressive physical run blocker up 1 spot.

56. Titus Young-WR-Boise ST.NFL Comp-DeSean Jackson-PHIL- Has had a lot of off the field issues with multiple suspensions in college. Not the biggest guy and could probably add 10 pounds and still keep his speed and burst. Strong hand and a wider catch radius than his size would indicate.Good route runner that explodes out of his breaks and separates. Can beat press coverage with his wiggle and then explodes up to top speed quickly. Elusive and a big play guy after the catch with long speed to go all the way. A willing blocker but nothing special at it.He would be higher if not for the off the field and attitude problem history. -down 2 spots

57. *Bruce Carter-LB- NC-NFL Comp-Lawrence Timmons- Pitt- If not for tearing is ACL he a top 10-20 pick and he has a history of nagging injuries to boot. Runs like a deer ( looks in the 4.4's on tape pre-injury) sideline to sideline ,and has good read and recognition skills , but lacks high level instincts. Needs to be protected as he isn't a fit as a take on LB. Can only play the weakside , whether it's 3-4 or 4-3. Excellent on 3rd down whether it's blitzing or in coverage.

58. Jarvis Jenkins-DT-Clemson-NFL Comp-Domata Peko-CINC. Team leader and no off the field problems. Plays much stronger than he tested at the combine. Good leverage and quick first step out of his stance are his keys to stuffing the run. Uses his hands well and anchors like a bull but needs to play nastier. Can penetrate occasionally but is mostly just a 2 gap run stuffer. Good motor and plays hard to the whistle but doesn't counter well if the O-lineman gets the drop on him. Bull rusher with a sloppy spin move against the pass. Needs NFL coaching and more weight room time to fill out his massive frame . One of the few guys who projects as 3-4 NT in this draft and has the second highest upside of all those that are likely to play it as a regular position. Until he develops more pass rush moves he just a 2 down player at best.

60. Allen Bailey-DE-MIA- NFL Comp- Will Smith-NO- Team leader and a hard worker. Chiseled high level athlete but a tweener. Best fit as a 4-3 strong-side end. Didn't look as good when he gained weight to make teams think he was a 4-3 DT.Has strength at the point to anchor and could be a 3-4 end as well. Good motor and a good kid but he needs a lot of coaching on his pass rush moves and football IQ. up 11 spots

61. Christian Ballard-DT/DE-Iowa- NFL Comp-Antonio Smith-HOU-The more I watched Adrian Clayborn film this year the more impressed I became with his counterpart.Excellent array of pass rush moves and does well 1 v 1. Struggles if his initial move is stopped and against double teams. Against the run he can hold the edge and attack and shed when he stays low, but he does have tendency to play too high occasionally. Has only average range and could make more back side or penetrating plays behind the line , but t least it's not lack of effort. Fires off the ball well and has good motor. Is ready to be a 4-3 base end now and that's currently his best fit with the ability to move inside on passing downs. With a little more size he could hold up inside full time in a 4-3 or be a weak 3-4 ends against stronger double teams. . 3-4 end , 4-3 strongside end or 4-3 DT makes him valuable. .Versatile with the frame and motor to be a long term starter. In a normal draft( less d-line studs as he's a lot like a less polished Cam Jordan) I would say he's a 1rst round pick but now I feel someone gets a steal in day 2. Back to back lit up senior bowl and combine. High floor. -UPDATE-Rumors of a failed drug test at the combine(although we haven't been able to confirm it) -down 21 spots

62. *Daniel Thomas -RB-Kan ST.-NFL COMP -Ronnie Brown-MIA- If not for the ball security issues I would like him more, but he is still new the position. Good kid and a former QB with high football IQ who could also run the wildcat and some trick plays. Doesn't play as physical as you want from a big back. Has a good burst and some wiggle but lacks home run speed. Good in pass pro and catching out of the backfield. down 3 spots

63. *Tandon Doss-WR-IND- NFL Comp-Mike Williams-TB-Surgery on both groins and he played hurt last year and still played well. Explosive kick returner and big play guy. At his pro day he was a lot slower than he looks on tape. My guess is he's not all the way back yet as he sure looks like he can stretch the field on film. Great hands and catches the ball in stride without a hitch. If he was healthy I think he would be in the low 1rst round discussion, but unless he is healed enough to run a lot faster for teams he might last till the 3rd round. Also can return kicks right away and contribute on special teams . down 1o spots because of injury.

64. Sam Acho-DE-OLB-TEX-NFL Comp- Kameron Wimbley- OAK-when he play with leverage he's a stud, when he doesn't he can get pushed around. Bets rushing the passer coming forward. A better fit at 3-4 OLB than 4-3 end because he doesn't anchor really well against stronger blockers or double teams.


65. Dontay Moch-OLB- NEV-NFL Comp-(a faster)Cameron Wake-MIA- His speed and burst are elite even for the NFL and he will chase down plays all over the field in pursuit. . A tweener who has played safety . LB, and DE in college. His bets fit in the NFL is as a 3-4 rush OLB. Good kid and locker room guy, but is still a better athlete than football player right now. He's a raw developmental prospect with enormous upside, but we like him as a double digit sack guy in a year or 2.Up 1 spot

66. Marcus Gilbert-OT-FLA-NFL COMP-Max Starks-PITT- He's a finesse OT prospect who's best attribute is stopping guys to the outside. Good feet and quickness but not physical enough and doesn't play with enough knee bend. A good positional run blocker and gives good effort but isn't nasty in line. Bets fit in a zone or pass heavy scheme and shouldn't start early anywhere else. Needs to get stronger and be coached up. Good kid and played against top competition in college.

67. Brandon Harris- CB- MIA-NFL Comp- Mike Jenkins DALL-Highly intelligent student athlete with a high football IQ to boot. Undersized but very technically sound with good feet. Tough kid who supports the run and plays with an attitude and edge on the field. .A overall good corner who lacks the size , long speed, and playmaking ability to be a pro bowl type player. Could be a steady starter for awhile but he lacks upside. Teams that play a lot of cover 2 should love him. steady at # 67

68. Johnny White-RB-UNC-NFL Comp- Ray Rice-BALT_-Leader on and off the field. A homerun hitter with great vision, patience, burst, and wiggle. Runs bigger than he is but doesn't have the bulk to move a lot of piles. Good all around in the passing game. Versatile elite special teamer.

69. Terrel McClain-DT-S. FLA-NFL COMP- Trevor Laws-PHIL- Good kid with a good motor. More of a penetrator who beats his man to his spot and disrupts from there than a stout run stuffer. Needs to get stronger and be more violent with his hands. Gets caught up if he doesn't beat his man off the ball. Raw pass rusher but gives good effort.

70. Marcus Gilchrist-CB/S- CLEM-NFL COMP- Michael Griffin-TENN-Can play CB. FS, and return kicks. Has a high football IQ but reads are a tick late. Needs to be more fluid and play with better technique trailing and coming out of the break. He'a basically a good football player that is unpolished. I would think FS is his bets position but he needs to make more plays on the ball to do so. He will make a team and help in many areas but is bit of a tweener. Corner size and speed with FS movement ability. Is a good enough run support player to play safety, but we aren't sure if his best fit is at FS or as a cover 2 corner right now. Good kid on and off the field.up 24 spots

71. Kendrick Ellis-DT-DE-Hamp-NFL Comp-Gerrard Warren-NE- Multiple off the field issues, Played at a small school where he dominated lesser competition. The size and strength to maybe be 3-4 NT and the athletic ability to be a 3-4 end. A giant prototype frame and elite athleticism for such a big man

72. Clint Boling-G- GA- NFL COMP- Robert Gallery -OAK- Smart technically sound blocker in all phases of the game . Team captain who has played all over the O-line where needed. Lacks the arm length for OT, but could probably RT or RG in a pinch. Best fit is at LG but has the smarts and knee bend for center despite his height. even though thats the one position he doesn't have experience at. Physical, quick and plays to the whistle but rarely dominates his man. Better football player than athlete . His floor is high enough where you know he's a useful starter somewhere soon and a versatile player that can cover a lot of positions at least decently. Has an off the field incident and suspension for it in his past but no problems since .-up 7 spots

73. Mason Foster-OLB-WASH-NFL Comp- D'Qwell Jackson-CLEV- Great motor and willing to hit, but still a bit raw in the passing game. A high level athlete who can run and made a lot tackles, but too many of them far from the line. If he's protected and allowed to run to the ball he could be special. Some will see him at OLB, but we think he's a better fit inside.

74. Luke Stocker-TE-TENN-NFL Comp-Heath Miler-PITT- A complete well rounded TE . Runs good routes and can move the chains, but lacks the long speed to stretch the field regularly.Willing and physical blocker but he needs to play lower and with better balance. Good hands and a smart player. Better football player than athlete.

75. Curtis Brown-CB-TEX-NFL COMP- Terrel Thomas-NYG- Good kid and no character concerns. Great athlete still learning the nuances of playing CB. Improved a lot last year so you can see the progress being made,but he needs to get stronger and more polished. Great a special teamer and a lot of potential, but still a project right now

76. Lance Kendricks-TE-WISC.- NFL Comp-Zach Miller-OAK- off the field issues in his past but has reportedly grown up. Plays bigger than he is but he lacks the upside of larger framed TE's, but can play some FB or H-back too. Willing physical blocker but lacks the strength to drive bigger defender off the ball. Good hand and route running last year. Overall we rank him lower than he looks on tape last year. He may just have really grown up and buckled down, because the improvements in his play from junior to senior year is drastic in every phase of the game. However guys with past of the field issues who improve a lot right before they are going into the NFL worry us some.

77. Shane Vereen- RB-CAL- NFL Comp- Felix Jones-DALL- A hard working kid and student on and off the field. Smaller but solidly built RB with big play ability on every down. Injury issues and his frame make him more of a complimentary player even though he runs hard and physical. Speed and vision to burst outside and take it to the house. Excels in pass pro and catching out top of the backfield. At least a 3rd down back and potential KR man.

78. Martez Wilson-LB-ILL-NFL Comp-Karlos Dansby-AZ- Better athlete than football player right now, but his potential is enormous. Great speed and agility with the frame to add 15 pounds and maintain speed. Plays hard but his football IQ needs work and couldn't handle the middle in the NFL right now unless its the strongside in a 3-4. Best fit might be as 3-4 rush OLB but he's a project and special teamer to start.down 10 spots

79. Jacquizz Rodgers-RB-NFL Comp- Maurice Jones Drew-JAX- Play much bigger and faster than his listed size and 40 time would indicate. Versatile and a high football IQ. Secure runner who rarely fumbles and a constant source of big and clutch plays on tape.

80. Drake Nevis-DT-LSU-NFL Comp-Mike Patterson-PHIL.- Good kid , student, and teammate. Quick first step penetrator that can spend a lot of time in opposing teams backfield. Squatty build and good hands but can't hold the point against a double team or stronger interior O-lineman. Good pressure player as pas rusher but doesn't do well if his first move is stopped. Motor either inconsistent or stamina issues. He's disruptive enough to be a 3rd round pick but you wonder how much better he could be with more conditioning. Best fit as a 3 technique in a rotation .

81. Pernell McPhee-DE-MISS. ST.-NFL COMP-Ray Edwards -MINN- 4-3 base end with a good anchor that might need to bulk up and play 3-4 end or 4-3 DT. Great motor and toughness.Raw pass rusher who mostly relies on his power to get pressure but he sure gets it consistently . The leverage and base to hold the point of attack .While he can stack well he needs work shedding blockers. Only 1 year of major college ball but we see him becoming a productive NFL starter for awhile and his versatility means he should see a lot action early.

83. William Rackley-G-Lehigh-NFL COMP-Chris Kuper-DENV Small college LT who dominated his level of competition but lacks the ability and measurables for the blindside in the NFL. Technically sound in most areas and plays to the whistle. Best fit as a LG but could play RT in some systems someday. Plays physical but needs to get stronger if wants to play RT.Might need some adjusting to a much more complicated play book than he is used to. A talented project probably won't contend for a starting job till year 2.

84. Quan Sturdivant-LB- NC- NFL COMP- London Fletcher- WASH- Smart instinctive player who can QB a defense in a 3-4 or 4-3 and also be a fit on the strong-side in a 4-3. Doesn't play to his timed speed as he is not quite a sideline to sideline player. Stout when filing the hole but too often tries to run around other blocks. A good tackler but not a fierce hitter. He's just a good football player and he will start somewhere for a long time. Has instincts and quickness in the passing game close to the line of scrimmage , but not fluid enough to run down field with TE's and RB's. Special teams experience but off the field issue needs to be cleared.

85. Brandon Burton-CB-UT-NFL COMP-Asante Samuels-PHIL-Potentially a big time ball hawk , as he makes a lot of plays on the ball, but his hands are suspect. Good feet but overall Technique is still raw. Willing in run support but if he was as physical there as he is with receivers he would go a lot higher. Enough speed to get by but not a burner .Good special teamer.

86. Edmund Gates-WR-AB. CHR.-NFL COMP-Johnny Knox-CH- Raw receiver with great athletic ability, solid hands and home run speed. Big play threat who needs to learn how to run routes and get stronger. Past character concerns, older than the average prospect, and inconsistent hands make him a developmental guy with big play ability

87. Virgil Green- TE-NEV- NFL COMP- Jermichael Finley- GB- great hands and this dude can leap and go get it.Good kid, team leader, and hard worker. Undersized but plays bigger and works hard as a blocker. Raw route runner but he sure gets open a lot on tape. In the right system he could be a game breaker early. Highest upside of al the TE's in the draft.

89.* Demarco Murray-RB-OKLA-NFL Comp- Darren McFadden-OAK-Explosive big play back with a lot of wiggle and great in the passing game. Runs high and with a narrow base . I was surprised he didn't lose many fumbles with that many carries with his upright running style. Bad senior bowl really hurt him but on tape he looks like a 1rst rounder most of the time, but with injury issues added in he's dropped down a lot.

90. Quinton Carter-S- OKLA-NFL COMP-Gerald Sensabaugh-DALL- Big physical in the box safety who struggles in coverage the farther he gets from the line of scrimmage. Fierce hitter and a solid tackler. Overaggressive at times and read and recognition skills need work. Makes and gives up big plays. Better athlete than football player right now but is a good kid who can contribute on special teams . Developmental SS prospect with a high ceiling.

91. Kendall Hunter-RB-OKLA. ST. -NFL COMP-Ahmad Bradshaw-NYG- Good student and hard worker on and off the field. Is undersized but runs bigger than he is with good leg drive and can break tackles and push the pile. Good wiggle and can plant and then burst into daylight. Good vision and patience and hits the hole hard once it develops. Needs work in pass pro and catching the ball right now. Size of a 3rd down back with the play of a every down back makes him a tandem back at best right now. Athletic , fearless, and selfless enough to be a special teamer while he gets coached up in the passing game. .

92. James Brewer-T/G-IND-NFL Comp- Willie Colon-PITT- Has the ability and frame of a 1rst round pick but lacks the polish and technique to be one. Physical strong run blocker in line who can move his man of the ball, but needs to extend his hands and lock out more to finish. Inexperienced and off balance at the second level and he takes bad angles down field. Strong hand punch and quick sets in pass pro but needs to avoid grabbing and keep his hands inside. Could play every position but center and LT along the o-line with coaching. Once his technique is polished and he get more experience he should be a productive starter for awhile.

93. John Moffit-G/C-WISC- NFL comp- Eric Wood-BUFF- Nasty in a phone booth and decent technique, but often off balance . Needs to get stronger and bend his knees more and lean less. Showed he can play C as well as LG at the senior bowl and he's a better fit at C till he gets stronger. Looks like a future long term starter with more strength and conditioning. Better football player than athlete.

94. Johnny Patrick-CB-LVille-NFL COMP-Cortland Finnegan-TENN-_ Makes plays on the ball but didn't play that well till this year. Has the talent, but lacks top speed and physicality. Good feet and hands but lacks fluidity when a receiver makes his break. The more we see of him them more he reminds of us a less polished Brandon Harris with a spotty injury history

95. Greg Salas-WR-HAW.-NFL COMP- Blair White-INDY- Hard nosed productive player on the field. Good hands and fearless over the middle. Route running needs work and he has limited reps running a lot of NFL routes. Smart finding holes in zone and will come back when the Qb's in trouble. Willing blocker and can break tackles after the catch but lacks the long speed to run away from defenders.

96. *Chimde Chekwa-CB-OH. ST.-NFL COMP-Eric Wright -CLEV-track star 4.38 forty. Good instincts and read and recognition skills, but raw technique everywhere but press coverage.Smart student hut his football IQ is a work in progress. Raw technique and high backpedal.

97. Jaiquawn Jarrett-S-Temple-Tanard Jackson-TB- A good athlete , good kid, good student, and a smart player. Jack of all trades master of none. Needs to work on his hands.

98. Allen Bradford-RB-USC -NFL Comp-Michael Turner-ATL.- Injuries and the wealth of talent USC has at RB hurt his production in college. Good kid with special teams experience. Big physical runner who can still make cuts and bust a long run or run over defenders. Best in a tandem role with a jitterbug back but he can carry a team for game now and then. Needs practice in the passing game but when he catches it he gets up field quickly. Doesn't have the carries on him most backs with his profile do.

99. Shareece Wright-CB-USC-NFL COMP-Terrel Thomas- NYG- Team captain who grew up a lot in college. Productive in a big conference against top competition. High football IQ and he uses the sideline well. Needs to be more disciplined and to make the right play instead of going for the big play so often . Play bigger than he is and is physical in run support. His footwork is inconsistent but he generally breaks on the ball well. Needs polish and to play more under control. Would fit well on a team that play a lot of cover 2.

100. * Vincent Brown-WR-SDSU-NFL COMP-Steve Smith-NYG-Great hands and a good route runner. Has just enough burst to separate and gets open a lot anyway, but deep speed not there. Crafty in the way he sets up DB's plays in advance. Good after the catch. Needs to bulk up as he has a history of injuries . He's not the biggest guy but he is an effective blocker downfield . Lacks the strength to drive guys off the ball in line but he gives max effort .

101. David Arkin-G-MIZZ.ST.- NFL COMP-Kris Deilman-SD-Smart player on and off the field. High motor aggressive mauler who plays stronger than he is in the run game. A year in a NFL weight room should see him being a potential starter at either guard spot. Lacks the feet and quickness to play outside, but has the punch , anchor and hand placement for pass pro inside.

102. DJ Williams-TE-ARK- NFL Comp- Dustin Keller-NYJ- Smart team leader that is active in the community working with youth, More a FB/H-back and move TE than a traditional big in line blocker. Undersized but tough as nails over the middle and can stretch the field, but doesn't run away from people after the catch.

103. Ricki Stanzi-QB-IOWA-NFL COMP-Matt Schaub-HOU- A leader who has played in a pro style offense in college. Good frame but needs to hit the weights and fill out his body. Accurate and has good footwork in his drops but stares down receivers too often. Needs to learn to read defenses better and look off and pump fake safety's. He's athletic enough in the pocket but won't break a lot of long runs when needed. He's a project that can develop into a good starter if he learns the tricks of an NFL QB.

104. Jordan Todman-RB-CT-NFL COMP-Deangelo Williams-CAR-Has home run speed and ability but needs to avoid trying to bust it outside so much. Runs hard but is undersized and won't power through many tackles. He can break some ankles with his cuts but needs to spend less time dancing and get north/south quicker. Explosive when he catches the ball but hands and ball security are issues right now. Competitive blocker but gets knocked back too often.

105. Ahmad Black-S-FLA- NFL Comp-Jim Leonard-NYJ- A better football player than athlete.Vocal Leader on the field with a high football IQ. Small and slow for the NFL but quick and physical enough to make plays. High level instincts and recognition skills make up for it as well. Played against a lot of guys who will play in the the NFL in college and did it at a high level. Will play special teams and be a starter in the league sooner than many think.

106. Stanley Havili-RB-USC-NFL COMP- Matt Forte-CHI- A better fit as a lead back than a FB ,as he lacks the size and physicality to be a lead blocker. Has a 1 cut and go style that would fit zone blocking schemes. Good burst and runs hard through contact. Also a good fit as a 3rd down back because he is an excellent receiver and willing pass blocker.

107. * Taiwan Jones-RB-E.WA-NFL COMP- Jamall Charles- KC- Slightly built small school guy with big play ability. Still healing from multiple injuries. Elite long speed and explosion. Bad ball security and runs too upright. Looks like a spread back or 3rd down back with his receiving skills, but pass pro technique needs work. Not a physical runner and always looking to bounce it outside.

108. KJ Wright-LB-MISS ST.-NFL COMP- Bradie James-DALL-He's a jack of all trades master of none. Solid in all areas but doesn't wow you or make many big plays right now. The kind of guy that can become a productive starter and special teamer, but he will have to work hard to bulk up to make a bigger splash. Great frame to add 15 more pounds of muscle and above average athlete for the middle.

109. Chris Carter-DE/OLB-Fres. ST.-NFL COMP-Tully Banta Cain-NE-Smart on and oft he field. Undersized college DE who's best fit is a 3-4 rush OLB with very little coverage responsibilities early on. Not physical enough in run support and doesn't make a lot of plays chasing. He can rush the passer and that wilt probably see him drafted higher than we rank him right now, but we se him as situational pass rusher only for at least a few years.

110.Robert Housler-TE-FLA ATL.-NFL COMP-Greg Olsen-CHIp- A great athlete that can be as good as he wants to be, but he needs to play nastier and with more urgency. Ridiculous speed for such a big man who can stretch the field. Not much as a blocker and often seems to just be going through the motions. Good hands but not the bravest guy over the middle . Better athlete than football player right now . Has to prove what he can do against tougher competition and that he has a passion to realize his potential.

111. Colin McCarthy-ILB-MIA- NFL COMP-Paul Posluszny-BUFFp- Hard nosed player who will work hard and do all he an to improve, High football IQ with good read and recognition skills . Needs to get bigger and stronger to hold up in the NFL but he is wiling to take on blockers and fill the hole. Makes plays all over the field but is till a better football player than athlete . Good enough on 3rd down in zone and close to the line of scrimmage. Isn't a fluid athlete that can run down field with faster TE's/RB's if he is playing the outside.

112. Joe Lefeged-S-RUTG-NFL COMP- Brandon Meriweather-NE-KR- team leader on the field with no off the field troubles. Excels at special teams and can return kicks. Good instincts and reads in coverage. Not as consistently physical in run support as you would like. If he played nastier with more consistency he would be a second round pick.

113. Davon House-CB-N.MEX.ST.NFL COMP--Chris Johnson-OAK- Big athletic CB prospect who is raw in most areas.Best in press coverage and is physical at the line of scrimmage . Read and recognition skills need work and he gets caught peeking into the backfield too often. Unpolished in his pedal and coming out of his breaks. Can run with receivers down field but his timing is off on jump balls. He's a better athlete than football player right now with the measurables to be a great starter if he takes to NFL coaching well.

114. Andrew Jackson-G-FRES.ST.- NFL COMP-Jake Scott-TENN-Best in pass pro with quick sets and a good punch. Needs to get bigger and stronger , especially in his base. Overpowered in the run game in line too often, but is strong at the second level. Needs to play with better leverage. Hurt a lot last season and could be a sleeper who can start at LG after a year in the weight room. Poor mans Clint Boling.

115. Tyler Sash-S-IOWA-NFL COMP- Laron Landry-WASH-Good kid and leader on and off the field. Good instincts and flies to the ball Can take bad angles to the ball and struggle breaking down in space. Aggressive in the pass and run game and can overrun plays. Needs to play more under control. Big hitter and good ball skills but almost too physical in coverage. Good enough speed and has range all over the field. With more discipline and coaching he could be a starting SS early on.

116. Ross Homan-OLB- OHIO ST. -NFL Comp- Dhani Jones-CINC- Good football IQ and he can play all 3 downs. Good at everything but taking on blockers. Needs to be protected and allowed to range all over the field. A solid player who isn't physical enough for all schemes but can be productive in the right one. Ability is about maxed out now. Good reads in pass coverage but can't cover fast guys downfield.

117. JAH Reid- T/G-UCF-NFL COMP- Phil Loadholt-MINN-Massive Mauling RT prospect who lacks the foot quickness for the blindside and the knee bend to kick inside right now.Plays angry and to the whistle. Team leader who has worked hard to be as good as he is now.

118. Kendrick Burney-CB/FS-KY-NFL COMP-Brandon Flowers-KC- Smaller and slower than we'd like, but still a very productive player in college . Hard nosed player and technique and instincts are sound. Physical and wiling tackler in run support. Cover 2 corner only and that lack of scheme versatility drops him down a lot. Would be a productive starter in that scheme though , especially in a Tampa 2. With his football IQ and ball skills he could play some FS as well .
119. Casey Mathews-ILB-ORE.-NFL COMP- Pat Angerer-INDY- Great football IQ, motor, and toughness. NFL bloodlines and team leader. Undersized but plays bigger. needs to add 10 pounds of muscle to help him keep from being engulfed by O-lineman. Best fit in the middle of a 4-3 where he can be protected and allowed to run to the ball. Makes plays all over the field despite lacking great speed. Is a better football player than athlete with limited upside but he will develop into a good starter somewhere. Core special teams personality.

120. Ian William's-DT-N.DAME-NFL COMP- Aubrayo Franklin-SF-A stout run stuffer that would translate best as 3-4 NT. Can take on the double team if he sees it coming but doesn't separate or make many plays near him. Good motor everywhere but tires easily. Not much but a bull rush as a pass rusher and mostly just a 2 down player

121. Chris Hairston-OT-CLEM-NFL COMP-Jonathan Scott-PITT- Frame and ability of NFL starting OT but needs to play with more consistency. Injury issues throughout college and while he reportedly works hard is a bit of an underachiever. Flashes a mean streak in line but it's not always there. Plays too high too often but he can move his man off the ball when he plays with proper technique. Strong hand punch but lacks foot quickness for LT. Best fit at RT or LG if he buckles down and wants it.

122. Brian Rolle-LB-OHIO ST.-NFL COMP-Gary Brackett-INDY- A smart fluid speedy player with size limitations. Needs to be protected but he could be a 3 down player. Can play inside or out in the right scheme. Needs to bulk up some to make it in the NFL. Special steams standout and at least a nickel linebacker in a 4-3

123. Jason Pinkston-T/G-PITT-NFL COMP-Sean Locklear-SEA- Inconsistent and injury prone in college . Flashes the meanness and strength to play RT or either Guard on tape but needs to player lower regularly. Quick enough to his pass sets but doesn't re-anchor, adjust , or reset quickly . Best fit inside till his technique is polished and his awareness is improved.

124. Curtis Marsh-CB-UTAH ST-NFL COMP-Stanford Routt-OAK-Great frame and athletic ability to develop into a star. Speed and size to spare but a raw developmental prospect in all areas except ball skills. Good kid who could end up a core special teamer while he learns how to play CB.

125. *Delone Carter-RB-SYR-NFL COMP- Ricky Williams- MIA- A stout power back with nimble feet and some burst through the hole and around the corner if needed. . Needs to use his power more and make better choices picking his lane. Lacks hands for the passing game but is a competitive blocker there.

126. Jalil Brown-CB-COL-NFL COMP-Carlos Rogers-WASH- Team captain and good guy on and off the field. Raw prospect with top tier talent , size, and a low football IQ. Indecisive and a tick late on almost every play. Great ball skills , fluid hips , and strong hands could see him help out early in team that runs a lot press man, but anywhere else he is a liability right now. Wiling in run support but he needs more coaching there too.

127. Kelvin Sheppard-LSU-LB-NFL COMP-Channing Crowder-MIA- Aggressive player all over the field with good instincts and flashes big play ability. Can be too aggressive and get fooled with misdirection, and his reads and reactions are a tick late too often. Leader on and off the field and a good special teamer. The jury's still out on him on 3rd down. Inconsistent and a tad stiff but has the ability to be a 3 down player in time.

128. Tyrod Taylor-NFL COMP- MIchael Vick-PHIL- Leader , hard worker, winner, and a good guy off the field. Undersized but has the arm to make all the throws. Athletic spread QB that ran for over 2,00o yards in college. Needs to learn and NFL offense, improve his accuracy, and think pass first. Can run a wildcat and give a different look as a backup coming in due to injury while he progresses as a QB.

129. Marcus Cannon -G/T-TCU- NFL COMP-Leonard Davis-DALL- A massive mauling physically powerful athletic lineman. A true dancing bear with the ability play either guard or RT , but just not consistent enough for the blindside. If he locks on it's over and he will pancake and dominate players with his strength, but doesn't play nasty on every play . Wide and long arms make it hard to get around him even when you beat him off the ball, but he does struggle with speed outside, can wear down late in games . Hand placement sucks as his arms are too wide too often allowing guys into his chest or grabbing outside . Best fit at LG and could be a pro bowler there soon. Has had weight issues in the past but was a fit 358 at the combine.
-MEDICAL UPDATE- cancer was discovered in his medical recheck .That means a possible lost year if he recovers. Doctors say he has a 90% chance of recovery which is good though. down 70 spots because of medical risk. A team with luxury picks could get a steal late. He's in our prayers.

130. Joseph Barksdale-OT- LSU- NFL COMP-Andre Smith-CINC- Potential is top tier but appears lazy. Has the size, arm length ,and feet to play RT or LG at a high level , but doesn't appear to give max effort on every play. Often plays too high and tends to lean on people when tired. A team that think they can motivate him will probably take him higher, but he's a risky guy to give a lot of money to.

131. Bilal Powell-RB-Lville- NFL COMP-Thomas Jones-KC- Comes from a tough background as is now an example to kids with a troubled past. Great vision and patience picking the hole. Good wiggle and can change direction and burst up to top speed quickly. Runs hard but won't create holes and break a lot of tackles. Strong blocker but raw as a pass catcher. Has had fumble problems in the past.

132. Justin Boren-C/G-OHIO ST.-NFL COMP- David Bass-SF- A better football player than athlete. Physical player who plays to the whistle. Quick in the short areas but is top heavy and needs to play with better balance. Good in a phone booth but not a big help downfield despite the effort he makes to do so. Aware in pass pro and has a strong punch and anchor , but short arms and lack of side step to mirror well. Can probably play center and both guard spots.

133. Joshua Thomas-CB-BUFF-NFL COMP-Jacob Lacey-INDY- He's not a burner but has good speed and athleticism. Fluid elite athlete with a short area burst , even though he lacks great top end speed. Football IQ and read skills are still developing. Right now he's a better athlete than football player. Willing and physical in run support. If he was bigger I would think him a strong safety by the way he attacks people on film, but maybe free safety is a possibility in the future. Has the personalty and work ethic to develop into an elite CB in time, but he needs to get stronger and be coached up right first.

134. Lawrence Guy-DT-AZ ST.-NFL COMP-Marcus Spears-DALL-- Good motor and frame to play 4-3 DT 0r 3-4 DE. Inconsistent leverage are the keys to why he excels one play and gets beat the next. Quick 1rst step and can penetrate when he stays low. May take awhile to digest NFL scheme .

135. Demarcus Love-G/T-NFL Comp- Vernon Carey-MIA- Looks to have the abilty to play RT in time and LG at a starter level right now, but thats it. Lacks the feet and quickness to play LT and the strength to play RG or RT right now in most offenses. Got exposed in his bowl game on the outside and had the worst senior bowl of all the potential top OT's coming in. Has played both OT positions in college due to Arkansas moving him around. He's an aggressive in line blocker but his techniques and balance need a lot of work. Inconsistent on tape looking both like a 1rst rounder and a 5th rounder in the same series sometimes. . His potential and the good tape on him may see him drafted higher.

136. Charles Clay-FB-TULSA-NFL COMP- Marcel Reese-OAK- A good kid and leader on and off the field. Can carry the ball better than most FB's and not just in short yardage . Not as punishing a lead blocker as his size would suggest and has a tendency to stop his feet on contact. Needs to play meaner and use his size on a regular basis. A good receiver out of the backfield and a willing blocker in pass pro, but he needs more coaching on technique and decisions as well. Has played RB,FB. TE, H-BACK, AND even wildcat QB. Could help on special teams as well.

137. Jerrel Powe-DT- Miss.- NFL Comp- Vince Wolfork-NE- Hard worker, team leader, and older than you average prospect. Big thick bodied 3-4 NT that can only help on 1rst and second down. but can stuff a double team when he's fresh and stays low. Good motor but tires easily.

138. Shiloh Keo- SS/LB- IDAHO-NFL COMP-Chris Harris-CHI- Great feet and fluidity in coverage but lacks the top speed to cover faster RB's and TE's downfield. Good instincts but needs to be coached up on his reads. Makes plays on the ball in the pass and running games but isn't the consistent thumper his size would suggest. Not a sure tackler in space and needs to break down and secure the tackle instead going for the big hit.Could end up a weakside LB in some schemes.

139. Jerrard Tarrant-S- G. TECH-NFL COMP- Akwasi Owusa-Ansah-DALL- Could be considered a character concern due to a highly publicized off the field incident he was later cleared of. Highly athletic former CB with only 1 year at S but he has elite playmaking ability , and can take it to the house when the balls in his hands. Raw in all areas . Aggressive against the run but his technique is sloppy almost everywhere.

140. Rashad Carmichael-CB-VA TECH-NFL COMP-Pacman Jones-CINC- His college production and ball skills will probably see him drafted higher than this. However he is a gambler that takes too many risk and is undersized and lacks physicality in his play. Best in zone and off man, but he needs to play stronger in bump and run . Iffy in run support and not a physical player anywhere. If he was more wiling to support the run I would think him a safety but he plays soft.

141. *Greg Romeus-DE-PITT- NFL COMP-Alex Carrington-BUFF.- He can play the strongside in a 4-3 but we think he would be best served putting on 25-30 pounds and playing weakside 3-4 end. He has the frame for it and excels stopping the run. Lacks the elite speed to rush the passer but gives good effort. Once considered a lock for the first round but multiple injuries have robbed him of some of his explosion, and he probably won't be ready to start the season .Considered a good guy off the field but work ethic has been questioned in the past.

142. Jonas Mouton-LB-MICH-NFL COMP-Deandre Levy-DET- Good motor and a hard worker. Cam make plays all over the field vs the run but needs to be protected. Needs better technique taking on blocks and to run around less of them. Excels in coverage and will at least help out on 3rd down and special teams early on. Big hitter but needs to play under better control in space.

143. Jeremy Kerley-WR-TCU- NFL Comp-Patrick Crayton-SD-Good kid on an off the field. Potential slot receiver with the ability to find holes in zone underneath. More quick than fast with a good burst after the catch. Will need to learn NFL routes but he shows the ability to plant his foot and separate. Tough kid with good ball skills and can returns kicks

144. Buster Skrine-CB-CHATT-NFL COMP-Orlando Scandrick-DALL- Team captain and good person on and of the field. Track-star speed and elite special teams ability. Raw undersize corner prospect that needs to prove himself against a higher level of competition and improve his technique in all areas. Willing in run support and a hard worker but he's a developmental CB right now. Better athlete than football player.

145. Maurice Hurt-G- NFL COMP-FLA-Brandon Moore-NYJ- A mean streak in line blocker that creates movement off the ball. Strong hand punch in pass pro but needs to slide step and shuffle better. Flashes the ability to dominate his man in the run game but doesn't always finish. Not very athletic overall . Will pull and make an effort downfield but his angles are off . Needs to keep his feet moving more consistently.

146. Robert Sands -S/LB-WVA-NFL COMP-Kerry Rhodes-AZ-Good kid and team leader. Tall and a big safety who is a tick slow on his reads in coverage. Not very fluid and doesn't turn and well quickly. Physical against the run and he reads his keys well there. Might be a better fit as weak-side 4-3 lb and can help as nickel LB early on. Has the speed and ball skills for safety but is almost LB size now. Developmental athlete with special teams ability.

147.Richard Sherman-S/CB-STAN-NFL COMP-Brandon Browner-SEA- Will need to either transition to free safety, play a lot of press man,  or play CB in a Tampa 2 scheme at the next level due to lack of speed & flexibility. A big framed developmental guy that is really grabby right now . Physical former receiver with good ball skills .

148. Greg Jones-LB-MICH. ST.- NFL COMP-Andra Davis-BUFF- Team leader with a high football IQ that needs to play more physical. Needs to be protected and learn to take on and separate from blocks better. Really bad senior bowl week. A little more willingness to fill and a lower pad level could see him as a long term starter.

149. Wesley Saunders-TE- S. CAR- NFL COMP- Jeremy Stevens- RET.-All the talent to be a 3 down star TE in the NFL , but a lot of character issues and lack of effort could see him go undrafted. On the field he's a 3nd round pick with 1rst round potential, but his past will hurt him come draft day. Needs to go to a team with a strong locker room to mentor him to justify a 5th round pick.

150. *Brandon Hogan-CB-WVA-NFL COMP-Terrence McGee-BUFF-A string of off the field incident make him a risk for any NFL team to even draft . Best in a cover 2 scheme and he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Plays angry in run support and can deliver a big hit or make a solid tackle where it's needed. Former receiver with good hands but gives up too many catches. Might be a better fit at FS as he breaks on the ball well when it's front of him.

151. DeMarcus VanDyke-CB- MIA- NFL COMP- Fabian Washington-BALT- A Tall thin CB prospect who's track star speed will probably see him drafted higher than this( Raiders?) but is developmental guy only. Raw in every area and needs to add weight to his frame, be more aggressive, and learn how to play football.

152. Akeem Dent-LB-GA-NFL COMP-Justin Durant-JAX- Intelligent leader on and off the field. Physical tackle to tackle ILB. Best fit on the strong side in a 3-4 because he's willing to take on blockers in the hole or the middle of a 4-3. Should bulk up some to handle it. Good at everything and great at nothing. Hard working Special teams personality that could develop into a starter as long as there is speed on the outside around him.

153. Daniel Kilgore- G-APP. ST- NFL COMP-Kyle Kosier- DALL- Hard nosed versatile player. A limited athlete but physical football player . Can play multiple positions along the O-line. Needs to prove himself more against a higher level of competition and improve technique.

154. Cecil Shorts-WR-MT. Union-NFL COMP-Julian Eidelman-NE-Small school team leader with a high football IQ . Can play RB ,wildcat QB, and WR but he needs to get stronger to hold up in the NFL . Decent after the catch and strong hands. Will be a good underneath guy but lacks long speed to outrun the NFL players downfield. Willing blocker and special teams personality.

155. Derick Locke-RB-KY-NFL COMP-Leon Washington-SEA- Blazing speed and can take it to the house. Ankle breaker who can make people miss but he looks to break it outside even when it's not there. Undersized and lacks the frame and hard-nosed running style to be more than a complimentary back . Strong in pass pro for his size and can take a swing pass a long way . Still learning the finer points of RB, but he could be a star as a KR as well.

156. Henry Hynoski-FB-PITT-Huge fullback prospect that makes his block but doesn't blow up people they way you would expect from a 260 If he played lower with more knee bend and exploded his hips better on contact he would be a declete machine. Eliminates his man from the play and keeps his feet moving consistently to the whistle. Can pass block as well and is a decent receiver out of the backfield but isn't fast enough to make big plays after the catch. Bruising short yardage runner with surprising vision and patience.

157. Cliff Mathews-DE-S.CAR.-NFL COMP-Erik Walden-GB- Leader and hard worker on and off the field. Undersized college DE who needs to bulk up before he can become a starter in the NFL . Good hand fighter but plays too high and can't hold the POA well. Array of pass rush moves but lacks the burst to be more than a pressure player right now. Good motor and the type of guy that can excel on special teams till his technique and strength improve.

158. Owen Marecic-FB/LB-Stan-NFL COMP- Spencer Larsen-DEN-Smart fierce competitor. A try hard guy who lacks NFL athletic ability but will make a roster somewhere due to his willingness to do whatever the team needs. Ability to play FB/TE/H-Back/LB and contribute on special teams.

159. Alex Greene-RB-HAW- Matt Forte-CHI-Good size and competitiveness but needs to run lower and doesn't break the tackles you would expect at 220 lbs. Good feet and a burst to top speed. Excels as a receiver out of the backfield and makes good decisions in protection but still plays too high here. Should be able to at least be a 3rd down back, help out on special teams, and maybe even help as kick returner as a rookie. Fumbling problems a must fix.

160. *Mark Herzlich-LB-BC- NFL Comp- Barrett Rudd-TB- If not for cancer the previous year he would have been a top 20 pick this season . He was the most fluid instinctive coverage LB I had seen in years and was above average in most areas as well. Doesn't look all the way back yet based on last seasons film, but he still made some big plays last season . Definitely not as fast or sudden as he was yet but he's worth the risk this late, as he was one of the few guys who could play the middle in a Tampa 2 at a high level before the disease struck. At least a nickel LB and special teamer early on, and can play ILB or OLB depending on scheme.

161. Will Hill-S- FLA-NFL COMP-Sean Jones-TB-Surprise entry for the draft who really should have went back to school to improve his draft stock. Good Special teamer. Highly talented, but wildly inconsistent. Better athlete than football player. Benched and criticized by coaches last year. Technique is shoddy in most areas and he tries too often to make highlight plays instead of making sure he makes the actual play .

162. Ronald Johnson-WR-USC-NFL COMP-USC-Bernard Berrian-MINN- Big play potential and speed down field but inconsistent hands. Needs work on route running and put on more size so he can hold up over the middle better . Kick return skills and could also be gunner on special teams. has the work ethic to improve and be at least a slot receiver down the line.

163. Dion Lewis-RB-PITT-NFL COMP-Darren Sproles-SD- Scat back with big play ability and a frame too small to be more than a complimentary player. Too weak a blocker in the passing game to be a 3rd down back right now but should develop into one in time. Good hands but needs to go north/south as soon as he catches the ball more often. Great wiggle and burst to daylight but lacks long speed. Past fumbling problems

164. Chris L. Rucker-CB/S-MICH ST.-NFL COMP-Ronde Barber-MICH ST.- A lot of off the field troubles knock him back a lot. May be off many teams boards because of it. Safety size and CB skills. Best fit in cover 2 scheme where his size and physicality are needed.

165. Jordan cameron-TE-USC-NFL COMP-Jimmy Graham- NO- Former basketball player with the frame to add a lot more weight. Long arms, height, and leaping ability to get to balls other can't. Raw developmental guy that needs to bulk/ toughen up as a blocker, learn how to run routes and improve his football IQ.

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